Should I start ST?



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    Clyne said:
    ST better than DE,
    at least waifu didnt die

    i stop read DE when i read the spoiler

    but, i still continue to read ST until now, and the latest translation now is really really good

    with the pace of the translator, i think ST will be finished in 2-3 month
    are u fkin kidding me. u a$$ at least put a spoiler tag
    Understand basic grammar:
    Your vs You're
    There vs Their vs They're
    Defiantly vs Definitely
    Loose vs Lose
    Than vs Then
    To vs Too
    NO 'Should/Could of'

  • sorry2, i will edit my post wahaha

    i forgot this is not a spoiler thread
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    Knoth said:

    I think i had read more than enough of it. I only skipped unnecessary stuff in later volumes even if king took part in rape it don't change the fact that she died through rape.

    yes but regardless of it many are going to still hate her for whatever she did.

    That can make it different from other time travels which try to change past but it would be better if author made it so that mc don't appear dumb there.

    I will consider it pretty good read especially cause you can't find such tricks and politics like this on many other novels but it still have a lot of things that can tick off readers.

    In the beginning, it was said that Zhao Mu got jealous of the MC because Zhao Ni gave herself to the MC. So Zhao Mu went to rape her. After the rape, Zhao Ni was said to have kill herself. But her death was strange and had several loopholes, but even so the King still let Zhao Mu cover things up. Later they found out that the reason the king allowed this to happen was because the king himself took part in the rape and then order or arrange for Zhao Ni to be disposed off. Then they arranged the story to be told was that Zhao Ni missed her dead husband and decided to commit suicide. Which was a lie.

    If people hate Zhao Ya for her actions, then so be it. I for one understand and feel empathy toward her.

    The MC is a military expert, not the scholar type. The things he knows about this time period came from him watching a Tv-Series about the Qin conquest prior to his time travel. Which is why he chose this specific time period to travel to. I wouldn't say he is dumb, but indecisive. We has readers, have access to all the information the author gave us, so we are in the crowd telling him to do this and that, but the MC is in a blind spot, he doesn't know what we know.

    Yes this novel might incite some strong emotion from readers. But I believe that if you feel sad because a character die, then the author did something right when creating his characters. And even more so if you hate a characters. If we feel apathy and indifference, then the author would have fail us.
    I disagree.

    A novel is not "worth the read" simply because it is well written. Nor is it good simply because it can bring about strong emotions. Most of us (if not all) read for pleasure. Most humans do not associate mental and emotional pain as pleasure. The needless depictions of rape, cheating and in a nutshell anything associated with NTR are all unequivocally acts of great wrong, "evil" if you will. Thus they also bring forth in many (if not all) very powerful negative emotions. So obviously many people would not "enjoy" reading a novel that evokes such feelings.

    This being said, I do not think it is wise to repeatedly defend a novel that clearly is not for those who tend to stay away from things of that nature.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I do not believe your repeated attempts to justify the content are warranted. Especially considering the heavy amount of evidence put out by others in how much filth is in this novel.

    Lastly, Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread. I am (obviously) grateful for the warning and will most assuredly avoid reading this novel.
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