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    Chapter 37 Crazy Wave of Challenges

    7 days passed in a blink of an eye.

    Yu Zecheng had just ended his seclusion, and sensing the increase in his internal strength, his eyes revealed a glint of joy.

    Internal arts was the foundation of a martial artist.

    In Jianghu, other than a small minority who practised external arts, the remaining majority practised internal arts.

    The ranking of power in Jianghu was also done according to the state of internal arts one possessed.

    Internal arts required clearing the 12 standard meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians and finally clearing the path between the 2 sets of meridians in order to develop internal circulation, which was then considered the state of great success in internal arts.

    Those who had cleared 1 to 6 standard meridians were considered third-rate experts.

    7 to 12 standard meridians cleared were considered second-rate experts.

    Further clearing the 8 extraordinary meridians were considered first-rate experts.

    Finally, those that developed internal circulation and therefore achieving the state of great success in internal arts were considered peak experts.

    Third-rate experts enjoyed minor fame in Jianghu, possibly holding influence in a small area.

    Second-rate experts were major existences in Jianghu, becoming the subject of fear and respect wherever they went.

    First-rate experts were rarely seen about in Jianghu, only appearing during major events.

    As for peak experts, they appeared even more rarely, and every time they interfered resulted in huge changes in the state of Jianghu. They were the overlords of the entire Shenzhou.

    Above the peak experts existed the peerless experts.

    However, these people usually existed in myths and legends of Jianghu, and even Yu Zecheng was unsure of whether they truly existed.

    It was said that peerless experts had even managed to achieve external circulation, and every move they made contained immense power.

    Even a casual fist or palm strike from them was superior to a move from peak experts using peerless martial arts.

    With a sense of yearning, Yu Zecheng shook his head.

    He was still incredibly far from achieving that kind of strength,

    Internal arts was something that was very difficult to train and improve.

    Increasing one's internal strength, then using internal strength to clear the meridians.

    He almost never slept every night, using the time to train his internal strength.

    However, he achieved limited success.

    Arriving at the hall of internal affairs and taking a seat at his place, he tilted up one leg lazily and asked: "Xiaoliu, 7 days has passed. Is there any activity from Junior Brother Lin? How goes his internal art training?"

    Xiaoliu said with a strange expression on his face: "Junior Brother Lin only went into seclusion for 3 days."

    "3 days? What does that mean? Did he succeed or not?" Yu Zecheng asked with a frown.

    Xiaoliu's expression became even stranger, seemingly speaking while holding his breath: "After he came out of seclusion, Junior Brother Lin no longer went into seclusion again. He started to challenge the top 100 in the lower courtyard. This Junior Brother Lin is really something, in just 3 days, he already reached the 81st rank."

    "What?!" Yu Zecheng jumped up from his chair, not from curiosity or acknowledgement, but from great anger, berating loudly: "Lin Yi this chap got obsessed with challenging the top 100? What time is it already? He's still challenging the top 100? Does he think that by defeating all those in the top 100, his entry into upper courtyard is guaranteed?"

    "Too naive, even if he did that and ranked first in the lower courtyard, without internal arts, he is less than a fart!"

    "He will be the death of me!"

    Yu Zecheng angrily slapped the table and leaped onto his feet, his face full of disappointment.

    "Senior Brother Yu, how about I make a trip to persuade Junior Brother Lin?" Xiaoliu was surprised that Senior Brother Yu would value Junior Brother Lin so much, and raised his head to look at Yu Zecheng.

    "Don't go!" Yu Zecheng halted him angrily and yelled: "Let him do what he wants! We don't have to interfere so much, this Lin Yi is too disappointing. Let's just give him 3 months. Once the time is up, we will examine the results of his training."

    "Hmph, if he succeeds in training his internal art, we'll take it that he's just playing around."

    "If not, hehe..." Yu Zecheng smiled coldly, his eyes glinting with icy coldness.

    What value was there in a genius who didn't have internal arts?

    "I understand." Xiaoliu stuck out his tongue, shaking his head in his heart. This Junior Brother Lin has truly upset Senior Brother Yu greatly.

    He was able to understand the thoughts of Senior Brother Yu.

    Excitedly rushing here to ask about Junior Brother Lin's progress, thinking that he might have achieved some success. To think that, instead he was fooling around, going off to challenge the top 100!

    Even if he managed to become ranked 1 in the lower courtyard, so what?

    Without internal arts, one wouldn't amount to anything.

    Xiaoliu sighed, and began to think badly of Lin Yi.

    No matter who it was that only had 3 months to succeed in learning internal arts would find it to be an urgent task and use every bit of time available for training.

    Who would fool around like Lin Yi and use the time to challenge the top 100 instead?

    Similar situations happened all over Huashan.

    Sect Master nearly accepting Lin Yi as a core disciple naturally attracted many people's attention. The 3 month test was also discovered by many others.

    All of them were waiting for the result of the test, and when they learned that Lin Yi went to challenge the top 100 instead of working hard to learning internal arts, they all shook their heads and coldly waited to see the joke Lin Yi would become in 3 months' time.

    Some of them shook their heads disappointedly and no longer looked well upon Lin Yi.


    In contrast to the upper courtyard, it was a sea of excitement in the lower courtyard at this moment.

    Everyone's faces were full of excitement and joy, as if they were celebrating the new year.

    It was because something that shocked the lower courtyard had happened in front of the lower courtyard top 100 residences.

    The rookie Lin Yi who had just made it into the top 100, obtained the Huashan Sutra and was supposed to focus on his internal art training, instead left seclusion after just 3 days. Not because he had succeeded, it was unexpectedly for the sake of challenging the top 100!

    When everyone heard that he was going to challenge the top 100 to improve his rank, everyone was stunned.

    Nearly everyone was thinking out loud, Lin Yi must be crazy!

    Which one of the top 100, after obtaining an internal art manual, wouldn't go into seclusion for 3 or 4 months to work hard on learning the internal art?

    Only if one had utterly failed to do so and given up completely would one appear to challenge the top 100.

    But what about Lin Yi?

    He exited seclusion after merely 3 days.

    Could it be that 3 days was enough to make him completely give up on learning internal arts?

    Countless people cursed at him in jealousy.

    If they were the ones who obtained the internal art manual, no matter how difficult it proved to be, they wouldn't give up before trying for at least 3 to 4 months.

    Going into seclusion for only 3 days, what was the meaning of this?

    However, even as they cursed, they started to grow excited at the thought of watching Lin Yi challenge the lower courtyard top 100 just like he did to the rookie top 100.

    Each of them who were here to watch the fighting started to cheer excitedly.

    When has the lower courtyard ever been this lively?

    When has the top 100 ever been belittled like this?

    The spectators cheered incessantly, while those in the top 100 had their faces pale in fury, cursing Lin Yi for looking down on them.

    This was forcing them to the edge of the cliff!

    Did he really think that they were just like the rookie top 100?

    Each one of them swore to teach Lin Yi a good lesson!

    To pulverize him, make him run away with his tail tucked between his legs and stay low profile from then on.

    However, once the challenges started, Lin Yi gave a heavy slap to the top 100 ranked.

    After a 3 day seclusion, Lin Yi was stronger than ever.

    His Huashan Sword Art and Huashan Movement Art had reach the stage of perfection.

    With these 2 skills at perfection stage, Lin Yi was able to unleash an extraordinary amount of power.

    Merely one move of the sword, and he was able to instantly defeat the ranked 99 disciple who similarly had trained his Huashan Sword Art to perfection stage.

    Countless people watched with their eyes wide and mouth open.

    During the 3 days of seclusion, Lin Yi never even practised internal art at all, only focusing on training his Huashan Sword Art and Huashan Movement Art.

    One by one, the top 100 ranked were challenged and then promptly defeated.

    Using 3 days, Lin Yi defeated 19 of them, achieving rank 81.

    The top 100 ranked were astounded.

    This rookie was like an unstoppable force.

    Many lower courtyard disciples watched as their blood grew hot and cheered excitedly, each of them wishing they could also go forward and be the one fighting.

    The rookies were the most happy bunch among the lower courtyard disciples, as they could now hold their head high up!

    Who would still dare to look down on them rookies?

    Be careful of getting a beating by Senior Brother Lin!

    The wave of challenging initiated by Lin Yi became a joyous event for the lower courtyard disciples.

    "Hahaha, he's here! Lin Yi is going for the top 80!"

    A loud yell instantly attracted everyone's attention.

    In front of the top 100 residences, countless heads turned towards a direction.

    In that direction, there was a figure with his hands holding a sword at his chest, calmly looking ahead.

    Ahead, the ranked 80 disciple who used to be full of pride, now walked towards the platform with heavy steps.

    His heart felt very heavy, and he looked at Lin Yi with a complicated gaze.

    It was this youth, a lower courtyard rookie, who had upheaved the entire lower courtyard.

    It was he, who led the wave of challenging!

    Rookies challenging the seniors, seniors challenging the top 100...

    There were even rookies who viewed Lin Yi as a role model and wanted to challenge the top 100 as well!

    The rank 80 disciple had complicated emotions and felt heavy pressure on his shoulders.

    The remaining 80 of the top 100 had unanimously decided to completely shut down this wave of challenging.

    Otherwise, if it continued, all the lower courtyard top 100 would no longer have any peace.

    After taking down one Lin Yi, there would be thousands more Lin Yi appearing.

    The dignity of the top 100 in the lower courtyard would cease to exist.

    The seniors' dignity would become worthless in the eyes of the rookies.

    This kind of outcome terrified them!

    They were determined to uproot the source of this crazy wave: Lin Yi.


    Lin Yi calmly looked at the senior walking towards him with heavy steps and seemingly with a heavy heart.

    The corners of his smile slightly curved upwards, while a hint of ridicule flashed in his eyes.

    With him leading the way, the lower courtyard disciples started a crazy wave of challenging.

    Along with Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu also leading by example, many rookies started to emulate their actions.

    In 3 days, not only Lin Yi had reached rank 81, Han Bai also made it to the top 100, while Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu managed to defeat several seniors who were somewhat famous.

    The results were awe-inspiring.

    Subsequently, many seniors also rode on the wave and started challenging those stronger than themselves.

    In just a short amount of time, with the guidance of Lin Yi, a source of life was injected into the lifeless lower courtyard, livening up the atmosphere in the lower courtyard.
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    Chapter 38 Beyond Perfection


    After saying a word of greeting, both of them drew their swords at the same time.

    The rank 80 disciple moved first.

    He started using perfection stage Huashan Sword Art straight away, attempting a preemptive strike on Lin Yi.

    However, Lin Yi was even faster than him, similarly using perfection stage Huashan Sword Art.

    The moment the two of them clashed, victory and defeat was instantly revealed.

    Using the same perfection stage Huashan Sword Art, Lin Yi was superior!

    "How could it be?"

    The rank 80 disciple's face was full of disbelief, he completely did not expect to lose so easily.

    Defeat in one move.

    Using the same sword art, why was Lin Yi's sword art more powerful?

    And even by such a large margin?

    The spectators surrounding them burst into loud cheers and cries.

    "Strong, too strong! This Lin Yi is simply a monster, even the rank 80 isn't a match for him, not to mention he was instantly defeated!"

    "I can't even understand what had happened, why is that using the same perfection stage sword art, Senior Brother Lin is so much stronger?"

    "Hehe, this is what you don't know. Even for perfection stage, differences exist. Besides, in a battle of martial arts, a higher stage doesn't guarantee a win. The most important factor is still the user."

    "Although I still don't really get it, but Senior Brother Lin Yi is so strong."

    "As long as you know that that's good enough, just wait, Senior Brother Lin Yi definitely has more surprises in store for us."

    "Just thinking about it makes me excited, is Senior Brother Lin Yi going to repeat his feat of crushing the lower courtyard top 100 all by himself just like he did to the top 100 rookies? How many years has it been since something as sensational as this happened in the lower courtyard?

    Both the rookies and seniors were full of excitement from seeing Lin Yi defeat the rank 80 disciple in one move.

    The feeling of spectating made them feel as if they were the ones fighting, to defeat the once high and mighty rank 80 in one move, and stepping upon him ruthlessly.

    Feels too good!


    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is as strong as we expected. He was right, there were no crappy martial arts, only crappy people. The strong will be strong no matter what sword art they use. The weak will be weak no matter what stage they train their sword arts to! If one doesn't know how to use the sword art in their hands, how can one not lose?" Han Bai stood in the crowd watching Lin Yi's figure and muttered: "Senior Brother Lin Yi is giving us a live lesson!"

    Even Jiang Xiaoyu at the side nodded and agreed with his words: "Senior Brother Lin Yi's level of understanding regarding sword art is unfathomable. I used to think that he was only slightly stronger than the seniors, then I realised I was wrong. Just when I thought he was on par with the top 100, I once again realised that I was wrong! Senior Brother Lin Yi is too much stronger than the top 100, it is impossible to discover the limit of Senior Brother Lin Yi's potential, even the ability he has displayed is merely the tip of the iceberg."

    "All the more we should practise diligently, to receive the guidance provided by Senior Brother Lin Yi is good fortune that you can't even find in eight lifetimes! You may not know this, but there are innumerable people out there who are envious of our good fortune and can't wait to replace us and follow Senior Brother Lin Yi." Yu Hai patted Jiang Xiaoyu's shoulder and concluded.

    Jiang Xiaoyu shook off Yu Hai's hand from his shoulders and glared at him. However, he nodded his head in agreement nonetheless. Even thought he disliked Yu Hai, his words did make sense.

    Jiang Xiaoyu was well aware that he only had average talent.

    If not for Senior Brother Lin Yi, he wouldn't even make it into the rookies top 100, not to mention the ability to be on par with the seniors currently. He was even contemplating to challenge the lower courtyard top 100 and follow in Senior Brother Lin Yi's footsteps.

    This was because Senior Brother Lin Yi had one more person by his side: Han Bai.

    He had already made it into the lower courtyard top 100.

    Although Jiang Xiaoyu was simpleminded, he was no fool.

    He knew very well that the number of people beside Senior Brother Lin Yi would only grow larger.

    If he was unable to keep up with the footsteps of Senior Brother Lin Yi, he would inevitably be removed from Senior Brother Lin Yi's side in the future by numerous competitors.

    How could Jiang Xiaoyu possibly accept this outcome?

    One had to know, he was the very first person to receive guidance from Senior Brother Lin Yi.

    However, what demoralised him was the fact that increasingly talented people were appearing beside Senior Brother Lin Yi.

    Each and every one of them were stronger than him.

    In the heart of the simple youth, there existed his pride as well.

    He definitely cannot let himself be left behind!

    The 3 youths unflinchingly started at Lin Yi's figure, each of them silently making a decision in their hearts: I definitely have to keep up with Senior Brother Lin Yi's pace!


    "Defeated again, what is the limit of this Lin Yi?

    The top 100 disciples were shocked, all of them sighing in their hearts.

    Their gaze towards Lin Yi revealed a hint of ruthlessness.

    Lin Yi was giving them too much pressure!

    It was so great that they all felt their ranks were unstable.

    Among them, the one who felt the most pressure was rank 10 Shangguan Yun.

    If he dropped one position, he would be removed from the top 10 ranking.

    Within top 10 and outside of top 10 existed 2 different worlds.

    Having remained within top 10 for a long time, what Shangguan Yun could not withstand the most was being removed from the familiar world of top 10.

    However, no matter how smart or cunning he was, when faced against someone as aggressive and determined as Lin Yi, he was completely stumped.

    He was unable to think of any useful idea to deal with Lin Yi.

    Once Lin Yi ascended the ranks steadily, Shangguan Yun would eventually face him in battle.

    If he was truly strong, he would have no need to worry.

    The problem was, ever since he made it to the 10th rank, he thought that doing battle with his wits was the right way.

    As a result, he neglected his martial arts for a long time.

    Facing a foe as strong as Lin Yi, he had no chance of winning.

    His heart fell into a state of anxienty.

    Even though he usually appeared unmoving in front of others, right now he was unable to remain calm.

    He couldn't help but say: "We need to think of a plan, otherwise nobody will be able to stop Lin Yi. When that happens, none of us will be able to keep our current position."

    The top 10 disciples looked at one another in agreement, but what could they still come up with?

    The only possible course of action left was to wait silently for their turn.

    Being in the top 100 meant that whenever someone challenged you, there was no shying away from a battle!

    If you don't fight, that would mean giving up and automatically losing your position.

    To fight or not to fight, the result was the same.

    The top 10 disciples all remained silent.


    In contrast to the excited crowd, Lin Yi calmly resumed grinding for experience points.

    In his eyes, the lower courtyard top 100 was simply a bunch of experience waiting to be to collected.

    Defeating them did not create any ripples in his heart.

    The truth was, once he had attained perfection stage in both Huashan Sword Art and Huashan Movement Art, he no longer set his sights on the top 100 ranking.

    Instead, he set his aim on practising internal arts, becoming an upper courtyard disciple and then going forth into Jianghu. If he entered the upper courtyard, what would be his first mission in Jianghu be?

    Lin Yi was looking forward to it in his heart.

    But more than that, was his love for Jianghu.

    He was a person of Jianghu right down to the bones inside , the world of grudges and dealings, battles of life and death in Jianghu was where he belonged to.

    Because he no longer set his sights on the top 100, he no longer had much patience.

    This time, he longer behaved like a kind senior brother at the rookie top 100 residences.

    Cold and overbearing!

    One came, one would be defeated.

    Using the fastest and most efficient way to swiftly defeat each of the top 100 disciples.

    Rank 79 defeated.

    Rank 78 defeated.

    Rank 77 defeated.


    Rank 60 defeated.

    Rank 50 defeated.

    Rank 40 defeated.


    Rank 12 defeated.

    Rank 11 defeated.

    In just 5 days, Lin Yi defeated the lower top 90 disciples with astonishing speed!

    Heading straight for the famous lower courtyard top 10 disciples.

    Everyone was getting excited and stunned by Lin Yi's fierce attitude and behavior.

    During these 5 days, Lin Yi nearly won every fight with a single move.

    There was no opponent who lasted more than 3 moves.

    He was strong to the point of suffocating, and his techniques were unreadable and incomprehensible.

    Although Lin Yi's techniques looked ordinary and identical to the the techniques his opponents used, but the effect they had were extraordinary.

    Nobody was able to withstand his attacks, it gave a feeling of transforming the ordinary into the miraculous.

    If there was a stage beyond perfection, it would be this kind of miraculous stage!

    So did such a stage exist?

    One could say it did, and one could also say it didn't.

    The stage of perfection was the highest state of every martial art, the so called state of great success.

    But Lin Yi clearly knew, reaching the perfection stage in a silver grade martial art was only the foundation for learning superior martial arts.

    The sword art used by Lin Yi had surpassed the perfection stage of Huashan Sword Art.

    It belonged in the realm of superior martial arts.

    It was secret known by many expert players in the game.

    Once one had reached the highest stage of a basic martial art, there was a certain probability of deriving a technique from a higher grade martial art.

    It was only a probability due to the fact that it depended on the player's level of understanding and talent.

    With Lin Yi's experience as a top expert in the game, the moment his Huashan Sword Art reached the stage of perfection, he was able to derive techniques that were on par with superior martial arts.

    In fact, Huashan superior sword art originated from deriving killer techniques from Huashan Sword Art when one had reached the intermediate stage.

    When the killer techniques were upgraded, they formed the techniques of superior sword art.

    Once one knew this secret, it was easy to understand.

    If one didn't know, it would seem extremely confusing, and impossible to figure out.

    The majority of people only felt that the techniques used by Lin Yi seemed profound and hard to understand.

    But they were unable to understand and only felt that Lin Yi was incredibly strong.

    Only a small minority of people with great talent were able to associate the techniques with the words "superior martial arts".

    Even then, they couldn't be sure of it since they had no knowledge in this aspect.

    Only the three people who had received Lin Yi's personal guidance were able to understand his techniques.

    The more they understood, the more they felt Lin Yi was scary when they saw the confused looks all around them.

    Lin Yi had explained it to them before, upgrading killer techniques into superior martial art techniques.

    At the time of hearing it, they had doubts about it, since they had never heard of something like that.

    However, they recalled that before entering Huashan, there were instructors that kept telling them that Huashan Sword Art was the foundation of all Huashan superior sword art.

    Only then were they were able to somewhat understand what Lin Yi was telling them.

    But they had never expected their Senior Brother Lin Yi to be able to actually accomplish it!

    Using Huashan Sword Art to derive techniques on par with superior sword art!

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    Chapter 39 Driving Shangguan Yun Mad

    In 5 days' time, besides Lin Yi, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu both made into top 100, while Han Bai broke into top 80.

    The 3 of them resembled an awl, following closely behind Lin Yi, achieving spectacular results!

    All the lower courtyard disciples, whether it be rookies or seniors, were shocked by the fierceness displayed by all 4 of them.

    Lin Yi and his followers were all monsters!

    Following the feat of breaking through to the top 100, a messenger from the upper courtyard arrived to inform the 3 of them that they were now allowed to collect a copy of Huashan Sutra from the sect library.

    Within Huashan, although quite a number of people were waiting to see Lin Yi make a joke out of himself, they could not but admit that the gang led by Lin Yi was brimming with talent.

    The 4 of them had become the hottest topic in Huashan.

    On the 6th day, Lin Yi formally challenged the lower courtyard rank 10 disciple.

    This battle attracted countless spectators, and even quite a few upper courtyard disciples who were currently not on missions rushed to the place to spectate the fight.

    "This time, will Senior Brother Lin Yi still be able to repeat the miracle from a few days ago and successfully make it to the top 10?"

    "I believe that Senior Brother Lin Yi will surely succeed!"

    "Ah, but I don't think so. You rookies have no idea what the top 10 disciples are capable of, so you think Lin Yi will succeed. Let Senior Brother tell you, each and every one of the lower courtyard top 10 disciples have the ability to create waves in the lower courtyard, possessing the greatest talent in their cohort. Of course, I'm only referring to their skill in sword arts, and not accounting for the issue of internal arts. Each of the top 10 disciples have already trained their sword arts to the highest level possible, and they have also dabbled in other types of martial arts besides sword arts. With their deep foundation, it is not something a rookie like Junior Brother Lin Yi can compare to. Even though Junior Brother Lin Yi is the greatest genius from lower courtyard I have seen so far, but his foundation is still lacking compared to the top 10.

    "Bullshit, Senior Brother Lin Yi will surely be victorious. A deep foundation? Hmph, to put it bluntly, all of us lower courtyard disciples are just a bunch of inexperienced newbies in Jianghu, what foundation is there to speak of? If the top 10 disciples truly had a great foundation, they would have entered the upper courtyard long ago, why would they still waste their time in the lower courtyard?

    "Vulgar! How can a Huashan disciple speak in such a vulgar manner?"

    "Hmph, I will be vulgar to whoever dares to belittle Senior Brother Lin Yi! What's wrong? You want to hit me? Heh, you don't have to do it, I will strike first instead and formally challenge you!"

    "Ai ya, you bunch of rookies are infuriating me! Showing no respect for your seniors, it's time to teach you all a good lesson!"

    "Che, all you did was to enter Huashan earlier than us, you want to be my senior brother just because of that? Show us your ability before you talk!"

    Before Lin Yi's battle had started, quite a few rookies and seniors started quarreling due to a disagreement over the possible outcome. Many of them had even drew out territories and started dueling on the spot.

    The entire spectating region was full of the sounds of fighting.

    "Ai ya, Senior Brother Lin Yi has entered the stage, Shangguan Yun has also entered the stage, they are going to start the fight!"

    A loud cry sounded out. All the fighting immediately ceased, and all heads turned towards the two of them at the same time, as if they had rehearsed in advance.

    The noisy scenes instantly quietened down.


    Shangguan Yun had a rare expression on his face, and under the eyes of the masses, he made his way onto the platform.

    On the platform, Lin Yi held his sword with his hands and waited.

    Many times, Shangguan Yun had wanted to be in the limelight and become the center of attention.

    But he could never have thought that it would be under such circumstances.

    He was indeed in the limelight, but he was the one being trampled on.

    Looking at Lin Yi, he forced a smile: "Junior Brother Lin Yi, I have long heard of your great name, to think that you could actually make it to this point."

    "But!" Shangguan Yun changed his tone instantly to one of threatening: "You are done with being the focus of everyone's attention, now should be the time for you to retreat. Hurry up and back down, if you lose this fight, all the effort you have poured in thus far will be for naught."

    "You were nearly accepted by Sect Master to be a core disciple, but due to your age, you lost the right to do so. But, Sect Master still gave you a chance. By succeeding in learning an internal art within 3 months, you will be able to enter the upper courtyard and become a potential core disciple. Instead of making good use of this chance to practise internal art in seclusion, you come here to fight with us over the top 100 ranking? Are you not getting your priorities right?"

    "Even if you won the rank 1 position, what good would it do you? And if you lost, you will lose everything you obtained. Is it really right for you to do this?"

    "Listen to your senior brother's advice and retreat. Don't throw away your future for the sake of being in the limelight!"

    Shangguan Yun put on an appearance of trying to bitterly persuade Lin Yi with noble intentions.

    In his heart, he was instead secretly proud of himself for thinking of this method. Rather than using vile schemes to stop Lin Yi, he pretended to be a senior brother who was full of concern for Lin Yi.

    He spoke with the utmost sincerity, and even he himself was slightly moved by his words.

    Feeling pleased with his acting skills, he didn't believe that Lin Yi wouldn't be moved by this act.


    As long as Lin Yi was moved, he would listen to his advice and retreat.

    After retreating, he wouldn't be wrong when he said that nothing would happen to Lin Yi.

    But it would produce a great effect for Shangguan Yun.

    He would be able to establish an image of being able to restrain Lin Yi with mere words.

    That would definitely create a sensation throughout the lower courtyard, and his fame would even spread throughout the entire Huashan.

    To make the fiercest genius Lin Yi retreat with a speech, Shangguan Yun was excited at the thought of such a feat.

    Stopping Lin Yi in his tracks and garnering fame for himself!

    Just thinking about such an outcome brightened Shangguan Yun's mood greatly.

    "Retreat? Sorry to say this, Senior Brother Shangguan, but I have no plans to do that!"

    However, just when Shangguan Yun was in a great mood, Lin Yi declared his intention to carry on. Immediately, the smile on Shangguan Yun's face froze...

    Looking Shangguan Yun in front of him, Lin Yi laughed coldly in his heart.

    Although he was pretty grateful to Shangguan Yun for continuously sending experience his way, but there was no way he would retreat just because of this small favor.

    A small favor like this was worthless compared to the experience he could obtain.

    Even if Shangguan Yun's words made a lot of sense, and seemed to be considerate to him.

    But, how could Shangguan Yun have known?

    Lin Yi's reason for doing this was not for the sake of fame at all, it was all for the sake of the experience!

    If there were no experience to be gained, even without Shangguan Yun persuading him, Lin Yi would automatically retreat.

    His reputation in the lower courtyard had already reached the maximum value. In order to vie for the position of chief disciple, he didn't require the reputation gained from defeating all the lower courtyard top 100 either. All he needed was for Han Bai and the rest to do it instead.


    Shangguan Yun pointed at Lin Yi's nose, fuming with rage, nearly unable to speak from the anger!

    How could he possibly refuse?

    He actually refused!

    All the good dreams vanished, replaced by the world filled with malice.

    Shangguan Yun had a hideous expression on his face, it was extremely unsightly.

    "Lin Yi, you are too arrogant, I'm going to teach you not be so arrogant anymore!" Shangguan Yun roared furiously, drawing his sword and attacked Lin Yi madly.

    Consumed by his rage, he was completely driven mad.

    So much so that he forgot that he had no chance of winning if he actually fought Lin Yi.

    Like a moth to a flame, he attacked.

    The result was defeat in one move.

    Lin Yi's sword was already pressing on his shoulder, but in his rage, he continued to slash wildly, as if he didn't see it.

    In a chaotic manner, resembling one who hadn't learnt martial arts but with the strength of one who had.

    A sword art at the stage of perfection had boosted the strength of his attack to five times that of an ordinary person.

    Even though he was slashing randomly, if one was hit by it, injury was certain.

    Lin Yi slightly frowned.

    If he had encountered someone like that in the game, he would simply kill the person straight away.

    Or even in a chaotic battle in Jianghu, he wouldn't even frown one bit at killing someone like that.

    But, they were in Huashan right now!

    He couldn't possibly take a life, even if simply for the sake of his image.

    He couldn't even afford to inflict a stab wound with his sword.

    After some thinking, Lin Yi sheathed his sword.

    Holding the hilt of the sword, he slapped it towards Shangguan Yun.

    Using a movement art, he closed in on Shangguan Yun's face.


    He gave a few slaps.

    Shangguan Yun still didn't wake up from the frenzy and continued his wild strikes.

    Lin Yi sighed, then gave a good kick to Shangguan Yun, causing him to fly several meters away before falling onto the ground.

    Lin Yi then rushed over and stepped on Shangguan Yun's wrist with one foot while removing his sword.

    Then he proceeded to step firmly on Shangguan Yun's chest, preventing him from moving.

    As the crowd saw the scene, cries erupted.

    "Shangguan Yun is mad, truly mad!"

    "Obsessing over his top 10 rank, he has been driven mad by the fact that he was defeated."

    "That's pitiful, as one of the top 10 disciples, how could he be so mentally weak as to be unable to accept defeat. So disappointing."

    "Haha, pitiful my ass, we need to properly thank Senior Brother Lin Yi for letting us see clearly what kind of people the top 10 disciples are! What foundation? It's all bullshit! If going crazy because one can't accept defeat is what you call a deep foundation, then I have nothing to say about foundation. Our Senior Brother Lin Yi compared to the top 10 disciples is truly lacking in foundation!"

    "Hahaha, that's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi doesn't care for such bullshit foundation! Our Senior Brother Lin Yi possesses true ability."

    The rookies mocked mercilessly, the sound of their laughter dispersing throughout the lower courtyard.

    The seniors who had previously talked about the foundation of the top 10 figures all hung their head down in shame and covered their faces, not daring to look at others.

    It was too embarrassing.

    It was a huge blow to the seniors' image of being valiant and mighty senior brothers.

    The top 10 disciples all had unsightly expressions on their faces.

    Looking at Shangguan Yun's behavior, they were unable to speak due to anger.

    This Shangguan Yun was too disgraceful!

    Over the years, the lower courtyard top 10 had built up an image of being greatly superior and providing a role model for all the lower courtyard disciples, and it was completely ruined in one day.

    All of them wanted to go up to trample on Shangguan Yun.

    They were even more angry at Lin Yi for not stepping on the face of this disgrace.

    Since he had lost all face, why would he still need his face for?

    Although they were furious, but they were even more worried and in a state of panic.

    That was because they were the next to face Lin Yi, and they about to face the same fate as Shangguan Yun, losing their current ranks!

    With a single blow to Shangguan Yun's back of the neck, Lin Yi knocked him out and let others carry him off. Then he held his sword with both hands and resumed challenging the rank 9 disciple.

    TL Note: I'm going to standardize the translated term for skills(法) as the word "art", ie swordplay(剑法) becomes sword art, fist skill(拳法) to fist art, etc.(Exception will be for internal art skill names, 心法 will still be sutra instead of mental art) Specific names will be capitalized, general use will be non-capitalized. Also changing high level(上乘) back to superior as it was in the older translations. (Missed it) Hopefully this will be the last time I need to make changes. >.<
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    Chapter 40 Acquiring Rank 1 and Internal Arts

    The rank 9 disciple entered the stage with a heavy heart.

    Swords were drawn.

    Once again, the rank 9 disciple unsurprisingly lost in one move.

    Rank 8 disciple entered the stage.


    Rank 7 defeated!

    Rank 6 defeated!


    Rank 5, 4, 3, 2.

    A string of defeats!

    The rank 1 disciple did not last beyond 3 moves.

    Defeated likewise!

    As if they were taking a stroll, one after another, they were all crushed by Lin Yi.

    All of them defeated within 3 moves.

    As a result, Lin Yi finished mowing through the lower courtyard top 100, and took the rank 1 position in an overwhelming fashion.


    The entire place was filled with the excitement of the crowd.

    "Ahhh! Senior Brother Lin Yi is invincible, even the top 10 disciples are no match for him."

    "Too domineering, my blood is boiling in excitement! Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly the role model for us!"

    "This year, the most sensational figure in Huashan has got to be none other than Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi achieved rank 1 in the lower courtyard in less than 2 months, who can rival that? He's practically a monster!"

    "Not only is Senior Brother Lin Yi a monster, even the 3 guys beside him are also monsters! Don't forget, Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu also made it to the top 100 in less than 2 months!"

    "Heh, the 3 of them? Although they are good, but this is all thanks to Senior Brother Lin Yi! Therefore, Senior Brother Lin Yi has to be a monster! Whoever dares to say that he isn't a monster shall face my wrath!"

    "Hahaha, if Senior Brother Lin Yi doesn't make it into the upper courtyard this time, I shall cut down my head. Who dares to bet with me?"

    "Bah, who's going to bet with you? This is a sure-lose situation, only a fool will do it."

    Both the rookies and the seniors were burning with fervor.

    All of them were discussing the outcome loudly and incessantly.

    The gazes towards Lin Yi were filled with nothing but worship.

    Lin Yi's fame nearly reached the peak!

    From that day onward, there would not be a single soul who did not know of him.

    Even the upper courtyard disciples who had come to watch the fights felt a suffocating wave of pressure approaching them.

    Although Lin Yi still hadn't learnt internal arts, or entered the upper courtyard yet.

    No one dared to think lowly of this rookie.

    They were all jittery and feeling nervous in their hearts.

    Fortunately, there was no top 100 ranking in the upper courtyard.

    If not, looking at what Lin Yi had just done, there would no longer be any peace if Lin Yi entered the upper courtyard.

    The upper courtyard disciples all secretly heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat on their forehead when they thought of this.

    This Lin Yi in front of them was giving them too much pressure.

    There was actually no one among the lower courtyard top 100 who was a match for him!

    As an upper courtyard disciple, one had many opportunities to learn superior sword arts.

    They naturally saw that Lin Yi was able to derive the power of superior sword arts using Huashan Sword Art.

    This kind of talent...

    Who wouldn't be afraid when they saw it?

    In the entire Huashan, the number of disciples capable of deriving the power of superior sword arts using Huashan Sword Art before actually learning superior sword arts could be counted on one hand.

    They were all core disciples.

    And even among the core disciples, these people were in the top of the ranks, the most famous among them being none other than Linghu Feng.

    Back then, after his Huashan Sword Art reached the perfection stage, he merely used half a month to derive the power of superior sword arts from its killer techniques.

    This garnered the praise of many elders, and the Sect Master even personally praised his talent and named him as the strongest disciple among the new generation.

    But right now, only after 3 days of reaching perfection stage in Huashan Sword Art, he was able to do the same.

    This kind of shocking talent surpassed Linghu Feng of the past!

    The upper courtyard disciples who were here all revealed a terrified expression in their eyes.

    Could it be that a figure similar to Linghu Feng has appeared in Huashan?

    It was nothing if Lin Yi didn't make it to the upper courtyard.

    But if he did, the coming days in Huashan would be bustling with activity for sure.

    With Lin Yi's personality as a challenge maniac that they understood of him, he would surely challenge Linghu Feng one day.

    When that time comes, what kind of expression would Linghu Feng have on his face?

    The upper courtyard disciples were curious about this point.

    They couldn't wait to see such a scene.

    Even for upper courtyard disciples, when it came to matters that did not directly concern them, they all held a spectator's mentality.


    System notification:

    Quest reward:

    Lower courtyard ranked 99 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

    Lower courtyard ranked 98 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.


    Lower courtyard ranked 10 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

    Lower courtyard ranked 9 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.



    Lower courtyard ranked 3 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

    Lower courtyard ranked 2 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

    Lower courtyard ranked 1 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

    Quest reward:

    Successfully defeated lower courtyard top 100 disciples, achieving rank 1, shocking the lower courtyard, stunning the upper courtyard, alarming the entire Huashan, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Opening the system panel, a series of system notifications flashed brightly in succession before Lin Yi's eyes.

    In 9 days, defeating every single one of the lower courtyard rank 100, from rank 99 to rank 1, a total of 99 people, earning 99,000 battle experience in the process.

    For achieving rank 1, he earned a quest reward of 5,000 battle experience.

    Lin Yi had earned a total of 104,000 battle experience from the top 100 disciples.

    Including the twenty thousand odd battle experience he still had, there would be no problem clearing the first standard meridian and master the first level of Huashan Sutra.

    The 100,000 experience requirement had been fulfilled.

    Lin Yi paid no heed to the commotion he had just caused, returned to his residence with a normal expression, a hint of excitement in his eyes.

    Then he declared his seclusion!

    The doors of his residence were tightly shut, allowing entry to no one, not even Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu.

    Meditating while sitting cross-legged, Lin Yi fell into a daze.

    Crossing over into the world of Great Jianghu, only 2 months had passed.

    Already he had trained the silver grade Huashan Sword Art to perfection stage and obtained the silver grade Huashan Sutra.

    And now, he even gathered sufficient experience for the first level of Huashan Sutra.

    Compared to his experience back in the game, everything had happened too quickly!

    Too smoothly!

    Thinking back, when he was in the game, he started as a clueless newbie, spending months familiarizing himself with the game, and trained his iron grade basic martial arts to perfection stage. Then he went through numerous hardships to get his hands on a basic internal art sutra.

    Half a year passed before he succeeded in learning the internal art, and it was the most inferior internal art!

    At that point, he joined the ranks of third-rate experts, his attack stat was just enough to meet the minimum requirement: 70 points.

    But now, in 2 months' time, he had already greatly surpassed what he had achieved in half a year in the game.

    This was the advantage of possessing the experience of a God-ranked player.

    Calming his breathing and concentrating, he eliminated all thoughts from his mind.

    He opened the internal art stat panel.

    System notification:

    Do you want to upgrade Huashan Sutra? Spend 100,000 battle experience points to increase Huashan Sutra to level 1.

    Lin Yi silently said yes.

    His entire body shook!

    A stream of warm current mysteriously appeared from deep within his body. Looking at the system panel, Lin Yi could see 100,000 battle experience being consumed rapidly, the numbers constantly decreasing.








    100,000 battle experience consumed, vanishing into thin air.

    His dantian broke open, like the creation of heaven and earth.

    Warm currents from all over his body rushed into the dantian like a tide.

    After his body shook once more, he regained control of his body.

    With just a thought, the warm current from within his dantian was commanded to gather.

    Flowing in reverse, instantly rushing to his temples.

    His temples bulged greatly, refreshing his spirit!

    With a seemingly endless mental capacity, his calculation ability sharply increased.

    He willed the warm current to flow towards his right arm, spreading it and covering his entire right arm.

    His right arm bulged visibly, and his muscles were full of explosive energy.

    This was internal art!

    Possessing incredible internal strength, nearly capable of anything, and possible to direct to any part of the body, strengthening every part of the body.

    It resembled a power booster, rapidly increasing one's strength.

    System notification:

    Successfully upgraded Huashan Sutra, Huashan Sutra has reached level 1.

    Lin Yi smiled, a glimmer of joy in his eyes, and proceeded to open the stats panel to check his greatly increased stats after possessing internal strength.

    System notification:

    Name: Lin Yi

    Identity: Eldest son of Lin Zhilong, Disciple of Huashan lower courtyard

    Attack: 120 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

    Defense: 40 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

    Speed: 120 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

    Internal strength: 20 (Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

    Internal arts: Huashan Sutra (Silver) : Level 1 Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian (+20 internal strength), 200,000 experience points required to reach next level Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian (+40 internal strength)

    Sword arts: Huashan Sword Art (Silver) : Perfection (Attack +40) ; Basic Sword Art (Iron) : Perfection (Attack +20)

    Movement arts: Huashan Movement Art (Silver) : Perfection (Speed +40) ; Basic Lightness Art (Iron) : Perfection (Speed +20)

    Fist arts: Huashan Fist Art (Silver) : Advanced (Attack + 30) ; Basic Fist Art (Iron) : Advanced (Attack +15)


    Note: Upgrading higher grade skills will automatically upgrade lower grade skills to a similar stage.

    Once he trained internal arts successfully, Lin Yi's stats experienced a great change, surging to huge values!

    Attack and speed both reached 120, that was 12 times of an ordinary person! If he channeled internal strength, with a silver grade internal art, he received an additional 200% bonus effect. That was to say, once he used his internal strength in his attack, he would achieve an attack power 36 times that of an ordinary person. Using it on lightness arts, he would achieve a speed 36 times that of an ordinary person.

    This was the power of internal arts!

    Having and not having internal arts was as different as heaven and earth!

    Although he had just reached the first level of his internal art, it meant that since crossing over into Great Jianghu, Lin Yi had finally obtained the basis of survival.

    TL Note: I think movement art(身法) and lightness art(轻功) refers to pretty much the same thing here, or at least the same type of skill.
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  • Chapter 41 Pleasantly Surprised Yu Zecheng

    Crossing over, the impending era of chaos in Jianghu had been a constant threat to Lin Yi, causing him to feel danger at every moment, and unable to relax one bit.

    Although it seemed as if Lin Yi was having a smash of a time crazily challenging the top 100 disciples non-stop and garnering widespread fame, only Lin Yi himself was aware of the worries he harboured because of the chaos that was soon to come.

    Harping on the matter, he couldn't relax for one moment, only moving forward without rest.

    Progress, progress, and more progress!

    Finally, he acquired internal arts, and therefore a basis for survival.

    The sharp sword above his head was slightly retracted, allowing him a moment of respite.

    Although, a third-rate expert was still no different from cannon fodder during the era of chaos. Third-rate experts were numerous like dogs, second-rate experts were all over the place, first-rate experts were commonplace, while peak experts made frequent appearances.

    But that was during the mid-late period of the great war.

    During the early period of the great war, third-rate experts were still the main force in the war, and could still protect oneself.

    Second-rate experts could change the tide of the battle, while first-rate experts were the overlords of the entire battlefield.

    There was still enough time!

    Moreover, he had the backing of a great power.

    With the support of a major sect like Huashan Sect, even if Lin Yi had to face the era of chaos right now, he would be able to protect himself.

    But self-preservation was simply his initial goal when he just crossed over.

    He had a higher aim: the position of Huashan chief disciple.

    "I still cannot relax!"

    Sighing softly, Lin Yi shook his head.

    Right now, more importantly, he had to enter the upper courtyard and become a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

    Only then could he obtain the opportunity to learn Huashan superior sword arts.

    If iron, bronze and silver grade martial arts were considered the foundation, then gold grade superior martial arts would be considered true martial arts, allowing one to greatly increase the power of martial arts.

    After all, if one excluded peerless martial arts, superior martial arts was sufficient to dominate the entire realm.

    Armed with superior martial arts, one would already be considered superior to the vast majority of people in Jianghu!

    Such existences were rare even in major sects, as only the true elites had the opportunity to learn superior martial arts.

    For instance, Huashan lower courtyard disciples didn't even have the right to learn superior martial arts, even if they were rank 1 in lower courtyard.

    "3 days for seclusion, 3 days to reach rank 80, and 6 days to defeat the top 10."

    "In less than half a month, I attained Huashan Sutra level one, acquiring internal arts. I wonder how would the Huashan upper echelon look upon me? Was the 3 month limit still in effect? Would they really accept me as a favored disciple, and grant the right to be a potential core disciple?"

    "If it was still in effect, then getting hold of superior sword arts won't be a problem."

    "If not, I can only enter the upper courtyard first and plan according to the situation. From there on, using any means possible to obtain superior martial arts!"

    Lin Yi was deep in thought and muttered to himself.

    Suddenly he smiled widely.

    "Why am I overthinking this? The most important assets to Huashan right now are geniuses!"

    "I Lin Yi, achieved rookie rank 1 in less than 2 months, then I entered the top 100 ranks before crushing each and every one of them to become the rank 1 in lower courtyard. Not only that, in the 3 month limit they have given me, I have acquired internal arts in less than half a month!"

    "If I Lin Yi wasn't a genius, who was?"

    Lin Yi was full of confidence, and displaying an aura of dominance.

    Smiling lightly, he lay on his bed and peacefully fell asleep, anticipating the arrival of the next day.

    En, tomorrow will surely be a good day!


    The next day.

    After Lin Yi displayed his overwhelming strength and crushed the top 100 in an invincible manner, he became rank 1 in the lower courtyard!

    After brewing for one night, the news finally erupted on the second day!

    The entire upper courtyard was filled with chatter and dumbfounded gasps.

    Even the core disciples and elders at the peak of Huashan were shocked by the news.

    The entire Huashan now came to know of Lin Yi this person.

    A peerless genius had appeared in the lower courtyard!

    By breaking all the records in the lower courtyard, he was destined to be recorded in the history of Huashan lower courtyard.

    To have neither predecessors nor successors.

    It was highly likely that nobody would be capable of breaking this terrifying record.

    They wondered if he would really manage to acquire internal art within the 3 month limit given by the Sect Master, they all anticipated.

    Whether it was to watch him become a joke, or whether they supported him.

    Everyone waited for the final day to approach.


    Upper courtyard, Hall of Internal Affairs.

    "Senior Brother Yu, that Junior Brother Lin defeated all of the lower courtyard top 100 yesterday and achieved rank 1 position!" Xiaoliu excitedly exclaimed with a delighted expression, spittle flying about: "You didn't see it, but I heard Junior Brother Lin Yi was overwhelming to the point that none of the top 100 disciples lasted more than 3 moves! Tsk tsk, that kind performance was truly unbeatable!"

    "It's simply too magnificent, too awesome!"

    "If I Xiaoliu could be this strong when I was in the lower courtyard, and grabbed the limelight, how good would it have been!"

    When Xiaoliu got to the exciting parts, he moved his limbs in enthusiasm. He did not notice at all, Yu Zecheng's incredibly dark face.


    Yu Zecheng slapped the table with great force, and scolded angrily: "Shut up!"

    Xiaoliu tightly shut his mouth, a gloomy look on his face, apparently not having said enough. To be interrupted by force, and not to be able to speak, he felt extremely suffocated.

    Yu Zecheng strongly detested the sight of Xiaoliu like this. Pointing at Xiaoliu's forehead, Yu Zecheng chided loudly: "What's so good about this Lin Yi? To challenge the top 100 and fish for fame instead of diligently practising internal arts? You think I don't know he's a genius? Sect Master doesn't know he's a genius? If not Sect Master wouldn't have instructed me to give him Huashan Sutra personally and set the 3 month limit!"

    "But what is he doing instead of focusing on the test?"

    "He's just messing around, playing a fool!"

    "This is so infuriating, he's a complete disappointment!"

    It was fine if Yu Zecheng didn't hear Lin Yi's name, but once he heard it, his blood would boil. Hating the iron for not becoming steel(an expression for describing being disappointed at someone you wish would do well), his belly was filled with the flames of anger.

    He wished he could grab Lin Yi's collar and yell at him.

    If he had a chance, he even wished to give Lin Yi a good beating and beat some sense into him.

    Uh...that's not right!

    Yu Zecheng shook his head.

    If I fought him, Lin Yi this challenge maniac might really jump up in joy.

    I cannot encourage this vile habit of challenging others!

    Definitely not!

    As his train of thought continued, Yu Zecheng realised he had strayed from the main issue.

    He couldn't help but hold his face with his palm, his heart filled with resentment.

    This Lin Yi was too detestable!

    Yu Zecheng was such an astute person, but even he was befuddled by Lin Yi.

    "Senior Brother Yu, Junior Brother Lin Yi seeks an audience." A disciple of Internal Affairs Hall walked and reported with a weird expression.

    "En." Yu Zecheng nodded his head by habit. Recalling something, he abruptly jumped to his feet: "What?"

    "Junior Brother Lin Yi seeks an audience." The disciple repeated his words in an accustomed manner, apparently expecting Yu Zecheng to react in this way.

    "I refuse, I refuse!"

    "He still dares to look for me? This disappointing fellow doesn't focus on his internal arts, but goes seeking fame instead? He's not losing his face, he's losing mine! In the whole of Huashan, who doesn't know that I, Yu Zecheng, think highly of him?"

    This time, Yu Zecheng finally heard it clearly, and pointed outside the door with an angry face. His voice was incredibly loud, obviously it was meant for the person outside the house to hear.

    After a round of harsh criticism, and venting the frustration he had, he finally gave a cold snort: "Hmph, I better go see him. Otherwise, others will think lowly of me, and end up like SOMEONE, always doing something disappointing."

    Upon hearing this, Xiaoliu and the upper courtyard disciple shook their heads and laughed.

    They understood their Senior Brother Yu too well, his bark was far worse than his bite, and he was actually a softhearted person.

    Xiaoliu grinned and scrambled outside to call for Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi entered, and looked towards Yu Zecheng with an awkward expression.

    After getting scolded by Yu Zecheng for so long, even if Lin Yi possessed the mentality of a peak expert and thought little of most matters, he was still quite embarrassed.

    However, no matter how difficult it was, he had to meet Yu Zecheng.

    Without Yu Zecheng, how could he pass the test and enter upper courtyard, so as to learn superior sword arts?

    This matter concerned his whole life, and was an essential part of his plans. He couldn't walk away and leave just because he was embarrassed from getting scolded.

    Although he did want to leave, but as a man, one should be flexible.

    What did some verbal abuse amount to?

    Hadn't the great general Han Xin of Han dynasty also suffered indignity?

    It's not as if he lost a part of his skin or flesh from the scolding.

    More importantly, he knew that Yu Zecheng had scolded him out of concern, and not for other reasons.

    "Lin Yi pays his respect to Senior Brother Yu, has Senior Brother been doing well?" Lin Yi walked closer and bowed while holding a clenched fist.

    "Doing well? Well my ass!" Yu Zecheng glared at him and rolled his eyes before yelling at him again: "With you fooling around like this, can I be well? Instead of practising internal arts, what are you trying to do by seeking fame? Is it important to be ranked 1 in lower courtyard? What use is there! There's still a huge bunch of people waiting to watch you become a joke!"

    "If you fail to succeed in 3 months, both you and me are going to become a joke!"

    "They are going to laugh at your pig-like stupidity, and laugh at me for discerning a pig with my eyes!"

    Yu Zecheng resumed his scolding and stood up from his chair with agitation, rolling up his sleeves and pointing at Lin Yi's nose. His face was a mix of anger and disappointment!

    Lin Yi smiled, and ignored Yu Zecheng's scolding: "Please calm down Senior Brother, Junior Brother I have already acquired internal arts."

    "Acquired my ass!" Yu Zecheng first replied with an insult by habit, before opening his eyes wide and grabbing Lin Yi's shoulders with both hands, anxiously asking: "What did you say?"
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    Chapter 42 I will Protect Huashan in this Life

    "Senior Brother Yu, I have acquired internal arts." Lin Yi smiled and repeated his words.

    "A...acquired?" Yu Zecheng's expression was extremely entertaining while stuttering, he was either shocked or having a delayed reaction.


    "Acquired internal arts?!"

    Yu Zecheng muttered to himself, suddenly shouting out loud, his face revealing wild joy and a look of incredulity.

    "How is it possible? It's only been less than half a month right?"

    Yu Zecheng still couldn't believe it and asked once more.

    "That's right, Senior Brother Yu, not half a month has passed. The 3 months given by Sect Master was too long. To acquire this internal art wasn't that difficult at all."

    "I could sense the qi flow after secluding for 3 days. After that I just needed to polish the qi flow, control the qi flow and familiarize myself with it for some time. Then I managed to break open the dantian, clear the Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian, and reach the first level of Huashan Sutra. That's why I started challenging the top 100 after a 3 day seclusion. After accomplishing that, I continued to familiarize myself with the qi flow and polish my internal energy.

    "Just like that, challenging the top 100 was just something I did to relieve the boredom from training in seclusion. After greatly improving my mood from defeating the top 100, in the fervor, the dantian broke out, the first meridian was cleared, and the first level of Huashan Sutra was reached, thus acquiring internal arts."

    "Sect Master is too good to me, he must have valued me greatly that he actually gave me 3 months' time!"

    Lin Yi's face expressed an uncaring attitude towards internal arts, continuing to speak of the ease with which he acquired internal arts, and went on to mention Sect Master thinking highly of him, giving him ample time of 3 months to succeed. As he spoke, to prove that he wasn't lying, he directed his internal strength from his dantian to his arms.

    The muscles on his arm bulged visibly and a white glow appeared on the surface in a streamlined fashion, brimming with explosive power.

    When Yu Zecheng saw it, all doubts were instantly erased.

    Only shock and resentment were left.

    Was it that easy to acquire internal arts?

    If it were, there wouldn't be less than 3 disciples out of 40,000 odd lower courtyard disciples who managed to acquired internal arts each year!

    Most of them had barely managed to enter the upper courtyard after making it to the lower courtyard top 100.

    Then using a great amount of time before finally acquiring internal arts in the upper courtyard.

    In the lower courtyard, even an age of 15 or 16 was considered high. But in the upper courtyard, 18 or 19 was considered young, with most of them above 20, while 15 or 16 was extremely young.

    3 months was ample time?

    Even among those who had been accepted as core disciples from the start, most of them took more than 3 months to acquire internal arts!

    Even the top figure of the younger generation Linghu Feng took more than 2 months.

    While Yu Zecheng himself took a year.

    And considering this was the situation in Huashan, a major sect in Jianghu.

    For the disciples in minor sects, one would already thank the ancestors for their blessings if they managed to acquire internal arts within 3 years.

    Facing Lin Yi, Yu Zecheng was speechless.

    To succeed in less than half a month, he not only felt shock and joy, but even more was the feeling of a setback!

    He was deeply demoralised.

    Seeing Lin Yi's face devoid of joy, he muttered in his heart: monster!

    Lin Yi was secretly happy about Yu Zecheng's reaction.

    He was well aware of the difficulty of acquiring internal arts.

    It was extremely difficult!

    For a martial artist, it was like a moat.

    If not, there wouldn't be such a saying in Jianghu.

    Without internal arts, one was not considered mainstream.

    Martial art techniques were easy to train.

    Regardless of one's talent, with sufficient time and effort, the basic martial arts would eventually reach perfection stage.

    But internal arts was different.

    Internal arts was the best tool to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Whoever acquires internal arts in a short time was a genius.

    Whoever spent a huge amount of time and effort to do the same was a mediocrity.

    It was hard to find such a genius in every 100 people.

    Otherwise, why would Huashan bother recruiting more than ten thousand people every year into the lower courtyard?

    Wasn't it for the sake of discovering a true genius from the large numbers?

    The reason why Lin Yi acted like he didn't give much of a thought to the difficulty of acquiring internal arts was because of a little scheme he had.

    He definitely couldn't reveal the existence of the game system.

    Therefore, to explain why he was able to acquire internal arts in a short time, he had to use the excuse of having superb talent, and thus was capable of achieving what others could not.

    In Jianghu, there was no lack of eccentric geniuses who encountered no trouble at all when acquiring internal arts, succeeding effortlessly.

    Though rare, but they existed.

    Every single one of them were treated like treasures in major sects and hidden like a secret.

    Only after they had achieved the apex of martial arts were they unleashed into Jianghu, garnering crazy amounts of reputation and fame for their sects.

    That was the kind of figure Lin Yi wanted to package himself as.

    If Huashan accepted that he was a true genius, he would no doubt be one step closer to the position of chief disciple.

    To transform from an ordinary lower courtyard disciple into an incredibly talented peerless genius in an instant.

    Which one of those was more valuable and received more support from Huashan, it was obvious in one look.

    And Lin Yi packaged himself flawlessly, so that no one could see through his disguise.

    This was because ever since he joined Huashan, every move he made indicated that he was a true genius!

    The records he had broken in the lower courtyard and acquiring internal arts in less than half a month.

    Whichever feat it was, nobody would question that he wasn't a genius!

    If someone did, without needing Lin Yi to explain himself, plenty of people would come forward to explain and put him in the ranks of a genius.

    A most monstrous and peerless genius!

    Otherwise, if Lin Yi wasn't considered a genius with what he achieved, what about those who spent months or even years to acquire internal arts?

    Wouldn't they all be considered to be trash?


    "Good, that's really good!"

    "Junior Brother Lin, I didn't misjudge you, you are indeed a genius!"

    After some time had passed, Yu Zecheng finally recovered from his shock. Once he did, he laughed heartily, the smile on his face resembling a flower in bloom.

    Although he suffered a blow, but Yu Zecheng very quickly realised that in the entire upper courtyard and including the core disciples, he had the best relationship with Lin Yi!

    A monstrous talent like Lin Yi, if he didn't ally with him now, when would he do it?

    Anyone with brains would be able to tell that a peerless genius like Lin Yi was soon to rise up in the ranks of Huashan, becoming the pride of the new generation!

    He could even vie with Linghu Feng.

    Whether Yu Zecheng wanted the position of chief disciple, he had to ally with Lin Yi!

    If he had such a great talent looking after his interests in the future, there was no need to worry about his prospects in Huashan.

    Besides, Yu Zecheng was no slouch either.

    His master was a powerful elder in Huashan, as well as the senior brother of Sect Master Ouyang Ming.

    His clan, the Yu Clan, also held great influence in Huashan.

    The members of Yu Clan were holding positions all over the various departments in Huashan.

    They had people in the middle level, upper level as well as the Huashan 36 major branch divisions.

    This power was sufficient to allow him to compete with Linghu Feng.

    Although the chances was losing was great, but it was capable of placing the Linghu Clan under duress for a certain amount of time, thereby preventing Linghu Feng from obtaining the position of chief disciple.

    If Linghu Feng became the chief disciple, the Yu Clan's influence would surely receive a huge blow.

    Many families and forces with deep foundations in Huashan had similar concerns.

    Linghu Clan was already very powerful.

    It was with great effort that the Linghu Clan waned and lost the reputation they once had 600 years ago.

    But, if the Linghu Clan once again gain control of power in Huashan, they would surely become the number one force in Huashan.

    Many people did not wish to see that happen.

    A powerful Linghu Clan was feared by many because they knew that their interests would be severely threatened.

    Quite a few families like the Yu Clan poured resources into one of their own, hoping to nurture a new rising star to compete with Linghu Feng.

    Their only goal was to prevent Linghu Feng from becoming the chief disciple.

    It mattered not to them who became the chief disciple, as long as it wasn't Linghu Feng.

    Lin Yi took a deep look at Yu Zecheng.

    From scolding him angrily to laughing heartily and treating him enthusiastically, it was as if he had become another person.

    Besides Yu Zecheng being truly happy for him, there were other reasons as well.

    Lin Yi was well aware of these reasons.

    Being familiar with the progress of the game, he knew very well.

    When Linghu Feng vied for the chief disciple's position in the game, he met with plenty of resistance.

    Coupled with the flaws in his personality, many people were against it.

    But in the end, there wasn't another similarly talented figure that appeared in Huashan.

    In addition, Linghu Feng also had numerous supporters.

    He grew up in Huashan and was on extremely good terms with many core disciples who grew up in Huashan like him.

    These core disciples called him Eldest Senior Brother.

    They all supported Linghu Feng.

    With the the Linghu Clan sparing no effort to support him as well, Linghu Feng finally became the chief disciple.

    But, as the chief disciple, Linghu Feng...

    It was better left unsaid.

    He was indeed highly skilled in martial arts and even became a peak expert.

    However, when the era of chaos arrived, the brutality of the great war surpassed everyone's expectations.

    He was only able to protect a small minority of people around him, and failed to protect the vast majority of Huashan Sect members.

    Thus, the destruction of Huashan was a foregone conclusion.

    At the time just before Lin Yi crossed over, players had already rose in eminence, and Jianghu belonged to the players.

    With unlimited lives and the ability to respawn, none of the major sects were a match for the players.

    It was the start of a nightmare for the natives.

    Back then, Huashan was destroyed, only leaving Linghu Feng and a bunch of sect brothers and sisters, struggling at death's door.

    Lin Yi focused his sight, seemingly seeing countless youths in the lower courtyard diligently training their martial arts.

    Although he had stayed in the lower courtyard for less than 2 months, he was full of emotion towards the lower courtyard.

    He really liked this group of youngsters who were full of passion for martial arts.

    "In the past life, Linghu Feng was unable to protect all of you, but in this life, let me Lin Yi protect all of you!" Lin Yi muttered in his heart.

    "Alright, Junior Brother Lin, I will send the news that you have acquired internal arts to Sect Master right now, and you can enter the upper courtyard to learn superior Huashan sword arts!" Yu Zecheng smiled widely and patted Lin Yi's shoulders forcefully.

    "I can't wait to see those people's faces getting ruthlessly hit by you! Hahaha!"
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    Chapter 43 Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords

    In less than 3 months, Lin Yi managed to acquire internal arts and was promoted to upper courtyard.

    Once news of this spread, the entire Huashan was in an uproar!

    All the lower courtyard disciples were in a commotion, but they also treated it as something inevitable. From what they saw, it would be strange if Senior Brother Lin Yi wasn't promoted to upper courtyard! As for acquiring internal arts within half a month, unfortunately, the vast majority of the youngsters in lower courtyard didn't have the slightest inkling of how difficult it was to acquire internal arts.

    They all thought that even if it was hard to acquire internal arts, but for Senior Brother Lin Yi, it should be normal to accomplish it this quickly.

    Only those among the top 100 who had also received a copy of Huashan Sutra gasped in horror. This Lin Yi was truly a monster! Now they no longer felt jealous of Lin Yi because he already surpassed them by a great distance. He had become a disciple of upper courtyard and was now their senior brother.

    In their hearts, they had nothing but admiration for Lin Yi.

    On the contrary, cries could be heard everywhere among upper courtyard disciples who were not on missions and staying in Huashan. They were crying out in alarm at the great pressure that was now placed on them.

    It was as if they spotted a figure followed by a violent tempest chasing them from behind.

    In the end, they would be overtaken and left far behind, leaving them with nothing but a view of his back.

    It was the birth of a monster!

    Among the core disciples, there was yet another kind of reaction.

    Most of them were suspicious of the authenticity of the news at first.

    After formally verifying the truth they all fell into silence.

    No words were spoken, but there were 2 kinds of expressions.

    One group of people were full of apprehension, these were the supporters of Linghu Feng.

    The other group of people were gloating at the misfortune of the first group. They were happy at the appearance of someone who could finally threaten Linghu Feng's status as the top talent in Huashan.

    Among the Huashan upper echelon was a picture of stillness.

    Like a pool of dead water, the storm that ravaged lower and upper courtyard was only able to create a few ripples before vanishing completely.

    But those who were aware knew that deep within this pool of dead water, currents were secretly flowing.

    Many elders and hall masters, wielders of great power in Huashan, were secretly discussing and preparing.

    The atmosphere of the entire Huashan upper echelon turned mysterious.

    The water seemed to be still but deep inside existed countless secret currents.

    If one got caught by these currents, they would be smashed into pieces.

    These currents weren't something that lower or upper courtyard disciples could involve themselves in.

    Even among the core disciples, not all of them had the qualifications to do so either.


    Lower courtyard rank 11 residence.

    A pale-faced Shangguan Yun heard the news of Lin Yi acquiring internal arts within half a month and getting promoted to upper courtyard.

    His face turned morbidly red in an instant.


    He spit out a mouthful of fresh blood and like an arrow, the blood bore into the ground, leaving a patch of blackish bloodstains behind.

    His bloodless face turned even paler.

    "How can this be?"

    "How did Lin Yi acquire internal arts so quickly?"

    "The heavens are blind!"

    "How will I, Shangguan Yun, take my revenge?!"

    Shangguan Yun raised his head and shouted, roaring madly.

    His voice could be heard in the entire residence, causing many of his former followers who came to see and consolate him to shake their heads and leave silently.

    The high-spirited Shangguan Yun who once led them to domineer lower courtyard had left.

    He was replaced by a mad Shangguan Yun who wallowed in self-pity.

    The leaving of his followers added insult to injury.

    Shangguan Yun was so angry that he spit out another mouthful of blood.

    With a haggard and dispirited expression, and his hair messily strewn on his face, he resembled a madman.

    The only difference was that his eyes were bloodshot and filled with hatred and ruthlessness.

    "Lin Yi, you are the one who destroyed everything I had!"

    "I, Shangguan Yun, will never let you off!"

    "Hmph, you might have acquired internal arts in half a month and surpassed Senior Brother Linghu, but you will never be a match for Senior Brother Linghu."

    "Senior Brother Linghu..."

    "That's right, where there's a will there's a way. I can still pledge allegiance to Senior Brother Linghu."

    "This Lin Yi is currently so famous that the entire Huashan is spreading the news that he is going to challenge Senior Brother Linghu for the position of top genius in Huashan. Hmph, even if Senior Brother Linghu doesn't mind, his followers will mind. They must be thinking of a way to deal with Lin Yi."

    "I still have a chance!"

    "That is to get near Senior Brother Linghu and submit myself to his command."

    "Haha, Lin Yi, don't think that you can underestimate me just because you have greatly surpassed me. I will be like a venomous snake hiding in the dark spots, waiting to deliver a fatal strike at all times!"

    Shangguan Yun broke out in maniacal laughter. In this life, he was defeated by Lin Yi and fell out of the top 10 ranking, losing his chance to enter upper courtyard. However, just as he did in the previous life, he followed the same route of following Linghu Feng.


    System notification:

    Quest reward:

    Completed the test of 3 months, promoted to upper courtyard, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Quest reward:

    Acquired internal arts in half a month, creating a sensation in Huashan, achieving the title of genius, and spreading fame throughout Jianghu, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    On the way to the sect library, Lin Yi suddenly received system notifications. Lin Yi was thrilled upon seeing an unexpected windfall of ten thousand battle experience.

    The title of genius was a good tool indeed.

    "Looks like I need to make good use of this title in the future to gather more battle experience from quest rewards." Lin Yi thought to himself.

    He continued his way to the sect library.

    That day, Yu Zecheng had reported back the results of the test. After a short while, Sect Master Ouyang Min issued the order to promote Lin Yi to upper courtyard and rewarded him with a choice of a superior sword art from the sect library.

    The next day, Lin Yi moved his residence to upper courtyard after receiving the news. Then he made his way to the sect library immediately.

    Huashan sect library was also known as the Library of Hidden Sword.

    Because a great majority of the martial arts manuals kept in the library were composed of superior sword arts.

    Six to seven hundred years ago, Huashan was separated into the Sword School and Qi School.

    But ever since internal arts rose in prominence, it became the only standard for martial arts.

    The separation no longer existed.

    In Great Jianghu, internal arts was the most important.

    It enabled one's strength to greatly surpass the limits of ordinary people.

    This was something that no martial technique could compare to.

    Even someone who learnt a peerless sword art, Nine Swords of Dugu for example, would be no match for someone who had learnt a silver grade internal art like Huashan Sutra, if he had not acquired internal arts.

    That was why the separation into Sword School and Qi School became pointless.

    But the superior sword arts that belonged to the Sword School were passed on.

    Most of these superior sword arts were frighteningly powerful.

    Even without acquiring internal arts, one could use these sword arts to challenge third-rate experts who acquired internal arts.

    Of course, the premise was that these third-rate experts had not acquired internal arts beyond bronze grade.

    If they were third-rate experts possessing silver grade internal arts, those without internal arts, regardless of the amount of talent one had, would lose for sure.

    The difference was too great!

    But this was sufficient to demonstrate the power of the Sword School's sword arts.

    If one who had internal arts learnt these sword arts, it would be akin to adding wings to a tiger!

    Regarding Huashan superior sword arts, besides the peerless sword art Nine Swords of Dugu, Lin Yi was most interested in the Huashan superior sword art known as Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    In the game during the previous life, before the appearance of divine skills, this particular sword art was pretty famous.

    A player had achieved great fame in Jianghu relying on this sword art, and he was nicknamed by the players: Deadly Swordsman.

    Countless players died to this sword art used by him.

    His greatest achievement was killing 10 third-rate experts and 1 second-rate expert while he was only a third-rate expert. This happened during the early period of the great war.

    This achievement shocked the entire player community.

    At that time, second-rate experts had not yet appeared among the players and the top players were only third-rate experts.

    The Deadly Swordsman challenged a second-rate expert from a demonic cult using Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, defeating and killing him.

    This showed how powerful the sword art was.

    Lin Yi was still an unknown who only just acquired an iron grade basic internal art sutra, barely making it to the ranks of third-rate experts.

    It was then that he started yearning for this sword art.

    Even after crossing over into the world of Great Jianghu, he kept it in his mind constantly.

    Most importantly, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was a perfect fit for his style of combat.

    Just like its name, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was comprised of just 3 moves, and every move was a killing technique.

    The moves could be chained one after another, and each subsequent move was more powerful than the previous one.

    Famed for being crafty, vicious and fatal, hence the "Deadly".

    It fully displayed the unusualness and sinisterness of Huashan sword arts.

    The Huashan Sword School senior who created this sword art was a stunning talent, and even Lin Yi deeply admired him.

    In the previous life, even though he was a God-ranked player and a peak expert in Jianghu, he only managed to create a single sword move, Falling Sword Style.

    Compared to the great ability of these seniors who were able to create an entire superior sword art, he still had a long way to go.

    Towards those stronger than himself, Lin Yi always held a attitude of respect.

    The realm that these people belonged to was what he should aim for.

    Creating a martial art and passing it down to countless disciples.

    Just thinking about it made one fascinated.

    He restrained the excitement in his heart and calmed his emotions.

    Lin Yi arrived at the sect library and entered after giving one quick look.

    Without doing anything else, he simply took out his upper courtyard disciple token and handed it to the library attendant: "Upper courtyard rookie Lin Yi is here to choose a sword art."

    "You are Lin Yi?" The attendant who had been keeping his head lowered looked at Lin Yi's token, and abruptly raised his head in surprise when he heard Lin Yi's words.

    "That's right, Lin Yi pays his respects to Senior Brother." Lin Yi nodded while cupping his hands.

    "Heh, you don't need to be in a rush to call me Senior Brother. You are a peerless genius who managed to reach the first level of Huashan Sutra in less than half a month, I cannot handle being called Senior Brother by you. Who knows when you will be promoted to a core disciple. When that happens, I will be the one calling you Senior Brother." The attendant shook his head with a laugh and joked.

    "......" Lin Yi was speechless.

    "Alright, enough joking. Just state your choice directly, I won't bother telling you the rules. The rule allowing upper courtyard disciples to learn only one superior sword art will probably be broken in no time by a genius like you. I'm sure you will definitely become a core disciple in the future, so you may choose whatever you like, since even if you make a wrong choice you can change it back." The attendant laughed softly, apparently thinking extremely highly of Lin Yi.

    If that was the case, Lin Yi had no reason to be polite, and he directly stated the sword art he desired: "I wish to learn Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!"
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    Chapter 44 Upper Courtyard Mission

    "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords? Alright, please hold on." The attendant thought for a moment before nodding with a smile. Then he turned and walked into the secret chamber, disappearing from Lin Yi's field of vision. After a short while, the attendant reappeared from the secret chamber with a manual in his hand and passed it to Lin Yi.

    On the front page of the manual, several large words were elaborately written: Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    "Thanks, Senior Brother." Lin received the manual and said his thanks.

    "Go learn it quickly, I hope to see the results of your training as soon as I can!" The attendant waved his hand, his eyes shining with curiosity.

    Lin Yi smiled before turning to leave the sect library. Then he kept the manual carefully and rushed back to his residence using a movement art.

    System notification:

    Obtained skill book: Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords

    Do you want to learn it?

    Lin Yi replied yes silently.

    A bright light flashed in his eyes and a huge amount of information rushed into his brain. In just a blink of an eye, a sea of knowledge had been imprinted on Lin Yi's memory permanently.

    Although this wasn't the first time using the game system to learn skills, but Lin Yi felt emotional each time he used it.

    Just the ability to instantly remember and understand everything about a superior sword art alone placed him far above a great many people.

    In order to learn the same sword art as him, the others had to first spend much time reading the manual. While he was already far ahead, starting on his sword training.

    Each move from Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords appeared vividly in his mind.

    Other than the basic information, the game system also provided the records of the knowledge gathered by the seniors who had practised this sword art before him.

    Compared to the information on the techniques, Lin Yi valued this knowledge even more.

    This knowledge would allow him to assimilate the sword art much faster, and the knowledge was highly detailed, containing information on every aspect.

    How to use the sword art under different circumstances, how to chain attacks when using the first move, and how to render your opponent unable to dodge the attack, eventually dying in a chain of attacks.

    There was an abundance of content, and by simply looking through it once, it had already greatly increased Lin Yi's understanding of the sword art.

    Very soon, he was able to discern the strengths and flaws of the sword art, even making use of his rich battle experience to easily incorporate the sword art into his own style of fighting.

    A sword art could only be mastered when one was able to train it to the point that it belonged to oneself.

    Lin Yi's understanding of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords reached the intermediate stage in no time.

    Of course, this only pertained to the usage of the sword art, it wasn't recognised by the game system.

    He had not even reached the initial stage of the sword art.

    In this kind of situation, the game system was inflexible. It only recognised the effect of training a sword art when it increased one's stats.

    Knowledge of usage and other tricks were not recognised.

    This was the reason why many players despite reaching a high stage with their sword arts, did not know how to use them properly.

    Simply killing mobs and completing quests was sufficient to increase the stage of sword arts, but knowledge of using the sword arts did not increase at all.

    With an equally powerful sword art, one who knew how to use it will always greatly surpass one who did not.

    The situation was better for the natives in this regard since they had to increase the stage of their sword arts without the assistance of the game system.

    Their understanding of sword arts would be better in comparison even if they did not have much talent at it, while those slightly smarter were able to display the intended power of the sword arts.

    System notification:

    Learnt Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords successfully.

    Opening the skills panel, Lin Yi searched for the sword arts section and saw the information he was looking for.

    System notification:

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords (Gold) : Huashan superior sword art, inherited from Huashan Sword School. Beginner (Attack +0), 10,000 experience required to reach initial stage (Attack +7.5).

    Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction.

    The attack stat added by a gold grade superior sword art was 2.5 times that of the iron grade basic sword art, while the silver grade Huashan Sword Art was 2 times that of the basic sword art.

    Although it seemed like a small increase in stats, the required experience was greatly increased.

    Once it reached perfection stage, a superior sword art would increase the attack stat by 50, 10 points higher than Huashan Sword Art.

    And this was an increase to the base stat.

    After factoring in the doubling effect of internal arts, that was 100 points of attack, 20 points higher than Huashan Sword Art.

    When one managed to clear the 8 extraordinary meridians and become a first-rate expert, the strengthening effect was increased by another 100%.

    50 points of attack was boosted three times to 150 points.

    That was 40 points higher than what Huashan Sword Art could achieve.

    The greater your progress in internal arts, the greater the difference became.

    This was the importance of learning superior martial arts.

    If one became a first-rate expert or peak expert without learning superior sword arts but simply due to internal arts, their difference from similarly ranked experts who learnt superior sword arts would only become more and more apparent.

    This was the reason why major sects could rule over the entire Shenzhou.

    Without inheriting divine skills or superior martial arts, one could never reach the peak of existence.

    No matter how much effort or hard work one put in, it was useless.

    This was why whenever a divine skill manual or superior martial art manual appeared, a bloody storm would ensue.

    In Jianghu, countless minor sects and schools or lone martial artists pursued superior martial arts to the point of madness.

    Of course, Lin Yi chose Huashan for that reason.

    After personally experiencing the difficulty of obtaining superior martial art manuals, he longer wished to go through the same path again.

    It was much more convenient and comfortable to choose a major sect like Huashan and get hold of superior sword arts easily.


    In the blink of an eye, 4 months had passed.

    Lin Yi had spent more than half a year in Huashan.

    He experienced the spring and summer in Huashan, and now autumn had arrived.

    In 4 months, Lin Yi was able to reach the intermediate stage in Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    The power of an intermediate stage superior sword art had surpassed Huashan Sword Art.

    Besides that, Lin Yi also practised internal art diligently every day to increase his internal strength. Right now, he had obtained 100,000 experience in his internal art, leaving another 100,000 experience more to go before he could clear the second standard meridian.

    This was the result of 4 months' training.

    It was not easy to train internal arts, and if not for the game system, Lin Yi was not really that much better than other upper courtyard disciples.

    Every time he practised Huashan Sutra he could only earn a small amount of experience.

    Accumulating 100,000 experience so far was the result of arduous training.

    The biggest reason for the slow progress of both Huashan Sutra and Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was the fact that Lin Yi could no longer obtain any easy experience points in Huashan.

    The method of challenging the top 100 no longer worked in upper courtyard.

    All the upper courtyard disciples were aware of his obsession with challenges and they unanimously refused Lin Yi's challenges.

    There was also no top 100 ranking in upper courtyard so there was nothing Lin Yi could do about their refusals.

    Without a source of battle experience points, Lin Yi's progress slowed down naturally.

    4 months in Huashan with no source of battle experience nearly drove Lin Yi crazy.

    He was constantly thinking of receiving a mission to leave Huashan and seek adventures in Jianghu.

    Only by going forth into Jianghu could he easily earn large amounts of battle experience and thus raise the levels of his sword arts and internal arts quickly.

    At this moment, Lin Yi received a message from Yu Zecheng.

    "I finally got it!" Lin Yi sighed a breath of relief.

    He could not bear to stay in Huashan any longer.

    Even if it was peaceful and safe in Huashan, this kind of life did not suit Lin Yi at all.

    He quickly got up from his bed and rushed to the Hall of Internal Affairs.


    Once he entered the hall, the first thing he said upon seeing Yu Zecheng was: "Senior Brother Yu, I formally issue a challenge to you. If you are a man, will you accept the challenge?"

    "Challenge? I refuse!" Yu Zecheng quickly shook his head.

    What a joke, how could he not know Junior Brother Lin's personality?

    The title of challenge maniac was already widespread in lower courtyard.

    Initially when Lin Yi arrived in upper courtyard, Yu Zecheng was worried that Lin Yi would similarly create a commotion.

    Fortunately, there was no top 100 ranking in upper courtyard, only missions.

    Thus, upper courtyard disciples were uninterested in rankings and only carrying out missions interested them. By carrying out missions they could seek adventures in Jianghu and spread their name along the way.

    As a result, every single upper courtyard disciple refused Lin Yi's challenges.

    Yu Zecheng nearly died from laughing when he first heard the news.

    Of course, Lin Yi had heard about the matter of him laughing, which was why the first thing he said whenever he saw Yu Zecheng was to challenge him.

    The people in Hall of Internal Affairs were tired of hearing it.

    Yu Zecheng always refused with a wide smile.

    "Ai, this again. Senior Brother Yu, are you still a man!" Lin Yi replied angrily.

    Seeing Lin Yi's dispirited face, Xiaoliu and others beside Yu Zecheng covered their mouths and laughed.

    Peng, peng, peng!

    Yu Zecheng knocked on the table to silence them, then smilingly said to Lin Yi: "Junior Brother Lin, Sect Master has agreed to your request for a mission."

    Lin Yi perked up and showed interest immediately: "To where?"

    Ever since the mass refusals, Lin Yi constantly thought about going on missions.

    Yu Zecheng reported this to Sect Master numerous times, but Sect Master always refused with the reason that Lin Yi was still insufficiently skilled.

    This time, Sect Master finally gave his approval, and Lin Yi was greatly excited by this.

    Yu Zecheng smiled and shook his head. This Junior Brother Lin of his, must have been nearly stifled to death. Resuming a serious look, he said: "The most important part of doing missions in Jianghu as an upper courtyard disciple is not the mission itself, but the experience you get from wandering Jianghu. Simply training in seclusion will no longer achieve much of an effect and progress in this manner is extremely slow. Junior Brother Lin, you should be well aware of this fact."

    Lin Yi nodded in agreement, what Yu Zecheng said was right.

    "Therefore, upper courtyard came up with the system of missions for the sake of allowing disciples to gather real world experience." Yu Zecheng paused before continuing: "The place you will be going to has a certain amount of danger. Lanzhou is located at the border of Ming Cult's area of influence, and various types of demonic cult members often appear. It is one of the best places for high quality disciples from major sects to gather experience and temper themselves."

    "There are disciples hailing from Shaolin, Wudang, the Five Mountain Sword Sects and many other major sects, who are stationed in Lanzhou City. Together, they serve as the Great Constables Corps for the Lanzhou City Liushanmen, and their responsibilities are mainly to patrol within the borders of Lanzhou. Disciples sent there are all among the best in their cohort. Junior Brother Lin, Sect Master sent you there because he thinks highly of you, and he is hoping that you can achieve a breakthrough from the harsher experience."
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    Chapter 45 Leaving Huashan

    "Lanzhou City?"

    Lin Yi's eyes lit up and he was filled with enthusiasm.

    He was well aware of what kind of place this was without having Yu Zecheng to explain.

    In fact, this place was a site for the younger generation from both the demonic cults and righteous sects to gather experience.

    All the disciples sent here were the elite disciples of various sects.

    Who was considered elite?

    They were people like Lin Yi, having acquired internal arts at the age of 16 to become a third-rate expert.

    After 4 months in upper courtyard, Lin Yi knew that people as young as him was extremely rare in upper courtyard.

    Many major sects even sent their core disciples.

    Each and every one of them were great talents and highly valued by the upper echelon in their sects. They became core disciples from very early on and had been apprenticed to first-rate experts and even peak experts. These masters provided them with constant guidance and the martial arts they learnt were all superior.

    At this point of time, a Huashan core disciple would be a third-rate expert just like Lin Yi. However, they would have learnt several superior sword arts and their internal art would likely be the superior internal art Hunyuan Skill.

    Compared to that, Lin Yi was indeed slightly inferior.

    Of course, if one compared their battle ability, the highly experienced Lin Yi would be akin to an old demon, and it would be the kind of old demon who had lived for thousands of years. While these core disciples would be more like fresh young demons.

    The righteous sects sent their elite disciples, but the demonic sects also sent disciples who were not inferior in any way.

    This place was just like a battlefield for the future peak existences from both the righteous sects and demonic cults.

    To be sent to such a place, how could Lin Yi not be excited about it?

    He could not help but sigh. To think that Sect Master has such a discerning eye to be able to tell that I'm a true genius!

    He was already starting to think, if he killed a demonic cult genius, how much battle experience would he earn?

    It should be at least 8,000, if not 10,000.

    Not to mention the reputation reward of at least 5,000!

    Lin Yi nearly drooled at the thought of the potential rewards and he became even more restless.

    If he managed to slay 8 or 10 of those demonic cult geniuses, he no longer needed to worry about raising the level of his internal art.

    He had been reluctant to spend the several ten thousand battle experience points left from 4 months ago, choosing to slowly train his martial arts manually instead.

    It wasn't because he was a miser, it was because of the viciousness of Jianghu.

    The era of chaos was approaching and various devils, both big and small, were going to appear in Jianghu.

    By saving these battle experience, he could use them as a lifesaver.

    "Senior Brother Yu, I will set off immediately. Don't worry, I won't disappoint you!" Without listening to Yu Zecheng's nagging, Lin Yi made a quick reply then turned and ran.

    "Remember to collect some weapons from the Manor of Weapons before you go. Also, go to the stable at the foot of the mountain to collect a fine steed." Yu Zecheng hurriedly reminded.

    "I know that!" Lin Yi waved his right hand and disappeared from Yu Zecheng's field of vision.

    "This Junior Brother Lin is so excited from leaving Huashan." Yu Zecheng shook his head and laughed.

    Xiaoliu added from the side: "Junior Brother Lin has been stifled to death in Huashan since not a single person from upper courtyard is willing to accept his challenge. While he still doesn't have the ability or right to challenge core disciples yet. As for lower courtyard, there's no longer any challenge left there. He hasn't fought anyone for 4 long months, so when he heard that he's going to Lanzhou City where he can meet many other similar young talents and even demonic cult geniuses he would certainly be worked up.

    "With his personality as a challenge maniac, he must be planning how he can challenge all of them right?"

    Yu Zecheng nodded his head. Once he thought of how Lin Yi had spent this past 4 months, he smiled and said: "He's indeed stifled to death!"

    "I wonder what kind of commotion he's going to cause in Lanzhou City this time?"


    Leaving the Hall of Internal Affairs, Lin Yi returned to his residence and swiftly packed his luggage. He grabbed several pieces of clothing and some money distributed by Huashan. Wrapping his luggage into a bundle, he fashioned it into a backpack using some cloth and carried it on his back.

    Without a shred of reluctance, he went straight for the armory.

    With the wealth of experience he already possessed in Jianghu, there was no need for Yu Zecheng to remind him what he needed to prepare for the journey.

    Other than some medicine and money, the next most important thing was weapons.

    Being the Manor of Weapons in Huashan headquarters, it was truly worthy of being called a manor.

    A huge building which entirely belonged to the Manor of Weapons was filled with all kinds of weaponry.

    Sabers, swords, whips, hammers, fist gloves, bows and arrow...

    18 types of weapons, it contained all of them.

    And they were all of high quality.

    The weapons in Jianghu were also categorized into grades.

    The lowest grade weapons were iron grade, made crudely from iron.

    The next grade was bronze grade, made using steel.

    Above that was silver grade, these weapons were extremely well made and highly polished.

    Beyond that was gold grade, this was the unique weapons category, and each weapon in this category was quite famous. For example, the Gentleman's Sword used by Sect Master, and the highly famed Dragon Saber, Heaven Sword. These were all unique weapons.

    Lastly, it was the legendary weapons. Legendary weapons were as rare as peerless martial arts, and maybe even rarer. Even the sect masters of major sects may not even possess one. This type of weapons were all the stuff of legends. For example, the two legendary swords Gan Jiang and Mo Ye, and the Yuchang Sword...

    As an upper courtyard disciple, Lin Yi obviously couldn't take unique weapons, not to mention legendary weapons. The entire Huashan didn't even possess a single legendary weapon. He had to settle for silver grade weapons.

    Upon entering the Manor of Weapons, he displayed his token and stated his intentions. Then he directly asked someone to bring him to where the silver grade weapons were kept. Once there, he selected one of the high quality swords.

    The name of the sword was very common: Qingfeng Sword.

    But the attack stat was incredible, exceeding a hundred points. This was sufficient to easily nullify the defense of a third-rate expert.

    Lin Yi's defense stat was only 30. If he used internal strength for defense, it would only increase to 90 points. The Qingfeng Sword with over 100 points of attack would easily pierce his body. Moreover, the attack stat from weapons stacked with his own attack stat.

    Only those who had practised defensive martial arts would be able to defend against Qingfeng Sword.

    But even if a sword with 100 attack was unable to break the defense, with the addition of the attacker's own attack stat, it was sufficient to cause a concussive effect on opponents who practised defensive martial arts.

    It was just like using a blunt blade. Even if the blade was incapable of causing a cut, the force applied to the blade was capable of causing internal injuries from the impact of striking.

    After choosing his sword, Lin Yi went to the defense storeroom next. He picked a piece of soft armor from among those that covered the whole body.

    Soft armor defense was inferior to normal armor made from metal, but due to the lighter weight, it did not affect movement when worn.

    Also, it was considered excellent already, possessing 100 points of defense.

    That was sufficient to defend against a majority of the silent sneak attacks.

    Sneak attacks could not be carried out with full force.

    Wearing the soft armor with 100 defense points, he could now defend against fatal strikes and not die so easily in one hit.

    With Qingfeng Sword in hand, soft armor on his body, Lin Yi came to the last weapon he wanted.

    Bow and arrow.

    In his previous life, besides creating Falling Sword Style and thus becoming a God-ranked player, there was also another skill which allowed him to dominate Jianghu for a long period of time.

    It was archery!

    A superior archery skill was very rare. In the game, Lin Yi experienced countless hardships, nearly stopping at nothing, before finally obtaining a superior archery skill.

    Before that, he was already well-known for his archery.

    His archery was the only skill that wasn't learnt through the game system.

    It was trained from constant practice, firing hundreds of thousands and even millions of arrows.

    Towards archery, he had a great amount of experience and knowledge.

    This was why the first skill that he used after crossing over was archery.

    Even if he had forgotten all the martial arts he once had, he wouldn't forget his archery.

    The might of his archery may be inferior to superior sword arts, but it was far superior to Huashan Sword Art.

    Not to mention, the huge advantage of attacking from a long range when using archery.

    His archery was capable of producing an effect similar to superior martial arts.

    He entered the bow storeroom.

    There was very few silver grade bows in here. Since nearly everyone in Huashan used swords and not bows, not many bows were made.

    If not for the fact that Huashan was a major sect, one might not even find a single silver grade bow.

    Among the few bows available, Lin Yi's eyes fell on one of them.

    Holding it in his hand, his eyes lit up.

    System notification:

    Longmang Bow (Gold) : Attack +200, Made using the tendons of Longmang snakes from the swamps of Nanjiang, as well as violet hardwood, incredibly powerful.

    It was a unique weapon!

    What a waste to leave it collecting dust!

    Lin Yi sighed and wiped the dust off Longmang Bow, revealing a noble-looking violet bow.

    He would never have thought that there would be someone in Huashan who didn't recognize a unique bow and leaving it here to collect dust, eventually allowing him to obtain a treasure with no effort.

    "Since you have fallen into my hands, I will definitely let you resurface in Jianghu and reclaim your former glory!"

    Lin Yi's eyes were full of gentleness and he softly caressed the bow in the way one would caress a lover.

    There was only 3 arrows in the quiver, which Lin Yi tied to his back.

    With Qingfeng Sword in hand, soft armor on his body, and Longmang Bow on his back, Lin Yi walked out of the Manor of Weapons with wide steps.


    Arriving at lower courtyard, Lin Yi wanted to bid farewell to Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu.

    Walking on the large pavement, Lin Yi was recognized by the disciples, and many of them gasped in surprise.

    4 months had passed, but Lin Yi's legend was still going strong in lower courtyard.

    The girls covered their mouths while screaming, and pointed at Lin Yi's back, their faces revealing a shy blush.

    As he passed by the site where the girls trained and saw the girls diligently practising Huashan Sword Art with a focused expression, Lin Yi smiled. Some of the girls encountered difficulties in practising sword art, sometimes frowning, sometimes holding their chin, blinking their large eyes and looking cute and playful.

    Lin Yi felt familiar and relaxed at the scene, as if he was back at home.

    One of the girls spotted Lin Yi while frowning over a problem and her eyes lit up.

    Under the teasing and laughter of her companions, she approached Lin Yi with bouncy steps.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, could you explain the sword art to me?" The girl blinked her large eyes and asked timidly, eyes filled with hope.

    "Alright, show me your practice once." Lin Yi nodded without hesitation. Although he wanted to leave Huashan as soon as possible, but under the hopeful gaze of the girl, he could not bear to refuse.

    The girl cried out in great joy and was slighted surprised. She didn't think that Senior Brother Lin Yi would really agree to her request. She hurriedly displayed the sword art, and her flexible body coupled with graceful steps made the sword art look very beautiful, resembling a sword dance. When she finished, she gave a pitiful look at Lin Yi.

    After taking a moment to think about what he was going to say, Lin Yi could not bear to hurt the girl's fragile soul, so he tactfully said: "Your sword art looks as beautiful as a sword dance, leaving those who saw it wanting more."

    The girl was very happy and her eyes glittered upon hearing that.

    "But..." Once Lin Yi uttered a but, the girl's expression instantly turned gloomy.

    "Sword arts are used for killing, not for watching. You should hide your killing intentions in the sword dance, and lower your opponents' guard by mesmerizing them with the beautiful sword dance, before delivering a fatal strike. Let me gift you with a phrase, killing intentions are hidden in beautiful things." Lin Yi advised. The girl nodded her head repeatedly, her large eyes filled with radiance once again.

    After a round of advice to the girl, she thanked him profusely and excitedly went back to her companions, much to their envy.

    However, Lin Yi's heart was very heavy. He looked at the azure sky, seemingly spotting thick dark clouds approaching from far.

    Hopefully I can help this beautiful and cute girl to survive the coming era of chaos!

    "I still need to continue working hard to attain the position of chief disciple, so that I can protect everything that is beautiful and dear to me!" Lin Yi looked at the youngsters in lower courtyard training hard and occasionally laughing, and said to himself.
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  • Book 2 Afterglow of Jianghu

    Chapter 46 Trouble at Home

    "I'm leaving Huashan to adventure in Jianghu for a period of time. While in Huashan, all of you better work hard at acquiring internal arts so that you can be promoted to upper courtyard." Lin Yi urged them earnestly as he was bidding them goodbye.

    4 months had passed, but the 3 of them had not succeeded at acquiring internal arts yet. However, following in Lin Yi's footsteps, they challenged their way through the top 100 and managed to occupy the top 3 spots.

    Han Bai was first, Yu Hai was second and Jiang Xiaoyu third.

    Even then, the 3 of them did not have an ounce of arrogance in front of Lin Yi.

    Compared to him, the difference was too great, especially with regards to acquiring internal arts, where Lin Yi took less than half a month to succeed.

    Among the 3 of them, Han Bai was indeed worthy of the title of genius, as he already managed to sense the qi-flow. It was only a matter of time before he established his dantian and cleared the Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian.

    Lin Yi was not worried about them, and he waved his hand before finally leaving.

    Arriving at the stable located at the base of Mount Hua, Lin Yi collected a sturdy-looking white horse.

    The horses reared in the stable in Huashan headquarters were all fine steeds. To travel a thousand li in a day, this was merely the most basic requirement. As a major sect, these horses were not only fast and good for traveling, they could also be used as war horses.

    Simply by donning war armor, a large scale heavy cavalry regiment could be instantly formed.

    The 3 of them walked Lin Yi to the entrance of Huashan and watched as Lin Yi gracefully mounted his horse before lightly slapping the rear of the horse. The white horse neighed loudly and sped off like an arrow, leaving Huashan behind.

    Lin Yi's silhouette quickly disappeared from their eyes.

    They silently looked at each other, feeling the emptiness in their hearts. Without Senior Brother Lin Yi by their side, they felt lethargic and lost.

    "Don't be like this, everyone knows how much Senior Brother values us. If we don't want to disappoint Senior Brother Lin Yi, we better work hard to acquire internal arts and get promoted to upper courtyard!" Han Bai was the first to recover and said to the other two.

    Although they were loyal to Lin Yi, but the youth still had his own pride. He viewed Senior Brother Lin Yi as his lifelong aim, and followed closely behind.

    Although the difficulty of acquiring internal arts was immense, but the youth treated it as a small setback. Once he could overcome it, what came after that would be a stretch of smooth sailing, and he would be free to soar as he wished.

    "Han Bai is right, Xiaoyu, we better work hard. When Senior Brother Lin Yi returns to Huashan and sees that we acquired internal arts and got promoted to upper courtyard, it will be a surprise for him." Yu Hai also recovered quickly, his eyes filled with fighting spirit, and he patted Jiang Xiaoyu's shoulders.

    Jiang Xiaoyu shook off the hand that Yu Hai placed on his shoulder and said with disdain: "Hmph, of course we need to give Senior Brother Lin Yi a surprise, I will definitely acquire internal arts before you!"

    Although he didn't show weakness in his words, but in his heart, he still felt empty. He thought back to the 6 months he spent in Huashan with Senior Brother Lin Yi guiding and teaching him like a big brother.

    Leading by example, bravely challenging the top 100.

    Guiding him forward like a bright lamp.

    Allowing an untalented youth like him to become a genius-like figure and distinguish himself in lower courtyard.

    As he reminisced, he felt tears coming to his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and uttered angrily: "Where did this sand blow from, it's getting into my eyes and making them painful!"

    Han Bai and Yu Hai looked at each other with a smile and started feeling the same way as Jiang Xiaoyu. Together they rubbed their eyes and scolded: "Today's wind is too strong, the sand is getting in my eyes too!"

    The 3 of them said in their hearts: Senior Brother Lin Yi, go adventure in Jianghu with peace of mind. When you get back, we will give you a surprise. We also wish to follow you to Jianghu!


    Riding a white horse, wearing a white attire from Huashan upper courtyard, and his long hair fluttering. On the left side of the horse's neck was the sheathed Qingfeng Sword, and on the right was the violet Longmang Bow as well as the icy-looking arrows.

    Urging the horse and galloping on the wide road, he attracted the attention of countless pedestrians.

    Many people of Jianghu holding sabers or carrying swords recognised him as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple immediately, and one by one they moved to the side of the road to give way.

    The slightly young and immature face of the youth riding the white horse appeared in front of everyone.

    Many of them gasped in surprise.

    So young!

    This place was under the influence of Huashan and the people of Jianghu who made a living here all knew about Huashan upper courtyard.

    Any upper courtyard disciple who appeared in Jianghu were at the very least third-rate experts who had acquired internal arts!

    "A third-rate expert with internal arts at the age of 16! Which great genius from Huashan upper courtyard is adventuring in Jianghu?" The people of Jianghu at the side of the road lamented.

    "Mother, this big brother looks so cool. When I grow up, I also want to learn martial arts in Huashan and become impressive like him." A young child aged 4 to 5 years old uttered childishly while holding onto the young mother beside him, his face displaying a look of anticipation.

    The child's words attracted kind laughter from the people around him.

    "Little fellow, your age is small but your ambition is great!"

    "Little fellow, hurry up and grow up. When you are eleven or twelve years old, you can enter Huashan to learn martial arts, Uncle looks well on you."

    The young mother's face revealed an awkward blush,  and she hugged the child while saying gently: "Xiaobao-er, be good and listen to Mother's words. Quickly grow up and Mother will send you to Huashan to learn martial arts. That way, you can be as accomplished as this big brother from Huashan in the future."

    "Okay, let's do a pinky promise!" The child nodded with a sweet smile.

    On the white horse, Lin Yi heard the child's words and smiled, being amused by his innocence.

    However, once he recalled the incoming era of chaos where countless ordinary civilians lost their homes and families and countless sects and clans were massacred, his heart instantly grew heavy.

    Looking at the captivating scenery behind him, he sighed: I wonder for how long this pleasant sight can continue to exist?

    He did not head for the west towards Lanzhou City. Instead, he headed towards the south and rushed back home.

    After half a year in Huashan, I wonder how are things at home?

    Although he had crossed over into this world and did not have much feelings for the parents of this body, but since he had taken over someone's body, he could not let someone else's parents lose their son. He needed to fulfill the responsibilities as a son towards the parents of this body.

    Besides, the uncle of this body, Lin Zhihu, had helped a great deal in securing his entrance to Huashan.

    For gratitude and for reason, Lin Yi couldn't leave the Lin family in the lurch.

    As he proceeded south and approached Leizhou City, where Dragon Gate Escort Agency was situated, he realized the state of affairs in the area got increasingly chaotic.

    On the way, Lin Yi discovered many people of Jianghu with ruthless expressions on their faces. Some of them wanted to attack ordinary people but were stopped by him.

    After asking around, he found out that traces of demonic cult members were discovered in Leizhou City. As the unorthodox started stirring up trouble, many bandits that stayed in the mountains emerged and took advantage of the chaos to loot and plunder.

    Could it be that the era of chaos had already arrived?

    Lin Yi's heart tightened. Bandits looting and plundering while the unorthodox stirred up trouble was the precursor to the coming of the era of chaos.

    As the majority of the righteous sects' forces were bogged down by the demonic sects, it affected and weakened the major sects' rule and influence over the land. Many places even became devoid of influence due to transfers of manpower.

    Where no forces ruled, chaos prevailed.

    Countless powers sought to fill in the void left behind.

    The great war began!

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi grew anxious and started whipping his horse madly, speeding towards Lin Manor in Yu City.

    In just 3 days, he reached Leizhou City.

    As he entered the city, he dismounted and led his horse towards Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

    Lin Zhihu was in the escort agency, and Lin Yi wanted to see him and inquire about the situation at home along the way.

    Walking in the city, Lin Yi felt mixed emotions.

    It was here that he met the disagreeable girl in white who spoke viciously, and the old servant who seemed to be a first-rate expert.

    It was them who made Lin Yi feel that his life was in danger for the first time, making him no longer daring to treat this world like a game.

    Although he still possessed the game system, which was mostly identical to the one in the game during his previous life, the most important difference was that he could truly die now.

    Once he got killed, he would be dead forever.

    Without the ability to re-spawn, players no longer held that great of an advantage in this world.

    They were even inferior to the natives in some aspects.

    Now that he thought about it, the girl in white and the old man in servant attire was most likely from the demonic cults.

    If not, why would a first-rate expert dress so shabbily?

    And why would the girl speak so viciously?

    But, this had nothing to do with Lin Yi.

    As long as he could learn a lesson from the encounter and be more cautious in the future, it was good enough.

    Arriving at the gates of the escort agency, Lin Yi was no longer ignored like the last time.

    People from the escort agency were already lined up in 2 rows at the side, donned in black garb and ready to welcome him.

    Apparently, once he entered Leizhou City, it was discovered by the escort agency.

    The arrival of a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, and one so young at that, was an important event for Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

    How many disciples were there in Huashan upper courtyard?

    Not more than 5,000!

    Among these 5,000, most of them were aged between twenty and thirty, a few of them were even old men with white hair. Those below the age of twenty was extremely rare.

    They were all the true geniuses in Huashan!

    "Haha, I was thinking which Huashan upper courtyard disciple had come to Leizhou City, so it's Junior Brother Lin!" Chief Escort Head Zhao Rong appeared from within the escort agency with a hearty laugh.

    "Lin Yi pays his respect to Senior Brother Zhao." Dragon Gate Escort Agency was one of the major branch divisions, and the Chief Escort Head was a second-rate expert. Lin Yi did not dare to behave rudely and quickly cupped his hands in greeting.

    "Haha, Junior Brother Lin is too polite. Your title of genius has already created a sensation in the entire Huashan. There is now no one from Huashan who does not know of you." Zheo Rong laughed and welcomed Lin Yi into the main hall.

    Maids immediately came forward to serve him tea, and refreshments were placed in front of him.

    "Senior Brother Zhao, I am here to look for Uncle Hu, why is it that I do not see him?" Once the two of them got seated, Lin Yi asked curiously. Since Zhao Rong knew about him, he should have guessed his intentions?

    "Looking for Zhihu? A few days ago, Zhihu requested leave to return home. I heard that someone brought him a message saying that your family encountered some trouble that is difficult to deal with. It seems that bandits have come to extort money again." Zhao Rong frown and said apologetically.

    "What?" Lin Yi abruptly stood up.

    TL note: A minor difference in translation from the original translation, Lin Yi's uncle Lin Zhihu is translated as Escort Head(镖头), Zhao Rong is the highest ranked person in the escort agency(I guess), translated as Chief Escort Head(总镖头).
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