Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



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  • Chapter 55 Counting the Gains

    Relying on nothing but himself alone, the youth was able to take out all the bandits before taking on eight third-rate experts and finally achieving victory!

    Duan Feifei was completely amazed by what she saw.

    "In just a short span of half a year, this little thief actually became a third-rate expert? And even killed the Black-Robed Seven[1]!" After a moment of thought, surprise turned into anger: "No wonder this little thief dared to do act so smugly that day even though he only learned a few basic martial arts. He's actually quite capable!"

    "To become a third-rate expert in half a year, this little thief can be considered a great talent. But compared to myself he is still slightly inferior." Duan Feifei thought secretly.

    Turning her head towards the old man in servant attire, who was actually formerly one of the Ten Great Elders of Sun Moon Holy Cult, she asked: "Uncle Xiong, what's your opinion on him?"

    Elder Xiong looked at Crouching Tiger Hill below, his face revealing a hint of surprise: "This youth actually acquired internal arts in half a year and succeeded in learning Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, this shows that he has great talent. To think that Huashan has obtained a genius this time."

    As he spoke, killing intent flashed in Elder Xiong's eyes, and he said with viciousness: "Holy Maiden, if this youth continues to progress, he will surely become a great enemy of our holy cult in the future. Why not let subordinate[2] get rid of this youth right now and eliminate a future threat to our holy cult."

    "No...!" Duan Feifei gasped in surprise, and upon noticing Elder Xiong's weird gaze, she quickly resumed a cold expression and snorted: "Hmph, this little thief may be talented, but compared to myself[3], he is still inferior and not worth mentioning."

    "This youth naturally cannot be compared to Holy Maiden." Elder Xiong nodded.

    Duan Feifei was extremely satisfied with his reply. The expression in her eyes grew prouder and her neck was raised high like a proud swan: "Even if he killed the Black-Robed Seven and looks very strong among similarly classed experts, so what? I can easily kill him and send him to Level Eighteenth Hell! In my eyes, he is just an audacious and arrogant ant. An ant is still an ant, no matter how amazing his achievements are, he will always remain an ant."

    "Holy Maiden is right, he is just an ant!" Elder Xiong seemed to be greatly satisfied with Duan Feifei's words and laughed loudly.

    Duan Feifei changed her tone suddenly and said: "Besides, this little thief has done us a great favor by killing the Black-Robed Seven. Ha, Uncle Nangong is truly suspicious of me this time. He actually sent Black-Robed Seven to secretly look into our whereabouts so that he can monitor our every move. If I didn't receive news of this a long time ago, I would probably still be in the dark."

    "No matter what, by killing the Black-Robed Seven, the little thief has taken care of a troublesome matter for us. If not, even if we know that the Black-Robed Seven's purpose is to monitor us, we can't really do anything to them. But since Uncle Nangong has already started to suspect us, we need to increase our pace and find Father as soon as we can. I received news that a clue regarding Father has been found in Jiangnan. Let's set off right now and head for Jiangnan."

    Elder Xiong nodded, his face revealing a hint of ridicule: "Rogue Nangong has a guilty conscience so naturally, he doesn't want Holy Maiden to leave his sight for long. Hmph, he doesn't know that the more he behaves this way, the more subordinate suspects that there is more to the incident where Cult Master went berserk[4]! There are many rumors in the cult saying that when Cult Master Duan was practicing his divine arts in seclusion back then, he was ambushed by rogue Nangong at a critical juncture. He then captured Cult Master and locked him in an extremely hidden location."

    "Thinking about it now, these rumors really have some credibility. Subordinate believes that Cult Master must still be alive! Even if Cult Master has really been killed by rogue Nangong, subordinate will assist Holy Maiden in taking back the position of Cult Master and getting rid of rogue Nangong!"

    Duan Feifei remained silent. After a long time, she spoke in a cold voice: "We don't have much time, let's set off!"

    Regarding what Elder Xiong had said, she did not say anything about it. It was as if she did not hear it at all.

    With a light tread of her feet, she leaped into the air and flew down from the hilltop like a fairy.

    If not for the fact that she still needed to land on the ground occasionally to replenish her uplifting force, she would truly resemble an immortal riding the winds.

    Elder Xiong hurriedly followed behind.

    The two of them left the place swiftly and disappeared without a trace.

    The youth in Crouching Tiger Hill had no idea that two pairs of eyes had been spying on him from the top of an adjacent taller hill.

    He also didn't know that he had solved a huge problem for someone else by getting rid of the demonic cult members.


    System notification:

    Combat evaluation: Grade SS

    Killing 2nd Chief of Crouching Tiger Hill, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing Eldest Chief of Crouching Tiger Hill, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of Herculean Strength Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of Golden Ape Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of White Ape Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of Black Tiger Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of Demonic Claws Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killing the disciple of Sky Soaring Divine Demon from Sun Moon Holy Cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Quest reward:

    Matching the strength of ten, killing the seven disciples of Seven Great Divine Demons from Sun Moon Holy Cult as well as three third-rate experts in a short amount of time, creating a huge sensation in Jianghu, 20,000 battle experience awarded.

    On the system panel, red words flashed madly.

    Experience, it was all battle experience!

    Lin Yi took a look and laughed in satisfaction.

    Eight third-rate experts had brought him 58,000 battle experience.

    Suddenly his expression froze.

    Why was there a quest reward?

    Although he was more than happy to receive 20,000 battle experience, he was alerted by it.

    If nobody saw what he did, there would definitely be no additional reputation reward.

    If there was no witness, it would naturally remain a secret and news of it wouldn't spread to Jianghu. If that were the case, he wouldn't get any reputation from it.


    How did the quest reward of 20,000 battle experience come about?

    Lin Yi frowned in thought. When he fought the eight third-rate experts, he even made sure to take care of all the minor bandits.

    There wasn't a single bandit who left the place alive.

    As he looked around him, he saw the tall hills surrounding him.

    Did someone in the surroundings saw it?

    That would be troublesome.

    Although it wasn't that great of a trouble, it wasn't a good thing, after all, to get marked by people from Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    However, changing his thoughts, Lin Yi suddenly smiled.

    Since he already ate the battle experience, he couldn't possibly spit it out from his mouth.

    Not possible!

    If he got marked then so be it, what was there to fear from Sun Moon Holy Cult?

    Right now, he was already a member of Huashan and also possessed a superior sword art.

    Although it could not be compared to the peak state he achieved in the game, he was not afraid of demonic cult members coming to seek revenge.

    At this time, first-rate experts were still very rarely seen in Jianghu.

    Demonic cult members seeking revenge would be second-rate experts at best.

    In his previous life, the player who learned Deadly Chain of Three Immortal Swords was able to kill a second-rate expert while he was still a third-rate expert.

    Was there any reason Lin Yi couldn't do the same?

    After sorting out his thoughts, Lin Yi laughed heartily and discarded his worries. Then he started to carry out a thorough inspection of his gains.

    From Lin Village to Crouching Tiger Hill, he had killed a total of four hundred odd bandits.

    Gaining a total of forty thousand odd battle experience.

    From killing ten third-rate experts, three gave 5,000 battle experience while seven gave 8,000 battle experience.

    A total of 71,000 battle experience.

    Getting seen by unknown personnel and receiving a reputation reward of 20,000 battle experience.

    A grand total of 131,000 battle experience gained from laying waste to Crouching Tiger Hill.

    There was now sufficient experience to clear the second standard meridian!

    Lin Yi felt great joy.

    Four months of arduous training in Huashan only netted him half the experience required.

    And now, only a few days had passed since leaving Huashan and he already gained the other half required to clear the second standard meridian.

    When clearing one of the twelve standard meridians, one's body would lose control for a certain amount of time.

    Crouching Tiger Hill was obviously not a good place for seclusion. Lin Yi quickly gave a casual search of the ruins which Crouching Tiger Hill had turned into and collected the three violet arrows.

    He had no patience to look for other items and hurried back to Lin Village.

    He couldn't wait to go into seclusion and clear the second standard meridian.


    Right now, it was bustling with activity just outside of Lin residence.

    Everyone within a radius of a hundred li had received the news that Lin Yi, the only son of the richest man in Yu City Lin Zhilong, had become a Huashan upper courtyard disciple in just half a year's time.

    Once he returned home, he drove out the bandits who had been causing havoc and inciting fear in everyone. He even managed to slay two third-rate experts who were the leaders of these bandits.

    Once the news spread, everyone in the area was shocked.

    Their first reaction was to hurry to the Lin residence and grab hold of their thighs![5]

    Everyone was well aware that the Lin family had completely struck it rich with the appearance of a Huashan upper courtyard disciple in the family. He was even a genius who acquired internal arts within half a year to become a third-rate expert. Who knew what great achievements he would be capable of in the future?

    Nobody could tell, but they all knew that Lin Yi had an unimaginably bright future.

    Right now, Lin family had yet to build up their influence and following.

    What better time was there to approach them if not now?

    Lin family was destined to become the overlord of the area within a radius of hundred li.

    Anyone who made a living in this area did not dare to ignore them.

    Whether it be rich families, government officials or normal civilians, and even people of Jianghu, they all made their way towards Lin Village.

    People of Jianghu who were normally high and mighty in front of ordinary people also couldn't ignore a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

    Some came to form good relations, some came to pledge their loyalty and some came to look for work.

    All sorts of people came.

    The entire Lin Village was extremely crowded with people.

    The village was not large and it couldn't accommodate so many people.

    Tall horses and luxurious carriages all appeared in the village.

    When had the farmers in Lin Village ever seen such fanfare and excitement?

    Outside the gates of Lin residence, many people were queuing up.

    Even the high and mighty people of Jianghu earnestly queued up with their swords and sabers in tow.

    The sight of this stunned the farmers of Lin Village.

    They all understood that the Lin family had truly ascended to the heavens!

    TL Note:
    [1] Duan Feifei calls them 黑袍七兄弟(black-robed seven brothers), not sure if this is an official title so I'm just gonna call them Black-Robed Seven.

    [2] Elder Xiong refers to himself as 属下(subordinate) when talking to Duan Feifei as a sign of respect.

    [3] Duan Feifei refers to herself as 本姑娘(this Miss/Lady) when talking(but I will be translating it as "I" and "myself" etc since it's pretty clunky). This is a haughty way of addressing oneself, similar to the japanese ore-wa.

    [4] The chinese expression 走火入魔 used here is a very common phrase used in wuxia novels to refer to something gone wrong in the process of practicing martial arts. I will translate it as going berserk to simplify translations.

    [5] The chinese expression 抱大腿 is a modern way of saying to fawn on and possibly get some benefits.

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  • Hey Adomman, thanks for translating this novel! It really wonderful to be able to read what happened after being left on a cliffhanger for 2 years! I hope you take your time to enjoy and continue to be immersed in the story cause i dont want to see you quit halfway because of burnouts! Once again really appreciate it and hope that wuxiaworld brings you on the main site
  • Chapter 56 The Second Standard Meridian

    "Magistrate Wang of Yu City seeks an audience."

    "Magistrate Huang of Wan City seeks an audience."

    "Qiu family of Wan City seeks an audience."

    "Hero Wu Dayou of Wu City seeks an audience."


    Outside the lin residence, a gate attendant would announce a name in a loud voice from time to time. Every time a name was announced, a wave of heated discussion would arise.

    "Magistrate Wang of our Yu City has also entered!"

    "Heh heh, Magistrate Huang from the neighboring city also entered."

    "The top family in Wan City, Qiu family, has sent someone here. To think that they would be here as well."

    "Ha ha, Hero Wu Dayou is here too. This Wu Dayou is considered an important figure in this area, being a third-rate expert himself. To think that he also came."

    "My god, these are all important people who rarely make an appearance and they are all here now. Looks like the Lin family is really soaring to the heavens."

    "That's for sure. Young Master Yi is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple and I'm sure you have seen his strength for yourself when he slaughtered the bandits with ease as if they were mere chickens. Someone like him will surely soar to the heavens in the future. As they say, when one man reaches the top, his chickens and dogs follow as well. Lin family is going to benefit for sure. Anyone who chooses to serve the Lin family now will surely enjoy great success in the future, who would be able to resist the temptation to do so? I would have done so myself if I wasn't merely a lowly farmer who knows nothing."

    "You are right. Young Master Yi is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple with the backing of Huashan. Who would dare to belittle him? The entire Shanzhong is Huashan's territory. An upper courtyard disciple who is also a genius with boundless prospects, that's the best target to serve! Once you miss the opportunity now, if you want to serve them in the future, the Lin family might not even accept it!"

    Whether it be the farmers of Lin Village or people gathered from outside, at the sight of so many important figures, they all started chattering away in great excitement.

    For the farmers of Lin Village, even a festival wasn't as lively as today!

    Every well-known figure within a radius of hundred li was gathered here.

    This was a grand occasion which happened once in a hundred years!

    At this moment.

    Outside the village, a youth in white appeared. His hand held a sheathed sword and a violet bow hung on his back.

    Covered in dust, his white garb even had many traces of eye-catching red patches.

    Those were bloodstains!

    This youth apparently just experienced a great battle.

    Also, seeing that there were no injuries on his body, the bloodstains on his clothes all came from other people.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    How many people had this youth killed?

    "Ah, it's Young Master Yi, Young Master Yi is back!"

    One of the farmers recognized the identity of the youth.

    It was precisely Lin Yi of Lin family.


    A great commotion was caused in an instant.

    Everyone rushed towards Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi was slightly dazed and surprised by the scene in front of his eyes.

    The entire Lin Village was densely packed with people!

    When did Lin Village become so densely populated?

    "Quickly give way, quickly give way, open a path for our Young Master!"

    At this moment, the Lin family servants realized what happened and started shouting loudly.

    Each of them held their heads high and puffed out their chests, their faces glowing with pride.

    Their eyes looked high up, and they even disregarded the people of Jianghu who were carrying swords and sabers.

    Whenever they saw anyone not giving way, they would quickly proceed to berate that person.

    The usually arrogant people of Jianghu were actually nodding their heads obediently and one by one they started to clear a path.

    So quickly that Lin Yi's surprised expression had not even disappeared completely and a path had already appeared in front of him.

    "Young Hero Lin!" "Young Master Lin!" "Mister Lin!"

    The people on both sides called out his name loudly.

    Their frenzied looks nearly made Lin Yi felt as though he was walking on a red carpet and that he was a famous superstar who was being cheered on by his crazy fans.

    People near him kept trying to speak into his ears and converse with him.

    Lin Yi had completely no idea what they were saying and he couldn't hear what they were saying clearly either.

    He only saw them shouting loudly with frenzied expressions.

    He couldn't even remember how he got to the Lin residence, only feeling that this was the longest and most agonizing path he had ever walked in his life.

    In his previous life, he was a God-ranked player. Naturally, he also encountered the situation of being surrounded by the other players whenever he went.

    But he completely disliked this kind of crowded and lively environment, so he always slipped away in a flash using his superior lightness art before the players could react to his arrival.

    Never had he needed to stop in the crowd before, not to mention walking such a strange path.

    Even when he was extremely famous in Huashan lower courtyard due to defeating the top 100, the Huashan disciples were never this crazy.

    If the lower courtyard disciples were said to have been looking at him with worship and respect, then these people in Lin Village would be looking at him like they were looking at a mountain of gold.

    He was not used to these hot and fiery gazes, and they made him feel uncomfortable.

    "Yi-er, you are back!"

    At this moment, Lin Zhihu spotted Lin Yi and he hurriedly parted with the people beside him before walking towards Lin Yi.

    "Uncle Hu, this is?" Lin Yi raised his brows and pointed at the great number of people talking enthusiastically in the courtyard.

    He even saw Lin Zhilong smiling radiantly under the company of seven or eight people.

    He stared at the scene, not recalling ever seeing Lin Zhilong with that kind of expression.

    "Yi-er, this..." Lin Zhihu smiled awkwardly and scratched his head. Then he said in an embarrassed tone: "Every well-known and important figure within a radius of hundred li has heard of your great name and learned that you became an upper courtyard disciple in just half a year of entering Huashan. That is why all these people came here. Some are here to get to know us and some are here to get on good terms with us. There are also many people of Jianghu who wish to serve our Lin family and are willing to follow our orders as long as we support them."

    "So, Yi-er, later..."

    When he reached this part, Lin Zhihu's face reddened and he looked at Lin Yi uneasily.

    Lin Yi understood instantly.

    It was not the fame from killing the bandits. The vast majority of people came here because he was a true genius who became an upper courtyard disciple in half a year.

    They were here for the sake of future interests and profits.

    Those with capital and power sought cooperation.

    Those without capital or power, but had the ability, came to pledge their loyalty.

    Lin Zhihu obviously discussed things with Lin Zhilong and reached a simple consensus.

    That was to use this opportunity to expand and strengthen Lin family!

    Lin Yi was silent.

    By expanding their influence and officially becoming a clan of Jianghu, they could recruit more people and attract countless people of Jianghu to serve them.

    This was naturally good for the Lin family.

    Besides, Lin Yi could not possibly keep staying in the Lin family.

    If they were able to attract the service of people of Jianghu and build up their strength, they would possess the ability to defend themselves when the era of chaos arrived.

    That would eliminate Lin Yi's worries regarding his family.

    Therefore, even though Lin Yi could not wait to go into seclusion right away to clear the second standard meridian, for the sake of Lin family and for him to be more assured about the future, he forced himself to smile and nodded at Lin Zhihu: "I understand."

    Then he began to entertain each guest.

    Towards ordinary people such as government officials, he only entertained them briefly.

    Towards people of Jianghu who came to serve the Lin family, Lin Yi patiently provided them with guidance in their martial arts.

    Among these people, more than a hundred of them were not even experts.

    Only three of them had internal arts and were third-rate experts.

    Towards the three of them, Lin Yi guided them even more attentively.

    Whether it was his current identity of a Huashan upper courtyard disciple or his former identity as a peak expert in his previous life, he was more than qualified to give guidance to the three of them.

    Soon, all the people of Jianghu were convinced to serve the Lin family with utmost loyalty.

    Initially, they only wanted to serve a major power for the sake of their own interests.

    Now that Lin Yi was willing to provide them with guidance, they made up their minds to follow Lin family to the end.

    After all, other major powers only thought of how to make use of them.

    Those willing to provide guidance in martial arts were extremely rare.

    Lin Yi was one of them.

    All the people of Jianghu who were present expressed their intentions to always stay with the Lin Family.

    Once these matters were taken care of, Lin Yi finally exhaled a breath of relief and wiped his sweat.

    This was due to fatigue.

    Entertaining so many guests was even more exhausting than fighting with eight third-rate experts.

    After greeting Lin Zhihu and Lin Zhilong, Lin Yi fled to the rear courtyard, found a study, then locked the doors.

    He had a bountiful harvest from the trip to Crouching Tiger Hill.

    A total of 131,000 battle experience!

    Coupled with the experience he had saved up in Huashan previously, he now had close to two hundred thousand battle experience.

    After a moment of consideration, he felt that he should increase the level of his internal art first, then slowly fill in the experience required for Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    Having made up his mind, he opened the system panel.

    System notification:

    Huashan Sutra (Silver): Level 1, First standard meridian Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian has been cleared (+20 internal strength), 100,000/200,000 experience points required to clear second standard meridian Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian.

    Only 100,000 experience points were required to clear the second standard meridian.

    Without any hesitation, Lin Yi proceeded to consume 100,000 battle experience points to clear the second standard meridian: Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian.

    Soon, a bright light flashed.

    100,000 battle experience vanished.

    Transforming into a warm current flowing into his dantian, followed by even stronger warm currents flowing into his limbs and body.

    This was internal strength.

    The internal strength circulated one cycle in the body before heading towards Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian.


    A light sound was heard inside the body as if something had been broken.

    Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian was cleared.

    The internal strength flowed into Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian before exiting from it stronger than before and returned to the dantian.

    Lin Yi then regained control of his body.

    The first thing he did was to open the system panel.

    System notification:

    Successfully cleared Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian!

    Huashan Sutra (Silver): Level 2, Second standard meridian Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian has been cleared (+40 internal strength), 300,000 experience points required to clear third standard meridian Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian.
  • Hey Adomman, thanks for translating this novel! It really wonderful to be able to read what happened after being left on a cliffhanger for 2 years! I hope you take your time to enjoy and continue to be immersed in the story cause i dont want to see you quit halfway because of burnouts! Once again really appreciate it and hope that wuxiaworld brings you on the main site
    Thanks for the encouraging words! If nothing goes wrong I should be able to finish the story(544 chapters).
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  • Thanks for the chapter 
  • Chapter 57 Deadly Celestial Sword, Bidding Goodbye


    Finally, the second standard meridian was cleared.

    Even though Lin Yi had cleared all twelve standard meridians in the game, but right now he was still delighted at clearing the second standard meridian.

    This was because it was the real world here.

    No matter how powerful he was in the game, it was just a game after all.

    The two could not be spoken of in the same breath.

    He opened the stats panel and saw that his stats had increased significantly once more.

    System notification:

    Name: Lin Yi

    Identity: Son of Lin Zhilong of Yu City's Lin family, Disciple of Huashan upper courtyard

    Attack: 140 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

    Speed: 140 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

    Defense: 60 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

    Internal strength: 40 (Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)


    Both his attack and speed stat reached 140, 14 times that of an ordinary person. If he channeled Huashan Sutra, they would triple to 420, 42 times that of an ordinary person. That was 60 points higher than when he only cleared the first standard meridian.

    It was a significant increase in strength.

    This was the power of having internal arts. Once you increased the level of your internal arts, your stats would be greatly increased, rapidly raising your battle power.

    If he fought eight third-rate experts right now, Lin Yi would be able to kill them with much more ease.

    He now had 40 points of internal strength, twice of what he had previously.

    This meant that the amount of time he could use internal strength for had doubled as well.

    After clearing the second standard meridian, all that was left was to raise the stage of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    Although the remaining battle experience was nearly enough, he still required a bit more experience before he could do that.

    Lin Yi decided to remain at home for a few days and gather the remaining experience required.

    After making his decision, Lin Yi instantly felt the effects of fatigue.

    Even internal arts wasn't able to shield him from fatigue completely.

    He was simply too tired!

    He had rushed back home nearly throughout the whole night, and after that, he immediately had to deal with the bandits in Lin Village. Lastly, he went to lay waste to Crouching Tiger Hill and fought eight third-rate experts. There was no time in between for resting.

    He had nearly exhausted all his energy and was now extremely tired.

    As he lay on the bed, he closed his eyes and immediately fell into deep sleep.

    The next morning, Lin Yi began to practice his sword art, having recovered his energy completely.

    Of course, he practiced Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    This sword art looked ordinary and only comprised of three moves.

    None of the people in the Lin family could understand the simplicity of this sword art, but nevertheless, they did not dare to disturb him.

    When he got tired from practicing the sword art, he started giving pointers to the people of Jianghu who were now serving the Lin family, and nearly every one of them queued up. When their turn came, they displayed all the martial arts that they knew in front of Lin Yi, after which he would start evaluating them and point out their strengths and weakness. Lastly, he would help them to plan their direction of training.

    Although each of them only had one chance to receive guidance, under the detailed and diligent teaching of Lin Yi, they all found their directions for future training and made great improvements.

    Just like that, time quietly passed by amidst the sword art practice and guidance of the others.

    Seven days had passed.

    Lin Yi finally gathered sufficient experience to raise the stage of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    Opening the system panel and silently agreeing to upgrade the sword art, a bright light flashed and the battle experience he had was consumed.

    Between his internal art and his sword art, 200,000 battle experience was gone just like that.

    But Lin Yi was very happy because Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was now at the advanced stage.

    System notification:

    Successfully upgraded Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords (Gold): Inherited from Huashan Sword School, superior sword art. Advanced stage (Attack +37.5), 200,000 experience points required to reach perfection stage.

    Although it still increased the attack stat by a slightly smaller amount compared to perfection stage Huashan Sword Art, the power of advanced stage Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords had already greatly surpassed it!

    "Now that the second standard meridian has been cleared and Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords has reached the advanced stage, it is time to leave."

    Lin Yi muttered to himself having decided to leave the Lin family and head towards Lanzhou City.


    After a period of seven days, Lin family's influence was even greater!

    With over a hundred people of Jianghu serving them and three third-rate experts to top it off, the Lin family was now the number one clan within a radius of hundred li, the overlord of the region.

    At the same time, they established working relations with many other forces.

    Lin Yi's status as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple was a good card to use, and nobody dared to reject this card.

    Also, after the largest bandit stronghold within a radius of hundred li, Crouching Tiger Hill, was leveled by Lin Yi, all the other bandits in the area fled hastily and no longer showed up.

    How would bandits who weren't even third-rate experts dare to continue hanging around the area?

    People who were able to get hold of even more accurate news also knew that Crouching Tiger Hill did not merely have three bandit chiefs that day.

    There were also six emissaries from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and each of them had learned the skills of the Ten Great Elders.

    Even then, the six emissaries all end up dying in the hands of Lin Yi.

    Crouching Tiger Hill was also reduced to ruins and there were no survivors.

    The reputation of Lin Yi's "Deadly Celestial Sword" started spreading among the bandits, then reaching the people of demonic cults before finally spreading to Jianghu.

    Everyone now knew that another genius had appeared in Huashan.

    Killing eight similar classed opponents while six of them were even the disciples of the Ten Great Elders from Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    Shocking Jianghu!

    The name of "Deadly Celestial Sword" spread far and wide in Jianghu.

    Although Lin Yi expected all these when he realized someone had witnessed his battle, he didn't expect the uproar to be this great.

    Shaking his head and laughing bitterly, this 20,000 experience from a quest reward was indeed not a simple matter.

    Of course, he was laughing bitterly.

    The people of Jianghu serving the Lin family were all gasping in surprise at the news.

    Taking on eight opponents all by himself.

    And six of them were disciples of the Ten Great Elders from Sun Moon Holy Cult!

    Lin Yi not only defeated them, but he also killed them all!

    How fierce was that?

    Adding on the two other third-rate experts he killed at Lin residence.

    That's ten in one day!

    This feat left them all astonished.

    Everyone looked at Lin Yi with even greater fervor and worship.

    Before, they came to serve the Lin family on account of Lin Yi's status as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

    But now that Lin Yi had achieved such a great feat, all of them began to worship Lin Yi!

    Even the three third-rate experts no longer had a prideful expression when they saw Lin Yi.

    They all felt that Lin Yi was simply an abnormal monster!

    Towards the followers' change in attitude, Lin Yi did not display any expression on his face or pay notice to it.

    But in his heart, he was secretly satisfied with the nickname he got this time.

    "Deadly Celestial Sword" was so much better than "Challenge Maniac"!

    And infinitely better than "Killing Demon"!

    Lin Yi was worried that people would call him Killing Demon.

    Fortunately, the public opinion in Jianghu was still controlled by the righteous sects.

    Since the ones being killed were all bandits and members of demonic cults, everyone from righteous sects clapped their hands in joy.

    It was only right to be called "Deadly Celestial Sword".


    Having made a decision, Lin Yi went to bid his parents and Lin Zhihu goodbye.

    Lin Zhihu had been persuaded by Lin Yi to resign from his post of Escort Head in Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

    With Lin Yi showing his face, Chief Escort Head Zhao Rong naturally agreed to the request and allowed Lin Zhihu to return home. At the same time, he attempted to persuade Lin Zhihu to stay.

    Lin Zhihu was only an ordinary person of Jianghu and his basic stats did not even reach 30.

    Lin Yi naturally did not want him to continue going on escort missions.

    Now that the era of chaos was arriving, with Lin Zhihu's capabilities, he was even less than cannon fodder.

    Who knows if he would be killed by someone in a remote place.

    Lin Yi decisively persuaded Lin Zhihu to return home and even enticed him with the task of supervising Lin family's followers.

    It was no joke.

    To have more than a hundred subordinates who were skilled in martial arts, not to mention three third-rate experts among them, compared to a puny Escort Head in an escort agency.

    Anyone who wasn't a fool would know which to choose.

    "Yi-er, you've only been home for how long, now you are leaving again?"

    The moment Lin Yi expressed his intention to leave, Madam Lin stood out and asked reluctantly.

    "Don't be wilful, Yi-er is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple and he left Huashan on a mission. Returning home has already taken up quite a lot of his time, it's time for him to leave. It wouldn't be good to delay the mission he received from Huashan!" Lin Zhilong berated Madam Lin, but his eyes were tearing up and his face was filled with reluctance.

    "Yi-er's place belongs in Jianghu, and also right at the top. This little place where our Lin family is located is not for him. I have long expected him to leave one day. In fact, if Yi-er didn't leave, I would have told him to leave." Lin Zhihu suddenly said from the side.

    Both Lin Zhilong and Madam Lin nodded in agreement.

    "Yes, my Yi-er is a true hero. How can I force someone who is destined for great things to stay by my side just because of my selfishness?" Lin Zhilong sighed and waved his hand: "Go Yi-er, the vast Jianghu belongs to you to seek your fortunes in! Whenever you feel tired, you can come home. Father will always be waiting for you!"

    "Mother will be too!" Madam Lin added.

    Only, when she said it, her tears had started to fall.

    As parents, who would be truly willing to see their own child far away from themselves?

    But a young eagle would eventually grow up and spread its wings.

    The azure and boundless skies were where it truly belonged.

    Lin Yi had already understood his parents and Lin Zhihu's intentions.

    He remained silent, not knowing what to say.

    Although in his heart he never really recognized them as his parents, after living together for seven days, Lin Yi also grew feelings for them.

    He was greatly moved.

    But he still walked out of the Lin residence with determination, mounted his white horse and galloped towards the west.

    Because he knew that it still wasn't the time to enjoy such times.

    The incoming great war was like a harsh horsewhip, continuously whipping him and constantly urging him forward.
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    Chapter 58 Lanzhou City

    Heading towards west all the way.

    Lin Yi rode on his white horse, traveling a thousand li in a day, and finally reached his destination Lanzhou City after seven days.

    Lanzhou City was situated on the borders of Western Region and the Central Plains of Jianghu.

    All along, Lanzhou City was an important border city.

    Further west was the Western Region where members of demonic cults dwelled. The great demonic cult Ming Cult was also situated in the Kunlun Mountains atop Bright Peak, where it overlooked the Western Region of Jianghu.

    Central Plains of Jianghu and Western Region of Jianghu were two completely different worlds.

    The former was ruled by the righteous sects.

    Although fights occurred frequently, there was a limit to the intensity of the fights.

    In the Western Region of Jianghu, the environment was harsh and inhospitable, causing the people here to resemble wild wolves.

    Bloodthirsty and vicious.

    It was extremely chaotic and the unorthodox ruled.

    Human lives were worthless in this region.

    Those who were slightly weaker could be killed at any moment.

    As an important border city in Central Plains of Jianghu, Lanzhou City's order was influenced by the Western Region, and it was more chaotic compared to other areas in Central Plains.

    Amidst the chaos there were parts of it controlled by the righteous sects, resulting in a unique sort of order present in Lanzhou City.

    All sorts of people appeared in this city.

    At the same time, many demonic sect members incited trouble here, while many disciples of major righteous sects were sent here to gather experience and slay the demonic sect members.

    Geniuses from both righteous sects and demonic cults made frequent appearances and fights between them happened all the time.

    In Lanzhou City, the agency in charge of maintaining order among the people of Jianghu was the Liushanmen jointly established by the major righteous sects.

    The constables in Liushanmen were divided into several types.

    There were ordinary constables who held this occupation for their whole life.

    Another type was the Great Constables.

    Great Constables belonged to the Great Constables Corps, and they were comprised of prominent disciples sent from major righteous sects.

    The last type of constables was similar to Great Constables, but they do not possess a background as outstanding as Great Constables. They mostly comprised of disciples sent from minor sects and schools with a certain degree of fame in Jianghu.

    These constables were called Renowned Constables, and their numbers were great.

    They usually followed Great Constables to handle the larger cases of killing among people of Jianghu.

    In various places of Shenzhou, the ordinary constables made up the vast majority of existing constables.

    But it was different in Lanzhou City.

    There were very few ordinary constables here and instead, Great Constables and Renowned Constables made up the majority.

    This was due to the fact that Lanzhou City was a place where the younger generation of both righteous sects and demonic cults competed with each other and honed their skills.

    It was the easiest to acquire fame in such an environment.

    In this place, the geniuses could easily find an opponent.

    In this place, experts were numerous. Third-rate experts could be seen everywhere and second-rate experts made frequent appearances as well.

    Lanzhou City attracted large amounts of people of Jianghu with its unique location and culture.

    The entire city was filled with people of Jianghu carrying swords and sabers, while ordinary people were extremely rare.

    This was a playground for the people of Jianghu.


    On this day, a youth in white arrived in Lanzhou City.

    The youth rode on a white horse and on the sides of the horse hung a Qingfeng Sword and a violet great bow.

    On the white garb he wore, there was a symbol.

    It depicted countless swords being launched and a treacherous mountain peak below.


    When everyone spotted the symbol, their gazes towards the youth turned respectful.

    This youth aged 15 to 16 years old was actually a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

    He actually became a Huashan upper courtyard disciple at such a young age?

    The proud eyes of many people who hailed from minor sects and schools dimmed instantly when they thought of their own age. They were well over twenty years of age, nearly thirty, before they acquired internal arts to become third-rate experts in Jianghu.

    On the other hand, this Huashan youth had accomplished this feat at the mere age of 15 or 16 years old.

    To think that they were proud of themselves for being able to stand out in their own sects like a crane among chickens.

    It was not because they were too strong, on the contrary, it was because their sects were too weak.

    Here, one could see tigers and dragons everywhere!

    Even an insignificant looking wolf was much stronger than the cranes that they were.

    Huashan was indeed worthy of its fame!

    Having plenty of highly talented disciples, any of these disciples could surpass them greatly.

    Lin Yi walked into Lanzhou City while being immersed in the memories of his previous life.

    Naturally, he failed to notice the change in expressions of the people around him.

    He was extremely familiar with Lanzhou City.

    As one could encounter demonic cult members easily and kill them for large amounts of battle experience, he had stayed in this place for several years back then.

    As a result, he was able to progress from the lowest of the third-rate experts to a second-rate expert.

    The place remained unchanged, but the people were all different.

    In the previous life, this was a large city bustling with activity.

    It was the place which players loved the most.

    Nearly every player who had become a third-rate expert would rush to this city from wherever they were.

    Regardless of whether they belonged to the righteous sects or the demonic cults.

    It was because down here, one could freely kill opponents who belonged to the opposing faction and earn large amounts of battle experience.

    During the peak period, there were millions of players gathered here.

    Although the current Lanzhou City could still be considered pretty lively, it was a far cry from how it had been back in the game.

    In the previous life, millions of players engaged in fighting and killing all over the city.

    Both the righteous sects and the demonic sects viewed each other as their prey.

    It was the largest hunting ground in the entire Shenzhou.

    It was also here that Lin Yi had learned how to fight and kill his opponents.

    He also witnessed countless unusual martial arts that originated from the demonic sects.

    Eventually, he was able to build up a strong foundation for becoming a God-ranked player in the future.

    Thus he had unforgettable memories and strong emotions regarding this place.

    It was such that he had confused the virtual world and reality, previous life and current life with each other.

    As a result, he stood there in a daze for a very long time.

    If he had not been wearing the Huashan upper courtyard disciple attire, someone would probably have taken him to task for blocking the way.

    Instead of people looking for trouble, many of them recognized his identity and coupled with his young age, they only gasped in surprise and kept their distance from him.

    The authority of major sects could be seen from this.

    Waking up from his memories finally, Lin Yi smiled.

    Just as he had built up his foundation in this place during his previous life, in the current reality, he would similarly upgrade himself here and soar to the heavens!

    "Lanzhou City is indeed a place of treasure."

    With a light smile, Lin Yi dismounted from his horse and pulled the white horse as he walked towards the office of Liushanmen.

    The office was located in the direct center of the city, a most prominent location.

    Flags of the various major sects waved about as the wind blew.

    In front of a door, a saber and a sword were crossed.

    This was the symbol of Liushanmen.

    The door guarded by the saber and sword.

    The meaning behind what lay beyond the door was also quite clear.

    It was the rule of the major sects over the entire Shenzhou!

    Liushanmen was the saber and sword which protected the rule of the major sects.

    Walking into the office, he produced his token and said: "I am Huashan upper courtyard disciple Lin Yi. On orders of my Sect Master, I have come here to assume the position of a Great Constable and to join the Great Constables Corps."

    When the official at the entrance heard his words, he stood up solemnly. After verifying his identity and checking the name list, he nodded his head and said: "That's right, among the new Great Constables, one of the names on the list is indeed Lin Yi of Huashan. However, your date of arrival should be seven days ago, why are you late by seven days?"

    Faced with the official's questioning, Lin Yi only smiled. With the backing of Huashan, was there even a need to bother with such trivial details?

    As a Huashan disciple, he had the right to ignore these rules.

    Liushanmen was an organization jointly established by the major sects to maintain order among people of Jianghu in Shenzhou.

    It was not wrong to call it a public agency.

    In a public agency, the most important thing was the rules.

    If one wished to be promoted to a higher position, the rules needed to be followed.

    However, as Huashan was a major sect and therefore one of the rule makers, these rules did not apply to Huashan disciples.

    If Lin Yi pleaded guilty or responded in a mild manner, he would lose face for Huashan.

    Countless people would then borrow the opportunity to discredit Huashan using all sorts of reasons.

    "Huashan must have declined, otherwise its disciples wouldn't be bowing down to the rules."

    "Look at the disciples from Shaolin and Wudang, they have never done something like that."

    As an old hand, Lin Yi knew very clearly how Liushanmen worked.

    In his previous life, this was a well-known issue.

    Those who bowed down and admitted their mistakes had their status in the sect mysteriously drop by a large amount.

    After a crazy amount of complaining from the players, a game expert gave an analysis of the situation.

    If you bow down to the rules, you would be losing the face of your sect and harming the reputation of your sect in Jianghu.

    If your status doesn't drop, what more do you want?

    Facing the answer given by the analysis, the players were speechless.

    Thus, the players started acting all high and mighty and as arrogantly as they could.

    Some drew their swords on the spot, some started berating loudly, some put on a nasty attitude and some simply ignored the official...

    The result was, some people raised their status in their sects while others continued to drop in status.

    Once again the players got into a heated debate and the complaints resumed.

    The game expert appeared once more to give a more in-depth analysis.

    The statistics revealed that the more arrogantly the major sect disciples behaved, the more they raised their status. On the other hand, if the minor sect disciples did the same, their status would drop according to how arrogantly they acted.

    Now the players understood what was going on.

    This was the privilege of having the backing of a major sect!

    To think that there were so many workings behind the scenes just from playing a damn game, it was no wonder they called "Great Jianghu" the most realistic game in human history.

    NPCs had similar intelligence to humans, and sometimes even higher.

    The details in the game were so meticulous and in-depth that it highly resembled the real world.

    The only difference was that players had the game system and the ability to go online and offline.

    Recalling this interesting tidbit about the game in his previous life, Lin Yi smiled unconsciously.

    Then he put on a cold attitude and spread his hands in an uncaring manner: "Some business cropped up at home, so I was delayed for a few days."

    A nonchalant expression was worn on his face.

    The official who questioned him said nothing at his reply and did not pursue the matter any further.

    What else could he do?

    A major sect disciple indeed had the right to act high and mighty!

    After that, he silently led Lin Yi to where the Great Constables Corps was stationed.

    Passing through countless corridors, they finally arrived at a huge domain.

    It looked like a large barrack, only in much better condition compared to a large barrack.

    Ever saw a barrack that is entirely comprised of loft apartments before?

    Up ahead on a large field, countless young disciples from various righteous sects were watching two people fighting in an arena with great interest.

    A nun and a monk.
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    Chapter 59 Helping a Nun to Defeat a Monk

    The nun was from Northern Hengshan, roughly 15 years of age.

    The monk was from Shaolin, 20 years old and had four scars on his bald head.

    There were disciples from various sects among the spectators, and they were aged 15 years old and above, with the majority being more than 20 years old.

    The attire that they wore indicated their origin.

    Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng, Taishan, Songshan, Southern Hengshan...

    The most prominent ones were disciples from the major sects, with the largest numbers from Shaolin and Wudang, followed by Emei and Qingcheng.

    Whereas the sects Taishan, Songshan, Southern Hengshan and Northern Hengshan which belonged to the Five Mountain Sword Sects only had one disciple each.

    Besides them, there were also disciples from former major sects which had declined in status, for example, Quanzhen Sect and Beggar Sect. These sects were ranked at an awkward position between minor sects and major sects.

    Due to their illustrious history and the fact that they still possessed superior martial arts, the major sects categorized them as renowned sects.

    The core criteria for becoming a renowned sect was to possess superior martial arts, while the criteria for becoming a major sect was strength.

    Only by becoming the overlord of a region would a sect be considered a major sect.

    As of now, only Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng and the Five Mountain Sword Sects were major sects.

    Shaolin and Wudang were the two giants of the righteous sects.

    Emei and Qingcheng were the sovereigns of Shuchuan.

    The Five Mountain Sword Sects was an alliance second only to Shaolin and Wudang.

    Besides various sects, there were also other martial clans and forces which were considered in the same vein as renowned sects.

    For example, the Murong Clan of Gusu, the Duan Clan of Dali...

    These forces also sent one or two disciples and were few in numbers.

    But due to the large numbers of sects and clans, they numbered several hundred in total.

    That was the entire Great Constables Corps.

    Right now, these people were shouting as they watched the fight.

    "Master Jueyuan, hold back a little, don't bully Little Nun Yiqian too much!"

    "Little Nun Yiqian, go ahead and dodge, why aren't you dodging? Your Northern Hengshan Sword Art is still not up to par yet, haha!"

    "A monk bullying a nun, what a great show this is!"

    "Monk Jueyuan is bullying the Five Mountain Sword Sects simply because they have so few people here. If he was fighting a Wudang disciple, would he still dare to play with his opponent like that?"

    The majority of the voices supported Shaolin and Monk Jueyuan, while Yiqian of Northern Hengshan was constantly being teased as a "little nun".

    The three disciples from Songshan, Taishan and Southern Hengshan had unsightly expressions on their faces, but they were helpless about the situation due as they were greatly outnumbered.

    Their voices were drowned out easily.

    At the sight of this situation, Lin Yi frowned.

    After obtaining the location of his residence from the official, he dismissed the official and made his way slowly to the arena.

    He pushed his way through the crowd and approached the side of the arena.

    The people who got pushed by him looked at him in anger.

    But when they saw the cold look on Lin Yi's face and an aura of killing intent emanating from his body, they all remained silent.

    A Huashan disciple.

    Everyone knew that Huashan currently enjoyed great reputation and fame.

    Linghu Feng of Huashan had made a great name for himself in Jianghu by killing countless demonic cult members.

    Although Huashan was still inferior to Shaolin and Wudang, these people from renowned sects still couldn't afford to offend Huashan.

    Thus they all watched silently as Lin Yi walked nearer and nearer to the arena, their eyes revealing expressions of excitement.

    Looking at Lin Yi's behavior, could it be that he was going to seek revenge for Little Nun Yiqian?

    The clash of Huashan and Shaolin!

    The spectators all burned with anticipation.

    Who didn't know that Huashan was full of madmen?

    If swordsmen were said to be crazy and paranoid, then Huashan would be the holy land of these crazy swordsmen.

    In Jianghu, one could afford to offend anyone but Huashan.

    Huashan had established the upper and lower courtyard.

    The vast majority of upper courtyard disciples made it there from the lower courtyard.

    All of them were battle maniacs, and the crazy manner with which they fought was comparable to the demonic cult members.

    More importantly, there were many sword arts from Huashan which were even more vicious than some of the martial arts of demonic cults.

    Lin Yi looked at the two people fighting in the arena and realized that the monk was indeed stronger than the little nun, but only by a small margin.

    All the monk had done was to pressure the little nun with various vicious moves.

    The little nun was only 15 years old and she was already a third-rate expert. From this, one could tell that she was also a rare talent.

    However, due to her kind-hearted nature, she did not dare to use any vicious moves in the fight.

    And when she saw the vicious moves made by the monk, she was intimidated and was unable to do much in response.

    It would be a miracle if she did not lose fighting in this manner.

    But even though Monk Jueyuan's victory was certain, he did not directly go for the win. Instead, he played around his opponent to his heart's content and there was even a lecherous look in his eyes.

    The martial art that he used was the Dragon Claw Hands, one of the Shaolin 72 Consummate Skills.

    This art was well-known in Jianghu for its power but right now, it was being used by Monk Jueyuan in a somewhat lecherous manner.

    Making the spectators' blood grow hot and shout in excitement.

    Although there were quite a few female disciples present, including nuns from Emei, the great power and status of Shaolin as the number one force in Jianghu caused them to look on in anger silently.

    Only the three disciples from Songshan, Taishan and Southern Hengshan dared to curse the monk loudly.

    But it was insignificant in comparison to the overwhelming support for Shaolin.

    When he was sufficiently near, Lin Yi channeled his internal strength to his mouth.

    "Wield your sword forward, cut downwards with force, then make a sweeping attack followed by slashing upwards..."

    Using a minor technique from Thousand Li Transmission, he transmitted his voice into the ears of Little Nun Yiqian.

    Of course, the name of Thousand Li Transmission was vastly exaggerated.

    In fact, to even transmit one's voice over a distance of a hundred meters already required a great amount of internal strength.

    Right now, Lin Yi was only capable of transmitting his voice over a distance of ten meters.

    That was why he walked to the side of the arena in order to get closer to Little Nun Yiqian.


    Monk Jueyuan was full of himself and enjoying the fight.

    This was the first time that he felt he had made the right choice in learning Dragon Claw Hands.

    He could finally put it to good use.

    The first time he saw Little Nun Yiqian and realized that she was able to become a third-rate expert at the age of 15 years old, jealousy arose in his heart.

    How could a mere Northern Hengshan disciple be so talented?

    To think that he, a great disciple of Shaolin, could only manage to acquire internal arts after he had passed the age of 20.

    Shaolin was supposed to be the greatest existence under the heavens.

    Geniuses should not exist in other sects!

    Especially ones who were more talented than himself.

    When he arrived at the Great Constable Corps, he was instantly the center of attraction and praise.

    But when he encountered the disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects, he was disgruntled.

    These damn Five Mountain Sword Sects actually did not come to fawn on me and there's even such a talented little nun among them!

    Jueyuan was enraged and consumed with jealousy, thus he decided to teach this little nun an unforgettable lesson!

    It was best if he could leave a shadow in her heart and make her give up on martial arts.

    Immediately he made up some excuses to provoke the Five Mountain Sword Sects and taunted the little nun into a duel.

    Jueyuan couldn't help but laugh happily when he saw the little nun enter the arena.

    As he started making his moves, the powerful Dragon Claw Hands became a lewd Dragon Claw Hands.

    His hands were constantly trying to grab at the little nun's chest.

    Although the little nun was still young, her appearance was very attractive and she was well-endowed.

    Jueyuan thus harbored lustful thoughts and kept using vicious moves while aiming at her chest.

    Seeing the little nun's pale-white face, Jueyuan could not help feeling proud of himself.

    It was still early and he intended to slowly play with his opponent.

    Right at this moment, it seemed that someone was saying something to the little nun.

    As she nodded her head, her facial expression changed from a shy blush to a hateful look then to an eager expression.

    What happened next confirmed the monk's suspicions.

    The little nun's manner of fighting changed abruptly from flustered and stiff to sharp and aggressive.

    The first move was a chop towards his right hand.

    And from the shiny luster glittering from the sword, the little nun had apparently used her internal strength in the attack!

    Monk Jueyuan was taken aback.

    Even practicing Dragon Claw Hands had made his hands as tough as steel,  Monk Jueyuan did not dare to tackle the sword infused with internal strength head-on.

    Even if the sword was unable to sever his hand, it could still cause severe injury.

    All his abilities required his hands to utilize, so his hands were to be severely harmed or disabled, his future would be done for.

    He still aspired to achieve fame and glory in Jianghu and eventually surpass all the geniuses in both righteous sects and demonic cults.

    How could he afford to take the risk for the sake of playing around a little nun?

    It was not worth it at all.

    Thus, he backed off.

    However, the little nun did not let up one bit and continued to aim at his hands with her sword.

    Jueyuan was depressed and angry.

    Who was it that had given her the idea to constantly attack his weak point?

    He could only continue to retreat.

    When he reached the border of the arena, the little nun seemed to be inspired, suddenly putting all her strength into her next move and stabbed towards Monk Jueyuan while abandoning all her defense.

    Who's going to die together with you?

    Monk Jueyuan cursed in his heart and was forced to evade by leaving the arena.

    He lost.

    The little nun cheered in joy and turned her face towards the side of the arena.

    A youth dressed in the white attire of Huashan upper courtyard was standing there.

    At the sight of the youth, Monk Jueyuan's eyes were bloodshot and he stared at the youth in fury.

    The youth seemed to have noticed it and raised his head to look at Monk Jueyuan.

    He broke into a smile which revealed his white teeth, while his face was full of ridicule.
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    Chapter 60 Repelling Shaolin with a Reply

    "Who are you?"

    Monk Jueyuan angrily asked in a hoarse voice while his bloodshot eyes continued staring at the youth viciously.

    If not for the appearance of this youth, how could he have lost to a little nun from Northern Hengshan?

    And end up completely disgracing himself in front of all the disciples from other sects.

    When Monk Jueyuan thought of the shameful news of his defeat at the hands of a little nun spreading in Jianghu before he could become famous, he felt his face burning up painfully.

    His hands were shaped into the form of claws and he stared daggers at the youth.

    He wanted this youth to pay the price!

    "Who am I?" The youth smiled in response to Jueyuan's question. Then he raised his sword and placed his arms across his chest before replying: "Huashan upper courtyard disciple Lin Yi."

    "Lin Yi...!"

    "That Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi?"

    "My god, it's actually him! I heard that he took on ten third-rate experts all by himself, seven of them being the notorious Black-Robed Seven from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and managed to slay them all!"

    "Ah! Is this person human? I've heard of the Black-Robed Seven. Last year, this seven brothers appeared in Lanzhou City. Back then, they overpowered many geniuses, and quite a few geniuses from our righteous sects were killed by them. To think that such powerful people would be killed by Lin Yi alone? Couldn't they have fled? That Sky Soaring Black-Robe had learned the skills of Sky Soaring Divine Demon and was said to be extremely fast!

    "Heh heh, if it had been in Lanzhou City, these seven brothers might have escaped. But they just had to enter the territory of Huashan and even extort the family of Lin Yi while they were there. Coincidentally, they ran into Lin Yi who was on his way home. In a fit of anger, Lin Yi chased them all the way to their hiding place in Crouching Tiger Hill and slew hundreds of bandits before finally fighting the brothers in a bloody finale and killing them all. Among those who were slain were the three bandit chiefs of Crouching Tiger Hill who were also third-rate experts."

    "Wow, what a Deadly Celestial Sword he is, he's definitely worthy of his name! The feats that he has accomplished are exactly the kind of things our generation should be doing!"

    "Thinking about it, to kill ten similarly classed experts all by oneself, that's truly the kind of realm everyone should aspire to reach!"

    Upon hearing Lin Yi's name, nearly everyone excitedly burst out in loud chatter.

    They were all awestruck by the name of Deadly Celestial Sword and the expressions in the eyes looking at Lin Yi changed completely.

    The several disciples who were pushed by Lin Yi earlier were secretly relieved that they did not respond to his pushing in anger, otherwise, they would just be seeking their own downfall.

    Many female disciples started looking at Lin Yi with seductive gazes, and even the disciples from the all-female Emei Sect had provocative looks in their eyes.

    Lin Yi had a gentle bearing with a hint of pride and his young face had a calm expression, revealing his indifference to the huge reactions around him.

    With his achievements as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, it wouldn't be hard for him to become a core disciple in the future. He was truly a young rising star in Jianghu!

    Obviously one would look for someone like him to be their other half.


    Huashan Lin Yi, Deadly Celestial Sword!

    Upon hearing this name, Monk Jueyuan's face darkened!

    He had no choice but to restrain his anger forcefully and put on the appearance of a benevolent monk, while secretly bleeding in his heart.

    He could never have expected this mild and frail-looking youth in white would be the famous Deadly Celestial Sword!

    Naturally, he had heard of Deadly Celestial Sword.

    In Lanzhou City where the vast majority of the people of Jianghu were third-rate experts, they were most concerned about other geniuses in the same class as themselves.

    A few days ago, there had been a great sensation in the entire Lanzhou City when news of Deadly Celestial Sword arrived.

    Among all the third-rate experts, who would be capable of killing ten third-rate experts at the same time!

    Not to mention, seven of the ten were the notorious Black-Robed Seven!

    Even just defeating one of the Black-Robed Seven was sufficient to achieve no small amount of fame.

    Thinking of this, Monk Jueyuan started to feel afraid and did not dare to be haughty in front of Lin Yi.

    Swallowing his rage and putting on a smile, Monk Jueyuan greeted Lin Yi.

    "So it's the resoundingly famous Deadly Celestial Sword from Huashan, Young Hero Lin Yi. Amitabha, Monk Jueyuan greets Young Hero."

    All the while maintaining the image of a benevolent and enlightened monk.

    Lin Yi nearly laughed at the sight.

    It was completely different compared to the lustful gaze the monk had in the arena and the fiery stare he had when he asked for his name.

    As for enlightened, he needed to ponder on it for a moment.

    What kind of enlightenment had this monk achieved?

    If it was the enlightenment in the ways of being overbearing, then this Monk Jueyuan was indeed an "enlightened" monk.

    The monks of Shaolin in Great Jianghu were very different from what people remembered of Shaolin in his previous life.

    After maintaining the number one rank in Jianghu for hundreds of years, the monks of Shaolin had long since changed their attitudes.

    They were no longer interested in guiding mortal men towards enlightenment.

    Rather, their minds were filled with thoughts of squeezing as much benefit as possible out of their believers and ordinary people, while domineering the righteous sects in Jianghu.

    All they wanted was to maintain their top position forever.

    Shaolin was full of monks like Jueyuan, who only schemed for their personal interests and bullied the weak while fearing the strong.

    In his previous life, the arrival of the era of chaos was partially due to Shaolin turning a blind eye to the trouble incited by the demonic sects, eventually culminating in a great war.

    One of the main reasons why the later period of the era of chaos was so devastating was because Shaolin conceitedly believed that they were capable of keeping the demonic cults under control, thinking that they were no different from a wild wolf.

    They never expected that the demonic cults had already transformed into a ferocious tiger, and they were mauled by the tiger.

    As a result, countless people lost their lives, families, and homes.

    Even a major sect like Huashan was exterminated by the demonic cults.

    Shaolin definitely had to be held responsible for such an outcome.

    Unfortunately, by that time, even though the various major sects were well aware of the fact, there wasn't anything they could do about it.

    Although Shaolin was dealt a heavy blow by the demonic sects, they managed to maintain their top position due to their solid foundation.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi slightly squinted his eyes and started to radiate a threatening aura.

    Upon sensing it, Monk Jueyuan was frightened and hastily bade goodbye.

    When he left, an insulted and hateful expression flashed in his eyes.

    Looking at Monk Jueyuan's hasty retreat, Lin Yi laughed coldly in his heart: "Bullying the weak and fearing the strong, hiding in the dark and plotting shady schemes? People from Shaolin are still the same. But I, Lin Yi, do not fear these."

    Smiling gently, he now turned towards the little nun approaching him.

    The eyes of the little nun were lively and full of spirit, but there was a hint of timidity.

    She blushed and placed her palms together in front of her chest while softly saying: "Northern Hengshan Yiqian thanks Senior Brother Lin Yi for your assistance."

    Little Nun Yiqian scrutinized the famous Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi in front of her with wide eyes, secretly thinking: I wonder how Senior Brother Lin Yi managed to become so strong to be able to kill ten similarly classed experts?

    He was like a mysterious puzzle in the little nun's heart, evoking her curiosity and desire to solve it.

    "As part of the Five Mountain Sword Sects, we are like branches of the same tree so there's no need to stand on ceremony, Junior Sister Yiqian." Lin Yi replied with a radiant smile.

    His words felt very soothing and comforting to the little nun.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is right, Huashan and Northern Hengshan are like martial siblings, Yiqian shouldn't have stood on ceremony with Senior Brother." The little nun stuck out her tongue and nodded her head cutely.

    Seeing Lin Yi's look of satisfaction, she felt encouraged and hurriedly beckoned the other disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects to come over.

    "Songshan Lu Buping greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

    "Taishan Yun Taizi greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

    "Southern Hengshan Mo Yu greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

    Three male disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects approached Lin Yi and greeted him politely.

    Although they were all past the age of twenty, they did not dare to address Lin Yi as Junior Brother.

    When Little Nun Yiqian was being bullied by Monk Jueyuan, nobody paid any heed to what they said no matter how loudly they shouted.

    But once Lin Yi arrived, he was able to assist Yiqian in turning defeat into victory.

    After that, he was able to compel the furious Monk Jueyuan into beating a hasty retreat after simply stating his name and shocking the disciples present.

    No matter how shameless they were, they wouldn't dare to address Lin Yi as Junior Brother just because they were older.

    Age was meaningless to people of Jianghu!

    Strength was the only thing that counted.

    Within the same generation, only those who were stronger could be considered the senior brothers.

    Within the same sect, it might not be that obvious due to the confusing relationships with one another, but outside of the sect, strength was the most important factor.

    Without sufficient ability, even if you are the senior brother of a sect master with a certain amount of age, you would just be a useless old man.

    The term old man would still be considered polite, while terms like old fogey and old bastard were considered normal.

    Lin Yi returned their greetings without any hint of arrogance and spoke to them cordially.

    This gave the three disciples an even better impression of Lin Yi, and soon the five of them became familiar with each other.

    "Could it be that there's only the five of us from Five Mountain Sword Sects?" After conversing for some time, Lin Yi stated his doubts to the other four disciples.

    After some observation, he found that among other major sects, the sect with the least amount of people, Qingcheng, also had at least seven people.

    Emei and Wudang had more than ten each while Shaolin had more than twenty.

    Only the Five Mountain Sword Sects had sent one disciple from each sect.
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    Chapter 61 Going on a Patrol

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, demonic cults are inciting trouble within the Northern Hengshan's area of influence, and all the elite disciples have gone to exterminate the demonic cult members. That is why I'm the only one who came to Lanzhou City."

    Little Nun Yiqian tilted her head in thought for a moment, slightly revealing the baldness of her head, before raising her head in reply.

    "It is the same for Songshan."

    "Southern Hengshan also encountered trouble from demonic cult members."

    "Within the borders of Taishan, demonic cult members are running rampant. Our Sect Master was infuriated and personally led the disciples to wipe them out."

    Songshan Lu Buping, Southern Hengshan Mo Yu and Taishan Yun Taizi replied subsequently.

    All their sects had encountered the same thing: trouble from demonic cults.

    "I see, looks like it's the same for Huashan as well." Lin Yi nodded pensively.

    A wave of anxiety arose in his heart.

    It seemed that the era of chaos was on the cusp of arriving, but right now, he had only managed to clear the second standard meridian.

    As a third-rate expert, he could only barely defend himself.

    He felt that time was running out, and he no longer had much time left to grow stronger in peace!

    Once the great war started, the Five Mountain Sword Sects would be the first to bear the brunt.

    Not because there was great enmity between Five Mountain Sword Sects and the demonic cults, but because of where these five sects were located.

    They occupied the four corners of Shenzhou, and if the demonic cults wanted to enter the Central Plains, the Five Mountain Sword Sects were their first obstacle.

    All along, Five Mountain Sword Sects had been the first line of defense against the demonic cults.

    Among them, Western Huashan and Northern Hengshan had it the worst as they faced the two giants of the demonic cults: Ming Cult and Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    This was also why Huashan and Northern Hengshan were on much better relations compared to the remaining three sects.

    It was not only because Linghu Chong had once been the Sect Master of Northern Hengshan 600 years ago.

    Any favor or feelings would have long faded after 600 years.

    Their location was still the most important factor tying the two sects together.

    In the face of great adversity, they had no choice but to form an alliance.

    Due to the shortage of time, Lin Yi could no longer afford to take his time in growing stronger.

    He needed vast amounts of battle experience in a short amount of time!

    Lin Yi's eyes twinkled and he suddenly asked: "What is the duty of our Great Constables Corps?"

    "What duty is there to speak of? We just need to patrol the area. If a murder has occurred somewhere, we need to investigate and hunt down the criminals. It's basically the same as other constables, just that the Great Constables Corps have it much easier. There are no hard rules, and we can patrol whenever we feel like it. Those that do not wish to do it can wait here for missions."

    "If any large event occurs, such as trouble from demonic cult members, Liushanmen will gather everyone in the organization to exterminate them."

    Lu Buping of Songshan lazily placed both hands behind his head and said in a relaxed manner.

    The other three nodded in agreement. All of them had passed the last seven days in this way.

    In fact, they never even stepped out of the place they were stationed at.

    If not for that, Monk Jueyuan wouldn't have been able to find an opportunity to duel Little Nun Yiqian in the arena.

    "That wouldn't do!" Lin Yi frowned and said solemnly: "Liushanmen represents the dignity of our major sects. If we don't do a good job and allow the local order to be seriously challenged, wouldn't that be disgracing ourselves in front of everyone?"

    "We need to go out and patrol the area even if nothing has happened. It might not seem to produce any effect, but in actual fact, just by showing ourselves in the area is sufficient to intimidate many demonic cult members and prevent them from causing trouble!"

    Upon hearing these words, Little Nun Yiqian nodded repeatedly and her eyes shone brightly: "Senior Brother Lin Yi is right, our purpose is to intimidate the bad guys and prevent them from causing trouble, not to fight the fire after it has occurred. That is no different from mending the fence after the sheep have been lost, and is an inferior way of doing things."

    Seeing that Little Nun Yiqian was so full of approval, the other three disciples all nodded and asked: "Then let's go on a patrol right now?"

    "Let's go!" Lin Yi led the way right away, riding on his white horse, and headed outside Liushanmen.

    The four of them followed closely behind him on their own horses.

    The other disciples were all puzzled by the behavior of these five people from Five Mountain Sects.

    Wasn't it much better to stay comfortably within Liushanmen and move out to exterminate the troublemakers when something big occurred? That way, one could obtain fame in an easy and relaxed manner.

    Going on a patrol?

    Who was going to see it if one made the effort to patrol the area?

    The upper echelon of Liushanmen?

    What a joke, major sect disciples such as they could easily ignore the existence of Liushanmen.

    The only thing they were interested in was raising their status in their own sects. As for a high position in Liushanmen? Forget it.


    Under the puzzled looks of many people, Lin Yi led the five of them out of Liushanmen onto the streets of Lanzhou City.

    The attire they wore and the Liushanmen tokens on their waist indicated their identity as Great Constables from the Five Mountain Sword Sects.

    Many people looked at them in a mix of respect and fear, and they quickly scattered.

    The streets of Lanzhou City was bustling with activity.

    The lone wolves of Jianghu and the disciples sent by minor sects and minor schools to widen their experience...

    Gossiping and chattering could be heard everywhere, and the majority of them were about the great exploits of some famous figure in Jianghu.

    Many people gasped in wonder and their eyes shone brightly in anticipation.

    They also wished to be the protagonist in the stories, suppressing the strong and aiding the weak in Jianghu with their sword.

    To cut down the evil and wicked like slaughtering chickens and dogs.

    Some of them even shouted loudly and demanded a fight due to differences in opinions.

    The rest of the people around them were all here to watch a good show and couldn't be bothered about the chaos that ensued.

    Lin Yi shook his head at the sight of this.

    These were the people of Jianghu.

    They were all crazy for the chance to become famous.

    They did not care if they would get injured or lose their life as a result of fighting.

    All they had in their mind was how much fame could they attain by defeating their opponent, and how much their fame would spread into Jianghu.

    Upon seeing Lin Yi and company slowly making their way towards them on their horses, the group of people who were about to fight scattered immediately.

    "The people from Liushanmen are here, and they are even from the Great Constables Corp!"

    Once these words were spoken, countless people started to flee the scene in a frenzy.

    All of them were extremely fast and nimble, jumping into windows or onto rooftops.

    Little Nun Yiqian and the three others were dumbfounded.

    They never expected themselves to be that scary.

    So scary that these bunch of people would run away as if their lives depended on it.

    In nearly a blink of an eye, the streets which were still crowded a moment ago became almost empty.

    Only Lin Yi did not find it strange at all, having witnessed similar scenes countless times in his previous life.

    And most of the time, he was the one doing the running.

    Although Liushanmen wasn't much of an issue, the Great Constables Corps was comprised of well-known geniuses from various major sects who had outstanding fighting abilities.

    If the great masters from this Great Constable Corps did not find them to their liking and captured them, that was it.

    They could only blame it on their luck and stay in the prisons of Liushanmen for a few months.

    The crime?

    Just the crime of disrupting social order was sufficient.

    Lin Yi laughed to himself as he thought of the interesting things in his previous life.

    While the other four had incredulous looks on their faces.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, are we that scary?" The little nun asked in wonder.

    "That's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi, why are they so afraid of us?" Yun Taizi and the other two were similarly confused.

    Lin Yi glanced at the little nun and a mischievous thought came to his mind. He said with a serious tone: "It's because Junior Sister's looks are too fearsome, that is why they all ran away in fear!"

    The four of them were speechless.

    The little nun even started touching her face and muttered to herself: "I look too fearsome?"

    After a moment of delay, she rebuked in anger: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are so wicked. This nun looks so cute and lovely, how is it fearsome?"

    The angry expression of the little nun looked so cute that Lin Yi and the other three could not help but laugh loudly.

    The five of them continued to press on, aimlessly wandering about in Lanzhou City.

    The little nun stayed at the rear and kept taking out a mirror secretly to look at her face while touching it and muttering to herself: "Do I really look fearsome? Why did Senior Brother Lin Yi say that about me?"

    Lin Yi had no idea that a little joke that he played had made the little nun fall in love with her mirror.

    Northern Hengshan now had a little nun who loved looking into a mirror and talking to herself.


    The five of them had gone round Lanzhou City multiple times and Lin Yi was about to suggest patrolling outside the city.

    At this moment, the noisy sounds of a commotion could be heard.

    Lin Yi frowned and looked towards the direction where the noise came from.

    He spotted several drunk men of Jianghu beating up a middle-aged man who was dressed like an ordinary person. The sight of them fiercely raining punches and kicks on the man made the ordinary people standing nearby back away in fear.

    A woman who seemed to be the middle-aged man's wife was kneeling on the ground with full of tears and begging for mercy.

    But she was kicked down by one of the men and bruises appeared on her elegant face instantly while her eyes were filled with despair.

    The men then continued beating up the middle-aged man while cursing: "This peon dares to block this great one's path! I will beat you to death today!"

    "Just a mere peon and you dare to argue with this great one after blocking our way!"

    "Hmph, you deserve to be beaten to death!"

    "Blame yourself for being blind!"

    A child aged 5 to 6 years old who seemed to be the couple's son grabbed hold of the leg of one of the men and begged: "Uncle, please stop hitting Father, stop hitting him!"

    "Hmph, who's your uncle? Little rascal, don't try to act close with me!"

    "Let go of my leg quickly, or I will beat you as well!"

    The man frowned and looked at the child with disdain. He tried shaking his leg to get rid of the child but failed to do so and was infuriated.

    Raising his palm, he was about to hit the child's head.

    If it was a solid hit, the child was sure to die.

    The ordinary people nearby cried out and closed their eyes, as they could not bear to witness the brutality.

    At this instant, an arrow shot through the air.

    It squarely hit the man's palm and nailed it to the ground.
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  • Chapter 62 Demons in the Heart


    "Who is it?!"

    With his palm nailed to the ground and his other hand holding the injured palm, the man was enraged and turned his head, looking around with a fierce and savage expression.

    What greeted his eyes were the five disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects riding on horses and the Great Constable tokens hanging on their waists.

    The Huashan youth in white leading them was holding a violet great bow in his hands and looking at him coldly.

    Apparently, he was the one who shot the arrow.

    The man started trembling in fear, his tipsiness instantly dissipating, and he hurriedly kneeled down and begged for mercy while disregarding the pain from the injury.

    "Have mercy Young Hero, this inferior one will not dare to do it again!"

    Upon hearing their companion's words, the other two men drunkenly turned their heads. At the sight of the youth in white, they instantly sobered up and kneeled down as well.

    "Have mercy Young Hero!"

    The three of them kowtowed nonstop in great fear, the cold sweat dripping down their foreheads.

    It was a common thing for people of Jianghu to bully ordinary people.

    But if they encountered major sect disciples who possessed a superior sense of justice while doing the deed, they could only blame it on their luck if they were slain.

    The three of them did not even have internal arts, how would they dare to argue with major sect disciples?

    Only by fervently begging for mercy did they have a chance at keeping their lives.

    "All of you, slap yourself 50 times and apologize to them!"

    Lin Yi stated coldly with a chilling expression.

    Pak! Pak! Pak!

    The three of them started slapping themselves with all their strength without any hesitation, turning their faces into swollen pig-heads. Even the man with the nailed palm did the same while enduring the pain.

    After they finished 50 slaps, they did not dare to stand up and crawled towards the middle-aged man's family.

    "Very sorry, we were in the wrong!"

    "We are beasts!"

    "We are even less than beasts!"

    "Please forgive us!"

    The middle-aged man opened his bloody eyes and was dumbfounded by what he saw. Just a moment ago, these people were still savagely beating him and even announced their intentions to beat him to death, yet now they were apologizing and begging for forgiveness while kneeling in front of him like dogs.

    His wife covered her mouth with one hand and helped his husband to get up with another hand.

    The child was very excited instead as he watched the three men kneeling and scolding themselves. With his hands placed at his hips like a little adult, he said to them with a hint of childishness: "The three of you are bad people!"

    "Bad people deserve to die!"

    When they heard these words, the three of them instantly changed expressions and hurriedly threw themselves at the feet of the child, begging: "Little Ancestor, we were wrong. Uncle was wrong, please forgive Uncle alright? Uncle promises that we will never do this again!"

    "Uncle will surely become a good person!"

    "You all want to become good people?" The child tilted his head in thought, his eyes rolling about, then he touched his forehead and said: "Mother says that a good kid knows to admit his mistakes and change for the better."

    "I forgive you all, don't do any more bad things!"

    "That's for sure!"

    The three men were nearly frightened to death by the child and repeatedly nodded their heads. Then they slowly turned around and looked at Lin Yi with a pleading expression.

    Lin Yi waved his hand indifferently: "Each of you will now compensate them with a hundred taels of silver, then get out of my sight!"

    The three men were overjoyed and quickly handed over the money to the middle-aged man before scrambling away.

    "The three of you better remember this. If I ever see you making trouble again don't blame me for cutting you down!"

    Words which were filled with killing intent suddenly came from behind them.

    The three of them were nearly scared out of their wits and they quickly replied: "We won't dare to!"

    Lin Yi then allowed them to leave with a wave of his hand.

    They then bolted from the scene like frightened rabbits.

    Lin Yi finally revealed a gentle smile and walked towards the family.

    "Take this 300 taels of silver and find a good doctor to heal your injuries."

    "Thank you, Young Hero!" The middle-aged man hurriedly kowtowed towards Lin Yi with his wife and son.

    "Don't!" Lin Yi stopped them from doing and shook his head: "Suppressing the strong and helping the weak, carrying out righteous deeds and delivering justice, that's what we should be doing."

    As he gazed at the dark clouds in the sky, he murmured: "You better take your family and leave Lanzhou City right away. It won't be safe here in the future, head for the inner areas of the Central Plains."

    "Thank you, Young Hero! Thank you, Young Hero!" The husband and wife repeatedly thanked him. They were flattered by the way Lin Yi had talked to ordinary people like them.

    As they helped each other to their feet and was about to leave, the child suddenly turned his head and asked with eyes bright: "Big Brother, will I be able to learn martial arts like you?"

    Lin Yi was surprised by the question, but he stroked the child's head and nodded with a smile: "When you are older, you can enter Huashan to learn martial arts. Just tell them that Lin Yi of Huashan recommended you."

    "Lin Yi of Huashan! I've remembered it, Big Brother Lin Yi." The child solemnly nodded his head and with a look of seriousness, he raised his head and shouted: "Big Brother Lin Yi, I will definitely do my best to learn martial arts and become a hero like you. Suppressing the strong and helping the weak, carrying out righteous deeds and delivering justice, and helping more people who need it!"

    Lin Yi smiled and waved goodbye to the child: "Little fellow, I will wait for you in Huashan."

    The family then disappeared from his sight.

    Although the ordinary people nearby were greatly stirred by what they had seen, they all repressed their emotions and did not dare to cheer loudly. After taking a deep look at Lin Yi, they then left one by one.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, they are just some ordinary people, was it worth doing that for them? Our duty is to slay the devils and vanquish the demons!" Yun Taizi asked as the four of them reached Lin Yi's side.

    He had a mix of doubtfulness and indifference towards Lin Yi's actions.

    "Slay the devils and vanquish the demons? What are demons? What are devils?" Lin Yi solemnly asked instead.

    "Demons are obviously the demonic cult members. Devils are the unorthodox sect members." Yun Taizi simply replied without thinking.

    "Do you all think so too?" Lin Yi smiled and asked the other three.

    "Demons refer to those who carry out all sorts of wicked deeds. Devils refer to those who collude with demons and assist them with the wicked deeds." The little nun thought for a moment before giving her answer.

    Lu Buping and Mo Yu had similar answers.

    Lin Yi remained silent for a moment before pointing to his own heart: "Demons are not demonic cult members, demons are in our hearts. Everyone has demons in their hearts, greed, desire, bloodthirst, killing is, as they say, a single thought is capable of turning into a demon or a buddha. Devils also exist in our hearts, unscrupulously doing as they please or desire. The greatest difference between the righteous sects and demonic cults is that demonic cult members are able to express the demons in their hearts without any restraint. Whereas righteous sect members keep their demons hidden in their hearts."

    "The reason why I helped those three ordinary people was because we all started out as ordinary people. As a human, one should not forget one's origin. Also, I don't like people of Jianghu treating ordinary people like livestock. If they like bullying the weak, what makes them different from demonic cult members? All of you should know that ordinary people are what makes up the backbone of our righteous sects. Without the contribution from the hard work of ordinary people, how could we practice martial arts in peace and pursue the peak of the martial way? In order to grow stronger, we should do a good job of maintaining order and make sure that ordinary people can lead their lives in peace. Only then will we be able to continue receiving support from them."

    "Moreover, the duty of Liushanmen is to maintain order and protect the civilians. When people of Jianghu tyrannize ordinary people, it is our duty to correct them!"

    Lin Yi's words seemed ordinary yet profound.

    The four of them seemed to understand yet not understand. However, they were all able to perceive the broad-mindedness of Senior Brother Lin Yi.

    Although they did not quite agree with Lin Yi's opinion that everyone had demons in their hearts, they were still full of respect for Lin Yi.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, why did you let those three men only compensate a hundred taels of silver each? Wouldn't it be better if you made them compensate a couple thousands more taels of silver so that the family can have a good life from now on?" The little nun suddenly asked curiously.

    Lin Yi smiled and said: "If I did that, it wouldn't be helping them, it would be harming them. Haven't you heard of the saying, it's a crime to possess jade? If they possessed such a great amount of money, they might attract the attention of those who desire to obtain the money for themselves, whether by robbing or killing. This is the result of having demons in their hearts. Once the temptation is too much to bear, they will succumb to their demonic thoughts."

    The little nun nodded and gazed at Lin Yi with shining eyes: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are so kind-hearted."

    "Kind-hearted?" Lin Yi was taken aback for a moment before he laughed it off.

    The little nun was indeed naive. How could he, Lin Yi, be a kind-hearted person?

    In a while, I will let this little nun know what kind of person I am.

    Lin Yi did not continue to talk about demons and devils with them. In their minds, they already had a deep-rooted mentality regarding the topic. It was not something that could be easily shaken by mere words from him.

    Neither was he interested in doing that. There was plenty of opportunities in the future for them to witness the truth with their own eyes.

    "The city interior should be safe from demonic cult members, so let's go on a patrol outside the city?" Lin Yi suggested.

    "Good idea, I've long heard that there are plenty of demonic cult members roaming about outside Lanzhou City. With Senior Brother Lin Yi leading us, let's go outside the city and slay these bunch of evildoers!" The little nun was highly enthusiastic and spoke words that were full of killing intent.

    This little nun was pretty weird. Facing the bald monk from Shaolin, she was as meek as a little lamb. When she heard that she would be going to slay some demonic cult members, she was full of killing intent.

    It was as if she harbored a great hatred for the demonic cult members.

    Lin Yi shook his head, The nuns of Northern Hengshan were indeed thoroughly brainwashed.

    Yun Taizi and the rest also had similar expressions on their faces.

    Obviously, they naively thought that it would be a simple thing to kill the demonic cult members.

    Lin Yi did not bother to dispel that notion and simply mounted his horse, heading outside the city.

    The four of them were very eager to make a name for themselves by slaying demonic cult members, and so was Lin Yi.

    He needed to kill large numbers of demonic cult members to earn battle experience.

    Right now, only by targetting the demonic cult members roaming outside Lanzhou City could he kill as many as he pleased without ending up with the title of a killer demon. Instead, anyone who belonged to the righteous faction would be full of praise for his deeds and say that Young Hero Lin Yi is a symbol of righteousness!

    The division of the righteous and demonic into two opposing factions was indeed interesting.

    Lin Yi laughed in his heart at the opportunity to gather large amounts of battle experience as a result of this division.
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    Chapter 63 Blood Raiment Prince


    Five horses slowly trotted on the main pavement.

    A white horse was leading at the front while four other horses followed behind side by side.

    Riding on the horses were five youths who were chatting merrily.

    If not for the fact that they all carried swords, they would resemble wealthy young lords on an excursion.

    The five of them were the disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, where do you think the demonic cult members are?" The little nun asked gloomily. After hours of patrolling, they actually did not manage to find a single demonic cult member.

    "These damn demonic cult members aren't appearing at all when we are looking so hard for them now. Yet when we don't wish to see them, they scurry about everywhere like rats!" Yun Taizi also grumbled moodily.

    Lin Yi did not respond to their complaints.

    As if he did not hear it, although he sat on the horse, his ears slightly pricked up at something that his companions did not notice.

    All of a sudden, he fiercely whipped out the violet great bow hanging on the horse and stood upright on the horseback.

    Taking out three arrows and placing them on the bow.

    Aiming at some bushes dozens of meters away on the side of the road, he released the arrows.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Three arrows sharply pierced through the air and hurtled towards their targets in the bushes.

    "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!"

    Three terrible cries rang out and three figures in green abruptly stood up before collapsing just as quickly.

    The four disciples behind witnessed the scene in shock.

    "When did these demonic cult members appear?"

    "After following us for such a long period of time, we actually failed to notice it at all. Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly capable to have noticed it and to have shot them all down at once!"

    "I have always wondered why Senior Brother Lin Yi has a bow on him. To think that Senior Brother Lin Yi does not only possess the famous superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, he also possesses superior archery skills. Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly worthy of his reputation."

    While his companions were busy praising him, Lin Yi seemed to be pondering some issue with his head lowered.

    Actually, he was looking at the system panel.

    System notification:

    Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Simply by drawing his bow and shooting three arrows, he had obtained 15,000 battle experience in an instant.

    Lin Yi's mouth curved into a smile.

    Moreover, there were more figures approaching from the deeper parts of the forest.

    In fact, the moment they left Lanzhou City, they were noticed by demonic cult members.

    Although his four companions failed to notice it, how could an old hand like Lin Yi fail to notice it?

    When he discovered the demonic cult members following behind, he did not make a move.

    Instead, he allowed them to continue following behind and to spread the news so that more would come.

    He was curious.

    How many demonic cult members could five talented disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects attract?

    Lanzhou City was different from other places.

    Demonic cult members who dared to appear in this place were all at least third-rate experts.

    Those with lesser abilities won't even appear.

    This was the hunting grounds for the brightest talents from both factions.

    Only the strong could survive, while the weak did not even have the right to be here.

    Although it seemed as if there were plenty of people of Jianghu in Lanzhou City, those who dared to leave the city to step into the hunting grounds were few in numbers.

    Those from righteous sects who dared to enter the hunting grounds were those who held absolute confidence in their own abilities.

    Such confidence could not be found in those who weren't geniuses.

    On the contrary, the number of people from demonic cults was much higher.

    This had a lot to do with the environment in which the demonic cults were situated.

    The majority of demonic cult members had wild and violent personalities.

    Just when Lin Yi was deep in thought, numerous figures appeared from the forest on both sides.

    More than ten people completely surrounded the five of them.

    The little nun and the three other disciples were taken aback.

    They never expected so many demonic cult members to show up just as they were lamenting about not finding any of them.

    A young man wearing a blood-colored robe and holding a blood-colored curved saber walked out from behind the demonic cult members surrounding them.

    As he stood in front, his imposing manner enveloped all of his companions.

    The gazes of the little nun and company were instantly shifted to him.

    "Blood Raiment Prince!" Lu Buping suddenly called out as he recognized this young man from the demonic cult.

    "Blood colored robe, pale white face, blood red curved saber. That's right, this man is the top genius from the Blood Saber Sect, Blood Raiment Prince!" Lu Buping's face grew paler as he pointed out the identifying characteristics of the young man.

    "Senior Brother Lu, what is the background of this Blood Raiment Prince? Why are you so afraid of him?" The little nun asked Lu Buping in puzzlement.

    Lu Buping shook his head and smiled bitterly: "We are in great trouble this time. This Blood Raiment Prince is very famous among all the demonic cult geniuses. He has already reached the peak strength of third-rate experts and cleared six of his standard meridians. His Blood Saber Saber Art is extremely vicious and unpredictable. When he first appeared, he managed to slay countless other third-rate experts. Within one year of coming to Lanzhou City, he killed twelve geniuses from righteous sects, among these sects were the Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect."

    "Ah!" The little nun gasped in fear as if she was astounded by this man's achievements.

    Mo Yu and Yun Taizi were both looking somber as well.

    "Blood Saber Sect?"

    Lin Yi muttered to himself and laughed.

    Blood Saber Sect was located in Qinghai, and the most famous figure from this sect was the fourth generation Sect Master Blood Saber Old Ancestor.

    The sect disciples all used curved sabers, and due to a blood-colored marking on the sabers, they were called blood sabers.

    Blood Saber Saber Art was extremely peculiar as nearly every move struck at an impossible position.

    It was well-known for its viciousness and unpredictability and was a superior saber art.

    Blood Saber Sect did not recruit disciples easily and the sect placed emphasis on slaughter. Whoever wanted to join the sect had to first pass a test. The test required them to kill a person, and this person could be anyone. It could be a famous figure in Jianghu or it could be a dear friend. All those who managed to pass this test would then begin killing each other, and the last man standing would receive the right to join Blood Saber Sect.

    That was why Blood Saber members were all bloodthirsty murderers as if they had emerged from the hellish seas of blood.

    Although their numbers were few, all of them were elites.

    Among all the demonic cults and sects, they ranked near the top.

    Even demonic cult members did not dare to easily offend Blood Saber Sect members.

    Lin Yi also did not expect to encounter members of Blood Saber Sect, not to mention the notorious Blood Raiment Prince!

    In his previous life, Blood Raiment was incredibly famous in Jianghu and eventually assumed the position of Sect Master in Blood Saber Sect. During the era of chaos, he led his sect in carrying out widespread massacre and slaughter.

    Dozens of minor sects and schools from the righteous faction were annihilated by Blood Saber Sect.

    In the end, Blood Raiment Prince became a first-rate expert and reached the peak of this realm.

    He was one of the top existences from the demonic faction during the middle period of the great war before peak experts made appearances.

    To think that he actually encountered this man.

    Lin Yi's gaze grew cold.

    Since he was able to meet him, he was going to slay this mass murderer and make him contribute battle experience with his death.

    How much reputation would he be able to obtain by killing such a prominent figure?

    Definitely not any lesser than that time in Crouching Tiger Hill!

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi gaze grew even colder.

    Those who knew Lin Yi well would know that Lin Yi right now was full of killing intent.


    "Marvelous! It's actually five disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects. How brave of you people to come out of the city with just the five of you." Holding a blood saber in his hand, Blood Raiment Prince looked at the five of them with a morbid expression on his pale white face and laughed.

    "Even the bald donkeys from Shaolin know to enter this place with at least twenty people. You people are dumber than those bald donkeys." Blood Raiment Prince mocked with extreme confidence, apparently believing that these five people were as good as dead.

    If not, he wouldn't have made an appearance.

    Although Blood Raiment Prince enjoyed great fame, the thing that he enjoyed the most was carrying out sneak attacks.

    First, he would let other disciples from his sect attract the enemy's attention, then he would proceed to strike from the dark.

    With the peculiarity and unpredictability of Blood Saber Saber Art, he had an extremely high chance of succeeding in sneak attacks.

    Many prominent geniuses from the righteous factions had been killed in this manner.

    Taking a glance at the five people from Five Mountain Sword Sects, he did not recognize any of them.

    Although there was no question that they were geniuses, with two of them even managing to become third-rate experts at the mere age of 15 or 16 years old, the fact that he did not recognize any of them meant that they were all newbies!

    Even if they weren't, it would only mean that they were relatively unknown.

    What did he, Blood Raiment Prince, had to fear from people like that?

    All he needed to do was to watch their looks of despair as they died.

    In fact, Lu Buping and the other three were looking worried and anxious right now, and Blood Raiment Prince was very satisfied with it.

    As for the youth from Huashan, Blood Raiment Prince slightly squinted his eyes.

    The cold and calm demeanor of this youth was disturbing him.

    He could detect the smell of one who was similar to him.

    One who enjoyed slaughter!

    He was slightly surprised.

    Who was this Huashan youth?

    Looking at the violet great bow in the youth's hands, Blood Raiment Prince frowned. He had not heard of any Huashan disciple who was adept at using a bow.

    Shouldn't Huashan disciples be using swords?

    Just when he was pondering the issue.


    Lin Yi's eyes lit up as he commanded in a loud voice.

    In an instant, he placed three arrows on the bow and fired them.

    Instead of shooting at Blood Raiment Prince, he shot at the other Blood Saber disciples surrounding them.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Lin Yi had applied internal strength when he shot these three arrows.

    Even if the Blood Saber Sect disciples were on guard, they were unable to defend against these arrows.

    The throats of three men were instantly pierced, and they held their throats as they collapsed with their blood gushing out.

    First strike success!

    "Dismount and fight defensively with your backs to each other!"

    Lin Yi commanded the four of them who had not even reacted in time.

    Upon hearing the command, the four of them finally woke up from a daze and clumsily dismounted. Then they placed their backs to each other and faced the enemy in a defensive formation.

    With a laugh, Lin Yi once again took out three arrows and stood on his horse.

    Pulling his bow and shooting the arrows.

    "Spread out!" Blood Raiment Prince ordered in anger as he charged at Lin Yi with his blood saber.

    He was infuriated and his face was burning in embarrassment.

    He actually let this Huashan youth kill three sect disciples right in front of him.

    It was no different from slapping his face, how could he stay calm?
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