Events after they enter the demon teritory

Can anyone give me a brief summary of what is going to happen next? In particular when are they going to reunite and what happens then?


  • Well its been a long time since i read it, but from what i remember

    He gets attacked by the dragon king and his dragon and ends up almost dying, his face will be deformed very badly after that and normal ppl will avoid him. He gets to the palace and meets a demon which is actually the uncle of the demon king i think ( and he is extremely powerful too ). He meets with his gf a few times but he hides his identity because he believes he's no longer worthy of her because of his current appearance. Oh and she has a fiancee which doesnt actually love her, he just wants to be the next demon king ( he is a nice guy from what i remember). In the end he leaves with her and they end together even though he whines all the time "look at me, im not worthy of you blabla". After that I think its the moment where he goes back to the human area and tries to make a peace treaty between demons and humans against the monster king. Then he goes to inherit that angel's power or whatever. He basically spends a few years there i think which for him was like a moment only. And he also becomes really powerful after that. And then its the final fight i think.
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