A hypothetical scenario (roleplay/rules question)

I am playing with a group of people who are currently playing in the HJC world and one of my players were wondering if they (hypothetically) were able to "swallow" the black pearl that Zhou Weiqing got, would they gain the same jewel types, both physical and elemental, or would the pearl just give the elemental types and let the physical one be up to the player? 
Or would the pearl just add the Evil type to the player along with normal physical and elemental?


  • The pearl would probably give him everything but the darkness element, which was inherited from his father. Also, the strength and right leg would be added.
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  • (I should probably say that we are playing some sort of dungeons and dragons so if something sounds weird feel free to ask)

    Well he is playing this sorta kung-fu monk which is specialized in dex so I was thinking of giving him the red jade (in our game it increases the wearers dexterity) and just ruling it like the physical jewel changes from person to person. 
    But I will probably do as you said and give him the types and let him roll for his own type. That should be somewhat balanced. 
    Although what sorta bonus should I give his scorpion leg? Some sort of con poison damage? With the ability to later increase it to con damage/death?
  • Dexterity should probably be flexibility. I think it fits really well. Also, we don't know what elements were natural talents of Weiqing though I suspect that evil, spatial, and lightning are definitely not natural. Same with time, but not as much. Maybe you should let him roll for the number of elements he will get and what he will get. Also, why don't you debuff him so he wouldn't be too OP? I'd suggest something like unable to level up unless he has skills for all elements. For the leg, it should just be a knock back effect with no chance of recovery. Also, maybe a stun would help or a certain amount of guaranteed true damage.
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
  • Well it is sorta of new rules that we are tweaking as we play. But I would love to hear some ideas/input ^^

    So far we have:
    Icy Jade: +strength
    Waxy jade: so far a boost to armor class because of the whole flexibility and the ability to avoid an attack each round for every 4th jewel
    Yellow Jade: damage reduction which doubles every 4th jewel
    Dragonstone jade: movement speed with an additional attack every 4th jewel
    Red Jade: +dexterity because we have always played with dex being the whole eye/hand coordination stat
    and Black Jade: constitution/hp

    And about debuffing him, well most of the players are around that level of OP-ness. We have one that is able to gain abilities from Zong+ creatures because of his clan, one who is using the immortal deity technique, a diablo pearl user(I think I read somewhere that is is evil/darkness combined) and mr. Black Pearl user.

    I will take the idea of using the leg as a knockback though.It isn't too overpowered and it will allow for some interesting ability combos
  • The Perle could fuse with him cuz he had darkness attribute i assume it could only fuse with people that had one of its attributes.
  • I just thought it merged with Zhou because he was there. 
    So basically a stroke of luck from his side

    but the idea that it would fuse because of similar attributes is was better
  • well i remember reading that it was attracted to his dark attribute and then awakened by bing'er's wind attribute
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