Refreshing Tales From The F5 Sect: Chapter 11 (The Eldorado Arc Chapter 7)



  • Chapter 11


    The audience gathered once again in the cyber café. Outside the café, disappointed cultivator wannabes left the place, with their heads hanging. The more determined ones used devices which had a cup on one end, and earphones on the other. They placed the cup against the wall, and placed the ear phones inside their ears, all the while hoping, praying, that the bald man would speak loudly for once.

    Inside, the man began, in a loud voice. Cheers could be heard from outside the café, as the cup-users rejoiced.

    “The next day Eldorado woke up, washed his face and freshened up, and then ate the breakfast that Rel had delivered; a simple meal consisting of dry fruits, milk, eggs, toast and bacon. He had just finished his breakfast when Rel spoke out,

    “Da-Da-Daoist Button is at the- Daoist Button is at the door.”

    Eldorado went up to the door and opened it; outside, resplendent in his orange tuxedo, stood Button.

    “As citrusy as every, I see brother Mutton.”

    “Haha, nice one Eldorado. Did you finish your breakfast? Ok, that’s good. Lets go!”

    “Umm…Go where, brother Mutton?”

    “We are going to go around the sect which is going to be your home for the next god knows how many years. So suck in that *&%$ and get ready, we are going on on hell of a rollercoaster ride. Oh, and by the way, if you have any heart problems or something like that, you do not want to come on this trip. Cause trust me, the suprises and flips that you are about to experience cause even healthy people to suffer heart attacks; to say nothing of people with heart problems.”

    Eldorado took a deep breath, and calmed his mind, before turning to Mutton and saying,

    “Brother Mutton, I am in your care.”

    Mutton took him through the F5 Sect, showing him all the places that each member must know in order to survive; They were nearing the end of the tour, when they came across a couple of chatting cultivators.

    As soon as he saw them, Mutton’s face turned white, and then turned red. One of the cultivators, a female of around twenty years of age, with a beautiful figure and silk-like golden hair turned, and when she saw Mutton, let out a laugh; make no mistake, the laugh was not one of joy or happiness or humour; it was one filled with derision, and scorn, but it only accentuated her beauty.

    “Oh, look who’s here. Its Butt ton. How do you do, junior brother Butt ton?”

    The other cultivator who she was chatting with turned when he saw his beautiful companion converse with another person. He turned out to be a muscular and powerful youth, with well developed muscles and a rugged and wild air around him; his gaze towards his female companion clearly displayed the feelings that he had towards her.

    Mutton did not bow his head, nor did he reply. Fearing that a skirmish would break out, the self preservation instinct of Eldorado made him rack his brain to dispel the heavy atmosphere. Being unable to think of any ideas, Eldorado kicked Mutton lightly, upon which he started.

    “Greeting, senior sister Sorcière. Its been a long time. Greeting, senior brother Tigre. Please, do not let this junior interrupt your conversation.”

    “Oh, do not be so formal, junior brother Butt ton. Why don’t you and your companion join us for a bite?”

    Eldorado had been waiting for an appropriate moment to introduce himself, and hearing Sorcière’s invitation, he decided to introduce himself. He moved forward and bowed, before introducing himself.

    “Greeting, senior sister Sorcière, senior brother Tigre. This junior is a newcomer to the F5 Sect, and is called Eldorado.”

    Eldorado was busy looking at the bewitching beauty in front of him, and did not notice the look of pity that both Tigre and Mutton gave him.

    “Oh, Eldorado is it? Sounds like El Door Rado. Ok, that’s settled then; Come join us, junior brother The Door.”

    The look in Eldorado’s eyes turned chilly. He had respectfully introduced himself, but the person in front of him had actually insulted him. Eldorado was an honest and simple death and pain fearing person; he could bear insults for a really long time, and he didn’t mind butt kissing as long as it kept him safe. But, like others, he too had a line, which, if crossed, would enrage him. And the Snow White in front of him had done just that; she had bitten into the apple not knowing whether it was poisonous or not, she had touched the scales of the dragon.

    “Sorcière; that’s the French word for witch, or female sorcerer. I don’t think that senior sister is a witch; surely, such a beautiful woman could never be a witch. I, Eldorado, refuse to call you using such a repulsive name; I shall call you, b****. The sad part is that it rhymes with witch. A b****. A truly fitting name, if I say so myself.”

    The face of the person facing him turned red, and then green, before returning to normal. She let out a loud laugh, which completely different from the earlier laugh. This one was filled with unbridled rage,  anger and fury, and made all those who heard it shiver.

    Looking at the expression on Sorcière and Tigre’s face, Eldorado immediately regretted his actions. HE had offended two seniors, and there was only one thing he could do. He ran. He ran like the wind all the way to his house, and only stopped once he entered and closed the door. His heart was hammering hard against his ribcage, threatening to break free, and his lungs seemed like they were about to explode. Eldorado fell on his recliner chair, and rested. He rested, and thought back to his actions. Maybe it was foolhardy offending a senior like that, but that was better than allowing the name which he had taken on as his own to be trampled upon; the name Eldorado was a tribute to his uncle, and he did not want to see it insulted; anyone who did so would face his wrath, unless they were extremely powerful or extremely rich. You know, terms and conditions apply.

    His heart beat had finally dropped under 200 beats per minute, when Rel announced that Daoist Button was at the door. Hearing her voice, his heartbeat once again jumped up to 250. He opened the door, and found himslef face to face with a teary eyed Mutton. He didn't say anything, he just gave him a bear hug, and walked away, towards his house.

    “F5 Sect Moral: Be adaptable, and bear insults if you do not have the power to retaliate; be like the sea, and retreat when pushed back. But, when pushed too far, let loose tsunamis, and show them your might, your power.”

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