Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



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    Chapter 47 Surrounded by Fierce Bandits

    "What's wrong? It's just a bunch of minor thieves, it shouldn't be a problem right?" Seeing Lin Yi's huge reaction and face full of anxiety, Zhao Rong raised his brows and asked in surprise.

    Lin Yi looked at him without a word.

    Zhao Rong was the Chief Escort Head of Dragon Gate Escort Agency and came from Huashan upper courtyard, he himself was also a second-rate expert and enjoyed great fame in Jianghu. Naturally, he wouldn't pay much heed to minor thieves.

    But Lin Yi was well aware of how little the Lin family could do about thieves, so much so that they were nearly helpless against them. Even if Lin Zhihu went back, there wasn't much he could do, except maybe borrow the name of Dragon Gate Escort Agency in exchange for a few more days.

    And this was under normal circumstances.

    Now that the era of chaos had arrived, the situation was greatly different.

    The vast majority of people did not know what it represented, but Lin Yi knew it very clearly.

    Having undergone that period of time personally during the game, he was only too clear about the brutality of it. Countless civilians lost their lives and homes. Countless minor sects and clans were massacred.

    It was a period of great turbulence and chaos.

    Thieves surged everywhere and acted with ruthlessness.

    If they felt like it, they would carry out massacres at any moment.

    The Lin family had encountered the most dangerous moment yet.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi could no longer stay still. Disregarding Zhao Rong's cordial pleas to stay, he quickly said his goodbyes.

    If it were under normal circumstances, Lin Yi naturally would have placed great importance on Zhao Rong's pleas and make use of the chance to establish good relations with him. To be on good terms with the Chief Escort Head of Dragon Gate Escort Agency would be of great help when the time came to compete for the position of Huashan chief disciple.

    But right now, it was a critical moment for the Lin family.

    Faced with choosing between the position of chief disciple and the lives of his family, Lin Yi chose the latter.

    He did not regret his choice.

    He could always find other ways to work on becoming chief disciple, and he could also salvage the relations with Zhao Rong at a later time. But his family could only live once. Once killed, they would no longer exist.

    Although he did not feel much towards the Lin family, he had the responsibility to protect them.

    No matter what, he had to shoulder the responsibility.

    Otherwise, this matter would become the regret in his heart forever, turning into his inner demon.

    Cracks would then appear in the heart of his martial way, rendering it forever incomplete.

    Besides, his martial way was to protect everything that he was supposed to protect.

    Walking out of Dragon Gate Escort Agency, he mounted his horse and urged it forward, galloping out of Leizhou City.

    "I will surely make it in time, surely!"

    Lin Yi whipped his horse desperately, maintaining the fastest speed as he sped towards home and prayed in his heart.


    The Lin Village.

    The entire Lin family residence was surrounded by dozens of bandits wielding sabers and mounted on horses.

    The blades gleamed icily, making them shiver in trepidation.

    The farmers in Lin Village tightly shut the doors of their homes, not even daring to give one look at the bandits, and covered the mouths of their own children, afraid that the frightened cries of the children would attract the attention of these bandits.

    "Oh god, what kind of sin is heavens committing? Landlord Lin's family attracted the attention of bandits half a year ago and his son was kidnapped. After getting through the crisis with much difficulty and barely started to enjoy some peace and quiet, the bandits are here again. And the bandits this time are even more intimidating and scary than those the last time. This Landlord Lin's family is so full of misfortune!"

    "Isn't this all caused by money? Landlord Lin has so much land and wealth as the richest man in Yu City, can it not attract bandits?

    "How can one live in such a state of affairs! I heard that nearly all rich families within a hundred li were given an ultimatum by the bandits to hand over 50,000 taels of silver. A few days ago, the Wang family in the neighboring city were massacred by this group of bandits because they failed to gather the money in time. The 200 odd family members, including the young and old, were all burned to death and not even a single one survived. That scene was truly cruel and terrifying!

    "Don't say it anymore, not to mention seeing it with your own eyes, even just listening to you is terrifying me! This damned state of affairs, these damned bandits, why isn't anyone dealing with them?

    "Deal with them? Can the government deal with these people of Jianghu? Even the major sects behind the government currently have their hands full from dealing with the demonic cults, where would they find the energy to deal with such matters. Besides, rumors say that in many areas where the major sects have withdrawn their forces, many other forces of Jianghu are fighting for the territories that are now devoid of influence. The degree of chaos could be described as rivers of blood flowing!"

    "Ai, these damned demonic cults, isn't it better to live the days peacefully? Alas, they just had to incite trouble, giving these bandits a huge opportunity! I wonder how Landlord Lin's family is going to overcome this crisis."

    "That's going to be hard, 50,000 taels of silver isn't a small sum. Even if Landlord Lin truly possessed that much wealth in total, within such a short time limit, how could they manage to gather it in time?"

    The farmers whispered to themselves while hiding at home, each of them wearing worried and frightened expressions on their faces.

    In the main hall of Lin family, the maids and servants were completely silent and hid at one corner, trembling from fear.

    Lin Zhilong held a teacup with shaky hands, the tea spilling out continuously due to the shaking.

    After taking a sip with much difficulty, Lin Zhilong sighed in grief.

    At one side, Madam Lin had a pale-white face full of fear, and she sobbed softly while wiping her tears.

    "Crying is the only thing you know! What use is there from crying?"

    Seeing Madam Lin behave in this manner, Lin Zhilong pointed at her nose and scolded angrily.

    "Old Master, what are we going to do? 50,000 taels of silver is impossible to gather!" Madam Lin's crying face was an ugly sight.

    "Ai, 50,000 taels of silver, these bandits are asking for too much! How can I gather this amount in just a few days? What is wrong with this state of affairs? First Yi-er gets kidnapped, now they are even coming here openly to extort money. Why isn't there anyone dealing with these abominable bandits?" Lin Zhilong sighed constantly, his heart full of grief and despair.

    There was no way he could gather the 50,000 taels of silver demanded by the bandits in just a few days.

    Looking at Lin Zhihu who sat at the side, he said: "Second brother, can you think of something to help us overcome this crisis?"

    Lin Zhihu had an unsightly and helpless expression, and said hoarsely: "Elder brother, I am out of ideas. One look and you can tell that these bandits have nothing to lose, even the name of Dragon Gate Escort Agency is not going to do much good. They are resolute in demanding 50,000 taels of silver!"

    "If they don't see the money, these bandits are going to charge in and look for it themselves! A few days ago, these group of bandits massacred the Wang family from the neighboring city by burning all of them to death and it was exactly because they failed to gather the money!"

    Lin Zhilong's face was as white as a sheet and he was completely out of ideas.

    His heart was full of despair.

    Now that he thought about it, if they had sent Yi-er to Huashan a few years earlier, they might have been able to intimidate these bandits using the fact that Yi-er was a Huashan disciple.

    But Yi-er had only entered Huashan for half a year!

    What could one learn in just half a year?

    How could he be a match for these ferocious bandits?

    Regret, endless regret!

    He should have done that!

    How good would it have been if he had sent Yi-er into Huashan earlier!

    Lin Zhihu at the side was also desperate.

    Using his judgement, he naturally discerned the strength of these bandits.

    Among the dozens of bandits, even the weakest pawn was on par with himself, not to mention the 2 chiefs who had came!

    If he guessed correctly, those 2 chiefs were very likely to be third-rate experts who possessed internal arts.

    Internal arts!

    Even ten of him would not be a match for one of them.

    Lin Zhihu's heart was icy cold.

    "Old Master, the bandits are calling!" A servant walked in while trembling and said with great fear.

    "Let's go talk to them and see if we can ask for a few more days." Lin Zhilong stood up and sighed, then led the rest out of the hall.


    At the main entrance, 2 bandit chiefs rode on large horses that stood at the gates.

    "3rd Chief, do you think this Lin family will be able to hand over 50,000 taels of silver?" One of them held a horse whip and said as he pointed at the Lin family residence.

    3rd Chief replied with an ingratiating look: "Lord Seven, regardless of whether they can manage to hand it over, aren't we going to massacre them anyway? Heh heh, the Lin family owns great amounts of land and wealth, their assets are sure to be bountiful."

    Lord Seven was surprised for a moment before breaking out in great laughter. He pointed at 3rd Chief's face and said with a laugh: "Ha ha, 3rd Chief indeed knows me well!" Staring at the Lin family residence with a savage expression, he shouted viciously: "When we break into the residence later, everything here belongs to me!"

    3rd Chief wiped the sweat on his forehead. It was no easy task to serve this Lord Seven. He nodded and replied with a laugh: "I even heard that the madam of this Lin family is a rare beauty who was famous for her looks within a radius of hundred li back then. Although she has given birth and her age has passed thirty, but she has maintained her figure very well and her skin is still as smooth and tender as a young girl. What makes it even better is that she possesses a mature charm compared to young girls."

    Lord Seven's eyes shone with light and he licked his lips with his tongue. "This Master loves young married women the most, ha ha, young married women taste much better than those young girls! After we break into the Lin family, this Madam Lin will be mine. The rest of you can take the young girls!"

    3rd Chief was delighted and quickly thanked him: "You have my gratitude, Lord Seven!"

    Taking a look at the huge amount of taels of silver carried on the dozens of horses, Lord Seven nodded with a smile: "This trip has been a fruitful one. After we are done with the Lin family, we will finish up! The brothers are all tired, and besides, my elder brothers back at the stronghold are also waiting impatiently for me right?"

    "Not tired, we are not tired at all! These days of following Lord Seven have been passed in comfort!" 3rd Chief quickly shook his head, but thinking otherwise deep in his heart. This Lord Seven had an insatiable greed for money, and once he joined the stronghold, he took 3rd Chief and all the brothers to visit every rich family within a radius of hundred li.

    First they delivered a message to each of these rich families, demanding 50,000 taels of silver to be handed over in 7 days.

    After 7 days, the outcome was decided purely by Lord Seven's mood.

    If he was in a good mood, he would let off those that handed over the money. If not, even if they did hand over the money, he would massacre the family and treat the women in the family as playthings before killing them all.

    This degree of ruthlessness had frightened even 3rd Chief who was also a bandit himself.

    He thought to himself, no wonder this man is a member of the demonic cults, he acts in such an unscrupulous and vicious manner.

    Compared to his 6 elder brothers, this Lord Seven was even more of a bandit than 3rd Chief, who was a true bandit!

    "To all the good men here, please let me say something!"

    At this moment, a person appeared on the walls of the residence and spoke in a loud voice.

    It was Lin Zhihu.
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    Chapter 48 In the Nick of Time

    "Old man, say what you want to say quickly!"

    Lord Seven put one finger into his nostril and dug out a large booger before flicking it off and said lazily from the back of his horse, looking uncouth and ugly.

    Lin Zhilong was enraged when he heard that. He was only 40 years gold, still in his prime, how could he call him an old man? Besides, there was nobody within a radius of a hundred li who would dare to call him an old man and talk to him in such a tone.

    Although he was very angry, but he suppressed his anger very quickly.

    Now that he was at the mercy of others, what was the use of being angry? It would only agitate this group of ruthless bandits.

    If that happened, he would be the one to suffer.

    Forcing himself to endure it, Lin Zhilong put on a smiling face and said: "Good sir, the time limit you gave is too short, we are unable to gather so many taels of silver in such a short time. Would it be possible to extend the deadline by a few days?"

    "Extend the deadline by a few days?" Lord Seven rolled his eyes, while thinking of some wicked idea: "Sure you can!"

    "Really?" Lin Zhilong was delighted.

    "Of course it's real, even more real than taels of silver." Lord Seven nodded and smiled, his eyes revealing a lascivious glint: "I heard that your wife is a great beauty. Even though she's over 30 years of age, her skin is still tender like a young girl's skin, and she still possesses a good figure and great charm. If you hand over your wife and let me have a good time, I will give you a few more days!"

    "Of course, if your wife serves me well, I can even give up the 50,000 taels of silver, ha ha ha!"

    "Shameless scum, even if I die, I will not allow you to insult me!" Madam Lin was embarrassed and enraged by his words and cursed angrily from the courtyard.

    Lin Zhilong was so angry that he trembled in fury and pointed at Lord Seven, unable to speak a word.

    "Puny thief, don't push your luck! This area is under the control of Huashan, do you really think you can do as you please?" Lin Zhihu could no longer tolerate it and started scolding Lord Seven from atop the walls.

    "Huashan? Who is this guy?" Lord Seven slightly frowned and asked 3rd Chief who was beside him.

    "He is Lin Zhihu, Lin Zhilong's younger brother, and an Escort Head of Dragon Gate Escort Agency." 3rd Chief gave one look at Lin Zhihu and quickly replied.

    "Aiyo, I still thought some important figure had arrived! It's just a puny Escort Head from Dragon Gate Escort Agency, looking like this, you must be the lowest ranked Escort Head in Dragon Gate Escort Agency right? An insignificant character like you dares to act big at a time like this? To even represent Huashan?" Lord Seven laughed loudly, his face full of disdain and ridicule.

    "Not to mention that you are just an insignificant Escort Head from Dragon Gate Escort Agency, even if someone from Huashan came right now, I'm still taking this Madam Lin today no matter what!" Lord Seven laughed coldly and cracked his horse whip in the air fiercely, producing a loud clapping sound.

    Lin Zhihu was so angry that the veins on his neck popped out: "I might be just a small Escort Head, but my nephew Lin Yi is a true Huashan disciple! If you dare to mess up the Lin family today, Yi-er will definitely come after you in the future! No matter where you escape to, he will definitely kill you!"

    "Huashan disciple?!"

    Lord Seven was alarmed, and his uncaring expression instantly became serious and tense.

    This area was the territory of Huashan, and although it was slightly remote, it was truly under the influence of Huashan. If someone from Huashan came looking for them, the things that the 7 brothers did would be discovered.

    If word got out, he would bring great trouble upon his elder brothers.

    After all, they were on a secret mission this time round.

    Once Huashan was alerted, the matter would be exposed.

    This matter could potentially cause a disastrous effect, so he had to exercise caution.

    "Who is this nephew Lin Yi? What is his position in Huashan?" Lord Seven quickly asked 3rd Chief. Although he was slightly taken aback, it was better to ask the local bully first.

    3rd Chief thought for a moment before answering: "Lin Yi is Lin Zhilong's son, right now he should be about 16 years old. Half a year ago, he was sent to Huashan by Lin Zhilong to be a disciple of Huashan lower courtyard."

    "So it's only a Huashan lower courtyard disciple! I got scared for a moment!"

    Lord Seven couldn't help laughing out loud: "What can a little fellow who only joined Huashan for half a year be capable of? There are a total of 40,000 Huashan lower courtyard disciples, with 10,000 joining and leaving each year. This Lin Yi can't even create a ripple in the lower courtyard."

    "Even if he came personally, that would be even better, I will just chop him down! Would Huashan do anything about the death of a mere lower courtyard disciple?" Lord Seven mocked Lin Zhihu with disdain.

    Without waiting for Lin Zhihu to speak, he waved his hand impatiently: "I'm in no mood to drag this on any further. Have you gathered the required amount of money? If not, I'm going to break down the gates right now!"

    Seeing that no sound was coming from within the courtyard, Lord Seven became even more impatient: "I'm not in a good mood today, kill all the men and leave the women alive!"

    "Right, don't forget to bring me Madam Lin, I can't wait to have her!"

    At the sound of the command, dozens of bandits dismounted from their horses and starting running.

    3rd Chief gave a hideous laugh and prepared to utilize lightness arts in order to break open the gates with his saber.

    At this moment, with a whizzing sound, a violet arrow descended like an arrow from the heavens and immediately ripped apart a bandit who was very close to the courtyard.

    The body of the bandit was ripped into 2 halves in an explosion of blood and flesh by the arrow which appeared suddenly.

    3rd Chief gasped in surprise!

    Expert, the attacker was definitely an expert with internal arts!

    If not, the power of this arrow would definitely not be this horrifying!

    How was this an arrow?

    It was more like a cannonball!

    When he was still a small bandit a long time ago, someone beside him had been blasted into many pieces by a cannon while they were attacking the ancestral residence that belonged to a person of Jianghu.

    Flesh and blood exploded!

    It was terrifying!

    Until now, he could still remember it clearly.

    The high-spirited Lord Seven at the side was also greatly shocked by the power of this arrow which suddenly appeared.

    This arrow was so sudden, so fast and so powerful.

    Even if he was the one who got hit by this arrow, he definitely wouldn't get off lightly.


    A youth wearing standard white garb issued by Huashan upper courtyard and riding a white horse appeared in front of the crowd.

    The youth was cold and expressionless, his eyes filled with terrifying killing intent.

    He slowly hung the violet bow unto the white horse and drew a sword.

    The sword shone coldly and brightly.

    Without a word, he unsheathed the sword.

    Like a huge bird, he flew from the white horse and landed on the ground, his figure nearly invisible, only several afterimages could be seen charging into the group of bandits.

    The light of the blade flashed!


    Instantly blood and flesh flew everywhere, the blood falling down like rain, while terrible cries incessantly rang out.

    In the blink of an eye, 6 bandits had died to the sword of the youth.

    Huashan upper courtyard disciple?" Lord Seven gasped in surprise, realizing the gravity of the situation.

    His face was full of confusion. Why would an upper courtyard disciple appear in a remote place like this?

    And even coincidentally see that they were about to kill?

    This was too unfortunate!

    He instantly felt stumped by the situation.

    If he carelessly provoked a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, it would bring great trouble to the 7 brothers.


    Lin Yi had a belly full of rage and his eyes were filled with killing intent, but his heart was extremely calm.

    He was completely focused on swinging his sword and killing!

    Repeating this course of action without stopping, soon, all the bandits near him had been wiped out.

    There was no bandit who could survive one move!

    All of them were cut down in one move.

    Also, he had struck with fury.

    Most of the bandits were cut into 2 halves by his monstrous strength.

    The scene was incredibly bloody.

    Quite a bit of the blood had splattered onto his face, painting his face blood-red and dying his white garb red.

    He mocked himself in his heart, to think that he would be unable to control his strength and get splattered by the blood.

    When he was in the game, he truly killed without seeing blood.

    No matter how many he killed, one, tens, hundreds or even thousands.

    He was still looked the same, without a drop of blood on him, his white garb flowing.

    However, he couldn't be blamed for getting splattered by blood because he was simply too angry.

    Rushing from Leizhou City non-stop at the fastest speed possible, his heart was full of anxiety when he thought of the possibly terrible outcome.

    He was afraid that ruins would be the only thing left when he arrived.

    Or the ground filled with human heads.

    Fortunately he was able to drive his horse to travel at the fastest speed possible.

    When he set off from Lin Village that day, he took 5 days to reach Leizhou City.

    This time, he only took 1 day to reach Lin Village.

    The white horse beneath him nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

    It was only able to persevere because Lin Yi had transferred his internal strength to the white horse along the way.

    Allowing him to finally reach this place in the nick of time.

    The first thing he saw was dozens of horse-riding bandits about to break down the gates of the Lin residence.

    He instantly erupted in fury!

    Having not seen blood for half a year, he became even more crazy at the sight of blood.

    Like a fierce dragon rampaging through a nest of bandits.

    In the blink of an eye, he brutally slew all the bandits near him.

    "Retreat, all of you retreat!"

    At the sight of Lin Yi's prowess, Lord Seven frowned and quickly ordered the bandits to retreat.

    Then he cupped his fists and asked Lin Yi: "I wonder for what reason does this young hero kill my brothers? Huashan and us have always kept our distance from each other."

    Lin Yi laughed coldly but did not reply, only staring at the bloodstained sword.

    "Yi-er, it's Yi-er! Yi-er has returned!"

    At this moment, Lin Zhihu who revealed half his head beyond the walls of the residence excitedly exclaimed.

    Lord Seven then understood, and roared angrily at 3rd Chief: "What happened? Didn't you say that Lin Yi only went to Huashan for half a year and is merely an upper courtyard disciple?"

    Then he pointed at Lin Yi and continued scolding 3rd Chief: "What about this Lin Yi? Open your bloody eyes and take a good look, does this look like someone who entered Huashan half a year ago? Look at that clothes, it's obviously the attire of Huashan upper courtyard disciples! And at this age, he's even a genius of Huashan upper courtyard!"

    3rd Chief was severely reprimanded and he didn't even dare to take a breath, softly saying: "He really did enter Huashan for half a year only!"

    "Half a year my ass!" Lord Seven fiercely slapped his head and stared viciously at Lin Yi, revealing his killing intention.

    "Damn it, there's no way to take care of this cleanly! You, go forth and deal with this kid. The rest of you go kill off everyone else, we definitely cannot afford to let news of this leak out!"

    3rd Chief nodded and laughed hideously while raising his saber: "I don't believe that a kid that just entered Jianghu will be a match for me even if he possesses internal arts! Rest assured Lord Seven, I will bring you his head right away!"
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  • Maybe you can say 3rd Bandit Leader and 7th Demonic Young master? Just to clarify
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    this deserve in the main page, its a hidden gem 
    what are you doing wuxiworld
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    Chapter 49 Black Blood Divine Needles, Deadly Display of Power

    3rd Chief leapt off his horse and started utilizing his internal art. The bones in his body produced cracking sounds and his muscles started bulging visibly. In the blink of an eye, 3rd Chief had transformed from a thin and weak looking man into a strong and muscular man. His whole body now radiated explosive power, and he approached Lin Yi with a wicked laugh.

    "Oh oh!"

    "3rd Chief is great!"

    The bandits riding on the horses raised their swords and cheered excitedly.

    Lin Zhihu who had revealed half of his body on the wall looked on nervously.

    Lin Yi was unexpectedly strong, killing 6 bandits in an instant, and even made it to upper courtyard in half a year, which meant that he acquired internal arts. But how could someone who just acquired internal arts be a match for one such as 3rd Chief who had lived bloody days in Jianghu and treated killing as his life for years?

    Even if Huashan Sword Art was brilliant, what about his battle experience?

    Lin Zhihu had no confidence and was filled with worry, but there was nothing he could do to help. He clenched his fists so tightly that the nails had dug into his flesh and caused bleeding, but he did not feel it.

    In his eyes, he could only see the motionless and expressionless youth in white staring at his bloodstained sword.

    Seeing Lin Yi standing completely still as if he had been scared stiff by himself, 3rd Chief started to show off even more. Circulating his internal art, his internal strength started madly flowing out from his dantian into his limbs and body. His muscles grew even larger, so much that his clothes were ripped apart by the bulging muscles, revealing their steel-like and powerful appearance.

    "Oh oh, 3rd Chief is incredible!"

    The bandits cheered even more enthusiastically, feeling that 3rd Chief was invincible with his internal art.

    In their eyes, once their 3rd Chief started to utilize his internal arts, even if all of them charged at him together, they would not be a match for him. Even if this youth who had suddenly appeared was able to slaughter them with ease, so what?

    They had 3rd Chief!

    The heartlessness and viciousness of the bandits could be clearly seen.

    They did not feel much towards the death of their companions.

    3rd Chief simply utilizing his internal arts and showing off his strength was able to make them forget what had just happened and start cheering in excitement.

    Encouraged by the cheering, 3rd Chief smiled smugly.

    "Kid, are you scared stiff?"

    3rd Chief laughed and with one forceful spring of his legs, he sped towards the youth in white like an arrow, viciously striking at his head with the saber, wanting to cut off his head with a single stroke.

    Lin Yi abruptly raised his head, retrieving his gaze from the bloodstained sword, and looked towards 3rd Chief, the corners of his mouth slightly curving upwards and revealing a subtle look of ridicule on his face.

    What kind of eyes did Lin Yi have?

    Filled with killing intent and ruthlessness!

    The most scary part was that despite the deep killing intent, his eyes were clear and extremely calm.

    It was so calm that it could freeze one's heart.

    While in mid air, 3rd Chief was chilled by the stare of the youth, his heart thumping loudly.

    A terrifying chill rose from his spine.

    "Stupid fool!"

    The tightly shut mouth of the youth suddenly uttered these 2 words.

    Before 3rd Chief could react, the youth drew his sword.

    The light of the blade flashed, blood sprayed out, and a human head flew up into the air. The headless corpse in mid air dropped to the ground with a plop.

    3rd Chief was dead.

    System notification:

    Battle evaluation: Grade A

    Quest reward: Killing a third-rate expert bandit, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Looking at the messages that appeared on the system panel, Lin Yi smiled in derision.

    3rd Chief showed off his internal art in front of him and circulated his internal strength all over his body. This was an incredibly stupid act.

    How could one utilize internal strength in such a manner?

    Every bit of internal strength should be used at the place where it was most needed without wasting a single drop.

    Even a peak expert who had developed internal circulation did not have an infinite supply of internal strength, not to mention a mere third-rate expert who had not even cleared the twelve standard meridians.

    This 3rd Chief was as stupid as a pig, and only existed to provide him with battle experience.

    With a mocking gaze, Lin Yi looked at Lord Seven.

    "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?!"

    Lord Seven yelled astoundingly and looked at Lin Yi with a shocked gaze: "You actually learnt Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?!"

    He obviously recognized Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords. He was not surprised by the death of 3rd Chief in one move, rather, he was surprised by this Huashan superior sword art which was famous in all of Jianghu.

    Huashan's Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was hugely famous in Jianghu for it's incredible power.

    The unusualness and viciousness of this sword art was on par with martial arts that originated from the demonic cults.

    However, in the entire Huashan, extremely few people managed to learn this sword art successfully.

    Lord Seven could never have expected to encounter one of those people in such a remote place.

    Lin Yi raised his brow and said: "To think that you could recognize it."

    The technique he used just now looked simple, but it was indeed Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!

    The appearance of the sword art was ordinary and wasn't fancy at all, in contrast to the words in its name "Celestial Swords".

    That was why very few people in Jianghu was able to recognize it.

    Lin Yi was a little surprised that a mere bandit could recognize it.

    He suddenly thought of something, realizing that this bandit was not as simple as he looked.

    "Heh heh..." Lord Seven laughed coldly and did not reply. His expression became deadly serious and his eyes became saturated with killing intent.

    Holding the horse whip, he propelled himself into the air from atop the horse. Then he raised the whip and lashed it at Lin Yi.

    Just when Lin Yi was about to parry it with his sword, Lord Seven smiled coldly, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

    In his left hand, a bunch of inconspicuous black needles appeared suddenly.

    Circulating his internal strength into his left arm, he threw the needles abruptly with great force.

    The densely packed and numerous black needles assailed every part of Lin Yi's body.

    "Black Blood Divine Needles!"

    Lin Yi's widened in surprise, his face filled with a shocked and serious expression.

    How could he not know of the famous Black Blood Divine Needles?

    This was one of the most vicious superior hidden weapon art which originated from Sun Moon Holy Cult, one of the 2 major demonic cults.

    It held immense killing power!

    As long as a single needle entered the body, it would instantly kill the victim!

    Ordinary experts couldn't do anything about it even if they utilized their internal arts.

    Only peak experts could rely on internal circulation to resist the poison from the needles.

    The needles themselves did not pose much of a threat, the greatest threat came from the poison on the needles.

    Even Lin Yi was viciously attacked by this Black Blood Divine Needles quite a few times in his previous life.

    Every time he paid the price with his life.

    Fortunately, back then it was common for a player to die in the game.

    Each death only costed a player several stages of their martial arts or a few levels of their internal arts.

    Losing several stages of martial arts was still tolerable, but losing a few levels of internal arts was extremely upsetting.

    The latter had happened to Lin Yi more than once, so he remembered this Black Blood Divine Needles very well.

    This was why he immediately recognized it when Lord Seven threw the black needles.

    "Black Blood Divine Needles, you are a member of Sun Moon Holy Cult!" Lin Yi yelled, instantly revealing Lord Seven's identity.

    Due to his numerous encounters with Black Blood Divine Needles and the hardships he suffered due to it, he carried out a great amount of research into ways of defending against the needles.

    Black Blood Divine Needles, the most dangerous part was the deadly poison and the penetrating power of the needles.

    But the needles did not possess much force, so they could only penetrate the skin and not entirely pierce through the body.

    One would be fine as long as one could dodge the needles and not get hit by them.

    But now, Lord Seven was so close to himself that it was too late to dodge.

    The only method left -

    Spotting the headless corpse of 3rd Chief beside him, Lin Yi's eyes lit up. With one forceful hook of his feet, the corpse was lifted into mid air. Then he circulated internal strength into his right arm and stirred the corpse with his sword.

    A strength equivalent to 36 times that of an ordinary person appeared on his sword.

    The headless corpse starting spinning like a windmill in front of him, completely blocking all the Black Blood Divine Needles.

    Just when Lord Seven was feeling proud of himself and expecting to see this detestable Huashan upper courtyard disciple die to the needles in the next moment, he witnessed this scene and couldn't help but curse loudly.

    "3rd Chief, you stupid fool, you couldn't accomplish anything while alive, and now that you are dead, you continue to foil my great plans!"

    He was nearly driven mad. To think that after taking into account every detail, he never expected 3rd Chief's corpse to be able to serve a purpose under such circumstances.

    He was deeply frightened by this youth from Huashan.

    Even a devil from a demonic cult like him could not think of it despite possessing a rich Jianghu experience.

    This youth only just started his journey in Jianghu, but he was capable of coming up with such a method.

    To block the needles with a corpse, how could a rookie of Jianghu possibly think of that?

    This youth was incredibly alert and shrewd!

    Without waiting for Lord Seven to regret it, after blocking all the needles and eliminating the danger, Lin Yi immediately leapt forward.

    First technique, second technique!

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords only had 3 sword techniques, and he used 2 of them.

    Qingfeng Sword pierced through Lord Seven's heart before turning and slicing downwards.

    Lord Seven was ripped into 2 halves in mid air and the blood rained down. He could not be any more dead!

    Only then did Lin Yi heave a sigh of relief and relax.

    He did not dare to merely pierce the heart and leave things as they were.

    In his previous life, he had encountered such incidents.

    Thinking that it was good enough to pierce the heart and wait for the enemy to die, not knowing that for one who possessed internal arts, internal strength was capable of greatly boosting the life-force of a person.

    Even if the heart had been pierced, one would not immediately die.

    They could still deal a final blow while on the verge of death.

    Only by ripping a person into 2 halves could the threat be removed completely.

    There was currently no one in Jianghu who could still be alive after being ripped into 2 halves and strike back with their dying breath.

    It was not because Lin Yi was cruel and savage, and liked ripping people into 2 halves.

    He also wanted to kill in a single blow without seeing blood and let his enemy die in a graceful manner.

    But the experience from his previous life had taught him to be thorough when it came to killing and to remove any possible threat completely.

    System notification:

    Battle evaluation: Grade S

    Quest reward: Killing a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

    Lin Yi raised his brow at the message. It seems that he had just killed an elite "mob".
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    Chapter 50 Following Closely

    Elite mob was a term in gaming used by players which referred to a stronger existence among those who had a similar class. For example, the top 100 in lower courtyard were the elites in lower courtyard.

    Due to differences in the quality of martial arts one learnt, there were potentially great differences between third-rate experts.

    3rd Chief was only an ordinary third-rate expert who had learnt a bronze grade saber art and the internal art he acquired was the lowest quality iron grade Basic Internal Art.

    But Lord Seven was different. He possessed the gold grade superior hidden weapon art Black Blood Divine Needles, and the internal art that he practised was the silver grade Sun Moon Holy Cult Internal Art Sutra.

    It was practically on the same level as Lin Yi.

    Third-rate experts such as Huashan core disciples possessed multiple superior martial arts and were termed "boss" level.

    They were the true geniuses, surpassing everyone else in their generation.

    By killing them, one could earn a minimum of 10,000 battle experience.

    In the previous life, these geniuses were well loved by the players, who resorted to all sorts of methods to kill them for the experience.

    After becoming a third-rate expert, it was difficult to raise the levels of one's internal art.

    The experience required for clearing each subsequent standard meridian increased by a hundred thousand.

    Lin Yi had currently cleared the first standard meridian, the Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian.

    In order to clear the 2nd, 3rd and 4th standard meridian, he required two, three and four hundred thousand experience.

    Thus, the last standard meridian would require a total of 1.2 million experience to clear.

    So much experience was required, but killing an ordinary similar-classed opponent only yielded 5,000 battle experience.

    How could players not love the "boss" level geniuses?

    If a demonic cult genius was standing in front of Lin Yi right now, he would also do everything in his power to kill him.

    Of course, if it were someone from a righteous sect, Lin Yi would hesitate to do that.

    Inviting trouble for the sake of 10,000 battle experience was hardly worth it.


    Upon witnessing 3rd Chief and Lord Seven getting killed by the Huashan youth, the remaining bandits cried in fear: "Lord Seven is dead, 3rd Chief is dead too!"

    All of them scattered immediately and fled for their lives on their horses.

    Seeing that the bandits had escaped, Lin Zhihu finally relaxed.

    Then he said to Lin Zhilong below: "Elder Brother, Yi-er...he won! He killed the 2 fierce bandit chiefs and the remaining bandits escaped!"

    "Really?" Lin Zhilong was delighted, but also found it unbelievable. His son only entered Huashan for half a year and he already possessed the ability to do that?

    At the urging of Lin Zhihu, he timidly climbed up the stairs and looked outside.

    He saw the bandits running away on their horses, while the ground was littered with the taels of silver they had extorted elsewhere.

    Lin Yi was wearing a white garb and holding a sword in his hand, the sword dripping with blood.

    Bodies that had been ripped into 2 halves were scattered messily all around him.

    The scene was incredibly bloody.

    Lin Zhilong nearly vomited, not daring to believe that the youth in white was his son.

    Yi-er was weak and defenseless half a year ago, how could he suddenly be so highly skilled now?

    And he was even cold like an iceberg, displaying no emotions whatsoever at the numerous corpses lying on the ground near him.

    What had Yi-er experienced in Huashan during this half a year?

    Lin Zhilong's heart was filled with doubt, but it was filled with even more joy at escaping death.

    He called out loudly: "Open the gates! Yi-er is back and he beat back the bandits, we're saved!"

    The servants were still fearful and trembling, not daring to open the gates.

    Lin Zhilong frowned and scolded loudly: "What are all of you afraid of? You bunch of cowards, the bandits outside have already fled for their lives and are nowhere to be seen!"

    Being scolded harshly by Lin Zhilong, the servants had no choice but to brace themselves and opened the gates.

    Once opened, the servants probed with their heads and saw bloody corpses which had been ripped apart scattered about everywhere on the ground.

    Many of them were shocked and vomited, while a few others were paralyzed by the scene, slumping onto the ground.

    Cries of excitement soon followed.

    "Wow! Young Master killed all these people?"

    "Young Master is so powerful!"

    "Of course Young Master is powerful, didn't you hear what the 2nd Master said? Young Master is now a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, that means he is a powerful expert who has acquired internal arts!"

    "Is our Young Master that great? Doesn't that mean that our Lin family has struck it rich?"

    "Ha ha, I knew you would ask that. Of course we have struck it rich, that's for sure! Now that Young Master is an upper courtyard disciple of Huashan, who would dare to belittle us? Heh heh, next time we see those people of Jianghu, we don't have to be scared anymore, and we can hold our heads high! What do you call that? When one man reaches the top, his chickens and mutts follow as well?"

    "It's chickens and dogs follow as well!"

    "Ha ha, it all means the same. With Young Master around, nobody would dare to look down on us. I bet those bandits wouldn't dare to pick on our Lin family anymore!"

    All the servants started chattering in soft voices after they had accustomed themselves to the bloody scene, their eyes filled with worship for the youth in white.

    They straightened their backs.

    That was their Lin family's Young Master!

    At this moment, the farmers from Lin Village looked out from their homes one by one and saw that the bandits had all left.

    Then they bravely walked out and looked at the corpses lying everywhere with fear and curiosity.

    The vast majority of the corpses had been ripped into 2 halves, and although it was bloody, it could not curb their curiosity.

    What made them even more curious was the youth in white standing amidst the corpses.

    "Is that Landlord Lin's son, Young Master Yi? That's too powerful, he actually made the bandits retreat and killed so many people!"

    "Of course he's powerful, when have you ever seen someone who remains expressionless and unmoved after killing so many people?"

    "You people don't know it, but I saw it with my own eyes. The way he killed these bandits was just like slicing watermelons, one hit for one bandit!

    "Wow, that powerful? Is he still human?"

    "Ah, of course he's different from us! He is a Huashan disciple, a truly important figure. Even the magistrate of our Yu City has to kneel down to welcome him."

    "Wow, that's too powerful?"


    "Yi-er, Yi-er, you are too strong!"

    Lin Zhihu excitedly walked out of the courtyard and approached Lin Yi while calling out loudly.

    He felt that he truly did not misjudge his nephew as an extraordinary person.Just when he was about to speak of his thoughts, Lin Yi interrupted him with a solemn expression.

    "Uncle Hu, I will leave this place to you to take care of. This group of bandits are not simple, so I'm going to follow them. It's best that I eliminate every one of them and prevent any future problems! That way, our Lin family won't have to worry about them seeking revenge!"

    Lin Zhihu's face turned serious, and he asked in surprise: "Is it really that serious?"

    Lin Yi nodded his head and pointed at Lord Seven's corpse: "This man is not a bandit, he's a member of the demonic cults!"

    "What? A member of the demonic cults?" Lin Zhihu shouted in surprise.

    A demonic cult member actually appeared in Huashan's territory? Even though he was a minor figure in Jianghu, he was a person of Jianghu after all, and he knew many things that ordinary people didn't know of.

    What did it mean for the demonic cults to appear?

    Although he wasn't very sure, but he knew the seriousness of the matter.

    He also knew that if Lin Yi did not destroy the stronghold of the bandits completely, Lin family would never be able to live the days in peace.

    Even if they moved away, they would never be able to escape from them.

    The forces of the demonic cults were highly capable, and they would find them wherever they hid.

    "Yi-er, leave this place to me and go. Just make sure to be careful, your safety is the most important!" Lin Zhihu nodded his head with a heavy expression.

    "En Uncle Hu, I will take note of it, I'm going!" Lin Yi agreed. After picking up the violet arrow he previously shot, he gathered a large amount of arrows from the Lin residence and filled the quiver.

    With Qingfeng Sword in hand and Longmang Bow on his back, he utilized Huashan Movement Art and left in the direction of the bandits, vanishing like smoke.

    On the way, his thoughts were heavy.

    A demonic cult member who possessed a superior martial art such as Black Blood Divine Needles had appeared in Huashan's territory.

    What were they trying to do?

    Lin Yi was unclear, but he knew that the demonic cults definitely wouldn't be up to anything good.

    It must be something evil, and it was most likely a large-scale evil deed.

    It would definitely harm Huashan, and he had to nip this threat in the bud.

    Moreover, a demonic cult member had died in his hands.

    If he didn't kill all the bandits, the demonic cults would find out what he did. Even if he wasn't afraid, it would place Lin family in great danger.

    For the sake of Lin family's safety, even if he had to enter a tiger's cave, he would do it.

    Rather than waiting for the bandits or the demonic cults to seek revenge, he might as well strike first and eliminate the problem himself.

    He was someone who liked to determine his own fate with his own hands, and he couldn't withstand being in a passive position.

    Besides, this group of bandits were obviously fierce bandits from Jianghu, much more powerful than those bandits from Black Wind Stronghold the last time.

    The battle experience from killing these bandits would not be little.

    This was a wonderful opportunity to grind mobs for experience!

    How could he miss it?

    He was currently greatly in need of battle experience.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords needed 100,000 experience to reach advanced stage.

    Clearing the second standard meridian also needed the same amount.

    If he trained in seclusion, who knew how long that would take.

    He couldn't afford to wait.

    Besides, what was his motive for leaving Huashan to adventure in Jianghu?

    It was exactly for the sake of earning experience.

    He could only increase his power rapidly by earning as much experience as he could, in order to obtain the ability to influence the great war in the future.

    As he followed the bandits, he traveled along many secluded paths.

    Finally, he arrived at a stronghold located within treacherous hills: Crouching Tiger Hill.

    Lin Yi laughed coldly at the domineering name the bandits had given themselves.

    As he watched the bandits shouting anxiously for the gates to be open, Lin Yi took out Longmang Bow and placed 3 ordinary arrows on it.

    The bow was drawn, and the 3 arrows whizzed into the air, rapidly flying towards the bandits.
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    Chapter 51 Seven Emissaries of the Holy Cult

    The flustered bandits that had escaped back to the stronghold quietly waited for the gates to open, finally sighing a breath of relief.

    The Huashan youth was too horrifying, being able to kill both Lord Seven and 3rd Chief.

    Not to mention how he had seemed to do so with ease.

    One had to know that Lord Seven and 3rd Chief were experts who possessed internal arts!

    They had witnessed 3rd Chief's ability with their own eyes before, even dozens of them fighting 3rd Chief at the same time weren't a match for him when he utilized his internal strength.

    There was even less to say about Lord Seven who had a mysterious background.

    Seeing that 3rd Chief had fawned on Lord Seven like a dog along the way, one could tell that Lord Seven was much stronger than 3rd Chief.

    But even then, Lord Seven also died to the Huashan youth.

    How strong was this Huashan youth?

    The bandits felt fear just from thinking about it, losing all their fighting spirit.

    Luckily they were just some small fry so the youth wasn't interested in them and allowed them to escape.

    Escaping from death, they were all relieved and secretly pleased that there were benefits to being a small fry, having a greater chance of escaping with their lives compared to the chiefs.

    Just when they were celebrating, the sound of something breaking through the air came from behind them.

    When they turned their heads to look, they were instantly dumbfounded.

    It was this kind of arrows again!

    Bang bang bang!

    3 of the bandits only just turned their heads, and before they had time to react, their heads were exploded by 3 arrows.

    The heads were blasted into mincemeat.

    Ta ta ta.

    In a far spot, a youth held a violet bow with a cold expression and incessantly fired arrows at them.

    And, each time he fired, he fired 3 arrows at the same time.

    The bandits were terrified and yelled: "He...he chased us here!"

    Scattering all over, the bandits all rushed to enter the stronghold before each other, ignoring the stunned expressions on the bandits that opened the gates, trying to run as far as they could.

    "What's happening?"

    The bandits that opened the gates were thoroughly confused.

    Swish swish swish!

    Another 3 sounds of breaking through the air were heard.

    "Ah ah ah!"

    3 terrible cries rang out, and 3 bandits who were slower than the rest had their heads blasted by the arrows.

    A youth holding a bow appeared in front of them.

    "It's an intruder, all of you attack, and kill him!"

    The bandits in the stronghold who had not met Lin Yi were enraged as if they had been insulted, and charged with their sabers while roaring in anger.

    "Just what I wanted!"

    Lin Yi laughed and hung Longmang Bow on his back, then drew his sword and charged forward.

    This time, he would not use any sneak attacks.

    He was going to level the stronghold in the most shocking and overwhelming manner!

    The light danced off the blade of the sword like rain, and everywhere it passed, none of the bandits could withstand a single stroke.

    All of them were killed in one move.

    "Quickly report this to the Eldest Chief, the opponent is too difficult to handle!"

    The bandits were yelling and running about in a mess after Lin Yi charged into the stronghold.


    At the assembly hall of Crouching Tiger Hill.

    The torches were blazing with fierce flames.

    Seven or eight scantily clad dancers were dancing gracefully, and instrumental music could be heard frequently.

    The melodies were beautiful and enchanting.

    The Eldest Chief and 2nd Chief of Crouching Tiger Hill had ingratiating looks on their faces, and they diligently served the six men dressed in black robes who were sitting side by side on the chief seat.

    "Ha, Eldest Chief, to think that your days in this crappy stronghold in the middle of nowhere are more comfortable than us brothers!" One of the black-robed man roughly thirty years of age stared at the dancers with lustful eyes and patted Eldest Chief's shoulders.

    "I wouldn't dare, in this tiny stronghold, how can I compare to the few of you who are Lords in the Holy Cult?" Eldest Chief sat in a lower seat and hurriedly shook his head.

    "These words of yours are not true!" The black robed man pointed amusedly at Eldest Chief and smiled coldly: "Although the Holy Cult is good, the rules are too strict. One slight mistake could easily get one killed by a high-ranked figure. How can it compare to a local emperor like you, where you can enjoy yourself in any way you want by isolating yourself in Crouching Tiger Hill?"

    Eldest Chief laughed apologetically but did not dare to reply.

    A mere bandit like him was just worthless small fry in front of the Holy Cult, how would he dare to criticize the Holy Cult?

    "Old Six, aren't you putting Eldest Chief in a difficult position? How would he dare to make comments about the Holy Cult? Let's keep these things among us brothers and leave the others out of it." Another black-robed man said with a laugh.

    "Fifth Brother is right." Old Six nodded and smiled.

    "Little Seven this chap, why isn't he back yet? What if the cult's mission gets delayed because of him?" Old Fifth suddenly frowned and said.

    "Fifth Brother, you should know very well that Little Seven has an insatiable greed for money. Once he sees money, he won't go anywhere else. Since we rarely get to come out on a trip, he certainly would try looting as much money as he can before he's willing to return!" Old Six laughed bitterly.

    "That wouldn't do. If the matters of Holy Cult gets delayed, us brothers won't be capable of bearing the consequences! Once Little Six is back, I'm going to teach him a good lesson, hmph!" Old Fifth snorted coldly, anger flashing past his face.

    Old Six shook his head and did not speak as he also felt that Little Seven was inviting trouble with his ways. After a moment of thinking, he asked curiously: "Fifth Brother, Cult Master sent us here saying that he discovered the traces of the Holy Maiden in Huashan and ordered us to look into what she's doing. But with Elder Xiong following by her side, how can small fry like us be capable of monitoring the Holy Maiden?

    "Heh heh, small fry doesn't stand out, that's why we are perfect for this job. It's not like you need to deal with Elder Xiong, what are you afraid of?" Old Fifth smiled coldly.

    "But this is Huashan's territory. If Huashan's people discover us, we will be in great trouble." Old Six replied with a bitter expression.

    "That's true, Little Seven this chap is too fond of creating trouble. What do we do if he attracts the attention of Huashan?" Old Fifth frowned when he thought of the potential problems.

    He looked at the black-robed man sitting first from the left, this was the eldest brother: "Eldest Brother, what should we do?"

    The eldest brother's voice was hoarse and he pointed at Eldest Chief, saying sombrely: "Send a message to Little Seven telling him to get his ass back here immediately and say that I said that!"

    Eldest Chief repeatedly nodded his head and wiped his sweat. The six lords in front of him were too tormenting.

    Speaking of important matters pertaining to the Holy Cult in front of him without any qualms, and even wanting to keep a close watch on the Holy Maiden and Elder Xiong.

    He was only a puny bandit chief that was not even capable of entering the ranks in the Holy Cult. How could he carry out such orders?

    Wasn't this akin to roasting him on a spit?

    He was in an extremely difficult position.

    But what made him curious was the fact that Cult Master had sent this seven brothers to watch over the Holy Maiden. What was she going to do that could make the Cult Master pay so much attention?

    The Holy Maiden was the daughter of the previous Cult Master of  Sun Moon Holy Cult Duan Potian. Ten years ago, rumors broke out in Jianghu saying that Duan Potian had made a critical mistake while practicing a divine skill and died as a result. The Deputy Cult Master at that time Nangong Xue then took over the position of Cult Master.

    After assuming the position of Cult Master, Cult Master Nangong treated the Holy Maiden like his own nephew and doted on her. Also, Cult Master Nangong had no children, so the daughter of Duan Potian, Duan Feifei, was designated as the Holy Maiden.

    Ten years had passed since then, and the Holy Maiden was already 14 to 15 years old.

    The Holy Maiden was extremely intelligent and fond of learning since young, having the ability to remember anything after seeing it once. She was able to learn any martial art after watching a demonstration once. Brimming with talent, she cleared the 7th standard meridian at the age of 13 to14 years old and became a second-rate expert.

    The great genius Linghu Feng of Huashan was slightly inferior when compared to her.

    After all, he was already 18 years old, older than the Holy Maiden by 3 to 4 years.

    After she became a second-rate expert, the Holy Maiden left the Holy Cult headquarters at Black Woods Cliff and started to wander Jianghu.

    But in contrast to the extremely well-known Linghu Feng who was addressed as Young Hero Linghu by others, there was completely no news of the Holy Maiden Duan Feifei.

    It was just like water entering the great sea.

    Now, seven emissaries from the Holy Cult had descended upon Crouching Tiger Hill and talked openly about the discovery of the Holy Maiden in Huashan's territory half a year ago as well as the mission given by the Cult Master to locate the Holy Maiden and monitor her activities.

    Eldest Chief was shocked, seemingly having heard things that he shouldn't have heard.

    What kind of people were the Cult Master and the Holy Maiden?

    How could small fry like him get involved?

    Although he appeared to be very obedient to the six black-robed brothers on the surface, in his heart he held disdain for the six of them.

    Weren't these brothers small fry as well?

    To think that they were even thinking of monitoring the Holy Maiden...

    To enter Crouching Tiger Hill so audaciously and proceed to have a good time, how could they expect not to be discovered by the Holy Maiden?

    Did they really think that Elder Xiong's existence could be ignored?

    Elder Xiong was a fierce subordinate of the previous Cult Master Duan Potian and he possessed the Bear Demon Divine Palm, which was incredibly powerful. More than ten years ago, he was already famous in Jianghu. There was no one who would not be stricken with fear upon hearing the name of Bear Demon.

    Although Elder Xiong no longer bothered himself with affairs of the cult after Cult Master Nangong took over the reins and instead served the Holy Maiden in peace for ten years without making an appearance, he still commanded great authority and possessed great skills. The people of righteous sects had never forgotten about the bounty on him.

    As he thought about all these, Eldest Chief quickly stood up and replied: "Please wait here my Lords, I will immediately send someone to call 3rd Chief and Lord Seven back. "

    Just as he wanted to turn around, a bandit nervously charged in and clumsily crashed into his rear.

    Feeling pain on his backside, Eldest Chief was infuriated and was about to curse loudly and teach this clumsy fool a good lesson.

    Instead, he saw the bandit shouting nervously at him in great fear: "Eldest Chief, something bad has happened. There is a powerful guy wearing the Huashan upper courtyard attire attacking our stronghold right now, and countless brothers have already died to his hands!"


    "Someone from Huashan?"

    Without waiting for a response from Eldest Chief, the six black-robed men heard the news clearly and abruptly stood up, their expressions greatly changing.

    "Damn it, Little Seven must have caused trouble. With that greed of his, he definitely wreaked havoc in the adjacent radius of hundred li and attracted the attention of Huashan as a result. I already said so, we shouldn't have let Little Seven follow along! This fool that's only capable of ruining matters instead of accomplishing anything!" Old Five stared in anger.

    At this moment, another bandit rushed in and shouted: "Eldest Chief, it's terrible! 3rd Chief and Lord Seven were killed by the person from Huashan!"

    Upon hearing this news, everyone was greatly shocked.

    Eldest Chief looked at this man, recognizing him as someone who had followed 3rd Chief when he left the stronghold and questioned him while staring with widened eyes: "What is going on?"

    TL Note: Lord Seven sounds much more appropriate after this chapter so this will be the FINAL VERSION!
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    "After assuming the position of Cult Master, Cult Master Nangong doted on the Holy Maiden like a nephew. "
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    Thanks for the chap!
    "After assuming the position of Cult Master, Cult Master Nangong doted on the Holy Maiden like a nephew. "
    I think nephew should be uncle
    Actually I wanted to translate it as "Cult Master Nangong treated the Holy Maiden like his/her own nephew", but the gender of Nangong Xue was not mentioned at all... :|
    If it's any better I'll change it to "treated the Holy Maiden like a nephew ".

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    Chapter 52 Bloody Massacre

    "We followed 3rd Chief and Lord Seven after leaving the stronghold to extort money from rich families. For the first few days, everything went smoothly. Any family which failed to produce the money were massacred by us. But when we went to the Lin family in Lin village of Yu City, things started going horribly wrong. Just when we were about to break down the gates of their residence, a Huashan upper courtyard disciple appeared. We heard that he was the young master of the Lin family who had entered Huashan half a year ago."

    "That Lin Yi from Huashan did not say a word and killed several of our brothers. 3rd Chief approached him but was cut into two by his sword. Lord Seven then engaged him as well, but he was killed by Lin Yi in less than three moves."

    Under the questioning of Eldest Chief, the bandit described the whole incident in bits and pieces with a frightened expression, repeatedly uttering the words "evil demon".

    "We escaped back to the stronghold and thought that we had escaped Lin Yi"s claws. To think that this Lin Yi actually followed behind us all along and made his appearance only when we reached the stronghold and started slaughtering us!"

    Huashan upper courtyard disciple!

    In half a year, turning from a defenseless weakling into a third-rate expert with internal arts.

    Eldest Chief and 2nd Chief gasped and did not dare to speak.

    This Huashan disciple called Lin Yi was obviously a peerless genius!

    With incredible fighting ability!

    No matter what, 3rd Chief had also been a third-rate expert with internal arts. Even though he was slightly weaker than the two of them, he had been killed in one move.

    Not to mention Lord Seven...

    Eldest Chief secretly peeked at the six emissaries from the holy cult and felt fear.

    Was it possible for people from the holy cult to possess inferior martial arts?

    Among the martial arts they learned, there was bound to be at least one superior martial art.

    As such, they were so much stronger than bandits such as themselves.

    But even then, Lord Seven was not able to survive more than 3 moves when he fought Lin Yi.

    Besides, he was well aware that it was easy to defeat a person but difficult to kill someone.

    Everyone had a life-preserving skill.

    In Jianghu, fights between similarly classed experts mostly ended in injuries but they were rarely fatal.

    Otherwise, if someone died whenever they fought, wouldn't the vast majority of the people of Jianghu already be dead from the huge number of fights in Jianghu every year?

    Without absolutely overpowering strength, it was very hard to take the opponent"s life.

    Thinking of this point, a chill rose up in Eldest Chief's heart.

    He was definitely not a match for this Lin Yi from Huashan.

    The thought of escaping rose in his heart involuntarily.

    Compared to the two bandit chiefs, the six black-robed men from the holy cult were even more shocked.

    Although Little Seven had been quite arrogant, he was truly skilled, having possessed the superior martial art Black Blood Divine Needles. Even if he encountered a second-rate expert, they would be wary of him and not dare to drive him to a corner, allowing him to escape with little effort.

    That was why they did not worry about Little Seven and allowed him to fool around outside.

    But they completely did not expect Little Seven to actually be killed by a Huashan upper courtyard disciple!

    And it was even a disciple who had just Huashan half a year ago.

    How talented would this Lin Yi be to be able to obtain the strength to kill Little Seven in just half a year?

    What angered and frightened them most, however, was the fact that a Huashan disciple had come looking for them.

    No matter what, their presence was exposed.

    Huashan would surely be glad to spread the news in Jianghu that they discovered traces of demonic cult members in their territory and even issue a warrant for arrest.

    When that happened, how could the Holy Maiden and Elder Xiong not be alerted?

    That would be the end of their mission.

    Before even actually starting their mission, they had failed.

    Thinking of the cruel and terrifying punishments back in the holy cult, their hearts trembled.

    But they were filled with even more anger at this Huashan disciple Lin Yi.

    "Damn it, you actually foiled the plans of us brothers. Eldest brother, let me go out and slay this scoundrel to take revenge for Little Seven!" Old Six roared in great anger.

    The eldest brother did not reply. After closing his eyes in deep thought for a short while, he then asked the bandit who escaped from Lin village: "Did you see clearly what sword art Lin Yi was using?"

    The bandit thought for a moment before replying: "I hear Lord Seven saying that Lin Yi was using something called Deadly Celestial Swords to kill 3rd Chief?"

    "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!" The eldest brother added on.

    "Right, it's this Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords! Seeing Lord Seven's shocked expression, it seems that this sword art is quite famous, but this lowly me was unable to tell the greatness of this sword art. The techniques look very ordinary, not resembling any so-called Celestial Swords at all." The bandit nodded repeatedly.

    "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords is a superior sword art inherited from the Sword School of Huashan and is extremely well known for its power in Jianghu. A hundred years ago, a peerless swordsman who inherited sword arts from the Huashan Sword School used this sword art to slay three great elders from our holy cult. This peerless swordsman created a huge sensation in Jianghu with this feat and the Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords that he possessed spread its name far and wide in Jianghu ever since." The eldest brother suddenly said.

    His words stunned Eldest Chief.

    A successor of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords from Huashan.

    Could he escape safely today?

    The black-robed eldest brother saw that all the bandits were frightened by his words and had lost all their fighting spirit. With a cold snort, he said: "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords is extremely powerful. But it only has three sword techniques, nothing more or less. Now that there are eight of us third-rate experts gathered here today, what is there to fear from a rookie Huashan disciple that has only just entered the upper courtyard?"

    "Eldest brother is right, there are eight of us here. Being alone by himself, he still dares to attack us. That's just looking for death! Let's kill him and avenge Little Seven!" Old Six nodded in agreement and was filled with killing intent.

    "Right, let"s take revenge for Little Seven!" The remaining four brothers nodded.

    The eldest brother nodded and said coldly: "Once we go out, surround him completely and don"t let him escape!"

    "Yes!" Five black-robed men accepted their orders.

    "Eldest Chief!" The eldest brother looked at Eldest Chief intently, the expression on his face resembling a smile yet not a smile.

    "Here!"  Under the intent gaze of the eldest brother, Eldest Chief's scalp tingled and he wailed in his heart. According to his opinion, he should be escaping right now instead of fighting the Huashan disciple.

    However, no matter how reluctant he was, when the eldest brother looked at him in that manner, he had to force himself to nod his head and agree.

    "2nd Chief, let us go as well!" Giving a quick look at 2nd Chief, he saw his eyes twinkling, and Eldest Chief was delighted. So this 2nd Chief was also a coward and thought in the same way as himself? Putting on a serious face, he followed the six black-robed men and walked out of the hall.

    "Run for your lives brothers, this man is too strong, we are not a match for him!"

    In the stronghold, countless bandits were running all over the place and shouting, trying to escape.

    Behind them, a youth wielded a bloody sword, his face wearing a cold expression. With one leap, he reached the back of a bandit and slashed downwards.

    The bandit was instantly cut into two in an explosion of flesh and blood, spraying in all directions.

    Seeing that the bandits had gathered some distance from him, the youth sheathed his sword and took out his violet bow from his back. Then he placed three arrows on the bow again.

    The bow was pulled into the shape of a full moon.

    Bang bang bang!

    The hand pulling the bowstring let go.

    Three keen arrows shot off in an explosion.

    They traced an abstruse trajectory, piercing through all obstacles, before landing sharply on the heads of three bandits.


    The heads of the three bandits were blasted open like watermelons, a mixture of red and white, and splattered all over the ground.

    The bandits who witnessed the scene were completely horrified.

    "Evil demon, it's an evil demon!"

    Many bandits were scared out of their wits and started rambling, some of them even yelling like madmen.

    The bandits of Crouching Tiger Hill were a bunch of motley crew in the first place, and they were so terrified by Lin Yi's bloody slaughter that they started fleeing in disorder.

    Lin Yi did not let off any of these bandits.

    His hands moved like a machine, incessantly repeating the same actions.

    Placing the arrows, pulling the bowstring, then shooting the arrows!

    Each time, three arrows were shot at once.

    Bang bang bang, the exploding sounds rang out continuously.

    They were followed by the terrible cries of the bandits whose heads were blasted one by one.

    In just a short while, rivers of blood were flowing in Crouching Tiger Hill.

    System notification:

    Killing a Crouching Tiger Hill bandit, 100 battle experience awarded.

    Killing a Crouching Tiger Hill bandit, 100 battle experience awarded.

    Killing a Crouching Tiger Hill bandit, 100 battle experience awarded.

    Killing a Crouching Tiger Hill bandit, 100 battle experience awarded.

    The system panel flashed madly with a string of messages. All of them were notifications of experience earned from killing the bandits.

    Lin Yi took a glance, feeling somewhat satisfied. One bandit gave a hundred battle experience points and there were hundreds of them here.

    That was equivalent to tens of thousands of battle experience points!

    As he thought of that, his hands' actions grew smoother.

    He resembled a killing machine, shooting arrows crazily.

    Every arrow resulted in an exploded head.

    Now that he had internal arts, he no longer felt fatigue in his arms like he did when he killed the Black Wind Stronghold bandits.

    Instead, as he killed more and more bandits, the actions of pulling the bow and shooting the arrows grew more and more fluid, resembling the floating of clouds and the flowing of water.

    He had rediscovered the feeling that he had when he shot arrows back in the game.

    Every arrow was akin to a divine arrow, never missing, always hitting the bull's eye.

    There was nothing the bandits could do except cry out for their parents and continue trying to escape with their heads intact.

    But no matter how they tried to escape, Lin Yi just kept firing three arrows at once from behind them.

    One by one, the bandits' heads were blasted, and the ground was littered with corpses.

    The bandits realized in horror that the number of people around them grew lesser and lesser.

    When finally there were only dozens of bandits left, the gates of the assembly hall finally opened with a loud rumbling.

    A row of black-robed men walked out along with two fierce-looking burly men who held large sabers.

    "Ah, finally coming out?"

    Lin Yi laughed coldly and halted his footsteps.

    Before this, he had been chasing the bandits around the perimeter of the stronghold in circles, leaving the bandits that hid inside the assembly hall alone.

    He only focused on killing the prey in front of his eyes by shooting arrows.

    As a hunter, one needed to have the patience to calmly finish killing the prey in front of them before hunting the remaining prey.

    Now that the prey in front of him was nearly finished, it was time to hunt the other major prey.

    As he swept his gaze over, the pupils of his eyes shrank.

    Six black-robed men and two fierce-looking burly men.

    Eight in total.

    All of them were third-rate experts!

    The six black-robed men obviously belonged to the same group of people as the black-robed man that he killed in front of the Lin residence.

    People from Sun Moon Holy Cult!

    Lin Yi's heart was trembling, but it was not out of fear. It was trembling from excitement!

    Six elite "mobs" from a demonic cult.

    How much battle experience could he get from killing them?

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  • Each bandit only gives 100 exp. But the notification says 1000
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    Chapter 53 Taking on Eight Experts

    Although Lin Yi was very excited and couldn't wait to kill the six men from Sun Moon Holy Cult for the battle experience, he did not get impulsive and remained calm.

    His gaze hovered around the eight people, his expression deadly serious and his mind fully focused.

    These eight were third-rate experts of Jianghu and six of them were even from Sun Moon Holy Cult. This meant that they were much stronger third-rate experts compared to the ordinary ones.

    If one simply compared the martial arts they each had, Lin Yi wasn't stronger than them.

    He might even be inferior in certain aspects.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was certainly powerful, but it indeed only had three sword moves.

    After using these three moves, its effectiveness would be exhausted.

    This was the flaw in the sword art. If it did not have any flaws, it wouldn't be a superior martial art but a peerless martial art instead.

    Superior martial arts were highly specialized, resulting in a corresponding inflexibility in some manner, and they all had their own flaws.

    For its incredible power, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords' flaw was the limited number of techniques.

    Other superior martial arts were similar.

    Black Blood Divine Needles killed with a mere scratch due to its incredibly potent poison and was greatly feared. But because of the potency of the poison, the other aspects of this martial art was very weak and thus it was easy to counter.

    Both martial arts weren't peerless martial arts because although they had great strengths, they also had great weaknesses and were easy to counter.

    Nearly all superior martial arts in Jianghu could be countered in one way or another.

    Lin Yi could ignore the two bandit chiefs from Crouching Tiger Hill, but he did not dare to belittle the six members of Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    Who knew what martial arts these six people had learned?

    The martial arts of demonic cult members were extremely unusual.

    One moment of carelessness could lead to disaster.

    Lin Yi had deeply experienced this in the game during his previous life.

    Facing demonic cult members, he never dared to let down his guard. Neither would he act arrogantly like the disciples from righteous sects and naively think that the demonic sect members were good-for-nothings since they were the common enemy.


    If one thought like that, it was easy to court death.

    The demonic sects had survived in the world of Great Jianghu for thousands of years. They had the ability to vie with the righteous sects for power and could even frequently incite great wars between the demonic and the righteous.

    How could such strength and ability be disregarded?

    His eyes rolled about while his brain was spinning madly.

    Now that he was facing eight third-rate experts, the only advantage he could rely on was his rich fighting experience.

    In such situations, he couldn't allow emotions to take control and had to keep himself clearheaded at all times so that he could quickly adapt and find the right ways to deal with the situation.

    Lin Yi was thinking of a plan to defeat his enemies and the eight people were also doing the same. Facing this Huashan upper courtyard disciple, they did not dare to let down their guard.

    Who would dare to look down on the power of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?

    After a short moment of impasse, the black-robed eldest brother lightly made some motions with his hand, indicating his intentions to the group of people.

    The group of people scattered and subtly started forming a circle, attempting to surround Lin Yi on all sides and to seal off any means of escape.

    They only just began to move and Lin Yi's sharp mind had already guessed their intentions.

    With a serious expression, he rapidly retreated.

    Leaping onto a rooftop nearby, he sped off in the direction of the gates of Crouching Tiger Hill.

    "Don't let him escape!"

    The eldest brother panicked and thought that this successor of Deadly Chain of Three Immortal Swords wanted to retreat after seeing that he was outnumbered. He was inwardly angered that this youth could be so astute despite his young age.

    The moment they made their move, he was able to discover their intention.

    The rest did not dare to incur any kind of delay in carrying out the eldest brother's orders and each of them started using their skills to go after Lin Yi.

    One of the black-robed men leaped into the air as if he was flying, his speed even surpassing Lin Yi!

    One had to know that Lin Yi had learned the silver grade Huashan Movement Art, and coupled with his internal art, his speed stat reached 120 points. And by circulating his internal strength into both legs, his speed had rocketed to 36 times that of an ordinary person!

    "Sky Soaring Demonic Art!"

    Lin Yi focused his gaze on the black-robed man and instantly recognized the martial art he was using.

    It was a skill which originated from one of the Ten Great Elders of the demonic cults, Sky Soaring Divine Demon.

    It was a very famous lightness art in Jianghu.

    Another similar demonic art which was equally famous was the lightness art used by the great Blue Bat of Ming Cult Wei Yixiao.

    Another black-robed man resembled a white ape and his arms were very long. Whether he was running on the ground or climbing onto rooftops, he was extremely fast.

    "White Ape Demonic Art!"

    In his previous life, after having encountered the Sun Moon Holy Cult on countless occasions, Lin Yi was now capable of recognizing their martial arts with one look.

    More was yet to come.

    One man resembled a huge ox, crashing through numerous buildings as he charged and causing them to collapse.

    "Herculean Strength Demonic Art!"

    One revealed his metal claws as he swiped forward. The metal claws lodged into the mud walls, the silvery chains connected to the claws flashing with a metallic hue.

    "Demonic Claws Art!"

    Yet one more black-robed man opened his huge mouth and roared with great force, causing Lin Yi to be temporarily stunned along with loud ringing in his ears.

    "Black Tiger's Demonic Roar Art!"

    And the last one had his whole body glittering in a golden luster while he charged forward, piercing through the buildings.

    "Golden Ape Demonic Art!"

    Lin Yi was continuously surprised by the black-robed men in pursuit. They chased from all sides, nearly blocking off every possible route.

    All six of them had inherited skills from the Ten Great Elders of the demonic cults!

    Each of them was extremely powerful.

    But Lin Yi only remained surprised for a short while and soon a subtle smile could be seen on his face.

    He was not afraid of the enemy displaying their martial arts, he was only afraid that they kept their martial arts hidden, causing him unable to think of countermeasures.

    Since the enemy had openly displayed their martial arts, he could think of ways of dealing with them very quickly by making use of his rich and plentiful fighting experience.

    The smile he wore on his face grew more obvious.

    On the rooftop, he abruptly spun around and advanced instead of retreating.

    The black-robed men trying to surround him split up and approached him.

    Lin Yi sheathed his sword, took out Longmang Bow and placed a violet arrow on it.

    Then he pulled the bowstring in midair and aimed at 2nd Chief who was lagging behind.


    There was a loud sound and the violet arrow whizzed through the air.

    The arrow was extremely fast!

    Leaving behind an afterimage, it reached 2nd Chief in the blink of an eye.

    He completely did not expect Lin Yi to strike suddenly while in the middle of retreating.

    A shocked expression appeared on his face.

    In the next moment, his head exploded!

    Half his head was carried away by the violet arrow.

    "2nd Chief!"

    Eldest Chief watched this scene unfold with great pain and shouted in fear.

    The pain was not due to grief, it was due to fear.

    The savageness of the enemy had far exceeded his imagination.

    Who would have thought that Lin Yi was only pretending to flee, while all along he was aiming for 2nd Chief!

    Even though 2nd Chief was the weakest among the eight of them, but if they were to carry out a joint attack, he could still be able to provide a great effect.

    This Huashan youth was extremely cunning!

    Eldest Chief naturally did not expect that Lin Yi had more in store for his plans.

    Not only was he going to kill 2nd Chief, but he also wanted to test the martial arts that the six black-robed men possessed.

    Furthermore, he was not satisfied with just killing one person.

    He also wanted to kill Eldest Chief!

    Taking out a violet arrow once more, the second one out of the three violet arrows which came together with Longmang Bow, he repeated the same actions.

    Pulling the bowstring.

    Shooting the arrow!

    The violet arrow blasted off towards Eldest Chief!

    The sounds of something breaking through the air rang out once more.

    The impetus was alarmingly great!

    Eldest Chief's expression changed drastically.

    He was well aware of the immense power contained in the arrows.

    The power was sufficient to make one's body explode.

    If he was hit by the arrow, even if he circulated internal strength throughout his whole body, he wouldn't escape from the fate of exploding.

    He began dodging wildly.

    But how could such a fast and unexpected arrow be dodged so easily?

    The advantage of long-range weapons lies in its speed.

    Lin Yi's arrow was not only extremely fast, but it was also incredibly powerful.

    Eldest Chief nearly exhausted every method available trying to dodge the arrow and repeatedly rolled on the ground.

    He slightly heaved a sigh of relief. It was torturous to face a situation of life and death.

    Luckily he finally managed to dodge it.

    Just when Eldest Chief was celebrating in his heart, he realized that the Huashan youth was already standing beside him and swinging his sword at him.

    This sword technique seemed ordinary, but Eldest Chief was unable to dodge it. His spirit was exhausted from trying to dodge the arrow just now.

    Facing the incoming sword, he just stood there like a fool without any reaction and watched the sword piercing through his chest with his eyes.

    Lin Yi's hand slightly turned and the blade changed direction.

    With a downward slash, chi!

    Eldest Chief was cut into two, dying instantly!

    Two out of eight people had died, leaving six of them.

    The six black-robed men stared and roared in great anger!

    This youth was too wicked. He actually managed to kill two people while he was being chased by them, playing them for a fool.

    Obviously, the youth had no plans of escaping right from the start.

    The six men were greatly enraged.

    Was he treating them like monkeys?

    The fastest one to arrive was the man who used Sky Soaring Demonic Art.

    He resembled a huge bird soaring in the sky.

    In just a short while, he had greatly closed the gap between Lin Yi and himself.

    The rest of the black-robed men similarly followed closely behind.

    As long as Sky Soaring user was able to hold the wicked Huashan youth down for just a moment, they would be able to reach him and kill the youth in a joint attack.

    Lin Yi laughed, the enemy's intentions clear as day to him.

    He pulled the bowstring once more and shot three arrows.

    Having witnessed the power of the arrows, the Sky Soaring user was frightened by Lin Yi's action.

    Even if he could block the arrows, he would certainly incur great injury.

    He hurriedly changed his stance and direction, lowering his speed as a result.

    In this way, he managed the dodge the three arrows which formed a triangle, and his heart relaxed.

    But very soon, he realized in shock that he wasn't the target of these three arrows, it was the Demonic Claws user behind him.

    The Demonic Claws user was just pulling the iron claws and flying forward along the chains when he suddenly faced three arrows heading towards him.

    The Sky Soaring user was shocked speechless.

    The ability of this Huashan youth to predict was beyond imagination and his control of the battlefield was unexpectedly strong.

    Without realizing it, the pace of the fight was under the control of the youth.

    Lin Yi did not apply internal strength to the three ordinary arrows so even though they hit the Demonic Claws user, he only received minor injuries.

    Lin Yi did not look frustrated, instead smiling slightly.

    In the midst of retreating, he shot arrows at the other black-robed men from time to time.

    None of them killed their targets, but unknowingly, the other black-robed men had formed a distance from the Sky Soaring user.

    As he was chasing Lin Yi at the very front and was the closest to him, Sky Soaring user did not realize this.

    Lin Yi gave a cold laugh and drew his sword without making a sound.
  • Each bandit only gives 100 exp. But the notification says 1000
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    Each bandit only gives 100 exp. But the notification says 1000
    Thanks for spotting the mistake, corrected.

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  • Chapter 54 Cutting Down Strong Foes

    Lin Yi's speed suddenly decreased. The Sky Soaring user was delighted and went faster.

    In a sudden turn of events, the youth in front who had been fleeing nonstop sprang off a wall and reversed his direction with a turn of his body.

    With great speed, he approached the Sky Soaring user.

    The gap between the two closed in an instant.

    The Sky Soaring user realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.

    Lin Yi already brandished his sword.

    The first sword of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!


    The light from the blade flashed past the neck of the Sky Soaring user, and a head with an expression filled with shock and disbelief flew up into the air.

    The head landed on the ground.

    "Fourth Brother!"

    "Old Four!"

    The black-robed men behind roared loudly and their gaze towards the youth was filled with rage and killing intent.

    It was as if flames were spouting from their eyes!

    Lin Yi paid no heed to their gazes and smiled in ridicule.

    He raised his middle finger and expressed his disdain for the remaining five black-robed men.

    How could the killing move he had carefully planned be seen through by them?

    Although this move did not seem to be special, it was an idea which Lin Yi had thought of in an instant and the execution was flawless.

    From the initial retreat at the start, then turning back to kill 2nd Chief and Eldest Chief.

    Followed by more running and shooting arrows which seemed like he was trying to prevent the black-robed men from closing in on him.

    But he secretly shot at everyone but the Sky Soaring user. The best part was that every arrow Lin Yi shot seemed as if they were aimed at Sky Soaring user when in fact the arrows' true targets were the five other black-robed men behind him. This achieved the effect of creating an increasing distance between him and the rest.

    How much observational and judgment skills did that require?

    It looked simple, but the skills required to pull it off weren't simple at all.

    It was an advantage created by pure skill.

    Lin Yi possessed such skills, and he was also very good at making use of his skills.

    That was how he managed to kill Sky Soaring user.

    Among the six black-robed men one had been eliminated, and it was the one with the greatest threat, the Sky Soaring user who was fast enough to chase him down.

    Among the five remaining black-robed men, there was none who was faster than him.

    Lin Yi had all the time in the world to slowly deal with them.

    One could say that his chances of winning this battle had increased from zero to fifty percent.

    But Lin Yi did not become cocky and complacent because of that and recklessly fight them head-on.

    That was a foolish thing to do.

    If he fought all five of them at once, even if he was highly experienced at fighting, he could not deal with so many of them all by himself.

    The truly smart way was to continue his hit-and-run tactics and firmly take control of the pace of the battle.

    That way, he could slowly increase the advantage that he held.

    Once again, he started fleeing.

    Lin Yi had run around the entire Crouching Tiger Hill, round after round.

    Using his bow from time to time to shoot at anyone who got close.

    Muffled grunts of pain could be heard.

    The remaining five people were provoked by Lin Yi's treachery and no longer dared to stay far from each other, sticking closely to one another.

    But because of that, each of them now had arrows stuck in their bodies and multiple bleeding wounds.

    They were overly cautious and wanted to avoid falling into a trap at all costs, not realizing that they had already fallen into another trap.

    The five of them were riddled with injuries and dragged along by Lin Yi into running multiple rounds around the stronghold.

    They were long since exhausted and panting heavily.

    Lin Yi gave a cold look and muttered to himself: "It's about time."

    He hung Longmang bow on his back and drew the bloody Qingfeng sword which was dripping with blood before coming to a halt.

    Standing still, he quietly waited for the five men to reach him.

    "Kid, continue to run! Why aren't you running anymore!"

    Seeing Lin Yi stop in his tracks, the black-robed men mocked him.

    Lin Yi did not speak a word and merely held his sword and charged at them. He was actually going to fight the five of them head-on.

    "Good kid, you finally stopped running. Kill him and take revenge for Little Seven and Old Four!" The five black-robed men shouted angrily and started using all their killing moves.

    Herculean Strength Demonic Art.

    White Ape Demonic Art.

    Golden Ape Demonic Art.

    Black Tiger's Demonic Roar.

    Demonic Claws Art.

    The astonishing power of five superior martial arts erupted at once and headed towards Lin Yi.

    With a sword step, Lin Yi charged at the middle of the five men.

    Afterimages flashed behind.

    The five great demonic arts all missed and hit the air.

    Amidst the anger of the five men, a beam of light flashed from the sword in Lin Yi's hand.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!

    With one sword move, Lin Yi pierced the throat of the Black Tiger user with his sword.

    After killing one more person, Lin Yi quickly retreated.

    Attacking in a flash and leaving in a flash.

    In the blink of an eye, Lin Yi had charged into the five men and killed one of them before leaving swiftly.

    Looking full of grace.

    But the remaining four men were driven mad with rage and started shouting.

    "Fifth Brother!"

    "Old Five!"

    "Aaaaah, kill him, kill him now and take revenge!" The Demonic Claws user had seemingly gone mad from rage, his eyes bloodshot and filled with killing intent, and he madly charged at Lin Yi.

    "Don't do it Sixth Brother!"

    The other three men anxiously tried stopping him but they were too late.

    Seeing that someone had been driven mad and left the team to attack him, Lin Yi's eyes lit up and he attacked with his sword.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, first sword move, second sword move!

    After two moves, Demonic Claws user's right hand which was holding the metal claws had been severed and a deep line of blood appeared on his face.


    His head was split into two from the middle.

    The Demonic Claws user was slain!

    Of the eight third-rate experts, only three were left.

    "Sixth Brother!"

    "Old Six!"

    The three black-robed men cried out in pain from witnessing his death.

    Their gazes towards Lin Yi were filled with hatred and cruel killing intent.

    Lin Yi laughed it off and paid no heed.

    Only the White Ape user, Golden Ape user, and the Herculean Strength user were left.

    In terms of raw strength, the three of them were the strongest.

    But in terms of the level of threat that they posed, they were the weakest.

    Lin Yi returned his sword to its sheath and took out the last violet arrow.

    Injecting internal strength into his arms, the muscles of his arms bulged visibly, filled with explosive power.

    Pulling the bow into the shape of a full moon, he released the bowstring and the violet arrow shot off like a violet meteor, heading straight for the White Ape user with incredible speed.

    The White Ape user was greatly shocked and wanted to dodge the arrow.

    But Lin Yi had shot this arrow with his full strength, resulting in its alarmingly high speed.

    How could the White Ape user who looked like a big gorilla be capable of dodging it?

    Just when he thought of dodging it, before his body could react, the violet arrow already reached him.


    The Herculean Strength user and Golden Ape user could only shout out in agony and watch on helplessly as the White Ape user's head was exploded by the arrow, dying instantly!

    Another one down.

    Two more to go.

    Looking at the two men remaining, Lin Yi smiled.

    The Golden Ape user had a very high defense while the Herculean Strength user had an incredible amount of power.

    If the strengths of both people could be combined into one, Lin Yi probably would have no way to deal with it.

    But, they were two separate persons!

    The Golden Ape user's defense was incredible, but his speed was abysmal.

    The Herculean Strength user possessed extreme power, but his defense was mediocre.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi drew his sword and attacked the two.

    Instead of using the superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, he used Huashan Sword Art.

    Facing two men who were covered in wounds and panting heavily, that was sufficient!

    All-encompassing White Rainbow!

    Abundant Wealth!

    Descend of Edgeless Wood!

    White Clouds Emerge!

    Huashan Sword Art was transformed alive in Lin Yi's hands.

    Every move was exquisite and the killing moves emerged continuously.

    One after another.

    One man used his overwhelming strength to deal with the moves by hitting the blade away.

    The other waved his golden fists, not fearing the blade of the sword. Qingfeng Sword made multiple stab wounds on the Golden Ape user's arms and they were full of blood, but he was indifferent.

    "Good, come again!"

    The two men fought so valiantly that Lin Yi was also having a good time fighting them.

    With a great shout, he attacked the two of them madly like a wild storm.

    The styles of Huashan Sword Art were unleashed on them incessantly.

    Ten moves, hundred moves.

    300 moves, 400 moves.

    700 moves, 800 moves.

    A thousand moves!

    Finally, the Golden Ape user could no longer take it.

    His entire body was full of injuries and blood flowed continuously from the injuries.

    He was nearly covered in blood.

    His internal strength had been totally drained and the golden luster was very dim.

    His defense had greatly decreased!

    Lin Yi's eyes lit up.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    First sword!

    Second sword!

    Third sword!

    Unleashing all three moves, he finally managed to cut down the Golden Ape user.

    "Old Two!"

    The Herculean Strength user roared in anger and the swinging of his fists generated fierce winds which hit Lin Yi's face, causing him pain.

    He stepped on the ground with great force, causing the surface to tremble as if there were earthquakes.

    The Herculean Strength user had gone berserk!

    Lin Yi hurriedly retreated and leaped onto a rooftop.

    The Herculean Strength user started running with great strides and his fists ferociously smashed onto the walls.


    The walls were penetrated by his fists and crumbled with a rumble.

    The entire building collapsed.

    Lin Yi gasped and quickly jumped off onto the next rooftop.

    The Herculean Strength user now resembled a berserk black bull charging recklessly.

    Wherever he went, the buildings collapsed.

    Behind him were the rumbling sounds of buildings collapsing and the dust flying about.

    Lin Yi continued leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

    From time to time, he would take out his bow to shoot at the man.

    Boom boom boom!

    In less than one hour, all the buildings in Crouching Tiger Hill had collapsed.

    The Herculean Strength user still looked like he had a lot of energy to spare, even Lin Yi was stunned.

    This man must have been born with great innate strength.

    After collapsing so many buildings, he still wasn't exhausted.

    After running out of buildings to jump on, Lin Yi ran out of the stronghold and entered the forest, jumping from tree to tree.

    Below him, the Herculean Strength user was like a bulldozer, knocking down all the trees that he crashed into!

    The sound of trunks breaking could be heard continuously.

    Lin Yi was forced to scurry all around the place while continuing to shoot arrows from his bow.

    Finally, the chase returned to Crouching Tiger Hill once again, which was now in shambles.

    The Herculean Strength user had large numbers of arrows stuck all over his body and resembled a porcupine.

    Taking a deep gaze at the five black-robed corpses on the ground, he raised his head and roared.

    Laughing bitterly three times.

    Collapsing onto the ground and dying from exhaustion!

    The last one was dead!


    Lin Yi heaved a huge breath of relief and sat down on the ground, paying no heed to the corpses lying about all over, and started panting for air in large gulps.

    The battle was finally over!

    Just when Lin Yi was feeling emotional about it, on top of a hill taller than Crouching Tiger Hill where there was an unobstructed view of the entire stronghold, two figures watched everything quietly.

    They seemed to have been watching here for a very long time.

    From the moment Lin Yi started attacking Crouching Tiger Hill, all the way until the six black-robed men were killed.

    The two figures saw it all.

    If one got closer and looked, one could see that these two figures were comprised of one big and one small, one male and one female, one old and one young.

    A young girl and an old man.

    The girl wore a flowery dress and her hands were clasped behind her back.

    The old man was slightly bowing like a servant.

    If Lin Yi saw the two, he would definitely flee for his life in a panic.

    These two people were actually the vicious young girl and the old first-rate expert from the demonic cults that he encountered half a year ago in Leizhou City.
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