Help Correcting this translated words

Hey guys I really need help, I'm currently trying to translate this novel but it was so freaking hard! 50 words cost me an hour! 1 freaking hour!!!
Too much time might kill me....

anyway, this was the translated version 
“Hey!” Wang TianHao looked at the last book on the shelf "This degree also allows a person to live without worry!"

Wang Tianhao, the given name was good, other people can’t compare to it , but it’s inferior than "ring legend," protagonist Wong, and "hegemony of life," protagonist Wang Hao. While currently at home, he checked his notification letter to see if he got admitted. 

While this is the original version

So i changed alot of words cause i can't seem to make the right sentence... Please help me


王天豪,名字虽好,人却不咋的,既比不上《戒指传奇》的主角王天,也比不上《霸道人生》的主角王豪. 现在刚刚中考完,在家等录取通知书.

While this is the Mtl version

"Hey!" Wang Tianhao start looking at the last book on the shelf with a sigh, "This degree ** also allows people to live without!"

Wang Tianhao, the name is good, people do not ye, not as either "ring legend," the protagonist Wang days, smaller than "hegemony of life," the protagonist Wang Hao.
now finished in just at home waiting for the admission notice.


  • This is probably a bit blunt, but I wouldn't waste time trying. Your translation isn't even close  :/
  • aww man :( translating it was very freaking hard XD but it's all for naught... XD well gotta try again TT.TT
  • You really can't translate Chinese, even WNs, based on MTL. It just doesn't work because too much meaning is dependent on context, which MTL can't detect very well.
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