Which level is actually stronger?

This is just a question thats been bugging me. Earth Immortal and Loose immortal. Which level is stronger? The novel keeps comparing any people at Primal level to loose immortals. But dont you go Primal=>Earth Immortal=> then pass=Celestial , fail=Loose? So shouldnt loose be stronger? This is especially confusing because the way the novel references the level. So which is actually stronger?


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    They're the same level of strength for all intents and purposes...if they fail the tribulation it simply cuts their advancement path while not impacting their strength at all.

    If there is any difference,Loose Immortals tend to be either slightly weaker(failing an early tribulation) or a lot stronger than any Earth Immortal if they manage to survive for a long time.

    The Earth Immortal level is also called Void level(mainly in case of fiendgods) but its all the same thing.
  • although I'm not sure but couldn't u become a loose immortal after failing the tribulation for celestial immortal?
  • although I'm not sure but couldn't u become a loose immortal after failing the tribulation for celestial immortal?
    That's the tribulation people are referring to above.
  • that kinda should make loose immortals generally stronger than earth immortals though.....
  • Technically yeah, loose immortals have the potential to become stronger than earth immortals because the longer they can live the more strength they can gain. Earth immortals only have 3 options once they reach a certain point in power 1. pass tribulation and become celestial immortal 2. fail and become loose immortal or 3. die. So if a earth immortal fails he becomes an loose immortal still retaining previous powers and daos and expands upon those until they die which they will eventually to their tribulation as once you become a loose immortal you can never pass the tribulation.
  • 1 thing I'm confused about is void stage before or after earth immortal?
  • Earth and Loose Immortal is Void Stage

    Earth Immortal (Void Stage) --> Tribulations --> [FAILED] --> Loose Immortal (Still Void Stage cause failed)

    Earth Immortal (Void Stage) --> Tribulations --> [SUCCSES] --> Celestial Immortal

    Which one is stronger i think it depends on the talent cause JN at Earthly Immortal already stronger than Peak Celestial Immortal (Which is also stronger than million years Loose Immortal)

    BUT from experience angle yes Loose Immortal have more experiences than Earth Immortal
  • Thanks everyone.
  • Loose Immortals continue to go stronger with experience. They are simply no longer able to become Celestial Immortals.

    Earth Immortals can cultivate to a certain time before Tribulation. Pass / C. Immortal. Loose / Loose Immortal 

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  • I wonder loose immortals can get coresense because I think story mentioned that once you become celestial immortal, you get coresense. I feel like that would be quite the advantage over one who isn't a celestial immortal
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  • 3rd Master of the Star Seizer mansion was a loose immortal but stronger than Celestial Immortals. The logic behind that is, the more tribulations you endure after the Celestial Tribulation makes you stronger. 

    Core sense is like the skill Chu Feng has in MGA. It allows the user to inspect deeper than Divine Sense.

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    I wouldn't say it's more tribulations = more power, more than being more tribulations = more time to understand the Dao = more power.
  • that's not even close. it's the stronger u r the more tribulations u can survive. unlike celestial decay the tribulations for loose immortals has no benefits 
  • unless u make some sort of insane technique or something 
  • They're both on the same level which is void level. The difference between them is an Earth Immortal hasn't undergone their tribulation in order to become a Celestial. A Loose Immortal is one who has failed their Tribulation. Simply put Earth/Loose are just different words for early-stage/late-stage, so logically speaking a Loose Immortal should generally be stronger than an earth (unless that cultivator was a lazy shit and did nothing for their cultivation for 900 years since reaching void level) if both of them were to have the exact same understanding of the Dao. When you throw in Dao understanding you have freaks and wimps that skew things.
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