[Problem] Mobile page missing MGA

Hi.  I'm using the mobile page and martial god asura is no longer on the update list or shows on chapter releases.  I'm not sure if anyonr has noticed this yet. You can still get to mga yhrough active links though. 


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    oops forgot to add screen shot.

    giving me upload errors. link to img here http://postimg.org/image/tupx2sprr/
  • That list in the screenshot, which shows the latest updates of the projects, works as 'recent updates'.
    The projects which haven't been updates in the past 7 days (I'm not sure about the number of days) disappears from that list. So completed projects and projects that are on hiatus for more than 7 days, like MGA, disappear from the list.

    That's what I think it is anyways. 
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