Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)

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God-ranked player Lin Yi travelled through time and space into the game world of 《Great Pugilistic World》.
Numerous frequently heard factions existed here ---- Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Quanzhen, Huashan, Songshan, Southern Hengshan, Northern Hengshan, Taishan, Peach Blossom Island, Ming Cult, Sun Moon Cult, Qingcheng...
There were also various legendary martial arts ---- Nine Yang Manual, Nine Yin Manual, Star Shifting Technique, Divine Swords of Six Meridians, Lingbo Footwork, Taichi, Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms, Tendon-Altering Sutra, Northern Darkness Divine Arts, Absolute Direction Dominator Arts, Nine Swordplays of Dugu, Sunflower Manual....
This was an era where the imperial court was weakening and the pugilistic world was in chaotic warring period.
In order to protect things precious to him ----
Lin Yi entered the pugilistic world!
This is a story of gradual growth of a juvenile grown in the chaotic warring period of pugilistic world, where he dominated the pugilistic world in the end and became a master of generations.
Martial arts don't die, rise from the ashes!

* Southern Hengshan (衡山) and Northern Hengshan (恒山) are both Hengshan in raw. Southern and Northern are added in order to avoid confusion.
* Martial arts mentioned are (in sequence): 九阳真经、九阴真经、斗转星移、六脉神剑、凌波微步、太极神功、降龙十八掌、易筋经、北冥神功、八荒六合唯我独尊功、独孤九剑、葵花宝典

This is my first time translating, so please tolerate or kindly point out any mistakes. I'll fix it asap after i read them. For time being, release schedule are not fixed yet. I translate as i read so terms may change (i'll try to avoid it as much as possible). Without further ado, enjoy~


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    Chapter 1 - Killing out of the cage

    Name               : Lin Yi
    Status : The only son of Squire Lin of Yu City
    Attack : 10
    Defense : 10
    Speed : 10
    Internal Strength : none
    Sword Skills : none
    Bare-handed Skills : none
    Movement Skills : none

    Looking at the panel displaying his attributes which had been reduced to beginner level, being someone who had cleared twelve primary meridians and eight extraordinary meridians, with addition to successfully founded internal circulation, one of the five God-ranked players in 《Great Pugilistic World》, Lin Yi, there wasn’t a single trace of surprise or frustration in his heart. Because he had travelled through time and space.

    From his memories, he came to know he had travelled through time and space to 《Great Pugilistic World》, the world where he once fought and sacrificed for.

    However, previously he came into this world as a gamer, but this time -- he was really alive in this pugilistic world.

    He who never frowned when playing game, was frowning right now -- he was in big trouble!

    The pugilistic world incorporated the majority of factions and skills from wuxia novels. Numerous frequently heard factions existed here, for example: Shaolin, Wudang, Quanzhen, Huashan, etc.

    Various top-tiered skills were passed down: Nine Yang Manual, Nine Yin Manual, Star Shifting Technique, Six Meridians Divine Swords, Lingbo Footwork, Taichi, Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms, Tendon-Altering Sutra, Northern Darkness Divine Arts, Absolute Direction Dominator Arts, Nine Swordplays of Dugu, Sunflower Manual, etc.


    This world was a cruel one. This was a world belonged to martial artists and definitely not belonged to commoners.

    The imperial court was merely a puppet. It was an organisation elected by various major factions to keep commoners in order. It was like rearing pigs which worked and toiled only to support the major factions to keep their dominance.

    Although imperial court had the six doors as an seizure division to manage pugilistic world affairs, the higher-ups of this division was composed of people from various major factions after all. Thus, they would just turn a blind eye to situations where martial artists bully commoners.

    Surviving in this world was extremely hard for commoners. They might even get hacked by martial artists with just even slightest bit of carelessness, without any chance of reasoning.

    What was more, that wasn’t the cruelest part.

    What was more cruel was, because of the dissatisfaction towards domination of major reputed factions; the evil cults, with Ming Cult and Sun Moon Holy Cult as leaders, led countless evil and crooked doors and waged war against those from major reputed factions.

    Numerous small doors and sects were annihilated, though various unknown doors and sects were also established due to this. This marked the beginning of warring period of pugilistic world.

    In the midst of war between martial artists, commoners suffered the most. Countless lives were lost and lost their homes.

    During the warring period of pugilistic world, where martial artists only ensured their own safety, commoners’ lives were as weak as weeds!


    Lin Yi was facing a bigger trouble right now -- he was kidnapped!

    Through his memories, the current him was the only son of highly-respected Squire Lin of Yu City, who owned more than sixty thousand hectares of farmland[1], a bona fide local tycoon.

    Logically speaking, such a figure like him couldn’t have been able to be kidnapped!

    However, the one who took action this time wasn’t some petty bandits. It was done by a bandit group with fierce reputation within a radius of a hundred miles[2], the Black Wind Bandits!

    Lin Yi frowned his brows tighter as martial artists even dared to take actions against local tycoons now. This meant that the dominance of major reputed factions were being challenged. Everywhere was under turmoil, thus those major reputed factions had no extra people to take care of something like this.

    In other words -- the warring period of pugilistic world was fast approaching!

    As someone who had experienced the warring period of pugilistic world personally, he clearly understood how martial artists in this era led a life under constant imminent crisis, while commoners had it worse as they didn’t even have any means of self-protection.

    They might even be cut down for no reason just like weeds!

    There was no guarantee in life!

    Lin Yi tightened his brow and tried to think more clearly. In the end, he made himself a list of three things to do right now.

    Firstly: to escape out of Black Wind Stockade as soon as possible. The best scenario would be to exterminate all the members here as he didn’t want to leave any possible troubles behind. Otherwise, even if he managed to escape, with his current beginner level attributes and inept of martial arts, he would just end up being caught again, with the possibility of endangering his family members! Only by exterminating them, he could ensure the safety of his family and himself.

    Secondly: After successfully escaped, learning martial arts is a must. It would be the best if he could find a major reputed faction and become its disciple, so he could have the opportunity to learn superior martial arts. Since this was a real world, the probability of learning superior martial arts would be harder compared to when he was playing game. Only by joining a major reputed faction, the probability would be higher.

    Thirdly: to become stronger in the least time possible. In addition to become stronger personally, owning power is a must! In short, become stronger personally, have powerful friends, and lots of loyal subordinates.

    Only by this, he could have the qualification to survive in this fast approaching warring period world!

    All of this was done in order to survive in this great pugilistic world!

    Of course, as one of the five players who obtained God-rank title in 《Great Pugilistic World》, Lin Yi had greater ambitions. But those ambitions had to be put off until he had managed to do three things he listed before and had the ability of self-protection.


    He was locked in a woodshed. The door and windows were tightly sealed. With his strength of a fifteen years old boy, he could not break out of the window at all.

    He discarded the thought of forcefully breaking through the door and started to think rationally on how to get out of here. Through his memories, he came to know that he had been locked for three days. A meal would be sent to him each day, to prevent him from dying of hunger.

    “Probably meal time will be the only solution!”

    He started to recall the details where the bandit came to deliver food previously. The bandit only delivered food through the crack of window and never entered the room directly. Only after confirming the food had been finished he would leave. Other than him, there were another two bandits who stood on guard at the door.

    “This method can be tried, hopefully it will be successful!”

    Lin Yi calmly made up his mind. Estimating when the bandit would come to deliver food, he took up a sharp firewood and he pierced his wrist expressionlessly, leaving a bloody trail.

    His strike was accurate and didn’t damage his artery. Though a lot of blood was spilled but it wasn’t to the point of losing blood excessively.

    Blood wrapped his entire wrist, his face started to get paler.


    When it was meal time, a bandit came delivering the food.

    “Is that brat behaving well?”

    “Quite well, it has been a whole day without any ruckus.”

    “Guard him well. People from Lin Family has come to negotiate with Chief, preparing to redeem the captive. Lin Family has plenty of money. With this captive from last night, we brothers can have fun for quite some time.”

    “Don’t worry, with us guarding here, that brat won’t be able to escape!”

    “Other than preventing him from escaping, look after him well, don’t let him die!”

    The bandit responsible for meal asked the two bandit guards to unlock the chain, then he shoved in the food through the gap and said, “Brat, time to eat!”

    Yet what he saw was a boy lying on the ground motionlessly.

    “Quickly eat!”, the bandit shouted impatiently.

    Still no response.

    The bandit responsible for meal panicked and looked intently at the boy. Seeing the face of the boy was extremely pale, he gazed down further. He saw the left wrist of the boy was covered with blood, with a sharp firewood with traces of blood lying next to him.

    That bandit immediately reacted.

    “Quick, quick, quick! Open the door, that brat slit his wrist, trying to suicide! There’s still a trace of breath left, if you don’t want him to become a corpse and to be punished by Chief, save the brat quickly!” The bandit responsible for meal clamored anxiously.


    The expression of two bandit guards changed drastically, taking out the key quickly and opened the door. The bandit responsible for meal pushed them away and charged in towards the boy.

    Holding the boy’s wrist, he shouted, “Quickly bring a piece of cloth over to stop the bleeding!”

    The two bandit guards hurriedly threw away the sabers, tore down their sleeves, and gave it to the bandit responsible for meal quickly.

    Right at this moment where the bandits were panicking, the boy suddenly opened his eyes.

    He suddenly leapt up, picking up the saber lying on the ground.

    Shua shua shua!

    The saber flashed past!

    Pu pu pu!

    Deep wounds appeared on the throat of each bandits, their blood sprayed out like a fountain. Their eyes widened, gripping their own throat, staring surprisingly at the expressionless boy. Even before death, they couldn’t believe that they would die at the hands of this fragile boy.

    This series of actions by the boy, like a leaping rabbit and descending falcon, were swift and violent. His ruthless saber strikes didn’t look like someone who was incapable of martial arts, instead it looked like an experienced killer!

    No matter how tight the bandit gripping their throats, they were unable to stop the blood from flowing. In the end, all of them fell down on the ground, dying because loss of blood.

    System Notification

    Combat evaluation : Grade A
    Rewards : 300 combat experience points

    Lin Yi casually glanced at the system notification. Obtaining A grade evaluation wasn’t something surprising for him. After all, the current him was someone with attributes akin to an ordinary person, yet what he faced were martial artists capable of martial arts, moreover they were ferocious bandits. Just from the attributes alone, there were a huge difference in their strength.

    But as one of the five God-ranked player among hundreds of thousands of player, his rich combat experience was unquestionable. Despite incapable of any martial arts, disposing these bandits who merely practised superficial martial arts wasn’t something challenging.

    Three bandits contributed to three hundreds combat experience points, yet Lin Yi didn’t show any excitement because he wasn’t capable of martial arts so these points were useless to him.

    Picking up the food container on the ground, he started eating beside the three bandit corpses.

    Only after he was full, he had the energy to escape out of Black Wind Stockade.

    Escaping out of the woodshed was merely the first step out of the danger afterall.

    After having his fill, he bandaged his wrist properly. Moving his hand around, he ensured it didn’t affect the movement of his left hand.

    Looking at his wound, then he looked at the three corpses with their throats slit, he shook his head and smiled.

    Life was like a play, it depended on one’s acting!

    He stood up, grabbed the saber, and left this cage which had trapped him for three days.

    [1] miles mentioned above is chinese mile (里), a standardized length of a half-kilometer (500 meters)
    [2] 万顷良田 (unit of measurement mentioned in raw is 'Qing', approximately 6.667 hectares each
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    Chapter 2 - The night of killing

    Walking out of the woodshed, he locked the door, stalling for time as much as possible. The later those bandits were aware of the fact that he had killed their people and escaped, the more advantageous it was for him.

    The current him was racing against the time.

    Lin Yi found a place with higher ground and hid there. He carefully observed the entire Black Wind Stockade, engraving the location of bandit patrols and sentry guards in his mind.

    Although he was in hurry, but even chopping woods required one to sharpen his blade first, not to mention killing someone. Adding the the fact Lin Yi had a greater ambition, which was to exterminate all the bandits in Black Wind Stockade.

    Under the situation of incapable of martial arts, what Lin Yi relied on was his wonderful battle experience and sneak attacks.

    If he were to face them head-on, even he had to admit, he wasn’t their opponent with his current capabilities.

    Counting the number again, the bandits in Black Wind Stockade numbered around a hundred. His brain was now generating various sneak attack plans and operation routes. The current Lin Yi was like a killing machine, his brain revolved furiously while calm to a terrifying point.

    Decided on his course of action, he slipped down from the roof like a slithering snake, without any sound at all.


    His first target was the treasury where the bandits stored their weapons. Seeing there wasn’t any movements there, he sneaked to somewhere nearby the treasury.

    Despite his beginner level attributes, with his wonderful experience, sneaking without being discovered by these bandits who practised superficial martial arts wasn’t something hard.

    Two guards with saber on their hands stood at the treasury’s door, seemingly bored and lazy. Lin Yi sneered in his heart, “A motley crowd, who will die if you don’t?”

    Sky gradually darkened, black clouds approached, soon it was nightfall.

    It was at this time!


    Lin Yi picked up a rock and tossed it towards the bandits.

    “Who’s there?”

    Two bandit guards’ expressions changed. They took up their saber and moved towards to the landing point of the rock. This kind of reaction was somewhat acceptable.

    However, whom they are facing wasn’t someone ordinary. As one of the five God-ranked player, Lin Yi had keen sense of battle to an extraordinary level.

    Within the span of a few seconds, Lin Yi managed to sneak past behind the two bandits, raised his sabre and slashed at the necks of the bandits.

    Pu pu!

    Heads rolled on the ground!

    Two huge heads fell off!

    System Notification

    Combat evaluation : Grade A
    Rewards : 200 combat experience points

    Lin Yi didn’t bother with the notification, he quickly found the key to the treasury, opened it and dashed in hurriedly.

    A variety of weapons were displayed messily: sabers, swords, spears, daggers, bows, etc.

    There were even armors in there!

    But most of them were beginner equipment of iron grade, none of which attracted Lin Yi. He chose a bow, tested it, and put it on his back satisfiedly along with a quiver filled with arrows. Afterwards, he threw his saber to a side and grabbed a dagger in his hand.

    “A dagger is more suited for sneak attacks after all!”

    Playing with the dagger on his hand, he nodded in satisfaction, turned his body and left the treasury.

    Now that he had eaten to his fill, fully armed, it was the right time to begin slaughtering in the middle of the night!


    Inside the assembly hall of Black Wind Stockade, fire was lit. The illuminating light shone brightly within the hall.

    Yet outside the assembly hall, was filled with darkness.

    Under the darkness of the night, killing acts were executed on various places in Black Wind Stockade!

    A thin figure, as agile as a cat, moved without slightest sound. With a dagger on his hand, each time he met his targets, like a tiger’s descent, his movement was rapid yet powerful. In the blink of an eye, a number of bandits had died under him!

    Either slitting throats or stabbing the heart, all of them were one-hit kill!

    One silhouette after another fell under his dagger. Under the darkness of the night, Black Wind Stockade became quieter, one’s silhouette decrease over time.

    Every time after Lin Yi finished killing, he would turn away right away, continuing his slaughter.

    Unexpectedly, none of the bandits felt something unusual. In the end, there were only seven or eight bandits guarding the assembly hall left in the entire Black Wind Stockade. The rest of them had all fallen under that poisonous snake-like dagger!

    A shadow appeared somewhere nearby assembly hall.

    Staring at the brightly lit assembly hall, Lin Yin showed a trace of excitement. All these killing made him smell a familiar smell. To someone who had battled countless time, a God-ranked player with wonderful experience like him,

    Battle had became one of his instinct!

    Only battle could make him feel he was still alive. It also enabled him to find the meaning of his existence.

    Furthermore, were those people died under his hand really real lives?

    That kind of feeling wasn’t something could be imitated by game.

    Afterall, a game was still a game, however real it might feel, it was different from reality.

    If those bandits were really real, then killing them might leave uneasiness in heart.

    But Lin Yin didn’t feel like this. In his eyes, the existence of these bandits was a disaster, killing them was helping citizens getting rid of scourges!

    They simply didn’t have the qualification to live in this world!

    Licking his dry lips, Lin Yin stared at the bandits guarding the assembly hall. His eyes shone like a bloodthirsty wolf. After he regained a bit of his strength, he took down the bow on his back, nocked an arrow and shot it!


    Inside the assembly hall

    “Escort Chief Lin, I respect you as the well-known ‘Tiger of the Jungle’, so I won’t blame you. If you want to bring back the young master of your Lin Family, then tell Squire Lin, Lin Zhilong to bring money to redeem his son. Other than this, no need to negotiate! ”

    Sitting on the main seat, the Chief of Black Wind Stockade talked without any trace of politeness to the middle-aged man clad in the attire of an escort chief below.

    This middle-aged man clad in the attire of an escort chief, was the Second Master of Lin Family, in other words, Lin Yi’s uncle, Lin Zhihu.

    When he knew his son was kidnapped by the bandits of Black Wind Stockade, Squire Lin, Lin Zhilong immediately contacted his brother who was also the escort chief of Dragon Escort Agency, Lin Zhihu.

    Afterall, Lin Zhihu was someone from pugilistic world. Pugilistic world affairs were more appropriate to be solved by someone from pugilistic world.

    Knowing his nephew had been kidnapped by fierce bandits of Black Wind Stockade, Lin Zhihu rushed back from the escort agency. After he made clear out of the situation, he rushed to Black Wind Stockade to negotiate with the bandit chief.

    From early in the morning until nightfall, the Chief of Black Wind Stockade never mentioned of releasing the hostage, only mentioned money. This made Lin Zhihu really furious.

    As a dignified escort chief of Dragon Escort Agency, he still had considerable network in pugilistic world, yet a bandit didn’t give him face! This almost made him go mad. If not for the fact that his nephew was in the hands of this bandit chief, Lin Zhihu almost wanted to draw his blade at him, so that the Chief of Black Wind Stockade would know his title of “Tiger of the Jungle”, wasn’t an undeserved reputation.

    He said while forcefully restraining his anger, “We, the Dragon Escort Agency, are all over the world, a well-known escort agency in pugilistic world. Even friends from pugilistic world would give me face when they see me. I’m curious why would Chief make things difficult for us? Don’t tell me that Black Wind Stockade want to be enemies with Dragon Escort Agency?”

    “No no no, why would we, Black Wind Stockade, want to be enemies of Dragon Escort Agency? I’m afraid even adding up our entire brothers in this stockade wouldn’t be enough for you, Dragon Escort Agency Head Chief, to hack at. This matter has no relation with Dragon Escort Agency. It’s just that we brothers are lacking in money, so we want to find Lin Family to help us with our living. With tens of thousands of hectares of farmland, Lin Family can’t be possibly can’t take out mere five thousand taels? I don’t believe it!” The Chief of Black Wind Stockade laughed while shaking his head. With regards to such backing like Dragon Escort Agency mentioned by Lin Zhihu, he didn’t cower at all.

    Normally, he wouldn’t dare to offend monsters like Dragon Escort Agency. But the situation was different now. With the comeback of evil cults, the great war of pugilistic world was approaching. Various righteous factions were busy saving lives in various places. How would they have the time to manage Black Wind Stockade affairs?

    Dragon Escort Agency had Huashan as its backing. He was fully aware of this thing. Otherwise, without the support of a major faction, Dragon Escort Agency wouldn’t be able to grow this big.

    But this incident, to Huashan or to Dragon Escort Agency, had very little significance. It was just kidnapping a rich son of commoners afterall.

    To people of pugilistic world, commoners? They weren’t people from the same world. Their existence had very low meaning, almost next to none!

    The only trouble was that this commoner had some connections with people from pugilistic world.

    “So, Chief’s meaning is that you won’t give me, Lin Zhihu, face. That you won’t release him?” Lin Zhihu’s face darkened.

    The bandit chief shook his hand, with a look of impatience, “No rooms for negotiation, five thousand taels as ransom!”

    “Heng, I got it. Tomorrow I will bring five thousand taels to redeem him, this debt of Black Wind Stockade, I will remember it!” The furious Lin Zhihu bade his farewell, left his words and was planning to leave.

    Yet he saw a bandit covered with blood, walked in with a stagger, an arrow stabbed deeply in his chest and looked anxious, then said with a weak voice, “Bad news, Chief. A ruthless person with unknown origin slaughtered into our stockade. Our brothers suffered heavy loss. Almost all of our brothers had died!”

    After he finished talking, he spit out a mouthful of blood, fell to the ground and died!


    The bandit chief stood up furiously, “I would like to see which expert dare to run wild in my Black Wind Stockade, killing my brothers!”

    He drew a blade from the wall next to him, led the remaining bandits in the assembly hall to the outside. Lin Zhihu was gloating over it, with a trace of curiosity, and walked out of the hall, wanting to see who was the culprit.

    Outside of the assembly hall, five to six corpses laid down on the ground. Each corpse had an arrow stabbed on their heart.

    All of them died with one shot!

    This scene made the bandits who rushed out of the hall changed their expressions, their scalp numbed, their fine hairs stood on end!

    Even Lin Zhihu nodded in his heart, this person was indeed an expert of bows!


    Right at this moment, an arrow came out of nowhere, without any trace, struck the last remaining bandit outside the hall!

    Ta ta ta!

    A youth walked out from the shadow, with bow on his hand, seemingly cold.

    “It’s you?”

    The bandit chief and Lin Zhihu saw the face of the youth, with an unbelievable expression.

    That youth was none other than Lin Yi!

    “Uncle Hu!” Seeing Lin Zhihu, Lin Yi’s cold face let out a smile and called out to him sweetly.

    “How is this possible?!”

    Lin Zhihu rubbed his eyes, finding it hard to believe that ruthless person who slaughtered almost all Black Wind Stockade bandits was indeed his kidnapped nephew. He was so shocked to the point of unable to speak anything.

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    Chapter 3 - The annihilation of Black Wind Stockade

    “Yi’er, how do know of martial arts?” Lin Zhihu was astonished. In his memories, this nephew of his had a fragile body and didn’t know martial arts at all. Moreover he always stayed in the big manor of Lin Family and never went out. Where did he learn this superb archery?

    “Uncle Hu, let’s talk about this later!” Lin Yi shook his head, aiming his arrow at the bandit chief, preventing Lin Zhihu from further questioning. Instead, he proposed, “Let’s exterminate this Black Wind Stockade in front of us first, they must die today!”

    “But...” Lin Zhihu was about to retort, yet seeing determination in Lin Yi’s eyes, he swallowed back his words. He also suddenly realized, Lin Yi had killed all of the bandits in Black Wind Stockade. With this, the enmity between him and Black Wind Stockade was something only would end after one of them died!

    If Black Wind Stockade bandits escaped today, Lin Family probably wouldn’t be able to lead a peaceful life ever again.

    Lin Zhihu was a person from pugilistic world. Although he had become an escort chief, he always kept the principle ‘if enmity wasn’t solved amicably, there would be no end to it’. He was also deep aware of the meaning tearing weeds out by the roots. There wasn’t a single kind person in pugilistic world.

    “Sure!” Lin Zhihu shouted boldly. After restraining his anger for a whole day, he had been wanting to let it out. The only thing restraining him to this point was the fact that his nephew was in the hands of Black Wind Stockade. Now that Lin Yi had escaped, what else could restrain him?

    Today I shall battle to my heart’s content. So that these ignorant bunch of Black Wind Stockade would know the mightiness of ‘Tiger of the Jungle’!

    The words from these two actually determined the life and death of all members of Black Wind Stockade. This made the bandit chief very furious. The thought of only a couple of subordinates left from more than a hundred of subordinates previously pained his heart extremely.

    What’s more important was that the brat kidnapped by him once was actually looking down on him right now, which made him felt terribly insulted.

    “Since both of you are looking for death, then I will help you!” The bandit chief roared, then charged towards Lin Yi.

    His speed was alarming. It was akin to a fierce lion on a prairie!

    Seeing this, Lin Yi turned his body and ran away directly.

    From the moment the bandit chief walked out of the assembly hall, he had been observing the strength of the bandit chief. With his wonderful experience, he easily deduced his speed must be at least twenty and his attack must be above twenty!

    Attack and speed of an ordinary people averaged at ten.

    Be it attack or speed of the bandit chief, it was the twice of an ordinary people!

    With his current beginner attributes, clashing head-on with the bandit chief was simply courting death!

    Previously he had been able to kill those bandits with ease, other than sneak attacks, there was another reason, which was those bandits were only stronger than ordinary people by a bit.

    Twice amount of strength, wasn’t something could be covered up simply by combat experience!

    One was running, one was chasing. Lin Zhihu reacted instantly. With a single stride, he appeared in front the bandit chief. Waving his blade, he roared, “Your opponent is me!”

    Blocked by Lin Zhihu, the bandit chief missed the best time to kill, the bandit chief reluctantly let go of that cunning thief. Lifting up his spirit, he engaged in a battle with Lin Zhihu!

    With the killing pressure gone, Lin Yi relaxed a bit. This kind of life where one danced on the edge of sword was truly too hard. He roared towards Lin Zhihu, “Uncle Hu, I’ll leave him to you then. As for the rest, I will take care of them!”

    While talking, his hand movements didn’t stop at all. His arrows was directly aimed at the remaining bandits.


    An arrow pierced through the air.

    It was fast and accurate.


    A bandit was shot at his heart on the spot, nailed on the ground.


    The remaining bandits were taken aback, looked at each other and raw away directly. However, no matter how fast they ran, they couldn’t outrun the arrows from Lin Yi!

    Those arrows blocked the escape route of those bandits!

    Reluctantly, those bandits could only draw their blades, chased after Lin Yi, wanting to engage in close combat.

    Lin Yi naturally wouldn’t give them any opportunity.

    Readied his bow, he released the arrows!

    Xiu xiu xiu!

    Rapid fire archery emerged!

    In the blink of an eye, the remaining bandits were all shot down!

    System Notification

    Combat evaluation : Grade A
    Rewards : 400 combat experience points

    Ignoring the notification, Lin Yi rubbed his sore shoulder due to firing rapid arrows. He looked at the bandit chief. The entire Black Wind Stockade only had the bandit chief left.


    In another battle, Lin Zhihu and the bandit chief clashed against each other.

    Truly worthy of his ‘Tiger of the Jungle’ title, Lin Zhihu brandished his blade vigorously, not losing out to the bandit chief at all. Lin Yi also noticed that Lin Zhihu’s attack power was higher than the bandit chief’s.

    But Lin Zhihu and the bandit chief had the same basic mastery level on blades, which was intermediate stage. From here it could be deduced that Lin Zhihu had learned another martial arts of bronze grade, most likely blade arts of bronze grade!

    In pugilistic world, basic martial arts, or referred as iron grade, had five stages: initial, novice, intermediate, advanced, and perfection.

    Upon reaching a stage, there would be some increase on one’s attributes. Offensive martial arts would increase attack attribute, arts of lightness would increase speed, while defensive martial arts would increase defense.

    The five stages of iron grade arts separately increase attributes by 3 points, 6 points, 10 points, 15 points, and 20 points.

    The attack of the bandit chief was around twenty, so his basic blade arts was at intermediate stage, presumably at the border of advanced stage.

    A finer arts compared to iron grade arts would be bronze grade arts, with silver grade and gold grade above them.

    For each higher grade arts, there would be an increase of attributes by 50%.



    After recovering a bit of his strength on his arm, he immediately seized an opportunity and shot an arrow aimed at the bandit chief.

    Though he couldn’t face the bandit chief head on, he still could assist on the sidelines.

    Bow attribute: Attack 10 - 20

    Adding up ten points from Lin Yi’s strength, his attack reached twenty points or above, just enough to break through the defense of the bandit chief.

    Lin Yi’s arrow was extremely accurate. Furthermore, the bandit chief was concentrating on Lin Zhihu. Facing Lin Zhihu who was stronger than him, he didn’t dare to divert his attention by the slightest bit.

    The arrow struck the bandit chief!

    No matter what, the speed attribute of the bandit chief had reached twenty points, his speed and reaction was the twice of ordinary people or more.

    Though Lin Yi’s arrow was accurate, but it still missed the vital point of the bandit chief, it only pierced his arm.


    The bandit chief let out a groan, his movements slowed down a bit, exposing a flaw!

    Lin Zhihu’s eyes lit up, aiming at that flaw, his blade arts suddenly changed!

    From a mighty tiger to a vicious one!

    “Black Tiger Blade Arts - First Stance ---- Black Tiger Digging Out Heart”

    The blade arts was swift and fierce, aiming only at the heart of the bandit chief.

    The blade suddenly accelerated.


    The blade pierced through his heart, appearing next at the back of the bandit chief.

    “You….” The bandit chief’s eyes widened, seeming to ask how did Lin Zhihu possess a finer blade arts?

    Lin Zhihu proudly smiled, “Without finer blade arts, how could I, Lin Zhihu, be able to walk to this point?”

    The bandit chief seemed to have realized and nodded his head, spit out a big mouthful of blood, his neck tilted and died.


    Lin Zhihu pulled out his blade from the body of the bandit chief, spitting on the corpse of the bandit chief, “Now you know how powerful I am? Unfortunately, you have died!”


    System Notification

    Combat evaluation : Grade A (assisted in killing the Chief of Black Wind Stockade)
    Rewards : 1,000 combat experience points
    Quest rewards : Annihilate Black Wind Stockade, 1,000 combat experience points

    Receiving system notification, Lin Yi threw away the bow on his hand, taking a deep breath. The Black Wind Stockade had been annihilated at long last, leaving no survivors in the entire stockade. His tightened muscles finally loosened. He sat down on the ground, taking in deep breaths.

    Such intense battle, with his attributes akin to ordinary people, being able to endure until now was all thanks to Lin Yi’s extraordinary perseverance.

    Killing more than a hundred people caused Lin Yi’s hands weakened, almost out of energy.

    “If only the attributes could be increased, then I won’t feel so tired!”

    Sitting on the ground, Lin Yi thought back on how he had attained the culmination of martial arts previously, sighed, “If only I had practised martial arts!”

    “Martial arts...”

    Lin Yi blanked for a moment, then suddenly leapt up from his seat, ran to the bandit chief’s corpse and searched his body. Lin Yi pulled out his empty hands, frowned, “Nothing?”

    Afterwards, he went directly to the room of the bandit chief in assembly hall, rummaging around.

    “Yi’er, what are you looking for?”

    Seeing Lin Yi’s weird behavior, Lin Zhihu recovered from his proudly state, followed him and asked with a curious expression.

    Lin Yi didn’t reply. After finding quite some time, Lin Yi dragged a large box underneath the bed, opened it, revealing several books.

    “Found it!”

    Lin Yi loosened his brow, laughing heartily.

    Lin Zhihu went up to see curiously, only to see several books with 《Basic Fist Strikes》, 《Basic Arts of Lightness》, 《Basic Blade Arts》 written above.

    All of them were regarded as common stuff in escort agency. He couldn’t help but laughed, “Yi’er, you rummaged for so long, only for those things?”

    “Yeah!” Lin Yi didn’t bother with the disdain shown in Lin Zhihu’s eyes, replied delightedly.

    “If you want these, I have plenty of them in escort agency. You could have just told me if you wanted them. No need to search corpse, rummage around to the point of almost demolishing the room?”


    Lin Yi just replied simply, as he wasn’t in the state at all. All of his attention was focused on those three skill books.

    System Notification

    Obtained skill books: Basic Fist Strikes, Basic Arts of Lightness, Basic Blade Arts.

    Do you want to learn them?


    Lin Yi replied silently in his heart.

    “Ding ding ding!”

    System Notification

    Successfully learned Basic Fist Strikes, Basic Arts of Lightness, Basic Blade Arts.

    All moves of Basic Fist Strikes, Basic Arts of Lightness, Basic Blade Arts has been ingrained into your mind, as if you were born with them and won't be able to forget them.

    Killing more than a hundred bandits, Lin Yi obtained 10,200 combat experience points, with addition to 1,000 combat experience points from the bandit chief and another 1,000 combat experience points of quest rewards from annihilating Black Wind Stockade.

    Lin Yi had a total of 12,200 combat experience points.

    He used up 3,000 combat experience points each, totaling 9,000 combat experience points, to upgrade Basic Fist Strikes, Basic Arts of Lightness, and Basic Blade Arts to initial stage.

    System Notification

    Upgrade Success!

    Basic Fist Strikes (Iron Grade) : Initial Stage (Attack+3), next stage (Novice Stage), 10,000 combat experience points needed.
    Basic Arts of Lightness (Iron Grade) : Inital Stage (Speed+3), next stage (Novice Stage), 10,000 combat experience points needed.
    Basic Blade Arts (Iron Grade) : Initial Stage, next stage (Novice Stage), 10,000 combat experience points needed.

    Due to Basic Fist Strikes and Basic Blade Arts were both offensive arts, only highest increment was added, so Basic Blade Arts didn’t increase his attributes.

    After upgrading, a warm feeling permeated through his body, his strength gradually got stronger. His attack increased, his body also became lighter. Feeling great, Lin Yi displayed his attributes panel.

    Name               : Lin Yi
    Status : The only son of Squire Lin of Yu City
    Attack : 13
    Defense : 10
    Speed : 13
    Internal Strength : none
    Bare-handed Skills : Basic Fist Strikes (Initial Stage) (Attack+3)
    Blade Skills[2] : Basic Blade Arts (Initial Stage)
    Movement Skills : Basic Arts of Lightness (Initial Stage) (Speed+3)
    Experience : Combat experience (3,200)
    Achievements : Annihilating Black Wind Stockade

    [1] sneer expression
    [2] it was 剑法 in chapter 1, but now it changed to 刀法, so I adjusted sword skills to blade skills
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    Chapter 4 - Pugilistic world, here I come

    “Yi’er, tell Uncle, when did you learn martial arts? How come I wasn’t aware of it?” Two of them walked out of the Black Wind Stockade, with the Black Wind Stockade behind them was ablaze, Lin Zhihu was filled with curiosity.

    “I didn’t learn martial arts!” Lin Yi replied with a flat tone.

    “Didn’t learn martial arts, so how did you escape? Moreover, killing all members of Black Wind Stockade?” Lin Zhihu found it unbelievable.

    “Do killing someone required one to learn martial arts beforehand?”

    Under the light of the fire, the youth’s eyes looked sharp, his words filled with hidden meanings.


    Hearing the youth’s words, Lin Zhihu’s eyes widened filled with surprise. To think that he was speechless against him. He thought in his heart, this nephew of his was more like a person from pugilistic world than himself.

    Lin Yi descended the mountain back to home expressionless, Lin Zhihu followed afterwards. Both of them were preoccupied with their own mind, no conversations were held during the way.


    “My son, you have returned at long last. This mother of yours has missed you dearly!”

    Late at night, inside the Lin Manor, a piercing cry could be heard from the main hall, alarming all of those in the manor.

    The sound of dog’s barks, footsteps of servants who were running hurriedly, made Lin Manor seemed so lively late at night.

    Though they were woken up to do chores late at night, none of the servants showed any trace of displeasure, instead they were brimming with joy.

    Because the young master who was kidnapped by the bandits had returned!

    The previous cry, though it did seem like overboard, but it contained trace of happiness. That was the sound of First Madam. First Madam should be overjoyed, right?

    With that thought, the servants did their work more actively. With First Madam overjoyed, seeing them working so hard, she would definitely reward them.

    It was brightly lit inside the main hall. The bright candle light revealed delighted face of everyone in the hall.

    A woman in her thirties, with chubby figure, filled with the taste of maturity. The current her was like a rain-bathed pear flower[1], embracing the youth tightly, wishing the youth would never leave her embrace.

    This woman was exactly the First Madam of Lin Family, Lin Yi’s mother.

    The youth in her embrace was none other than Lin Yi who just came back together with Lin Zhihu from Black Wind Stockade.

    Right now, he was filled with embarrassment, even a bit awkward.

    Though he knew from his memories that this woman was her mother, but Lin Yi was someone who had travelled through time and space to this world so there was still some contradictions left in his heart.

    “My son, don’t leave your mother again. You didn’t know that during the period you were kidnapped, this mother of yours couldn’t eat or sleep at all!” Lin Yi’s mother loosened her embrace, leaning on the youth’s shoulder, she wiped away the tears on her face.

    “That’s right, Yi’er! Your mother’s words were right. After this lesson, don’t go roam around anymore. The current world is not stable!” Lin Zhilong who stood at the side nodded with agreement.

    Turning around, he faced Lin Zhihu, “Second brother, thanks to you, Lin Yi could come back safely this time! Since we are family, there’s no need to beat around the bush. Second brother, you are always travelling all year round, your expenditure must be high. If you lack money, just tell brother!”

    “Big brother!” Lin Zhihu’s face reddened. Waving his hand, he tried to explain, “It was Yi’er himself….”

    Before he finished his words, he saw Lin Yi was hinting at him, shaking his head. Lin Zhihu quickly shut his mouth, swallowing back the words he was about to say.

    “Second brother, do not refuse. If it weren’t for you, how could my son, Yi’er, come back safely from the bandits’ hands?” Lin Zhilong patted Lin Zhihu’s shoulder, continued, “That’s it then. Tomorrow I will tell the accountant to hand over three thousand taels for you to use.”

    Lin Zhihu’s complexion turned red, since he could not refuse, he nodded ashamedly.

    The delighted Lin Zhilong, pulled Lin Yi’s mother’s hand, saying, “Well, it’s late now. Yi’er and Second brother must be tired. Leave the talk until tomorrow morning and let them take a rest. This time, for Yi’er, Second brother put aside his work at escort agency and rushed back hurriedly. Tomorrow morning, he still need to rush back to the escort agency!”

    Lin Yi’s mother nodded silently, feeling extremely reluctant.

    Right at the moment when everyone was about to disperse.

    “Father, Mother! This son of yours has something to say!”

    Lin Yi suddenly stopped the Lin couple, he said with a stern look, “Through this incident, I’m now fully aware the importance of martial arts. I want to learn martial arts!”

    He had decided during the way home from Black Wind Stockade. The chaotic warring period was approaching, not much time was left. He must join a faction soon, obtaining higher grade arts and increase his strength so that he could have the self-protection ability when the warring period approached.

    “Learn martial arts? It’s good that you want to learn martial arts. Tomorrow I will go find martial arts master to teach you!” Lin Zhilong nodded his head, agreed to his request.

    Lin Yi shook his head, “Father, it seems like you have misunderstood me. What I mean is, I want to leave home, to join a faction and learn martial arts there!”

    “What? You want to leave home? No, you are not allowed to go!” Lin Yi’s mother exclaimed, stopped him at once.

    “Nonsense!” Lin Zhilong’s expression changed, with some trace of anger, “How could it be so easy to learn martial arts? You were spoiled since you were small, how could you endure such hardship?”

    “Father, Mother! I’m fully prepared to endure any hardship, and I believe I can endure it as well!” Lin Yi said insistently, “In this world, commoners who don’t learn martial arts simply don’t have any means of protection. If one’s not pleasing to the eye, a random passerby from pugilistic world will kill them. Bandits from various places will also haunt them down! I’m not learning martial arts only for myself, but for Lin Family as well! Only by learning martial arts, there will be no one who will dare to find trouble with us, Lin Family, and there will be no more such incident like being kidnapped by bandits! Otherwise, though a wave has passed, another wave will soon follow!”

    “Learning martial arts, is something done once and for all, so that no one will ever find trouble with us, Lin Family, again!”

    The youth’s words were powerful and appealing, resonating in Lin couple’s minds..

    Experiencing a kidnapping incident not long ago, with Lin Family’s fortune, they couldn’t think of any solution at all! If it weren’t for Second brother’s help, presumably those bandits would have killed their son!

    Furthermore, could they really fill the bandits' satiety? If there was a first time, a second time was bound to come. Once they opened this hole, Lin Family would never have peace again. It might even lead to the deaths and separation of their family.

    “Second brother, what’s your opinion?” Lin Zhilong wasn’t quite clear with pugilistic world affairs so he could only ask for opinion of someone from pugilistic world.

    “I agree with the decision of Yi’er to join a major faction and learn martial arts there. With his talent, he is a very suited to learn martial arts. If he were to learn martial arts, he will surely have big accomplishments in the future!” Lin Zhihu paused for a moment, “Moreover, I understand the current world better than you, Big brother. I travel on the outside all year round. Many places are now under turmoil, number of thieves grew tremendously, yet local authorities do nothing at all. Commoners simply can’t live a peaceful life!”

    “In the eyes of people from pugilistic world, commoners are akin to weeds, free for them to hit or kill. I have seen many cases where people from pugilistic world had disputes then vent their anger on commoners! Yet the victim’s family don’t have any places to voice their complaints!”

    Lin Zhilong nodded his head, went silent for a moment, then asked, “Then where do you think is suitable for Lin Yi to learn martial arts?”

    Lin Zhihu thought for a moment, then answered, “Let’s settle on Huashan! Huashan is a big sect in our Shanxi region, at the same time, as one of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance, it also has prestigious reputation in pugilistic world. The martial arts of Huashan are profound, especially their sword arts, which are well-known throughout the pugilistic world! Yi’er will surely be able to learn good skills there! Furthermore, the Dragon Escort Agency where I’m at is the subordinate of Huashan behind the stage. I’m sure Big brother must be well-aware of how big is the business of Dragon Escort Agency?”

    “Of course I know Dragon Escort Agency! One of the top escort agency in the world, number one escort agency in Shanxi, owning powerful forces!” said Lin Zhilong.

    “Yet Dragon Escort Agency is merely a division of Huashan. Under Huashan, there are ten or more division as big as Dragon Escort Agency, with other countless smaller division! Now you can imagine how powerful Huashan is, right? If Yi’er is able to join Huashan, becoming its disciple, we, Lin Family will be able to be a ship that rises with the tide[2]. At that time, we won’t be restricted to small place like Yu City, and we will have bigger development opportunity!” Lin Zhihu gave a big example, trying to attract Lin Zhilong.

    For unknown reason, Lin Zhihu thought back on how Lin Yi managed to kill the entire Black Wind Stockade bandits with only an arrow per person, which then plainly said: Killing someone don’t require one’s to learn martial arts beforehand.

    Lin Zhihu had a feeling, this youth was a natural born for pugilistic world, his world was the pugilistic world! He even hoped that that youth would be able to walk until the step.

    Therefore, he didn’t mention how hard it to join Huashan, and to become a true disciple of Huashan was even harder!

    “You mean sending Yi’er to Huashan to learn martial arts will benefit greatly for his future, and after he has finished learning, it will bring great benefit to our Lin Family?” Lin Zhilong’s heart was moved. The development of Lin Family had reached bottleneck in Yu City so he always wished to bring Lin Family out of Yu City, gaining a foothold in pugilistic world.

    “That’s for sure!” Lin Zhihu laughed, showing an envious look, “Disciple of Huashan, what a dazzling status!”

    “Alright, then it’s decided, let’s send Yi’er to learn martial arts in Huashan!” Lin Zhilong decisively made a decision.

    “Sure, coincidentally Huashan is recruiting new disciples seven days later. Tomorrow morning, Yi’er will set out together with me!” Lin Zhihu also nodded decisively, putting the matters of Dragon Escort Agency to a side.

    Being approved to learn martial arts at last, Lin Yi was also very happy. This way, he wouldn’t need to make extreme decision like running away from home. Though he didn’t have much attachment towards Lin Zhilong and his wife, he didn’t want to make them sad either.

    Decided to set out early in the morning, Lin Yi and Lin Zhihu left the main hall, back to their room to take a rest. Both of them were tired today.

    “Husband, our Yi’er really want to go to Huashan to learn martial arts?”

    After those two left, Lin Yi’s mother pulled Lin Zhilong’s hand, with an expression filled with worry.

    “Of course!” Lin Zhilong nodded.

    “But I can’t bear to let Yi’er go. Learning martial arts is so hard, I’m afraid Yi’er will face hardship. At Huashan, will he be able to eat to his fill and sleep well? What if he’s injured or fall sick...” Tears appeared on Lin Yi’s mother.

    “Stop it, our child has grown up, he will leave us eventually!” Lin Zhilong chided, yet his eyes also turned watery like his wife.

    He also couldn’t bear to let go of his son. This was his only son!


    Lin Yi’s mother stopped resisting as she wasn’t able to overturn the decision made by Lin Zhilong. She could only cry to express her stance.

    The morning of the second day.

    Lin Yi and Lin Zhihu both carried huge bundles, leading a horse each, bidding Lin couple farewell.

    “Yi’er, just go if you want to learn martial arts. This mother of yours won’t stop you. However, if you are unable to endure the hardship, just come back. Mother will be waiting for you at home!” Lin Yi’s mother tried her best not to cry, however her tears still fell down uncontrollably.

    “Mother, just rest assured! I’m learning martial arts so that we can live better future!” Looking at his mother’s sincerity, he was moved, feeling a gentle warm in his heart. He silently muttered in his heart, “A better life….”

    “I’m leaving, Big brother, Big sis-in-law, rest assured, I will take care of Yi’er along the way!” Lin Zhihu rode on the horse, waving his hands.

    Stepping on the stirrup, Lin Yi rode on his horse skillfully, just like a veteran horse rider.

    System Notification

    Riding Skills : Expert

    Riding on the familiar horseback, he felt a kind of familiar feeling. He felt like his chest was burning and boiling.

    With sets of new clothes, travelling throughout pugilistic world on a raging horse!

    Pugilistic world, here I come!


    Two big horses rushed out of Lin Manor, galloping on the road. Bright lights of the sun that was just born shone on the youth’s back, displaying a magnificent view!

    [1] 梨花带雨, at first it was used to describe Yang Guifei’s posture when crying. Later it was used to describe the charm of a woman.

    [2] 水涨船高, meaning a person’s social rise benefits those related with him.

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    Chapter 5 - A girl in white

    At the backyard of a certain inn.

    A youth's silhouette could be seen dancing at the backyard, striking his fists from time to time which produced startling noise. Without a doubt, his fists could even kill a cow with a single strike!

    Three days had passed since he left home. Each time he lodged in an inn, he would use all his free time to practise martial arts.

    What was he practising right now was none other than Basic Fist Strikes and Basic Arts of Lightness.

    As one of the five God-ranked players, Lin Yi had various ways to increase his strength quickly. The fastest way would be to keep killing people, obtaining combat experience points.

    However, in reality, how could there be so many people for him to kill?

    He didn't want the title of "Mad Slaughtering Devil" to be widespread before he even stepped into Huashan.

    Other than battling, the other faster way would be to keep practising.

    Naturally, the fastest method would be to practise various martial arts simultaneously. In this way, the martial arts that he practised simultaneously would be able to progress further.

    Other than that, this kind of practise method was helpful to combat experience as well.

    Along with the practise of fist strikes and arts of lightness, system notifications sound could be heard constantly.

    Basic Fist Strikes +8 experience points (Initial stage: 508)
    Basic Arts of Lightness +8 experience points (Initial stage: 508)
    Basic Fist Strikes +9 experience points (Initial stage: 517)
    Basic Arts of Lighntess +9 experience points (Initial stage: 517)


    Basic Fist Strikes +10 experience points (Initial stage: 885)
    Basic Arts of Lightness +10 experience points (Initial stage: 885)

    Finished practising a set of moves of fist strikes and arts of lightness, he called it a day.

    In a span of three days, Lin Yi raised the proficieny of both Basic Fist Strikes and Basic Arts of Lightness to 885 experience points of Initial stage.

    Although there was still quite a way from 10,000 experience points needed to reach Novice stage, Lin Yi was quite satisfied with his progress.

    "Yi'er, are you done practising?" Waiting Lin Yi to finish his practice, Lin Zhihu walked out of a corner with a smile.

    "Uncle Hu!" Lin Yi greeted.

    "To think based on just manuals, you only used three days to reach Initial stage in both Basic Fist Strikes and Basic Arts of Lightness. You are a martial arts genius indeed!"

    Lin Zhihu was filled with emotions when he thought back that he had practised martial arts for dozens of years, though he missed the prime age for practising, causing his progress to slow down. Seeing Lin Yi started from scratch, relying on self-study to reach Initial stage and would soon catch up with him made him sigh helplessly.

    This nephew of his was really a genius!

    Lin Yi just smiled without replying because he had known very well he wasn't a genius. In the game, the fact that he could become one of the five God-ranked players, becoming the top existence of hundreds of thousands of players was inseparable with the efforts he had put into.

    Ordinary people could only see his glorious side, yet they didn't know how much painstaking efforts he had to pay to learn martial arts.

    Moreover, being able to surprise Lin Zhihu was all thanks to the game system.

    This wasn't his real ability.

    If he were to practise martial arts in the same way with people of pugilistic world, then he wouldn't be able to progress this fast.

    In short, he was cheating using a cheat engine.

    If he got arrogant just because of this, then he wouldn't be able to become one of the five God-ranked players.

    He had clearly known, though the game system provided huge assistance, but it was only helpful during the start. When it got to middle and late phase, the game system's influence would gradually diminish. If it weren't for this, there wouldn't be only five players who managed to ascend to the peak and got the God-ranked title.

    In the late phase, to progress further, one would have to rely on efforts and comprehension!

    Only by truly comprehending the essence of the martial arts, one could progress leap and bounds!

    Seeing Lin Yi kept his calm instead of became arrogant, Lin Zhihu mumbled in heart, this nephew of his was able to keep his calm despite his young age, his future must be immeasurable!

    "Oh right, Yi'er, there's something I have been wanting to ask you. I have held it down for three days and it's really hard to endure any longer. Why didn't you tell Big brother and Big sister-in-law that you were the one who annihilated the Black Wind Stockade?" Lin Zhihu asked curiously.

    Lin Yi went silent for a while, then replied, "Uncle Hu, I didn't want to let them know, lest they become worry. Another reason is for serenity. I don't want to be pestered by them asking how did I do it!"

    "Alright then. I know you are carrying secrets on you. You have grown up, it's only right that you have your own secrets. Uncle Hu only hope that when you have accomplished in the future, you will still remember your parents, remember that you were also an ordinary people once." Lin Zhihu gazed at Lin Yi, which then turned solemn, "Nowadays, there are numerous people from pugilistic world who view ordinary people as weeds, forgetting the fact that they were once ordinary people as well. Uncle Hu can't change their perspective, but Uncle Hu hope that you will remember you original identity, so that Uncle Hu won't bring you to Huashan in vain."

    "Uncle Hu will remember forever remember my original identity[1], thank you[2]!" Lin Yi nodded heavily. Previously in game, he had already known wanting to join a big sect like Huashan wasn't something that can be easily accomplished. Not to mention in reality, as the difficulty would only increase!

    Although he always talked to Lin Zhihu plainly, he always remembered Lin Zhihu's favor in his heart. Without Lin Zhihu's help, joining a big sect like this would undoubtedly become more difficult, as it required a lot of time and effort.

    But what Lin Yi lacked the most was time!

    Chaotic warring period of pugilistic world was approaching, dangers lurked everywhere. At dawn, one's couldn't even know whether they could last till evening[3]. If he didn't utilized his time properly and get stronger as soon as possible, presumably he would even lose his life!

    He owed Lin Zhihu a huge favor!

    "Well, it is quite late now. We still have to hurry on our way tomorrow. Go and take a rest!" Lin Zhihu turned around after finished his words and went back to his room to sleep.

    A night without words.


    The morning of the second day.

    Two people on their horse rushed out of the inn, galloping along the main road.

    When the sun rose above their head, they had arrived at Leizhou City, where the headquarters of Dragon Escort Agency is situated.

    "Yi'er, I will go to Dragon Escort Agency to handle some matters and ask for a leave from Escort Agency Head Chief. Wait for me in the teahouse in front of the escort agency."

    Standing in front of Dragon Escort Agency, Lin Zhihu dismounted from his horse, handed it to Lin Yi and told him some instructions.

    "Just go on, Uncle Hu!" Lin Yi nodded.

    Lin Zhihu smiled and walked into Dragon Escort Agency. Leading two horses, Lin Yi walked towards the teahouse in front of the escort agency.

    "Please sit, customer!" A waiter from the teahouse stepped forward, helped Lin Yi pull his horse and tied it to the stable at a side then led him to a seat.

    Inside the teahouse, basically it was filled with people carrying blades and swords, dressed up like people from pugilistic world. These people glanced at Lin Yi. Seeing it was a youth with a common bow on his back and a common dagger at his waist, they turned away their glance and ignored him.

    Though Lin Yi's robe was made of good material, but were there anyone in pugilistic world who was in poverty?

    Even if they were tight on their hands, they could find someone wealthy, extort them, and they would have money flowing in.

    It was only a youth with better clothing, normally would have mediocre martial arts, so he was unworthy of their attention.

    Ordering a pot of Tieguanyin[4], he put down his bow and quiver of arrows on the table, looking at the pedestrians leisurely.

    On the main road, he could see people from pugilistic world carrying their weapons and with ferocious looks everywhere.

    Lin Yi smiled gently. The current him could also be considered to have entered the pugilistic world.

    Although he was a nobody now, but who could say for sure that he wouldn't be able to become someone reputable in the future?

    This was also the charm of the pugilistic world!

    For reputation and power, they put their lives at risk, living a life filled with blood and under precarious state. None of them knew their future, would they be someone with widespread reputation or someone who failed and ended up as bones on road?

    Because it was unknown, it was charming.

    Lin Yi scanned around, shook his head slightly with disappointment. There wasn't a single expert on main road neither in the teahouse.

    Most of them were figures with attack attributes around twenty, with their basic skills between Novice and Intermediate stage.

    Someone with Novice stage mastery was already considered as an expert here.

    Yet to him, as long as he could break their defense, then they weren't a threat to him!

    Although he seemed unremarkable, only capable of basic skills and all of there were only at Initial stage, but combining his martial arts and his wonderful experience, it was enough to increase his combat capabilities by several folds.

    Compared to the him at Black Wind Stockade, the current him had stronger combat capabilities by a lot.

    This was the difference of being capable and incapable of martial arts.

    Glancing around leisurely, Lin Yi who felt superiority for a moment, suddenly twitched his eyes.

    A girl in white walked in the teahouse, followed by an hunched old man who was dressed like a servant. Lin Yi put all of his attention at the servant-like old man, a horrified expression flashed by his eyes.

    An expert, a genuine expert!

    His sense of danger escalated. In an instant, it reached the utmost level!

    The old man's temple was bulging[5], a sign of someone with profound internal strength!

    At the very least, he was an expert who had cleared twelve standard meridians!

    Perhaps he had even cleared his extraordinary meridians!

    Without fighting him, Lin Yi couldn't be sure as well. But he quickly put this old man into the list of existences he couldn't offend for now.

    At the same moment he was also curious, being able to let an expert who had cleared twelve standard meridians and possibly extraordinary meridians to follow a girl like a servant, just what is this girl's background?

    He moved his attention to the girl in white.

    She looked like a thirteen or fourteen years old youth, with fair skin, pair of intelligent eyes, and a lovely nose, she was the depiction of beauty!

    If she were to grow older, she would definitely become a peerless beauty who could bring calamities to her country!

    The girl had very keen sense. Lin Yi merely glanced her slightly longer, she could accurately ascertain Lin Yi's position.

    Frowning her brows, she looked at Lin Yi with disgust. Putting both her hands on her waist, she cursed loudly, "Dai[6]! That brat, what are you looking at this lady for? Look again and I'll gouge your eyes out!"

    Lin Yi was stunned, realizing he was the person meant by the girl. Being stared by everyone in the teahouse made him feel embarrassed.

    What he didn't expect was such a young beautiful and cute girl would have such temper. Only by looking at her for slightly longer and she wanted to gouge someone's eyes.

    "Hey, little girl, you are so young, why bother to be so fierce?" Lin Yi didn't put much thought into it and retorted back at her.

    "Whether this lady is fierce or not is none of your business!" The girl exclaimed ferociously, then seemed to think of something, her face suddenly was full of anger, angrily shouted, "What did you say about me? Little girl?"

    She puffed out her chest, "Is this lady small?"

    Seeing the tough personality of the girl, Lin Yi was speechless and really looked at her chest attentively, then he nodded while smacking his lips, "For someone of your age, it's not small anymore, instead it's pretty big."

    Being looked at by Lin Yi for so long, the girl felt an itch at her chest. She felt a weird feeling, with a gradually flushing face, she screamed, "Rogue!"

    Clutching at her chest, she ran away from the teahouse.

    Lin Yi was just about to let out a whistle proudly that he had managed to tease a little girl, then a pair of cold eyes stared at him, which made him felt frozen all over!

    His face paled. It was exactly that old man who was dressed like a servant who stared coldly at him with killing intent mingled within. Afterwards, the old man chased at the girl calmly. Though his pace seemed slow, his speed was fast, evidently he had practised higher grade arts of lightness with high level mastery.


    Lin Yi with his pale face was now dripping with cold sweats. Having visited hell for a moment there made his little proud feeling crumbled to fragments!

    Reality had given him the harshest blow. He was no longer a God-ranked player who could command winds and rains as he pleased in game. The current him was a youth who hadn't grown up yet.

    Though his wonderful experience was useful against bandits with superficial martial arts, but it meant nothing in front of a genuine expert!

    He was far from being able to be proud of himself!

    Wiping his sweats, Lin Yi led his two horses away, fearing that the girl would turn around to claim his life!

    [1] raw said "虎叔会永远记住我本来的身份" here, but I think he meant "Uncle Hu, I will forever remember my original identity" here.

    [2] "您" was used here. It is used to greet someone older than you or someone you respect.

    [3] "朝不虑夕", meaning in precarious state.

    [4] "铁观音", a variety of oolong tea.

    [5] "老者太阳穴高高鼓起", 太阳穴 is located at one's temple.

    [6] "呔", a kind of interjection. Meaning calling out suddenly, to attract attention.

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    Chapter 6 - Joining Huashan

    Since the moment Duan Feifei fled out from the teahouse, each time she remembered the thief[1] inside the teahouse was looking at her lecherously, even teasing her, made her feel extremely angry.

    "That thief is so hateful. He actually dared to stare at that place of this lady." Rubbing at her puffed out chest, Duan Feifei felt like there was a young deer inside her heart, jumping around, causing her heart to palpitate.

    "I almost died of embarrassment!"

    There were none who dared to stare at her like since she was small, Duan Feifei was embarrassed yet angry. She really wanted to gouge out the eyes of that thief.

    "Holy Maiden[2], do you this subordinate to gouge out the eyes of that thief?" A voice of the old man who was dressed like servant came from behind, "With the skills of this subordinate, it'll only take a moment!"


    Duan Feifei exclaimed suddenly, seemed to find there's something wrong with herself, she continued hurriedly, "Leizhou City is under the jurisdiction of Huashan sect. Huashan has always been the enemy of our holy sect. Now we can't let out any slip, lest they knew that we are here."

    "In order to find my father, everything must be done with safety as priority."

    "As for that thief, count it as his luck, let him off for this time! Don't let this lady see him next time, otherwise, I'll let him suffer!"

    The old man nodded. The Holy Maiden was still so young, yet in order to find her father, she didn't hesitate to swallow her humiliation for a greater task. This moved the old man.

    "Let's go. I have got some clues regarding my father, we'll go check it out secretly." Duan Feifei just finished talking, the tip of her toes tapped the ground lightly, then she leapt upwards, landed on the roof and quickly left. The old man moved slightly, like a bird which was pulling out onion seedlings on dry ground[3]. He also landed on the roof and quickly followed.


    At the outside of Dragon Escort Agency.

    "Yi'er, what happened to you? Why is your complexion so ugly?"

    Lin Zhihu looked at the pale and ugly Lin Yi, bewildered.

    "It's nothing!" Lin Yi didn't tell him the fact that he had just escaped death and changed the topic, "Uncle Hu, how's your things going?"

    "It's done, when I told the escort agency's head chief that I am going to send you to Huashan, he gave me a break happily." Lin Zhihu thought back at the scene at how the escort agency's head chief talked to him, then he said delightedly.

    "Then let's hurry on our way, Uncle Hu. I want to arrive at Huashan quickly and can't wait to learn the profound sword arts of Huashan already." Lin Yi smiled, with a look of longing.

    Having escaped death once, Lin Yi couldn't wait to increase his strength much longer. Without strength, it was impossible for him to be so lucky everytime to have his life spared.

    Lin Zhihu didn't put much thought into it. He thought this nephew of his can't wait to enter Huashan anymore, patted Lin Yi's shoulder happily, "Good! All according to your wishes, Yi'er. Then let's travel through the night and reach Huashan earlier. Only by that, you can feel at ease!"

    Lin Yi handed over the horse to Lin Zhihu. Both of them mounted their horses skillfully, slapped the horses' hip, shouted, "Jia!"

    Two people along with their horses left quickly, leaving Dragon Escort Agency and Leizhou City soon, heading in Huashan's direction and travelled through the night.


    Huashan Sect, one of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance.

    With their exquisite sword arts, their reputation spread throughout the pugilistic world.

    The Huashan Sect in Great Pugilistic World wasn't the same with the one's in television dramas which only had a few disciples. Instead, it had a really strong foundation of a big sect.

    With a tremendous amount of lower courtyard's disciples numbering around forty thousand, and around five thousand disciples of upper courtyard, it was a real and genuine powerhouse!

    Disciples of lower courtyard were new recruits, with four recruitments held throughout the year.

    If a disciple of lower courtyard was unable to move up to upper courtyard after practising for five years, then he/she would have to leave Huashan and to be transferred to Huashan's branch throughout the world to contribute to Huashan, becoming the most basic-level echelons in Huashan. Every year, there would be more than ten thousand of people coming out from lower courtyard. These human resources would then form the most solid foundation of Huashan in pugilistic world.

    Disciples of upper courtyard would have the eligibility to practise martial arts for the rest of their life in Huashan, living in the middle part of Mt.Hua[4]. Only lower courtyard's disciples with good talent or those who could be counted as at least third-rate experts could move up to upper courtyard. Disciples of upper courtyard were the middle-level echelons in Huashan. Various middle-level managements in Huashan were assumed by them.

    Placed above the upper courtyard's disciples were the true disciples of Huashan. They were referred as core disciples. Numbering less than three hundred, all of them lived on the peak of Mt.Hua. All of them were exceptional geniuses. Except new recruits, all of them were at least second-rate experts and able to spread their reputations in pugilistic world.

    Wanting to move up from lower courtyard to upper courtyard was difficult. Every year, those who were able to move up to upper courtyard didn't exceed a hundred.

    Wanting to become a core disciple from being an upper courtyard disciple was even harder!

    Every year, those who successfully became a core disciple, didn't exceed ten!

    "Yi'er, Uncle can only help you enter lower courtyard. If you want to become a true disciple of Huashan, you need to pass through two stages, which are upper courtyard and core disciple! Uncle only has this much capability. It was only because I'm a Dragon Escort Agency Chief that I'm able to send you to lower courtyard. As for remaining stages, you will have to grab the chances yourself!"

    "Uncle can only help you up to here. You only have yourself to rely on for the rest!"

    The two of them travelled through the night. They had finally arrived on the feet of Mt.Hua on the seventh day, the night before the recruitment day of Huashan's lower courtyard. Lin Zhihu talked to Lin Yi with a serious look with a trace of guilt in it.

    He was unable to send his nephew directly to upper courtyard so he was feeling guilty.

    Lin Yi didn't have any complaints. He had known the situation of Huashan from game previously. In fact, all major factions recruited their disciples this way so he had been well prepared. Instead, he actually comforted Lin Zhihu, "It's ok, Uncle Hu. You already helped a lot by sending me to the lower courtyard. Lower courtyard is also part of Huashan. No matter what, I still want to thank you!"

    He didn't lie to him as he really was grateful towards Lin Zhihu. If it weren't for Lin Zhihu's position in Dragon Escort Agency, it might even be impossible for him to enter Huashan!

    Firstly, he was now fifteen years old, sixteen soon. To people from pugilistic world, someone of this age had missed the best period to practise martial arts. Just based on this, it was enough for Huashan's elders to deny him the opportunity of enter Huashan.

    Secondly, Huashan usually recruited their disciples internally. Even lower courtyard's disciples were picked from the families from various Huashan's branch divisions. As for the others, except they were spotted by upper-level echelons of Huashan, they didn't have the eligibility to enter Huashan.

    Without Lin Zhihu, Lin Yi wouldn't be able to enter a major sect. At most, he would only be able to enter a small sect or evil cult.

    Though almost anyone could join evil cult, but wanting to learn higher grade martial arts were practically a dream!.

    The majority of evil cult passed their martial arts down only to their bloodlines. For an outsider to learn it, it was hard, very hard!

    Joining Huashan was the best choice for Lin Yi.

    Though he had to start from being a lower courtyard's disciple, he was confident that he could become a core disciple!

    Furthermore, if he remembered correctly, when the chaotic warring period was approaching, Huashan restored the project of head disciple, where the supervision of disciples' trainings were handed to head disciple.

    By becoming head disciple, there was a probability of ninety percent to become the next leader of Huashan!

    In the game, due to the diffentiation of players and the natives, players were unable to compete for the position of head disciple. This had always been something regrettable for players who wanted to become a leader of a major faction, including the five God-ranked players.

    It could be said, becoming a head disciple or leader of a faction was the dream of every players!

    If it was in the game, Lin Yi probably would not have the thought on becoming a head disciple.

    But the current him was now living in this great pugilistic world.

    This position of head disciple, he wanted to give it a try!

    Just the thought of beecoming the head disciple or Huashan's next leader made Lin Yi trembled with excitement!


    The next day, those two who had barely slept last night woke up early and proceeded to Huashan.

    At the entrance of Huashan, it was already crowded with seas of people. People from various Huashan's branch divisions brought their children to enroll into Huashan's lower courtyard.

    All of them hoped their children could outshine the others in lower courtyard and move up to upper courtyard, so that they could learn martial arts of higher grade.

    Some of them even had wilder dreams, hoping their children could soar instantly, becoming the core disciple of Huashan, learn the essence of Huashan's sword arts and martial arts!

    More than tens of thousands of people carried this kind of hope.

    No matter where he glanced, there were numerous people. It made Lin Yi speechless.

    This kind of situation was similar to the situation when he attended university in his previous life. Parents were everywhere, as well as new students who were looking forward to the life in university.

    However, there were a huge disparity between them!

    It was different from the messy situation in university. Though it was exceptionally crowded, everyone of them followed the regulations here.

    Tens of thousands of young boys and girls lined up neatly forming a long queue.

    Arriving early, Lin Yi managed to lined in a considerably front position.

    Soon, Huashan's lower courtyard's elder came and the people-in-charge began the recruitment.

    "Lin Yi, fifteen and a half years old, Lin Family of Yu City, Dragon Escort Agency Chief Lin Zhihu. Relationship: with Lin Zhihu as Second Uncle." Looking at the data on the recommendation letter, he glanced at Lin Yi and smiled, "Fifteen and a half years old, slightly too old..."

    Lin Yi tightened his heart.

    "But managed to meet the requirements to enter the lower courtyard. Although I'm not optimistic about you, after joining Huashan, I hope you can practise earnestly. I especially hope you can move up to upper courtyard and slap my face!" After finishing his words, he turned around and patted Lin Yi's shoulder.

    Having successfully entered Huashan, Lin Yi put his heart at ease. Hearing the words of the person-in-charge, he smiled instead, finding the person-in-charge was quite humorous.

    However, if one's mentality was weak, presumably he/she would be frightened to the death on the spot!

    "This senior, may I ask for your name?" Lin Yi saluted slightly.

    "Why? Want to build relationship with me right at the moment you joined?" The person-in-charge smiled, looked at Lin Yi interestingly.

    "This one don't dare, it's just that this one has the confidence to be able to learn martial arts well! Asking Senior's name is so that I can go and find Senior when I have moved up to upper courtyard!" Lin Yi faintly smiled.

    "Oh? Did I judged wrongly?" The person-in-charge's eyelids moved, "I am Yu Zecheng. Have you remembered it? I really hope that you can move up to upper courtyard and slap my face, so that you can let me know even I, Yu Zecheng, has a day where he judged wrongly!"

    "Senior Brother Yu, right? I have remembered it." Lin Yi nodded and walked away.

    "Lin Yi? Hm, what an interesting brat!" Yu Zecheng took a glance at Lin Yi's back, smiled squintily.

    "I am looking forward to it, Junior Brother Lin Yi!"

    Yu Zecheng

    Upper courtyard's disciple. Basic attributes, more than a hundred points.
    Cleared at least one of the twelve standard meridians.
    An outstanding disciple who will soon enter the ranks of second-rate experts.

    [1] "小贼", apparently the thief's meaning here didn't restricted to those specialized in robbing money, but robbing 'body' as well.

    [2] "圣姑", temporarily translated as Holy Maiden, since Holy Aunt sounds weird.

    [3] "旱地拔葱,如大鸟一般", a metaphor for lightweight and neat, commonly used in martial arts to describe one's leaping posture.

    [4] "华山" Huashan means Mt.Hua as well.

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    Chapter 7 - Learning Martial Arts in Huashan

    System Notification

    Quest Rewards : Become Huashan's lower courtyard's disciple, 1,000 combat experience points.

    Experience : 4,200

    System Notification

    Active Quest : Become the head disciple of Huashan.
    Quest Rewards : 200,000 combat experience points

    Looking at the active quest which appeared on system notification, Lin Yi was shocked.

    In the game of Great Pugilistic World, quests were divided into two categories.

    The first one was called passive quests. These kind of quests wouldn't be shown directly. Once the player finished the requirements, the rewards would be given out directly. Also, rewards from these kind of quests were extremely small. Players called these kind of quests as achievement quests. Only by achieving something to a certain degree, you would be rewarded. The previous action of annihilating Black Wind Stockade was an achievement, capable of influencing pugilistic world slightly.

    The second one was known as active quests. These kind of quests were given by system, extremely rarely seen. Lin Yi who had grown from an ordinary player to God-ranked player, where he had spent decades of time in game, had only happened upon a few active quests. These kind of quests were difficult to complete, but once they were completed, they would result in rich combat experience rewards. There were a lot of players who had completed active quest and rose in reputation. They changed from being unknown players to experts whose reputation spread widely.

    Two hundred thousand combat experience points!

    Lin Yi almost drooled. If he were to have two hundred thousand combat experience points now, he would be able to upgrade a skill to perfection stage, his basic attributes would also reach dozens of points!

    He was feeling delightedly. He just thought of competing for the position the head disciple, completing the wish of tens of thousands of player, and the system prompted him right away. Seems like the position of head disciple would surely become his!

    Regardless of the wish of tens of thousands of player, just this two hundred combat experience points was enough reason for Lin Yi to take down the position of head disciple!

    However the position of head disciple could not be obtained that easily. One had to go through various tests beforehand. The most important thing for him now was, with the fastest speed, to increase his strength, enter the field of vision of the higher-ups in Huashan, become one of the core disciple and learn Huashan's martial arts of higher grade!

    With regards to Violet Mist Divine Skill and Nine Swordplays of Dugu, these two masterpieces, Lin Yi couldn't help but be greedy.

    Everything must be prepared and planned beforehand!

    Settling down his heart, he bade Lin Zhihu farewell.

    "Yi'er, since you are at Huashan now, learn martial arts well. Uncle is very optimistic towards you! After Uncle go back, I hope I can hear the news that you moved up to upper courtyard or became a core disciple!" Lin Zhihu stared at the youth in front of him with mixed feelings. He had thousands of words but didn't know how to express them. In the end, he could only say what the majority of parents present had said.

    After coming back from Black Wind Stockade, Lin Zhihu had a feeling that this youth in front of him would surely become someone extraordinary in the future!

    "Uncle Hu, just rest assured. I will learn martial arts well here in Huashan and definitely won't let you down! As for Father and Mother at home, I will have to trouble you then." Lin Yi waved his hand, shouted facing the back of Lin Zhihu.

    "Leave the matters at home to me!" Lin Zhihu's voice came from far away, mounted on his horse, his silhouette gradually got further till it couldn't be seen anymore.

    Lin Yi rubbed his slightly red, swelled eyes, settled down his mood, and walked into the gate of Huashan. Endless sound of parting between new recruits and their parents didn't seem to faze him. He gazed towards the peak of Mt.Hua with a look of filled with fighting spirit.

    "I believe, in the near future, I will also become a member of those on the peak of Mt.Hua."


    The lower courtyard was located at the foot of Mt.Hua. The dense buildings here were the dormitory of lower courtyard's disciples. To most of the disciples of lower courtyard, their memories they had towards Huashan probably would be this place.

    Slightly higher than these groups of buildings, near the middle part of Mt.Hua, was a group of independent courtyards, totalling two hundred of them.

    At the lower half parts consisted one hundred independent courtyards, which were specially prepared for new recruits. The remaining one hundred which were located on the upper half parts where one could see the entire lower courtyard, were prepared for disciples on their second, third, and fourth years.

    These one hundred independent courtyards could only be housed by the top one hundred disciples of lower courtyard!

    Everyone could challenged those who housed the independent courtyard. If the challenger won, then they would be able to move into there!

    Those who could keep their independent courtyard for a long time were few and far between. Each of them far outshone the other disciples of lower courtyard!

    To obtain the eligibilty to own an independent courtyard, the competition was extremely fierce!

    This was deliberately set by Huashan in order to let these disciples of lower courtyard to practise diligently under competitive atmposhere.

    Usually, those who were able to enter top one hundred ranks could be called as quasi-upper courtyard disciples.

    Only by entering the ranks of top one hundred, one could garner everyone's attention and enter the field of vision of the higher-ups of Huashan.

    Thinking at the information flowed out from his memories, Lin Yi was sitting inside his dormitory, pondering on how to enter the field of vision of the higher-ups of Huashan.

    Undoubtedly, competing for the courtyards for top one hundred rankers was something he must do.

    As for how to compete for it, Lin Yi was still pondering.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, today it is our turn to be imparted martial arts. Let's go quickly!" The source of the voice belonged to Jiang Xiaoyu.

    The current dormitory of Lin Yi was a thatched hut, moreover, it was a thatched hut with two people living inside!

    In order to produce competitive atmposhere, the higher-ups of Huashan were really shameless to the extreme. Making two people living inside a thatched hut would undoubtedly make anyone want to move into independent courtyards. Not to mention, there were servants who were in charge of chores and maids to wait upon you in independent courtyards.

    Jiang Xiaoyu had talked endless time on how much he yearned to move into independent courtyard in Lin Yi's ears.

    He didn't harbor any ideas towards the independent courtyards for top one hundred rankers, however he was full of ideas towards the independent courtyards for top one hundred new disciples. He always wished he could learn martial arts, practise it well and move to independent courtyard.

    Thus, when it was time to impart martial arts, he jumped up excitedly.

    He pulled up Lin Yi hurriedly and ran towards the training field.

    It was already crowded with people at the training field. They encircled the instructors who was responsible to impart martial arts. All of them were excited, looking at the instructors with deep, red eyes, seeming as if wanted to swallow down the instructors.

    Somehow, the instructors didn't find this strange as if used to this kind of gaze.

    Each time new disciples enrolled, which of them weren't like this?

    To all boys and girls, martial arts had a fatal attraction!

    Riches, wealths, and whatnots, they were unreliable in this world!

    Only martial arts was the most important thing here!

    Thousands of young boys and girls encircled the instructors, with the youngest around seven or eight years old and the oldest around seventeen or eighteen. They were all looking at the instructors eagerly to the point of almost drooled.

    "Since more or less have attended, I shall begin impart you martial arts!" The instructor saw no one came after the Lin Yi duo, nodded slightly and roared.

    With a wave of hand, those young boys and girls retreated few steps back, leaving an open space in the middle and sat down in cross-legged position neatly.

    Everything proceeded in order as if it was rehearsed before.

    Yet Lin Yi knew, this was the first time for them to gather and look together. Being the first time yet orderly, it showed just how much they dreamt of becoming heroes and heroines, how much passion they had towards martial arts.

    "We, Huashan, place sword arts at the foremost! With profound sword arts, renowned throughout the pugilistic world! It is also the reason why we, Huashan, along with Songshan, Taishan, Southern Hengshan, and Northern Hengshan, the Five Sacred Mountains, are known as Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance!"

    "To learn sword arts, you must learn Huashan Swordplay! Huashan Swordplay is our introductory sword arts. The essences of Huashan were all within Huashan Swordplay! Huashan Swordplay is the foundation of every Huashan's sword arts. Almost all of our sophisticated sword arts were born from Huashan Swordplay. Therefore, if you want to learn more profound sword arts, then you need to practise Huashan Swordplay well, as to lay solid foundation!"

    "Huashan Swordplay consists of eleven stances: White Clouds Emerge, Phoenix in Harmony, Inverted Gentry, All-encompassing White Rainbow, Ashened Pine Welcome Its Guests, Flight of Golden Geese, Descend of Edgeless Wood, Concealed Lush Mountain, Ancient Cyper Woodlands, Exceptional Singular, Abundant Wealth"

    "Having both offensive and defensive simultaneously, a renowned profound sword arts in pugilistic world. A silver grade martial arts! Compared to superficial sword arts in pugilistic world, it is far stronger! This is the foundation of Huashan, the most basic sword art. Even out at pugilistic world, it is a rarely seen profound arts!"


    The young boys and girls suddenly went into an uproar. Their eyes shone brightly. Their drools flowed out straightly. All of them were the children of the most basic-level echelons of Huashan in various Huashan's branch divisions so there were clear about grades of martial arts in pugilistic world. In pugilistic world, martial arts of bronze grade were already hard to obtain. Those who owned martial arts of bronze grade were capable of making a name for themselves. As for martial arts of silver grade, it was something one could only hope for yet can't seek for!

    Yet the most basic Huashan Swordplay was of silver grade!

    What a generous hand!

    The title of one of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance was indeed well-deserved!

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, did you hear it? Silver grade, a sword arts of silver grade! We really made it rich this time!" Jiang Xiaoyu tugged at Lin Yi's sleeves, clamored excitedly, with drools flowing out of his mouth.

    Lin Yi smiled faintly. He didn't have much of a mood swing. These facts were something he had known earlier, or else he wouldn't try to join a major faction by all means.

    Moreover, he understood the value of martial arts of higher grade.

    Reaching initial stage of different grades would result in different effect. Martial arts of iron grade would give +3 points, while bronze grade would give +4.5 points. As for silver grade, it would give +6 points!

    Higher stages of mastery would produce larger gap!

    Crushed to death by a difference of one grade in martial arts, wasn't an exaggeration.

    And this was just the difference in basic attributes. Not to mention, martial arts of higher grade would have more profound usage.

    "Now I will demonstrate it once, remember it well and practise it well after you go back!" The instructor swept across the suprised and excited looks of the new disciples in satisfaction, then said plainly.

    The sword moved out of its sheath!

    White Clouds Emerge ---- Water flowed down unintentionally, white clouds emerge unconsciously. Squat down and halt, slash your sword horizontally.

    Phoenix in Harmony ---- A splendor reaching ninety percent, phoenix made its appearance. Attack lower parts by feet, fall down to ground and rip one's abdomen.

    Inverted Gentry ---- When the rain ceased, hang the gentry upside-down. Halt and twist your body, let your sword slash down afterwards.

    All-encompassing White Rainbow ---- Rainbow covered the sky, cold wind billowed. Let sword ride on the wind, strike the enemy in the air.


    Abundant Wealth!

    The sword returned to its sheath!

    "Have you all remembered it? Go back and practise diligently. If there's something you don't understand, come and find me tomorrow." Grasping the sword, the instructor's appearance was exceptional.

    Followed up next were the instructors of Huashan's Fist Arts and Huashan's Arts of Lightness who imparted the martial arts in turns.

    System Notification

    Learned Skills : Huashan Swordplay (Silver Grade), Huashan's Fist Arts (Silver Grade), Huashan's Arts of Lightness (Silver Grade)
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    Chapter 8 - Surge in Strength

    Suddenly, every moves of Huashan Swordplay, Huashan's Fist Arts, Huashan's Arts of Lightness were imprinted in his mind where a silhouette seemed to exist there, repeatedly performing the martial arts in a lifelike manner.

    Lin Yi knew this was an effect from game system, which enabled him to remember every moves of the martial arts instantly. However, it only let him remember them. If he wanted to wield them, he would have to rely on his own efforts.

    Because, as for the moment, he had not even reached initial stage mastery.

    Therefore, the only effect it had was that he wouldn't forget them!

    He didn't need to go and ask for guidance anymore. He only needed to practise and practise continuously!

    Having learned Huashan Swordplay, Huashan's Fist Arts, and Huashan's Arts of Lightness made Lin Yi's tightened nerves loosened.

    With his experience of a God-ranked player, it wasn't a hard thing for him to go back to the ranks of top experts. What the most difficult thing wasn't practising martial arts, but the lack of martial arts.

    He had extremely rich combat experience as he managed to slaughter all the way from being an ordinary player to someone of God-ranked player. Therefore, he was familiar with almost all martial arts existed in Great Pugilistic World.

    The features of various martial arts, he understood almost all of them.

    Which faction of the martial arts displayed by someone belonged to, he could tell with a single glance.

    But understanding it didn't meant he could use it!

    At most, he was capable of imitating it, moreover, it was only the appearance. To imitate its essence as well was extremely difficult!

    The higher grade a martial arts, the more difficult it was to imitate it.

    Therefore, to instantly regain the strength of a top experts was something impossible!

    The biggest restriction was martial arts!

    Without martial arts to learn, his attributes wouldn't be able to increase.

    Unable to increase his attributes, even having wonderful experience, facing someone several folds stronger than him, the only outcome would be to be crushed by him opponent!

    With this Huashan's introductory martial arts, Lin Yi could now begin his path of martial arts. Lin Yi believed that he would surely shock the entire Huashan someday!

    Without hesitation, he went back to his thatched hut. Lin Yi went into seclusion for the first time since he had arrived here at Great Pugilistic World.

    He wanted to make breakthrough in the mastery of these martial arts!

    Practising Huashan Swordplay, Huashan's Fist Arts, and Huashan's Arts of Lightness crazily, he even dreamt of them in his sleep. He filled his daily schedules completely, except for mealtime, he used all of his time to practise martial arts.

    This crazy act made his roommate, Jiang Xiaoyu, shocked to the extreme.

    How admirable!

    Jiang Xiaoyu also tried his best to help by bringing Lin Yi's food over from the canteen. With Lin Yi as an example, Jiang Xiaoyu also practised diligently.

    However, he wasn't as crazy as Lin Yi. He would take a rest when he was tired. During his spare time, he would go and inquire for information.

    Gradually, Jiang Xiaoyu told Lin Yi the situation of ten thousand new disciples, like whose sword arts had reached which stage, like whose arts of lightness had breakthrough to which stage.

    Hence, though Lin Yi didn't step out during seclusion, he was aware of the progress of his peer disciples through Jiang Xiaoyu.


    Soon, a month had passed by.

    During this month, Lin Yi tried to breakthrough the stages of all martial arts with all his might.

    Apart from Huashan's introductory martial arts of silver grade, he didn't even let go of Basic Blade Arts, Basic Fist Strikes, Basic Arts of Lightness which he obtained from rummaging the room of Black Wind Stockade's Chief.

    These martial arts of iron grade, regardless of the increase in attributes or its power, simply couldn't be compared to likes of Huashan's introductory martial arts of silver grade.

    However, as a God-ranked player, Lin Yi clearly knew that during a battle, who had higher attributes or higher mastery in martial arts alone couldn't determine who was the strongest one.

    It was a test of who had more solid foundation, who had more martial arts, who had more hidden cards.

    Foundation, martial arts, hidden cards!

    These were what experts emphasized the most.

    The more you learn, the more you know, then you wouldn't be seen through when executing of a skill, number of flaws would decrease as well.

    If one were to think that Huashan Swordplay was stronger than Basic Fist Strikes, then only specialized in Huashan Swordplay and discard away Basic Fist Strikes.

    Then that was really courting death.

    It was true that Huashan Swordplay was powerful, but once the others could see through your moves, then they would be able to defend.

    Its might would then drop drastically!

    Eventually your opponent would be able to control the pace of the battle. Once it got to that point, then death wasn't far away.

    A true expert would use his/her weaker skills to face his/her opponents and use his/her exquisite skills as hidden cards. Only when it was time to determine the winner, he/she would use it. One move to determine the winner!

    Because he had fought many players from Huashan in game before, Lin Yi had a quite deep understanding towards Huashan's martial arts. Now that he had learned it, his understanding towards Huashan's martial arts deepened even more.

    His practise speed was faster as an outcome.

    Practising the same move, if one didn't understand Huashan Swordplay and was unfamiliar with it, one would only gain two or three experience points.

    If one had a good grasp of Huashan Swordplay and deep understanding towards it, completing a move would yield eight or nine experience points. By any chance, if one managed to execute the move with its essence behind it, the experience would be even more!

    Obtaining tens or even hundreds of experience points wasn't impossible.

    Borrowing his extensive experience in practising martial arts and his understanding of the martial arts, he was closer to grasping the essence of each moves. As such, his progress in practising martial arts was getting faster and faster!

    Eventually, his progress in a day was comparable to several folds, tens of folds of when he first started!

    Just in a span of one month, Lin Yi finally mastered all his martial arts to the third out of five stages of mastery, the intermediate stage!

    Displaying his attributes panel, Lin Yi inspected his harvest after one month of seclusion.

    Attributes Panel

    Name : Lin Yi
    Status : Yu City's Long Zhilong's son, Disciple of lower courtyard in Huashan
    Attack : 30
    Defense : 30
    Speed : 30
    Intenal Strength : none
    Sword Skills : Huashan Swordplay (Silver Grade) (Intermediate Stage +20 attack)
    Blade Skills : Basic Blade Arts (Silver Grade) (Intermediate Stage +10 attack)
    Movement Skills : Huashan's Arts of Lightness (Silver Grade) (Intermediate Stage +20 speed), Basic Arts of Lightness (Iron Grade) (Intermediate Stage +10 speed)
    Bare-handed Skills : Huashan's Fist Arts (Silver Grade) (Intermediate Stage +20 attack), Basic Fist Strikes (Iron Grade) (Intermediate Stage +10 attack)

    Note : Attribute bonuses will be chosen from the highest value from each discipline.

    Looking at the attributes panel, Lin Yi let out a smile. A span of one month had changed his attributes tremendously, from the previous 13 attack points to the current 30 attack points.

    Though he had attack points of 30, he was nothing compared to the experts in pugilistic world. He was still at quite a distance away from being a third-rate martial artists where the minimum was 70 points.

    Nonetheless, never underestimate this 30 attack points and 30 speed points.

    The attributes of ordinary people averaged at 10 points.

    30 attack points meant his physical strength was the three folds of ordinary people!

    Back at his previous world, a person who was stronger by three times of ordinary people could be regarded as Superman!

    Moreover, this was just a comparation of attribute points. Now he had learned martial arts, his combat strength was far much higher than his attribute points.

    Sword arts of iron grade would be able to unleash his attack by one hundred percent, while sword arts of bronze grade would be able to unleash his attack by one hundred and twenty percenty, and sword arts of silver grade would be able to unleash his attack by one hundred and fifty percent.

    In other words, Lin Yi's attack attribute was 30 points and he had learned Huashan Swordplay of silver grade. Once he execute Huashan Swordplay, his attack power would be the same as someone with 45 attack points who used martial arts of iron grade.

    The power increment by grades of martial arts goes the same for arts of lightness as well.

    The current Lin Yi could have a fight with someone with 45 attack points in pugilistic world!

    The harvest in this month could be said as bountiful!

    "Having secluded for a month, it's time now!"

    Lin Yi slightly squinted his eyes, tilted his head and gazed at the direction of peak of Mt.Hua, murmurred to himself. Desire to battle could be seen in his eyes!

    His martial arts had reached a bottleneck. It was difficult to have a breakthrough in the near future. It was time for him to move about.

    The wish and quest to become the head disciple, he didn't forget it in the slightest!

    "White Clouds Emerge, Phoenix in Harmony, Inverted Gentry, All-encompassing White Rainbow, Ashened Pine Welcome Its Guests, Flight of Golden Geese, Descend of Edgeless Wood!"

    Outside the thatched hut, Jiang Xiaoyu was practising Huashan Swordplay while constantly shouting out the name of the moves in succession.

    Lin Yi stepped out from the thatched hut, took a look at Jiang Xiaoyu and nodded in satisfaction. In a span of one month, Jiang Xiaoyu had mastered Huashan Swordplay to the initial stage. This kind of progress was acceptable compared to their peers.

    Naturally, it couldn't be compared to Lin Yi's!

    Lin Yi was a top expert who had cleared twelve standard meridians and eight extraordinary meridians, the founder of internal circulation previously in game. His understanding towards martial arts was far much deeper compared to rookies who had just came in contact with martial arts like Jiang Xiaoyu.

    These two simply couldn't be compared. If one were to force a comparison between them, then that would be a bit too excessive.

    "Your White Clouds Emerge is still quite stiff. This move is to squat down and halt, then slash your sword horizontally. When you are squatting, the speed must be fast. Halt doesn't really mean to stop completely. You should leave some strength left in your leg. Stamp on the ground with one feet and lift the other leg slightly from the ground, so that you can maneuver and change direction freely. Slashing sword horizontally must be done fast and naturally. When you are about to slash it horizontally, speed up your pace! These successive movement must be done in a blink of eye. In addition, you have to be able to wield it while able to change move instantly, so that you can be both offensive and defensive!"

    "This move is suited best for group attacks!"

    "And this All-encompassing White Rainbow ...."

    When Jiang Xiaoyu had finished his practise, Lin Yi pointed out his flaws, and told him how to execute them better.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, have you exited your seclusion?" Seeing Lin Yi stepped out of the thatched hut where he never came out from for one month, Jiang Xiaoyu called out happily.

    "Yeah, I have exited it." Lin Yi smilingly nodded. This roommate of his, Jiang Xiaoyu, a youth of thirteen or fourteen years old, made Lin Yi felt like he was his brother, therefore he was concerned with the progress of his martial arts and gave him a helping hand, "Ponder on the points I had said just now and practise well. You will be able to reach novice stage soon!"

    "En!" Jiang Xiaoyu nodded repeatedly, with a look of worship he stared at Lin Yi, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I think that you are much better than the instructor. Even the instruction from the instructor wasn't as detailed as yours. I also feel that even the instructors don't have the grasp of essence of sword arts as much as yours!"

    Lin Yi just smiled without replying. though he had agreed with what Jiang Xiaoyu had said in his heart. It wasn't that he was conceited, but it was the fact. With his deep understanding towards martial arts as a top expert, naturally he was better than those instructors who were only at the ranks of third-rate experts.

    With regards to understanding towards Huashan Swordplay, he was akin to someone at higher, strategic position. Naturally he could see much further and grasp the essence better compared to those instructors

    "Is there any news recently?" Lin Yi put away the previous topic and asked Jiang Xiaoyu.

    "En, let me think about it...." Jiang Xiaoyu tilted down his head while pondering, lifted it not much longer afterwards, with a depressed and disdain look he said, "A few days ago, the independent courtyards for new disciples were open. After days of competing, the top one hundred new disciples have emerged! Hmph, were it not for I have never come into contact with martial arts, I will surely beat them down!"

    "Oh, top one hundred new disciples have emerged?" Lin Yi's eyes showed a trace of light and playful look.

    Jiang Xiaoyu suddenly looked at Lin Yi, with glinting eyes, he said excitedly, "Senior Brother Lin Yi, I think that you are far stronger than them. How about you go and try? With you stepping forward, they will surely stand no chance!"

    "You are that optimistic about me?" Lin Yi smiled playfully.

    "Of course, to me, Senior Brother Lin Yi is even stronger than instructors!" Jiang Xiaoyu nodded heavily.

    "Then let's go and have a try?" Lin Yi laughed.

    "Okay!" Jiang Xiaoyu smiled like a blossomed flower, raised both hands in agreement, He thought in his heart, with this mysterious Senior Brother Lin Yi stepping forward, he would surely be able to teach a lesson to those arrogant top one hundred new disciples and teach them how to behave!

    The two of them brought their swords, stepped out of the thatched hut and rushed towards the area halfway up the mountain where the independent courtyards for top one hundred new disciples were located.

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    Chapter 9 - Consecutive Defeats of One Hundred Strongest New Disciples' Rankers

    Along the way, Jiang Xiaoyu walked gallantly, with his big mouth, he circulated the news that Lin Yi was going to challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples as if he wanted all of the world to know of this news, which attracted a lot of onlookers. Soon, there were hundreds of new disciples who came and followed behind them, forming a large group.

    Lin Yi didn't stop him from doing so. He had the absolute confidence that he could beat all of the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers down.

    This move by Jiang Xiaoyu had put him in advantage instead. The merrier attracted crowd, the more reputation he would be able to gain.

    As for how to move up to upper courtyard, Lin Yi had come up with a detailed plan.

    Which was to cause a sensation as huge as possible and become the most dazzling new recruit!

    The way that Huashan chose who to promote to upper courtyard from lower courtyard was still the old way.

    Firstly, they would choose someone with young age, high talent, and great potential. Simply put, if they were spotted by higher-ups from Huashan, they would be able to move up. As for this option, Lin Yi didn't hold much hope in it. His age of fifteen, almost sixteen, became his biggest flaw. No higher-ups would set their eyes upon him.

    The second option would be to charge in using strength, by entering the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples in the entire lower courtyard. From these rankers, those with strength close to third-rate experts would have ninety percent probability of being chosen. Lin Yi's target was precisely this. With absolute strength, undisputed attitude, he would become the strongest disciple in the entire lower courtyard and charge into upper courtyard.

    The awe-inspiring crowd poured into the independent courtyards, attracting the attention of one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers. One after another either walked out of their independent courtyard or stuck out their heads to take a look.

    In order to compete for the eligibility for a place in independent courtyards, they had gone through a battle to the bitter end where they emerged victorious eventually.

    Initially, they had thought that they could hold onto their positions for much longer, yet such a scene had to happen today.

    The appearance of such a spectacular challenger made them knitted their brows and felt anxiety in their hearts.

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    Lin Yi took a step forward towards the independent courtyard at the furthest end, which represented the courtyard for the hundredth ranker. He cupped his hand and spoke loudly.

    A challenger had come indeed, the expression of the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers slightly changed.

    "Well, what's supposed to come has come after all!"

    A youth with bitter smile walked out of the hundredth courtyard. Placed on the hundredth seat, he had prepared himself. He knew very well that he was like a bucket which could be kicked down by anyone anytime.

    Sure enough, he hadn't even sat on his position comfortably yet and a challenger had appeared.

    Under the gloating gazes of the other rankers placed in front of him, he walked out and cupped his hands.

    "The hundredth seat of one hundred strongest new disciples' ranker, Yu Bai, accept your challenge!"

    "Lin Yi!"

    Lin Yi unsheated his sword then reported his name.

    The challenge procedure in lower courtyard was very simple, yet formal.

    Everyone only needed to report their name, issue their challenge before starting. The winner would be able to live inside the independent courtyard and enter the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples at the same time.

    Having completed the challenge procedure, they didn't speak another word as the swords started clashing against each other.

    The skill Yu Hai executed right away was the one he was most proficient at, Huashan Swordplay!

    His Huashan Swordplay had reached novice stage in the span of one month. Among the new disciples, his progress could be counted as quite fast.

    Relying on novice stage mastery, he managed to enter the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples.

    Seeing Lin Yi had come prepared, he wouldn't hold back naturally.

    White Clouds Emerge!

    Squat down and halt, slash your sword horizontally!

    Lin Yi smiled faintly. He didn't use any sword arts and only casually lifted his sword and blocked Yu Hai's White Clouds Emerge.

    Yu Hai's expression changed into a serious look!

    His opponent actually managed to block his skill casually and sent a force through his sword, causing Yu Hai almost lost the grasp of his sword.

    He didn't dare to be negligent and executed Huashan Swordplay's moves one by one.

    Phoenix in Harmony!

    Inverted Gentry!

    All-encompassing White Rainbow!


    Each moves were connected to another perfectly.

    However, Lin Yi managed to block each moves easily.

    Yu Hai's forehead was covered with beads of sweat, seemingly very tired, which was in contrast with Lin Yi's relaxed look, apparently that the eleven moves of Huashan Swordplay had no pressure on him.

    Seeing this, how could Yu Hai don't understand the gap between them. He was simply an opponent on another level.

    This opponent in front of him didn't even execute a single move. He blocked casually relying just on his eyesight. It was obvious how much higher the sword arts mastery the opponent had compared to himself.


    Yu Hai asked to stop instantly, then continued with a bitter smile, "Senior Brother Lin Yi is powerful indeed, I[1] admit defeat."

    He glanced the independent courtyard behind him, a reluctant look flashed by then he turned serious, "I will move my things right away and hand over this courtyard to Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    Being able to take up something, one must be able to put it down as well.

    An appreciation look flashed by in Lin Yi's eyes, then he stopped Yu Hai's notion to move out of the courtyard, "Junior Brother Yu don't need to move, you will still live in this courtyard!"

    Yu Hai was startled.

    "Junior Brother Yu, I have noticed that your Huashan Swordplay has reached novice stage but your usage isn't fine enough. Every moves in Huashan Swordplay are incomparable powerful and don't need to be used orderly. Instead you should try to bring out the essence of each moves and adapt to the situation. You ought to learn some basic sword arts and basic arts of lightness. It will help you greatly. Otherwise, once your repeatedly use the same moves, your flaws will increase greatly!"

    Lin Yi gave out some reviews and suggestions.

    If it came out from the mouth of others, Yu Hai might not believe it. But Lin Yi had shown him how huge was the gap between them, he couldn't help but listened humbly.

    After pondered for a moment, with his talent that was able to reach novice stage in Huashan Swordplay in the span of one month, he quickly understood the meaning behind Lin Yi's words.

    Having figured out a lot of difficulties he had encountered during practise, he was suddenly enlightened.

    With a solemn face, he cupped his hands towards Lin Yi, "Many thanks for Senior Brother Lin Yi's guidance."

    "I will vacate the courtyard for Senior Brother Lin immediately" Yu Hai said with a resolute look, without even glancing back at the courtyard.

    Seeing how resolute Yu Hai was, Lin Yi shook his head and smiled, not concerning himself with Yu Hai anymore, he gazed at the system panel.

    System Notification

    Quest Rewards : Defeated the hundredth seat of one hundred strongest new disciples, Yu Bai. Obtained 1,000 combat experience points.

    Looking at the notification, Lin Yi was slightly surprised.

    He didn't thought that defeating someone would let him obtain combat experience points as well, which was a pleasant surprise for him! Initially the reason to challenge the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples was to spread his reputation, yet he didn't thought of defeating someone from the ranks of one hundred strongest disciples would yield combat experience.

    After thinking carefully, he understood something.

    Defeating Yu Hai was counted on challenge. Defeating someone from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples would produce some influence so it could be said as achievement. This could be counted as passive quest.

    What if this was the case?

    Then he needed to alter his plan slightly!

    Within Lin Yi's plain eyes, it looked like he was lost in thought which then revealed a trace of joy.

    Without waiting for the reaction by others, he went straight to the ninety-ninth courtyard, cupped his hands.

    "Lin Yi requests a challenge!"

    Everyone was stunned, then one by one became excited. A ruthless person had come, now there would be a good show!

    Among them, Jiang Xiaoyu was the most excited one, feeling ecstatic in his heart.

    Senior Brother Lin Yi was Senior Brother Lin Yi indeed, what a tough guy!

    "What is he planning to do? Don't tell me he want to challenge one by one all the way to the top?"

    Each of the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers were shocked. Their expressions turned ugly. Lin Yi apparently didn't even use any sword arts and he had managed to block the moves of Huashan Swordplay by Yu Hai who had reached novice stage.

    His sword arts mastery must be very high!

    If he didn't have deep understanding towards sword arts, there was no way he could do something like this.

    Everyone in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples were stronger than Yu Bai, but there still a limit to it. When they thought of whether they could block Yu Hai's Huashan Swordplay without using any sword arts and arts of lightness, most of them shook their head as they couldn't accomplish this.

    With this kind of thought, their pressure increased!

    They only felt their butt was burning hot right now. They were surely be unable to sit down stably on the seat under them!

    Among the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, the only one who didn't felt this pressure and could watch the show comfortably was the one placed in the first courtyard, the first seat, Han Bai.

    His family had always been the one in charge of certain large divisions of Huashan. He had started practising martial arts since he was small, even before joining Huashan he had already owned a set of good martial arts. After he had joined Huashan and learned Huashan Swordplay, Huashan's Arts of Lightness, Huashan's Fist Arts, these martial arts of silver grade, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds!

    In a span of one month, he had mastered Huashan Swordplay and Huashan's Arts of Lightness to intermediate stage, an undisputed martial arts genius!

    Seeing Lin Yi's action, he only smiled faintly, "This Lin Yi sure is interesting!"

    In his eyes, Lin Yi wasn't his opponent, but merely someone without adversaries among his peers. In his solitary life akin to snow, Lin Yi was just a side dish to him.

    Just at the moment when everyone was preoccupied with their own thoughts, Lin Yi clashed against the ninety-ninth strongest ranker.

    This time, he also didn't use any sword arts or arts of lightness and managed to defeat the ninety-ninth strongest ranker!

    "Lin Yi requests challenge!"

    Standing in front of the ninety-eight courtyard, Lin Yi spoke loudly while cupping his hands.

    Challenging the ninety-eighth strongest ranker!

    Soon, the ninety-eighth strongest ranker was defeated!

    The ninety-seventh strongest ranker was defeated!

    The ninety-sixth strongest ranker was defeated!


    The ninetieth strongest ranker was defeated!


    The eighty-eighth strongest ranker was defeated!


    The eighty-third strongest ranker was defeated!


    The eighty-first strongest ranker was defeated!

    Having consecutively defeated the last twenty out of one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers, it caused an uproar!

    "Too strong, Senior Brother Lin Yi is too strong!" Jiang Xiaoyu cried out crazily in his heart and jumped up excitedly.

    "Senior Brother Lin is powerful indeed. My loss wasn't an injustice!" Holding his package, Yu Hai was about to vacant his courtyard for Lin Yi, he saw Lin Yi continued his challenges instead. When he saw Lin Yi had even defeated the eighty-first strongest ranker, his body went stiff for a moment and involuntarily let out a sigh. However, after a while, when he thought back that he had some enlightment towards sword arts, his eyes lit up with a firm look. He gazed towards Lin Yi's back, clenched his fist, and muttered, "Senior Brother Lin, I will surely catch up to you. And once I do, I will defeat you!"

    "Stimulating, this is too stimulating! Let these conceited one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers taste the feeling of being defeated!"

    "Haha, now I am really curious as to whether he would continue his challenges and defeat all the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers?"

    "If he can defeat Han Bai as well, I will surely clap my hands while laughing!"

    The news disciples onlookers were excited, their blood were boiling, as if it was them who defeated the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers.

    "Hmph!" Even Han Bai who was indifferent as the wind and clouds, after seeing Lin Yi defeated one after another individuals from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, changed his expression and let out a sneer.

    More people were attracted by this scene, those who were more excited even shouted, "Defeat them! Defeat them all!"

    Lin Yi only smiled faintly and looked at his system panel.

    System Notification

    Quest Rewards : Defeated the ninety-ninth seat of one hundred strongest new disciples, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.
    Quest Rewards : Defeated the ninety-eighth seat of one hundred strongest new disciples, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.
    Quest Rewards : Defeated the eighty-first seat of one hundred strongest new disciples, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

    Experience : 24,200

    Having obtained enormous 20,000 combat experience points all of a sudden made Lin Yi very happy. If it went on like this, he would be able to reach advanced stage mastery soon in Huashan Swordplay.

    Displaying the skills panel, he quickly found Huashan Swordplay.

    Huashan Swordplay : Intermediate Stage +20 attack, next upgrade (Advanced Stage), 50,000 combat experience points needed.

    If it weren't for the purpose of causing an uproar, Lin Yi could not wait to challenge all the top one hundred rankers. However, for the position of Huashan's head disciple, Lin Yi held down his impulses and progressed step by step according to his plan.

    Each time he defeated an opponent, he would give out his reviews and suggestions afterwards.

    With his status as God-ranker player, comprehension akin to a top expert, a casually few words of his would be able to enlighten anyone, not to mention these one hundred rankers who were the cream of the crops among his peers. With one sentence from Lin Yi, one after another had further insight.

    In this way, it dissipated the grievances they had against Lin Yi. Furthermore, it also let Lin Yi gain their goodwills.

    The reason why Lin Yi did all this was preparing to compete for the seat of head disicple naturally. For one to become head disciple, other than having good martial arts, another most important point was to be loved by other disciples.

    Lower courtyard was his starting point, Lin Yi naturally would have to lay firm foundation here. He believed, at that time, these groups of lower courtyard's disciples wouldn't disappoint him.

    He sheated his sword!

    Lin Yi glanced around in a circular manner, then he looked at the independent courtyards, shouted, "Tomorrow Lin Yi shall come again to challenge another twenty ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!"


    The crowd went into an uproar, each of them called out excitedly, "He really wanted to defeat all one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers!"

    "Hmph, how arrogant!" The remaining one hundred strongest disciples' rankers revealed an ugly look.

    [1] "余某" was used here instead of "我", it literally means "This Yu(his surname)", referring to himself.

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    Chapter 010 - Unfathomable Depths

    The night passed by without any incidents, then came the second morning.

    The sun gradually rose from the east. The outer of independent courtyards for the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples had been fully packed by new disciples who heard the news. Some of them laid down on the rocks, some of them climbed up on trees, others stood on the plain ground. They were all waiting for the spectacular battle to commence.

    Every one of them were excited, as if they were the main character today!

    "Yesterday was too great. All of you would have never thought that Senior Brother Lin Yi with his sword alone, consecutively defeated twenty seats from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. He had even left his words, that he shall challenge another twenty today!"

    "*giggle*, you guys didn't see the expressions of the one hundred strongest new disciples rankers. They were comparable to pig's liver!"

    "They deserved it. Who told them to act so smugly and arrogant before. They think that they had moved into the courtyard so they are really the one hundred strongest new disciples. Now this is really a slap to their face!"

    "I really look forward to see their swollen faces with slaps from Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    "I also look forward to see Senior Brother Lin Yi challenge Han Bai and bring him down from the position of first seat. When that happens, Han Bai's expression must be very amazing, right?"

    "Han Bai? The level of difficulty is very high! It isn't as if you didn't see the scene from few days ago. Han Bai is simply not a human. He didn't even put his heart into it when he defeated all of us. The depth of his strength is unfathomable!"

    "Yeah, even before he joined Huashan, he was a well-known genius back at his place. Now that he had joined Huashan and learned three martial arts of silver grade, his strength must have increased even more. Moreover, no one knows which mastery has he reached in Huashan's martial arts. It's possible that he has reached intermediate stage!"

    "Intermediate stage? Heavens, that's too terrifying! It has been only one month. I only managed to reach initial stage. This Han Bai is simply not a human!"

    "*chuckle*, Han Bai may be powerful, but Senior Brother Lin Yi is unfathomable as well! If the two of them were to face against each other, then it will surely turn into a clash between dragon and tiger!"

    "Haha, just the thought of that scene makes me excited!"


    The one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers who lived in the independent courtyard also woke up early in the morning. Every of them climbed up to their roof, waiting for the challenger to come. It was even more true for those who were placed at eightieth to sixty-first in the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, each of them had recuperated and built up their strength, waiting to welcome the challenger with a vigorous look.

    The scene from yesterday was still too shocking for them. None of the hundredth to eighty-first seats of the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples managed to probe into Lin Yi's strength and got defeated. Lin Yi had left a heavy pressure on them.

    Among the one hundred strongest new disciples' rankers, the one placed at the eightieth seat had the most ugly expression. His forehead was already covered in cold sweat, feeling enormous pressure. Facing such an unfathomable challenger like Lin Yi, he wasn't confident he was able to keep the challenger at the outside of the eightieth rank!

    "Hey, relax a bit. Your most important task isn't to beat him, but try to find out the depth of his strength and his skill mastery and it's a success for you today. As for the task of blocking him, leave it to us!" The people around him patted him shoulder while comforting him.

    "Okay..." He smiled wryly.

    "He's here!"

    It was at this moment, the crowds suddenly let out a noise and made out a path among them. Holding his sword in his hand, Lin Yi walked in with a graceful bearing. Behind him was Jiang Xiaoyu with a satisfied and complacent expression, waving his hand and greeted the people around him constantly.

    "Thank you, everyone, for your supports. Our Senior Brother Lin Yi won't disappoint you all as today he will challenge another twenty seats from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples!" Jiang Xiaoyu yelled towards the crowds.

    Hearing his words, the expression twenty rankers who would battle today darkened and stared at him with killing intent. Jiang Xiaoyu seemed to not care about this, instead he waved at them triumphantly.

    "....." Those twenty rankers were all speechless.

    "Everyone sure woke up early today!" Lin Yi walked to the front of the eightieth courtyard, faintly smiled and looked at twenty of them with strange expression. Those twenty rankers shivered, feeling a cold down to their bones, as if Lin Yi wanted to swallow them whole.

    In fact, that was the truth. In the eyes of Lin Yi, they were not rankers from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, but a lump of experience instead!

    Having obtained enormous 20,000 combat experience points made Lin Yi addicted. This made Lin Yi who disliked challenging the others suddenly changed into someone who was keen to challenge!

    Challenge is good, if you won, you could even earn experience!

    Only a fool wouldn't go to challenge!

    Lin Yi thought secretly and his smile became warmer and filled with sincerity.

    "Look at Senior Brother Lin Yi's aura. He is so close to people, devoid of air of arrogance unlike other experts! I like him so much!"

    "You're right. Compared to Han Bai, Senior Brother Lin Yi is much better. I am starting to like him as well!"

    The crowds of new disciples started to discuss among themselves. At this moment, most of them had turned into the fans of Lin Yi.

    Surrounded by so many people, Lin Yi was like a superstar.

    This feeling felt especially good!

    After intoxicated in this feeling for a while, Lin Yi shook his head and woke up from his stupor. Experience was more important! He took a step forward, cupped his hands towards the eightieth courtyard and shouted, "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    "I accept your challenge!"

    The eightieth ranker walked out from his courtyard, cupped his hands, and replied monotonously with a clear face. However, his slightly trembling eyelashes exposed that his current state of mind wasn't calm, but nervous instead.

    Lin Yi didn't concerned himself with this as he only had a single thought in his mind.

    Time to gain experience!

    The eightieth ranker, without further ado, unleashed the skill he was most skilled at, Huashan Swordplay which had reached novice stage. At the same time, he also executed Huashan's Arts of Lightness which had reached novice stage as well!

    In the span of one month, the fact that he managed to reach novice stage in both martial arts was enough to prove he was worthy of his rank.

    Lin Yi faintly smiled in his heart, unsheated his sword, used a move from Basic Sword Arts[1] to block. Other than this, he didn't reveal any other martial arts.

    In the courtyard, the remaining seventy nine new disciples' rankers had a serious look.

    "In the end, we still didn't manage to find out his bottom line. Other than Basic Sword Arts, we don't know what the other skills he has!"

    "Not quite, though he only used Basic Sword Arts, but his moves could easily block Huashan Swordplay of novice stage can only mean his Basic Sword Arts has reached intermediate stage! As for Arts of Lightness, though he didn't execute any skills, but from how he managed to move without a single misstep, his Arts of Lightness mustn't be low, at least at novice stage!"

    The one hundred strongest new disciples gathered and discussed among themselves, trying to find out the bottom line of Lin Yi.

    Unfortunately, even when the eightieth ranker used up all moves of Huashan Swordplay, he didn't managed to find out Lin Yi's real strength.

    Lin Yi abruptly raised his strength, his sword caused the other sword to fly away. His sword's edge was now 3 cun[2] away from his opponent's neck.

    The chilly sword flash made the eightieth ranker felt a shiver in his heart. His body was trembling, with a wry smile, "You have won! Your skill is higher than mine, I admit my defeat!"

    System Notification

    Quest Rewards : Defeated the eightieth seat of one hundred strongest new disciples, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

    Lin Yi nodded his head then glanced at the experience points he gained and smiled faintly. According to his old rules, he told his opponent his flaws, and some suggestions on how to improve his sword arts.

    Soon, the eightieth ranker revealed a grateful look, feeling touched in his heart.

    This unfathomable Senior Brother Lin Yi, not only did he let him play out his full ability before using a move to defeat him. After defeating him, instead of mocking him like the others, he gave him guidance on sword arts patiently.

    Compared to that cold, arrogant Han Bai...

    He liked Lin Yi better.

    Lin Yi was very satisfied with the grateful look on the eightieth ranker. 'Bribing' lower courtyard's disciples was something he sowed for the seat of head disciple.

    Even if there were no head disciple, for the sake of that 1,000 combat experience points, he would still guided his opponent. Guiding someone would not waste much time and energy. It could even gain their goodwills and make the others feel grateful towards us. So why not?

    Lin Yi quite liked this feeling of, defeating the others then give them guidance afterwards.

    "Lin Yi has come to challenge!"

    "I shall accept your challenge!"

    Without stopping, Lin Yi continued to challenge the seventy-ninth seat from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. These disciples were quite straightforward. All of them accepted the challenge directly without wasting any words.

    Soon, without a doubt, the seventy-ninth ranker was defeated!

    Obtained 1,000 combat experience points.

    Issued challenge to the seventy-eighth ranker.

    Battle started!

    The seventy-eighth ranker was defeated!

    Obtained another 1,000 combat experience points.

    Under the exclamation by the crowds, one after another prominent one hundred new disciples' rankers were challenged and defeated.

    The seventy-seventh ranker was defeated!

    The seventy-sixth ranker was defeated!

    The seventy-fifth ranker was defeated!


    The sixty-ninth ranker was defeated!

    The sixty-eighth ranker was defeated!

    The sixty-seventh ranker was defeated!


    The sixty-first ranker was defeated!

    Completed his mission to defeat twenty seats from the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, another 20,000 combat experience points was now in hand!

    Lin Yi displayed his martial arts panel.

    System Notification

    Huashan Swordplay : Intermediate Stage +20 attack, next stage (Advanced Stage), 50,000 combat experience points needed.

    Current Experience : 44,200

    Another five thousand and eight hundred combat experience points to go, and he would be able to upgrade Huashan Swordplay to advanced stage.

    Lin Yi nodded with satisfaction. Nothing else could let him earn combat experience points faster than challenging the ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples. After pondering for these few days, he had gained deeper understanding on how to obtain experience points.

    In Great Pugilistic World, as long as he could defeat reputable opponent, he would be able to obtain rewards from achievement quests.

    The ranks of one hundred strongest new disciples, in the eyes of more than ten thousand new disciples, were all reputable people, so defeated them would be able to obtain rewards from achievement quests.

    One thousand combat experience points, neither too much or too less.

    But he's unable to hold much longer. There were too many one hundred strongest disciples!

    There were one hundred strongest disciples among new disciples, there were also one hundred strongest disciples among lower courtyard disciples, there were also one hundred strongest disciples in upper courtyard!

    With so many one hundred strongest disciples, just how much experience points could he get?

    Just the thought about it made Lin Yi trembled with excitement.

    On the path to contend for the seat of head disciple, experience points obtained from the rewards of defeating opponents were his biggest gain!

    "Old rules, tomorrow I shall come and challenge another twenty ranks!"

    Holding the sword with both hands, he lifted his sword facing the independent courtyards, and said plainly. After bidding his farewell, Lin Yi turned around and left. The surrounding crowds quickly made a way for Lin Yi.

    Watching Lin Yi's back gradually faded into the distance, the surrounding crowds all felt their blood boiling!

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is so cool!"

    The remaining sixty seats which had not been challenged yet had really ugly expression with a serious look to the utmost.

    "How unfathomable!"

    Everyone thought secretly in their hearts. Even the one who never put Lin Yi in his heart, Han Bai, thought like that as well. He was under pressure, feeling like his position was about to crumble!

    [1] It is indeed basic sword arts here (用着基础剑法的招式). I'm also curious when did he learn it since the skill he learned previously was basic blade arts (基础刀法)

    [2] 1 cun is approximately 3.2cm

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