Chu Yuyan is Upset

Follow Chu Yuyan as she experiences the injustices of the heavens. 

I'm not going out of my way to stay in character and instead writing this as if Chu Yuyan was, well, upset. But it's in first person while her thoughts are hidden in the actual novel. Haha, yes, let's stick with that as an excuse to write her out of character. 

Also, I won't be writing Chu Yuyan's perspective on events that took a large portion of time in the main story. They would take ages to write and this fanfiction is just a fun little side project for me. 

Shorter events like 'Fang Mu is Pill Cauldron' are the events that I'll try to get around to. Stuff like the time in the volcano with Meng Hao won't be happening because it would take FOREVER to write. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Have mercy upon this humble writer, fellow daoists.


Xu Qing and Chu Yuyan chat

(Alright, so just please pretend that these two are friends and that Xu Qing is talkative. The Dao of Disbelief is something that can be suspended for a time)

"So, how did you meet Meng Hao?"

I smilingly asked Xu Qing the question that I haven't been able to ask Meng Hao out of embarrassment. 

"I kidnapped him and made him a slave for the Reliance Sect."

"O-oh, right, I think I heard about that from someone a while back."

That was true?! Hey, how exactly did you two actually end up together?! Wouldn't he kind of hate you for that?!

So he likes dominant women, is that it? When I met him, he bought an item that I needed to fix a problem he caused! After that, I had to make pills to get out of the situation that... I may have slightly had a hand in causing. So he controlled me at that time and now I'm just ignored?! I was too easy?!

"Meng Hao actually said it was a sort of blessing though. The him at that time had been a failed scholar that had nothing but bad luck."

"I see..."

That Meng Hao was like that before becoming a cultivator, huh? Mn, I can understand why he may actually feel grateful after a while then. 

But did he feel grateful to me for causing him to run into that roc and fly into that damn volcano? When he acquired the Blood Immortal legacy, was he grateful? When I gave him that Seven Thunders Pill, was I given compensation? No. I, Chu Yuyan, was instead given his clothes, causing a huge rumor to spread that I, well, did 'that' with Meng Hao. 

Though I did try to kill him... And deceive him... And steal the legacy... 

No, but it's his fault! Damnable Meng Hao! 

I won't dwell on it. 

Still, that damnable bastard used to be so miserable? 

That's good. Very nice to hear. 

"But then how did you two become so close? It seems like the both of you would never meet, much less, you know..."

This Xu Qing was in a nice position at the Reliance Sect in the past, right? At least in the Violet Fate Sect, an outer sect disciple meeting an inner sect disciple would be as rare as Grandfather actually helping me out with the Dao of Alchemy.  

"Oh, he offered me a Dry Spirit Pill given to him by the sect when we were distributing resources. It was really shocking... It was surely only to save himself, but I still felt a bit grateful deep down. To pay him back, I allowed him to stay in the Immortal's Cave that I had used during my days in the outer sect."

"That much of a compensation?"

Xu Qing nodded. 

"It had become useless to me anyways. Besides, at that time, it ensured his safety from the enraged outer sect disciples."

"Indeed. I guess it was necessary at the time..."

"But that was more or less a trivial matter. What Meng Hao did after that was what mattered."

Xu Qing slapped her bag of holding and a pill with mountains carved on it appeared in her hand. 

"Meng Hao gave cosmetic pills like these to me every now and then. I don't know why, but... over time a complicated emotion welled up in my heart."

Hmmm, cosmetic pills, huh? You mean the things that only take a minute to make? That was all it took for you? 

My self esteem has risen. 

"Ever since that time I was taken away by the Black Sieve Sect, although I didn't realize it at the time, a deep bond had already formed between Meng Hao and I."

A bond built on cheap gifts, huh? Sounds like a real deep bond to me. You were just sad that your free supply of pills disappeared, right? 

Right. My bond with Meng Hao is WAYYYY deeper than yours. It's a bond built on a foundation of complicated hatred and denial. He almost saw me naked when we were in that volcano, you know. Hmph, hmph, I've also spent more time with him than you. I also pestered him endlessly when Meng Hao became Fang Mu at the Violet Fate Sect. 

Damn, I want to cry. 

"After that, we encountered each other only a couple times. But... at those times we were able to properly convey our feelings through these cosmetic pills." 

What are you, the heroine of a bad drama? 

So you were able to confirm each other's feelings through a cheap pill? Mm, some real deep feelings you two got there. It's almost like it's run on gifts. Just my imagination, right? 

'Remember to bring me a pill that will help me get to Spirit Severing! It's all for love, of course!'

I imagine that's not too far off. 

"That's nice. I also heard you did something while Meng Hao was undergoing demonic transmigration though. What exactly was it? Apparently it had saved him."

"Oh? That is..."

"What is it? It's fine if you don't wish to tell me." 

It's 'that', right? 

"No, it's fine. Actually... when I had to return to the Black Sieve Sect, my emotions surged up and a single tear dropped down into the Violet Sea. And, based on what Meng Hao said, that tear landed in his mouth, causing his memories to come back, halting the demonic transmigration."


I'm sorry, but what?!

You just said that you cried into his mouth and that made him wake up? Y-you're kidding, right? That's some bullshit story, right?

I shook and fully recalled what I had done above the Violet Sea. At that time, I had dropped my most precious pill into the Violet Sea because of a complicated feeling. 

My most precious pill that I concocted with all of my being! 

Yet... Yet you're saying that your tear, that happened to land on Meng Hao's mouth, woke him up? 

'My pill supply is gone... Damn, makes me want to cry thinking about how I'll need to work for things now...'

That's how it went, right? 

M-my pill... that I worked so hard on... 

I even... for that damnable Meng Hao...

I splashed the tea left in my cup on Xu Qing. 

(Chu Yuyan x Meng Hao! I can dream, damn you!)


  • Chu Yuyan is my favorite girl in ISSTH. Even though this is out of character, I do really love it. Chinese Tsundere is the pinnacle. Tell me if you're continuing please. If you aren't I may just write it myself! At least, one more little thing about the same length... Probably won't start my own topic and just write it here, too, so they all stay in the same place.
  • (Chu Yuyan x Meng Hao! I can dream, damn you!)
    No need to dream about it tho
  • #CYYxMH5ever!!!
  • I have a FF too of Chu Yuyan and Meng Hao... sadly I can't post it here since its rated 18. -_- damn that rated 13, lol.
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    The heavenly tribulation of real life has struck yet again, fellow daoists. I've had this finished for a while now, but never got around to posting it until now; for that I apologize. 

    Unfortunately, this'll be the last 'Chu Yuyan is Upset' that I write in the foreseeable future. If anyone wishes to continue writing it, then feel free to do so. 

    Thank you for reading! 


    Violet Furnace Lord

    (Chu Yuyan's perspective)

    As I watched the countless pills fly around Fang Mu, I couldn't help but curse the heavens in my heart. 

    I've been working hard in the Violet Fate Sect for my whole life, yet I've only been rewarded with some shitty arranged marriage. This damnable Fang Mu just sat in his cave for a few years blowing up furnaces, yet here he is, controlling a tempest of bullshit. 

    I still get that feeling when I look at him...

    Hohoho, look at me, I saw the shit before it hit the fan! 

    I mean I even emerged first earlier, placing that crushing sense of defeat on my soul. Seeing this damnable Fang Mu now, it's painfully obvious that I never had the chance to become a Violet Furnace Lord. This one in a lifetime chance, gone just like that... 

    It's like I offended the main character of some story. 

    As I was thinking, Grandfather rose and looked over at Ye Feimu. 

    He gave a long talk about his Dao. 

    Much more help than you ever gave me, your granddaughter. Just make him a Violet Furnace Lord and let the heavens drag me to the Yellow Springs. 

    "You may be a Violet Furnace Lord." 

    Your sister! 

    Aiyo, heavens, come down here and have a nice chat with me. I promise not to beat you to death!

    I could at least understand Fang Mu becoming a Violet Furnace Lord, but how did Ye Feimu get it? First place should be getting that title, not him. It makes as much sense as that dream of having a daughter with a ghost. 

    Hur hur. At least the 'great' Grandmaster Pill Cauldron got rejected though. 

    Then... Grandfather's eyes unexpectedly turned, landing upon me. 

    He gave a long explanation of something, but I couldn't hear it because of the anticipation in my heart. 

    "You... also may become a Violet Furnace Lord."


    Suck it heavens! You hear that?! You hear those sweet words that just put out the high and mighty flames of your bullshit?! 

    Who says that I, Chu Yuyan, am unable to reach the peak of Mt.Tai?! 

    I restrained the urge to jump around for joy and instead bowed deeply. Because of the overwhelming impact and joy of flipping off the heavens, tears began streaming down my face. 

    The other things Grandfather said after he spoke to me were just a muffled series of noises. I don't care about what he's saying to that damnable Fang Mu either. Nothing can ruin this moment. 

    Then, to Fang Mu, grandfather spoke a single sentence...

    " can become my legacy apprentice with two kowtows." 

    F*ck off. 

    (Aiyah, Chu Yuyan is too strong willed, too tragic. Quick, Meng Hao, go comfort her! I said to climb on the ship and f*cking comfort her!) 
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