Can someone tell me about uses of Profound Handle ?

Well basically im still in dilemma about Profound Handle and what benefits does different color of profound handle give? And have anyone though what was the secret tht YC granpa told him tht only his Grandpa and Demon Emperor knows which actually even shocked YC 


  • The higher grade the profound handle the more of your strenght it can hold if you wish it so. 

    Secret was revealed a few chapters ago that there is a method to make the LDE reach Sovereign 10 strength compensating with her life expectancy.


  • Can profound handle be used for fighting? 
  • flashback said:
    Can profound handle be used for fighting? 
    Yes, YC grandfather did it. 
  • Yes it can take any shape or form you wish , even mimic your own aura.


  • I imagine the profound handle to be much like the Green Lantern's powers; Basically, it can become whatever you imagine it to!  It also has a spiritual component to it as well.  #hax

    I don't remember exactly, but i think the levels are roughly something like ROYGBIV, then gold.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Gold.  It varies in levels of power something like 10% increments, with a gold profound handle capable of utilizing 100% of their cultivation level.

    So, as i understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, the profound handle effectively creates a second, albeit weaker, fighting entity that is controlled by the user's will.
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    The red profound handle (at the lowest level) has 10% of your strength. So by fighting with your red profound handle, your total strength would now be 110% . So if your power level is 9000, with your red profound handle, it would 9900 ; if you have a cyan profound handle (YunChe's dad and grandfather have them), you power level would be 13500 (50% more).

    Just think of profound handle to be some sort of a material which you can mould into any shape( a person , a weapon), which could freely be controlled by your mind. Profound handle can also be used to perform soul attacks (e.g., mind reading). The downside of using profound handle is it consumes your profound energy and mental energy faster (just like for any other fighting skill, like using a domain)
  • Also if i remember correctly gold has a special effect 
  • Obviously Yun Canghai has no way of knowing , since only the True God had it.


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