Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



  • Chapter 64 Slaying Blood Raiment with Wit


    Even with Blood Raiment Prince's reminder, another three disciples were struck by the arrows. Two of them were heavily injured while one was struck dead.

    Blood Raiment Prince was driven mad by this and he charged even faster towards Lin Yi.

    He wanted to cut down this bow-using Huashan youth at all costs.

    Who let him use a bow instead of a sword and be so good at it!

    As he saw Blood Raiment Prince approaching at great speed, Lin Yi's face revealed a hint of ridicule. Holding the violet great bow in his hand and carrying Qingfeng Sword and a quiver of arrows on his back, he leaped from his horse onto the trees at the side of the road.

    The most important thing when making long-range attacks was to occupy locations higher than the enemy, then you could freely attack the enemy from above.

    Placing another three arrows on the bow, he swiftly shot at the Blood Sect disciples again.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    With a snap of the bowstring, three arrows shot off with great force and pierced through the air, leaving an afterimage of their trajectory.

    Before they could even react, the arrows already reached them.

    The Blood Sect disciples were shocked and hurriedly raised their sabers to strike at the arrows.

    Pu! Pu! Pu!

    Even though they managed to hit and break the shaft of the arrows, the arrowheads continued to pierce into their bodies.

    The destructive power of the arrows increased after they were relieved of the weight of the shafts.

    Spinning madly, the arrowheads drilled into their bodies, causing great damage.

    All of them created a hole the size of a fist at where their hearts were located.

    In the end, they could only make a muffled cry of pain before collapsing dead on the ground.

    Another three down.

    Using nine arrows, Lin Yi heavily wounded two and killed seven.

    The only thing Blood Raiment Prince could do was to watch on helplessly, unable to stop this Huashan youth at all.

    He nearly exploded from anger!

    As the top-ranked talent in Blood Saber Sect and a famous young devil of the demonic cults, when had he ever been this helpless before?

    So many great talents from righteous sects had been killed by him.

    Yet, right now, he was unable to do a thing to this unfamiliar youth from Huashan?


    Blood Raiment Prince howled like a wild beast, his eyes bloodshot.

    With a savage and bloodthirsty expression in his eyes, he resembled a devil from hell.

    With a forceful tread of his feet, he increased his speed several fold and went after Lin Yi.

    For the sake of killing Lin Yi, he started to utilize his internal art, sparing no effort.

    With a laugh, Lin Yi did the same and soared like a great bird towards higher spots.

    Although it seemed as if he was fleeing for his life, he was actually trying to keep the distance between himself and Blood Raiment Prince.

    As an archer, the greatest advantage he had was the distance from the enemy.

    only by keeping a distance from the enemy could he ensure that the enemy would be unable to attack himself.

    How could he not know of the viciousness of the great Blood Saber Saber Art?

    No matter how great one's defenses were, points of weakness were bound to exist.

    And Blood Saber Saber Art was the type of skill which specialized in attacking these points of weakness in order to kill in one stroke.

    There were only two options to deal with such a skill.

    The first option was to use a defensive type of martial art that offered complete protection, having no points of weakness.

    The second option was to use long ranged attacks and keep a distance while attacking, also known as kiting.

    Lin Yi did not possess any defensive type of martial arts.

    Even if he had, it was not a good idea to fight Blood Raiment Prince head-on.

    The first reason was that Blood Raiment Prince had greatly superior internal strength, having cleared the sixth standard meridian already.

    The second reason was that even if he could make his body as tough as steel, he still wouldn't be spared from injury if the saber hit his body. He did not like to be injured at all.

    Therefore, he always chose the technical way of fighting.

    Kiting was something that he liked very much.

    To watch your enemy slowly lose his health and energy from a distance.

    The only pity was that he did was not any faster than Blood Raiment Prince.

    Although he twisted and turned to constantly change his direction, Blood Raiment Prince was still closing in.

    He could even see the great killing intent revealed on his pale white face.

    Blood Raiment Prince probably hated him to the core right now.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi stepped off the ground with great force and leaped into the air.

    While turning his body around completely so that he was facing Blood Raiment Prince.

    Revealing a smile on his face, he retrieved a violet arrow from the quiver.

    Then he placed the arrow on the bow and fired it.


    The violet arrow surged towards Blood Raiment Prince with explosive force!

    These series of actions did not even take more than one second to complete.

    Apparently, Lin Yi had planned it since some time ago.

    Blood Raiment Prince's expression changed drastically as he sensed a great danger from the rapidly approaching violet arrow.

    He never expected the archery skills of this Huashan youth to be this great.

    To actually shoot an arrow while traveling through the air in reverse at great speed!

    It was an incredibly difficult skill to master.

    There were many aspects to consider, such as applying force in midair, aiming...

    A slight problem in any aspect would result in a critical mistake.

    But the Huashan youth seemed to be extremely well-trained at the maneuver.

    Speed, power, and accuracy were all on point.

    This arrow was nearly impossible to defend against!

    In an instant, Blood Raiment Prince analyzed the arrow.

    He had been in pursuit at full speed, so changing his direction was out of the question.

    The only thing left to do was to strike down the violet arrow.

    Holding his blood saber tightly, he squinted his eyes and focused his body and mind completely on the incoming arrow.

    One moment of carelessness would result in his death.

    In the entire twenty years of his life, he had experienced countless bloody battles, but none had given him a sense of danger as great as this arrow.

    It was as if he was walking on a tightrope hung across two cliffs thousands of meters high.

    One mistake and he would fall into the ravine from a great height.

    The violet arrow was here!

    It was only inches away from him.

    With a cold look in his eyes, he struck forward with the blood saber in a flash.

    The strike connected with the shaft of the arrow!


    A high-pitched sound of impact rang out.

    The saber and the shaft violently ground against each other, causing sparks to fly.

    Blood Raiment Prince was stunned.

    He actually did not manage to cut the arrow into half!

    What material was this arrow made from?

    A great repelling force came from the arrow as a result of the strike.

    Blood Raiment Prince's whole body shook as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer.

    He was blasted backward by the force while in midair, eventually crashing heavily onto the ground several meters away.


    It was churning inside his chest and he spat out a mouthful of black blood!

    Although the arrow did not hit him, the great force that the arrow possessed was able to inflict internal injuries on him.

    "Good, very good, now I desire to kill you even more. State your name, I don't wish for you to die to my saber as a nameless ghost!" Blood Raiment Prince opened his bloody mouth and said in a chilling tone.

    Lin Yi ignored his words and simply turned and left without any expression.

    He did not feel any pity at failing to kill Blood Raiment Prince with the arrow.

    Blood Raiment Prince was one of the top talents of his generation after all, and he was destined to become the Sect Master of Blood Saber Sect.

    How could such a person be so easily defeated?

    If he only knew archery, then it would be extremely difficult to win this battle.

    However, he still had his sword art!

    The conclusion of this battle was not far away.

    What was there to say to a man who was going to die soon?

    Lin Yi was never one to find a sense of superiority from people who were going to die soon.

    Since he already had a plan, all he needed to do was to follow the plan.

    "Hmph!" As Blood Raiment Prince saw Lin Yi swiftly escape in order to occupy the next high point without saying a word, he snorted coldly and was nearly consumed by rage.

    Demonic cult members were like that.

    They were cold and emotionless when killing the weak.

    But when they faced enemies who were just as strong or even stronger, they were unable to control their own emotions.

    Frustration and insecurity.

    Their mental fortitude was inadequate.

    Demonic cult members were people who were controlled by the demons in their hearts.


    After howling madly for a short while, Blood Raiment Prince stood up stubbornly despite his internal injuries.

    Then he resumed his pursuit.

    Two figures darted all over the place and passed countless small hills.

    The white figure in front shot arrows towards his rear from time to time, his superb archery skills on full display.

    While the blood-red figure behind was incredibly tenacious, refusing to give up despite a great amount of blood all over his body.

    He was as ferocious and frightening as a devil from hell.

    The distance between the two was decreasing.

    Lin Yi had used up all three of the violet arrows.

    Although they posed a threat to Blood Raiment Prince, after learning his lesson from the first arrow, he could now evade the violet arrows at the cost of minor injuries.

    Since violet arrows could not do much to him anymore, normal arrows were even far less of a threat.

    Normal arrows were still useful for killing ordinary Blood Sect disciples, but they were not effective against Blood Raiment Prince at all.

    With high accuracy and astonishing reaction speed, he could instantly destroy normal arrows that came his way.

    As he got nearer to the Huashan youth, he could now see with his own eyes that the Huashan youth had run out of the terrifying violet arrows.

    Blood Raiment Prince's expression was smug and malevolent, and it looked frightening.

    Only a little more to go.

    Once he got near enough, he would be able to end the life of this detestable Huashan youth in one strike!

    Nearer and nearer.

    The two got closer and closer at a visible speed.

    In the end, Blood Raiment Prince was only an arm's length away from Lin Yi.

    At this moment, his face revealed a cruel expression as he raised his blood saber and slashed towards the Huashan youth.

    The force of the slash was so great that the sound from the wind produced by the slash could be heard clearly.

    All of a sudden, as if he had grown eyes on his back, the Huashan youth who was about to be cut down swiftly squatted down and drew the Qingfeng Sword on his back.

    Then he abruptly stabbed towards his rear with astonishing speed!

    Blood Raiment Prince did not even have time to react before his heart was pierced completely by the sword.

    Stepping on the ground with great force using one leg, he propelled himself backward rapidly.

    By doing so, he crashed heavily towards the walls of a hill nearby together with Blood Raiment Prince, his sword stabbing into the walls.

    Blood Raiment Prince was nailed firmly onto the walls of the hill.

    The Huashan youth finally turned his head, revealing a cold smile.

    Blood Raiment Prince looked at him in disbelief: "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, you are Huashan's Deadly Celestial Sword, Lin Yi!"

    Lin Yi nodded lightly in admission.

    "You actually kept your identity hidden for so long, if I had known who you were, I wouldn't have lost so recklessly!"

    "Fine, I lost. I admit, compared to you, I was too complacent and arrogant. I'm not as cunning as you..."

    Blood Raiment Prince smiled bitterly as blood gushed out of his mouth like water and his head drooped to one side.

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  • Chapter 65 Cleaning up, Great Gains

    System notification:

    Killed Blood Raiment Prince, the Eldest Disciple of Blood Saber Sect, 10,000 battle experience awarded.

    Quest reward:

    By killing Blood Raiment Prince, you have shocked both the righteous and demonic factions. The prowess of Deadly Celestial Sword spreads far and wide in Jianghu, 30,000 battle experience awarded.

    Looking at the red-colored notifications on the system panel, joy flashed in Lin Yi's eyes.

    Just Blood Raiment Prince alone had earned him 40,000 battle experience. He was indeed worthy of being one who would become the future Sect Master of Blood Saber Sect.

    As he looked at Blood Raiment Prince's corpse, Lin Yi was silent.

    Blood Raiment Prince possessed great strength, but his greatest weakness was his arrogance. He had let his guard down just because he had not recognized Lin Yi's identity.

    More importantly, he mistakenly thought that Lin Yi was only good at using a bow after witnessing his excellent archery skills. This led him to think that as long as he could get close enough, he would be able to easily kill Lin Yi.

    A pity...

    Lin Yi's most formidable ability was not his archery skills, it was his sword art!

    It was the sword art most well-known for its power to kill in an instant: Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    The word "Deadly" was sufficient to describe its overbearingness.

    Lin Yi secretly took the example of Blood Raiment Prince as a lesson and reminded himself to never underestimate anyone.

    There were countless different martial arts existing under the heavens. Nobody could know whether an unknown figure would possess any killer techniques or skills.

    This was no longer in the game, where he had unlimited lives for trial and error. Here, he only had one life. Once dead, he was dead for good.

    He could only survive by taking all possible precautions so that he may continue on the path of martial arts and witness the glory that had been unseen in the game.

    Peak experts were not the zenith of the martial way.

    Beyond that existed peerless experts.

    Nobody knew what kind of people peerless experts were. Even Lin Yi, who had been a peak expert in the game during his previous life, did not know either.

    The only peerless expert he had heard of was the swordsman called Dugu Qiubai.

    Spending his entire life seeking a single defeat.

    What kind of realm was that?

    Lin Yi restrained the ambitions evoked in his heart and resumed a calm demeanor.

    Without any expression, he retrieved Qingfeng Sword from Blood Raiment Prince's corpse and sheathed it. Then he backtracked on the way he came and collected all the violet arrows.

    The violet arrows were too precious to discard as they were made with the same materials Longmang Bow was made of. Even a mighty strike from Blood Raiment Prince's saber had not left a single mark on the arrow. This showed how valuable the violet arrows were.

    Without them, Longmang Bow's effectiveness would greatly decrease, and his ability to kill Blood Raiment Prince today would still be an uncertainty.


    Lin Yi stepped out onto the main road and saw his four companions with their backs facing each other and combining their efforts to defend against the Blood Saber Sect disciples.

    After Lin Yi killed seven and heavily injured two, there were still nine more Blood Saber Sect disciples surrounding the four of them.

    The blood sabers flashed through the air like lightning and traced peculiar paths, making it difficult to defend against.

    Even if the four of them were great talents, they could only barely manage to defend themselves. Multiple wounds could be seen on their bodies and numerous bloodstains could be seen.

    However, they were also becoming more and more skillful and experienced with their sword arts.

    Battles of life and death were very effective at honing one's skills.

    The little nun was improving at a tremendous speed.

    In contrast to Huashan's sword arts which excelled at offense, Northern Hengshan's sword arts excelled at defense and counterstrikes.

    The sword art used by the little nun was the Northern Hengshan superior sword art: Myriad Blossoms Sword Art.

    The techniques of this sword art resembled countless flowers in blossom.

    Lin Yi stood not far away and witnessed the little nun's usage of the sword art change from a clumsy and rigid style into a skillful and smooth style.

    Eventually, she was able to match the speed of the blood sabers and parry the moves of the Blood Saber Sect disciples, reducing the wounds that she received.

    Her Myriad Blossoms Sword Art transformed from being dazzling but harmless to being beautiful but dangerous. It was as if there was a venomous snake lurking within the beautiful flowers, poised to deal a fatal strike at any moment.

    Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction at the little nun's progress. To achieve mastery of her sword art within such a short time, this little nun was indeed a genius.

    Although the other three companions did not improve as quickly as her, they also made significant progress.

    Taishan's Yun Taizi was using the Taishan superior sword art: Seven Stars Descending the Skies.

    This sword art was extremely overbearing and consisted of chained moves.

    The first move was to envelop the seven major acupuncture points on the opponent's chest with the sword.

    If the opponent did not dodge immediately, the second move would pierce one of these points to kill the opponent instantly.

    From the style of this sword art, its offensive nature was similar to Huashan's Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, although each had its own unique points.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was able to kill using any of its moves, while Seven Stars Descending the Skies was incredibly powerful but required superior speed and the element of surprise. Otherwise, once the opponent recognized it, it was easy to defend against simply by dodging in time.

    Before, Yun Taizi was unable to use his sword art smoothly, and his movements were sluggish. The sword art contained great power, but it was not effective against the Blood Saber Sect disciples.

    As a result, the Blood Saber Sect disciples could easily dodge his moves, and he was slashed by their blood sabers from time to time.

    After experiencing the pain from his injuries, Yun Taizi finally got the hang of it and his movements started to become faster, making his sword art much harder to defend against. The Blood Saber Sect disciples gradually became wary of him and did not dare to approach easily.

    Songshan's Lu Buping was using the Songshan Seventeen Styles of Quick and Slow Sword Art, a superior Songshan sword art.

    This sword art had a strict and heavy manner, resembling the style used by spears and halberds, being capable of covering large areas with its attacks, making it suitable for large-scale battles.

    Right now, although Lu Buping's skill with the sword art was not yet up to par, due its unique characteristics, he was able to stand out the most among the four of them. He also received the least amount of injuries.

    As its name implied, the sword art was both quick and slow, allowing it to confuse the opponents and making it difficult to evade.

    After a period of bloody fighting, Lu Buping was gradually able to grasp the right way of controlling the tempo of the sword art. His movements became more and more skillful and he was able to gain an upper hand over his opponents.

    Southern Hengshan's Mo Yu used the Southern Hengshan superior sword art Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art.

    Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art was famous for the ability to make multiple stabs in a flash, and the essence of this sword art was speed.

    One's level of skill with this sword art was decided by how many stabs you could produce at one time. Those who reached the highest realm was capable of making nine stabs in one move.

    However, there was rarely anyone within Southern Hengshan who could reach this realm.

    600 years ago, Southern Hengshan's Liu Zhengfeng was famous in Jianghu for being able to swiftly produce nine stabs in one move.

    Mo Yu was obviously still far from reaching that realm, but he could still manage to produce three stabs in the blink of an eye.

    However, as he had not encountered any battles of life and death yet, he was unable to utilize his sword art to its full extent, adding in many unnecessary movements and receiving quite a few injuries in the process.

    Fortunately, the cuts were shallow and were not life-threatening.

    This was also due to the fact that he had a solid foundation and also because the Blood Saber Sect disciples had not yet fully mastered Blood Saber Saber Art. If Blood Raiment Prince was still alive, he would only need one stroke of the saber to kill him.

    As he saw his four companions improving their fighting ability in real time, Lin Yi smiled and walked towards them.

    Who knows when the battle would end if the four of them kept fighting on.

    It was time for him to clean up the remaining enemies.

    Nine Blood Saber Sect disciples and the two heavily injured disciples lying on the ground. It was a total of eleven people, meaning they were worth 55,000 battle experience. How could he let it go to waste?

    Lin Yi gave a cold laugh and drew his Qingfeng Sword.

    With a great leap, he entered the midst of the Blood Saber Sect disciples and began utilizing Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

    As he had upgraded the sword art to the advanced stage, its power was increased greatly compared to when he used it in Crouching Tiger Hill. Not to mention, Lin Yi had also cleared the second standard meridian and now possessed greater internal strength.

    As he charged forward, only an afterimage was left in his wake.

    Along with the light flashing from his sword, terrible cries were heard and blood spurted everywhere.

    In the blink of an eye, five people had been cut down.

    The remaining four was shocked and attempted to flee. The enemy was too strong and they had no chance of winning.

    Lin Yi took out Longmang Bow and started shooting arrows.

    Swish! Swish! Swish!

    One arrow followed by another.

    He leisurely took care of the remaining four people by shooting arrows at them. Once finished, he hung the bow on his back and walked to where the two heavily injured Blood Saber Sect disciples were lying.

    Without any expression, he lifted his sword and stabbed them.

    Pu! Pu!

    The terrified expressions on both their faces froze as their hearts were pierced by the sword.

    Only then did Lin Yi start counting his gains.

    System notification:

    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


    Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Another 55,000 battle experience was earned just like that.

    This time, Lin Yi had first earned 15,000 battle experience from killing the three men following them. After that, he killed seven Blood Saber Sect disciples with his bow and earned 35,000 battle experience. Then the battle with Blood Raiment Prince yielded 40,000 battle experience. And lastly, he earned 55,000 battle experience from finishing off the final eleven Blood Saber Sect disciples. This trip outside the city had netted him a total of 145,000 battle experience.

    It was a great harvest!

    He only needed 155,000 more battle experience to be able to clear the third standard meridian.

    The hunting grounds outside Lanzhou City did not disappoint him indeed.

    Lin Yi clenched his fist tightly and grew excited.

    There were many more demonic cult members as well as geniuses waiting for him to kill and collect the experience.

    As he thought of this, he fell into a daze.

    When he recovered his senses, he saw his companions staring at him with burning eyes.

    In their eyes, one could see a multitude of emotions: shock, bewilderment, disbelief...

    Lin Yi touched his nose. It seemed that he was overly excited from the process of killing people to earn experience, so much that he had forgotten about the thoughts of his companions.
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  • Chapter 66 Nine Cloud Piercing Arrows

    "Senior Brother Lin"

    With their own eyes, the four of them watched him easily take care of all the Blood Saber Sect disciples that they had fought with much difficulty. They were completely shocked and dumbfounded by his prowess, only managing to blurt out three words after a long time: "That's so incredible!"

    The four of them had been placed in a miserable state when they were attacked by the Blood Saber Sect disciples. However, Lin Yi had taken care of all those disciples with great ease, as if he was slaughtering mere chickens and dogs. The Blood Saber Sect disciples were nothing but small fry when facing Lin Yi! On the other hand, they had suffered numerous wounds all over their bodies fighting these small fry.

    With a simple comparison, the four of them were disheartened. What difference was there between them and the Blood Saber Sect disciples? They were all small fry.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I finally understand that demonic cult members are not as easy to deal with as we thought. All of them have rich fighting experience and have gone through multiple battles of life and death. They are certainly not weak and defenseless vermin which can be easily taken care of as the rumors say."

    The first person among them to recover was the youngest Little Nun Yiqian. After experiencing a battle of life and death, she had grown much, and her formerly childish-looking face had become much more mature.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I discovered that my sword art is still far from achieving mastery, and there's plenty of room for improvement. If not for the battle of life and death I just experienced, I might not have realized that ever." The little nun said calmly before smiling happily at Lin Yi: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, let's look for more demonic cult members to fight with. I feel that fighting with my life on the line will allow me to improve much faster."

    Lin Yi looked at the little nun in surprise. He truly never expected the fragile looking little nun to possess such a great amount of mental fortitude.

    Any other normal girl, even if she was a female hero of Jianghu, would surely require a much longer period of recovery to regain a normal mental state after experiencing a battle of life and death for the first time.

    Little Nun Yiqian actually managed to recover immediately and even realized that battles of life and death were greatly beneficial for improving one's skills.

    Looking at the bloodstains all over her white garb resembling plum blossoms and the slightly blackened bloodstains on her young and tender face, a heroic aura emanated from her.

    This little nun cannot be underestimated, and she is someone worth nurturing, thought Lin Yi.

    "That's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi. Fighting intense battles with demonic cult members will allow us to improve our skills immensely. Just after one battle, I have already felt a huge difference in my sword art. My senior brothers who left the sect before me were right, sword arts are arts of killing and every move is used for killing, not for looking good. I used to look down on that explanation, thinking that sword arts could only be considered high quality if they looked good, and that simple and ordinary-looking moves were bad. Today, I have thoroughly realized how wrong I was all along." Yun Taizi added.

    Seeing the little nun recover so quickly, the other three also forced themselves to put on a strong front even though they were still feeling terrible.

    In fact, they all greatly desired to persuade everyone to return to the city to get a good rest. But in front of the little nun who was doing much better than them, they were too embarrassed to say it. Instead, they could only agree with her suggestion to look for more demonic cult members immediately.

    As Lin Yi looked at their contradicting behavior, he found it funny.

    For their sake, Lin Yi declined: "There's no need to continue any further since the four of you are already injured. Let's go back to the city and get your wounds treated first."

    Yun Taizi, Lu Buping, and Mo Yu revealed a grateful look, and only the little nun looked gloomy and unhappy.

    Lin Yi smiled and said to the little nun: "Junior Sister Yiqian, there's no need to put your life on the line to improve your skills. Remember, haste makes waste. You should go back and properly digest what you learned from the battle today. Besides, your Senior Brother has already run out of arrows, and I need to go back to replenish them."

    The little nun glanced at the quiver on Lin Yi's back and only saw three violet arrows. Lin Yi indeed needed to replenish his arrows. Thus she could only reluctantly nod her head and agree to return.

    Lin Yi mounted his horse with a smile and waved to the rest: "Let's return."

    As the other four mounted their horses, Lu Buping suddenly thought of something and asked curiously: "Oh right, Senior Brother Lin Yi, what happened to Blood Raiment Prince? How did you get away from him?"

    As these words were said, Yiqian, Yun Taizi, and Mo Yu all looked curiously at Lin Yi. They also wondered where the terrifying Blood Raiment Prince went.

    Even if Senior Brother Lin Yi managed to shake him off somehow, he could still come back to where the Blood Saber Sect disciples were. However, Senior Brother Lin Yi looked relaxed and calm, seemingly not bothered at all whether Blood Raiment Prince would come back to this place. What was going on? The four of them were filled with curiosity.

    As he heard the questions, Lin Yi said indifferently: "I did not shake him off."

    The four of them grew tense.

    "He has been slain by me." Lin Yi continued his reply calmly.


    They gasped in surprise and looked at Lin Yi in shock.

    This news was even more shocking than witnessing Lin Yi kill the nine Blood Saber Sect disciples with ease.

    "Did I hear wrongly? Blood Raiment Prince has been slain...slain by Senior Brother Lin Yi?

    "Isn't this too incredible?"

    "I can't believe that the notorious top genius of Blood Saber Sect was killed just like that!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, we know how strong you are, but aren't you too strong? Even Blood Raiment Prince has been slain by you, who else in the demonic cults can still be a match for you?"

    As they cried out in disbelief, the expressions on their faces were more and more exaggerated.

    The most exaggerated one had to be Songshan's Lu Buping. He was the one among the four of them who knew Blood Raiment Prince best.

    Blood Raiment Prince was considered a great killer devil in the hunting grounds outside Lanzhou City.

    How many talents from the righteous sects had fallen to his blood saber?

    How many others hated and feared him?

    It could be said that when they realized that they encountered Blood Raiment Prince earlier on, Lu Buping's heart had nearly jumped out and he fell into despair thinking that he was going to die here.

    But such a prominent devil had been slain!

    Senior Brother Lin Yi was too scary!

    They were shocked, but they did not doubt that Blood Raiment Prince was indeed killed. There was no reason to suspect Senior Brother Lin Yi of telling a lie.

    Besides, they also recalled that the Senior Brother Lin Yi smiling gently before them was not as kind-hearted as he looked.

    Deadly Celestial Sword. That was his nickname in Jianghu.

    Would a kind-hearted person receive a title that was full of killing intent?

    Yiqian looked at Lin Yi's back. Sitting on the white horse in his white attire, he appeared graceful and extraordinary. The light killing aura remaining from the bloody battle added to his charm, and she was dazed for a moment staring at him.

    Only when she was lagging behind by a sizeable distance did she come to her senses with a blush and hurriedly urged her horse to close the distance. Her fair and tender face combined with some blackened blood spots and the faint red blush of her cheeks made her look cute in a sinister way.

    All of a sudden, there was a shrill cry coming from the direction of Lanzhou city, followed by an explosion of thick red smoke in the sky.

    An arrow could be seen piercing through the sky, leaving a bright red trajectory where it passed.

    Nine such arrows were fired, and nine bright red paths lingered in the skies above Lanzhou City for a period of time.

    It's a Cloud Piercing Arrow, Nine Cloud Piercing Arrows signifies that something great has occurred in Lanzhou City!" Yiqian cried out as she saw what happened.

    Lu Buping, Yun Taizi, and Mo Yu all changed into a solemn expression and gasped: "Looking at this situation, there must be great numbers of demonic cult members attacking. We need to return immediately! It is extremely unsafe outside the city now!"

    Even the usually nonchalant Lin Yi looked serious.

    Upon seeing a Cloud Piercing Arrow, a great army would come in response.

    This was not a joke but a fact. Cloud Piercing Arrows served the sole purpose of declaring emergencies. Firing such arrows signified that a swift armed response was required.

    One arrow was sufficient to put people on the alert.

    Three arrows demanded a serious approach to whatever was happening.

    Nine arrows represented the direst of emergencies, and the entire city was now on maximum alert.

    "Could it be that the demonic cults are starting to move?" Lin Yi frowned and shook his head.

    He remembered that in the game, the large-scale invasion of the demonic cults and the era of chaos in Jianghu had started from a great ambush conducted by the demonic cults on the Five Mountain Sword Sects. It had nothing to do with Lanzhou City.

    There was still some time before the ambush happened, so what was happening right now? Lin Yi had no answer.

    However, he guessed that this was definitely a sinister plot devised by the demonic cults. It was also easy to deduce who were the targets of the plot.

    Lanzhou had the highest concentration of talents from the righteous faction. In fact, if not for the unique location of Lanzhou City, such that it became the hunting grounds of talents from both factions, it wouldn't have become an important location, not to mention attracting the attention of the demonic cults.

    Wars in Great Jianghu were not about taking over cities, they were about attacking and defending sect territories and assets. All the branches and headquarters of each sect were the targets in such wars.

    However, since there were no such locations in Lanzhou City, the demonic cults' plot must be targetting all the talents of the righteous faction currently stationed in Lanzhou City.

    As for the scale of this plot, Lin Yi could not easily determine it without further information.

    The five of them immediately rushed back to Lanzhou City at the fastest speed possible.


    In the direction of the Western Region a hundred li away from Lanzhou City, there was a valley.

    Flags displaying the logos of various demonic cults and sects were placed everywhere in this location.

    If someone from the righteous faction saw them, they would realize that all the sects stationed in this valley were the most prominent sects among the demonic cults.

    Ming Cult, Mount White Camel Villa, Changle Sect, Five Poisons Cult, Xingxiu Sect, Blood Saber Sect...
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  • Chapter 67 Great Battle Between Two Factions

    The valley was filled with demonic cult members dressed in all sorts of attire.

    In the direct center of the valley, there was a building which resembled a tent, built using huge logs.

    Boorish and wide, that was the style of this building.

    Inside the building, there was a long table with dozens of seats on both sides. All those seated had one common trait: youth. They were all young people, and they were all third-rate experts as well as great talents from various demonic cults and sects. The majority of those seated had managed to clear their fifth or sixth standard meridians, reaching the peak state of third-rate experts.

    The one seated at the chief seat was the genius from one of the two demonic faction giants, Ming Cult's Ao Wufa. Second to him was Ouyang Jue from Mount White Camel Villa.

    Mount White Camel Villa was the villa that belonged to one of the Five Greats, Ouyang Feng. After his death, Mount White Camel Villa relied on his heritage to establish their power. With the possession of the peerless martial art Toad Divine Skill, Mount White Camel Villa cemented their status as one of the powerhouses within the demonic cults, being merely inferior to the two giants Ming Cult and Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    Besides Toad Divine Skill, Mount White Camel Villa was also well-known for their ability to control snakes. Although considered a clan and not a sect, they still held considerable power and were not to be trifled with.

    Below Ouyang Jue was the genius from Xingxiu Sect, Ding Mian, followed by Changle Sect's Shi Yi, Five Poisons Cult's Lan Ke'er and finally Blood Saber Sect.

    The seat that belonged to Blood Raiment Prince was empty due to his absence, and there were only dozens of Blood Saber Sect disciples standing behind the empty seat.

    Below Blood Saber Sect were various other well-known unorthodox sects and schools.

    Ao Wufa looked at the empty seat and frowned before asking a Blood Saber Sect disciple: "Where is Blood Raiment Prince? Why isn't he here yet?"

    As he was questioned by Ao Wufa, the disciple felt fear in his heart. Ao Wufa was not only from Ming Cult, but he was also the younger brother of the top talent of the demonic faction, the second-rate expert Ao Tianjiao.

    The great name of Ao Tianjiao evoked fear from all the demonic cult geniuses. At the age of 18, he became a second-rate expert and surpassed all the other demonic cult talents. Even the Holy Maiden of Sun Moon Holy Cult could not be compared to him.

    Not was Ao Tianjiao the top talent in the demonic faction, he was also truly a devil!

    He was proud, arrogant and willful, killing whoever displeased him. If they were weaker than him, he would cut off their heads. If they were stronger than him, he would unscrupulously employ all methods including poisoning and sneak attacks to kill them. Whoever offended him would find themselves in great trouble, and even the elders in Ming Cult did not dare to offend him.

    He was the Young Sect Master and the future Sect Master of Ming Cult, a giant of the demonic faction. With his elder brother possessing such superior background and talent, who would dare to look down on the younger brother of Ao Tianjiao, Ao Wufa?

    The Blood Saber Sect disciple quickly replied: "Eldest Senior Brother went ahead first saying that he wanted to be the vanguard and to start off the grand event by killing a few talents from the righteous faction!"

    "This Blood Raiment Prince!" Ao Wufa shook his head and was about to issue an order. Suddenly, several Blood Saber Sect disciples entered the building carrying something. As they saw what they were carrying, the disciples from various demonic cults near the entrance gasped in shock.

    Ao Wufa frowned and was about to berate them when he saw the thing they carried. In an instant, his face froze, and he swallowed the words that he was going to say. It was actually a corpse dressed in a large blood-colored robe, whose identity everyone present was familiar with, Blood Raiment Prince himself!

    "Blood Raiment Prince is dead? How can it be? Who in the righteous faction is capable of killing him?"

    "Look at his eyes and the expression on his face. He was smiling bitterly and filled with regret!"

    "Who did it? Who could fill Blood Raiment Prince with such regret?"

    "Look at this wound, the fatal wound was caused by a sword! Piercing through Blood Raiment Prince's heart, the edges of the wound are smooth. It was definitely a sword which pierced his heart!"

    "Hmm, hearing these words, the killer must have used a superior sword art, and it's a deadly type of sword art which can kill in one move."

    "Deadly? Could it be the Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords from Huashan?"

    A name flashed in their minds, and they cried out: "Deadly Celestial Sword, it must be the doing of Deadly Celestial Sword!"

    "Not long ago, the Black-Robed Seven were killed by him. I had mistakenly thought that this Deadly Celestial Sword was still some distance from reaching the peak state of a third-rate expert. To think that even Blood Raiment Prince has died to his hands! We cannot afford to underestimate Deadly Celestial Sword's strength!"

    "Hmph, this isn't all. Once you know the details behind him, you will be in for a greater shock!" Another demonic cult disciple snorted coldly. This aroused the curiosity of many others, and even Ao Wufa and Ouyang Jue started listening carefully.

    Seeing that all eyes were on him, the disciple revealed a satisfied expression and stated animatedly: "This Deadly Celestial Sword's name is Lin Yi and he is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple. I'm sure all of you know this already. However, did you know that this Lin Yi has only been learning martial arts in Huashan for roughly half a year?"

    "You mean to say that this Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi has only been practicing martial arts for half a year?" The crowd asked in great surprise.

    "That's right, half a year ago, Lin Yi was still an ordinary person without any knowledge of martial arts. After entering Huashan, he only used half a year's time to reach perfection stage in Huashan Sword Art, clear his first standard meridian to acquire internal arts and also learn the Huashan superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords. After that, he was able to kill the Black-Robed Seven from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and even the Blood Raiment Prince has fallen to his sword. One can only imagine how terrifying he will be in the future!" The disciple also revealed an expression of fear as he finished his words.

    The numerous demonic cult disciples were daunted and frightened by his achievements so far. The talent and potential of this Deadly Celestial Sword were simply too terrifying!

    At this moment, all the demonic cult disciples trembled in fear and roared with killing intent: "Kill him, we must kill him and not allow him to leave Lanzhou City alive!"

    Seeing that the crowd was roused and morale was high, Ao Wufa immediately waved his hand and shouted: "Good, for the grand event this time, we shall designate Huashan's Lin Yi as the top priority target!"

    "Yes!" The crowd broke out in loud cheers and excitement as if they were witnessing the peerless genius from the righteous faction being cut down by their swords.

    Ao Wufa nodded and gestured for silence with his hands. In an instant, the noisy scene became silent and not a sound could be heard.

    Then he said: "Although Blood Raiment Prince is dead, the grand event must go on."

    The disciples nodded in agreement.

    "This time, we have gathered nearly a hundred elites from various sects to join this event with the sole aim of exterminating every talent from the righteous faction within Lanzhou City. Now that we have alerted them with our activity, those talents are probably going to take action soon."

    "Since the righteous faction has already sent out all their forces into the hunting ground, it is also time for us to move out. Let's put all our efforts into killing all of them and deal a great blow to the righteous faction!"

    "Yes!" The demonic cult members all agreed while revealing killing intent.

    Ao Wufa took out a scroll and unfurled it. It was a map of Lanzhou City and the surrounding radius of a thousand li. Then he started pointing at various marked locations and distributing missions.

    "Those from Mount White Camel Villa, this area belongs to you. Kill all the righteous faction disciples that enter this place!"

    Ouyang Jue nodded silently with a cold expression in his eyes.

    Pointing to another area, Ao Wufa said to Xingxiu Sect's Ding Mian: "This area belongs to Xingxiu Sect."

    Ding Mian stretched his neck before uttering a single word with a cruel expression: "Understood!"

    The remaining areas on the map were subsequently distributed to the other sects.

    After the distribution of areas was done, Ao Wufa raised his head and swept his gaze across the crowd, waving his hand: "Let the hunting event begin, everyone please hunt to your hearts' content!" The demonic cult disciples laughed heartily before leaving the building. Together with their men waiting outside the building, they hurried towards their assigned locations.


    Lin Yi and company rushed back to Lanzhou City at top speed. Along the way, they encountered many righteous faction disciples doing the same with alarmed expressions on their faces.

    The city was filled with people. Most of the disciples from minor sects and schools were panicking.

    Making their way through the crowd, Lin Yi and the rest understood what was happening. Outside Lanzhou City, large numbers of demonic cult members suddenly appeared and started hunting disciples from the righteous faction.

    The area within a radius of a thousand li had turned into a gigantic hunting ground, where the hunter was the demonic cults and the prey was the righteous sects.

    Emotions surged. The demonic cult members were actually causing an uprising! Lanzhou City was a hunting ground for the righteous sects, when had it become a hunting ground for the demonic cults? The righteous faction disciples were lamenting loudly about it with agitation, but most of their words focused on doing two things.

    First, they had to go outside the city to deal with the demonic cult disciples.

    Second, they had to take back control of the hunting ground since it rightfully belonged to them and not the demonic cult members.

    Lin Yi shook his head. He could see that the upcoming great battle between the two factions was going to resemble the situation in the game where millions of players fought and killed each other in Lanzhou City. Although the scale could not be compared to the game, the situation was only going to be bloodier. After all, players could respawn an unlimited number of times. Here, it was a reality.

    The number of people from both factions gathered here might not reach millions, but it easily reached tens of thousands. Tens of thousands of people fighting and killing each other was inevitably going to be extremely bloody. However, Lin Yi did not feel any pity for the fate of these people. Instead, he was incredibly excited at the opportunity to earn huge amounts of battle experience!
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  • Chapter 68 Preparing for Battle

    The five of them did not stay at the city entrance for long and immediately returned to Liushanmen. After all, the entrance was full of people from minor sects and schools, and the information one could gather from them were messy and incomplete. If they wanted detailed information, they could only obtain it at Liushanmen.

    Walking into Liushanmen and reaching the area where the Great Constables Corps was stationed, they saw hundreds of disciples from major and renowned sects gathered on the field busily discussing the nine Cloud Piercing Arrows.

    Seeing the return of the disciples from the Five Mountain Sword Sects with four of them having multiple injuries on their bodies, the crowd were slightly surprised but did not say much about it. Only Monk Jueyuan glanced at them and snorted coldly in his heart.

    Very soon, the Chief Constable of Liushanmen arrived. With a solemn expression, he said: "We have received news that large numbers of demonic cult disciples have gathered outside Lanzhou City to hunt down disciples from our righteous faction. Great Constables, it is time for you all to take action."

    "Exterminate the demonic cult disciples and make them retreat back to their nest in the Western Region!"

    "The Renowned Constables will be following you all into action, as well as some other heroes and well-known figures from Jianghu who are currently in the city."

    Upon hearing the Chief Constable's words, Monk Jueyuan shouted: "Understood!"

    Then he turned to face the other Great Constables and said: "Amitabha, this humble monk Jueyuan is willing to lead the disciples of Shaolin to slay the devils and vanquish the demons outside the city."

    "Everyone, the opportunity to exterminate evil and make a name for yourselves has come. What are you all waiting for? Who among you is willing to follow me to slay the evildoers?"

    As he rallied the crowd, large numbers of disciples from various sects responded to his call.

    "Master Jueyuan is right, why did we come to Lanzhou City for? Wasn't it exactly for the sake of exterminating evil and to hone our skills? Now that large numbers of demonic cult disciples have gathered outside the city, it is the best opportunity for us to prove ourselves! I, Murong Yun of Murong Clan from Gusu, am willing to lead the disciples of my clan to exterminate the evil outside the city together with Master Jueyuan of Shaolin!" A youth wearing a blue garb held a fan in his hand responded with grace.

    The Murong Clan of Gusu was pretty well-known in Jianghu, and with Murong Yun joining in, more disciples from other sects joined in as well.

    "Disciples of Duan Clan from Dali will follow Master Jueyuan!"

    "The Golden Saber Wang Clan from Luoyang will follow Master Jueyuan!"

    "So will the Beggar Sect disciples!"

    "Disciples of Quanzhen Sect..."

    All at once, with the exception of Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng and Five Mountain Sword Sects, nearly everyone else responded, greatly bolstering the impetus of the Shaolin forces.

    The Chief Constable was grateful to Monk Jueyuan. All the members of Great Constables Corps were great talents from major sects and the authority of the Liushanmen Chief Constable was too insignificant to order them around. The only thing he could do was to make a request of them.

    If they were unwilling to take action, Lanzhou City would surely descend into chaos.

    Although there were many people from the righteous faction in Lanzhou City, they were only willing to take action if the major sect disciples did so. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to face the demonic cult disciples by themselves. To put it simply, they needed someone to take the lead. The tens of thousands of people of Jianghu in Lanzhou City were like a pile of sand, unable to do anything without the leadership of a strong power.

    Seeing that the crowd was responding enthusiastically to himself, Monk Jueyuan felt proud and satisfied of himself. He laughed coldly in his heart as he glanced at the five lonesome disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects, and he was filled with venomous hatred for Lin Yi.

    "Since everyone has decided to take action, I will take my leave and inform the other heroes in the city so that they may cooperate with everyone in this operation." The Chief Constable then left hurriedly.

    All the major sect disciples from the Great Constables Corps also left one by one to make their own preparations for the upcoming battle.

    Yun Taizi, Lu Buping, and Mo Yu had a gloomy expression. Only the little nun was filled with joy at hearing that she could once again do battle with the demonic cult disciples outside the city.

    Lin Yi glanced at the little nun and laughed in his heart as he led them towards the Liushanmen's storage facility.

    Although he was also excited at the opportunity to earn large amounts of battle experience, having experienced the era of chaos personally in his previous life, he was well aware that the larger scale the battle, the more one had to remain calm.

    Earning huge amounts of experience seemed like a sweet prospect, but there was similarly great danger within the prospect. A single mistake could easily lead to his death. Since he only had one life now, he had to be extra careful and prepare himself as well as he could.

    Arriving at the facility, he replenished his arrows and filled several more quivers with hundreds of arrows before hanging them on the white horse.

    At the same time, he told the four of them to take one set of soft armor and one set of heavy armor.

    As the little nun put on the bulky heavy armor which gave off a metallic shine, she said unhappily: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, this heavy armor is so bulky and inconvenient. How can we fight the demonic cult disciples while wearing such a heavy thing?"

    Before Lin Yi could reply, Lu Buping happily put the heavy armor on and laughing replied: "Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly thoughtful and meticulous. With this heavy armor, we no longer have to be afraid of those scoundrels from Blood Saber Sect! Haha, can those damn blood sabers even penetrate these armor?"

    Songshan Sword Art was a type of sword art suitable for the battlefield with its wide strokes and large areas of effect instead of an agile and fluttery style. Heavy armor was very well-suited to Lu Buping's tastes.

    On the other hand, although Mo Yu and Yun Taizi were satisfied with the protection that the heavy armor provided, once they thought of chasing their opponents while wearing them, their faces also revealed bitter expressions. They also had similar thoughts as the little nun regarding the inconvenience of these armors.

    Seeing that the three of them were looking at himself with a puzzled gaze, Lin Yi explained: "This time, the demonic cult disciples are coming in unimaginably large numbers. There will surely be sufficient prey to hunt. However, if we do not encounter that many of them, we can then leave the heavy armor on our horses and hunt them with soft armor. Besides, you don't need to be constantly wearing the heavy armor. Just leave them on the horses and wear them when you need to. I will strive for some time during the battle so that you all may switch to these armors."

    Upon hearing his explanation, the three of them were reminded of Lin Yi's superb archery skills, thus they had no doubt that he could delay the enemy sufficiently long enough. If that were the case, it was indeed much safer to bring along a set of heavy armor. At least, they no longer needed to fear getting surrounded.

    Lu Buping smiled widely and said: "Following Senior Brother Lin Yi is the best, there is no need to worry about anything at all. Heh heh, I wonder if the other major sect disciples, especially that Monk Jueyuan, will even think of bringing heavy armor?"

    At the mention of the monk, the little nun was unhappy and said with a hateful expression: "This bald donkey Jueyuan is pretty good at building up the atmosphere. With a simple rally, he is able to receive the response of so many people. There must be hundreds of them who followed this bald donkey I think? There's only five of us here in comparison."

    Apparently, the little nun was displeased at the fact that there was nobody following the Five Mountain Sword Sects. After all, as a genius disciple, the little nun had enjoyed the praise and attention of others in her own sect.

    Lin Yi did not pay much heed to it. The Five Mountain Sword Sects have always been the first line of defense against the demonic cults. It sounded like a prestigious duty, but they were nothing more than cannon fodder in the eyes of many other major sects. If anything happened, just let the Five Mountain Sword Sects handle it. The other major sects were not willing to become cannon fodder like them.

    It was so much better to follow the monks from Shaolin. All they needed to do was to use their mouths and not fight with their skills and they could gain reputation in Jianghu with ease.

    Because of this, although Five Mountain Sword Sects were truly major sects both in name and strength, they were not regarded highly by the other major sects.

    Lin Yi was not worried about this situation at all. Once the era of chaos begins, all the other sects will know very quickly which major sect has the most solid foundation and staying power.

    Since he had become a Huashan disciple, he was going to change the fate of Huashan and the Five Mountain Sword Sects. He was going to transform them into true giants of the righteous factions!

    But, it was still too early to talk about this matter. Right now, what he needed the most was to grow his strength as fast as he could and become the chief disciple of Huashan.

    After they were done with arming themselves, Lin Yi led them to the pharmacy and collected some medicine for healing injuries. Then he spent a fortune buying medicine that could heal internal injuries at the medicine shops. These were all essential things to bring along in a great battle, and the other four disciples understood it as well.

    However, they were puzzled by what happened next. Lin Yi actually bought great quantities of rations, salt, and flint. Looking at the numerous large packages, the little nun was stunned. "Senior Brother Lin Yi, we are going to a great battle, not an excursion. What are these for?"

    "That's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi." The other three had similar expressions of doubt.

    Senior Brother Lin Yi wasn't really going to bring them on an excursion outside the city, was he? What was the point of bringing these things to a great battle?

    Lin Yi smiled and explained: "Do all of you wish to go exterminating evil on empty stomachs? Who knows how long this battle will last, but one thing is for sure, it won't be a short amount of time. When that time comes, what will you eat? If not for the limited capacity of the horses, I wanted to bring even more. Now we have no choice but to bring some salt and flint so that we can hunt wild animals to eat once we finish our rations."

    Hearing the explanation, the four of them were fully convinced. "Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly meticulous!"

    "Yes, too meticulous!"
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    Honestly, wtf are these people doing letting a bunch of green recruits run around a battlefield without supervision?
    Think of it like the classical tribal warfare. The point isn't to win a war. It is to skirmish for cattle and brides. Though the stakes are so high that normally armies would do it, here you have super hero level characters.

    How do you put up a decent army when you have our MC killing hundreds of people without internal force solo and then just running away to repeat it? Same can be repeated by other talents further on the martial path.

    So skirmishing is what they should do. Try to get local superiority and move around rapidly. Though if the author can reflect this remains to be seen or if he creates the army fronts of grunts to exhaust internal force of the opponents heavy hitters.
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  • Chapter 69 Setting Off

    By the time they were done with their preparations, they saw roughly eight thousand people gathered at the entrance of the city who were grouped together with Monk Jueyuan and other Shaolin disciples.

    There were several thousand people following the disciples of Emei Sect, slightly lesser than the Shaolin group.

    Wudang Sect and Qingcheng Sect each had a few thousand followers as well.

    Lastly, there were several thousand people who did not follow any major sect and acted by themselves. However, these people were very smart and kept a distance from the large groups.

    When Lin Yi and company arrived, everyone was stunned by the heavy armor that they were wearing. Monk Jueyuan even mocked: "Some people are so afraid of dying that they would resort to wearing heavy armor. However, considering that they merely have five people, it's understandable that they would feel insecure."

    "Hahaha!" The people behind Monk Jueyuan burst out laughing and mockingly gazed at them.

    Even the female Emei Sect disciples shook their heads at the sight of them in heavy armor.

    The little nun and the other three disciples were infuriated. "Hmph, damn baldie, you dare to mock us now. When you get overrun by the demonic cult disciples later, it'll be too late to cry!" Yiqian ground her teeth in anger while holding her sword tightly.

    "These people are truly too much. Not only do they choose to give up on using something as good as heavy armor, but they also mock those who choose to wear heavy armor. I wonder what their brains are good for!" Lu Buping shook his head and sighed repeatedly, seemingly sighing at these people's stupidity.

    "Why do you care what they think, they go their own way and we go on ours. We just need to survive and exterminate evil." Yun Taizi laughed coldly, paying no heed to the people mocking him.

    "Looking at their foolish behavior, I realize how wise Senior Brother Lin Yi is." Mo Yu also sighed.

    When he heard their words, Lin Yi laughed. He was completely unconcerned by the ridicule he received.


    Was that edible?

    Besides, he never felt that wearing heavy armor was an act of cowardice.

    Perhaps the people from the righteous faction were too used to a position of advantage over those in the demonic faction and as such, they had long since lowered their guard towards the demonic cults. In their minds, demonic cults were nothing much.

    But Lin Yi was well aware that the demonic cults were not weak at all. In fact, they were extremely powerful. On the battlefield, the demonic cults performed much better compared to the righteous sects.

    This was because demonic cult disciples were savage and bloodthirsty like wild wolves. No matter how harsh the environment was, they were able to survive using any method they could think of. On the contrary, people from the righteous faction were unable to survive under harsh conditions.

    Usually, whenever the demonic faction suffered a defeat, they would always make a quick recovery. On the other hand, the righteous faction would take a long time to recover from a defeat.

    This was why when the era of chaos arrived, at the beginning of the great war, many righteous sects and schools offered nearly no resistance and crumbled easily. Only after multiple bloody battles and defeats did the righteous faction begin to show signs of life and strike back. They had finally learned to survive battles of life and death and to fight to their last breath.

    During the middle and late period of the great war, the righteous faction finally began to show their true strength and slowly regained the upper hand. Before that, chaos reigned and the righteous faction was constantly suffering defeats.

    Thinking of this, Lin Yi smiled. "Don't mind them, they have their ways of doing things. We just need to focus on ourselves and improve our skills. Our only aim is to slay the demonic cult disciples and practice our sword art in the process. As for whether we can drive them back this time, it does not concern us."

    Hearing his honest words, the four of them looked at each other and smiled. After the battle with the Blood Saber Sect disciples, they were beginning to be influenced by Lin Yi. If they heard Lin Yi say these words before, the little nun would surely insist on expounding the principles of righteousness and driving away the demonic faction. But now, they clearly understood that the demonic faction was not going to be uprooted simply through their own efforts.

    The upcoming battle was just a battle between third-rate experts from both factions. It was not going to have any profound effects on the balance between the factions no matter which side won. If that was the case, what was the point of trying so hard to drive them back?

    To hone one's skills through fighting the demonic cult disciples was the only meaningful thing to do here. The four of them were no longer as naive as they were before they met Lin Yi, and Lin Yi was glad to see such changes in them.

    He was a realist, only doing something if it benefited himself. If something did not benefit himself, then he would consider the ease of accomplishing the matter. If it were something which could be done easily with little effort, he wouldn't mind doing it. Once it exceeded his ability, he would not be interested in doing it.

    Right now, the only thing he had in mind was to make use of the opportunity to earn as much battle experience as he could and upgrade his skills. After all, such opportunities did not come by easily before the era of chaos.

    He could not possibly go hunting down bandits or even go around killing people from the righteous faction. Simply killing one or two would still be fine. Any more than that, and he would find himself in trouble, potentially earning himself the title of mass murderer.

    He could only kill as he pleased on the battlefields where both factions fought, and the demonic cult members were nothing more than experience to him. With so much experience to earn, how could he not get excited?

    At this moment, Monk Jueyuan waved his hand in an imposing manner: "Everyone, follow me to exterminate those followers of evil!" He imagined himself leading his followers defeating all the demonic cult disciples wherever they went, achieving victory after victory. He could even see himself becoming the most famous and prominent genius in the entire Jianghu with his accomplishments.

    With such thoughts in his mind, he excitedly set off. Following behind him was a long line of people who were just as excited as him and engaged in cheerful banter as they proceeded to the hunting ground.

    At the same time, Emei, Qingcheng and Wudang also set off with their followers in tow.

    The four groups of people headed towards the direction of the Western Region. As they proceeded, the distance between the members of the group gradually increased.

    Lin Yi shook his head at the sight. These groups of people were no different from a pile of loose sand.

    If the righteous faction continued to act in this manner during the era of chaos, the demonic faction would probably dance in joy.

    However, he understood that it was due to the fact that these people hailed from numerous different sects and powers. For them to be united as one and become a disciplined unit was nearly impossible.

    Only the main battle squads established by major sects was capable of doing that.

    It was still a period of time where personal glory and achievements mattered the most.

    What an outdated period it was currently!

    Lin Yi sighed, but he also smiled.

    It was thanks to this outdated period that he had the chance to achieve prominence and fame easily.

    "Let's go as well!" Seeing that the entrance was now nearly empty, Lin Yi said to the other four.

    Soon after, many of the people of Jianghu saw the five of them wearing heavy armor and riding their horses which were carrying a bunch of things, slowly trotting in the direction of the Western Region.

    The sight amazed them and they wondered whether the disciples from the Five Mountain Sword Sects were going to exterminate evil or going on an excursion. Proceeding at such a pace, won't all the demonic cult members be dead by the time they reached their destination?

    Lin Yi was not bothered by the strange looks he received and the other people of Jianghu overtaking them and simply continued to proceed at a slow pace.

    After two hours, signs of fighting gradually appeared on the road. There were also some corpses lying around and they all belonged to the demonic faction. But the numbers were few, with only one or two corpses appearing every ten li.

    Lin Yi smiled and continued on his way.

    After four hours, they were roughly a hundred li away from Lanzhou City. As they did not travel in a straight line but simply followed the majority of the forces in front, they did not discover many demonic cult disciples.

    Two more hours later, the number of corpses that could be seen increased, and there was starting to be some people from the righteous faction among them.

    The further they went, the higher the number of corpses belonging to the righteous faction, eventually achieving a somewhat equal ratio.

    "They are luring the enemy deep into their territory!" Lin Yi spoke the words out of nowhere.

    The four of them were surprised and the little nun asked: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, does that mean that those people ahead of us are in danger?"

    As he saw the darkened skies, Lin Yi replied: "Whether they are in danger or not, I do not know. What I do know, however, is that once it gets dark, we might be in danger."

    He pointed to the surroundings and indicated the lack of anyone from the righteous faction.

    "It can't be, maybe our righteous faction has achieved victory and defeated those demonic cult disciples already?" Although Yiqian was gradually becoming a realist like Lin Yi, at this moment, she was still very much rooting for the triumph of righteousness.

    Instead of arguing with her, Lin Yi simply said calmly: "Let's find a hilltop to set up camp for the night."

    The little nun pouted but nodded her head obediently. There were no objections from the rest either.

    Before night descended, they managed to locate a small hill and settled down.

    Being people of Jianghu, there were no tents or beds to speak of. They simply tied a rope to two trees and slept on the rope. Being third-rate experts, sleeping on ropes weren't that difficult. Below them, their horses rested.

    As they ate their rations, Lin Yi said: "For the earlier half of the night, one of you will stay up to keep watch. I will take over for the next half."

    The four of them nodded without any objections since Lin Yi was much more experienced than them.

    Lu Buping was chosen to keep watch and the others went to rest.

    The moon was covered by the dark clouds, and the entire area was enshrouded in pitch-black darkness.

    The hill fell into silence, and occasionally the sound of the wind blowing and the rustling of the leaves could be heard.

    It seemed calm and no activity could be detected.
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    Chapter 70 Exposed, Bloody Battle

    The first half of the night passed by uneventfully.

    Lu Buping went to sleep and Lin Yi took over the duty of keeping watch.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, have we been overly cautious? There doesn't seem to be any signs of a night raid coming from the demonic cult disciples." Lu Buping whispered as he switched roles with Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi smiled. "Maybe, it's best if they don't come. But we should never let down our guard, it never hurts to be more careful."

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is right." Lu Buping nodded before leaping onto a rope to sleep. Soon, the sound of snoring could be heard.

    As the leaves rustled on the hilltop, Lin Yi sat under a tree with his back leaning on the trunk, his eyes half-closed in rest. On his sides were placed Qingfeng Sword and Longmang Bow.

    The quiet night seemed as if it was going to pass by calmly.

    The bright moon revealed itself as the dark clouds moved away and the ground was lit up by the moonlight.

    Suddenly, soft rustling sounds could be heard.

    Lin Yi pricked his ears up and opened his eyes wide. He swiftly picked up Longmang Bow and shot an arrow at a location without even looking.


    The dull sound of the arrow piercing into flesh could be heard.

    Lin Yi smiled lightly and once again, he placed another arrow onto the bow and shot it at another location without looking. This was the technique of identifying the enemy's location by sound, and archers used this technique to shoot arrows accurately during night battles.

    It was an incredibly difficult skill to learn, as it was a highly superior archery skill, and Lin Yi also took a very long time to master this skill in his previous life. Since then, he did not need to fear night battles.

    As he expected, the sound of flesh being pierced could be heard once more.

    With a cold expression, Lin Yi bellowed: "The enemy is here, wake up!"

    In the dead of the night, Lin Yi's voiced sounded like the clapping of thunder exploding in one's ears.

    The four of them woke up with a start!

    Having encountered a night raid for the first time, they nervously and clumsily looked for their swords.


    Seeing that their presence had been exposed, the demonic cult disciples in hiding yelled and leaped forward with their sabers. From all directions, they charged towards the five disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects.

    "Wear your heavy armor!" Lin Yi ordered as he took a quick glance and saw dozens of attackers. Then he drew his sword and attacked, delaying the enemy so that they had time to wear the armor.

    With this reminder, the four of them finally calmed down and started wearing the heavy armor that they brought.

    Instead of using Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, Lin Yi used Huashan Sword Art.

    First style.

    White Clouds Emerge!

    Although this move was not as powerful as Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, it was most suited for group battles, especially when one had to face multiple opponents.

    With a wide sweep, Lin Yi parried the sabers of the several demonic cult disciples in front of him.

    At this moment, Lin Yi discovered the weapons they were using.

    "Blood Saber Sect disciples, interesting!" Lin Yi smiled in amusement.

    What a coincidence, after killing Blood Saber Sect's Blood Raiment Prince during the day, they had now encountered Blood Saber Sect disciples during the night as well.

    "Huashan Sword Art?"

    "It's the people from the Five Mountain Sword Sects!"

    "There are only five disciples from the Five Mountain Sword Sects in Lanzhou City, this person must be Deadly Celestial Sword!"

    "All of you be on your guard, Eldest Senior Brother was killed by him!"

    At the same time, Lin Yi was also recognized by them.

    Nearly all the Blood Saber Sect disciples halted their attacks and retreated to a safe distance from Lin Yi. From there, they faced Lin Yi with wary looks.

    Against dozens of third-rate experts from Blood Saber Sect, Lin Yi was undaunted. Although the Blood Saber Sect disciples greatly outnumbered him, when they thought of their Eldest Senior Brother dying at the hands of Lin Yi, they were intimidated and did not dare to attack.

    "To be capable of killing Eldest Senior Brother, Deadly Celestial Sword is not someone we can kill so easily. Should we summon more people to help out?"

    Although they were in the middle of a confrontation, they did not idly stand by and constantly shifted their positions while they discussed their next move.

    "That's a good idea. This Deadly Celestial Sword is a great enemy of our demonic faction! Even Lord Ao Wufa has given the order that Lin Yi must not leave this place alive. Besides, being the killer of Eldest Senior Brother, all the more we can't let him leave so easily!"

    "Send the signal immediately and inform the rest that Deadly Celestial Sword has been discovered!"

    The Blood Saber Sect disciples quickly reached a consensus and one of them quickly sent a signal. Something resembling a firework soared into the air before exploding into the shape of a blood-colored curved saber. Anyone within a radius of dozens of li was able to see it clearly.

    Upon seeing that, Lin Yi's expression changed slightly. He did not expect the demonic cult members to respond so quickly. He only just killed Blood Raiment Prince during the day and they already got news of it and even gave the order to kill him at all costs.

    This time, it was no longer possible to earn experience while keeping a low profile. Lin Yi smiled bitterly at the rapidly changing situation.

    When he looked behind and saw that the four of them had finished wearing their armor, he relaxed slightly.

    Fortunately, they had made ample preparations beforehand. With heavy armor and the assistance of four companions from the Five Mountain Sword Sects, there was a decent chance of escaping!

    Then he leaped towards the four of them and commanded in a loud voice: "Our identities have been exposed and soon there will be countless demonic cult disciples coming after us. Be mentally prepared for a tough battle!"

    "Lu Buping will be our vanguard, Mo Yu and Yun Taizi will take the flanks while Junior Sister Yiqian will take the rear. I will also provide covering fire from the rear, let's go!"

    "Understood!" Having realized the gravity of the situation, the four of them accepted his orders with a solemn expression.

    Now that they had heavy armor on them, they charged forward without any restraint.

    Lin Yi quickly put on his heavy armor as well and started shooting arrows rapidly.

    He needed to finish off all the Blood Saber Sect disciples currently present before reinforcements arrived. That way, they would have an easier time escaping safely.

    If they were bogged down by these disciples, the battle would surely take a turn for the worse. His gaze grew cold and his eyes were filled with killing intent.


    Lu Buping in his heavy armor was leading the way like a great general charging into the enemy, and with his Songshan Seventeen Styles of Quick and Slow Sword Art, he attacked the enemy head-on.

    He brandished his sword like a spear, making sweeping strikes, and cut down all those who blocked his way while disregarding the attacks from the blood sabers.

    "Haha, this feels great!"

    Having suffered at the hands of the Blood Saber Sect disciples during the day, his battle ability sharply rose now that he had heavy armor and could attack without paying any heed to the enemy's attacks.

    Any Blood Saber Sect disciple that was slightly slow at dodging would be cut down instantly.

    On the flanks, Mo Yu and Yun Taizi made supporting attacks from their positions. Whenever they saw an opportunity, they would use their sword arts to deal with the enemies that got close.

    Seven Stars Descending the Skies!

    Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art!

    These two superior sword arts were also able to display their incredible power now that they only needed to focus on offense. One by one the Blood Saber Sect disciples fell to their swords.

    After the battle of life and death during the day, these major sect geniuses were able to improve rapidly and adjust their mentality. Before, they were held back by immature mentalities as they had never experienced battles of life and death before.

    The strength of major sect talents was not something that these ordinary Blood Saber Sect disciples could be compared to. It was normal to be killed by them due to the difference in strength.

    The little nun was in charge of guarding the rear, and she stopped any enemy which attacked their rear.

    Northern Hengshan sword arts were originally famed for their excellent defense, and she was even using the superior sword art Myriad Blossoms Sword Art, one of the most defensive sword arts in existence.

    From time to time, she was able to dish out deadly counterstrikes to kill unsuspecting opponents.

    Also positioned at the rear was Lin Yi, who was able to constantly discern the locations of his enemies with his ears and shoot arrows at them, killing them instantly.

    The five of them resembled a sharp arrow piercing through the group of Blood Saber Sect disciples, overwhelming and crushing their forces.

    After charging several times, they began to suffer minor injuries. On the other hand, the number of Blood Saber Sect disciples had dwindled to just ten people in just a short while.

    The remaining ten of them were stricken with fear at the outcome of the battle, and they looked at each other in apprehension.

    "They are too strong, we aren't a match for them, let's retreat!"


    As they called out nervously and tried to escape, Lin Yi smiled coldly and leaped into the air while shooting three arrows at once!

    Pu! Pu! Pu!

    Three of them were instantly killed by the arrows which nailed their bodies to the ground.

    The remaining Blood Saber Sect disciples also turned their backs as they attempted to escape.

    Channeling his internal strength, he started shooting arrows rapidly!

    The arrows produced a sharp piercing sound as they traveled through the air and made their way to the fleeing enemies, eventually creating large holes in their bodies as they penetrated them.

    After chasing them for several hundred meters, Lin Yi finally finished off every single one of them.

    Having no time to check the notifications from the game system, Lin Yi returned to his companions.

    "Ha ha ha, this battle felt great!" Lu Buping's armor had suffered cuts and a few holes, and his body had blood all over it, although it was unclear whether it belonged to him or his enemies.

    The other three were also excited and seemed eager for more action.

    Lin Yi simply glanced at them before mounting his horse and said without any expression: "Let's leave this area quickly, the reinforcements are arriving!"

    As he said that, the sound of large numbers of people galloping on horses could be heard.

    Their expressions changed and they hurriedly mounted their horses as well.

    Lin Yi led the way and pointed in a direction where the numbers were few.


    The five horses dashed madly down the hill.
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  • Chapter 71 Breaking Out


    Lin Yi drew his sword and shouted as he charged forward.

    Ta! Ta! Ta!

    Five horses galloped madly as they made their way down the slope of the hill, reaching the maximum possible speed.

    The demonic cult disciples blocking their way did not even have time to react before they were swiftly cut down by Lin Yi, their heads flying into the air and dropping onto the ground with a thud like rocks.

    Lin Yi did not know how many attacks he received in the process, and he only felt as if countless sabers were slashing towards him. Those that he could dodge, he dodged. Those that he couldn't, he relied on his heavy armor to block the attacks.

    Although the sabers did not manage to break his armor, the force of the impacts caused him a decent amount of pain.
    As he grunted in pain, he attacked even faster, slashing madly in all directions. In a situation where there were so many people, it was pointless to use his sword arts. The most effective way to fight was to slash at the enemies directly with all his strength, killing them with one stroke.

    As Lin Yi rode his horse leading his companions on, he resembled an awl, piercing through the walls of enemies forcefully and opening up a bloody path for themselves.

    He was only able to succeed in doing this because the reinforcements had only just arrived and had no time to establish lines of defense. otherwise, no matter how fast their horses were, they would eventually be mired by the flood of attacks made by the demonic cult disciples.

    If that happened, the only possible outcome was death by exhaustion.

    Although these demonic cult disciples mostly possessed bronze grade skills and rarely learned any silver grade skills or even superior martial arts, but even ants were capable of killing an elephant with their numbers. After all, they were still third-rate experts, even if their martial arts were inferior.

    As they succeeded in breaking out of the encirclement of the enemy, Lin Yi's companions were relieved.

    Luckily they had Senior Brother Lin Yi with them, otherwise, they would not have made it out of this place alive.


    However, Lin Yi did not relax. At this moment, they were still far from being safe, as this was only the first wave of reinforcements.

    He believed that with his reputation as Deadly Celestial Sword and his feat of slaying Blood Raiment Prince, far more demonic cult members were going to join the hunt for the five of them.

    Similarly, if the situation was reversed and a demonic cult genius was being trapped by the righteous faction, plenty of righteous sect disciples would also come forward to kill the genius for fame and justice.

    Although Lin Yi realized that they were getting further and further away from Lanzhou City while going deeper and deeper into the Western Region, he had no choice but to continue leading them forward in this direction in order to escape from the enemy.

    "The disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects are here, and there's only five of them! Don't let them escape!"

    "The killer of Blood Raiment Prince is also here, attack!"

    The demonic cult disciples shouted in excitement as they saw the five of them escaping on their horses and continued chasing after them. There were more and more demonic cult disciples who received news of them and joined the groups of people already on the chase. Eventually, there were nearly a thousand demonic cult disciples chasing them, with dozens of people madly using their lightness arts to stick close behind them.

    Left with no choice, Lin Yi and his companions could only continue to urge their horses forward.


    Deep within the Western Region, roughly eight hundred li from Lanzhou City.

    The lands were barren and sparsely populated by plants. Every inch of the place was covered by the golden sands of the desert.

    It was in the dead of the night, and at a particular location, the bright flames of campfires lit up the sky.

    The group of people led by Monk Jueyuan was camped here.

    They had gone eight hundred li into the Western Region for the sake of hunting down the demonic faction.

    However, Monk Jueyuan was disappointed by the fact that they had only encountered over a hundred of them thus far. This was much lesser compared to what the intelligence had reported.

    Facing nearly eight thousand people from the righteous faction, these hundred-odd demonic cult disciples could only try their best to escape. Many of them were killed on the way but there were also many others who eventually escaped.

    But because it was their first time going so deep into the Western Region, although these people were tired from chasing their enemies for the whole day, they were still feeling excited and not many could sleep, instead choosing to indulge in noisy chatter.

    At this moment, numerous dark figures approached and began shooting a hail of arrows onto the camp!

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

    Terrible cries were heard as the people from the righteous faction were hit by the arrows. Those who were unlucky were turned into porcupines by multiple arrows piercing through their bodies, dying instantly.

    "It's an enemy raid! An enemy raid!"

    "The demonic scum are making a sneak attack!"

    One after another they shouted in panic.

    Among them, a figure leaped into the air like a huge bird and quickly reached the exterior of the camp in just a few movements. With his hands bent into the shape of claws, he started attacking the demonic cult disciples by grabbing at them.

    With a simple squeeze, he crushed their necks and skulls.

    "Shaolin Dragon Claw Hands!"

    "It's Master Jueyuan!"

    Instantly, the people recognized the identity of this figure. With his bald head and his white monk robes, it was Monk Jueyuan of Shaolin.

    He brandished his claw-like hands furiously at his enemies, and those who were grabbed by him either had their skulls crushed or their bodies torn apart. It was an incredibly violent and bloody sight.

    But it was this kind of violence and bloodiness which evoked feelings of exhilaration in the righteous faction.

    "Master Jueyuan is so powerful!"

    "As expected of someone from Shaolin!"

    "In just a few moves, eight or nine of those demonic scum have died to his hands!"

    "Seeing that Master Jueyuan is slaughtering the enemies with such vigor, how can the rest of us lag behind?"

    "That's right, let's attack together!"

    "Kill these scum for making a sneak attack on us!"

    In just a short while, the camp which had been in chaos moments ago were filled with calls for the deaths of the enemies. Numerous figures darted out from the camp and started killing the demonic cult disciples who had shot the arrows.

    At the sight of this, the demonic cult disciples did not stay to fight but instead turned to escape after they had let loose a certain amount of arrows.

    "Haha, the demonic scum are running in fear!"

    "They aren't capable of withstanding a single blow from us!"

    "This is all due to the overwhelming power of Master Jueyuan, he has caused them to flee in fear!"

    "That's for sure, Master Jueyuan is a genius of Shaolin!"

    After the demonic cult disciples fled, all the people in the camp surrounded Monk Jueyuan and began heaping praises on him, making him smile widely with great pride and satisfaction.

    He felt as if he had accomplished a great thing, and he said in a loud voice: "Credit does not belong to this humble monk alone, everyone has worked together to accomplish it. If not for the bravery of everyone present, how could we have repelled the demonic scum so easily?"

    "It's a pity that they have fled so quickly like rats!"

    As they heard his words, they replied: "These bunch of demonic scum are truly detestable!"

    "When dawn arrives, we must exterminate every single one of them as revenge for what they did!"

    "That's right, kill them all!"

    "Let them have a taste of the righteous faction's power!"

    The camp was filled with killing intent while Monk Jueyuan was happily thinking of how to gain more fame from killing the demonic cult disciples.

    However, he had completely disregarded the number of casualties both sides had suffered from this night raid.

    There were less than a hundred dead on the side of the demonic faction, whereas the righteous faction had hundreds dead or injured from the arrows.

    Nearly all the people in the camp did not notice this fact as they were blinded by their victory.


    On a sand dune several li away from the camp.

    Ao Wufa coldly looked at the people from the righteous faction cheering loudly at their victory in the camp, his eyes full of disdain.

    "When they have quietened down, send another team of archers forward."

    "We shall constantly harass them and deprive them of sleep and rest."

    "When dawn arrives, we will continue to lure them deeper into our territory. The moment they are completely exhausted, we shall finish them off!" He gave orders to the people standing beside him.

    At this moment, a Ming Cult disciple came forward with a report.

    "Old Demon Xu seeks an audience!"

    "Old Demon Xu? He's here? Bring him here quickly." Ao Wufa's eyes lit up and he quickly ordered.

    This Old Demon Xu was a famous devil in Jianghu and a second-rate expert, having cleared the seventh standard meridian.

    What made him famous was the fact that he had once ventured deep into Shenzhou and massacred numerous minor righteous sects and clans, claiming thousands of lives in the process. As a result, the major sects offered a bounty for his head and made every effort to hunt him down.

    However, he was able to escape from all the major sects and acquired great fame among the demonic cults. After all, rarely anyone ever managed to kill so many people in the territories of the righteous faction and get away scot-free.

    Although he was a second-rate expert, his reputation had even surpassed some first-rate experts from the demonic cults.

    Soon, a middle-aged man with a wicked looking face appeared before Ao Wufa.

    The most outstanding feature of this man was his blood-red eyes which were filled with intense killing intent.

    The intent was so intense that even Ao Wufa was slightly unsettled by it.

    What a great Old Demon Xu!

    "Subordinate pays his respect to Lord Wufa."

    Old Demon Xu restrained the wild look in his eyes and greeted Ao Wufa while kneeling on one knee.

    "Elder Xu, please rise!" Ao Wufa hurriedly helped him to his feet before saying: "You have come at a good time. Now that the people from the righteous faction have been bogged down by my forces, we can carry out the final attack in a few days' time once they have been exhausted."

    "Haha, when that time comes, I will leave those major sect geniuses to Elder Xu!"

    "Subordinate accepts your orders!" Old Demon Xu nodded and gazed at the camp eagerly.

    "With a second-rate expert like Elder Xu here, those major sect geniuses are going to cry in terror!"

    "Hmph, all's fair in war, as people of the demonic faction, what reason do we have to only foolishly send third-rate experts to deal with them?"

    "I can't wait to see the terror-stricken looks on their faces when they see Elder Xu!"


    Ao Wufa laughed heartily, the echoes of his laughter reverberating on the sand dune.
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  • Chapter 72 Upgrading Internal Art and Sword Art

    Deep within the desert, there was a patch of greenery.

    A little stream with clear waters flowed steadily, and five horses were drinking from it.

    Not far away, five people wearing heavy armor had their swords placed at one side while they silently ate their rations.

    These five people were Lin Yi and his companions.

    At this moment, the armors on their bodies were full of saber cuts and blackened bloodstains.

    All of them were in a pathetic state, and their disheveled hair was revealed when they took off their helmets.

    Three days have passed since they were first discovered by the Blood Saber Sect disciples.

    In this three days, the five of them went through countless battles. They were single-mindedly focused on constantly charging forward and killing anyone who blocked their way.

    With the help of Lin Yi's superb archery skills, they finally managed to kill off all those people following them closely and shake off the pursuit from the demonic cult disciples.

    For now, they were safe. Only, three days of constant charging had caused them to lose all knowledge of their current location. The only thing they were aware of was that they were deep inside the Western Region, as could be seen by the abundance of sand and the lack of greenery.

    "Fortunately, Senior Brother Lin Yi had made ample preparations. If not, we would be starving right now!" Lu Buping said in relief as he chewed on his rations. The rest of them nodded in agreement.

    After surviving numerous fierce battles during this three days, the four of them were becoming more and more experienced and competent in their behavior, no longer doing things in a wishy-washy manner.

    Even the rations which they usually found difficult to swallow was now being devoured easily by them.

    On the other hand, their Senior Brother Lin Yi was slowly chewing on his rations, his eyes seemingly in a daze.

    They paid no notice to it and focused on eating.

    Who knew when the demonic cult disciples would find them? They might have to go on the run at a moment's notice.

    Although Lin Yi was in a daze right now, they were confident that he would be the first to react if anything happened.

    What was Lin Yi doing in a daze right now?

    He was, of course, looking at the system panel.

    After three days of pursuit, he finally had time to check the long list of system notifications. He also wanted to check how much battle experience he had earned after all that killing.

    As he opened the system panel, countless system messages flashing in red entered his eyes.

    System notification:

    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


    Killed a demonic cult disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

    There were more than a hundred of such messages. This meant that Lin Yi had killed more than a hundred demonic cult disciples over the last three days.

    Without further delay, Lin Yi opened the experience panel.

    System notification:

    Current battle experience: 650,000

    650,000 battle experience!

    Looking at the zeroes in the number, Lin Yi smiled brightly. He finally felt that it was totally worth suffering so much hardship for the past three days!

    Clearing the third standard meridian required 300,000 battle experience. So did upgrading Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords to perfection stage.

    Being a gold grade martial art, Lin Yi was not surprised at the huge amount of experience required to upgrade it to perfection stage, and the requirement for peerless martial arts was even more insane.

    In his previous life, Lin Yi did not get the chance to learn any peerless martial art, so he did not know much about them. He only knew that the conditions for learning peerless martial arts were extremely harsh from the complaints of the few players who did manage to learn them.

    Without harsh conditions, there would be much more people possessing peerless martial arts, since quite a few major sects had inherited these skills. In the entire Great Jianghu, people possessing peerless martial arts were incredibly rare.

    Lin Yi discarded these thoughts as they flashed through his mind. He still had a long way to go before he could learn peerless martial arts. He had to first obtain the position of chief disciple in Huashan.

    Right now, he could only make use of the limited time he had to upgrade his skills.

    Uttering a brief order to his companions to guard him, he ignored the stunned looks in their eyes and proceeded to close his eyes and sit cross-legged. This was the posture one took when practicing internal arts.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is going to practice his internal art?"

    They were flabbergasted at the sight and awed by the audacity of Senior Brother Lin Yi to do this at such a time.

    Practicing internal arts required the body and mind to be totally immersed, losing all senses of the exterior world during the process.

    Any interruption could easily cause the practitioner to go berserk. Therefore, it was extremely rare for someone to practice internal arts in the wilds.

    Lin Yi paid no attention to them and simply consented in his heart to clearing the third standard meridian, Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian. Immediately, his body shook and he lost control of it.

    300,000 battle experience was rapidly consumed and mysteriously transformed into a warm current which flowed into his dantian. With a jolt, the warm current combined with his internal strength and became as one. His greatly expanded internal strength then surged from his dantian towards Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian unopposed.


    The third standard meridian was cleared with a light sound.

    Twelve standard meridians, four phases. The first phase was now complete.

    As he regained control of his body, Lin Yi consented in his heart to upgrading his sword art.

    Once again, 300,000 battle experience was consumed.

    A huge amount of information was crammed into his mind, and he instantly understood the principles of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords at perfection stage. The true power of the sword art was finally unlocked.

    There was still only three moves, but now these three moves incorporated countless variations and possibilities, and each variation was capable of killing.

    The true Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords allowed it to be used under any circumstances.

    Actually, there were two additional stages when it came to perfection stage of superior swords arts.

    The first stage complicated the simple, creating countless variations from a single move. This stage could be reached using the game system.

    The second stage simplified the complex, turning countless variations and sword moves into just three moves. These three moves had now reached the peak state of power!

    This stage required one to understand it by oneself, the system was unable to provide assistance.

    This was why in the game, some players were able to use the same perfection stage superior sword arts to much greater effect.

    In his previous life, Lin Yi relied on his superior battle experience and techniques to reach the second stage, without knowing the principles behind it. But in this life, the improved game system had imparted the knowledge of these principles to him, allowing him to understand the workings of sword arts, making him even stronger than he was in his previous life.

    System notification:

    Successfully cleared Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian!

    Successfully upgraded Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords to perfection stage.

    Huashan Sutra (Silver): Huashan's basic internal art sutra. Level 3, Third standard meridian Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian has been cleared (+60 internal strength). 400,000 experience points required to clear fourth standard meridian Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian.

    Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords (Gold): Huashan superior sword art inherited from Sword School. Perfection stage (+50 attack).

    Lin Yi glanced at it before opening the stats panel to check his stats.

    System notification:

    Name: Lin Yi

    Identity: Huashan upper courtyard disciple

    Attack: 180 (Basic stat +60, Internal art multiplier +60, Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian +60)

    Speed: 160 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian +60)

    Defense: 80 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian +60)


    Once again, his stats improved greatly.

    Now, even if hundreds of non-experts attacked Lin Yi at once, they wouldn't be a match for him.

    Facing ordinary third-rate experts, Lin Yi could also easily overwhelm them.

    Compared to having just 10 points of stats when he first crossed over, Lin Yi was so much stronger now.

    This half year had not been wasted!

    Lin Yi clenched his fists tightly.

    Right now, he was capable of boosting his attack stat to 540 if he channeled his internal strength. This meant that he was capable of fighting ordinary second-rate experts!

    However, he was still not a match for Linghu Feng. He needed to clear the seventh standard meridian and become a second-rate expert before he could possess the power to fight Linghu Feng.

    "It won't be long before I can challenge Linghu Feng!

    "Linghu Feng, I'm taking the position of chief disciple for sure!"

    Lin Yi thought with a smile as he opened his eyes.

    "A break...breakthrough?!"

    His four companions stared at Lin Yi with their mouths agape.

    Senior Brother Lin Yi actually made a breakthrough in his internal art in the wilds while being hunted down?

    It was as if they were witnessing a legend.

    Lin Yi smiled and was about to say something when he heard a strange sound, his face turning cold.

    Hissing sounds came from all directions as if something had completely surrounded them.

    The expressions of his four companions also changed drastically, and they hurriedly lifted their swords and put on their helmets as if a great enemy had approached.
  • Not sure upgrading the sword move is correct. That damage would come from another tier internal art anyway. Same with hitting due to speed increase,
  • Upgrading the sword art increases his base attack stat and the"power/effectiveness" of the moves, internal art just increases his stat, if that makes sense.
  • Pure Power is usually pointless if he encounters other geniuses, he needs good skill to deal with them....such as the kiting.
    Thanks for the chapter. <span>:smile:</span>
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