Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



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  • Chapter 90 Truth

    Loud rumbling could be heard as the demonic cult army approached. Thousands of horses galloped and the ground trembled.

    Facing the huge army, the five heavenly talents had a calm and relaxed expression on their faces. It was a great contrast to the nervous and tense looks of those around them.

    "Heroine Zhou Qian, what do you think these fools from the demonic cults are up to? Are they really thinking of invading the city?" Qingcheng's Li Donglin asked Emei's Zhou Qian with a smiling face.

    "Hmph!" Zhou Qian coldly snorted and looked at the army with disdain before replying with a murderous aura: "No matter what they are planning, if they really attack the city, I will simply cut them down."

    Li Donglin was taken aback by her answer and realized that he was asking the wrong person. As an exclusively female sect, Emei was filled with crazy women who were always eager to fight and kill their enemies, and they were well-known among the major sects for their behavior.

    Laughing bitterly, Li Donglin looked towards Priest Qiankun and asked: "Priest Qiankun, what do you think the demonic cults came here for?"

    "This humble priest thinks that the demonic cults must be up to something, it is definitely not as simple as attacking Lanzhou City. Lanzhou City is merely a place for the talents from both factions to hone their skills and garner experience, besides that, it has little value. Having made so much noise and trouble recently such that everyone knows it, they must be after something significant." Priest Qiankun bowed as he replied.

    Feeling that Priest Qiankun has similar thoughts to himself, Li Donglin immediately acted friendly towards him and continued: "Priest Qiankun, you are right. I think the same way as well, these fools must be after something."

    In front of the approaching army, the two heavenly talents chatted away happily.

    Many people were secretly shocked by their temperament and guts, and they were filled with admiration.

    Very soon, Linghu Feng and Monk Juexing also joined in the conversation, and even the cold and murderous Zhou Qian also chipped in a word or two.

    The walls of the city were filled with the chatter and laughter of the five heavenly talents, and it was evident that they had paid no heed to the huge demonic cult army.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, they are sure having a good time." Yun Taizi, Mo Yu, and Lu Buping whispered to Lin Yi.

    Turning his head to look at them, he saw envious looks on their faces. It seemed that they desired to become one of the heavenly talents as well. Even the little nun who had been constantly depressed so far also had an eager expression on her face.

    Smiling slightly, Lin Yi asked: "You people also wish to become one of them?"

    The three of them nodded their heads involuntarily before realizing it and seeing the look of amusement on Lin Yi's face, their faces reddened and they replied in embarrassment: "We're just thinking about it, how can we possibly become one of them simply because we wish for it?"

    They had spent a good amount of time in Jianghu already, and they were well aware of their mediocre potential. Yiqian also sighed upon hearing their words.

    "There's no need to envy them. Just continue to work hard and one day you might be the same as them or even better!" Lin Yi encouraged them with a smile.

    "Is that true, Senior Brother Lin Yi?" Their eyes lit up and they asked excitedly.

    "Of course, as long as you work hard enough!" Lin Yi replied with certainty.

    They were instantly filled with fighting spirit when they heard his answer, and even the little nun brightened up greatly.

    "Work hard, as long as you work hard, nothing is impossible!"

    With a laugh, Lin Yi turned his gaze towards the five heavenly talents.

    In his previous life, these five people were all famous characters, and they all eventually became peak experts possessing peerless martial arts.

    Monk Juexing, Priest Qiankun, Zhou Qian, and Li Donglin. These four were the chief disciples of four major sects, the successors of their respective sect masters. They certainly inherited the peerless martial arts of their own sects since a long time ago, the only thing unknown was whether they had successfully learned the skills by now.

    Lin Yi laughed in his heart and wondered who in the demonic faction would be so audacious as to come to Lanzhou City even after knowing that five heavenly talents had gathered here along with a hundred second-rate experts.

    If they attacked the city, they would surely suffer great casualties.

    They were certainly no fools, so why would they pay such a great price just to acquire Lanzhou City, a somewhat useless location.

    If their aim was to kill the talents from the righteous faction in the city, it also did not make sense. With the presence of a hundred second-rate experts, even if the righteous faction were to lose, it would still give sufficient time for the talents to escape.

    So what were they up to?

    Lin Yi was unable to figure it out and he stopped thinking about it. As long as he continued to watch how the events unfurl, he would eventually get his answer.

    At this moment, the army halted.

    The loud rumbling instantly stopped, and the army was now five hundred meters from the city.

    Everyone's attention was attracted by this action, and the five heavenly talents also stopped talking and focused their gazes on the army.

    In the center of the army, a path several meters wide suddenly opened up and a golden sedan carried by sixteen men slowly made its way forward.

    "A golden sedan, and even carried by sixteen men. It is either a Ming Cult elder who is a first-rate expert or someone in Ming Cult with extremely high status. Who is it exactly?" The people in Lanzhou City started talking about it.

    Suddenly, a figure in black appeared on the golden sedan.

    Spotting the figure, the five heavenly talents' expressions turned serious and their eyes were filled with apprehension.

    "It's Ao Tianjiao! The young master of Ming Cult, the top heavenly talent in the demonic faction!" The people shouted out in surprise.

    The great name of the top heavenly talent Ao Tianjiao had long reached the ears of everyone in the righteous faction.

    Dressed in a black robe, his eyebrows parted like two swords, and his eyes deep and unfathomable like stars.

    When he stood up, it was as if he was the center of the world.

    Possessing an overbearing aura of one who lorded over everything under the heavens!

    A great commotion was raised when they recognized his identity.

    Ao Tianjiao!

    Lin Yi's expression shook and he gasped in surprise as well.

    In his previous life, Ao Tianjiao was literally the bringer of an era.

    The era of chaos could be said to be brought about due to him, and the entire era was his stage.

    He was so well-known among the players that there was no one who did not know of him.

    Being the top heavenly talent of Ming Cult as well as the demonic faction, he possessed a shocking amount of talent.

    After becoming the Cult Master of Ming Cult and mastering the two peerless martial arts Nine Yang Divine Skill and Great Shift of Heaven and Earth, he became a peak expert and was considered the top expert in the entire Jianghu.

    Many other experts who also possessed peerless martial arts were not a match for him, and he had never suffered a defeat!

    He was a true great devil, a shining example for those in the demonic faction.

    Cruel, ruthless, and killing as he pleased.

    Countless sects and factions were massacred by him during the era of chaos. Even the destruction of Huashan had been caused by him.

    At that time, he was already a first-rate expert. Even though Linghu Feng possessed Violet Mist Divine Skill and Nine Swords of Dugu and was also a first-rate expert, he was defeated by Ao Tianjiao in battle as well.

    Because of Ao Tianjiao, the demonic faction ushered in their most glorious period of existence.

    Looking at Ao Tianjiao, then looking at the five heavenly talents, Lin Yi's doubts in his heart were all cleared.

    In his previous life, it was rumored that before becoming a first-rate expert, what Ao Tianjiao liked most was to challenge the heavenly talents from various sects.

    Having a ruthless personality, his challenges involved a fight to the death.

    Many heavenly talents from the demonic faction were also killed by him, not to mention the those from the righteous faction. A defeat to him meant death.

    The title of challenge maniac was actually much more suited to Ao Tianjiao.

    "For the sake of challenging the five heavenly talents, Ao Tianjiao actually sent countless subordinates to their death by creating chaos in various territories controlled by major sects. After attracting the attention of the experts in the major sects, he then sent the second-rate expert Old Demon Xu to Lanzhou City and let everyone think that his aim was to slaughter the talents from the righteous faction in the city. Everyone was wrong, his aim has always been to lure the heavenly talents to Lanzhou City!"

    "The righteous faction has been led by their noses and played around in his palms all along! Who said that Ao Tianjiao was a simpleminded brute? Hmph, this man is truly the future pillar of the demonic faction, and his intelligence is extraordinary!"

    After figuring out what happened, even Lin Yi started to admire Ao Tianjiao.

    This man was the classic example of one who could resort to any means to achieve his aims.

    Sacrificing countless subordinates meant nothing to him.

    Even it was Lin Yi, he would never be able to sacrifice so many people just to be able to fight other heavenly talents.

    Right now, everything he did had been for the sake of self-preservation.

    He still had a long way to go before becoming someone like Ao Tianjiao.
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  • Chapter 91 Forcing a Fight

    "Ao Tianjiao, you were the one behind everything!"

    Lin Yi realized the truth, and so did the five heavenly talents since they were obviously not stupid. The chain of events leading up til now were all orchestrated by Ao Tianjiao, and his true aim was the five of them!

    "Hahaha, realized it now? It's too late!" Ao Tianjiao stood with his hands behind him and laughed, his face full of conceit. "All the first-rate experts from the major sects have been bogged down by experts from our demonic faction. Within a thousand li radius of Lanzhou City, there are no other first-rate experts. Now nobody can interrupt our fight!"

    "Come, Monk Juexing, kid Qiankun, rascal Linghu, little beauty Zhou Qian, and Li Donglin you son of a turtle. Fight me, and you may live if you win. If you lose, I will use your corpses to build my reputation as the top heavenly talent under the heavens!"

    The five of them were infuriated and cursed: "Ao Tianjiao, you are crazy! For the sake of a title, you actually spent so much effort and caused so much trouble, is it worth it? The title of top heavenly talent is just an empty name, do you know that? We all thought that you are an extraordinary person who wouldn't care for such low-classed interests, to think that Ao Tianjiao is actually so vulgar!"

    "Vulgar? You know nothing!" Ao Tianjiao stared at the five of them in anger and rebuked loudly: "You have the cheek to call me vulgar, the five of you are nothing but hypocrites! You obviously place great importance on the title of heavenly talent, yet pretend to think little of it. Heh, if that was the case, would you oppress others whenever a new genius appears? It's all nothing but hypocrisy!"

    "I, Ao Tianjiao, am vulgar, so what? It's much better than you damn hypocrites!"

    The five of them had ugly expressions on their faces as they were criticized by Ao Tianjiao, and they were greatly angered.

    "Ao Tianjiao, you little devil, stop your accusations. Today I'm going to kill you!" As the only female in the group, Zhou Qian was nearly driven mad by the verbal abuse.

    Ao Tianjiao coldly laughed: "Zhou Qian, you wish to kill me? Heh heh, then come!"

    Although she was extremely angry, she had not lost her reason yet, so she merely stared at Ao Tianjiao angrily.

    Tired of waiting, Ao Tianjiao simply said: "All you people from the righteous faction only know how to shoot your mouth off, nothing but empty vessels making noises."

    With that being said, he leaped into the air with great force.

    Like the wind, he flew towards the city walls with great speed!

    In just a blink of an eye, he closed the gap of several hundred meters and arrived on the walls.

    Everyone was taken by fear and wanted to put up a defense.

    With a laugh, Ao Tianjiao swept across them. A Qingcheng disciple was grabbed by him, and without any means of resisting, his head was smashed by Ao Tianjiao in one hit of his palm. His head exploded like a watermelon and his brain scattered onto the ground in pieces of red and white.

    "Ah!" Screams were heard from the Emei female disciples.

    "Heh heh.." Ao Tianjiao looked towards them and started approaching the Emei disciples with great speed. Zhou Qian yelled at him: "You dare!" But she was too late.

    A figure flashed among the Emei disciples like a shadow, and in an instant, Ao Tianjiao appeared again with an Emei disciple in his hand. Laughing at the anxiously approaching Zhou Qian, he said: "If you want to save her, then come after me!"

    Then he left the city walls and returned to his golden sedan with a great leap.

    The captured Emei disciple screamed with great fear as she was in midair: "Eldest Senior Sister, save me!"

    Zhou Qian angrily smashed the tiles as she watched Ao Tianjiao leave.

    Everything happened very quickly, and before many people could react, Ao Tianjiao had arrived on the city walls and killed a Qingcheng disciple while capturing an Emei disciple as he left.

    Everyone was taken aback at the speed of Ao Tianjiao!

    Even Lin Yi couldn't help but frown. Ao Tianjiao had obviously learned a superior lightness art, and it was one which excelled at speed.

    If he had not seen wrongly, Ao Tianjiao had learned the lightness art of the famous Azure Wings Bat King Wei Yixiao, one of the Four Great Protectors of Ming Cult. Although Wei Yixiao's lightness art was a superior martial art, he was extraordinarily talented and managed to train his lightness art to the point where it was on par with peerless lightness arts.

    Ao Tianjiao was not as talented as Wei Yixiao, but he was still extremely fast.

    Among the superior lightness arts, it was the best already.

    Possessing such a lightness art meant that he could place himself in an undefeatable position.

    Even if Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords could injure him, how could he do so if he couldn't catch him?

    On the other hand, Ming Cult had plenty of superior martial arts, and Ao Tianjiao probably already inherited peerless martial arts.

    Anyone who was to suffer a single blow would probably be half-dead already.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi took a step back.

    He did not intend to interfere in this battle between Ao Tianjiao and the five heavenly talents.

    Ao Tianjiao was obviously unkillable at this point of time, and there wasn't any battle experience to be gained from fighting him. So why bother? Besides, he had not recovered from his injuries yet. In any case, even if the situation were to become dangerous, Lin Yi was confident that he could escape.

    Seeing Lin Yi retreating slowly into the crowd, his four companions were slightly surprised.

    "Retreat!" Lin Yi said softly with a solemn expression.

    Yun Taizi, Mo Yu, and Lu Buping nodded and started retreating as well. Although Yiqian was puzzled, she had no choice but to follow suit.

    Yu Zecheng who was nearby was also surprised when he saw Lin Yi. Quietly making his way to Lin Yi, he asked in a low voice: "Junior Brother Lin, what are you doing?"

    Lin Yi replied softly: "Senior Brother Yu, if you don't wish to die, don't stay at the front."

    Yu Zecheng was stunned, and thinking of Ao Tianjiao's shadow-like figure back then, his expression changed. He was well aware that he wasn't a match for Ao Tianjiao, and being a practical person, he certainly wasn't going risk his life to stand in front for the sake of face. Thus he hurriedly followed Lin Yi and retreated backward.

    Who knew when Ao Tianjiao was going to come again. If he got killed just like that, it would be too late to cry.

    Seeing their cowardly behavior, Liang Rulu snorted coldly and looked on with disdain. Lin Yi and Yu Zecheng paid no heed to her as anything was better than getting killed for no reason.

    In any case, even if the sky collapses, the five heavenly talents would take care of it. Besides, Ao Tianjiao obviously came for the five heavenly talents. He had gone to great lengths merely for the sake of forcing the five of them to fight him. Truthfully speaking, it was none of their business.

    A truly heroic man should know when to retreat and when to fight.

    Yu Zecheng was embarrassed while feeling a sense of camaraderie with Lin Yi. This Junior Brother Lin was indeed the same kind of person like him.

    When they were in a safe position, they then resumed watching the show.

    On the city walls, Zhou Qian was fuming with rage while Li Donglin had a somber expression.

    Among the disciples belonging to their sects, one was killed while one was captured.

    It happened right in front of them and they had been helpless to do anything about it, thus greatly losing face as a result. Zhou Qian wanted to charge out, but she was held back by others.

    Seeing that the five heavenly talents were staying put, Ao Tianjiao's face darkened.

    Looking at the Emei disciple in his hands and caressing her fair skin, he took a sniff of her female fragrance and said with a face of pity: "What a pity, such a beauty. Your Eldest Senior Sister is so cruel as to leave you to die instead of saving you."

    "Don't...don't kill me!" The disciple screamed in terror.

    Ao Tianjiao put on a gentle expression and said gently: "I don't want to kill a beauty like you either." Following that his expression grew cold and he continued: "But your senior sister does not want to save you, forcing me to kill you. What do you think I should do?"

    "No... don't do it!" The disciple cried with a pale face: "Eldest Senior Sister, Eldest Senior Sister save me please, I don't want to die, wa..."

    Ao Tianjiao laughed heartily and looked towards the city walls. "Beauty Zhou Qian, are you going to be so cruel as to watch an Emei disciple die in front of you?"

    "Come out and fight me, and I will release her!"

    Zhou Qian's eyes were spouting flames, and she said angrily with her fists clenched: "No, I can't let a disciple of my sect die to the devil!"

    "You can't!" Monk Juexing shook his head and said: "Who knows what kind of sinister plot this devil has devised? If you go out, you will fall into his trap, it's too dangerous!"

    "That's right, the devil is so cunning, he must have laid some trap for us!" Priest Qiankun nodded.

    Zhou Qian stared in anger: "Am I supposed to just watch my junior sister get killed by the devil?"

    The other four of them stayed silent.

    Zhou Qian could only slap the walls in anger.

    Ao Tianjiao's patience had finally run out and he grabbed the neck of the disciple before raising her and shouting towards the five of them: "I will count to five, if you still don't come out by then, I will kill her!"






    There was no answer, and everyone else was starting to feel resentment at the cowardice of the five heavenly talents.

    "Hmph!" Ao Tianjiao could not wait any longer and he turned towards the terror-stricken disciple. "Don't blame me, blame your dear Eldest Senior Sister for not coming to save you!"

    His fingers squeezed with force.


    The neck of the disciple was crushed and her head drooped lifelessly with wide eyes.

    "Junior Sister!" Unable to take it anymore, Zhou Qian drew her sword and yelled angrily at the other four: "I don't care if you are coming, even if I'm alone I will kill the devil!"

    As she finished talking, she leaped off the walls and charged at Ao Tianjiao.
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  • Chapter 92 Nine Yang Divine Skill

    Zhou Qian leaped off the walls and floated in the air like a goddess a beautiful posture. Closing a distance of several hundred meters in one leap, she arrived before Ao Tianjiao and stabbed with her sword.

    She was using the superior Emei sword art Alluring Stab.

    Its form is graceful and extremely beautiful. However, it resembled a thorny rose, and its beauty was coupled with a power which should not be underestimated.

    "Devil, time to die!"

    Ao Tianjiao laughed and shouted: "Little Beauty, are you finally willing to come down?" Immediately, he laughed and attacked with his palms.

    The sound of the wind created by his palms thundered in her ears, and Zhou Qian's expression froze. Before she came into contact with it, she could already feel the power of his palm strike, and she was surprised by his formidability.

    As the top heavenly talent, his ability of comprehension was astounding.

    Their martial arts were no longer constrained by the moves of the martial arts they learned, but instead, each of them has created their own style. Although it cannot be said that they have created a new martial art, each move was filled with their personal style of fighting.

    This style is related to personality.

    Even an ordinary palm strike from Ao Tianjiao is filled with a staunch and domineering aura as if it contained the power to vanquish a dragon.

    Zhou Qian’s swordsmanship is vicious and every move is precise and direct.

    The two of them were evenly matched, and Zhou Qian's angry shouts could be heard from time to time. She was angered by the fact that she was unable to do anything to Ao Tianjiao.

    On the city walls, the four heavenly talents looked at each other. Instead of a trap, the demonic faction's army had emptied out an open space for the two to fight and retreated hundreds of meters away.

    "It seems that there is no trap." Priest Qiankun uttered.

    "Although this Ao Tianjiao is an insidious and cunning devil, he is also extremely arrogant. He will not set an ambush for challenging us." Linghu Feng said.

    "Does that mean Ao Tianjiao really wants to fight the five of us by himself? How is he so confident as to dare to challenge the five of us!" Li Donglin replied in anger. After all, he was a heavenly talent, and it irked him to be belittled by others.

    "This little devil is looking for death so let's send him on his way. How dare he look down on us!" Monk Juexing was also angered from being belittled.

    Although everyone admits that Ao Tianjiao was the top heavenly talent, they were also pretty strong themselves.

    All of them were second-rate experts at the peak of the class and they were existences who had completely cleared their twelve meridians.

    How could they possibly be afraid of Ao Tianjiao?

    With this in mind, everyone responded to Monk Juexing's call and leaped off the walls, going straight for Ao Tianjiao.

    Before he even got close, Li Donglin threw a hidden weapon straight at Ao Tianjiao.

    Monk Juexing channeled his internal strength and roared at Ao Tianjiao using Lion's Roar.

    Priest Qiankun stepped in the air as if he was stepping on the ground, displaying Wudang's superior lightness art Stairs of Clouds and making all kinds of incredible movements as he attacked with his sword.

    Linghu Feng resembled a sword, sharp and savage, as he stabbed with his sword.

    "Good timing!" Seeing the five heavenly talents attacking him at the same time, Ao Tianjiao laughed and faced them head-on.

    With incredible speed, he left afterimages wherever he went. Under the siege of five people, he was unharmed.

    The ferocity of Ao Tianjiao shocked everyone.

    "Isn't this Ao Tianjiao too strong? Even though he is attacked by the five heavenly talents at the same time, it does not seem like he is disadvantaged at all!" Yu Zecheng said as his face was filled with shock.

    Lin Yi smiled, his eyes full of playfulness: "Take a good look. This is a fight between the most talented people in the world. The opportunity might not come by again in the future."

    "That's true, we can't miss it!" Yu Zecheng nodded and focused on watching the six people fighting. Seeing the various martial arts moves on display, he enjoyed himself immensely.

    Lin Yi smiled and focused on watching the fight as well.

    A fight between six heavenly talents, it was the best time for him to closely observe their strength.

    With the experience of a peak expert, he could understand more than anyone, the martial arts moves used by the six heavenly talents.

    These six people have already trained their superior martial arts to the second stage of perfection stage.

    That is to say, every move made by them contains the power of superior martial arts. It can thus be seen that these six people are worthy of being called heavenly talents as they are much more powerful than ordinary geniuses.

    While ordinary geniuses use the techniques of superior martial arts as killer moves, these heavenly talents could already use any move as killer moves. How could ordinary geniuses be a match for them?

    Of course, Lin Yi is not included among ordinary geniuses.

    He has already trained his superior sword art to the point where he can unleash the supreme power comparable to peerless martial arts, an even higher level than these heavenly talents

    From a technical point of view, Lin Yi is superior to them.

    However, Lin Yi’s current state of internal strength is still vastly inferior.

    Internal strength is the foundation of all martial artists. No matter how much one trains their martial arts, without sufficient internal strength to support it, the power will be greatly diminished.

    Lin Yi’s sword move which contains the supreme power is not much stronger than a move made by the six heavenly talents.

    Only when his internal strength has reached the realm of a second-rate expert will he be able to possess an advantage and triumph over the heavenly talents.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi sighed slightly: "My internal strength is still lacking!"

    He became even more determined to raise his internal strength as soon as possible.

    Only after becoming a second-rate expert will he be able to defeat Linghu Feng and become one of the top heavenly talents in Jianghu. Also, he needs to do it fast.

    This is because the other heavenly talents are also constantly improving at a great pace.

    If they became first-rate experts, Lin Yi would not be a match for them even if he became a second-rate expert. In particular, he needs to become a second-rate expert before Linghu Feng advances to a first-rate expert. Only then can he defeat the Linghu Feng and acquire the position of chief disciple.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi felt the urgency of time and a great pressure.

    However, Lin Yi was not depressed at all. Instead, a surge of fighting spirit arose in his heart.

    That is the kind of person Lin Yi is. The greater pressure he is under, the more excited he gets.

    While Lin Yi was thinking of his own issues, the six heavenly talents have already exchanged more than a hundred moves.

    Relying on his lightness art, Ao Tianjiao was able to place himself in an undefeatable position.

    Even if the five heavenly talents are attacking him at the same time, he is not disadvantaged at all. He could even counterattack from time to time using his superior speed.

    "Ao Tianjiao, why have you turned into a coward. If you are capable, don't run!" Li Donglin was angry and panting. Even though the five of them were only attacking one person, he was still getting exhausted. The speed of Ao Tianjiao is too fast, and it was easy to fall prey to his moves.

    "Ao Tianjiao, aren't you the one who wants the five of us to fight with you? Why? Now that we are fighting with you, you become so cowardly? This is not in line with your name of Tianjiao! Shouldn't you be superior to heavenly talents? How can you be so weak!" Zhou Qian also started cursing angrily.

    "Ao Tianjiao, stop dodging and receive my sword attack!" Linghu Feng coldly shouted.

    "Ao Tianjiao, receive my palm strike if you are capable of doing so!" Priest Qiankun was agitated.

    "Ao Tianjiao, come on and fight me properly!" Monk Juexing was similarly agitated.

    The five heavenly talents started taunting him but Ao Tianjiao simply smiled coldly and did not respond. He continued to do as he pleased and wove himself among the five of them, dodging their attacks.

    The five heavenly talents were greatly angered and one of them yelled: "This Ao Tianjiao is insidious and cunning, let's not hold back. We shall see how much internal strength he has. Hmph, when his internal strength is exhausted, it will be the time to kill him!"

    Listening to this idea of the five heavenly talents, the sneer on Ao Tianjiao's face grew even more intense, with a hint of disdain.

    Time passed quietly.

    Two hundred moves.

    Three hundred moves.

    Four hundred moves.

    Five hundred moves.


    Seven hundred moves.

    Eight hundred moves.

    Nine hundred moves.

    A thousand moves.

    The five heavenly talents did not hold back and constantly used their strongest moves on Ao Tianjiao.

    There were also times where Ao Tianjiao was tired and made mistakes, and wounds began to appear on his body.

    Although the five heavenly talents were also very tired, their eyes got brighter and brighter as they seem to have seen the light of victory as well as the demise of the top heavenly talent from the demonic faction.

    However, time continued passing by.

    After two thousand moves, the movements of the five heavenly talents became slower and slower.

    Every one of them was exhausted and sweating profusely.

    Many of their exquisite moves were now full of openings and flaws.

    It was all due to fatigue.

    Ao Tianjiao’s smiling face was unchanged, and his smile grew colder.

    Suddenly, with a shake of his body, his demeanor changed.

    There was not much fatigue on his face. Instead, he looked much more refreshed than the five heavenly talents.

    "How is it possible?!" The crowd exclaimed in shock.

    "How could he not be fatigued? Isn't he tired at all?"

    "This makes no sense, he has been constantly dodging. Logically speaking, he should be more tired than me."

    "How is it that the one who is being attacked by multiple people more relaxed than the attackers?"

    "There is only one reason to explain this..."

    The five heavenly talents were shocked and their expressions changed greatly. Pointing at Ao Tianjiao with a look of incredulity: "You...have you learned that?"

    "Ha ha ha!" Ao Tianjiao laughed aloud and his face was full of pride. Staring at the five heavenly talents with an amused expression in his eyes, he replied: "You guessed it correctly, I have managed to learn Nine Yang Divine Skill successfully!"
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  • Chapter 93 Song of the Sea and Waves

    Nine Yang Divine Skill!

    Hearing his words, the crowd fell into a commotion.

    Even Lin Yi's expression changed drastically and he said in disbelief: "How can it be? He actually managed to acquire Nine Yang Divine Skill!"

    He was well aware of the insanely harsh conditions for acquiring peerless martial arts. The difficulty of learning these martial arts was incredibly high, otherwise, there would be plenty of people who possessed them by now.

    So far, Lin Yi had never heard of anyone who managed to acquire peerless martial arts when they were only a second-rate expert. Even in his previous life, he also never heard of Ao Tianjiao achieving the feat as a second-rate expert.

    What was going on?

    Lin Yi frowned deeply, as he seemed to have witnessed the truth which all the players did not know of.

    During the game, he had never heard of Ao Tianjiao challenging the five heavenly talents, but it was happening right now.

    Smiling bitterly, he realized that it was not that the future had changed, it was simply the fact that many things had been kept a secret.

    The five heavenly talents attacking Ao Tianjiao at once and ended up suffering a defeat.

    How could news of such a matter be spread?

    Wouldn't that disgrace the righteous faction?

    It was only now that Lin Yi realized that the strength of the major righteous sects was at their lowest point. They may look strong on the outside, but the inside was already weak and rotten.

    It was no wonder that the demonic cults were able to start such a huge war and usher in the era of chaos.

    At this moment, he thought of many things regarding the future.

    Turning his gaze to Ao Tianjiao once again, he seemed to notice something.

    Ao Tianjiao's body did not possess the great vitality and overbearing aura of Nine Yang Divine Skill. Instead, there was only a faint aura of Nine Yang.

    It was most likely the case that Ao Tianjiao had only just learned Nine Yang Divine Skill and immediately came to challenge the five heavenly talents.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have used a stalling method during the fight.

    Right now, he only had the most basic trait of Nine Yang Divine Skill: rapid recovery of internal strength.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi became much calmer.

    Everyone else was gripped by fear, and even the five heavenly talents had depressed looks on their faces.

    Who did not know of the great Nine Yang Divine Skill?

    It was famous for providing an incredible amount of internal strength.

    In this era which was dominated by internal strength, Nine Yang Divine Skill was the top peerless martial art.

    The only other skills which could be compared with it was the Nine Yin Manual and Innate Heaven Skill and a few other peerless martial arts.

    Besides, four out of the five heavenly talents had already received the divine skills belonging to their sects. However, it was so hard to learn the arts successfully even for them. Without spending years, it was nearly impossible to succeed.

    Upon hearing Ao Tianjiao's words, the five of them were unable to believe it at first. However, seeing that Ao Tianjiao had been attacked by five of them at once and was able to exchange two thousand moves with them without showing signs of fatigue, they had no choice but to believe it.

    Right now, thoughts of retreating arose in their hearts.

    Having nearly exhausted their internal strength, how would they be a match for Ao Tianjiao?

    Ao Tianjiao had an amused expression as he looked at the five of them and could not help but laugh conceitedly.

    "After attacking me together for so long, it is time for me to attack all of you!"

    Hearing this, the five of them hurriedly spread out.

    Only an afterimage of Ao Tianjiao could be seen, and his speed was much faster than before. Obviously, he was unleashing his true power right now.

    Each of them met his attacks with what they could muster, but as they were already extremely tired, how could they possibly deal with Ao Tianjiao?

    Li Donglin was hit by a palm strike and he flew several meters away before landing on the ground severely injured and unable to get up.


    Zhou Qian was squarely hit by a fist and was sent flying away while vomiting blood.


    Linghu Feng was hit by a kick and was severely injured as well.


    Priest Qiankun's chest was slashed by a clawing strike and his clothes were soaked in blood.


    Monk Juexing used the defensive martial art Golden Shield and was able to last several hits, but eventually, his internal strength ran out as well and he suffered multiple palm strikes. As a result, he vomited large amounts of blood as he backed off before falling to the ground with a pale-white face.


    In the blink of an eye, Ao Tianjiao displayed his prowess and defeated the five heavenly talents, shocking the crowd.

    All the people from the righteous faction looked on in disbelief. Were the five heavenly talents defeated just like that?

    "Ao Tianjiao is too fearsome!" Yu Zecheng's eyes nearly popped out in fear. He was completely intimidated by Ao Tianjiao's ferocity.

    "Is he still a human?" Yiqian and the other three of them were incredibly shocked.

    "No, this is not possible! How could Eldest Senior Brother lose?!" Liang Rulu was nearly driven crazy as she saw Linghu Feng being defeated by the devil.

    "Impossible, how could Eldest Senior Sister lose?" Emei's disciples shrieked in disbelief.

    Similar reactions came from the disciples of Qingcheng, Shaolin and Wudang.

    Everyone was gripped by a wave of negative emotions after they witnessed what happened.

    Lin Yi shook his head and sighed. Among those in the righteous faction, he was probably the only one who could remain calm. Expecting this to happen, he started observing his surroundings and prepared to escape.

    Looking at the heavily injured Linghu Feng, he did not know whether to be happy or depressed.

    Would Linghu Feng die here?

    Suspicion arose in Lin Yi's mind. Under such circumstances, who would still possess the ability to save these five heavenly talents from the hands of Ao Tianjiao?

    The first-rate experts of every major sect were currently kept busy by the demonic faction and there was no first-rate expert around within a radius of a thousand li. In his previous life, none of them had died and all of them managed to become peak experts. So who was it that saved them?

    Lin Yi restrained his urge to leave and started watching the scene calmly once more.

    The feeling of uncovering a great secret unknown to him in his previous life filled him with great curiosity, so much so that he did not dare to miss any of it.

    He was like a person watching a grand show from the outside.

    A show of a lifetime featuring the defeat of five heavenly talents by Ao Tianjiao.


    "Hahaha, five great heavenly talents, that sounds pretty good? From now on, I am the true heavenly talent. The five of you will be removed from the list!" Ao Tianjiao laughed as he looked towards the five of them with killing intent in his eyes.

    What he liked most was to defeat the heavenly talents, then kill them as he watched the despair in their eyes.

    This time, the five great heavenly talents from the righteous faction had been defeated by him.

    The sense of achievement from accomplishing such a feat made him ecstatic.

    Raising a saber, he slowly approached them.

    As he got closer and closer, the five heavenly talents seemed to sense the approach of death. Sorrow and regret flashed in their eyes. They could not believe that they would actually be dying here.

    They had not yet reached the peak and become peak experts yet, how could they bear to die now?

    A great future was still waiting for them, how could they die?

    "Eldest Senior Brother!" On the city walls, Liang Rulu's face was filled with fear and tears as she was about to charge out with her sword.

    "Don't come over!" Linghu Feng shouted in anger as he stared at her. "Go back! Go back quickly, you won't be able to save me so don't throw away your life!"

    "I don't want to!" Liang Rulu stubbornly raised her head and replied. She did not dare to imagine her future days in Huashan without her Eldest Senior Brother. As she continued thinking about it, she felt her life devoid of meaning and she eventually leaped towards Linghu Feng.

    "Go back!" Linghu Feng's eyes were filled with despair as he sighed.

    "Tsk tsk, what a deep bond between a senior brother and a junior sister!" Ao Tianjiao uttered with glee as his eyes lit up. "What I like most is to see people sacrificing themselves for love, haha!"

    Wielding his saber, Ao Tianjiao turned and walked towards Linghu Feng.

    "Don't come over!" Liang Rulu shouted and placed herself in front of Linghu Feng.

    "Scram!" Ao Tianjiao grabbed the helpless Liang Rulu with his hands in a flash like a mere chick before tossing her to one side with great force. Ignoring her, he continued walking towards Linghu Feng.

    "The famous Young Hero Linghu is about to die, any last thoughts?" Ao Tianjiao raised his saber and mocked Linghu Feng.

    Linghu Feng remained silent as his short but illustrious life flashed through his mind. Slowly closing his eyes, he awaited the descent of the saber.

    Seeing that Linghu Feng was so unyielding in the face of death, Ao Tianjiao coldly snorted and was about to attack.

    All of a sudden, the sound of a flute could be heard from afar.

    It was vast like a great sea, a calm surface for thousands of li. The waves approached slowly from far away, and as they came closer, they grew faster and stronger. In the end, the raging waves resembled a series of connected hills, where fishes leaped and whales flipped in the water while gulls flew above. In addition, water demons and sea monsters appeared in groups and worked their magic on the waves. In one moment, icebergs appeared, and in another moment, the seawater seemed to be boiling. After the waves receded the surface regained its calm and resembled a mirror. However, dark streams continued flowing rapidly under the surface, and danger seemed to be ever present at silent corners.

    Upon hearing the melody, Ao Tianjiao was shaken and affected. Being unprepared for it, he grunted in pain as he suffered internal injuries despite his great internal strength. Hurriedly channeling Nine Yang Divine Skill, he managed to recover quickly. With a surprised expression, he said: "What a formidable flute melody!"

    Keeping the saber in his hand, he looked towards the source of the melody.

    Lin Yi's eyes lit up as he recognized the melody and thought to himself: "What a great Song of the Sea and Waves."

    Nearly everyone now looked towards where the melody came from with wide eyes.

    A large fiery red horse galloped forward as a lady in green rode on it. She held a jade flute in her hands and was gently playing the flute. The lady was incredibly beautiful and resembled a dazzling green leaf which was capable of overshadowing any flower.

    "Who are you?" Ao Tianjiao asked in a loud voice, seemingly astounded by her beauty.

    "Huang Yiting of Peach Blossom Island!"

    A beautiful and enchanting voice could be heard coming from the lady in green.
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