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    lzpwxw said:
    Elsayaad said:
    1. what caused the collapse of the celestial realm?
    2. what did bai fan see before his death?
    3. what will happen between wang lin and mu bingmei?
    4. Are Celestial Emperors at 3rd step?
    Sorry for many questions  :#
    1. caused by the war game played by the most powerful existent in both sealed realm and ou
    2. he saw the truth about the rehe l
  • Hi, I have a few questions.
    1. Does Lian Daofei ever recover?
    2. Who is the owner of the Li Guang bow and why doesn't he looks for it back?
    3. What is Primordial God Realm and how is it related to becoming Grand Empyrean?
    4. Why can there be only 9 Grand Empyreans?
    5. If  Vermilion Bird Ancestor is Void Tribulant why doesn't he leave cave world or helps Seven Colors or Old Ghost Zhan?
  • Who is the third soul???
  • Back in Chapter 1710, "The man in the royal robe" has what I assume is the soul sliver of Li Muwan that was missing when WL wanted to retrieve it from the Cave's Heavenly Dao. I'm assuming WL retrieves it at some point, but who was this guy? Also, does he merge the sliver with someone like he thought about doing or just hold onto it until WL finds out and goes Hulk on his dumb-ass?
  • Who is the third soul???
    Xie Qing. wang lin’s disciple aside from 13. the one that only cultivates domain and not spells.
  • Do we know in which chapter he obtains 3x9 Stars?
  • Can someone please tell me who destroyed the Dong Lin sect? I can only imagine how powerful someone like that would be, given that no one was able to divine his identity.
    Also what are all those texts about the enlightened one, that appeared in the seven coloured realm and in the Dong Lin Sect. 
    How does All-seer fit into all this?
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