Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



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    Chapter 11 - Sword Arts Upgraded

    The third day.

    After two days in high fermentation, Lin Yi's challenge towards the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples had attracted the whole batch of new disciples, causing even more onlookers to come and watch the battle. On the rocks, on the roofs, on the grounds, on the trees ...

    All of those places were filled with people.

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    Lin Yi had appeared on time, stirring up a ruckus!

    The expression of all the remaining sixty rankers darkened!

    "I accept your challenge!"

    The sixtieth ranker walked out of his courtyard. He took a step forward, holding his sword.

    The two of them unsheathed their swords and clashed against each other.

    Compared to the sixtieth ranker who was going all out, Lin Yi seemed to be very relaxed.

    At the tenth courtyard, the top ten seats among ten thousand new disciples gathered together. They were watching the battle between those two and frowned their brows slightly.

    "Completely unable to see the limits of his strength!"

    "His combat experience is extremely rich. Compared to him, his opponent is like a naive child. They are simply not people of the same level!"

    "The moves he executed are all the moves from Basic Swords Arts. Stab, chop, sweep, poke, cut.... Though they are all simple moves, yet he could utilize them perfectly, achieving his purpose accurately."

    "Did you all notice? Everytime he'd wait until his opponents used up their moves before he'd retaliate. Furthermore, he only needed one strike to finish off his opponents! That's to say, if he really wished to, he only needed one move to kill his opponents!"

    "How horrifying! His strength is simply unfathomable! It's unknown why someone with his strength would want to challenge starting from the hundredth seat? Why don't he just start with top ten seats?"

    "Don't understand and can't guess it either! Probably he has other purposes!"

    The top ten rankers discussed among themselves, with worried looks on their faces. Han Bai who was listening on the side was irritated. The current him didn't have the previous mood of watching leisurely anymore.

    Initially he thought this Lin Yi who popped up out of nowhere suddenly was too far from him and wouldn't pose a threat to him. However, after the last forty seats of one hundred strongest new disciples were defeated consecutively in two days, he started to fear this person.

    Other than fear, he also felt a tinge of excitement. Finally he met a real opponent!

    "And I thought no one could stop me among my peers. I never thought a Lin Yi would appear suddenly. The days from now on will be not boring anymore!" Han Bai thought secretly.

    He strolled around while watching the battle. Seeing Lin Yi who was easily dealing with his opponent, he frowned his brows, "He could have just defeat them with a single strike. Why is he doing this?"

    He couldn't understand the reason for Lin Yi's action at all.


    Everyone could see that the outcome of the sixtieth ranker was the same with the previous forty people.

    After the sixtieth ranker used up all his moves, Lin Yi finally made his move and his sword was already on the shoulder of his opponent soon after.

    "I lost!" The sixtieth ranker, with a serene look, conceded directly.

    Lin Yi had waited for him to use up all his moves before defeating him made him felt grateful.

    After observing for two days, he had long known he wasn't Lin Yi's opponent. He had soon predicted this kind of outcome, so he didn't feel too frustrated.

    It was the same with the competition to determine the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. Previously, Han Bai with his unstoppable strength defeated every last one of them. This feeling of unable to fight back was the same as back then.

    Since they were unable to fight back, then they should accept this kind of outcome willingly.

    "Your moves are not bad. You have reached the peak of novice stage. What you should do next is to break down the eleven moves of Huashan Swordplay. Understand well their each characteristics, find out which move should be used in which situation, and reach the state of owning both offensive and defensive simultaneously. By then, your Huashan Swordplay will have reached intermediate stage!"

    According to his rules, Lin Yi gave out his reviews and suggestions.

    "Thanks, Senior Brother Lin!"

    "No need to, challenge may be challenge. But after challenge ends, we are still fellow disciples. Helping each other is a must!"

    Lin Yi shook his head slightly and smiled. This made the sixtieth ranker filled with myriad of feelings. He gazed at Lin Yi with gratefulness, then he thought in his heart, "Seems like it's not a bad thing if Senior Brother Lin Yi managed to win the first seat!"

    Having defeated the sixtieth ranker and obtained another 1,000 combat experience points made Lin Yi smiled even more.

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    "I accept your challenge!"

    The fifty-ninth ranker went up on the stage and the battle started.

    Unsurprisingly, a few minutes later, after the fifty-ninth had used up all his moves, Lin Yi defeated him in one move.

    The fifty-ninth ranker was defeated!

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    The fifty-eighth ranker went up on the stage!

    Lin Yi's issues of challenge reverberated throughout all the courtyards.


    Those challenged by him were defeated one after another.

    The top ten rankers' facial expressions became uglier as time passed. The sweat on their foreheads fell down akin to rain.

    "Too strong, simply unstoppable!"

    "I seem to have seen the scene where he defeated me!"

    "Me too...."

    The top ten seats could be said the top existences within the hearts of ten thousand new disciples. Each of them were confident in their own abilities. However, after they had seen Lin Yi, they couldn't help but admitted this fact.

    Lin Yi was stronger than them!

    Though it wasn't their turn to battle yet.

    "I wonder if Han Bai can block Lin Yi's advance?"

    "Maybe yes, maybe not...."

    "I think it's hard. Though Han Bai is a genius, but this Lin Yi is too unfathomable. His combat experience is simply too rich, unlike someone of fifteen or sixteen years old. I wonder how did he grow up. It can't that he grew up under constant killings, right?"

    "That's right. His combat experience practically can drive people to desperation! He know how to use the simplest move to block, how to dodge, and how to counter the best! This kind of person shouldn't be someone in our groups of new disciples!"

    "It's weird. Why is someone as strong as him is not accepted into the upper courtyard?"

    Though the discussions by the top ten rankers' were held in whispers to prevent Han Bai from listening, but with Han Bai's strength and keen hearing, he was able to listen to their words clearly. His face showed traces of anger. Though he feared Lin Yi, but he didn't want the others to misunderstand that he, Han Bai, wasn't Lin Yi's opponent!

    "Hmph, however rich combat experience he has, in the face of absolute strength, he will still be crushed!" Han Bai snorted angrily. It made the others felt a shiver in their heart. They shrunk their heads and didn't dare to utter a single word.

    Glancing coldly at these people, Han Bai moved his sight towards the battle and clenched his fists.

    "Lin Yi, I look forward to battle with you, so that everyone will be able to see who is the real number one!"

    "I, Han Bai, will surely let you return with bleeding, cracked head!"



    "He defeated another one. This is the fifteenth already, right? Senior Brother Lin Yi is too powerful. After fighting so long, doesn't he get tired?"

    "Hey, didn't you know? Senior Brother Lin Yi wouldn't let it go without defeating twenty people a day!"

    "This is pitting himself against the entire ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is really like a god!"

    Seeing his opponents got defeated one after another, the onlookers went into an uproar and felt their blood boiling. They said aloud whatever they wanted to, completely unafraid of the stirring up things.

    After fighting for the entire morning, Lin Yi finally defeated the forty-first ranker!

    System Notification

    Quest Rewards : Defeated the forty-first seat of one hundred Huashan's strongest new disciples. Awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

    Completed his mission of defeating twenty seats and obtaining twenty thousand combat experience points, Lin Yi took a breath, seemingly a bit tired.

    The further he challenged the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, the more tiring a battle was. It was because, the higher someone's rank, the better their means would be. After waiting for them to unleash all their abilities, Lin Yi would be more tired.

    However, for combat experience points and the seat of head disciple.

    No matter how hard or tiring, it was all worth it.

    Seeing the experience value on attributes panel, Lin Yi suddenly felt his fatigue had been swept away!

    System Notification

    Experience : 64,200

    He took a look at the martial arts panel next.

    System Notification

    Huashan Swordplay (Silver Grade) : Intermediate Stage +20 attack, next stage (Advanced Stage), 50,000 combat experience points needed.
    Huashan's Arts of Lightness (Silver Grade) : Intermediate Stage +20 attack, next stage (Advanced Stage), 50,000 combat experience points needed.
    Huashan's Fist Arts (Silver Grade) : Intermediate Stage +20 attack, next stage (Advanced Stage), 50,000 combat experience points needed.

    After some thoughts, Lin Yi upgraded his Huashan Swordplay.

    System Notification

    Successfully upgraded Huashan Swordplay!


    He suddenly felt a loud noise in his mind. Endless information on Huashan Swordplay entered his mind. These were all the essences of Huashan Swordplay, including how to use the moves in advanced stage better.

    System Notification

    Huashan Swordplay (Silver Grade) : Advanced Stage +30 attack, next stage (Perfection Stage), 100,000 combat experience points needed.

    He displayed the attributes panel.

    System Notification

    Name : Lin Yi
    Status : Lin Zhilong's son, Huashan's lower courtyard's disciple
    Attack : 40 (Huashan Swordplay+30)
    Defense : 10
    Speed : 30 (Huashan's Arts of Lightness+20)
    Internal Strength : none
    Sword Skills : Huashan Swordplay (Silver Grade)(Advanced Stage)attack+30
    Movement Skills : Huashan's Arts of Lightness (Silver Grade)(Intermediate Stage)speed+20, Basic Arts of Lightness (Iron Grade)(Intermediate Stage)speed+10
    Bare-handed Skills : Huashan's Fist Arts (Silver Grade)(Intermediate Stage)attack+20
    Blade Skills : Basic Blade Arts (Iron Grade)(Intermediate Stage)attack+10

    Note : Attribute bonuses will be chosen from the highest value from each discipline

    Looking at the significant increase in his strength, Lin Yi was filled with a sense of accomplishment. Basic attack had reached 40 points. Compared to 70 points which was publicly recognized as the standard of third-rate experts, he wasn't that far away.

    Coupled with 150% bonus from the usage of Huashan Swordplay, a martial arts of silver grade, meant that his attack could reach 60 points when he executed Huashan Swordplay! If he had used another weapon with +10 attack, he could even pose a threat to a third-rate experts.

    Naturally, he only posed as a threat.

    To be able to become a third-rate expert, the first way was to have internal strength and cleared few out of twelve standard meridians, causing attributes to grow up in folds. The second way would be to train in exceptional martial arts of purple grade to advanced stage, which then would reach 70 attack points just right.

    No matter which one, none of them were someone the current Lin Yi could beat.

    The pugilistic world has it, if one didn't train in internal strength, one would always remain as an ungraded martial artists!

    *note: you may notice that Basic Fist Strikes is not there, the raw didn't have it so i didn't add it either.

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  • Chapter 012 - Battle of the Summit

    The fourth day, Lin Yi had arrived early at the independent courtyards.

    The thought of defeating the remaining forty seats of the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples would yield forty thousand combat experience points, coupled with the remaining 14,200 experience points after upgrading Huashan Swordplay and he would have enough points to upgrade Huashan's Arts of Lightness to advanced stage..

    Just the thought of it made Lin Yi's entire body was full of vigor!

    After three days of precipitates, the venue had been filled with people in the morning as well. Lin Yi was challenging the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. This had caused a huge sensation, one where no one wanted to miss such a good show.

    There were even some lower courtyard's old disciples who got wind of it and came to build relationship with him.

    After all, new disciples who could pull the wind[1] like Lin Yi was rarely seen even in the entire lower courtyard.

    No one would challenge twenty people a day!

    Only Lin Yi could do something as eye-catching as this!

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    His issue of challenge reverberated in the entire courtyards. The remaining forty seats who hadn't been challenged by Lin Yi, hearing Lin Yi's voice, their expressions instantly darkened.

    These past few days were nightmare for them. They never endured something as hard as this.

    The reputation of the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples had crumbled!

    It had been reduced to the point of becoming the joke of others.

    "I accept your challenge!"

    The fortieth ranker, with ugly expression and wry smile walked out of his own courtyard. Towards this battle, he had long lost his confidence. The only thing he could do was to struggle to his best.

    He attacked with Huashan Swordplay of almost at intermediate stage, but it was blocked easily by Lin Yi. The bitter expression of the fortieth ranker instantly got thicker!

    So it was true indeed!

    He didn't have the capabilities to defeat him. Their gap was simply too much. He completely didn't have the slightest chance of winning. All his moves were foreseen completely.


    "Sure enough, there is still no one who can probe out his real strength!"

    "Too unfathomable, his strength is too terrifying. How unimaginable!"

    "Even Huashan Swordplay of almost at intermediate stage isn't able to force him to use his real strength, this is too unbelievable!"

    "Actually Lin Yi isn't concealing his strength on purpose. It is just that no one is able to force him to use his real strength. It's just like us who can defeat the others with few casual moves. Would we use more profound moves? Obviously not!"

    "Truth to be told, I only want to know how deep is Lin Yi's strength is! With regards to keep him outside of the range of top ten, there's no hope left!"

    Inside the courtyard of tenth seat, each of top ten ranker conversed with the others. There were no more resentment in their face. After few days of observing, they had clearly known that they weren't Lin Yi's opponents.

    Instead, they were curious as to what is Lin Yi's real strength.

    They were even more curious, between Lin Yi and the genius Han Bai, who was stronger?

    Who was the most talented existence in this batch?

    Among the ranks of top one hundred strongest new disciples, only Han Bai was the only one left who was vexed and had an ugly expression.

    No one had greater pressurer than him!

    The first seat meant honor, at the same time it also meant pressure!

    When facing the rapid rise of a strong opponent who could pose a threat to one's position, it would cause tremendous pressure that could make someone feel suffocated.

    The topic discussed among the onlookers had gradually changed from 'how far could Lin Yi bring his challenge?' to 'Lin Yi and Hai Bai, who was stronger?'

    Some felt Han Bai was stronger, the others felt Lin Yi was stronger.

    Each sides had their own reasoning. No one was unable to convince the other side.

    In regards to the upcoming battle between the peaks of new disciples, everyone was filled with the enthusiasm to watch.


    The fortieth ranker was defeated!

    The thirty-ninth ranker was defeated!

    The thirty-eighth ranker was defeated!


    The twenty-sixth ranker was defeated!

    The twenty-fifth ranker was defeated!

    The twenty-fourth ranker was defeated!


    The twenty-first ranker was defeated!

    The twenty seats who went up onto the stage had been defeated consecutively by Lin Yi!

    Lin Yi had obtained another twenty thousand combat experience points!

    Looking at the remaining twenty seats that he hadn't challenged yet, Lin Yi was a bit sad.

    What a good place to grind experience!

    After tomorrow, he couldn't 'grind' here anymore!

    Since he hadn't found another place to 'grind' experience, Lin Yi felt even more reluctant.

    It was akin to when one had seen delicious foods, due to its rarity, one would be unwilling to eat it instead.

    This was the Lin Yi's feelings right now.

    Nevertheless, no matter how rare the opportunity to 'grind' experience here was, Lin Yi would still continue his challenges.

    The experience that was still not obtained by him, he would only be at ease after he had ingested them. To stir the entire Huashan, he would have to keep moving forward.

    After an entangled night, the fifth day had arrived.

    Today would be the day where Lin Yi would battle with twenty foremost seats in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. It was also the battle of the peaks between him and Han Bai.

    This was a real battle between dragon and tiger!

    To lower courtyard's new disciples, this was the grandest event!

    As a result, almost all of ten thousand new disciples of lower courtyard had come.

    It was a sight of seas of people indeed. There were almost no empty space left in the independent courtyards.

    Many old disciples had also come to watch the battle.

    Lin Yi's silhouette had just appeared at the distance and the crowds immediately vacated a way for him to pass.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi!" "Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    Wherever Lin Yi went, there would be a burst of cheers.

    Now it had really caused a huge sensation!

    Lin Yi thought in his mind, feeling a bit proud.

    What he didn't know was that had he attracted the attention of Huashan's higher-ups?

    With regards to this, Lin Yi didn't put too much hope.

    He was clear that even if one were to flip over the entire lower courtyard, to those first-rate experts or even top experts of Huashan's higher-ups, it was nothing more than child's play.

    The only way to attract their attention was to let them know that an exceptional genius had emerged in their family.

    That was the only way!

    To attract more of their attention, then one would need to have close relationship with them.

    However, if Lin Yi had close relationship with them, would he still be stuck at lower courtyard?

    Calming down his mood, Lin Yi still decided to proceed on his plans orderly.

    Since challenging the entire ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples wasn't enough to attract their attentions, then he would challenge the entire ranks of one hundred strongest disciples in the entire lower courtyard!

    If the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard's disciples weren't enough, he would challenge the entire upper courtyard!

    If challenging the entire upper courtyard was still not enough....

    Lin Yi could only use his final move ---- whack their motherf* core disciples!


    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    "I accept your challenge!"

    The battle commenced. Everyone was looking forward to seeing who would be the last one to be challenged.

    The twentieth ranker was defeated!

    The nineteenth ranker was defeated!

    The eighteenth ranker was defeated!


    The tenth ranker was defeated!

    The ninth ranker was defeated!

    The eighth ranker was defeated!


    The fourth ranker was defeated!

    The third ranker was defeated!

    The second ranker was defeated!

    Lin Yi didn't disappoint the crowds, he had challenged the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples clear-cut all the way to the second seat. Now there was only one opponent left - Hai Bai!

    "How splendid indeed! Finally he had challenged all his way to Han Bai!"

    "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!"

    "Mighty Senior Brother Lin Yi, continue to display your might. Beat down Han Bai, beat down the ranks of one hundred strongest new disicples!"

    "A real man indeed. He said he would challenge the entire ranks of one hundred strongest new disicples and he really did it! Now there's only Han Bai left. Senior Brother Lin Yi, defeat him and fulfil your promise!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are the best, you are the most talented genius!"

    "Fight! Fight!"

    "I can't wait any longer!"

    "This is too exciting! I can feel the blood in my entire body is boiling!"

    All the new disicples in all directions were frantically shouting, almost of them were cheering for Lin Yi! This made Han Bai who heard all of this darkened his expression and his bad mood had reached an extreme point!

    Somehow he didn't realize, just how bad was his personality?

    How come there wasn't anyone who applauded or cheered for him?

    "Brother Han Bai, good luck...."

    Finally, there was one person who cheered for Han Bai. Han Bai who heard this was moved to tears, when he suddenly heard the continuation of that sentence: "good luck at being defeated by Senior Brother Lin Yi!"


    Han Bai spewed a mouthful of blood which almost took his life. He stared coldly at that person. Then he stared with his red-blooded eyes at Lin Yi who stepped into his courtyard.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, defeat him. I believe that you are the strongest!" Jiang Xiaoyu was cheering frantically. His seemingly crazed expression made people think he could go insane at anytime, which made people worried.

    "Good luck Senior Brother Lin Yi, there's only one left now! I hope you can defeat Han Bai and be the number one!"

    The owner of the last courtyard for the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, at the same time, the first one to battle with Lin Yi, Yu Hai, was now looking at Lin Yi and cheered for him silently in his heart. These few days, Yu Hai had decisively renegaded from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and joined the side which supported Lin Yi.

    Seeing how Lin Yi had managed to defeat opponents stronger than Yu Bai himself, he felt his blood boiling and was unable to calm down.

    "Senior Brother Han Bai, we are unable to probe out his real strength either, sorry!" Nine out of the ten strongest new disciples, stood by Han Bai's side and said in a low voice. Though they apologized verbally, they hadn't shown any apologetic expression on their face.

    At this moment, they couldn't wait to see Han Bai to be defeated at Lin Yi's hands!

    Other than the fact that Lin Yi was stronger than them, they wanted to drag Han Bai down as well.

    Of course, Lin Yi's old rules to give out guidance for each person he defeated made many people who lost to him had a great impression and respect towards Lin Yi.

    After all, the competition in lower courtyard was fierce!

    Giving out guidance to one's martial arts was something almost no one would do.

    Only Lin Yi was the exception.

    Though a lot of people thought he was foolish, but after Lin Yi showed that his strength was far much stronger than them, every one of them held respect for him.

    Regardless of strength, just based on one's character, Lin Yi was far much better than Han Bai!


    "Lin Yi!"

    "Han Bai!"

    The battle between the peaks of new disciples had started!

    One was an expert with unfathomable depths!

    The other one was a famous genius youth in lower courtyard!

    The showdown between the two of them attracted everyone's attention. Everyone opened their eyes wide, not wanting to miss any scenes.

    "I have been observing you these past few days. I have to admit that you are very powerful, much better than these mediocre people!" Han Bai said while pointing at the other one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers, ignoring the fury on their faces, wryly smiled, "However, today you will be defeated at my hands, because I, Han Bai, is the real genius in the lower courtyard! Give me one year and I can become number one in the entire lower courtyard!"

    Hearing these words, Lin Yi only smiled, turned out to be a proud youth, giggled, "Sorry but I only need three months!"

    "Three months? Impossible!" Han Bai shook his head, as he thought Lin Yi was joking.

    "Nothing is impossible as long as you dare to do it!"

    Lin Yi suddenly felt it was meaningless as this wasn't his style at all. Dealing a blow to a proud youth wasn't his forte either!

    [1] "拉风", used to describe someone eye-catching or someone with excellent qualities

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    Chapter 13 - Han Bai defeated

    "If you would please!"

    "If you would please!"

    Both Lin Yi and Han Bai made a 'please' posture, then unsheathed their swords and pointed at each other.

    The green sword with 3-chi (approx. 0.9 meter) length under the sunlight gave off a chilling aura.

    Everyone widened their eyes, watching the showdown between the strongest of the new disciples. They were aware that the number one of the new disciples of this batch would emerge from one of these two.

    Being afraid to miss any exciting scenes, no one dared to blink their eyes.

    Han Bai slightly squinted his eyes, looking at Lin Yi in front of him who was older than him by two years with complex feelings. At first, he had thought Lin Yi would be a threat to him as they were too far apart. Never he had thought, in just five short days, Lin Yi had managed to challenge all the way from the hundredth seat and facing him right now.

    Since he was small, Han Bai had a high talent for martial arts. In his hands, any moves of martial arts could be practised to high level mastery in short time. All people surrounding him had described him as genius. In the future, he would surely become an indomitable hero!

    He could become a peak expert!

    Yet, what did Lin Yi have?

    He joined Huashan at the age of fifteen. This kind of age was quite high for someone who was about to start learning martial arts. Logically, this kind of person should stay in low-key for the remaining four years in lower courtyard before leaving Huashan. Afterwards, he would roam the pugilistic world and become the lowest existence in pugilistic world.

    However, Lin Yi didn't move according to the script. Instead, he had managed to shock the entire lower courtyard just in a few days and became a dazzling genius just like Han Bai himself.

    In fact, Han Bai had even been overshadowed by Lin Yi!

    This made Han Bai who had always led a smooth-sailing life felt uncomfortable. He was aware deep within him, that Huashan was a place with hidden dragons and crouching. A place with countless geniuses stronger and more eye-catching than himself, like core disciples on the peak of Mt.Hua.

    But even so, there shouldn't be someone as old as Lin Yi in lower courtyard!

    Though he had felt excitement due to appearance of a worthy opponent, compared to the threat to his position, it was not even worth mentioning!

    Between an opponent with equal strength and the position of number one genius in lower courtyard, Han Bai had chosen the latter.

    "Number one in lower courtyard belongs to me. I, Hai Bai, am the real genius!"

    Han Bai roared furiously. A 'shua' sound could be heard. With abstruse movement, he stabbed towards Lin Yi.

    This move....

    Lin Yi's eyes lit up. This was the strongest move he had ever encountered after challenging for these few days.

    None of his opponents before could execute such a move.

    A seemingly simple move, yet contained profound mystery within, had locked on to Lin Yi and blocked his retreat, forcing him to meet it head-on.

    If it was someone who was weaker than Han Bai, probably his defeat was already decided.

    Lin Yi had to admit, Hai Bai who had managed to become the first seat among lower courtyard's new disciples really had some capabilities. What was most worthy of praising was Han Bai was only thirteen years old and he had only learned Huashan Swordplay for a month.

    In just one month, he could master Huashan Swordplay to this point.

    This brat was a genius indeed!

    Of course, genius might be genius, but who was Lin Yi?

    One of the five God-ranked players, a peak expert in pugilistic world!

    Though his strength was no more, but comprehension towards martial arts was still there, as he had seen far to many profound sword arts.

    This move of Han Bai might contain a lot of tricks, but unfortunately ....

    Lin Yi had just upgraded Huashan Swordplay to advanced stage. His attack attribute had exceeded that of Han Bai. With addition to his experience as a peak expert, Lin Yi could see the traps that Han Bai laid within this move with just a single glance.

    All-encompassing White Rainbow!

    With the sword riding on the momentum of wind, strike the enemy in the air.

    Aiming his sword's edge at the back of Han Bai's sword, he blocked it and brought down Han Bai's attack. Taking the opportunity, Lin Yi attacked again.

    White Clouds Emerge!

    Squat down and halt, then strike horizontally.

    Han Bai couldn't help but retreat in order to dodge the attack.

    This dodge had caused Han Bai's accumulated offense to break, interrupting his following attacks.

    It was as if a carefully planned attack had just been clashed head-on with someone and got sent back in one strike.

    This kind of vexing feeling could almost cause someone to throw up blood!

    What was Han Bai feeling right was exactly that feeling. Stuffy chest, fast-paced heartbeat, blood boiling, and breathing in and out in large amount. In a short amount of time where they had just exchanged two moves, he was almost internally injured and exhausted a great deal of physical strength.

    He couldn't help but stay far away from Lin Yi. He glared Lin Yi with his reddened eyes, trying to figure out how to attack next.

    Han Bai didn't attack, Lin Yi didn't charge either. He just smilingly looked at Han Bai. Compared to Han Bai's looks where he was on his guard, both of their expression were the contrast of each other.

    Both of them just confronted each other quietly like that.


    The onlookers didn't clamor to ask them to continue fighting. Though they weren't at the level of Lin Yi or Han Bai, however, as martial arts practitioners, they still had this basic judgement.

    "Seems like Senior Brother Lin Yi has the upper hand!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is too awesome. His combat experience is simply godlike. That sinister move of Han Bai, I definitely can't deal with it if I were the one to face against it, then I can only let Han Bai seize the pace and be defeated eventually. Yet, Senior Brother Lin Yi had only used two moves, an All-encompassing White Rainbow and another White Clouds Emerge, to force Han Bai back and inflict internal injury on him. Simply godlike!"

    "Did you all see that? The All-encompassing White Rainbow executed by Senior Brother Lin Yi is too fantastic! I never knew All-encompassing White Rainbow can be used to defend, morever, to defend so well and force the opponent back."

    "That's right. This move of All-encompassing White Rainbow is simply a godly move! Previously I have always thought that the instructor is bluffing that Huashan Swordplay can be used to both attack and defend. No matter how I looked at it, the eleven moves of Huashan Swordplay are used to attack, how can they be used to defend. Now that I have seen this All-encompassing White Rainbow by Senior Brother Lin Yi, it has simply lighten up my dog eyes! His usage is simply too profound, attacking while defending, how overbearing!"

    "Attacking while defending. Offense is the best defense! I have never understood the meaning behind these words. Now that I have seen All-encompassing White Rainbow by Senior Brother Lin Yi, I have finally understood it!"

    "All-encompassing White Rainbow was executed beautifully indeed, but the following White Clouds Emerge isn't bad too. Forcefully forced Han Bai to dodge and retreat, causing all the momentum he had built up to go down the drain! In the past, I have always thought Han Bai's attacks as raging waves, with each waves get stronger than the previous waves, which really makes people breathless. Now I know how to break this kind of attack. If anyone ever dare to use this kind of attack again, I will surely deal with them like how Senior Brother Lin Yi did!"

    Lin Yi and Han Bai had just barely fought and used only two moves, yet it already let all disciples to gain bountiful harvests which made them cried out in excitement. They felt just by watching the battle between those two had deepened their insights on Huashan Swordplay tremendously!

    Each of them became more interested. They widened their eyes as they didn't want to miss any tiniest detail!


    Han Bai who was confronting Lin Yi felt greater pressure in his heart than anyone.

    As someone who was directly involved, he was clearer than anyone how terrifying the previous two moves executed by Lin Yi.

    Beads of sweat on his forehead were flowing down akin to raindrops. Sweating profusely, his mind revolved frantically trying to think of any possible means to attack.

    What made him felt helpless was though Lin Yi seemed to be aloof and held his sword in crooked manner, as if he wasn't a threat, but in Han Bai's perspective, the current Lin Yi was like a prickly hedgehog which made Han Bai didn't know where to attack!

    Speechless, utter speechless.

    Han Bai felt more irritated. The longer the time passed by, the more he felt he was surrounded by glares of mockery.


    He roared loudly, trying to raise his spirit.

    He slashed his sword, akin to howling wind and torrential rain, frantically launched an attack at Lin Yi.

    It was as if tidal waves in the seas, his attacks were like waves that followed another, seemingly never-ending.

    In a blink of eye, he had launched tens of waves of attacks!

    Yet, Lin Yi had only used the simplest moves --- blocking horizontally, straight thrust, striking upwards, striking downwards, sweeping horizontally, vertical split ....

    His defense was as if no waterdrops could leak out, causing none of Han Bai's attacks could hit him.

    He was like a reef in the sea. Though he faced endless attacks of waves, he still stood there withstanding the attacks.

    Han Bai had attacked in every possible ways he could thought of, yet he still couldn't break Lin Yi's defense. Finally he felt a moment of despair.

    He couldn't understand, how could Lin Yi managed to defend against his profound sword arts with only such simple moves?

    What was actually the reason?

    His Huashan Swordplay of intermediate stage mastery couldn't break the simplest moves of Basic Sword Arts?

    This was simply inconceivable!

    If someone told him that one could use moves of Basic Sword Arts to defend against Huashan Swordplay of intermediate stage mastery, even if he were beaten to death, he still wouldn't believe it. He would even scold the other party for speaking nonsense.

    However, he could only experiencing it personally, he could only accept it in doubt and confusion.

    With his experience of starting martial arts practice since he was three, a full ten years of experience, yet he couldn't explain what was happening in front of his eyes.

    He also couldn't see through which mastery was Lin Yi's sword arts at.

    The only thing he had understood was that Lin Yi's understanding towards sword arts was far much deeper, deeper than he could imagine.

    It had even reached miraculous level!

    Just at this moment where Han Bai was in confusion, Lin Yi's sword, as if a snake, with profound movement, broke through all his defense and hit Han Bai's shoulder.

    "Don't lose your focus during battle. It is only a spar today. If the one standing in front of you was a disicple of evil cult, you would have lost your life by now!" Lin Yi's voice softly reached him.

    "Why? Why can you use the simplest sword moves to block against my attacks? Why can you defend against my storm-like attacks so perfectly?"

    Han Bai shouted in an almost insane manner.

    Lin Yi went silent for a moment before replying, "There are no useful or useless moves in martial arts. There are only people who can't use them properly."

    These words in Lin Yi's previous world meant, "There are no worst professions. There are only worst players!"

    "Another word of advice: If the enemy don't move, I won't move. If the enemy were to move, I will move first!"

    Han Bai stood motionlessly on the spot while repeatedly muttering, "No useless moves, only useless person. If the enemy don't move, I won't move. If the enemy were to move, I will move first."

    The light in his eyes gradually lit up as his confusion gradually faded. He looked at Lin Yi and cupped his hands, "I wil let you have the first seat!" He didn't even glance back at the first courtyard, he moved out his things, drove away the second seat from his courtyard and moved into the second courtyard.

    "What a proudful youth indeed!" Seeing this, Lin Yi only laughed while shaking his head.

    - I will be changing 'blade' to 'saber'. Both of them are '刀' in mandarin so i didn't put much thought into it when i first translated.
      Seeing that 'blade' isn't much different from 'sword' so I still decided to change it in the end.
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     Apparently the ranks are like this, 不入流, 三流, 二流, 一流, and so on..

    Chapter 14 - Shocking the entire lower courtyard

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, congratulations on winning the first courtyard!"

    "Congratulations Senior Brother Lin Yi. Your match just now was too exciting."

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, after seeing your match, my comprehension towards Huashan Swordplay is much deeper now. This is all your credit, Senior Brother Lin Yi."

    Numerous new disciples congratulated Lin Yi with smiling faces. Each of them showed expression of wanting to converse more with him.

    "Thank you, thank you! If there's any problems regarding sword arts, do find me and I'll try my best to help you. We are all disciples under the same sect. Everyone don't need to be embarrassed and can just come."

    Lin Yi smilingly nodded his head, kept thanking and gave out his promise.


    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is magnanimous indeed!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is a good man!"

    The crowd applauded loudly, all of them were filled with smiles, feeling extremely happy. Under competitive atmosphere in lower courtyard, which one of those from the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples that wouldn't hold on to their techniques and would give guidance to the others. Yet, Senior Brother Lin Yi was different. He actually told everyone to find him if they were to have something they didn't understand.

    All of the new disciples that had seen how formidable Lin Yi was were applauding loudly and feeling delighted. They held even more respect for Lin Yi now.

    Everyone called him Senior Brother Lin Yi. From this, it could be seen that they had all recognized Lin Yi in their hearts.

    Everyone gradually went back to their own dormitories, trying to digest what they had comprehended regarding sword arts just now. Though the crowd had finally dispersed, but the sensation that Lin Yi had caused didn't disappear. Instead, as the disciples went back and discussed among each other, the news that Lin Yi had managed to defeat the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples had spread throughout the entire lower courtyard.

    After seeing everyone had left, Lin Yi could finally check out his harvest.

    System Notification

    Defeated the first seat of the new disciples, Han Bai, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.
    Became the number one among the new disciples, awarded 3,000 combat experience points.

    Experience : 57,200

    Seeing that he had more than fifty thousand combat experience points, Lin Yi was extremely happy. Huashan's Arts of Lightness could be upgraded now!

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are so powerful. You had actually managed to defeat Han Bai. Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are this!" Jiang Xiaoyu appeared in front of Lin Yi while raising his thumb, with a face filled with admiration.

    Not waiting for Lin Yi's reply, he took a glance at the first courtyard, a trace of longing could be seen in his eyes, "Wow, independent courtyard, served by maids, chores handled by servants. Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are free from poverty and have become rich now!"

    Lin Yi felt delighted in his heart, glanced at Jiang Xiaoyu, "You like this courtyard?"

    "Of course! A spacious house with a small courtyard, compared to a thatched hut for two, of course is much better. Who wouldn't want it!" Jiang Xiaoyu nodded repeatedly. He looked at the first courtyard while drooling.

    "Want to live here? Then you have to work hard and challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, so you can live here!" Lin Yi patted Jiang Xiaoyu's shoulder then he walked into the first courtyard.

    From now on, he would live in the courtyard. As for the thatched hut, he didn't even want to go back to there anymore.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I will work ward, for the courtyard!" Jiang Xiaoyu stared at the back of Lin Yi who went into the courtyard. He clenched his fist, resolving his determination.

    "Oh right, Xiaoyu..." Lin Yi suddenly halted his steps, his voice resounded.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, just say, what do you want me to do?" Jiang Xiaoyu was very excited. He nodded repeatedly like a puppy. He thought Lin Yi wanted him to move into the first courtyard and enjoy the luxury life akin to rich young masters.

    "Help me bring over my clothes at the dorm!"

    Jiang Xiaoyu almost fell down when he heard this. Then he asked with a bitter face, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, are you really going to leave me all alone in the thatched hut? Do you think it's proper for you to do this?"

    "Xiaoyu, you are a good kid. I can't bear to leave you all alone in the thatched hut either. However, in order to let you develop the right concepts towards the world, life, and common value so that you can be a good normal boy with three fundamental concepts, you will continue to stay there for time being. Want to live in courtyard? Then work hard and fight for it!" After finishing his words, Lin Yi directly turned around and walked into the courtyard, disappearing from Jiang Xiaoyu's view.

    "Alright then...." Jiang Xiaoyu tottered back to his thatched hut with a bitter step. For every step taken, he glanced back thrice. Each time he glanced at the independent courtyards, he could only swallow back his saliva.


    The news of Lin Yi defeating the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, the genius youth Han Bai, spread not only among the ten thousand of new disciples. As the old disciples who came to view the battle went back, the name of Lin Yi spread quickly and remembered by those old disciples.

    They came to know a powerful figure had appeared among the new disciples, one that even Han Bai couldn't contend with.

    Inside the independent courtyards for one hundred strongest disciples in lower courtyard, the tenth courtyard.

    Shangguan Yun woke up from his meditation. He opened his eyes then took a look at the area below his navel and let out a bitter smile.

    "Internal strength is too hard to practise. From the second year I joined Huashan until now, the fourth year, it has been more than two years. To think I haven't managed to sense the qi balance, how could I even start properly!"

    "One who don't train in internal strength will always remain as ungraded martial artists!"

    "Now I finally understand why there's such a sentence in pugilistic world. Internal strength is too powerful. The difference of having internal strength and not is simply too much! As long as one can't practise internal strength successfully, one could never enter upper courtyard!"

    He had been an old disciple for four years. If he was still unable to move to upper courtyard this year, he would have too leave Huashan. This made Shangguan Yun very anxious. He was also once a genius disciple. Otherwise, he couldn't enter the ranks of ten strongest disciples in lower courtyard.

    Having stayed in lower courtyard for so many years, he had seen numerous disciples within the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples failed to move to upper courtyard and left Huashan miserably. Instead, there were some inconspicuous or even useless disciples who practised internal strength successfully and moved up to upper courtyard.

    He was dedicated with regards to the pursuit of internal strength.

    However, two years had passed and he was still unable to make head or tails of it.

    He could sense the threshold, yet he was unable to break through it no matter what.

    The frustration he felt in his heart was difficult to put into words.

    No matter how deep his comprehension towards Huashan Swordplay was, no matter how high the mastery he had reached, he still didn't have the qualification to move up to upper courtyard.

    Internal strength was a huge moat which prevented him from moving a step forward.

    He could also be counted as someone with reputation in Huashan with broad vision and big heart. He didn't want to become someone of lowest existence in Huashan and remain as an ungraded martial artist for the rest of his life.

    He wanted to stay in Huashan, practise high grade internal strength and become a young hero known throughout the pugilistic world!

    Just like one of the Huashan's core disciples, Linghu Feng. Though he was young, he was already a second-grade martial artist, known as Young Hero Linghu. Battling throughout pugilistic world, cladded in white with an excellent steed, and accompanied by beautiful ladies.

    He walked out from his practice room to the main hall. While sipping the tea prepared by his maid, he glanced at a lower courtyard disciple under him.

    "The new disciples have enrolled for more than one month so the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples should have been established. How is the Huashan Swordplay's mastery of that genius Han Bai? Did he enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples? Did he become number one?"

    Shangguan Yun had always been concerned with the emergence of geniuses from new disciples. However, he didn't mean to groom them. Instead, what he liked to do most was to suppress the new disciples, especially the geniuses.

    This was a method for him to seek thrill so as to suppress his frustration caused by inability to practise internal strength successfully. Every year, suppressing the geniuses from new disciples and exhibiting the might of old disciples was his most enthusiastic activity.

    He held a hope deep within his heart, which was to suppress the new disciples so that no geniuses would emerge. He hoped that by doing this, the higher-ups from Huashan would pick some old disciples from the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard's disciples to move up to upper courtyard.

    The time he could continue to stay in Huashan was less than a year now, so he became more enthusiastic in doing this.

    It wasn't entirely wishful thinking as it had a precedent before. At that time, the martial arts of the lower courtyard disciples were too low, forcing the higher-ups to lower their standards of upper courtyard's admission.

    After all, upper courtyard needed to replenish its disciples as well!

    Disciples of upper courtyard didn't want disciples of lower courtyard to practise safely continuously in Huashan. They had to leave Huashan one day and walk throughout the pugilistic world. Just like the six doors established by various righteous factions, none of the core disciples would want to go there. As such, it could only be filled by disciples from upper courtyard.

    Every year, there would be several disciples from upper courtyard who died.

    "Replying back to Senior Brother Shangguan, Han Bai has reached intermediate stage for both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness!" The old disciple replied.


    Shangguan Yun gasped.

    To be able to reach intermediate stage for both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness, what kind of genius was this?

    It was comparable to Linghu Feng whom he idolized.

    It was said that that year, Linghu Feng had also reached intermediate stage for both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness in one month.

    This Han Bai was a genius indeed!

    Shangguan Yun couldn't help but sighed. Back then, he took full three months to master both skills to intermediate stage.

    Back then, he was also referred as a genius. However, compared to Han Bai ---- it wasn't worth mentioning!

    "This Han Bai should be the number one among the new disciples, right?" A trace of jealousy flashed past Shangguan Yun's eyes. The more talented someone was, the more he wanted to suppress them. What he liked to do most was to suppress geniuses to the point they couldn't raise their heads. When he was doing this kind of thing, he would be filled with excitement!

    To suppress a genius comparable to Senior Brother Linghu Feng... The thought of it felt wonderful to him.

    "Han Bai... He was once the number one."

    "What?" Shanggun Yun stagnated. He accurately caught the wording of the old disciple, "So Han Bai isn't the number one anymore?"

    "He was number one until yesterday. Today, he was defeated by someone named Lin Yi, becoming the number two!" The old disciple answered while nodding his head.

    "Lin Yi defeated Han Bai? Who is this man? I have never heard of him before?" Shangguan Yun was puzzled.

    "Lin Yi was someone unknown before. He is fifteen now, almost sixteen. Entering Huashan was quite hard for him. Hence, no one paid attention to him before. But these past few days, he shocked the entire lower courtyard! He challenged the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, fighting against twenty people each day. In five days, he went from the one hundredth seat straight up to the first seat. It was at this noon, he defeated Han Bai and became the number one among the new disciples!"

    "There's this kind of man?" Shangguan Yun's eyes shone brightly. The thought of suppressing someone who was even more talented than Han Bai made him trembled with excitement.

    "Arrange some people to probe Lin Yi's martial arts out, I want to have some fun!" Shangguan Yun let out a weird smile while passing down the order.

    "Okay, Senior Brother Shangguan, I will go right away!" The old disciple nodded then walked out from the courtyard to start preparing.

    "Lin Yi? Someone who is even more talented than Han Bai? Interesting, interesting!" Shangguan Yun was alone in the hall. He seemed to think of something as he gesticulated excitedly.

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  • Chapter 15 - Rival

    The backyard of the first courtyard for one hundred strongest new disciples occupied hundreds of mu[1] of land. It was planted with various rare plants. The scenery was spectacular.

    A silhouette could be seen there, with the sword dancing in the air.

    The radiance from the sword flashed past as if magic.

    "Abundant Wealth!"

    A voice resounded. The silhouette wielded his sword as if raging waves.

    He withdrew his sword and sheathed it back.

    The identity of this silhouette was none other than Lin Yi.


    Lin Yi exhaled lightly and wiped away the sweat on his forehead then took a look at his martial arts panel. Seeing that both silver grade martial arts, Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness, had reached advanced stage, with addition to another extra ten thousand combat experience points, he let out a smile.

    A few days had passed since he defeated Han Bai and took down the number one title among new disciples.

    After he moved into the courtyard, Lin Yi didn't even have time to take a look at his new residence carefully as he directly inspected the harvests he gained.

    He gained a lot from challenging the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples this time. Each of them contributed one thousand combat experience points. One hundred individuals meant one hundred thousand combat experience points.

    In five days, he gained one hundred thousand combat experience points.

    Even in the game, to obtain equivalent amount of experience points by hunting monsters, Lin Yi still needed fifteen days.

    Obviously, Lin Yi was now living inside the great pugilistic world so he couldn't hunt any monsters. To obtain one hundred thousand combat experience points wasn't something could be accomplished in a short time.

    Amidst the green willows and blooming flowers another village appears[2]. Just when Lin Yi was distressed on how to obtain more combat experience points, he came to know that he could obtain it by challenging the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples.

    This had also allowed him to gain deeper understanding on how to obtain combat experience points.

    To be able to cause some impact would enable him to gain achievement, then he could obtain achievement rewards.

    "In other words, I can obtain combat experience points by grinding reputation?"

    Lin Yi was quite surprised as he somehow managed to develop a way to level up.

    By continuously grinding reputation, he would be able to become more well-known and he would be able to obtain more combat experience points.

    Naturally, though grinding reputation was a must, he couldn't slack off in practising martial arts either.

    No matter how high a skill mastery was, if one didn't have deep comprehension towards it and didn't know how to execute it properly, it was all in vain.

    Back then in the game, Lin Yi had encountered numerous of these kinds of players. They thought they could be stronger just by grinding experience from monsters and owning top grade martial arts, however, they couldn't exhibit the true strength they had in the end.

    They could still bully weak players, however, in the case they faced strong players, they could only become a target to be hit without any means of retaliation.

    This was also the reason why there were only five players who obtained the "God-ranked" title among millions of players.

    There were a lot of players who managed to cleared twelve standard meridians, eight extraordinary meridians, forming internal circulation by hunting monsters and clearing quests. However, facing a God-ranked player, they only had the choice to be slaughtered!

    This was also the reason why Lin Yi wouldn't drop his martial arts practice. Though he had reached advanced stage for both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness, and his brain had also filled with the knowledge of the profoundness of this stage.

    But there was a great difference between only knowing and how to execute them properly.

    This was the reason why Lin Yi practised diligently. He was consolidating his mastery.

    He had also gained quite a harvest when he was consolidating his mastery. Both silver grade martial arts had increased by ten thousand experience points.

    To reach perfection stage from advanced stage, he needed one hundred thousand experience points.

    Thus Lin Yi wouldn't be able to reach the perfection stage within a short time.

    However, he still maintained the habit of practising every day as he could increase his experience points every day. Though the speed of obtaining combat experience points through practising couldn't be compared to those obtained from achievement rewards, but many a little made a mickle.

    With both silver grade martial arts had reached advanced stage, Lin Yi's attack and speed had reach 40 points.

    The distance from being a third-rate martial artists' threshold at 70 points, he was only at 30 points away.

    He wasn't that far away from being a third-rate martial artist.

    He could be counted as someone almost at the top existences in lower courtyard.

    But Lin Yi didn't become proud because of this. He didn't even loosen himself up.

    His goal was to become the head disciple of Huashan. The current him was still too far away from that seat.

    If he remembered correctly, the biggest rival whom could contend the position of head disciple with him was a core disciple named Linghu Feng.

    Back in the game, it was precisely Linghu Feng who ascended to the seat of head disciple.

    Linghu Feng, a member of Linghu Clan, was a second-rate martial artist now. He practised Primary Chaos Skill, a superior internal strength culvation manual of Huashan. He also practised superior sword arts and arts of lightness, with both of them belonged to gold grade martial arts.

    After he became the head disciple, he was awarded two supreme martial arts, Nine Swordplays of Dugu and Violet Mist Divine Skill.

    Soon after, he became a first-rate martial artist.

    With two supreme martial arts accompanying him, he became a peak expert with astonishing speed.

    When he had became a peak expert, Lin Yi was still an ungraded martial artist.

    After he had travelled through time and space into great pugilistic world, his most powerful competitor was Linghu Feng. Facing a lot of pressure, Lin Yi didn't dare to feel proud. He was only the number one among the new disciples, moreover he was still an ungraded martial artist. Yet, Linghu Feng had already became the well-known Young Hero Linghu in pugilistic world, a second-rate martial artist.

    With none of peak martial artists appeared and rarely seen first-rate martial artists, second-rate martial artists were the strongest existencess.

    Moreover, Linghu Feng was born in Linghu Clan!

    Six hundred years ago, Linghu Chong appeared. Relying on two supreme martial arts, Nine Swordplays of Dugu and Star Absorbing Skill, he dominated the pugilistic world and became a supreme martial artist. It was him who pulled Huashan which was on the verge of collapsing back into its pinnacle.

    He was also the chief of Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance!

    Due to Linghu Chong, Linghu Clan had a high status within Huashan.

    Though six hundred years had passed, but Linghu Clan could still exert quite an influence in Huashan.

    Wanting to become the head disciple of Huashan and compete with Linghu Feng.

    Lin Yi had to face a lot of challenges and obstacles!

    However, Lin Yi was determined to win the position of head disciple!

    By becoming the head disciple of Huashan, he wouldn't only get to gain two hundred thousand combat experience points.

    By becoming the head disciple of Huashan, he would be able to have great authority, thus increasing his chance of taking Huashan in charge.

    Taking charge of such a big sect like Huashan would provide great sense of security during the upcoming chaotic warring period. This was something Lin Yi would never let go.

    As someone who had personally experienced the warring period, he was deeply aware with the cruelty and brutality of that era.

    The lives of human were akin to weeds. He didn't even know how many martial artists of pugilistic world, from sect leaders to their ungraded martial artists disciples, who died.

    The number of annihilated sects were numerous.

    The disciples of big sects were even more difficult to stay alive!

    It was because they were the main target of the evil cults.

    Only a sect leader of a big sect, relying on numerous disciples under him, could protect themselves and fight back against the evil cults.

    In addition, by becoming the head disciple of Huashan, one would be able to obtain two supreme martial arts ---- Nine Swordplays of Dugu and Violet Mist Divine Skill!

    These two martial arts were the one Lin Yi didn't want to let go the most.

    Only by owning these two supreme martial arts, he could dominate the pugilistic world and obtain the eligibility to become the 'chess player' in the upcoming warring period.

    "The position of Huashan's head disciple, I will definitely obtain it!"

    He lifted his hands towards the peak of Mt.Hua while gripping his sword with bright shone eyes.


    "Young master, Young master Jiang has come again. He is waiting for you in the hall."

    Lin Yi held his sword and walked back to frontyard. A maid with delicate looks came forward and helped him carry his sword. This maid was one of the welfare provided by the first courtyard who was responsible for his daily needs. Other than that, there were also some servants responsible for doing chores.

    This was the benefit of entering the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples. Not only one would get to live in luxurious villa, there were also people responsbile for cooking and doing laundry. One didn't need to do anything and could just focus on practising.

    "Jiang Xiaoyu? He came again?"

    Lin Yi raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly. Since he had moved into the courtyard, Jiang Xiaoyu would come everyday to ask Lin Yi to guide him in practising martial arts. Because he wanted to groom him, Lin Yi also happily agreed to him.

    As long as he came, Lin Yi would guide him meticulously.

    He seemed to be stimulated by Lin Yi who managed to defeat the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and moved into the courtyard as he became more diligent in practising martial arts.

    Within a short time, he had progressed by a huge leap!

    He had reached novice stage for both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness. Due to Lin Yi's reminder, he had also immersed himself in basic martial arts which he never put into his heart previously.

    With solid foundation and determination to improve, as well as guidance from such a good teacher like Lin Yi, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

    In this regard, Lin Yi was quite satisfied.

    There were a lot of good seeds in lower courtyard.

    What was lacking was guidance of a good teacher. The training system in Huashan was simply like herding sheeps, seemingly not to care about lower courtyard's disciples at all.

    Those instructors were also hard to meet once the practice session ended. Even if one met them, it would still be hard to ask for guidance from them.

    The disciples in lower courtyard numbered more than ten thousand. However how many instructors were there?

    With this, one could imagine just how rare for someone to be able to get guidance from instructors.

    The vast majority of lower courtyard disciples were like herd of sheeps.

    "Haha, Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    Lin Yi had just walked to the hall's entrance. Jiang Xiaoyu who heard his footsteps ran to him while laughing wildly, "I have entered it, haha, i have entered the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples!"

    Seeing that smug face made Lin Yi to have the impulse to punch him in the face.

    One could imagine just how smug Jiang Xiaoyu looked at that moment.

    Nonetheless, these were the facts. Due to the relationship between Jiang Xiaoyu and Lin Yi, he would go to first courtyard everyday and ask for Lin Yi's guidance. What made others to feel jealous, envious, or hate was Jiang Xiaoyu's strength had increased significantly each time he walked out from the first courtyard.

    The first day, he defeated all the people who defeated him before.

    The second day, his strength was nearing the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples.

    The third day, he had entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples.

    One had to know, the current hundredth seat was the previous ninety-ninth seat.

    The difficulty to enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples was harder!

    In spite of this, Jiang Xiaoyu still managed to enter the ranks.

    This caused many people to stare stupidly.

    Even someone like Jiang Xiaoyu could enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. Just how formidable Senior Brother Lin Yi was?

    Numerous people were itching in their hearts, wanting to swap with Jiang Xiaoyu and obtain guidance from Lin Yi.

    "Mm, you have entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples? It's pretty well, but you can't be proud yet. Wait until you have managed to become one of the ten strongest new disciples before you get proud!"

    Lin Yi glared at the excited Jiang Xiaoyu.

    "One of the ten strongest?"

    Jiang Xiaoyu who was still laughing previously immediately froze. He stroked his head with a bitter face, "All of the ten strongest new disciples have perverse strength, how could it be so easy to enter it?"

    "Junior, do not despair. With me as your guide by your side, don't you have the confidence of realizing it?" Lin Yi laughed while patting Jiang Xiaoyu's shoulder.

    Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaoyu's eyes suddenly brightened. The thought of how powerful Lin Yi was, who managed to let him to increase his strength by leaps and bounds in three days, from an inconspicuous disciple to someone who was able to enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples.

    He was suddenly filled with confidence. As if injected with chicken's blood[3], he lifted his head and puffed out his chest and shouted, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, just you wait for the day I enter the ranks of ten strongest new disciples!"

    He was thinking of doing the same thing as his Senior Brother Lin Yi, to challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and shock the entire lower courtyard.

    "Mm, Senior Brother Lin Yi is too powerful. I, Jiang Xiaoyu shall lower the requirement and just defeat the rear ninety strongest new disciples!"

    [1] 亩 (mu), approximately 0.6 hectare.

    [2] 柳暗花明又一村, it has the same meaning as "there's always light at the end of the tunnel".

    [3] 打鸡血, meaning very excited.

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  • Chapter 16 - Yu Hai pledges his allegiance

    Outside of the courtyards for new disciples, a group of new disciples had gathered into a circle. Their eyes were wide open and they would scream from time to time.

    Inside the circle, two silhouettes could be seen as well as their swords that kept flashing around.

    They kept fought and tangled to each other.

    One of them had a tall yet thin body. He looked like around someone around twelve or thirteen years old.

    Holding his sword, that youth's eyes were filled with resolution.

    Facing attacks from his opponent, he was neither panic nor in a hurry. He was calmly facing his opponent.

    The sword in his hand kept displayed various kind of defence posture. Sometimes he could even attack while defending which caused the onlookers' eyes to shone brightly.

    This youth was none other than Jiang Xiaoyu.

    Jiang Xiaoyu didn't have his usual lively and smart look during battle. Instead, he seemed to be slow and steady, just like a seasoned martial artist.

    His sword techniques' foundations were solid. He was also skillful in movement techniques. When he was dodging, he didn't shift his body by a lot, thus saving a lot of energy and achieving his goal with minimum effort.

    However, his opponent kept using flashy moves and attacked like raging waves, trying to show off his ability.

    He was like a swallow who flew up and down, revolving around Jiang Xiaoyu.

    He seemed to have the upper hand with his raging waves-like attack.

    However as time went on, due to great consumption of energy, be it the speed of wielding his sword or his movement speed had slowed down significantly.

    Seeing this, Jiang Xiaoyu's eyes lit up. However, he didn't rashly counter-attacked.

    Instead, he became even calmer. He attacked and defended smoothly.

    The balance of victory started to lean towards him with the passage of time.

    Finally, the opponent didn't have more energy to attack. Even his defence had showed many openings.

    Jiang Xiaoyu's eyes lit up once again, just like a shining star. He regained his smart look.

    He executed his movement technique and dashed forward.

    He launched his attacks accompanied by shua shua sounds.

    White Clouds Emerge!

    Abundant Wealth!

    His opponent wasn't able to defend against those two consecutive moves. As such, Jiang Xiaoyu managed to break through his defence and landed his sword on his opponent's shoulder.

    "I've lost. The eightieth courtyard belongs to you now!"

    His opponent looked at the sword on his shoulder dejectedly. He even had goosebumps due to the chill he felt from the sword. Then he cupped his hands and let out the eightieth courtyard.


    The onlookers were adrenalized. They pointed at Jiang Xiaoyu excitedly and discussed about him.

    "Rank eighty. To think that Jiang Xiaoyu is at rank eighty now!"

    "Jiang Xiaoyu's strength has increased by leaps and bounds in just a few days. Not only that he has entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, he is even placed at the eightieth rank. This is just too exaggerated!"

    "Though this Jiang Xiaoyu can't be compared to Senior Brother Lin Yi who defeated twenty seats in a day, but that Senior Brother Lin Yi is too sick that he can't be compared. However, the progress of Jiang Xiaoyu is surprising indeed!"

    "Yeah, he has indeed progressed by a lot. From what I remember, this brat's martial arts is just so-so that he can't even defeat me. I've been wondering what miraculous medicine had he eaten? To be able to progress by this much? Not only his sword techniques' progress, somehow his fightning stance seems to have seasoned as well? I remember clearly that he was a fledgling who has never practised martial arts, right?"

    "Hehe, you don't know about this, right? Jiang Xiaoyu had been frequenting the first courtyard and receiving an expert's guidance!"

    "First courtyard... Isn't that Senior Brother Lin Yi who defeated the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, even Han Bai?"

    "That's right. It's that Senior Brother Lin Yi. This Jiang Xiaoyu and Senior Brother Lin Yi had lived together in the thatched hut for a month and developed deep friendship. I know Senior Brother Lin Yi's personality. He is gentle by nature, moreover he liked to give out guidance. It was said that each time he defeats an opponent, he'd point out the flaws of his opponent. Jiang Xiaoyu whom has been frequenting the first courtyard these days is being guided by Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    "So that's why. Then it's no wonder that Jiang Xiaoyu could progress at rapid pace. With the capability of Senior Brother Lin Yi and his sword techniques' comprehension, it would be weird if Jiang Xiaoyu didn't improve at all! If I could receive Senior Brother Lin Yi's guidance, I can also enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!"

    "Yeah, I also hoped to get Senior Brother's guidance. Even if he didn't guide me personally, just a few advice would do!"

    "Ai, unfortunately we don't have any relationship with Senior Brother Lin Yi. What a pity!"

    Those new disciples looked at Jiang Xiaoyu then glanced at the first courtyard. All of their eyes seemed to be lit up in fire.

    Amidst the crowd, Yu Hai heard the discussions around him then he looked at Jiang Xiaoyu who moved into the eightieth courtyard triumphantly. A trace of envy flashed past his eyes.

    As someone at the hundredth rank, after being defeated by Lin Yi, though Lin Yi didn't take away his courtyard, as Lin Yi won the first seat, all the other seats were shifted backwards.

    Hence, he naturally lost his status in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. Even his courtyard was taken over by the previous ninety-ninth seat.

    The current him was driven out from the courtyards and re-admitted into thatched hut just like the others. His situation was quite tragic indeed.

    Viewing from another perspective, Jiang Xiaoyu was merely a brother of Senior Brother Lin Yi. Yet, due to his relationship with Senior Brother Lin Yi, he actually managed to enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, at the eightieth rank at that!

    One must know that based on talent alone, Yu Hai was much stronger than Jiang Xiaoyu!

    However, even Jiang Xiaoyu could enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!

    As the former hundredth seat, Yu Hai was unwilling to accept this.

    "If only Senior Brother Lin Yi could guide me as well, I'd surely be able to do better than Jiang Xiaoyu!"

    Yu Hai was yelling out in his heart. After he was defeated by Lin Yi and obtained a few advice from him, his sword techiques had improved by a lot. In addition, he had also personally seen Lin Yi's unmatched bearing when he defeated the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and won the first courtyard.

    Deep in his heart, he had long regarded Lin Yi as a celestial being.

    He took a deep look at the first courtyard and made a decision.

    A determined look flashed past his eyes then he clawed through the crowd and steadily walked in the direction of the first courtyard.

    His strange action was found out by a lot of people, where some of them cried out in alarm.

    "Isn't that the former hundredth seat, Yu Hai? What is he going to do?"

    "He is walking in the direction of the first courtyard. Could it be that he is unwilling to lose the position of hundredth seat and want to ask for Senior Brother Lin Yi's guidance?"

    "Will he be successful? It is said that Senior Brother Lin Yi is doing closed-door practice everyday, preparing to duke it out with the old disciples for the positions in the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard disciples!"

    "I think it will be difficult. Where do Senior Brother Lin Yi find so much time to guide him?"

    "Let's bet on whether he can enter the first courtyard!"

    "That's my thought as well. I will bet one hundred silver taels on he can't even make it past the door!"

    "I will bet five hundred taels on he will be shutted out!"


    Though he could hear numerous ridicule and unfavourable voices, Yu Hai didn't show any expression on his face, seemingly unaffected at all.

    He became even more determined!

    Without a doubt, he was feeling extremely nervous in his heart. He didn't even know whether he could meet Senior Brother Lin Yi.

    However, after days of living the thatched hut which was incomparable worse than the courtyards and watching Jiang Xiaoyu who entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples after obtaining guidance from Senior Brother Lin Yi, the desire to obtain guidance from Senior Brother Lin Yi became more intense!

    In this regard, he was willing to pay any price.

    Even if it meant his freedom and even dignity!

    "Bang bang bang"

    Yu Hai was knocking on the first courtyard's gate.


    The gate opened, revealing a head with puzzled look. This was a servant in the first courtyard. He looked at Yu Hai with puzzled look, "This young master, is there any matter?"

    All the servants were commoners who never practised martial arts. Facing someone of Huashan's disciples like Yu Hai, even if it was a lower courtyard disciple, he didn't dare to offend.

    "Go and report to Senior Brother Lin Yi. Just say that I, Yu Hai, have something important to discuss!" Yu Hai let out a smile. Even if he was a servant, he was after all a servant of Senior Brother Lin Yi in the first courtyard so he didn't dare to let out any haughty attitude.

    "Then, this young master, please wait for a moment. This servant shall go and report to our young master!"

    The servant nodded and closed the gate, then left hurriedly.

    Yu Hai was waiting at the gate anxiously. His heart was unable to calm down.

    The other people who was paying attention to this widened their eyes, waiting for the results.

    Quickly after, the gate opened once again. It didn't open like the previous width where only a head could fit in. Instead, it was fully opened. The first courtyard's servant, with a smile face, talked to Yu Hai, "Young master Yu, our young master invites. Please come in!"


    Hearing this, Yu Hai clenched his fists and yelled out in his heart, feeling relieved. However, not long after, he recollected himself, pulled the hem of his outfit and walked into the first courtyard.

    Leaving the stunned crowd who was gaping and looking at each other.

    "He went in, he actually went in!"

    "Who is this Yu Hai exactly? How did he managed to get in?"

    "What method did he exactly used?"

    "I wonder whether he can obtain Senior Brother's guidance?"

    "I think I saw another strong figure who will enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples again..."


    After walking into the first courtyard, Yu Hai's eyes looked at his nose, his nose observed his heart[1]. He didn't dare to go beyond the servant and just walked behind him who was heading towards the main hall. The thought of seeing Senior Brother Lin Yi made him so nervous that he didn't even look around.

    The servant made a 'please' gesture.


    Yu Hai nodded his head. He eased down the tension in his heart and calmed himself down before walking into the main hall.

    He just stepped into the main hall, saw the figure who was sitting on the main seat, and his heart started to beat furiously again.

    "Yu Hai greets Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    Seeing Lin Yi who was looking at him with a smile face, Yu Hai stepped forward and shouted while cupping his hands.

    Lin Yi nodded slightly with a amiable look, "I remember you. You are Yu Hai. You are the first person that I challenged!"

    Senior Brother Lin Yi actually remembered me!

    Yu Hai's heart jumped, feeling extremely excited.

    "Yu Hai, you said that you have something important to discuss. The matter you meant is ...?" Lin Yi's mild voice resounded.

    Yu Hai clenched his fists, a trace of determination flashed past his eyes. He made up his mind and exclaimed, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I know that your ambition is not limited to upper courtyard. You are surely interested in being a core disciple. Yu Hai came today to give Senior a helping hand!"

    So he was here to pledge his allegiance!

    Lin Yi raised his eyebrows and muttered in his heart.

    [1] 眼观鼻,鼻观心, meaning to focus and remove any distracting thoughts

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  • Chapter 17 - Rise

    Towards Yu Hai who came to pledge his allegiance, Lin Yi was astonished. Other than astonished, he also quite admired him.

    During this time, actually Lin Yi didn't make big name for himself as his dominance was among the new disciples. He hadn't even entered the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard disciples, yet Yu Hai had already made such a big determination to pledge his allegiance. Lin Yi couldn't help but praise him bold yet wise.

    Bold, it was because the situation wasn't even clear yet. To be precise, there wasn't even any situation yet. Lin Yi hadn't even build up his influence and he had already made up his mind.

    Wise, it was because Lin Yi hadn't even demonstrated much of his abilities, yet Yu Hai already managed to realize that Lin Yi wasn't ordinary.

    Objectively speaking, Yu Hai who came to pledge his allegiance was exactly what Lin Yi desired.

    To compete for the position of Huashan's head disciple, solely being strong in martial arts was never enough.

    One also needed a large number of supporters.

    Which meant influence.

    Without influence nor foundation, how could one be eligible to compete for the position of head disciple?

    Even the eligibility to become a candidate wasn't there.

    Head disciple meant the selection of the successor to Huashan's Sect Leader.

    The two most important points in the assessment was the strength of one's martial arts and one's leadership.

    Being strong in martial arts was easily understandable. In a world where strength was revered, without strong martial arts, who would yield to you?

    And leadership was something required by one with leader position. As a sect leader, one must be able to lead and develop the entire sect and to be able to manage affairs within the sect.

    The two points mustn't be lacking.

    And how to prove the leadership quality in someone?

    That would be proved by one's supporters.

    It meant one had to establish his/her own team and build up his/her influence.

    Regardless of whether it was to compete for the position of head disciple or not, Lin Yi still had to set up his own team.

    To fight alone in the upcoming pugilistic world's warring period would not work.

    No matter how strong someone was!

    But do not forget, within the strong was someone stronger. Within the evil cults, they had never been lack of strong individuals.

    Instead, they had plenty of them!

    Only by forming own forces and stand united could let one deal with the upcoming warring period.

    Just as a glint flashed past Lin Yi's eyes who had sunk into deep thoughts, Yu Hai felt uneasy after seeing Lin Yi's expression. Fearing Lin Yi would refuse him, he suddenly said, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you must have heard the rumor as well. There are some movements in the pugilistic world. The evil cults wants to create trouble and stage their comeback. To deal with this, the higher-ups of our Huashan sect is going to reinstate the position of head disciple to supervise all disciples. Senior Brother Lin must be interested in this position, right? I, Yu Hai came to pledge my allegiance today precisely because I saw Senior Brother Lin Yi's future. I am willing to use all my strength to help Senior to ascend to that position!"

    A flash passed by. Lin Yi stared at Yu Hai with a frightening stare with a cloudy face and maintained his silence.

    It was as if thunderbolts were going to strike down as the sky was overcast.

    Yu Hai felt as if he was in the center of stormy seas. His sweat fell down akin to downpour as he looked at Lin Yi in shock. He hadn't expected that Senior Brother Lin Yi was this terrifying. Just by releasing his aura, he was suffocated to the point that he felt as if he was facing his death.

    However, he didn't panicked. Instead, he became firmer in his determination.

    This Senior Brother Lin Yi was unfathomable indeed. One with terrifying strength!

    The choice to pledge allegiance to him absolutely wasn't a wrong choice!

    Though Yu Hai was merely a youth of thirteen or fourteen years old, but because he was born in the great pugilistic world, he had seen how people from pugilistic world were superior than others and how they viewed commoners akin to weeds since he was small. This had caused him to mature much earlier.

    His mind was comparable to adults'.

    He was aware that if he wanted to survive in Huashan, stand out in lower courtyard, move to upper courtyard, learn superior martial arts, and become someone strong.

    To pledge allegiance to someone strong was something he needed to do.

    Having someone to help you and fighting alone was too much of a difference.

    By fighting alone, one could only rely on oneself to comprehend the martial arts. Without talent surpassing the others, there would not be much achievements.

    He knew his limitations. Though he was quite talented, but he wasn't someone in the same class as Han Bai.

    There were many people whose talents were much higher than him, there were also many people more diligent than him.

    To charge and stand in front of those people, external assistance was something essential.

    Pledging allegiance to someone strong was a luxury investment.

    It meant investing all his assets, life, and future prospects in a person.

    Of all the people he could thought of, he felt Lin Yi was the one most suitable for him to pledge his allegiance.

    This decision of his wasn't a decision made out of impulse. Instead it was a decision made after thorough consideration!

    "Don't be mad, Senior Brother Lin Yi. No matter if you are interested in the position of head disciple or not, but if you want to hold your own ground in Huashan, if you want to hold your own ground in pugilistic world, establishing your own forces is definitely essential! In the current pugilistic world, there's no future in fighting alone. Only by owning own forces, one could hold one's own ground in pugilistic world! I believe the reason Senior Brother Lin Yi practises martial arts isn't because it's fun, right? Yeah it's undeniable that Senior Brother Lin Yi is filled with passion in pursuit of martial arts, reaching the peak of martial arts. However, during the journey of pursuing martial arts, only by establishing one's own forces could one obtain more resources to practise martial arts! Like godly weapons, spiritual pills and herbs, superior martial arts or even supreme martial arts!"

    "To obtain these things alone is very, very difficult!"

    "However if you have assistance, the difficulty would undoubtedly lessen!"

    Yu Hai had completely made up his mind. Ignoring Lin Yi's cloudy face, he spoke with confidence.

    The corners of Lin Yi's mouth slightly curved upwards. He became more and more appreciative towards this Yu Hai.

    He never thought that this youth actually had such an insight.

    What Yu Hai said was right. This world revered strength!

    Only with powerful strength, one could obtain what one wanted.

    And in order to obtain powerful strength, one needed powerful martial arts and capable subordinates.

    Lin Yi let out a sneer, "Yu Hai, after saying so much, your real purpose is to ask me to help you increase your right. Am I right?"

    After finishing his words, Lin Yi motionlessly stared at Yu Hai, causing him to experience tremendous pressure.

    "That's right. I want Senior Brother Lin Yi to guide me and increase my strength!"

    Yu Hai admitted generously, without any pretense.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi. Whether a force is powerful or not is highly related to the strength of its members. If my strength increases, you wil also stand to benefit!"

    Lin Yi laughed, with loud sound at that.

    "Alright. Yu Hai, I can't help but admit I'm starting to appreciate you! Your allegiance, I accept it! If you have any questions, you can find me directly. In the future, you can come to the first courtyard anytime without asking for permission beforehand. I have given the opportunity to you. I hope you won't let me down!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, just wait and see. I, Yu Hai, won't let you down. I believe that in near future, you will be proud of the decision you made today!"

    Yu Hai was excited, his emotions were running high.

    Lin Yi nodded his head, "What questions do you have? Say it and I'll answer it for you!"

    Yu Hai was very excited as he finally succeeded!

    In order to obtain Senior Brother Lin Yi's guidance, it could be said that Yu Hai had given his all!

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I just wanted to ask how to reach intermediate stage for Huashan Swordplay and Huashan Movement Technique?"

    "Intermediate stage means you can remember all moves by heart and execute them as you wish instead of rigidly adhere to one style. To reach this stage, you have to do these steps: Firstly, remember the proper usage of each moves and which move to execute in what situation. Secondly, to mix these moves with some basic techniques together and develop your own killing move which can do fatal damage in an instant to your opponent. If you can do these two steps, basically you have reached intermediate stage."

    "Come, I have some pointers on how to execute Huashan Swordplay's moves properly. I will impart them all to you!"

    "The first move, White Clouds Emerge. This is an offence, sweeping type move. It can be used for single attacks, group attacks, but it is most suitable for group attacks...."


    Three days later, Yu Hai with his sword on his hand was standing in front of the hundredth courtyard.

    He thought back on the guidance Senior Brother Lin Yi had given to him in these past three days which helped him to deepen his comprehension towards sword techniques by a lot.

    Only after being guided by Senior Brother Lin Yi, Yu Hai knew how deep was the comprehension of Senior Brother Lin Yi towards martial arts. No matter what kind of questions he posed, Senior Brother Lin Yi could answer them.

    Furthermore the answers he had given was very accurate. Some solutions even caused him to see the shadow of superior martial arts.

    In just three days, Yu Hai felt as if he had reborn.

    He had entered a new realm in regards to comprehension towards martial arts.

    He saw the limitless world of martial arts and from what Senior Brother Lin Yi had guided him, he only saw a tip of the iceberg.

    Yet just this tip of the iceberg had let him increase his strength by leaps and bounds!

    Even reborn completely!

    His Huashan Swordplay had reached intermediate stage!

    His Huashan Movement Technique was approaching intermediate stage!

    His Basic Sword Technique and Basic Movement Technique had also reached intermediate stage!

    He squinted his eyes, immersing himself in the vast world of martial arts.

    Staring at the hundredth courtyard, he was feeling complex.

    The hundredth courtyard which he had concerned most was unable to attract him anymore as he looked away at the further courtyards.

    "Let's start from here!"

    "I, Yu Hai, shall stand up from the place where I fell up!"

    "From today onwards, no one shall be able to stop my rise!"

    Holding his sword in front of his chest, he stood in front of the hundredth courtyard and shouted in a clear voice, "Yu Hai is here to challenge today!"

    His powerful voice reverberated in the entire courtyards for new disciples, attracting quite a lot of people.

    "It's Yu Hai!"

    "It was said that he had entered the first courtyard and obtained Senior Brother's Lin Yi guidance!"

    "Being guided for three days, I wonder where can bring his steps to?"

    "Seeing his confident looks, seems like the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples will change again!"

    "I am really looking forward to it. He is someone personally guided by Senior Brother Lin Yi. The first person to be guided by Senior Brother Lin Yi is Jiang Xiaoyu which has reached fiftieth rank and is still carrying fierce momentum! I wonder where can this Yu Hai as the second person to be guided by Senior Brother Lin Yi reach?"

    "Hehe, Senior Brother Lin Yi is indeed a celestial being!"

    Knowing that Yu Hai had once entered the hundredth courtyard and being guided by Lin Yi personally, an uproar was suddenly stirred up in this area! Each of them were looking at Yu Hai with curiosity and excitement, wondering where could he reach exactly?

    Was he like Jiang Xiaoyu, who had his strength increased by leaps and bounds?

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    Chapter 18 - Both entering ranks of ten strongest new disciples


    The gate of the hundredth courtyard opened. A youth walked out and took a look at Yu Hai with contempt, "Yu Hai, my defeated opponent, do you think just because you obtained some pointers from Senior Brother Lin Yi will enable you to defeat me?"

    "Not everyone can become Jiang Xiaoyu!"

    "Jiang Xiaoyu could enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples doesn't mean you can enter as well!"

    "My defeated opponent will always remain as my defeated opponent!"

    Yu Hai didn't speak anything. He unsheathed his sword directly to express himself.

    "Humph!" The youth sneered and looked at Yu Hai with contempt then unsheathed his sword as well.

    "Yu Hai, I will let you see my real strength which will make you feel despair!"

    The youth roared. His sword shook and let out innumerable sword afterimages.

    Like a nocked arrow which had been released, he charged towards Yu Hai.

    Yu Hai stared at the youth who was charging towards himself. Just when the youth was about to reach him.

    He suddenly took a step forward and let out a stab!


    Just one attack and the youth's sword was broken. Yu Hai's sword was already on the youth's shoulder.

    Yu Hai won!

    He sheathed his sword expressionlessly and walked towards the ninety-ninth courtyard.


    The onlookers went into uproar and looked at each other. Followed by a boom sound, they cried out in alarm.

    "Did I see wrongly? Yu Hai only used an attack and defeated his opponent?"

    "You didn't see wrongly. It really just took an attack!"

    "That's to say, Yu Hai has entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples?"

    "Of course. Just one attack is enough to take the life of someone in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. This is too terrifying!"

    "This is all thanks to Senior Brother Lin Yi. Senior Brother Lin Yi is too powerful. Two persons he guided has both entered the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!"

    "With Yu Hai's strength, he can rush directly to the top ten position ah!"

    "Stop talking and let's go to the ninety-ninth courtyard quickly. A big drama is going to play!"

    "You are right. Let's go quickly and occupy seats otherwise there will be no more seats left!"

    A group of people moved towards to the ninety-ninth courtyard next door. In a blink of eye, there was no onlookers left at the hundredth courtyard, leaving the hundredth ranker, no, it should be former hundredth ranker who stood in front of the hundredth courtyard's gate as dumb as a wooden chicken.

    "I lost? I actually lost to my defeated opponent, Yu Hai? How is this possible?"

    "How can I unable to block even one attack from him?"

    The youth was too shocked. He couldn't accept the fact that he was defeated in a single attack by someone he defeated once.

    In front of the ninety-ninth courtyard, Yu Hai held his sword in his chest.

    "Yu Hai has come to challenge!"

    The ninety-ninth ranker walked out to receive the challenge. After completing the procedure, both of them drew their swords.

    Once again, Yu Hai only used one attack!

    The sword light flashed past. His attack speed was so fast it was frightening.

    His sword has rested on the shoulder of the ninety-ninth ranker.

    The ninety-ninth ranker had been defeated!

    Everyone was shocked.

    "He defeated his opponent in one attack again!"

    "Yu Hai is so heaven-defying!"

    "Too powerful, too stimulating, too exciting! How I wish I can have this kind of strength as well, to be able to defeat the one hundred strongest new disciples in one strike!"

    Amidst the crowd's exclamation, Yu Hai expressionlessly walked towards to the gate of ninety-eighth courtyard.

    He wanted to use the most drastic method to tell everyone.

    Yu Hai was going to rise and no one could stop it!


    The second day, Yu Hai fought along with his sword until he entered the ranks of eighty strongest new disciples while Jiang Xiaoyu entered top fifty.

    The third day, Yu Hai entered top fifty and Jiang Xiaoyu entered top forty.

    The fourth day, Yu Hai entered top thirty and Jiang Xiaoyu entered top thirty as well. Both of them kept their speed consistent.

    The fifth day, Yu Hai entered top twenty and Jiang Xiaoyu enterd top twenty too.

    The sixty day, both Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu entered the ranks of ten strongest new disciples!

    The seventh day, Yu Hai challenged Han Bai but lost. Jiang Xiaoyu similarly lost as well. Afterwards, both of them challenged each other. Yu Hai won and was placed at the third rank, and Jiang Xiaoyu at fourth.

    In seven days, both Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu entered the ranks of ten strongest new disciples, causing an uproar in lower courtyard.

    Between two of them, Yu Hai had amazing attack. Each time he battled, he would always attack actively and resolve the battle in fast manner. He practised Huashan Swordplay to an extremely fast degree.

    He was fast in initiating the attack. He was even faster during attacking!

    It was so fast that his opponents were unable to react. Those who had same strength as him, facing his sword, were unable to gain the upper hand at all.

    Yu Hai was also nicknamed by the others as "Yu Hai the Fast Sword".

    Jiang Xiaoyu's style of attack was different from Yu Hai. He preferred to counter his opponents' moves, excelled in defence, and exhaust his opponents. When his opponents didn't have energy left, his Huashan Swordplay would reach the state of being able to attack and defend.

    However, during their battle, Yu Hai's fast sword won slightly in the end.

    Both of them who entered the ranks of ten strongest new disciples were able to sit firmly on their third and fourth seat.

    Lin Yi's reputation, along with both of them, rose rapidly among the new disciples. All of them knew that Senior Brother Lin Yi wasn't only had powerful, unfathomable strength. He was also excellent in giving pointers regarding martial arts. Those who was guided by him were able to surpass their peers.

    The image of Senior Brother Lin Yi who had powerful strength and excelled in giving pointers gradually spread in lower courtyard.

    Even in upper courtyard, there were some peole who came to know the existence of Lin Yi.


    In the first courtyard for new disciples.

    "Yu Hai, you like to attack actively. I will gift you a sentence: Of all martial arts in the world, only fast speed is unbreakable! By pushing speed to the limits, there will be surely a place for you in the pugilistic world in the future!"

    In the backyard, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu stood in front of Lin Yi who was looking at Yu Hai.

    "Of all martial arts in the world, only fast speed is unbreakable..."

    Yu Hai ruminated over this sentence. The light in his eyes was getting brighter then suddenly his body shook for a bit, seemingly comprehended something. He looked at Lin Yi excitedly, "I have remembered it Senior Brother Lin Yi. I will push my speed to its limit from now on."

    Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction, "To become a martial arts expert, one needed to find one's own way and style suitable to oneself. Only by this, one could enter the ranks of peak experts."

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, then which style is suitable for me?"

    Jiang Xiaoyu who was standing by his side was excited and looked at Yu Hai enviously then raised the question.

    With regards to Yu Hai who emerged suddenly and defeated him, Jiang Xiaoyu was unwilling to accept it. Yet no matter what, he was unable to find ways to subdue Yu Hai.

    It seemed like the only way to subdue him was only by pure strength. This made him felt depressed.

    Thus, he was in urgent of finding other ways to subdue Yu Hai.

    The emergence of Yu Hai completely disrupted Jiang Xiaoyu's plan to challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples and stay undefeated.

    Moreover, Yu Hai progressed very quickly. This made Jiang Xiaoyu felt pressured. He didn't dare to practise leisurely anymore as he had been chased by Yu Hai from behind and surpassed by him.

    Jiang Xiaoyu felt enormous pressure upon himself.

    As martial arts practitioner, who didn't like to seek to prevail over the others?

    Especially during the youth period, no one wanted to lose out to anyone else!

    Jiang Xiaoyu started to practise martial arts and study them deeply.

    Lin Yi had seen all of these. Though he didn't let out any expression externally, but he felt really happy deep inside his heart.

    This move of him was made correctly. A rival was needed in order for Jiang Xiaoyu to feel pressured.

    By competing with each other would let both of them progress at a quicker pace.

    Lin Yi didn't want that the persons he had guided, due to unable to keep up with his footsteps, ended up being his burden instead.

    He formed a team so that it can be helpful to him.

    As for subordinates who would drag him down, he wasn't interested at all.

    Fortunately, how both Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu competed with each other, learned from each other, and progressed together didn't let Lin Yi feel disappointed.

    "Xiaoyu, you are suited to defence. I see that everytime you battled, you defended very well and managed to achieve balance between offence and defence. This is your advantage and you should keep moving forward in this path and be truly able to achieve balance between offence and defence! No matter how strong your opponent is, you should be able to defend and counter anytime!"

    Lin Yi looked at Jiang Xiaoyu and gave his review.

    Jiang Xiaoyu nodded heavily. He had found out this advantage of his as well. After affirmed by Lin Yi, he had decided to keep using this style and progress even further.

    It would be the best if he could surpass Yu Hai and defend against his fast sword.

    Currently, both of them had reached intermediate stage in both Huashan Swordplay and Huashan Movement Technique.

    "Both of you, what you have to do next is to practise well both Basic Sword Technique and Basic Arts of Lightness and reach intermediate stage for both of them. Only by then could you reach advanced stage. Otherwise if you don't practise these basic techniques well, you would never be able to reach advanced stage in this lifetime!"

    As an experienced person, Lin Yi was aware how to reach advanced stage in martial arts.

    In fact, there were strict rules regarding skills in the game system.

    Only by reaching the same stage in basic techniques, one could move towards higher stage.

    If Lin Yi wanted to reach perfection stage in Huashan Movement Technique, then his Basic Arts of Lightness needed to reach perfection stage as well. Otherwise even if he had 100,000 combat experience points, he wouldn't be able to use it too.

    However, it was quite different for Huashan Swordplay. As Huashan Sword had Basic Sword Techniques included, even if he didn't practise Basic Sword Technique, he would still be able to upgrade Huashan Swordplay to perfection stage.

    Each major factions' introductory martial arts had their own advantages. One of them was this.

    One didn't need to spend extra experience to upgrade basic techniques and waste time.

    "Alright, both of you should go back now and think about what I have said!"

    After sending both of them, Lin Yi took out his sword and started practising.

    What he practised was still Huashan Swordplay and Huashan Movement Technique.

    By practising Huashan Swordplay, he would be able to temper himself and upgrade his attack attribute point.

    The experience points it produced would serve as the basis to upgrade basic attributes points.

    Only by completing the entire move, he would be able to temper himself.

    By using Huashan Swordplay to battle, that belonged to the category of using martial arts to attack and it would not trigger the effect of tempering oneself. Hence, during battle, one wouldn't be able to obtain combat experience points.

    To obtain combat experience points, one could only keep practising!

    This was true for both players and natives.

    The advantage of being a player was that during battle, they still could obtain combat experience points during battle and they could upgrade their martial arts.

    However, Lin Yi's game system had changed. The combat experience points obtained during battle became achievement rewards. This way, obtaining combat experience points became even harder.

    This was also the reason why Lin Yi practised diligently.

    After practising diligently these past few days, two of his silver grade martial arts, Huashan Swordplay and Huashan Movement Technique had reached fifty thousand experience points. He was short of fifty thousand experience points for both in order to upgrade them at a hundred thousand experience.

    He needed to keep practising in seclusion. The day he reached perfection stage for both skills would be the day he challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest lower courtyard disciples!

    Nope this time I didn't make mistake. It was indeed Huashan Movement Technique (华山身法) and Basic Arts of Lightness (基础轻功). So probably Movement Technique and Arts of Lightness will be used intermittently, depending on the raw.

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