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  • Chapter 356 and going on for 5 chapters.
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    athlonkmf said:

    As of the latest chapters, the phoenix empire princess (even more beautiful than all the others *snort*) looks to be a future candidate.

    Personally I concluded the following ranking

    Jasmine: most beautiful in the dimension
    Phoenix princess: most beautiful in the continent
    Fairy Princess: most beautiful in the realm
    Blue Wind Princess Lan Xueruo: most beautiful in the country
    QingYue: most beautiful in the village
    Little Aunt: second beatiful in the village

    Not too sure about blue wind and qingyue. There were times where it's mentioned that the princess feels threatened by QY's beauty.
    1. Jasmine is the most beautiful with godly beauty.
    2. Second ranked beauty is tied between Pheonix Princess and Xia Qingyue.
    Reason: Ling Kun intentionally didn't mentioned to the sunmoon shrine guy that Xia Qingyue who posseses Exquisite Body is as beautiful as Pheonix Princess(publicly accepted as most beautiful in the continent) who posseses Furnace Tripoid as it will lead to the sunmoon shrine guy easily finding qingyue and he will loose his 35 or so kilos of Purple Veined God Crystals which the sunmoon shrine guy promises to give Ling Kun for giving the details of the posseser of exquisite body.
    3. Chuyue Chan
    4. Bluewind Empire Princess: Lan Xueruo/Cang Yue
    5. Su Ling'er
    6. Little Aunt

    Ranks 4,5,6 are not excat as ling'er is still a child and there is no comparision in the novel between the beauty of little aunt and lan xueruo and the most important reason is that the harem will most likely increase and the rankings maybe changed later.

    Can't be sure if red child(the world class beauty who can transform into a sword) will join the harem as well, strictly speaking she is not classified as a living being as she can stay in sky poision pearl's space as living things can't be stored in the sky poision pearl, jasmine is an excception as she is just a soul body and doesn't have a real body.
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    Snow Princess likes & trusts YC, and YC saved the Snow princess with his life.

    @Rakesh you forgot to rank the Weapon-species alien girl !
    If Jasmine is in, y not her ?
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  • does yuechan poop?
  • How old is Jasmine at the latest raws? 17 or something? That means she's basically almost ripe lol. I wonder if Yun Che will ever tap that
  • Around 18-19 iirc. But i doubt age would mean much to her.


  • So that means she doesn't have that childish look anymore. She's almost a full grown woman. At this point she must be the undisputed number one beauty on their planet. 

    Btw is her strenght level ever mentioned? 
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    Damsco said:

    So that means she doesn't have that childish look anymore. She's almost a full grown woman. At this point she must be the undisputed number one beauty on their planet. 

    Btw is her strenght level ever mentioned? 

    I guess she was half a decade old or more to begin with, no way you reach such a cultivation stage with 13 years or whatever Yun Che assumed her age to be. Guess she just takes on that young appearance 
  • Actually she was never had childish look , even the first time Smooth Che saw her he described her as woman. But her attitude is certainly another matter. She was 13 years old when she awoke the first time. So she is atleast getting close to 19 at current raw or is already past it. Her strength is something as she said Yun Che can never imagine , way beyond Divine Profound Realm and Saint one. From what she mentioned once her Father is at a realm known as World Emperor , but she wasn't strong enough to kill him , I imagine she isnt ready yet as well.


  • Bah...behaviour in xianxias doesnt mean shit, Bebe is one of the best examples that I can think of, Im sure there are better ones tho
  • That's what i was implying only her mannerisms were childish , not her looks.


  • i don't think her body has aged though i could be wrong
  • it may be more like she's keeping her body in a type of suspended animation to clear the poison
  • Things in the Poison Pearl dont degrade or age.


  • Rukii said:
    The tournament is it before he goes to traning at dragon trials or after

    After the Dragon God Trial.
    Until latest raw chapter

    Xia Qingyue : First Wife, still not do it.
    Lan Xueruo : Princess of Blue Wind country. They will married later in chapter 374 and do it
    Chu Yue Chan : Frozen Asgard first fairy maiden.Have Yunche child and still MIA.

    Actually he bangs princess Lan Xueruo way earlier than that.

    At some point during the tournament, he snuck into Lan Xueruo's room to bone her.

    That same night, the dude from the fire clan, who wanted to marry her, came by wanting to have a chat with the princess.
    He ended up being rejected by Lan Xueruo with a moaning voice behind the door.

    Lol he didn't succeed that night. Lan Xuerou stops him then he told her that if he wins the tournament then she won't refuse anymore.
    Actually she said AFTER the tournament meaning he didn't have to win
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