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I know next to nothing about computers. This might be my Computer—a 5 or 6 year old Apple Quadcore—my Browser—Safari—or this site.
Often the Text Freezes and refuses to scroll down or to move on to the next chapter. It seems as if the longer I read the more often it freezes. Reloading the page; Restarting Safari or Restarting the computer—in order of difficulty and time lost—Helps—Sometimes.
If anyone has an insight or a solution I'd be obliged.

Saxon Violence


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    Something that worked for me when that happened was actually using ad-block in wuxiaworld.

    Some of the adds are using a lot of memory from what I discovered, thus slowing the site down considerably. I know this isn't a pefect soloution since wuxiaworld uses the adds to generate money, which is why I only use ad-block on my less powerful machines. However, in your case it might be the best soloution at the moment.
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    My browser too was very slow last week. I came to the conclusion that it's because of those movie-like ads. Reading chapters was a horrible pain, like for example I had to wait 15-30 seconds between each scroll. One day though this issue of mine was resolved, I think the sudden disappearance of movie ads had something to do with that -- the ads I'm getting right now are just plain pictures.

    Those movie ads didn't even load properly for some reason, they were just little black screens that constantly alerted my browser. Now that they're gone completely though all of my issues are resolved. Using Opera, no ad-blocker.

    Just sharing feedback in case it helps with the solving of this problem or anything...

    PS: This is for the Prayers to Higher Realm section btw!
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