Corpse Sect

Can someone offer some information on the Corpse Sect?

So far, the Corpse Sect is definitely one of my favourite parts of the story, because they are so mysterious and weird and keep popping up in the story.

I get that they are basically a ponzi scheme that sells the bodies of their disciples to higher ranked countries. But how exactly does the taking-over of a body work? Why are the corpses needed? If the souls can take over a corpse, what is the point in devouring the living disciple on top of that? If you want to take over the disciple, why even go though the whole trouble with the corpse, when Wang Lin was able to take over a body just like that?

Also, will the Corpse Sect still come into play later in the story and how important is it going to be?


  • its like you "kill" them when their cultivation is high and is progressing very slow and retain their base by al the work they do and it becomes a weapon of that cultivation level which will obey you...downside - it will kill you if its base gets higher than might not be exact but i guess this was it
  • Basically the corpse sect has many different branches and each branch is reserved body farm by a sect powerful sect. Because during battles a lot of nascent soul or stronger cultivator loss their body they need replacement bodies (coz remaking your own is slow and painful). So each branch of the corpse sect teaches the basic cultivation method of w/e sect that reserved their branch.

    The rule is that you must break through certain cultivation level within certain period of time or else you get turned into a corpse puppet for other members of the sect. This is there to make people want to get stronger faster. Once someone reaches core formation a special ceremony is done where they secretly inject the the soul of whoever is going to take over the body and that soul start to slowly take over.

    However if a disciple manage to reach nascent soul they are given a second chance, they are allowed to pick a body for themselves and when the other soul take over their body their own soul won't be devoured but instead be allowed a chance to take over someone else's body.

    As for in the future the Corpse sect is a like galaxy wide (?) sect. They have basically branches in a ton of planets in the cultivation union space. As for chapter like 1000 ish not too much to do with Wang Lin beside Wang Lin tried to use them to deal with the red hair dude in the land of the ancient gods.
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