Meng Hao

Meng Hao

My husband really loves ISSTH and talked me into entering the competition. :)


  • It looks good, try maybe putting something into the background or adding some accessories that would make the character look better [ just the advise]
  • What kind of accessories? I've only read the chapter that was given for Meng Hao's character description. I try to keep backgrounds simple so it doesn't take away from the main focus of the drawing. 
  • Damn that looks amazing! Well done!! I found my favorite :D
  • Hi there. First off let me say, wow you are one awesome wife! Also, glad your husband is a fan. For inspiration regarding that comment about "accessories" you could check out some of the (mostly) official ISSTH art here:

    Or my pinterest thread with xianxa art here:

    Good luck, it's looking awesome!

  • I am soooooo voting for you fingers crossed Meng Hao looks so bada55 with the blood swipe by his mouth  :D
  • Jesus that's amazing. Seriously, amazing work. And I'm saying that as in the original usage of the word, startlingly impressive.
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