Ending of the story spoilers?

ok I read the ending the the MTL and I don't understand what happened, can anyone explain?


  • Basically Wang Lin became the strongest person at xian city by becoming a fourth step (it is called riding heaven realm power level or maybe unique or detached as they called it in ISSTH). It is not a dream, wang lin's slaughter clone which he send back in time to verified if this world is a dream (Wang Lin himself fear that this world is a dream world) create several dream universes to find the way to revive li mu wan. Those universes are the one that make Immortal,Gu ancestor and Tian Yun zi think that this world (present wang lin) is also a dream universe. What I get from mtl is he revive Li Muwan by reconstruct her body, making her having the same kind of power (with Gu ancestor soul blood, source or origin power from the guardian spirit of the bead and take her walking at riding heaven bridge that way basically pluck her out of reincarnation but I could be wrong though since this is from mtl) but I also don't really get the ending which he met a man who was the first to became a fourth step
  • But isnt the immortal progenitor who created these universes?
  • gintoki99 said:
    But isnt the immortal progenitor who created these universes?
    I don't think he created this world but he did created somekind of trial to grade immortal
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