The great Conqueror

I just want to know if the novel continues after where the manhua ends. The manhua ends abruptly and I know that there is differences between the two of them. The manhua is interesting but a bit too fast, and nobody picked seriously the novel. If the novel ends like the manhua though, I understand why and will not look further.
End of the manhua (at least what I understand and very shortened): they fight a Ape beast and all the hero's friends died. He is then imprisonned and escapes.

Link to the manhua:
Link to the novel:


  • What is this? Can you give a description?
  • Sorry the long time, didn't see the reply. Well, the synopsis is pretty classic:
    Hero reborn from modern world  (Though it doesn't matter much, the manhua skips that), born in poor family. Goes in a combat school for beast warrior (Basically, beast warrior are martial artist with a Beast Spirit. A bit like TDG but you are born with it). He and his brother are bullied at school but in fact, the hero is super strong (extremely agile and lot of combat experience) but hides his face when he fight and his brother is strong too (brute strength due to rage skill). He become a genius engraver too. And each and every time, he helps the underevaluate ones (Alchemy, church, ...).

    The manuah is translated until chapter 16. you can find it easily.
  • The novel is being translated at a good rate if you're still interested.
  • Any spoilers on whether this is a harem or OTP? 
  • am curious as well so bump
  • Why don't they shift to WordPress type of platform, would be better than these database error
    my grammar sucks ;(
  • what chapter would the novel be at according to the current manga translation?
  • what happens with the swan tribe?
    did the rabbit and the priestes join the zou family?

    Underlings! Go! Kidnap him for me.
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