Immortal Diancai

It seems like no one really cares about Immortal Diancai. Does anyone know if immortal Diancai becomes a Celestial Immortal? and does he ever interact with Ning again? 


  • Yes he becomes a Celestial Immortal. JN helps him during his tribulation by protecting his body, and yes, he's mentioned every now and then but they don't interact a lot once YN reaches the true immortal lvl
  • He gets to Celestial Immortal level and participates in the great boundary war that takes place some time later.
  • He helps dincai gives him some treasures and helps the College as well i think
  • doesn't diancai become a celestial immortal before Ji Ning btw?
  • Yeah he does. But at that point JN as a void immoral could contend with the average celestial immortal.
  • He becomes a celestial immortal, after a 30 year timeskip to present in grand Xia.

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