Anyone else reading thru MTL?

I got impatient and curious so I tried the MTL version of TDG in lnmtl and I didn't regret it. But mtl version of ZTJ still sucks. Any other mtl novel which is at least 70% understandable?


  • Desolate Era is very easy to understand, at least for me. CSG is pretty good too.
  • I think all the titles in wuxiaworld that are also in lnmtl are fairly readable.  I have tried BTTH, TGR, MGA, and HJC.  I have finished BTTH.  I have put MGA on hold as I wait for the current book to be completed.  I stopped TGR and WDQK because I have come to not like the author and his style and I think I might as well just spend my time and effort reading another novel instead.  I read a few chapters of HJC every now and then.

    The style of the author of ZTJ is not suited for MTL in my opinion.  He's...poetic.  It requires an actual person to analyze and understand each sentence for it to make sense as a whole. 

    CSG, yes, it's also fairly understandable.  Though I decided to put it on hold and just wait for the human TL since I'm not really in a rush to finish it.

    Same with PMG.

    You could also try for titles not in lnmtl.  It takes a bit more work though because you have to build up your own glossary.  I have read somewhere that lntml actually uses the same system as systranet or something like that.
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