The Ancient's Son (Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 22)

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


The life and story of Arkanon Leyan unfolds as he chooses to become a
Guardian, a universal protector fighting against the Demons. He sets out
on his journey to find out his true potential and create bonds with his
fellow Guardians. But what awaits him is something he would have never
imagined; something unspeakably evil. As he furthers into his life, he
may soon realize that he doesn’t always have a choice.

Book 1: Rise of a Guardian:

The first story in the Ancient’s Son series. Arkanon Leyan, a ten year old boy, reluctantly chooses to become a Guardian after a sudden turn of events. Only thinking that he would be a normal soldier, Arkanon is surprised to find that he can do so much more. But not everything goes his way, as a darker force has plans for him.

Rise of a Guardian: Prologue

On the scarred field where many bodies lay strewn, there
stood few creatures. These creatures were scaled, bi-pedal, draconic like, with
wings a tail. These creatures easily stood 2 meters high. One side was blue
scaled wearing blazing white armor that seemed to hold a certain purity, while
the other side had red scales wearing pitch black armor that looked like it
absorbed all the light around it. All of the creatures left standing were
completely exhausted and some were wounded in various ways. All the bodies
surrounding both sides were similar to those standing. The ground itself was
riddled with massive holes that seemed to reach to the core of the planet
itself. The scene was similar all around the world. Millions upon millions of
the creatures have died on both sides. The war itself has destroyed the planet
beyond hope of regeneration. The creatures knew that their end was nigh. The
world that they stand on has begun to deteriorate. One of the blue creatures
walked over to the red one standing closest to him, and said, "Seems that
we'll both die soon, brother."

The red one looked to the blue one. "Yes, it seems

A massive quake shook the world, sending some of the
creatures sprawling to the ground, but the two remained standing.

"I truly wished this didn't happen." The blue one
said, "But it seems fate likes to play cruel tricks."

"Tell me brother, do you believe in any gods?" The
red one asked.

"Believe in gods? With how our civilization was made,
we only believed in ourselves and didn't question any supreme beings until we
gained better self-awareness. Besides, what god or gods would be cruel enough
to do this? To turn family against family and friend against friend."

"Brother, back when the calamity happened, when that
black wave engulfed me, I could feel something. Something powerful, dark and
sinister. Something that made my strength feel like a pebble compared to
it." The red one raised his right hand and looked at it. "I don't
know if that was a god or not, but it's strength, it's power, was something far
beyond our reach." He started to clench his hand into a fist. "The
way it toyed with my very being, and almost turned me into a mindless monster.
It was horrifying." He lowered his fist. "Sylvan, I hope you can forgive
me for what I've done. I could see the acts I committed, but had no control
over them. Friends and family I had once known, I killed them." A hint of
sorrow was detected in his voice.

Sylvan put his hands on the red ones shoulders and said,
"Tyril, are you saying that a god did this to us? Are you saying this
being purposely tore apart families and friends?!" Extreme anger could be
heard in his voice.

 "Yes, when the
madness hit me, I caught a glimpse of his thoughts. We were nothing more than
toys to it!" Tyril yelled.

A small, pitiful laugh could be heard from Sylvan as he let
go of Tyril. "So we were just here for it's amusement. All our
accomplishments were for naught. Everything we worked towards was torn apart so
it could watch as we kill each other... Tell me Tyril, are you content to sit
here and die?" A small look of anger and hatred entered Sylvan's blue
eyes. It was the first time he felt these feelings.

Tyril was taken back a bit by Sylvan's words, but he
immediately made up his mind. "No, I'm not content to just die. It's
because of that bastard that we have gone through all this pain and suffering.
So we'll pay it back to him ten-fold!"

Tyril could feel his madness rising again. "So what do
we do now, brother? How will we get our revenge?"

Tyril. I'm as eager as you right now, but we are far too weak currently, and
the planet we're on is on the verge of collapse. For now, we should just think
of some way to live through the blast."

The brothers stood there and thought for a minute, while the
other around them had either fallen to their knees and given up, or are trying
to escape back to the distant cities.

"Brother, I've got an idea!" Tyril said excitedly.
"What is it?" Sylvan asked. "Brother, we can go use the
emergency cryo stasis pods. Remember? They were created in case of a calamity
happened with the Energy testing going on. They've been proven to have a high
resistance, and we can at least remain in them for a few million years."

"Yes, that will work. It will have to work. We have no
other choice. Quickly, Tyril, we must be fast. I'm sure we're not the only ones
that have thought of this."

 Tyril and Sylvan ran
to the closest city. By the time they arrived, the planet was in critical
condition, on the verge of exploding. They found the nearest shelter and
quickly ducked inside. What they found inside was a large circular room. A
small number of empty pods, and a large number of occupied pods, but the
occupied pods had swords shoved through them, the highly resistant glass easily
stabbed through.

Around one of the pods, a group of three red-scaled monsters
could be seen. As Sylvan and Tyril arrived, the watched as one of the three
shoved a sword through the last occupied pod. Sylvan started to boil with rage.
He charged toward one of the three, while Tyril chased after him. Before the
creature could notice, Sylvan had grabbed the sword it was hold, twisted it out
of it’s grip and rammed it through the creature’s skull. By the time the two of
them had noticed, Tyril had gotten behind one and grabbed and snapped it’s
neck. The last creature completely was dumbfound by how quickly these two were
killed. It then released a blood-curdling scream filled with complete madness
and rage and charged towards Sylvan. Tyril reacted immediately by grabbing one
of it’s arms and dislocated the shoulder and shattered the elbow. Due to the
sudden pain, the creature attempted to hack at Tyril with it’s sword, but
Sylvan acted sooner. He rammed his elbow into the creature’s chest, fracturing
it’s ribs and caving in it’s chest cavity. The creature spat up blood and
dropped it’s sword. Sylvan quickly grabbed the sword as it was falling and with
one quick stroke, cut the creature’s head off. Dark blue blood splattered out
from the stump of it’s neck.

As soon as the skirmish ended, a massive quake shook the
entire world.

 “Damnit! Tyril, we’re
out of time! Quickly, set the pods to highest setting and get inside!” Sylvan
yelled out.

“Will we be the only survivors, brother?” Tyril asked.

“I don’t even know if we’ll survive the blast.” Sylvan said
honestly, “But let’s trust that we’ll live to see our vengeance.”

When both of the cryo stasis pods opened, Sylvan and Tyril
both stepped inside without hesitation. As ice formed on their bodies, they
both silently prayed that they would live. As soon as the pods were fully
activated and both of them were in a deep sleep, a massive explosion of pure
and dark energy exploded from within the planet, obliterating everything that
stood in its way and sending pieces of the planet and anything strong enough to
withstand the blast far into the furthest reaches of space. The titanic planet that
these creatures lived on, Tyril and Sylvan’s home, was no more.

But from this destruction came creation. The raw energy,
both pure and dark, gathered among the fragments of the titan planet and
started to create new planets, although much smaller than the original. But the
pure energy that didn’t combine with the planet fragments made suns. With the
destruction of a mighty race came the creation of new life. Many of the planets
grew, and with them came the life of new species and races. Among the new races
that sprouted up, the Ancient’s and Corrupted appeared. The Ancient’s and
Corrupted weren’t a new race, but that is what they were named after the
destruction of their home planet. Before then, they had no race name. Among
these new races, the Ancient’s and Corrupted had mated with the different
species, causing some rather abnormal problems. The children between either the
Ancient’s or Corrupted with any other race, caused half-bloods. The children
usually looked the same as their normal race would, but they were stronger than
others, and the usually had white hair, if they had any hair, and blue eyes if
they were born from an Ancient, or black hair and red eyes if born from a
Corrupted. Eventually, war started between the Ancient’s and Corrupted again,
as many of the Corrupted hadn’t regained most of their sanity, unlike Tyril and
some others. This war continued on for millions of years, with each passing
generation slowly weakening the descendants of both sides. Eventually, the
descendants of the Ancients became known as the Guardians, and the descendants
of the Corrupted became known as the Demons. The Guardians fought for freedom,
while the Demons fought for control. Countless lives were lost on both sides. Even
to the present day, both the Guardians and Demons fight for dominance.



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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 1

    Arkanon’s life was a strange one, the beginning of it was the name
    his mother had given him.  Arkanon was around 5 years old when his
    mother fell very ill due to poor health conditions, and died soon after
    from it. He never knew who his father was as he never met him. Whenever
    he asked his mom about it, she would simply give a sad smile and say
    that he was gone. After his mother’s death, he became somewhat
    despondent. He never normally was a bright cheerful child to begin with,
    as his understanding of the world came quickly, but he still smiled
    every now and again. But a smile never came to his face after that

    He was eventually placed into an orphanage since no one would claim
    him on his mother’s side, and his dad was shrouded in mystery. There,
    Arkanon secretly despised everyone else. They were loud, noisy, and
    annoying. Every now and then, adults would come in looking to adopt a
    child into their family. All the children would always rush out and try
    to get attention to themselves, but Arkanon would always sit in the
    back, watching from afar. One day though, a newlywed couple came to
    adopt. As they looked at all of the children, their faces were always
    smiling and radiating joy. But when they noticed Arkanon sitting in the
    back by himself, the two approached him. When they looked at him, they
    saw his eyes were clouded and he seemed dead inside and there was a
    small sneer on his face. The couple were shocked at this, and eventually
    asked one of the people in charge what his story was and why he was in
    such a state. The head mistress answered the two saying that his mother
    died while he was young, and his father was unknown. No one from his
    mother’s side wanted to take him in, so he ended up here. The
    Headmistress also pointed out how other kids seemed to bully him due to
    his odd nature and even odder name. The couple were a little shocked at
    how rough he must’ve had it, especially at 6 years old. The couple
    walked back up to Arkanon and he looked back at them with the same
    clouded, dead eyes. The two asked him if he would like to come with
    them, and for a second his eyes shined a bright blue. He asked why they
    wanted him, since everyone else seemed scared by how he acted. But the
    couple put on the brightest smiles and said that they know what he’s
    gone through and want him to brighten up. Arkanon knew that he didn’t
    have the worst past here, so he questioned why his past came up here.
    When he asked why his past mattered, the two got a little flustered when
    he asked why. They both grimaced a little then said they don’t know why
    him, but they still wanted to adopt him. Arkanon still was uncertain,
    but agreed and was glad to be out of the orphanage. He didn’t make
    friends with anyone there, so he had no one to say goodbye to. The names
    of the couple that adopted him were Bryan and Jessica.

    Arkanon was now a 10 year old boy, with light brown hair and shining
    blue eyes. Even though he was just 10 years old, he was about as clever
    and smart as an average adult. He could read easily, writing and
    performing different math functions were simple to him. He was advanced
    for his age. Even though he was at the same height as other kids his
    age, and he was much stronger.

    It was a dark, empty night as Arkanon was walking home from the store
    after picking a few things up. The town that he moved to with his new
    adoptive parents was a more rural area, with a lot of peaceful scenery
    around. The roads were usually quiet at this time since most everyone
    was asleep. Arkanon merely had to go get some milk and other small
    necessities from the nearby 24/7 grocery store. The town was very small
    and everyone knew everyone there. It was around 4 years ago when Arkanon
    and his new family moved to this town. When he first got here, Arkanon
    was skeptical about this place, but he gradually learned about everyone
    else here. Everyone was friendly towards him and no one bullied him for
    his name or his unique intelligence. In fact, he was praised by the
    adults and the other kids looked up to him. It made Arkanon feel a sense
    of pride.

    When Arkanon got home, he was greeted by his adoptive father, Bryan. “How was your walk? Pretty peaceful?”

    Arkanon’s adoptive parents were kind people. Bryan was a naïve young
    man, but he still acted like a father, although a little more lenient.
    Jessica was a bit more protective and always told Arkanon to be careful.

    Arkanon nodded his head and said, “Yeah, this town is really
    peaceful, especially at night time. You know you two are pretty
    irresponsible parents, letting your kid wander around at night time.”

    Bryan chuckled and asked, “So are you saying you can’t take care of yourself?”

    His adoptive parents weren’t too concerned about him wandering around
    at night, especially with how quiet the town was. If something did
    happen, they were sure someone from a nearby house would rush out to
    help him. Even if no one did come out, Arkanon was physically stronger
    than most kids his age, he would most likely be fine.

    Arkanon gave a small glare back as a response but still grinned a
    little. After his mother died, he felt alone. When no one came to get
    him, he despaired. Since he was younger and still new to understanding
    emotions, he had trouble controlling himself. He felt dead inside, and
    nothing else mattered. That was when these two came and saved him from
    that despair. Arkanon felt nothing but gratitude to his adoptive

    After he put his groceries away, Arkanon went and got ready for bed.
    He still had to go to school. Even though he was considered somewhat of a
    genius, that only meant he could understand things better and learn
    faster. Arkanon crawled into bed and within a few seconds, quickly fell

    Arkanon awoke the next morning and went about his daily life. He went
    and had breakfast with his family, then got ready for school. After
    attending school, he would usually talk with the other kids and go out
    and explore the area around town.

    As Arkanon was heading home as it was turning dark, someone grabbed
    him and pulled him into an alley. A hand was cupped over his mouth to
    stop him from screaming, but Arkanon had no such plans. Instead he
    calmed himself down, the town was small enough that someone would notice
    the stranger trying to kidnap Arkanon if he was too careless.

    As soon as they were out of sight, the assailant whispered into
    Arkanon’s ear, “Don’t freak out boy, I don’t intend to hurt you and I’ll
    let you go, but you need to hear me out.”

    Arkanon nodded his head and he was released. He immediately turned
    around to get a glimpse at the person that grabbed him. What greeted him
    was a 1.5 meter tall man that looked to be in his 30s with short dirty
    white hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a brown cloak around him,
    covering most of his body. On the man’s face was a crescent shaped scar
    across his cheek. On his back he had a short sword sheathed.

    “Good, you didn’t scream. I don’t want to cause a lot of trouble, but I had to warn you.” The man said.

    “Warn me? Warn me of what?” Arkanon asked.

    The man shook his head. “I can’t explain it all right now boy, but if
    you value your life don’t go home.” After a short pause, he continued,
    “It would be best if I could get you out of here right now, but there
    are some other things I need to take care of before I leave. Hey boy,
    meet me at the north edge of town later tonight.”

    Although Arkanon could tell this strange man didn’t mean any harm,
    the last thing he would do is meet a stranger late at night with no one
    around. He still agreed to meet the stranger, but he would go home and
    inform his parents that there was some man running around with a sword
    on his back.

    After hearing Arkanon’s answer, the man nodded his head. “Good, and
    remember what I said boy. Stay away from your house tonight. There’s
    something sinister at work here.”

    When he finished talking, the man turned around and ran off,
    disappearing from Arkanon’s sight within seconds. Although Arkanon
    wasn’t panicking, he still let loose a small sigh of relief as soon as
    the stranger was gone.

    As soon as the man got out of the town, he silently prayed that the
    child would listen to him. The last thing that the boy need to
    experience was running into demons at this young age.

    Arkanon continued to walk home without heeding the man’s words.
    Although they left him with a bit of a chill, he didn’t mind them too
    much. The words echoed in his mind. If he valued his own life, he would
    stay away. Arkanon chuckled and whispered silently to himself, “Guess I
    don’t value my own life.”

    Everything on his way home was just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary
    happened. When Arkanon got home, he opened the door to find nothing
    strange. As he walked in, he didn’t see Bryan near the entrance waiting
    for him. It didn’t surprise Arkanon, he figured that his parents must be
    asleep. As he took his shoes off and walked to the living room, that’s
    when it all changed. All he could see was blood everywhere.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 2

    All he could see was blood. It was splattered all over the living
    room. In the center though, were two unrecognizable humans. Their bodies
    mashed into separate piles of organs and flesh with bones sticking out.
    The sight was so horrifying that Arkanon collapsed to his knees. He
    wanted to scream, but his throat was clenched so tightly and he had
    difficulty breathing. Arkanon knew who the piles belonged to and reality
    seemed to collapse around him. Eventually the stench of the corpses
    reached him and he vomited. After he got up, he cried as he walked
    closer towards the remains. Thoughts began to form in his mind trying to
    sort out this chaos. The biggest one was “Why did this have to happen
    to them?”

    As Arkanon stood there and these questions continued to fly through
    his mind, he heard a sinister voice from behind him say, “Look what we
    got here, our little guardian came out to play.”

    Arkanon tried to turn around, but he was quickly grabbed by the
    throat and lifted up. What met his gaze was a man with pure black hair
    and blazing red eyes that contained within them a certain madness. Fear
    seized Arkanon as his entire body locked up. This man had the aura of a
    monster about him. As he was being held up by the throat, the man turned
    his head around and yelled, “Hey, I found the kid!”

    Within a few seconds of the man yelling, two other people came out
    from behind him. They both looked to be around 20 and had black hair and
    red eyes as well. They wore black cloaks around their bodies,
    concealing themselves. These three men were the complete opposite of the
    man from earlier. Arkanon’s thoughts went back to that warning. The
    stranger had tried to tell him, but Arkanon in his naivety continued on
    home thinking nonetheless of it. Now he was about to pay with his life.

    “Don’t kill the kid yet boss, we still haven’t had our fun.” One of the two men said in the back.

    “Yeah boss, you were the one that killed those two earlier.” The other one said.

    Arkanon’s vision had started to black out when the man holding him up
    sighed then said, “Fine, you two can have him. But first…” He threw
    Arkanon into a wall. He nearly blacked out after slamming into the wall,
    the air escaping from his lungs. He landed on his hands and knees after
    that. Arkanon could barely breathe as he looked up to see the two men
    from before walking up to him. Terror gripped his heart as he tried to
    get up and run away. Before he could move very far, Arkanon was grabbed
    by the hem of his shirt, and he could feel as one of the men kicked his
    right shin, snapping in half. Arkanon screamed out in agony while one of
    the men laughed and said, “This brat thinks he can get away from us.”
    Arkanon, in a desperate attempt to get away, turned around and with as
    much force as possible punched the man holding him in the gut with his
    right hand. What his hand hit instead was metal armor, which caused a
    few fractures in his right hand. The man grunted in a little bit of pain
    and yelled, “You little shit!” The man grabbed Arkanon’s right forearm,
    squeezed and twisted it shattering the bone and causing it to go limp.
    Before Arkanon could scream out again, he was punched in the chest,
    damaging his organs and cracking a few ribs. He spat out a mouthful of
    blood, and was released, falling onto his back. Immediately after being
    released, Arkanon turned over and tried to crawl away using his left arm
    and leg. Before he could get very far, a boot stomped down onto his
    back completely crushing his spine and destroying his back bones.
    Arkanon spat out another mouthful of blood as his body went limp. Blood
    flowed continuously out of his mouth as he laid there, life fading away.

    “Aw, looks like the kid is done already.” One of the men complained.

    “I’m surprised, that punch from that brat actually stung a little.” The other said.

    “Come on you two, let’s get out of here before any guardians come.” The third one, the boss, said.

    While they were getting ready to leave, Arkanon laid there bleeding
    out. He started to see his short life flash through his eyes. All his
    experiences, emotions, everything came back. He knew that he was going
    to die, and he had no control over it. His vision turned blurry and he
    closed his eyes. Although it was short, he was content with the memories
    he had.

    A sudden voice out of nowhere brought him back though. A voice that
    he had never heard from before, a voice that carried power with it.
    Something that was hidden until now. Time seemed to stop as this voice
    asked Arkanon a question.

    “Are you truly content to lay there and die?”

    Arkanon then questioned it. Was he really going to lay there and die?
    What about his parents? Was he not going to take revenge for them? Was
    he not going to take revenge for himself? What about the other people
    they might hurt? Was he okay with his early death? No, he wasn’t content
    with it. How could he be okay with dying, how could he be okay with
    those three monsters, those three demons, getting away without anything happening to them?

    “I… will not… die!” Arkanon forced these words out of his mouth. He
    could feel something start to roil around in the pit of his stomach.
    Some strange sensation started to go around his body. He could feel his
    body starting to heal, everything returning and becoming stronger. His
    hair faded to pure white and white lightning started to crackle around
    him. He began to stand up, and while doing so shouted to the heavens, “I

    As he finished standing, he turned towards where the three men left
    and charged after them, no longer fearing them. Before long, he saw them
    walking around in the night, blending in with the surrounding darkness.
    Before they could take notice, Arkanon was already behind one of them.
    Putting all his newfound strength into his right hand, Arkanon punched
    one of the men’s upper backs. A hole was blown straight through the
    man’s chest, splattering blood, bone, and flesh all over the other two
    men. As soon as they turned around to see what happened, the man with
    the hole in his chest had collapsed and died.

    “What in the hell?!” One of the men exclaimed.

    The man tried to reach to his dagger on his left side, but Arkanon
    had already grabbed the man’s arm. Before the man could react, Arkanon
    pulled with all of his strength and tore the man’s arm off at the
    shoulder, causing him to cry out in agony.  Arkanon then kicked the man
    in his knee, causing it to bend backwards at an awkward angle. The man
    fell to his other knee, where Arkanon then rammed his elbow into the
    man’s chest, causing it to cave in. The man spat a little bit of blood
    out onto Arkanon’s face, causing him to sneer where he then grabbed the
    man’s neck and snapped it, causing instant death.

    “I should’ve finished you off before we left. No matter though, I’ll
    still kill you here.” The third man, the boss, said. He had grabbed his
    short sword already, and had it in front of himself.

    Arkanon turned towards the final man and said, “You’re sure awfully full of yourself for someone that can’t kill a simple kid.”

    The man’s face contorted while he yelled, “You little piece of shit!
    I’ll make you regret those words when I gut you like a fish!”

    The man started to swing wildly, his anger getting the best of him.
    Arkanon started to twist his body, dodging all of the oncoming attacks.
    His senses, now heightened, helped him to move around the blade.

    “DAMN YOU!” The man screamed and brought his sword down in a wide arc
    very fast, nearly catching Arkanon, but missing him because of his
    small body. Arkanon then took the chance and grabbed at one of the man’s
    wrists holding the sword, then twisted. The man’s wrist shattered,
    causing him to drop the sword. Arkanon grabbed the sword as it dropped
    and with fast reflexes and all of his strength swung at the man’s waist.
    The combined speed and power split the man in half, sending his torso
    flying back while his lower body collapsed. Arkanon then walked over to
    the man’s torso, where he was still somewhat alive. In his bright blue
    eyes, there was no mercy. His pure white hair seemed to shine in the
    darkness of the night. Arkanon looked down at the man. The man was
    terrified of the monster before him. This child had single-handedly
    killed his two companions and was now about to kill him. The fear he
    felt was similar to what Arkanon felt when they were about to kill him.

    “Oh how the tables have turned.” Arkanon said while grinning and looking down at the man.

    “P…Please, spare me!” The man begged.

    Arkanon looked like he was contemplating it for a second. The man had
    a faint sliver of hope. Guardians were supposed to be good, right? They
    took prisoners, right?


    Before the man could cry out, the sword was shoved straight through his skull, killing him instantly.

    Arkanon stood there for a second before walking a short distance,
    then collapsed to his hands and knees, coughing wildly. As he lost all
    strength in his body, he turned around and looked towards the night sky,
    all the stars visible.

    “Please rest in peace, mother and father.” Arkanon said as he sadly smiled before passing out.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 3

    From the sidelines, there was a spectator that watched as Arkanon
    passed out. Jared, the guardian from earlier, had seen the one sided
    slaughter and could only tremble in fear. Before his very eyes, he had
    just witnessed a ten year old kid completely decimate three demons. No
    matter how weak they may have been, those three demons were fully grown
    men and equipped with armor and weapons. The power that little kid just
    displayed rivaled that of a mid-rank guardian, which Jared was at.
    Although terrified from the event he just witnessed, he knew that after
    that commotion, he didn’t have much time to sit around and wait. If he
    delayed any longer, local residents would come out and notice the
    situation and things would turn problematic from there. So he had to
    decide whether or not he was going to take the kid with him. If it all
    worked out in the end, Jared knew that the child could become a
    high-ranked guardian, or even a general-rank which is the highest rank
    achievable. If things turned out badly, there would be massive
    repercussions within the guardians. But he didn’t have time to mull over
    it. It was either take the kid now or leave him. After a few seconds of
    thought, Jared ran out to where Arkanon lay, picked him up and strung
    him over his shoulder. Arkanon was still unconscious, the strain on his
    body from his awakening was evident. Jared quickly ran out towards where
    his ship was located, but not before hearing a shrill scream come from
    behind him. The bodies must’ve been found, so Jared started to run a
    little faster, but not before a few people noticed him running off. To
    the local residents, all they saw was a robed man run away from three
    dead bodies with a child hanging over his shoulder. Before long, they
    reached his ship. Jared put his palm up to the scanner, and the door
    opened up. Inside the medium-sized ship was a bed with a bathroom next
    to it, a small kitchen and a large computer with different monitors that
    acted as means of communication and various other things. To the back
    was a door which led to the engine room, at the front was the pilot’s
    seat. It was similar to a big motor home. Jared put Arkanon down on the
    bed, and went to the console. After hitting different keys, Jared
    attempted to contact his superior, a high-ranking guardian. Within a few
    seconds of ringing, the call went through and a voice came through and
    asked, “Jared, what is it? Did you find any candidates?”

    Jared’s reason for being on Earth was to search for any potential guardians. That was the mission given to him.

    “I’m not sure what I’ve found sir, but I’ve certainly found something.” Jared replied back in a respectful manner.

    The voice asked, “Oh? What did you happen across?”

    Jared responded, “A child, sir. A ten year old boy.”

    “A child? What’s so impressive about him?”

    “I personally witnessed the boy take down three fully equipped low-ranked demons.”

    “He’s killed three demons and he’s only ten, you say.” The voice went
    silent for a second. “Jared, bring this child to the nearest
    headquarters. I wish to meet him as soon as possible.”

    “Yes sir, Jared Winesk signing off.” The call ended, and Jared
    breathed a sigh of relief. Talking with his superiors was always
    something he found difficult at times.

    It was around this time that Arkanon started to wake up. Waking up in
    a place he didn’t recognize, Arkanon looked around his surroundings and
    noticed he was in some sort of ship. However, every little movement
    caused his body to cry out. A little further away from himself, he
    noticed the dirty white-haired man from earlier. Arkanon, not knowing
    what to think, tried to stand up with the intention to escape. His body
    reacted differently though and within a few seconds he fell face down on
    the floor. Jared turned around after hearing a thump and a muffled
    “Ow”. He noticed that the boy had fallen on the floor and was sprawled
    out. Jared was a little surprised that child had already woken up.

    Arkanon turned his head towards Jared and said, “If you plan on killing me, please make it quick. My body already hurts.”

    Jared could only laugh helplessly. He then said, “Giving up so soon,
    boy? I thought you would’ve had a little more fight in you after how you
    killed those three demons.”

    Arkanon’s body tensed up a little when he remembered that encounter.
    The pain he experienced at that time was far worse than the pain now and
    any pain before.

    Seeing the reaction Arkanon had to his words, Jared immediately
    apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up such bad memories so

    “No, no, it’s not your fault. You tried to warn me not to go, but I did anyways.”

    Jared could still see the pained look on Arkanon’s face. He sighed and said, “I’m Jared Winesk. What about your name?”

    “Arkanon. Arkanon Leyan.” Arkanon replied.

    Jared received a little shock from that. He asked silently, “Did you say your last name was Leyan?”

    Arkanon nodded his head slightly, a look of confusion on his face. “Yes, I did. Why does that matter?”

    Jared shook his head a few times. “No reason. It must be a coincidence. Anyways Arkanon, isn’t that a bit of a strange name?”

    Arkanon laughed a little as he turned to lay on his back, his body becoming more at ease.

    “What, did I ask a funny question?” Jared was confused.

    “No, it’s just you’re far from the first to say or ask about my name.” A saddened look entered his eyes.

    Jared winced. He stepped on yet another land mine, and apologized again.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Arkanon had noticed how his reaction caused Jared to grimace a little.

    Jared sighed once more before continuing. “Well Arkanon, I’m going to
    be honest with you. I want you to join me and other people in the

    Guardians? This was the first time Arkanon heard of this. “What is that? Some sort of secret organization?”

    Jared chuckled a little before continuing. “Well it is certainly similar. But it isn’t secret and we’re not all from Earth.”


    “We’re not all from Earth. In fact, this planet is actually in a more
    remote region of the galaxy. It’s not common that we pass through here,
    but I was here on a mission to scout out people like you.”

    “So that means I’m on a space ship right now?”



    Jared looked at Arkanon,  then went silent for a few seconds, a
    little perplexed at his reaction. But before long Arkanon started to
    giggle, a wide smile on his face. Even though he was advanced for his
    age, Arkanon was still a child. After his giggle fit was done, Arkanon
    got serious once more.

    “So, you want me to join you guys to fight against more of those ‘demons’ or whatever, right?”

    “I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hide it from you for long. Yes, that’s the reason I brought you here. So, what is your-“

    “No.” Arkanon’s eyes contained a look of hatred and fear. Hatred for
    how they’ve wronged him, and fear of what they’ll do to him.

    “Arkanon, just hear me-“


    “Arkanon, please just-“

    “I said no!”

    “God dammit boy, listen to me!” Jared lost his patience and snapped.

    “Why should I?! You want me to go out there and fight more of those monsters? Are you mad?” Arkanon snapped back.

    “Think about it. Just stop and think about it. Why else would I ask
    you, despite knowing how you’re scared of them?” After a few seconds of
    silence, Jared continued, “It’s because we don’t want other people to
    suffer what we went through.” Jared sat down next to Arkanon and leaned
    back against the bed. “I know I’m asking for a lot, Arkanon, but do you
    want other people to suffer what you’ve gone through?”

    Arkanon went silent, his face contorted in thought.

    “Let me ask you a different question.”

    Arkanon looked towards Jared.

    “Do you truly think that you can go back to a normal life?”

    This question startled Arkanon. He had never thought about what he
    might do. When he kept saying no before, that was more from fear than
    anything else. As he thought more about it, he started to see why Jared
    was asking him. Arkanon had the power to prevent other innocent people
    from suffering from the demons hands. But he had experienced firsthand
    how ruthless and cruel the demons were, and the mere thought of facing
    them again caused his entire body to shake with fear. After taking a few
    breaths though, he calmed down. Arkanon knew what he had to do.

    Arkanon started to stand up, his body crying out in protest. Although
    it hurt, he only grunted before standing up tall. Arkanon looked at
    Jared. His shining blue eyes full of resolve.

    “Jared, I want to become a Guardian.”

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 4

    When Arkanon stood and told Jared that he wanted to become a
    guardian, there was a sense of pride in Jared’s heart. Even though
    Arkanon just went through a traumatic experience, he made the resolve to
    fight the demons. Jared knew Arkanon would become a great guardian in
    the future if he worked hard enough.

    Jared gave a small grin and said, “Although your enthusiasm is admirable, there are still steps to become a guardian.”

    Arkanon tilted his head and asked, “What are they?”

    Jared stood up and crossed his arms over his chest. “Well for a
    normal guardian, you would go to a boot camp where you would train up.
    Usually only low-ranked or mid-ranked guardians come out of there
    though. You, however, are a special case. I’ve never seen anyone take
    out three demons like that before.” Jared put his hand on his chin. “If
    you’re lucky, you may be admitted into the academy were only the
    children of high-ranking guardians attend. That place produces a prodigy
    every now and then.”

    “Jared, do you really think I could get in there?” Arkanon’s eyes were filled with a sliver of hope.

    Seeing a kid look at him with those innocent eyes, even though
    Arkanon is as clever as an adult, Jared couldn’t straight up tell him
    there’s almost no chance of it happening. He sighed resignedly.

    “I’m not going to be cruel and say that it’s impossible, however the
    chances are very slim. My word as a veteran mid-ranked guardian isn’t
    worth much.”

    Although Arkanon was disappointed after hearing those words, his resolve didn’t waver. His face still had that determined look.

    “It doesn’t matter whether or not if I can make it in, I’ll still give it my best.”

    Jared nodded at those words.

    “Alright then, we still have some work to do before we can get you
    trained. First we need to report to my commander at the local galactic

    “So we’re leaving right now?”

    “Yes, unless you have something you want to do before we go.”

    Arkanon’s eyes darkened a little.

    “No, I have nothing left here. Let’s go now.”

    Jared laughed a little. “Alright boy, let’s go. I must warn you though, space travel is a little bit different.”

    Jared walked up to the front of the ship with Arkanon in tow. Jared
    sat down in the pilot’s seat and motioned to the seat beside it. Arkanon
    sat down and buckled himself in. The control’s for the ship weren’t
    terribly complicated, but it was difficult enough for Arkanon to
    understand as he watched Jared hit different buttons. The ship started
    to whir and a faint buzzing sound could be heard as the ship started to
    power on. When Jared hit the last button, a white wave crackled over the
    ship. Arkanon looked curiously at Jared. He noticed Arkanon’s gaze and

    “Cloaking. It would be problematic if people saw us. After all, our
    race hasn’t made it very far into space yet, while other races have
    traveled between galaxies for years.”

    Arkanon was somewhat satisfied with Jared’s answer, but grew even
    more curious when Jared mentioned other races. What kinds of other
    beings were out there? Arkanon doubted Jared knew all of them, but
    perhaps he could tell him about some of them. However, Jared anticipated
    Arkanon’s question and answered him before he asked.

    “It would be better for you to see the other races for yourself.”

    Arkanon was a little miffed that Jared answered him before he could ask, but he accepted it anyways.

    While they had that short conversation, the ship had taken off and
    already left Earth. As soon as they were out of the atmosphere, Jared
    activated the FTL drives, and the ship shot off in the direction of the
    local Guardian HQ. Arkanon was taken aback by the immediate change in
    speed and grew extremely nauseous. After a few seconds, since there was
    nothing left in his stomach, he started to dry heave. His body now sore
    from the earlier ordeal caused him to be quite uncomfortable. Jared grew
    a little irritated at Arkanon’s dry heaving.

    “Hey boy, if you’re going to puke, go do it in the bathroom.”

    Jared did find it sort of amusing to watch though.

    Arkanon calmed down after a few minutes. Arkanon clenched at his mid-region, his stomach

    now badly aching. Jared laughed a little at the sight.

    “I tried to warn you that space travel was different.”

    Arkanon glared at Jared, his face frowning.

    “Don’t be like that. I was just having a small laugh. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

    Jared grinned towards Arkanon, causing his frown to loosen a little.

    “Hey Jared, how long will this take?”

    Jared tilted his head forward a little, putting his hand on his chin.

    “If I’m roughly correct, it’ll take another one or two hours. Earth
    is more on the edge of this galaxy while the headquarters is towards the

    “Since we still have some time, do you mind if I ask some questions about what exactly the Guardians are?”

    “Sure, what questions do you have?”

    Arkanon asked everything he was curious about. Some answers were
    vague, or Jared knew very little. Others were completely answered. From
    what Arkanon gathered, the Guardians were something along the lines of
    universal peacekeepers, although their main goal is to oppose the
    tyrannical demons. Demons, the name should be enough to strike fear into
    people’s hearts, but they don’t know the true terror until they see
    them with their own eyes. The demons and guardians have been mortal
    enemies since the beginning of time, with the demons seeking the
    destruction and enslavement of all living beings besides themselves,
    while the guardians fight for the freedom and safety of them. Arkanon
    also asked other questions, such as why they don’t use more weapons
    other than swords and such. The reason for that was they use a special
    material to craft arms and armor, and it’s a lot more effective to
    create weapons that can last for a while compared to bullets which would
    take up a lot more resources. The weapons and armor were also very
    durable, to the point that a normal gun or sword couldn’t dent them.
    However, they could still be burned alive or frozen if it exceeds the
    armor’s limitations. Jared expressed his surprise towards Arkanon due to
    the reason that Arkanon could punch a hole straight through the armor,
    even if the demon was on the weaker side. Next, Arkanon asked about the
    ship and how it ran. The answer he was given lead to more questions, as
    he was told it ran off of “energy”. Energy is a base piece of all
    molecules, so it is everywhere. Quite a few guardians can use energy in
    different ways, from healing others to powering different objects, or
    using it as a weapon. The wide range of it’s different uses was quite
    terrifying. It is the same for demons too, except they use dark, or
    corrupt, energy. A guardian’s or demon’s rank is also mostly decided by
    the person’s ability to use energy. High and general-ranked guardians or
    demons can manipulate energy far more than a mid-ranked or low-ranked
    one. The highest you can reach with just physical ability is an average

    Even though all of this was a lot of information, Arkanon still
    processed it all easily, absorbing all the knowledge. After Jared was
    done explaining all he knew, he in turn asked Arkanon about his life.
    Arkanon told him about how he never knew his father, his mother died
    early on, and about going to the orphanage until he was adopted. Jared
    knew about what happened after, so Arkanon didn’t bother explaining.

    After both were done talking, they arrived at the headquarters.
    Arkanon looked in amazement, because the HQ was a giant ship. It’s
    overall shape was similar to a mushroom, or an umbrella, with a thinner
    area and a larger branched out area. The armor was grey-whitish plating.
    As they flew around to the thinner area of the ship, they passed the
    front and all Arkanon could see was a big cannon embedded inside the
    center of the ship, as well as a lot of flashing lights. Ships of
    different sizes came to and fro from the ship, while others flew around
    it. As they reached the back area, Arkanon could see thrusters on the
    bottom of the larger area, while other thrusters were sticking out the
    back of the thinner area. As they neared the hangar, a gruff voice came
    out from the intercom at the front of the ship.

    “Approaching ship, deactivate your cloak, or we will open fire.”

    Jared grimaced a little. He got caught up in the conversation they
    were having that he forgot to turn off his cloaking. He immediately did
    so, and the voice came back over the intercom.

    “ID and code.”

    Jared pressed a button on a panel to his left.

    “Mid-ranked guardian Jared Winesk. Access code three-one-one-two-four-seven.”

    After a few seconds, the voice responded back.

    “Welcome back Winesk, Captain Timmet wants to see you at the training ground.”

    After hearing this, Jared grew a little curious as well as anxious.
    Why would Timmet want to see him at the training grounds? To test
    Arkanon? Possibly. Even though Jared didn’t feel Arkanon’s life was at
    risk, he still was uneasy about it all.

    While Jared secretly worried, they passed into a giant hangar where
    there were countless ships stationed. After they docked, Arkanon and
    Jared left the ship, where Arkanon saw hundreds of people moving around.

    “Arkanon, stick close to me. It’d be bad to get lost here.”

    Arkanon nodded, his throat caught up as he looked around at everyone here.

    With the trip ending and the journey beginning, the two head out towards the training grounds.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 5

    While following Jared through the countless halls, Arkanon looked
    around at everything they passed by. From races that had fur all over
    their body, to lumbering people that looked like rock-men, to the most
    common race which was draconic people that looked human and had no
    wings, Arkanon looked at all of them. He also got a few curious glances
    from others they passed by, but no one bothered them.

    As they continued on, Arkanon asked Jared a question. “So who is this Captain Timmet that we’re meeting?”

    “He’s my superior, the one I report to”

    Arkanon frowned a little. “I know that, but what about his person?”

    Jared tilted his head to the side a little while continuing to walk.
    “Well, he’s a well-known captain amongst the guardians, and is part of a
    family branch that came from the Ancients. So his family is not only
    respected, but powerful as well. He looks similar to the draconic people
    you see walking around. There’s not much more I can tell you about him,
    since I myself don’t know him all that well.”

    “Aren’t you one of his subordinates?”

    “Yeah, but I’m one of many. Captains usually have control over a
    large amount of forces. The only ones above them are the Generals.
    Another reason is because I’m part of the scouting regiment that focuses
    solely on finding people with potential like you. It’s usually viewed
    with disdain from other guardians because scouts don’t fight on the

    Arkanon’s face turned into one of disgust. “What faulty reasoning to discriminate against others.”

    Jared had a wry look on his face. “Heh, don’t worry about it. You’ll find out soon enough about everything.”

    As soon as they finished their conversation, they arrived at two large double doors.

    “Well boy, here we are. Let me do the talking, alright?”

    Arkanon nodded and they passed through the doors.

    On the other side, there was a large room filled with people training
    or sparring. Some people were using wooden staves and swords, or
    blunted axes. Other various weapons could be seen. Some people used just
    their hands. While they moved through the crowd, some people turned to
    look at them. To the people there, it was strange seeing a kid go into
    the training grounds. As they arrived towards the back, Arkanon started
    to see some people closer to his age, but still older than him. He
    noticed that the older, more veteran soldiers were towards the front,
    while the younger, greener guardians were towards the back. Eventually
    they arrived at a sparring ring where a draconic boy was fighting a
    young rockman. The rockman was using just his brute strength, while the
    draconic boy was using a wood shield and short-sword. Even if they were
    the same age, the rockman would have a large physical advantage,
    although he was very slow to move. The draconic boy was very agile and
    avoided every blow, while delivering a hit to his opponent every now and
    then. The fight was evenly matched, and neither side was able to make
    his opponent submit.

    A deep voice came from the opposite side of the sparring ring where Arkanon and Jared were standing.

    “Enough, Telrayn. We have some guests here.”

    The rockman and draconic boy stopped fighting, turning to look at
    Arkanon and Jared. The rockman merely looked at them in curiosity before
    turning away to the other people around the ring. The draconic boy
    looked at Arkanon with contempt, like he just saw a piece of trash.
    Arkanon raised an eyebrow, perplexed at that reaction. The draconic boy
    turned away and walked to a draconic man right behind him. Arkanon could
    only guess that the man was Timmet while the boy was Telrayn.

    Jared stepped forward and stated himself. “Sir, Scout Jared Winesk
    reporting in. I’ve brought the boy that you asked me to bring.”

    Timmet nodded, his blue eyes roaming over Arkanon. “So, you reported
    to me that this boy had fought and killed three low-ranked but fully
    equipped demons?”

    Arkanon looked back at Timmet, and studied him. His pupils were slit
    like a reptilians while the iris was blue. He had short white hair, and
    he had what looked like blue leathery skin, with some blue scales around
    his forearms. His hands ended in claws and he was wearing chest armor
    and leg plates that were a blazing pure white. He was about 1.8 meters
    tall with a 1.2 meter long tail behind him. Even though he was lithe,
    Arkanon could tell this man was powerful.

    “Yes sir, I witnessed it myself. He punched a hole straight through one, snapped another’s neck and cut the third one in half.”

    “Hmm…” Timmet looked back to Jared. “Those are quite some mighty
    feats for some child. Are you sure you aren’t lying to me, Winesk?” A
    hint of doubt was in Timmet’s voice.

    “I’m being completely honest, sir.” Jared had a stern look on his face.

    “Then would it be okay if I were to test his strength?”

    Jared was taken aback by that. “If you’re going to test him sir,
    please let him fully recover first. It hasn’t been a full day since this
    all happened”

    “It’s not your decision to make, Winesk. It’s up to that boy there.” A little bit of anger could be detected from Timmet.

    Jared turned to Arkanon. “Arkanon, you don’t have to do this if don’t want to.”

    Arkanon gave Jared a little reassuring smile. “It’s alright Jared. I chose this path, and I won’t back down now.”

    Jared sighed and turned back to Timmet. “He consented to a test, sir.”

    Timmet nodded once more. “Good. Telrayn, you’ll be his opponent.”

    Telrayn sneered a little. “Why do I have to fight him?”

    Timmet looked at Telrayn. “What, are you scared to fight him?”

    Telrayn gave a low growl while he stepped into the arena and readied
    himself, his face a calm but cold look. Arkanon stepped into the arena,
    on the opposite side.

    Timmet pointed at a spectator outside the ring. “You, toss the boy your sword.”

    The spectator quickly took out his wooden sword and handed it to
    Arkanon. Arkanon felt the weight of the sword, and gave a few practice
    swings with it. Satisfied with the weight and feel of it, Arkanon took a
    stance with his right side facing Telrayn, his legs shoulder-width
    apart and his arms and legs bent. He kept his sword slight raised.

    “Oh?” Timmet was a little surprised by Arkanon’s stance.

    Telrayn had a snarl on his face, completely annoyed by the little boy that stood in front of him.

    “You think you’re good? I’ll slam you into the ground.”

    Arkanon, not phased at all by the comment, kept his gaze focused on Telrayn, waiting for him to make a move.

    Telrayn got even angrier seeing that Arkanon wasn’t affected by his
    words, and he charged forward. Arkanon immediately sidestepped, and
    attempted to move around Telrayn, but Telrayn anticipated this and swung
    his shield around. The shield clipped Arkanon’s left shoulder, sending
    him off balance, with his left facing towards Telrayn. Telrayn took the
    opening before Arkanon could switch on him and swung his sword towards
    Arkanon’s head. Telrayn landed a light hit and skin tore above Arkanon’s
    left eye. Blood started to flow down over his face, forcing him to keep
    his left eye shut. Arkanon calmly took up his stance again, ignoring
    the wound.

    Telrayn snorted and charged towards Arkanon again, but Arkanon
    charged forward at the same time. Telrayn didn’t expect this movement,
    and tried to stop himself, but Arkanon was already there swinging down
    at his right side. Telrayn lifted his sword in an attempt to block, but
    the momentum and force behind the swing was too great, and both swords
    shattered into splinters. Arkanon, not wasting a moment, dropped the
    remains of the sword and pushed his palm into Telrayn’s chest, lifting
    him off the ground before slamming him down. Telrayn had all the air
    knocked out of him and his body wouldn’t respond. Arkanon turned around
    and started to walk towards Jared before collapsing to his knees. His
    vision was turning blurry and felt his head become light. His body still
    wasn’t recovered from before and the strenuous effort he just went
    through nearly knocked him unconscious. Telrayn recovered and charged
    towards Arkanon, completely infuriated. He raised his shield and brought
    it down, aiming for Arkanon’s head. Arkanon couldn’t react and both
    Jared and Timmet wouldn’t be fast enough to reach him. Right as the
    shield was about to hit him, Telrayn was lifted up into the air. What
    Arkanon saw next was a towering figure above him. A fully scaled and
    winged draconic being, standing easily around 2 meters tall. The figure
    was holding Telrayn up by his shield arm. Both Timmet and Jared were
    dumbfounded by the person. Telrayn was looking at the creature in fear,
    while Arkanon merely looked at it in curiosity.

    “Now now, children, we don’t need any deaths here.” A deep, powerful, yet calm voice came from the creature.

    Telrayn was released, and he immediately ran to Timmet’s side. The
    creature then kneeled down next to Arkanon and looked at him. Arkanon
    stared back. The creature had blue eyes as well, but there was wisdom
    within them.

    Seeing how Arkanon wasn’t scared at all, the creature laughed a
    little. “You aren’t easily scared boy, are you? I apologize for the
    sudden intrusion, but I was observing everyone training when I noticed
    you two dueling. Even though you’re so young, you seem to have some
    battle prowess. However you need to pace yourself when you fight.
    Falling to your knees on the battlefield because you used all your
    strength means almost certain death.” The creature paused a moment
    before continuing. “Oh, my apologies boy. I got so caught in my little
    lecture that I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Harei, and I’m an

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 6

    Arkanon stared blankly at the person that called himself an Ancient, Harei.

    Harei tilted his head to the side. “Well now, that’s not the reaction
    I was expecting.” He chuckled a little. “You’re a strange child.”

    Harei applied some energy to his thumb wiped it across the tear above Arkanon’s eye, stopping the blood flow.

    There was a haze fogging Arkanon’s mind, but he still responded to Harei. “Thank you.”

    Harei smiled. “No need to thank me. You can’t stand either, right?”

    Arkanon shook his head. “No, I can’t.”

    “Well, then I guess I’ll just have to do this.” Harei lifted Arkanon up and set him on his shoulders.

    Harei motioned to Timmet and Jared. “You two, please come along. I
    have some things I want to discuss and here isn’t a good place.”

    Jared was immediately by Harei’s side, while Timmet motioned for Telrayn to stay put before walking over to Harei.

    With the two in tow, Harei started to move towards the exit. It was
    only now that Arkanon realized that there was a large crowd gathered
    around them. Most of the people present had their gazes on Arkanon as he
    rode on Harei’s shoulders. Most of them were questioning while others
    were just curious. But the one thing they all wanted to know was, ‘Who
    was this child?’. Everyone moved out of their way and cleared a path for
    the four of them.

    While the four of them continued through the halls after leaving the training room, Arkanon asked Harei a question.

    “Mister Harei, why are you being so kind to me?’

    Harei smiled slightly. “Hmm? Am I? Well, I’ll just say you have the
    same aura about you as an old comrade. Heh, you seem like you’d be his
    kid.” Harei seemed to be reminiscing about his past, but he snapped out
    of it. “By the way, what is your name, boy?”

    “Arkanon Leyan.”

    “Leyan you say? Ha, well I’ll be damned. My suspicions may be right.”

    Arkanon froze up a little. “Mister Harei, do you know my father?”

    Harei laughed. “Well I may. If I guessed correctly, you are indeed a very special child. Also, just call me Harei.”

    Timmet spoke up. “Sir, could you be thinking about that ‘Leyan’?”

    Harei turned his head back. “Maybe. Once we get to my room, we’ll talk more about it.”

    Timmet frowned, then examined Arkanon who was still sitting on
    Harei’s shoulders. Timmet could only think how powerful this child might
    turn out to be. After a few minutes of silence, they reached Harei’s
    room. Inside was a very plain set up, with a bed in the corner and a
    round table with six empty stools around it.

    “Alright boy, the ride ends here.” Harei lifted Arkanon up from his
    shoulders and set him down on one of the stools. “Okay you two, we have
    much to discuss. I want to hear everything about what happened.”

    Harei took a seat to Arkanon’s right while Jared took the seat to the left, and Timmet sat opposite of him.

    Harei looked to Jared. “You’re the one that brought Arkanon here, correct?”

    Jared nodded his head because he couldn’t speak. He was shaking from nervousness.

    “What is your name?”

    “Jared Winesk, sir.” He had barely been able to force out these words.

    Harei had a bit of an amused look on his face. “Calm down, Jared.
    We’re all equals here at this table. Isn’t that what it being round is
    supposed to represent?”

    Jared took a few deep breaths before he felt better.


    “Yes sir. I’m feeling better.”

    Harei got a little annoyed. “I told you we’re all equals at this table. No using ‘sir’ to refer to me. Call me Harei.”

    “Y-yes, Harei.”

    “Good. Truthfully, I don’t understand why you’re all so terrified of me. It’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

    Arkanon spoke up slightly. “I don’t think many people see a 2 meter tall dragon-person as being friendly.”

    Jared and Timmet both looked at Arkanon, completely stunned.

    Harei only laughed loudly in response. “Well, I do suppose my appearance is a little intimidating.”

    Harei calmed down soon afterwards. “Although I enjoy a good laugh, we
    need to set aside the jokes for now. After all, what we’re going to
    decide here is your future, Arkanon. Please do have some degree of
    seriousness.” Harei turned back towards Jared. “Jared, since you’re the
    one that brought Arkanon here, that must mean that you personally saw
    his abilities. Can you recount what you witnessed?”

    Jared nodded and told Harei and Timmet about his trip to Earth and
    how he found Arkanon living in a small town and noticed that he had a
    small potential. He then said he witnessed three demons in the area and
    could feel them heading for Arkanon’s house. Jared tried to warn Arkanon
    not to go home, but he didn’t listen and nearly died in the end. But
    Arkanon awakened his powers and went on to single-handedly kill the
    three demons. After that, Arkanon fainted and Jared brought him back to
    his ship. Jared then asked Arkanon what he planned to do, and Arkanon
    chose to become a guardian. That’s how they ended up here.

    “To kill three demons after his awakening. I can remember only a few
    that were able to do that after their powers became active.” Harei
    pondered over what Jared said. He leaned back and looked up at the
    ceiling thinking. He then looked over at Timmet. “Timmet, since you had
    Arkanon duel your personal disciple, what would you say after watching
    them fight?”

    Timmet put his hand on his chin while looking back and forth between Arkanon and Harei.

    “Although I personally don’t want to say this, that boy there has
    great potential. Even greater than Telrayn. Given enough time, if he
    were to train hard enough, I could see Arkanon becoming a general-rank. I
    could go more into detail what I noticed about him during that fight,
    but that’s unnecessary.”

    Harei looked towards Arkanon. “That’s some mighty praise to receive there from someone well-known.”

    Arkanon had a sheepish look on his face. “I don’t think that I’m that strong. I just merely took advantage of an opening there.”

    Timmet frowned a little. “Don’t discredit yourself. Although Telrayn
    was reckless, his defense was still very good. Most others would’ve
    found it hard to get to him. I hate to say this about my own disciple,
    but he won’t turn out as strong as you if you train properly.”

    Harei smiled slightly. “Timmet, would you like to train Arkanon?”

    “Huh?” Timmet was surprised by the sudden offer. He closed his eyes
    for a moment to think, before opening them again. “I would like to train
    him, but I wouldn’t be able to bring out his full strength.” Timmet
    sighed before continuing. “Therefore, I can only think of a couple

    “Oh?” Harei seemed interested in what TImmet had to say.

    “For one, Arkanon would be your personal disciple Harei. I foresee
    problems with that though. For one, because of your position, you
    wouldn’t be able to train him much. You would still do better than me
    though.” Timmet paused.

    “And the second choice?”

    “We could send Arkanon to the academy. There, he would have access to
    countless resources and instructors, however he would be mainly
    teaching himself.”

    Arkanon and Jared both froze at that suggestion. The academy is only
    for the most promising future guardians. Being able to go there was only
    a distant dream for him. Right now though, it’s a possibility.

    “However, there are problems with that too. One being his background.
    Most students that enter that academy come from powerful families. We
    know nothing about his personal history. His father is unknown and his
    mother is dead. He would be heavily discriminated against there. Even if
    we try to do something, there’s not much we can do. But I think it’s
    the best choice of the two. The best trainer you have is yourself, at
    least that’s what I believe.”

    Harei looked towards Arkanon. “So, what do you want to do, Arkanon?
    I’m more than willing to try and train you, but I also agree with Timmet
    that you should go to the academy.”

    “Would it be alright for me to go?” Arkanon’s face was full of doubt.

    “Well considering my position, I doubt they’d be willing to go
    against it. In fact, if I put you in there, you might be better off. If
    the main leader of the Guardians puts someone in the academy, no one
    would be willing to mess with them.”

    Arkanon was surprised by this. “You’re the leader of the Guardians?”

    Harei was surprised by Arkanon’s reaction. “You didn’t know? I told you I was an Ancient.”

    “I didn’t know what that meant. I don’t know who the Ancient’s are.”

    Harei immediately looked at Jared. “You didn’t tell him about us Ancients or Corrupted?”

    “I didn’t mean to neglect it, but there was other important things to tell him about.”

    Harei sighed. “It’s fine. He’ll learn about it when he goes to the academy. I’m assuming that was your answer, right Arkanon?”

    Arkanon was still surprised. “Uh, y-yeah. I would like to attend the academy.”

    Harei nodded once. “Alright, we’ve come up with our decision. One
    more thing I’d like to say. Jared, you’ll go with Arkanon. You shall be
    his chaperone there. Watch over him and you will report directly to me.
    Communication codes will be sent soon. I trust you know where the
    academy is located, correct?”

    Jared replied with a raised eyebrow. “Yes, I do know. But why do you want me to go with him?”

    “Well that’s simple, you two seem to have a bond of trust. Therefore it’s best you go with him.”

    “Alright, okay. I’ll watch over him.”

    “Hmm, good. You two go back to your ship and rest up. I’ll meet you
    once more at your ship later to say farewell and a few other things.”

    Arkanon and Jared said their thanks and left the room.

    Harei stood up and faced Timmet. “You wanted to know if I was referring to ‘him’ earlier, right?”

    Timmet stood as well and nodded his head slightly. “Yes. Was it Sylvan Leyan?”

    “I believe so. You could sense it as well, correct?”

    “Yes. That child will have a rough life ahead of him.”

    “Yes he will. But I know that he’ll move through it, no matter what comes at him.”

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 7

    Arkanon and Jared walked through the countless halls and corridors of the headquarters, making their way towards Jared’s ship.

    “Jared, how do you feel about all that’s happened?” Arkanon asked quietly.

    “Why do you ask?” Jared asked back.

    “Because so many things have been happening in such a short period of
    time. I’m sure not even a few days have passed since we met, and yet
    all this has happened. Now, you’re being tethered to a kid you barely
    even know.”

    Jared smiled and patted Arkanon’s head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m
    more than happy to watch over you. Besides, if the commander put me up
    to this task, that means he didn’t deem anyone else appropriate.”

    “Yeah, but still…”

    “To be a chaperone of such an important person as yourself is quite a
    high position. So don’t worry about me being forced into this. I’m
    quite happy with the outcome so far. Also, are you saying we don’t have
    some kind of friendship between us already?”

    Arkanon smiled slightly. “I guess you’re right. Alright then, let’s watch out for each other on our journey to come.”

    Jared grinned after hearing that. With that settled, the two
    continued on their way until they reached Jared’s ship. Arkanon went and
    fell asleep on the bed while Jared sat in one of the seats up front and

    The two slept for a while before they were awoken by a knock on the
    ship’s door. Arkanon lifted his head up for a few seconds before letting
    it fall back down on the bed. Jared shook himself awake and went over
    to the door to see who it was. When he opened the door, he saw Harei

    Harei laughed slightly. “Good morning you two. I see you’ve slept
    quite well.” He then noticed Arkanon was still asleep. He sighed
    slightly before walking over to him. “Arkanon Leyan! Wake up right this

    Arkanon immediately woke up and tried to scramble off the bed before
    falling face first to the floor. He groaned in pain and rubbed his
    forehead while he stood up.

    “You said you wanted to go to the academy. If you plan on acting like
    this over there, you’ll severely disappoint me. I’ve treated you
    friendly before because you had no relations to the Guardians, but now
    you’re an enrolled student. Now that you are going to become a guardian
    in the future, I expect nothing but the best, especially since I’ve
    given you special treatment.”

    Arkanon lowered his head. “I apologize. I was still extremely tired from what’s happened so far.”

    Harei nodded his head. “I understand, I just want you to become as
    strong as you can. You have unlimited potential. I can feel it. Become a
    guardian that stands above all else.”

    After hearing these words, a determined look entered Arkanon’s eyes
    once more. “I’ll become as strong as possible. I don’t want anyone else
    to go through what I did.”

    There was a prideful look within Harei’s eyes as Arkanon said this. He closed his eyes and thought to himself, ‘He’d be proud of you if he was here, Arkanon’. He opened his eyes and said,

    “Alright then, all the major issues are settled. I trust you know where the academy is located, Jared.”

    “I do.”

    “Good. I’ll say once more that you’re to report to me. Understood?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Hm. Alright then. I won’t see you for the next few years, Arkanon.
    Oh one more thing.” Harei gave Arkanon a box that he had at his side.
    Arkanon looked questioningly at Harei before opening the box and finding
    a new set of clothes. “Although the academy doesn’t have a uniform
    requirement, I figured that those clothes would be more comfortable than
    the rags you’re wearing now.”

    Arkanon looked down at himself and saw the tattered bloodstained
    clothes he was wearing. He grimaced thinking about how he looked. He
    thought to himself that must’ve been the reason the people on the ship
    looked at him oddly. “Thank you, I forgot how poor of a sight I was.”

    “Don’t worry about it. Well Arkanon, I wish you the best of luck. I
    want the both of you to take care of yourselves. Arkanon, make friends,
    not enemies while there. If that means you need to lower your head a
    little, then so be it. Remember, the people attending the academy are
    just as strong as you and possibly even stronger right now. Jared, I
    want you to watch over Arkanon. Make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble.”
    With those final words, Harei said his farewell and left.

    Jared closed the door to the ship and sighed. “He certainly is long
    winded. Although I respect him completely for his power and as a leader,
    he doesn’t know when to stop. I mean, he said that he was done then
    went onto talking again.”

    Arkanon laughed at these words. “What’s the matter, Jared? Not a fan of people that talk a lot?”

    Jared had a wry smile on his face. “I guess not. I truthfully find it
    annoying when people keep going on and on. Usually it’s when they
    repeat themselves constantly.”

    Oh? Am I really a long winded person? Do I really need to shut up, Winesk?” A cold voice came from the console behind Jared and Arkanon.

    A chill ran down Arkanon’s and Jared’s spine as they turned around to see Harei on the console with a wicked smile on his face.

    “I decided to test the connection between us, and I come on to hear
    all those words. I’ll remember those words next time we meet, Winesk.”
    With a blip, Harei disappeared from the monitor.

    “Arkanon, let’s leave now.” Jared’s face was locked up and he was pale.

    “Agreed, let’s go.” Arkanon was shaking with fear.

    They hurried up to the pilot’s cabin, sat down and buckled in. Jared
    hurriedly started the ship while Arkanon unintentionally clenched the
    sides of the seat. Jared carefully guided the ship out of the hangar and
    once they were a safe distance away and no other ships were in front of
    them, he flipped a switch, and with a flash they were gone.

    Jared leaned back in his chair. “Well, this certainly is a new experience.”

    “Yeah, I’m not sure how to feel about everything so far.” Arkanon was sitting in the seat beside

    Arkanon’s wearing the new clothes Harei gave him. He wore a grey
    t-shirt with grey pants. He also had a brown cloak that Harei gave him,
    but Arkanon chose not to wear it right now. “Harei mentioned this
    before, but what exactly are the Ancients? He seemed surprised that you
    didn’t tell me.”

    “There are a lot of things I didn’t tell you. I didn’t have the time
    to.” Jared crossed his arms and his face scrunched up in thought. “Well,
    to put it bluntly, the Ancients are an ageless race from before the
    start of the universe. In fact, from what they told us, they were the
    start of the universe.” Jared turned his head towards Arkanon. “You’ve
    heard of the big bang theory, right?” Arkanon shook his head. “Really?
    Well that’s basically what happened. From what the Ancient’s told us,
    they had a great war against the Corrupted which caused their titanic
    planet to blow apart. Afterwards energy formed around the planet
    fragments and created the planets we have today, while stars were
    created from raw energy. Understand so far?” Arkanon had a confused look
    on his face as he stared at Jared. Jared sighed and continued. “The
    Corrupted are Ancients turned evil and are the leaders of the demons.
    Energy is the name the Ancients have given to a special force that
    resides within our universe that allows it’s user to bend and twist the
    fabrics of reality to their will. All guardians are born with this
    innate ability, but some have greater control over it then others.
    Energy can be used for a variety of things, from healing to attacking to
    defense. It’s practically an omnipotent power. From what I’ve seen
    though, us guardians are weak at using energy, but the highest of us,
    mainly the generals, have the greatest ability at using energy. They can
    destroy mountains with ease. Destroying a world would be extremely
    difficult for them, but possible.” Jared leaned forward. “The scariest
    are the Ancients and Corrupted. They’re basically the origin of energy
    as they found how to use it and implement it. Destroying worlds would be
    easy for them. Both sides are a terrifying existence.” Jared closed his
    eyes and leaned back. “You’ll learn more about using energy and the
    Ancients and Corrupted when we get to the academy. Is your curiosity
    sated for now?”

    Arkanon nodded his head. “Yeah, thanks for telling me.” He thought
    back to when he awakened his powers on earth, when the white lightning
    crackled around his body. So, that’s what energy is. Although
    Arkanon still had many questions, he would just have to wait to ask. He
    still had a lot of other information to digest and sort out in his head.

    “Go and rest as much as possible, Arkanon. Once we get to the academy, you won’t get much time to relax.”

    Arkanon nodded his head and got out of the seat and headed towards the bed.

    As Arkanon walked away, Jared thought to himself. Only a ten
    year-old kid and he’s dealt with everything so calmly. Any normal brat
    would’ve broke down and started crying long ago. You really are quite an
    abnormal existence, Arkanon.
    Jared closed his eyes and soon fell asleep while their ship continued to it’s destination.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 8

    Arkanon was running through the dark empty space that surrounded him.
    He didn’t know why he was running, he only felt the need to run in fear
    of something. He kept running until he saw a light ahead of him and
    under that light, he saw his foster parents.

    “Mother! Father!” Arkanon cried out.

    They both smiled and held their arms out to Arkanon, as if to embrace
    him. But as he drew closer, the light flickered and where his parents
    were, two piles of flesh and bone appeared. Arkanon’s face froze in

    “Wha… Why?” Arkanon voice came out as a whisper. He then fell to his
    knees in front of the two corpses, tears streaming down his face. Three
    red-eyed figures began to approach him from the darkness. One had a hole
    in his chest. One of the other ones limped forward with it’s head at an
    awkward angle, had a missing arm, and a leg bent backwards. The last
    one crawled forward, missing his lower body, causing his internal organs
    to trail behind him. There was also a hole in his head where a sword
    pierced through. The three of them stared at Arkanon with pure malice
    and hatred. As soon as he saw them, Arkanon’s mouth became agape, as his
    body trembled with fear.

    “How… How are you still alive? I killed you!” Arkanon cried out,
    terror-stricken. He looked for a way out, but the three of them
    surrounded him. Arkanon placed his hands on his head to try and regain
    his sanity, but to no avail. Eventually, the three demons came closer
    and the last thing Arkanon felt was a pair of hands grab his shoulders.
    From above, two big red eyes watched from the darkness.

    Arkanon awoke with a scream. He still felt the hands holding on to
    his shoulders. He was covered with sweat and his body wouldn’t stop

    “Arkanon, are you okay?” Jared was the one holding his shoulders with a face twisted with worry.

    Arkanon put his right hand over his face and could feel tears coming
    from his eyes. “Y-yeah, I’m fine.” He took a deep breath to try and calm
    himself. Arkanon rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands to dry

    “Must’ve been one hell of a nightmare.”

    “Ha. Hell is too light to describe it. It was horrific.” Arkanon
    started to shake again. “I saw them. My parents and the three demons I

    Jared sat down on the bed next to Arkanon and put an arm around him
    and pulled him close. “So you’re still a kid after all. With everything
    that you’ve gone through, I would’ve been surprised if you didn’t suffer
    some type of backlash. Go ahead and finish crying or whatever you need
    to do, I’ll wait for you to finish.”

    Arkanon started to sob loudly and wrapped his arms around Jared.
    Jared sighed and stayed still. After a short while, Arkanon stopped and
    pushed himself away from Jared. He sat up straight and dried his eyes,
    his usual calm composure returning.

    “Feeling better?” Jared asked with a bit of concern in his voice.

    “A lot. Thank you.” Arkanon smiled slightly.

    “That’s good, because we’ve arrived at the academy.”

    Arkanon froze after hearing these words. “We arrived already?”

    “Yeah, you were asleep for a good eight or nine hours.”

    Arkanon started to get frantic and felt that he already messed up.

    Jared laugh after seeing Arkanon panic. “Relax, we only just arrived.
    I’d recommend using the restroom to wash yourself and look

    Arkanon nodded and quickly headed to the restroom. Jared took a deep
    breath and stretched, raising his arms over his head. While stretching,
    he heard a knock at the ship’s door. He immediately headed over to it
    and pressed a button to open it. Standing outside was a rugged beastman
    with long, unkempt silver hair, ominous blue eyes and a sharp face. He
    wore brown leather-like armor that only covered his chest and legs. He
    had a muscular build with a two-handed sword on his back.

    “I assume you’re Jared Winesk?” The beastman asks.

    Jared nodded his head. “I am. Are you the one the academy sent to pick us up?”

    “Yeah, I am. My name is Areath. Are you and that Arkanon boy ready to go?”

    “Unfortunately not yet, Arkanon has some last minute preparations to do.”

    Areath sighed and closed his eyes. “Alright, just be quick. That boy
    better be faster in the future, otherwise the academy won’t want him

    Jared grinned slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll do just fine. He just hasn’t had much chance to rest these past few days.”

    “Yeah yeah, we know of what happened, but he’s not the only student with a sob-story here.”

    “I’m sure he’s not the only one, but he’s-“

    “Hey Jared, I’m ready to go.” Arkanon came up wearing his grey clothes and had his cloak clasped around him.

    Areath noticed Arkanon and spoke up. “So you must be Arkanon. My name
    is Areath. I’m one of the instructors here at the academy and I’ve been
    asked to show you around.”

    Arkanon looked curiously at Areath’s silver hair. “Are you also a guardian?”

    “Yeah I am.”

    “How come your hair is a silver color instead of white? Most other guardians I’ve seen have white hair.”

    Areath smiled slightly. “Hm. It’s because sometimes a guardian’s hair
    or eye color don’t change due to a problem with the body when they

    “Is that so? Interesting.”

    “Not the first time I’ve been asked. Anyways, I see you’re ready. Shall we go now?”

    Arkanon nodded his head, his eyes hardened and determined. “Yes.”

    Areath chuckled. “That look in your eyes, never lose it. Now let’s go.”

    Jared and Arkanon stepped out of the ship, and Arkanon was amazed by
    the scenery surrounding him. He was standing on a grassy plain with a
    forest outcropping the area. In the distance, large mountains could be
    seen. What surprised Arkanon the most was the buildings they were
    heading towards. From what he could see, there was one large building
    surrounded by smaller buildings. The larger building looked like an
    institution while the smaller building all resembling huts.

    Areath spoke out while Arkanon looked around. “So what do you think
    of our academy, Arkanon? After all, this will be your home for a while.”

    “It’s a rather, err, interesting design.”

    “Haha! I’m sure you’re curious about the design of it all. You’ll
    learn more about this place in the future, but for now, the only thing
    you need to remember is that the higher prestige students live in the
    large building while the huts are for the normal students and servants
    of the higher students.”

    Arkanon frowned a little. “Seems like a hierarchy.”

    Areath shrugged his shoulders. “Their parents are usually rich and
    help support the academy. It’s a small price to pay for showing better
    treatment to their kids. But no need to worry about that. It doesn’t
    matter if their rich or not, we train everyone hard here.”

    “So while the prestige students have better living expenses, we are still taught equally by the instructors?”

    “Yeah, that’s the gist of it all. You catch on rather quickly. I’m
    sure you’ll do just fine here.” Areath stopped walking and turned
    around, facing Arkanon and Jared. “All right, I’m going to have to ask
    you to wait here, Arkanon. Jared, I need you to come with me to meet the
    head instructor here. He asked to meet with you.”

    Jared was slightly surprised, but he nodded. Areath started to leave
    with Jared, but he turned around and said to Arkanon. “Actually, go
    ahead, walk around and explore. This may take a while and I don’t want
    to keep you standing there all day. Just stay away from the forest
    around the plain.”

    Arkanon nodded. “Alright, I’ll try not to cause trouble either.”

    “Hm. If you’re interested, there’s a training ground over there. You
    can see what some of the other students are like.” Areath pointed
    towards the institute. “Alright, try not to stray too far.” Areath and
    Jared walked towards one of the sides on the institute.

    Arkanon headed off on his own towards the direction that Areath
    pointed. On his way over, he saw students walking to and fro from
    different directions. Most of them headed towards the institute as well.
    Most didn’t pay Arkanon any mind, but a few looked at him curiously for
    a moment before going back about their business.

    ‘There are a number of different races here, it really is interesting.’
    Arkanon thought to himself. There were beastmen, rockmen, and
    draconians here. There were also people with wings on their backs that
    resembled angels. There were also a couple normal humans. He wasn’t able
    to tell the age of most of them, but was certain that quite a few were
    older than him.

    “Hey kid, are you new here?” A voice called out behind Arkanon.

    Arkanon turned around to see who it was. Standing there was a
    beastman with the usual white hair and blue eyes. He had no noteworthy
    features that Arkanon could see. He was wearing a brown cloak with a
    brown shirt and brown pants. The beastman seemed a few years older than

    “Yes, I am. My name is Arkanon. It’s nice to meet you.” Arkanon responded politely.

    “Huh, you’re not arrogant. Most students here seem to have a
    superiority complex and want to make everyone aware of just how powerful
    they are.” The beastman rolled his eyes. “Just a warning. Anyways, my
    name is Veld and I’m a student here. Looks like you’re a new student
    here. Keep an eye out, others may try to take advantage of that.”

    Arkanon bowed his head slightly. “Thank you for the warning, Veld.”

    Veld smiled. “Don’t mention it. If you ever need any help, come ask me, Arkanon. Where are you headed right now?”

    “Well since I’m waiting for someone, I was told there was a training
    ground in this direction. So I was curious and decided to check it out.”

    Veld smile turned into a small grimace. “It might not be a wise idea to go there.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because someone may challenge you to a duel. There are some people
    that’ll do whatever it takes to raise their standing, even if it means
    picking on a kid like you.”

    “Wouldn’t picking on a kid lower their standing?”

    “Haha, well that may be the case, but you still may get hurt.”


    “Arkanon, you don’t seem to understand. People that were praised as
    prodigies back in their homelands come here. Even if you are strong for
    your age, there are also other stronger people here. Prodigies are
    common here. That’s why the academy is for the elite.”

    “That still doesn’t worry me. How will I get stronger if I don’t push myself?”

    Veld sighed. “Alright then, since you’re so adamant, I’ll accompany
    you there. When we arrive, we’ll have a duel, only a small one to show
    the difference between you and others here.”

    Arkanon’s eyes flashed with excitement. “Alright then, I accept your duel.”

    Veld sighed once more, a look of annoyance in his eyes. “Okay then, let’s go.”

    Arkanon and Veld continued on their way to the training field, only now there were more glances at Arkanon.

    When they arrived, Arkanon looked around at everyone. Unlike at the
    guardian ship, most of the people sparring were fast and precise. All of
    them moved with practiced movements. But something shocked Arkanon, and
    that was that everyone was using real weapons. The continuous clangs of
    sword on sword, or the rumble of a giant hammer slamming into the
    ground could be heard all around him.

    “Hey Veld, isn’t it dangerous with everyone using actual weapons?” Arkanon asked with worry evident in his voice.

    “Training with fake weapons won’t help. They don’t hold the weight
    and feel of real ones.” Veld explained. “If you’re worried about
    injuries, they will happen, but no fatal wounds. There are always
    instructors roaming through the training grounds keeping an eye on
    students. They’ll stop anything that look suspicious.”

    “I’d like to say that’s comforting, but could there be any instances where they might turn a blind eye?”

    Veld snorted. “Of course not. Every life here is precious, as most of
    us will become major war assets in the future. For all they know, the
    weak kid getting beaten up may turn into one of the greatest leaders.”

    “Has there been any cases where some students took it too far and ended up killing someone else?”

    Veld narrowed his eyes. “Unfortunately, yes. There were some students
    that ended up killing another student. Usually out of jealousy or

    “What happened to those students?”

    “They were discharged from the academy and imprisoned.” Veld put his hands behind his head.

    “Anyways, enough of the questions. What am I to you? A walking question machine?”

    “No, I didn’t mean any offence. I’m merely curious about the academy.”

    Hearing Arkanon apologize, Veld got flustered. “It was a joke, a
    joke. Calm down. I didn’t mean for that to be taken the wrong way.”

    Arkanon smiled slightly. “Your reaction there was kind of amusing.”

    Veld got angry seeing that Arkanon was messing with him. “Hey you little brat, you’re a cunning little devil, aren’t you?”

    Arkanon could only laugh after hearing that. The two chatted about
    trivial things for a moment longer before they found an empty dueling
    circle away from the other students.

    “Hey Veld, why are we so far away from the other students?”

    “I prefer fighting without all the distractions.”


    “Yeah, sometimes students watch others fight. Unfortunately, they also bet on some fights.”

    “Why is that a bad thing? Isn’t being able to discern a person’s strength from viewing them a good trait?”

    “Yeah, I suppose. I just have my own personal reasons for disliking
    it.” Veld shrugged and walked to one side of the ring. Arkanon walked to
    the side opposite of Veld.

    “Alright, so what are the rules for duels?”

    “Well, the rules vary from the people fighting. The two decide the
    rules, and if both agree on one, that’s one of the rules of the duel.
    The most basic rules are if you are ringed out or can’t continue, you
    lose the duel. The more special rules can include anything, such as you
    cannot use energy, or you’re limited to using your legs, things like
    that. So with that said, we’ll use the basic rules. Are you okay with

    Arkanon nodded his head.

    “Okay then, then let this duel begin.”

    Veld readied himself for a charge from Arkanon, but after a few seconds he looked at Arkanon, who was still standing there.

    “Hey, you did hear me, right?”


    “So why are you still standing over there?”

    “But you’re still standing still.”

    “Are you afraid to come over?”

    Arkanon started to smile. “I’m not stupid. I can tell you want me to
    charge you so you can use my own weight and force against me and toss me
    out in one move.”

    Veld sighed. “I didn’t expect you to actually have some fighting
    experience. I thought you were still as new to fighting as most other
    students your age that come here.”

    “Well, I barely fought at all before coming here. I guess it’s some type of innate battle instinct”

    “Heh, that’s somewhat rare here. While this academy does produce
    great fighters, the strongest amongst them have battle instinct.”

    “Veld, I thought we came in here to fight, not talk.”

    “My apologies. Well, let’s take this to the center then?”

    “Fine with me.”

    Arkanon and Veld both walked to the center. They stopped a couple meters away from each other.

    “Give me a good fight, Arkanon.”

    “Same to you, Veld.”

    They both grinned at each other. There was complete stillness between
    the both of them for a couple of seconds before Veld broke it first by
    rushing Arkanon’s left side. Veld swiped his hand at Arkanon with a
    chop, but Arkanon immediately dodged it by stepping back and turning his
    body towards Veld. Arkanon retaliated by bringing his left hand up as a
    fist and punched towards Veld’s stomach. Veld twisted his body as
    Arkanon’s punch scraped by. Veld punched with a flat palm towards
    Arkanon’s head causing him to pull his head back along with his body.
    Before giving Veld time to recover, Arkanon rushed forward and rammed
    his elbow towards Veld’s left side. Veld mostly dodged the attack, but
    the tip of Arkanon’s elbow caught his hip, the force causing him to spin
    around. Veld used this to his advantage and brought a fist around
    towards Arkanon’s face. Arkanon couldn’t avoid it completely and the
    punch hit him across the cheek. He immediately counter attacked with a
    kick towards Veld’s stomach, hitting him square on. Veld fell backwards,
    clenching his stomach.

    Veld coughed a couple times before laughing. “You aren’t bad Arkanon. This fight is already fun.”

    Arkanon grinned, but winced due to his aching cheek. “You’re a decent opponent as well.”

    Veld grinned as well. “But you need to do a lot better than that if you want to win.”

    Veld once more charged towards Arkanon, and the two continued to
    exchange blows. During the course of the fight, most of the blows landed
    on each other caused only minor bruising, while the heavier blows were
    either dodged or smacked away. While they fought, they started to
    attract a small crowd. Some other students walked over and started to

    Some of them even called out. “Hey Veld, are you really struggling
    with that kid?” They were ignored, as Arkanon and Veld were completely
    absorbed in their duel. Eventually, Areath and Jared came over and saw
    their duel as well. They talked amongst themselves, discussing the

    Areath spoke to Jared. “That kid that you brought along is quite impressive. He’s fighting Veld to a stalemate.”

    “Is that Veld that Arkanon is fighting someone strong?”

    “Veld is one of the strongest students in his age group.”

    Jared was surprised when he heard this. He thought to himself, ‘Arkanon, just what did you get into?

    A large crowd now formed around the duel and Arkanon and Veld
    continued to fight. Many of the younger students were surprised that
    this random kid that they never heard of was able to fight Veld, who was
    someone that they looked up to, almost equally. After a short while
    longer, Arkanon collapsed to one knee. He was sweating profusely and
    panting heavily. Veld was heavily breathing while also sweating, but he
    was still standing.

    Arkanon waved one of his hands. “Alright, I give up. I can’t continue anymore.”

    Veld laughed before coughing a few times. He walked over to Arkanon and offered him a hand.

    Arkanon took it and Veld helped pull Arkanon to his feet.

    Veld was the winner of the duel.

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    Original link:

    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 9

    Arkanon was still kneeling down, panting heavily, while Veld walked towards him. Once Veld reached Arkanon, he offered his hand and Arkanon accepted it. Veld pulled Arkanon up to his feet.

    Veld laughed. “That was a great duel. I haven’t gone against anyone that could push me so far. I was barely able to hold out. I’m afraid that in the next few years, I won’t even stand a chance against you.”

    Arkanon wiped the sweat off his face and grinned. “That was indeed a great duel. I can’t calm down yet. My blood is still boiling, even though my body can’t continue.”

    At this point, the two of them noticed the crowd around them.

    “When did so many people come over?” Arkanon asked.

    “I don’t know. I guess we were both too absorbed in our duel to notice.” Veld replied.

    Since the duel ended, the crowd started to thin out. From within the crowd, Areath and Jared walked over to Arkanon and Veld.

    Veld took notice and immediately replied. “Instructor Areath.”

    Areath replied. “It seems you’ve met our newest student here. Not only that, you’ve already gotten into a fight with him.”

    Veld scratched the back of his head while sheepishly grinning. “It was only a spar. I didn’t expect him to know how to fight so well. Most students that come here don’t fight so naturally.”

    Arkanon smiled slightly. “You flatter me with your words. After all, you still won in the end.”

    “Boy has a silver tongue.” Areath muttered under his breath sarcastically.

    Veld frowned a little. “Arkanon, you know how close I was to losing. Please don’t make me admit it.”

    Arkanon smiled widely. “I’m not making you admit anything, Veld. I was clearly stating that you won and are better than me.”

    Veld turned and lightly smacked Arkanon on his head. “You’re a little scamp, you know that, right?”

    Arkanon smile turned into a grimace. “Ah, please don’t do that. My head still hurts from the fight.”

    Areath spoke up. “Alright, that’s enough. Veld, go back to your room and wash yourself off. Instructor Ber wants to see you.”

    Veld turned towards Areath and nodded his head once. “Okay, I’ll be on my way.” As Veld walked away, he turned his head towards Arkanon. “Hey Arkanon, let’s meet up later.”

    Arkanon smiled. “Yeah, let’s meet up.”

    Jared walked over to Arkanon and tapped him on the shoulder with the back of his hand. “Already making friends, huh?”

    Arkanon sighed a little. “It’s a start. After all, most of us here will likely fight alongside each other in the future. I want to try and learn about most everyone here so our communication skills aren’t in disarray.”

    “Thinking of the future so heavily right now is commendable, but you should also focus on the present. You still need to become stronger before we even have the thought of sending you out on the battlefield.” Areath said.

    “Yeah, just a little future planning.”

    “Hm, alright. Now onto the important subjects. On orders from Harei, I am to be your personal instructor. Therefore if you have any questions regarding certain subjects, I’ll be the one you ask. I’ll also be helping you to learn how to fight with the weapon of your choice, or as long as it’s in my expertise. Your cabin has been prepared, with clothes, food, study materials and other various things. I recommend that you go rest for the day. A duel can be very tiring if your body isn’t trained fully.”

    “Then I’ll listen to your recommendation. Will you show me where I’ll be staying?”

    Areath nodded his head. “Yeah, follow me.”

    With that said, Arkanon and Jared followed Areath out of the dueling grounds. As they winded around the academy, Arkanon spoke out.

    “Areath, when will I be able to get a weapon of my own?”

    “Tomorrow. I’ll answer any questions and show you the armory then.”

    “What about food?”

    “You have a stocked refrigerator full of food. You’ll find it similar to the food you had back on your planet.”

    “Okay. One more question. Why does everyone I meet speak perfect english?”

    “That’s a question for tomorrow. Any more immediate questions?”

    “Ah, alright. I suppose that was rather silly to ask in the first place. It was just bugging me.”

    The three of them continued walking without saying anything more. They soon arrived at a cabin near the outskirts the academy’s grounds. Areath took out a keychain and selected a key from the many on it. He opened up the door to the cabin while also taking out another key and tossed it towards Arkanon.

    “As you can guess that’s the key to your cabin.”

    Arkanon looked at the key in his hand. “A key? I figured with current technology, we’d have something more.”

    “You won’t always have this type of privacy out on the battlefield, kid. Anyways, this is your home now, it’d be best to get used to it.”

    Home, huh? I’m not sure I can call any place home again. Arkanon thought to himself.

    “I’ll take my leave now. If you have any emergencies, ask some of the students around you and they’ll show you where I stay at. If it’s something more important, don’t be afraid to ask the other students for help as well.”

    “I’ll be sure to do so.”

    “All right then. I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.” Areath started to walk away before stopping and turning around. “I forgot to mention one thing. The day and night cycle on this planet is different from your planet slightly. There’s four more hours. So from your planet it would be fourteen hours for day and fourteen for night. So if you wake up and I haven’t come yet, feel free to read some of the books on the desk in there. They contain a lot of useful information.”

    “Okay, thank you.”

    Areath nodded his head and continued walking.

    Arkanon walked through the door to the cabin and looked around. Inside was a simple set up, with a foldable chair in front of a wooden desk with a few books on top of it, off to the left of the door. In the back right corner was a small bed. In the back left corner was a room that Arkanon assumed was the bathroom. To the right of the door was a strange grey rectangular box. Arkanon walked up to it to inspect it.

    “What... is this?” Arkanon thought out loud.

    At this point, Jared had walked into the cabin, following after Arkanon. He noticed Arkanon stare

    in confusion at the rectangular box.

    “Why are you so confused by a fridge?”

    Arkanon looked at Jared in a daze. “That’s a fridge? How do I even open it? There’s no handles.”

    Jared walked over and ran his left hand on the front left corner of the box until he pushed in a trigger, and then pulled. Inside was a normal refrigerator setup. Bread, meat, and cheese were among some of the items in it.

    Arkanon continued to look at the refrigerator, his stare turning into a frown. He finally spoke out. “Why the complexity? Was someone afraid of having their food stolen or something?”

    Jared closed the refrigerator. “Don’t ask me, I’m not the one that made it.”

    Arkanon sighed. “It’s pointless anyways. Thanks for showing me how to open it.”

    “Not a problem. Well then Arkanon, I’ll be heading back to my ship. That’s where I’ll be staying. If anyone gives you and trouble, be sure to come see me about it.”

    Arkanon nodded his head while walking over to the desk. “How often will you come check in?”

    “Every couple of days to come see your progress.”

    Arkanon chuckled slightly. “I doubt you’re going to see much improvement in a couple of days.”

    He looked at the book on top. It was titled ‘Races and History of the Guardians’.

    “Well it’s more for me to check your rate of progress. If you continue to advance at an average, or greater, pace then all is good. If your progress is to start lacking however, then that’s when Areath and I step in to try and help you. Other than that, it’s all self-learning, with the exception of other students.”

    “Other students?”

    “Certainly. If you think that you can run into a battle field relying purely on instinct, you’re going to die rather quickly. That’s why it’s so common for other students to spar, just like you did earlier. You learned something from it, right?”

    Arkanon took and opened the book from the top, and started reading. “That I’m not strong enough yet.”

    Jared paused for a few seconds. “That’s it?”


    “So you’re saying that you ran solely on instinct in that duel?”

    “Yes, is there a problem with that?”

    Jared froze for a few seconds, as his face contorted trying to process what Arkanon said. He eventually shook his head. “You’re a strange kid, you know that?”

    Arkanon waved his hand. “Yes yes, you’re not the first to tell me. If that’s all, then I have a lot to start on.” He stopped reading for a second and turned to face Jared. He had a small smile on face. “Thanks for worrying about me, but I’ve a lot to do. If I do have any questions about anything, I’ll be sure to ask.”

    “Hm. I’ll trust your word. All right Arkanon, I’ll see you in the next couple of days.” Jared walked out of the cabin and Arkanon closed and locked the door.

    Arkanon walked back to the desk and started reading again. Inside was a detailed explanation about what the Guardians were and how they came into existence. So the Guardians are actually the descendants of the Ancients. From what it says here, the draconic people that I’ve seen are actually the later generations. While everyone can be called a Guardian, they are the true Guardians. Arkanon thought to himself. He continued reading on how the Guardians started to oppose the Demons when they noticed that the Demons came to under the remaining Corrupted. The book then explained that the Corrupted were once Ancients that had their minds twisted and their sanity shattered due to a sudden incident back on the Ancient’s home world. From what the book stated and based on what some of the remaining Ancients said the planet was easily bigger than some of the now existing solar systems. Arkanon was extremely interested upon reading this, and kept reading hoping to find out more about the Ancients and Corrupted. He was disappointed when he couldn’t find anymore, but he continued and found the section containing information about the various races that are part of the guardians.

    Arkanon found out that the beastman race that he often saw were called Trethians. The book gave a general description of them.


    The Trethians are a race of beast-like people whose appearances vary depending on the type of ‘clan’ they were born into. Their general description of them is having fur on their forearms and below the knees. Animal ears usually sit on the top of their head. Most of the time a tail is at the base of the spine.

    Arkanon read onto the next section, which was about the rock people.


                 The Garks are a race of rock giants. Their general appearance are described as having rocks of different sizes making up their body. Due to this, a Gark can easily exceed the height of 4 meters. There are also special Garks, known as Variation Garks, which are sometimes born. These Variation Garks are stronger and tougher than normal Garks, and their appearances are all different. No Variation looks the same.

    Arkanon continued reading and found a couple races that interested him.


    The Spectres are a nocturnal hunting race that are normally never seen during the day. Their skin is pitch black and can excrete a black mist that hides their form. The have claws on both their feet and hands. Spectres are extremely stealthy, and will most likely never be noticed by the prey that they’re hunting.


    The Val’Kikth are a full metal-bodied race. Their ‘skin’ is colored a dull grey. On their back, they have six appendages that are similar to a spider’s legs. Two are on the backs of the shoulder, two in the middle of the back and two at the base of the spine. A fully grown Val’Kikth can independently control each separate appendage. Their hands usually end with sharp tips, similar to claws.

    Arkanon was fascinated when he read about the different races. The number of them was high. The number that was in the guardians was only around three-hundred, while the number of sentient races according to the book exceeded one-hundred thousand. Arkanon skimmed through the rest of the book, until he reached the end. He then looked back through the books that were piled up. Within a couple seconds, he found something that caught his interest. It was a small and thin book titled, ‘What is Energy and how to control it’. It seemed like a training manual mixed with information about what energy is. Arkanon grabbed the book and started reading.
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    Original link:

    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 10

    Arkanon skimmed through the first few sections of the book, nothing
    really catching his interest, or it was something that Jared had already
    told him. He found a few things worth noting. One was that when a
    guardian or demon uses energy, it takes on one of four forms. The four
    different forms are lightning, fire, liquid and air. Each separate one
    has a unique way of materializing depending on if it was a guardian, it
    would be white energy, and if it was a demon, it would be black energy.
    If it was lightning, lightning would crackle around the person. If it
    was fire, fire would form around their body. If it was liquid, streams
    of liquid would coil around their body. If it was air, a miniature
    cyclone would form around their body.

    Another interesting fact Arkanon found was that energy resided within
    everything. Although only Ancients, guardian, Corrupted and demons were
    the only ones that could use it, it was still a power that was a part
    of anything and everything.    .

    The last fact Arkanon found interesting was that not one form was
    limited to anything. It truly was an omnipotent power. The two problems
    stopping people from running mad with this power was that you needed a
    strong body and complete control over energy. The better control one had
    over it, the better the results when they used it. From healing
    life-threatening wounds or illnesses to being able to decimate thousands
    to forging the mightiest weapon in existence, anything was possible if
    the user was strong enough.

    Arkanon moved onto the next section of the book which included the
    way to use energy. The book first said to feel the energy flowing
    through their body. The next step said to focus on a region of their
    body and “force” the energy in that area to come out. The last step was
    to direct the energy somewhere. Where it was directed and for what
    purpose was based on the wielders intention.

    Arkanon was extremely excited upon reading this and put the book back
    down. His curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to try it. He
    stood still and took deep breaths. He searched and felt inside his own
    body, entering a meditative state, feeling his blood flow and his heart
    beat steadily. He stood like this for a few minutes searching for the
    strange power, but to no avail. He became worried that it wasn’t there
    until he finally felt something. A mysterious and divine power could be
    felt surrounding his body. His heart beat faster as he once more felt
    excited and eager to use his new found power.

    He then attempted to summon it around his left forearm. At first,
    nothing happened, but a few seconds later white lightning started to
    crackle around his arm. First a look of awe was on his face before it
    turned into a large smile. Arkanon started to laugh, completely
    entranced by the lightning that surrounded his arm. Suddenly something
    went wrong, and the lightning turned wild. Before he could do anything, a
    small explosion happened, sending Arkanon flying and slamming against a
    wall. The impact knocked the air out of his lungs.

    When he landed, he could only let out a soundless scream as his left
    forearm was in absolute agony. When he looked at his arm, light burns
    could be seen all over it. He sat up as he thought about what to do for a
    moment. He suddenly surrounded his arm with lightning again, before
    directing it to heal himself. The lightning covered his arm and soon
    after his burns started to disappear. ‘As I thought, the energy responds to the will of the user.’ Arkanon thought to himself. The lightning healed the worst of the burns, but some still remained.

    Arkanon looked at his arm as he turned it around a few times,
    inspecting the remainder of the burns. He then sighed and thought to
    himself ‘I suppose that’s what happens when I screw with things I’m not familiar with.

    Although the pain was no longer as bad as before, it was still
    uncomfortable. Arkanon stood up, his body aching slightly from when he
    hit the wall of the cabin. Remembering how hard he hit the wall, he
    turned around to see if he caused any damage to it, only to find that
    there was a single scratch on the wall. He was confused on how the wall
    was undamaged but quickly dismissed the thought from his head.

    Arkanon walked over to the bathroom and went in. Inside was normal
    looking with a sink, shower and toilet. There was also a chute that
    Arkanon assumed was where dirty clothes were thrown into. He walked up
    to the sink which had the two normal knobs, the left hot and the right
    cold. He turned on the cold water and held his arm under the water.
    Arkanon’s arm clenched for a few seconds as the water irritated the
    burns, but soon a soothing numbness could be felt. He turned off the
    water and grabbed a towel on a wall nearby and dried his arm.

    He hung the towel back up and searched around the bathroom until he
    found something similar to bandages. He took out the roll of
    bandage-like material and wrapped his arm up. He tore the bandage off
    once he covered his forearm, the bandage tearing off of the roll with

    These bandages are strange, they are strong yet I was able to
    break it away from the roll with ease and for some reason they also seem
    to be healing my burns fast
    .’ Arkanon thought to himself. ‘They must have stocked these here in case a student injured themselves and they weren’t able to get treatment quickly enough.’

    Arkanon walked out of the bathroom and grabbed some food from his
    fridge as a quick snack before going back to the desk to finish reading
    the book on energy. The remainder of the book was a couple of warnings
    about what would happen should the wielder lose focus or if they try to
    do something that exceeded their limits. For the first warning, which
    Arkanon experienced, if the one using energy ever becomes distracted and
    doesn’t direct the energy somewhere, the energy will backfire and
    usually wound the wielder. The second warning was to never attempt to do
    something that exceeded one’s strength. Should that happen, the one
    using energy will quickly use up their life force and die.

    Arkanon pressed these two warning into his head before closing the
    book and going to sleep for the night. As he laid in bed, he yawned and
    said quietly, “A lot has already happened, and yet it was only the first
    day. The upcoming years are going to be really busy.” With that said,
    he turned on his side and fell asleep.

    Arkanon woke up when he heard knocking at the door. Groggily getting
    out of bed, he got dressed before walking over to the door. Rubbing his
    eyes as he opened the door, Areath stood outside waiting for him.

    Areath spoke first. “Seems like you got a good night’s rest. Anyways
    let’s get going, you got a busy day ahead of-“ Areath noticed the
    bandage on Arkanon’s left forearm. “What the hell did you do already?”

    “I made a mistake while trying to use energy yesterday.” Arkanon didn’t hide anything.

    Areath put his hand on his head while he gave an annoyed chuckle.
    “You got too excited when you summoned your energy and lost
    concentration, which resulted in a backfire, correct?”


    “At least you’re not trying to hide it. Anyways, take off your bandage and show me how bad it is.”

    Arkanon nodded his head and removed the bandage on his arm without hesitation.

    Areath inspected Arkanon’s arm on both sides, only finding light
    scarring. “Hm. Your arm is a little scarred, but that’s a small price to
    pay considering what could’ve happened. What was the original injury

    “There were multiple light burns.”

    “Multiple you say? Why is your arm only slightly scarred?”

    Arkanon thought for a moment before answering. “I think it may have to do with me using energy once more to heal my arm.”

    Areath’s face was torn between annoyance and incomprehension. “What… what exactly is wrong with you?”

    Arkanon tilted his head to the side, confused. “What do you mean? Is that not normal?”

    “A ten year old brat backfiring while trying to use energy is common
    enough, but to immediately heal it afterwards? Never have I seen a kid
    like you before.”

    “Am I really that rare?”

    “Let’s put it this way.” Areath crossed his arms over his chest, his
    face now serious. “A ten year old would normally be traumatized in some
    way after having suffered a backfire. Some never dare to use energy
    again while others eventually overcome their fear of it. You however
    decided to use it again without a second thought and healed yourself.
    Now you tell me, is that normal?”

    “I suppose not.” Arkanon grinned sheepishly.

    “Well no matter. The problem is already taken care of. Alright boy,
    follow me. As I said yesterday, you’ll get your weapon of choice today.”


    Arkanon followed Areath as they walked through the maze of buildings.
    While walking, some students called out to Areath saying ‘good morning’
    or ‘hi’.

    “You seem to be popular, Areath.” Arkanon said.

    “Because I’ve known those kids for a large part of their life. I
    guess you can call us something along the lines of a family.” Areath

    “How long have some of them been here?”

    “It all depends. We never send someone out to the war unless we know
    they’re prepared and trained for it. Some only need a few years here
    while others need a couple decades.”

    “How long do you think it will take for me to be ready?”

    “I don’t know. You can never really evaluate when someone’s good to go.”

    “So then it’s mainly based off of the person’s training speed?”

    “That’s the best way to put it.”

    “Hey Areath, I asked this yesterday, but how are we all able to
    understand each other. It seems obvious that not everyone here speaks
    English like I’m hearing.”

    “That’s a difficult question to answer, as even the Ancients don’t
    know how we have this ability. The most we’ve been able to come up is
    that it’s a hereditary ability passed down from the Ancients to us.”

    “So a ‘gift of tongues’ of sorts?”

    “Yeah, ‘gift of tongues’ would be the only way we can describe it.”

    “So we can understand and be understood when we talk to others. That’s a rather convenient ability.”

    “Certainly makes talking with others easily.”

    “Also, another question. I’ve seen mainly melee weapons, such as
    sword, staffs, axes and such. How come you don’t use something like

    “Hmm, good question. The reason why is because the materials required
    for weapons and ammunition would be extremely high. However, the
    weapons we make right now can easily be salvaged off of a battle field.
    If they’re damaged, it’s simple to repair them. But if we had our
    forgers constantly creating billions of bullets every day, it would
    exhaust them to no end.”

    “What about cannons? I remember seeing one on the giant ship where I met Harei.”

    “You mean the galaxy headquarters ship?”


    “There are cannons on each headquarters ship. What they use to fire
    are large crystals that have energy infused into them. Infusing crystals
    can vary depending on the size. For the crystals powering the cannons
    on the headquarter ships, one can take up to six thousand years to

    “How many headquarter ships are there?”

    “I believe around thirty.”

    “How long do the crystals last?”

    “If I’m not mistaken, if not used, the crystals can last for around one-hundred thousand years.”

    “What about if they are?”

    “Well, each crystal can only be used around a total of five times. Their blasts are easily planet busting level though.”

    “Does the planet size matter?”

    “Most of the time, no. The only time it wouldn’t be able to pierce
    the planet easily is if it was like the Ancient’s titan planet. Enough
    of the questions for now, we’re here.”

    They arrived in front of a large stone building and entered. Inside,
    weapons of all kinds could be seen. Claymores, sheathed short and long
    swords, estocs, giant clubs and hammers, axes, staffs and other rather
    strange weapons could be seen. Some were gloves with claws, others
    looked like sharp metal sheathes. Arkanon even saw a pair of retractable
    arm blades.

    “Haha, Areath! It’s been a while!” A loud, rumbly voice roared out. A
    Gark came walking out of the rows of weapons and greeted Areath. The
    Gark glanced at Arkanon momentarily. “I’m guessing you brought this boy
    here to get a weapon, right?”

    “Yep.” Areath said casually.

    “Name’s Krik, boy. Nice to meet ya. Anyways, feel free to try any
    weapon you want here. When you pick the weapon you like, let me know
    real quick.”

    “Thank you, I’ll be sure to do so.” Arkanon replied politely.

    “Hah! This kid is more respectful than some of them other bastards around here.” Krik chortled while walking away.

    “Alright Arkanon, look around and try any weapon you want to. Once
    you find one that you feel comfortable with, let’s go. I’ll wait here
    for you.”

    “Okay.” Arkanon said as he walked through the rows of weapons, looking carefully at each one.

    While inspecting each weapon, he took into account his strength and
    weaknesses. Any heavy weapons would work against him since his body
    isn’t very physically strong yet. He thought about using some type of
    staff-like weapon, but he decided against it. Looking at the unique
    weapons like the arm blades, Arkanon thought about trying them out, but
    dismissed the thought. Walking towards the swords, he knew the claymores
    were large for him right now, but thought about using a long sword. He
    picked out a long sword and tried holding it in front of him. Arkanon
    gave it a couple practice swings, then tried moving around with it. He
    decided he didn’t like how the long sword slowed him down too much, and
    put it back. Arkanon then picked out a short sword. He tried swinging it
    a few times and moved around with it. Satisfied with how it let him
    keep his mobility, he decided to use a short sword.

    Arkanon walked around looking for Krik to let him know of his choice. Soon he found the Gark as he was rummaging through a box.

    “Ah, where was that damn thing. I coulda sworn that it was here somewhere…” Krik mumbled.

    “Krik, I found my weapon that I want.” Arkanon spoke out.

    Krik jumped at Arkanon suddenly speaking to him. “Ack, damn boy.
    You’re as sneaky as a damn gniver.” He pointed at the sword in Arkanon’s
    hands. “So, that’s the weapon you want?”

    “Yes. Also, what’s a gniver?”

    “Never mind about that. Here, take this.” Krik reached into a box behind him and pulled out a belt and handed it to Arkanon.

    “I clip my sword to this, right?”

    “Yeah. If you ever need a new one or have a sword that needs repairing, come see me.”

    “Okay, I will.”

    “See ya later boy.”

    “See you.” Arkanon waved as he started to walk away. He fastened the
    belt around his waist and clipped the sword to his side. He found Areath
    still waiting at the front.

    “Got your weapon?” Areath asked.

    “Yeah. A short sword.” Arkanon replied.

    “A short sword, huh? It fits you well. Alright, let’s go.”

    “Where to?”

    “The training grounds. I’ll be teaching you how to fight and how to properly use your energy.”

    “Was it the same place I was yesterday?”

    “No we’re going somewhere different. Where you went was mainly where the other students duel.”

    “Alright then.”

    Arkanon and Areath head out to the training grounds.

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    Hey guys, I wanted to quickly apologize for the long wait for chapter 11, but I assure you it's around half way done and should be finished soon. The reason for the delay is mainly due to me trying to figure out the best way to advance into the parts I have more planned out. I had to get rid of a couple ideas, but I honestly think it's for the better, since I have an even better idea planned out now.

    Anyways, enough of my rambling. Have a teaser for chapter 11.

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    Original link:

    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 11

    Within a purple void, two beings watched the events of the universe.
    One was a slim figure made of pure white energy and had blue eyes. The
    other was a larger figure made of completely black energy and had red

    A feminine voice came from the white one. “Brother, something is going to happen soon. The demons are preparing to make a move.”

    “Mmm, the demons and guardians have unconsciously entered a ceasefire
    these past hundred or so years. But now it seems the demons are about
    to strike.” A deep voice came from the black one.

    “I wish I could help the guardians. It pains me to watch them suffer.”

    “I also wish we could help, but it is not our place to interfere nor do we have the ability to.”

    “I know that, Kai, but I still wish we could do something other than sit here and watch what happens.”

    “Patience, Khi, I’m certain something is bound to happen which will
    give us the ability to help the guardians. For now, we must bide our

    The white one, Khi, could only mutter to herself. “What’s the point of us becoming this powerful if we can’t do anything?”

    The two beings stayed there, continuing to watch as events unfolded themselves.

    “Hey Areath, I have a question.” Arkanon said to Areath as they were walking.

    “Go ahead and ask.” Areath said.

    “I’ve noticed there was a pretty big difference from when my power
    first came out to now. I don’t feel that same amount of strength.”

    “You didn’t know about a guardians ‘awakening’?”

    “No, what’s that?”

    “It speaks for itself. It’s when a guardian awakens their ability. It
    usually results in a massive amount of power flowing through their
    body. That’s how you could fight those three demons. If you were to
    fight the same demons now, chances are you would only be able to barely
    get away. You’d most likely end up dead.”

    “Does a guardian only awaken once?”

    “That’s something I can’t answer confidently. There are rumors that
    some of the first guardians could awaken to a different form. I think it
    was called something along the line of a ‘true form’. The true form’s
    power easily rivaled that of an Ancient of Corrupted. I also remember
    hearing that as long as a guardian reached a certain level of power, a
    true form was possible. But with each generation of guardians, the
    Ancient blood in all of us has weakened greatly though, which resulted
    in us becoming weaker.  I’m not completely sure though, as this is
    rumors mixed in with some things I do know.”

    “Is it possible for me to reach that stage?”

    “Of course it’s possible. It’s possible for all guardians and demons.
    What you probably mean is what the chances are, and the chances of that
    is very low. We’ve yet to see a ‘true form’ in the past few billion
    years. If there was one that had reached that level of power, it’s been
    hidden pretty well.”

    “It would make sense if they were hidden. I doubt either side would want the other to know about such a powerful person.”

    “Ah, here we are.”

    Whilst talking, Arkanon and Areath had arrived at the training
    grounds. Arkanon looked around and saw various other students were
    training. Some used their weapons while others were using energy. He
    found it interesting to watch some of the students shoot fire energy as
    fire bolts while others using the same type used it as a wave a of
    flame. Students using the liquid type would switch between using it as a
    whip and using it as a straightforward blast. Ones that used air used
    it as something similar to condensed air blades or would summon a
    miniature cyclone that tore up the area around it. The students that
    used lightning would shoot out bolts that struck the targets fast, and
    they would also have occasion lightning bolts strike at a random area
    from around their body.

    One thing Arkanon noted was that although energy users could perform
    the same things, they all had different ways of attacking. Most were
    common from what he saw while others were unique. Some had flames erupt
    from the ground their feet, while others had formed large golems made of
    liquid. Air users would be able lift themselves off the ground or give
    themselves an extra boost. The lightning users would infuse their body
    with the lightning, putting extra power behind their attacks and giving
    them a big speed boost.

    Seeing these people use such creative methods, Arkanon couldn’t help
    but be amazed. He then made a resolve to try and create a creative
    method like everyone else.

    “Hey Areath, how do you plan on training me to use my short sword?” Arkanon asked.

    “What do you mean?” Areath asked back.

    “Well, I mean you use a two-handed sword while I use a short sword.
    How do you plan on training me without a short sword as well?”

    “It’s up to you to learn how to use your sword. I’m only going to show you how to fight and defend yourself.”

    “But what about sword stances and such?”

    “Sword stances aren’t going to help you live on the battlefield.
    Besides, you already look like you can wield your sword like a veteran.
    Which isn’t all too surprising.”

    “Still, I don’t think this is right.”

    “Relax, just rely on your instinct in a fight. It’s a lot better than
    trying to pull some stupid shit thinking that you’ll be fine.”

    “But Jared told me that purely relying on instinct will most likely get me killed.”

    “Then Jared is wrong. One of the best things to rely on in a battle
    is instinct. If it’s a one versus one situation, then maybe sword
    stances and such would work. But a battlefield is complete chaos. It’s
    better to revert back to a primal state of mind and follow the flow of

    “You two have different mindsets on this.”

    Areath sighed. “I won’t tell you which way to fight, Arkanon.
    Ultimately, the way you want to fight is up to you. I’ll train to read
    an enemy and help you improve your reaction speed as well as instruct
    you where to strike at. If you want to learn sword stances, you’ll have
    to either ask Jared or other instructors since I’m not familiar with

    “I think… I think that’s all I want. For now at least. I also feel
    that relying on my instinct is one of the best things to help me

    “Hm. Good. Alright, we’ll start with teaching you how to use your
    energy. As a quick warning, and I’m sure you read this in the book, if
    you try to do something that exceeds your strength, it will kill you. So
    be cautious when you train. Okay, for starters, gather the energy from
    your body.”

    Arkanon stood still and felt within himself to find that strange
    power. Once he had it, he started to exert it through his body causing
    white lightning to start crackling around his body.

    “Good, now focus it on the tip of your finger and shoot it out
    towards one of the targets.”Arkanon did so and a fast bolt of lightning
    shot out from his finger and struck one of the training targets. The
    target, being solid metal and resilient so as to not quickly be
    destroyed by the students, still had a massive dent from Arkanon’s
    energy blast.

    “I keep forgetting that you’re not normal. I shouldn’t even be
    surprised that you could put a dent into that. Yet I’ll be damned if
    still not amazed by the fact that you can do this as a ten year old

    Arkanon grinned and was about to reply when his mind went blank and he collapsed to his knees.

    “You alright?”

    Arkanon could only weakly nod his head in response.

    “Sit down and rest for a couple minutes.”

    Arkanon nodded his head once more and sat back. It felt like his
    entire body had been drained of it’s strength. After sitting down for a
    few minutes, he finally regained some of his strength. He stood up and
    turned towards Areath.

    “Are you okay to continue?” Areath asked.

    “Yeah, I should be okay now.” Arkanon said.

    “Alright, let’s move on. So, as you’ve noticed, when you use your
    entire body’s worth of energy, you can do a lot of damage. However, you
    also use up most of your strength. Now, try gathering the energy from
    just your right forearm. After that, shoot it out.”

    Arkanon once more summoned the energy from within his body and
    gathered it at the tip of his finger. A lightning bolt shot out and hit
    the target, this time making only a tiny dent. This time though, he
    didn’t nearly pass out.

    “Notice a difference?” Areath asked.

    “Yeah, I’m not out of strength. I also feel like I could do that again.”

    “You’re correct. When using energy on the battlefield or in general,
    you need to be careful how much you use. If you use all the energy in
    your body, you’ll become weak and vulnerable. However, if you use much
    smaller bursts, you can do far more damage over time. Only use all your
    energy as a last resort. From today onwards, I want you to try to use
    your energy as efficiently as possible while trying to maximize how much
    you get out of it. That’s all I’ll help you for energy today. Do you
    think you can go on today?”

    “I can try.”

    “Okay. Normally, I’d have you try to strike me in some way. However,
    since you’re already tired, it’d be better for you to use a training
    dummy. Here come over to this one.” While saying so, Areath walked over
    to a metal training dummy that was human shaped. “Here, try attacking
    this one.”

    Arkanon walked over while unsheathing his sword. He took a deep
    breath then struck as fast as he could at the training dummy. He
    attacked first with a slash from the dummy’s right shoulder to the left
    help, then with a slash at the throat before finishing it with a slash
    to the head. The dummy was mostly unaffected by the sword slashes and
    had only small indents on it from where Arkanon’s sword hit.

    “Hm, okay, we’re off to a good start. You won’t be able to do much
    more as you are now. Once you get older and stronger, you should be able
    to cut straight through the metal. These dummies right here are only
    slightly stronger than the armor demons use.”

    “So once I can cut through the dummies, I can cut through demons?”

    “Yeah, even though you said it kind of weird. Anyways, I recommend
    training with this dummy for a few hours. After that, it’d probably be
    wise to stop for the day. You did exhaust yourself pretty heavily

    “Okay, I’ll stay here and practice.”

    “Then I’ll see you later, Arkanon. If you need anything, don’t
    hesitate to come find me.” Areath walked off into the training grounds
    and soon disappeared from Arkanon’s sight.

    I’ll keep swinging at this dummy until I’m tired’ Arkanon thought to himself. ‘I have to get stronger.
    Arkanon kept attacking the training dummy. After a few hours of
    training, Arkanon had stabbed his sword into the ground and was resting
    on it. Sweat was dripping from his face and he was panting heavily.

    “I… I suppose that’s… enough for one day.” He muttered to himself.

    He stood back up and started to trudge through the grounds, heading
    back to his cabin. He had his head lowered and looked ready to fall over
    at a moments notice. Along the way, he ran into someone.

    “Hey Arkanon! Wow, you like tired today.” A voice called out from in front of Arkanon.

    He looked up and saw Veld standing there. “Hi Veld.” Arkanon said tiredly.

    “Did you even get any rest after yesterday?” Veld asked curiously.

    “I did, I’m just tired from today.”

    “Ah, I see. Well, it’s something you’ll have to get used to being
    here. I just happened to see you and was going to ask if you wanted to
    go to the dueling grounds with me, but it seems you’re not really up for
    it right now.”

    “Although I appreciate the offer, I’ll have to pass today. I just want to go sleep right now.”

    “Yeah, I won’t hold you up anymore. I’ll see you later, Arkanon.”

    “See you.”

    Arkanon continued on his way and soon reached his cabin. He unlocked
    the door and went inside, locking the door behind him. He unbuckled the
    sword from his side and went over to his bed and flopped on the bed. He
    quickly fell asleep.

    Arkanon found himself floating within a black empty space. He doesn’t
    know what happened or how he got there, but he could only feel one
    thing: an immense fear. Arkanon tried to move his body, but no matter
    how hard he tried, he couldn’t move a single inch. He wanted to call out
    for help, but he couldn’t open his mouth. No matter what he did, he was
    stuck there. He could only wait for something to happen.

    After a while, Arkanon was still floating there. The feeling of fear
    never left him. He felt himself about to go mad. Before his eyes, two
    massive red eyes opened before him. Arkanon felt himself freeze and his
    mind went blank. The power that he felt from the eyes easily surpassed
    him. He could feel the eyes stare directly into his soul. He stayed like
    that for a short time, with the red eyes staring at him.

    Arkanon then heard a voice enter his mind. This voice was
    overwhelming, and carried a massive weight with it and it only said a
    single word. “Arkanon…

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    Original link:

    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 12

    Within the purple void, the two beings continued watching.

    “Something is happening.” The black one said.

    “What? Where?” The white one asked.

    “On this planet here. Something is blocking my view of it.”

    “That should be impossible. There should be no other being that can interfere with our sight.”

    “I’d say so as well, but it’s happening. Wait, it’s back. I got full view of it again.”

    “Quickly search it. If something was able to interfere with us, we can’t just sit by idly.”

    “I know, give me a moment… Nothing is out of the ordinary.”

    “But how? There’s no way everything is fine after that.”

    “I don’t know. I’m as confused as you on this.”

    “I think we need to pay close attention to the people from that planet.”

    “I agree.”

    Arkanon felt his body go numb from fear. ‘What is this thing? How does it know my name? What does it want?’ Countless questions flashed through his mind.

    Arkanon finally found the ability to speak. “Who or what are you?”

    The giant red eyes only continued to stare at him, not saying anything.

    “How do you know my name?”


    “Where am I and why am I here?”


    Arkanon started to grow increasingly nervous due to the silence.

    You will do.


    A giant black clawed hand reached towards Arkanon. Arkanon tried to
    get away, struggling as hard as he could, but to no avail. The giant
    hand extended its index finger and poked him in the middle of his
    forehead. Arkanon felt complete agony as something invaded his mind.

    “AAAAAHHHHH!” Arkanon cried out as he felt his mind being twisted and torn apart.

    Return and be gone from my sight.

    “AAAAHHHH!” Arkanon woke up screaming. He looked around frantically
    before realizing that he was back in his cabin. His body was shaking and
    covered in sweat. He covered his face with his hands as he took several
    deep breaths to calm himself down.

    Arkanon got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He turned on the
    cold water and washed his face off. After he dried his face off, he
    looked into the mirror and noticed his left eye had turned from light
    blue into a blood-red color. He stumbled backwards in shock and
    slipped.He sat on the ground and clasped both his hands over his left
    eye. His body started shaking once more and he started panting heavily.
    He stayed like that for a few minutes before standing back up with
    unsteady legs. He moved his trembling hands away from his eye and looked
    back into the mirror. He saw that his eye color turned back into a
    light blue. His body relaxed and most of the shaking stopped, but he
    still had a deep lingering fear.

    What is happening? Why is it happening to me?’ Arkanon thought to himself. ‘Should
    I tell someone about this? No. That won’t work. I look fine now and
    they’d think that I just had a bad nightmare if I say anything. For now,
    I’ll carry this secret with me.

    Arkanon left the bathroom and was about to lay back down, but stopped
    himself. Instead he grabbed his sword and buckled it onto his side. He
    went outside and started heading towards the training ground. It was
    nighttime and in a cloudless sky, a full moon lit the surroundings
    around Arkanon. He could make his way around with minimal effort.
    Eventually he found himself standing at the training ground. He took a
    deep breath before unsheathing his sword and walking up to one of the
    training dummies. He took a swing at the dummy, striking it across the
    chest, then swung again at the waist. He swung again and again, his mind
    eventually becoming blank. Doing this helped Arkanon calm and clear his
    mind. He kept swinging his sword for a few hours until he grew tired.
    Sitting back and resting, he heard a mischievous, immature voice from
    behind him.

    “Hey there, it’s not often that I see people like you at night.”

    Arkanon turned around, but couldn’t find the speaker.

    “I’m right here. Can’t you see me?”

    Arkanon looked around him. “Where?”

    “Right here.” A creature with jet black skin appeared right in front
    of Arkanon. Even though most of his appearance was shrouded in the dark,
    he didn’t seem much older than Arkanon, perhaps around his age. His
    dark blue eyes stared straight at Arkanon’s face.

    Arkanon jumped a little at the sudden appearance, but immediately calmed down. “Are you a Spectre?”

    “Do you really need to ask? Yes, I am. My name is Berok, nice to meet you.”

    “My name is Arkanon, it’s nice to meet you too.”

    “So Arkanon, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night?”

    Arkanon hesitated for a moment. “Just clearing my mind.”

    “Got a lot going on?”

    “In a way. So what are you doing out here?”

    “Training, same as you.”

    “Why so late at night?”

    “You ask some pretty stupid questions. It’s because I’m nocturnal. I come out to train at night time and sleep during the day.”

    “Yeah, that should’ve been obvious. Sorry, my head is just really jumbled right now.”

    “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine. Just need to clear my head for now.”

    “If you say so. If you ever need someone to talk with, I’m usually out here at night.”

    “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.”

    “Then I’ll talk with you later, Arkanon.” Berok got up and started walking away.

    “Yeah, see you later.”

    He seems to be pretty friendly.’ Arkanon thought to himself. ‘I can understand why though. There’s hardly anyone else out here at this time. He probably just wanted someone to talk with.’ Arkanon stood back up and grasped his sword. ‘Alright, enough dawdling. I hated that feeling of powerlessness. I don’t ever want to feel that again.

    Arkanon started attacking the dummy again. He constantly struck the dummy, and soon, countless slashes could be seen across it.

    “There’s only one more thing I want to try before I’m done here.” Arkanon muttered to himself.

    Arkanon summoned the energy in his right arm and directed it to his sword. The sword started to crackle with white lightning.

    “Here we go.”

    Arkanon moved towards the dummy and brought his down in an angled arc
    aiming towards the dummy’s left shoulder. The blade let out a loud
    screech as it sliced straight through the dummy, stopping halfway to the
    right hip. Arkanon tried pulling the sword out, but it snapped, leaving
    a large piece of the blade stuck in the dummy.

    “Well crap.” Arkanon looked at the broken blade with an annoyed look.
    He sighed and put the remains of the blade back into the sheath.

    “Since that’s done for, I’ll just practice using energy.”

    Arkanon stood there and thought about different ways to use his energy

    “For now, let’s try to do something simple.”

    Arkanon summoned the energy from both his arms. With the lightning
    crackling around his, he directed it to his infuse his arms. He didn’t
    feel anything different, just a little increase in his strength.

    “That’s somewhat disappointing. I thought it would do something more
    than that. Hmm.” Arkanon closed his eyes momentarily. “Wait, what if I
    do this.”

    Arkanon summoned the energy in his arms again. This time, he directed
    the energy to infuse his muscles. Arkanon noticed a huge jump in his
    strength. Excited, he walked up to one of the dummies and punched it
    straight in the chest with his right arm. The dummy’s chest caved in
    from the blow. Arkanon’s cry of joy turned into a yelp of pain as he
    noticed that the skin on his knuckles split open and his fingers got
    dislocated. Without a second thought, Arkanon gathered the energy in his
    left hand and held it over his right. He directed the energy to heal
    his hand. Once it was done healing, he opened and closed his right hand
    to test it. After he found out that it was only sore, he let out a sigh
    of relief.

    “I injure myself far too much. I think I’m more of a danger to myself
    than anything else. But I figured out something interesting. If I
    infuse a certain part of my body with energy, it’s far stronger than if I
    were to infuse that general part. So I can infuse my muscles to get a
    large burst of strength, but it leaves me defenseless. I’m guessing if
    it was the other way around and I was to infuse my skin and toughen it, I
    could take more damage, but I wouldn’t be able to do as much damage.”
    Arkanon sighed. “There’s so many different ways to use energy, and I’ve
    only scratched the surface. Well, that’s enough for now.”

    Arkanon walked back to his cabin. Once he got inside, he was tempted
    to sleep, but he still feared that he would meet tat overpowering
    monster again. He unbuckled his sword and sat at his desk and looked at
    the different books. Some books were on strategy while others were
    survival books. He also found a small collection of books that was on
    other races’ anatomy. A couple were also instructional manuals on how to
    fly spaceships.

    He picked up a book on strategy and started reading through it. He
    found it difficult to understand and couldn’t focus on reading it. While
    reading the book, Arkanon could feel exhaustion creeping up on him
    until he fell asleep. He had a dreamless night.

    Arkanon woke up when he heard knocking at the door. Looking around,
    he noticed he had fallen asleep at his desk while reading a book.
    Noticing that he drooled a little on it, he quickly wiped his mouth off
    then cleaned the book as best he could. He heard another knock at the
    door. Deciding to deal with it later, he closed the book and put it back
    on the desk. Standing up and stretching his cramped legs, he walked
    over to the door and opened it. He saw Jared standing outside.

    “Morning, Arkanon.” Jared said.

    “Morning.” Arkanon replied groggily rubbing his eyes.

    Jared noticed the light scars on Arkanon’s left arm. “What the hell happened to your arm?”

    “It was an energy backfire.”

    “Is it fine? Backfires can be pretty extreme.”

    “Yeah, it’s fine. I was able to heal it right afterwards.”

    “You healed yourself right afterwards?”


    “Are you sure you’re really a kid?”

    “I’m sure most people question that.”

    “Doesn’t it worry you that people question it in the first place?”

    “No. Should it?”

    “Yes it should.”

    “Okay, we’ve established that I’m not normal, can we move on?”

    “Yes. So, how are you holding up after your second day?”

    Arkanon thought about the experience from the dream he had. “It was
    alright, just learning how to properly use energy and use my sword.”
    Arkanon’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he remember his sword. “Ah shoot,
    that’s right. My sword broke earlier.”

    “Your sword broke? How?”

    “I was training earlier and infused it with energy. I cut halfway
    through a dummy. The blade got stuck inside it and when I tried to pull
    it out, the blade snapped off.”

    “Arkanon, here’s some advice. Don’t infuse your weapon with energy.
    When you do so, it can get a lot of power out of a single strike, but it
    deteriorates the blade. Since our weapons aren’t normal and are infused
    with energy when they’re forged, if you use energy in the weapon again,
    it’s the same as using all the energy in the weapon, reducing it to a
    normal weapon.”

    “So that’s why I was able to cut through it like that and why it broke?”

    “Yes, it’s not a wise idea to use energy through your blade. Only ever use it if you’re desperate.”

    “It seems that guardians have a lot of last resorts.”

    “The demons have the same as us. Both sides share the same power and ability. Keep that in mind.”

    “I will.”

    “Alright Arkanon, I’ll leave now. It seems like you’re doing okay, if
    I can even call it that. If you need anything, you know where to find

    “Okay, Jared, I’ll see you later.”

    “See you.” Jared walked away.

    “I guess I should go see Krik and get a new sword.” Arkanon buckled
    the sword sheath to his side and left his cabin. As Arkanon looked up,
    he saw the sun was right above him. ‘Seems to be about mid-day.
    While walking, Arkanon saw Veld in front of him. Veld looked like he was
    arguing with another student. The other student seemed to be a Trethian
    like Veld.

    Once Arkanon got close enough, he heard Veld talking.

    “I’m tired of you always bugging me. Can’t you do something better with your time?”

    Arkanon called out to Veld. “Hey Veld! Is everything okay?”

    Veld turned around when heard Arkanon call out his name. “Oh, Arkanon. Yeah, just give me a second here.”

    The other student also turned towards Arkanon. “Fuck off brat, this isn’t any of your business.”

    Veld turned around on the student. “Hey, you listen to me. You better
    back off and shut the fuck up. If not, I’ll give you the ass kicking
    you so desperately want. No one talks to my friend that way. No one.”

    The student snarled in anger, but turned and left. As he walked away, he glared at Arkanon.

    “Who was that?” Arkanon asked.

    “His name is Mith. Don’t worry about him, he just keeps bugging me for a fight. Anyways, what’s up?”

    “Nothing much, was going to get a new sword. I just happened to see you and was going to see how you were doing.”

    “Well, my day would be fine if that asshole didn’t come around. Anyways, you said you were going to see Krik, right?”

    “Yeah, do you want to come with?”

    “Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to see if there’s anything new.”

    “Alright, let’s go.”

    Arkanon and Veld walked through the cabins until they reached Krik’s
    weapon storage. Walking inside, they looked around. Krik came walking
    out from a row and noticed the two.

    “Well if it isn’t Arkanon and Veld. I didn’t expect to see you so
    soon again Arkanon, and it’s been a while since you last came, Veld.
    What can this old boulder do for you?”

    “I accidently broke my sword.” Arkanon said while pulling his sword out of its sheath.

    “You just got that thing yesterday! How did it already break so soon?” Krik cried out in shock.

    “I infused it with energy when I was training.”

    “Boy, didn’tcha know that pretty much destroys the weapon?”

    “I didn’t know until afterwards.”

    “Ay, boy you’re going to make me head ache.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s fine. Just be a little more careful in the future. Anyways, put
    the sword back in its sheath and hand it to me. I’ll repair it later.
    Go get another sword, assuming that’s what you still want. If you pick
    anything different, be sure to see me before you leave.”

    “Okay, I’ll make sure I do.” Arkanon started walking towards the row
    that had all the swords. Veld was walking behind Arkanon and looking at
    the weapons as they walked past.

    “Hey Arkanon, how come you’re getting a short sword?” Veld asked.

    “Because it feels the most natural to me.” Arkanon replied.

    “I still haven’t stuck with a weapon.”

    “How come?”

    “I don’t know. Nothing feels right to me. I try it and I eventually
    dislike using it after a while. The weapon that I have right now and
    I’ve kept the longest is a long staff.”

    “You like fighting bare-handed, right?”

    “Yeah, how’d you know?”

    “I figured it out from when we dueled. You seemed to enjoy it a lot.”

    “Huh, I didn’t know I was that obvious.”

    “Since you like fighting bare-handed that much, why not pick out a pair of claws?”

    “A pair of claws? Are there any here?”

    “Yeah, they’re towards the back.”

    “Really, I’m going to grab them real quick and let Krik know. Thanks for telling me.”

    “No problem.” As Veld ran towards the back, Arkanon continued on his
    way and grabbed a short sword. Buckling it on his side, Arkanon walked
    to the front and waited for Veld. After a couple of minutes, he saw Veld
    running up to the front.

    “Sorry for taking so long.” Veld apologized.

    “It’s alright.” Arkanon noticed the clawed gauntlets on Veld’s hands. “I see you got your claws.”

    “Yeah, I can’t wait to test them out.”

    “What do you plan on doing next?”

    “I’m going to head to the training field to try these out.”

    “Alright, then I’ll go with you. I still have some things I want to practice.”

    “Sure thing, let’s go.” Veld was giddy with excitement, and nearly tripped on his way out.

    Arkanon followed behind Veld as they headed out to the training grounds.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 13

    In a dimly lit room, multiple figures sat around a table. One of them
    was Harei. He sat there with his head resting on hands, eyes closed
    deep in thought.

    “Hmm. So they’re starting to make a move.” Harei opened his eyes.

    “Yes sir. The Demons have been quiet for a while, but now it appears
    they’re gather their forces and plan an assault on our forward bases.” A
    draconian sitting at the table said.

    “How long do we have before fighting breaks out?”

    “Based on our scouts, we estimate that it will be six to ten years.” A Trethian said.

    “Good, it’s neither a short nor long period of time. Start preparing troops and have them ready to deploy at any time.”


    “An estimation is merely a guess. If we only follow guesses, we’ll
    lose. The Demons are unpredictable. They may attack at any moment.”

    “By your orders, Commander Harei.”

    Arkanon and Veld were walking towards the training grounds.

    “Hey Arkanon, do you only plan on using a short sword?” Veld asked.

    “For now. It’s the only thing I can really handle with my current
    body size and strength. I’ll most likely continue using a short sword
    though.” Arkanon said.

    “Why a short sword though? Once you grow older and bigger, wouldn’t something like a long sword work?”

    “I could probably use one, but I like how light and fast I can swing a short sword.”

    “To each their own, I guess.”

    “Hey Veld, what type of energy is yours?”

    “I have liquid type. What about you?”

    “Mine is lightning. Have you found out any unique way to fight with energy?”

    “Yeah, I can cover my body and form it into a type of armor. It’s
    pretty helpful when I want to deliver a powerful punch or cover myself
    from an attack, although it can only hold out against one attack. Have
    you come up with anything yet?”

    “I’m working on it. I’m learning how to strengthen myself by infusing energy into my body.”

    “Be careful doing that, the instructors warned us that when we infuse
    our bodies, we have a chance of causing our bodies to explode. I mean
    literally explode.”

    “Has it happened before? And how?”

    “Yes it has, and it happens because it’s too much power being put
    into our bodies. It can’t handle the massive buildup of energy and it
    causes it to explode out from within, blowing apart our bodies.”

    “That sounds like an extremely unfortunate fate.”

    “Yeah, that’s why I instead practice with it externally. Oh hey, we’re here! I can finally try out these claws!”

    While they were talking, they arrived at the training ground. Now
    that it was during the day, there were many students out trying various

    “Hey Arkanon, I’m going to go slice up a dummy, what do you plan on doing?”

    “I’ll go find a target for energy. I want to try to do something.”

    “Alright, I’ll meet up with you in a couple hours then!”

    Arkanon nodded his head and walked off to find a target. Having found one, Arkanon stood there, thinking. ‘I learned I can infuse my body which can help out in various ways, but that’s close combat. I
    want something to attack at a range. Hmm. A normal ranged energy attack
    isn’t sufficient. It can barely make a dent in these targets. Wait,
    what if I try this…

    Arkanon summoned the energy from his arms and gather it in his hands.
    He then combined the energy from both his hands and shot it towards the
    target. A large lightning blast came from his hands and struck the
    target. The blast caused a medium sized dent to form in the target.

    Not bad, but it needs something more.’ Arkanon closed his
    eyes and his brow furrowed as he tried to think on how to improve it.
    “What happens if I condense even further…? I’ll try it.”

    Arkanon once more gathered the energy from his arms and this time put
    it into the tips of his index and middle finger on both hands. He
    crossed his arms over his chest and then swung them outwards. Once his
    fingers intersected, a small beam of energy shot out at an incredible
    speed. The beam pierced straight through the target and continued
    shooting past it.

    “Holy shit!” “What the hell!” Some of the students around Arkanon cursed loudly in surprise.

    “Hey you brat, watch what you’re doing!” Another student yelled out.

    However, Arkanon didn’t hear any of this. He had gone numb from shock and amazement.

    “Did I just… create a railgun?”

    At this point, Veld had come back over and found Arkanon. “What in world was that, Arkanon?”

    “I don’t know for sure myself. But it pierced straight through the
    target. Luckily nothing was on the other side of it. Anyways, Veld, I
    thought that we’d meet up in a couple of hours.”

    “It’s been a little over a couple hours, so I came to find you only to see what you just did there.”

    “Wait, it’s already been that long?”


    “Ah, alright then. It only felt like a couple of minutes to me.”

    “It tends to happen when you get invested in something. I’m going to head to the dueling area, want to come?”

    “Later, I actually feel pretty tired.”

    “Okay, I’ll hold it to you. See you.”

    “Yeah, see you.”

    Arkanon started walking back to his cabin while Veld headed towards the dueling grounds.

    Once Arkanon got inside, he unbuckled his sword and grabbed something to eat. After that, he laid down and went to sleep.

    Arkanon woke up nine hours later. He got up and took a shower. After
    he was done, he put on a white shirt and grey pants. Knowing it was
    sometime at night, Arkanon also grabbed his brown cloak and put it on.
    He was about to grab his sword, but decided not to.

    “Tonight, I’ll continue to focus on training my energy.” Arkanon said to himself.

    As Arkanon went outside, he glanced around and noticed the moon lit
    the surroundings. He made his way through the cabins towards the
    training grounds. As he was walking, Arkanon heard some footsteps behind
    him. He turned around and saw no one there.

    Another student out this late at night? Odd.’ Arkanon didn’t give it a second thought and continued on his way.

    Arkanon reached the training grounds and looked around. ‘Seems like Berok isn’t here.
    Arkanon once more heard footsteps from behind him. He turned around and
    saw four others walking towards him. Two were draconians and the other
    two were Trethians. Arkanon could make out Mith’s face under the

    Mith grinned and said, “Out here all by yourself, man you made it easy to get you.”

    “What is it that you want?” Arkanon said, rather annoyed.

    “Oh, this little shithead is acting a little arrogant, boss.” One of the draconians said.

    “Hey boss, let me take care of this little kid. I’ll teach him not to talk like that to us.” The Trethian said.

    “Calm down, the both of you.” Mith said. “You really want to know
    what we’re doing? Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to kick the shit out of
    you and make that asshat Veld fight me.”

    “Wow, you’re pretty strong. Look at you, bringing four people against a ‘little kid’ like me.” Arkanon replied sarcastically.

    “Hah, who said that all four of us needed to deal with you? Grie, go kick his face in.”

    The Trethian, Grie, walked forward. “With pleasure, boss. Alright
    little kiddie, if you apologize for speaking like that to us, I may just
    hold back a little. If you make me mad however, it’s-“

    Grie didn’t have a chance to finish, as Arkanon had immediately infused his legs with energy and rushed forward.

    Grie tried to ready himself, but Arkanon was already in front of him.
    Arkanon infused his right arm with energy and punched straight towards
    Grie’s chest. Grie attempted to block Arkanon’s fist with his left hand,
    but it was useless. As soon as Arkanon’s punch slammed into Grie’s
    hand, a sickening crunch could be heard as Grie’s bones in his hand
    shattered completely. The punch continued, sandwiching Grie’s hand
    between his chest and Arkanon’s fist. The power behind the punch
    fractured Grie’s sternum and caused his body to be blown backwards.

    Seeing their friend blown backwards by Arkanon’s sudden attack caused them to be stupefied.

    Arkanon stood there with a calm, cold look, his head raised slightly as if looking down on them. “Empty words.”

    “Shit, Cyrel and Jikkel, you two rush him, I’ll heal Grie!” Mith reacted first.

    “You fucking piece of shit brat, you’ll pay with blood!” One of the draconians cried out.

    “I’m going to break you!” The other roared.

    Right as the two draconians were about to charge over, Arkanon heard a
    familiar voice. “Hey now, two on one seems a little unfair!” A white
    flame ball charged straight towards the first draconian, he dodged it,
    but was kicked in the head by a black figure that appeared from the
    flame ball.

    “I was wondering if you were going to show up, Berok!” Arkanon said as he charged up towards the second draconian.

    “Sorry for being late to the party! I’ll make it up to you by kicking this guy’s ass!”

    “A Spectre, ah damnit how annoying!” The draconian that Berok kicked had recovered.

    “I’ll handle the human, you take care of the Spectre!” The second draconian yelled out.

    “Bring it, lizard breath.” Arkanon said as he infused his entire body with energy.

    Arkanon had gotten close to the draconian and was about to attack,
    but had to roll to the side as the draconian attacked first. Arkanon
    swung his leg around as he landed to try and sweep the draconian out
    from under his feet. The draconian avoided Arkanon’s leg, and swung his
    tail around to strike at Arkanon. The tail struck Arkanon and it forced
    him back a few feet. Arkanon rushed back in, and attacked at the
    draconians side. The draconian tried to back off, but Arkanon moved in
    faster. Arkanon landed a solid attack on the draconians hip, and a crack
    could be heard as a bone broke.

    The draconian cried out in pain as his legs gave out under him and he
    fell down. Arkanon had moved in to finish it by knocking him
    unconscious, but a sudden punch came out of nowhere and hit him in the
    left shoulder. Arkanon got thrown backwards from the punch and he could
    feel his shoulder was dislocated. When he landed, he snarled in pain,
    but forced himself to stand up and look at who hit him. He saw Mith, a
    face full of complete anger and rage, with the two draconians slung over
    his shoulders.

    “I’ll make you suffer for this, Arkanon. That hit right there is only
    like a little scratch compared to what I’m going to do to you.” Mith
    said. He turned and ran away while carrying the two draconians while a
    weak and pathetic looking Grie followed after.

    “Ah, that bastard hits pretty hard.” Arkanon heard Berok say to his
    left. Arkanon looked over and saw Berok with white flames burning over
    his right hand. “I tried to stop his punch with a punch, but that only
    ended with me nearly break my entire hand and maybe even my arm. How
    about you, Arkanon, you fine?”

    “Yeah, my left shoulder got dislocated, but that’s about it.” Arkanon replied tiredly.

    “Eh, just pop it back into place, you’ll be fine.”

    Arkanon grasped his left shoulder and started to rotate his arm
    around, the pain causing him to grit his teeth. Eventually, a pop could
    be heard as the bone snapped back into place. Arkanon breathed a heavy
    sigh of relief. “That’s better. That was pretty uncomfortable.”

    Arkanon sat down and laid back on the ground, his face covered in sweat and he was breathing heavily.

    “You look pretty exhausted there. I’m guessing you were infusing your body?”

    “Yeah, what about you, you came in flying in like a meteor.”

    “That was something I’ve been working on, and it seems like its test run went pretty smoothly.”

    Berok walked over to Arkanon and offered him a hand. “Here, let me help you up.”

    Arkanon smiled and took Berok’s offer. “Thanks, I’m not sure I could’ve stood up on my own.”

    As Arkanon stood up, he looked at Berok and Berok looked back. After a
    couple seconds of silence, both Arkanon and Berok snickered, which soon
    turned into laughter.

    “We showed those older assholes who’s stronger here!” Berok said while laughing.

    “I think they’ll be quite afraid of us next time we meet.” Arkanon said while also laughing.

    “Well, I’m quite tired, I’m going to head back now.”

    “Same, I’ll see you later, Berok.”

    Arkanon walked off towards his cabin and found himself inside within
    moments. Arkanon walked into the bathroom and washed his face off. He
    left the bathroom, took off his cloak and passed out on the bed.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 14

    “Hey Areath, did you notice that fight between some students late at night?”

    “No, I didn’t. What happened?

    “Four older students fought with two younger students.”

    “How did that turn out?”

    “The older students were actually forced back.”

    “Really? Who were the two younger students?”

    “Their names are Berok and Arkanon.”

    “Arkanon, huh… And Berok the Spectre?

    “Yeah, you seem to know Arkanon and Berok.”

    “Yeah, Berok is one of the few nocturnal students. He barely meets
    with anyone else, so I’m surprised he fought alongside Arkanon. Well,
    actually I take that back. I’m not surprised about that kid anymore.”

    “Heh, seems like he’s quite handful.”

    “How many kids do you know of that are like him?”

    “Well, there’s a few. There’s Jetark, Mira, Cel’Mian, I could go on, you know?”

    “Yeah, yeah. Anyways, what about the older students names?”

    “If I remember, it was Mith, Grie, Cyrel and Jikkel.”

    “Mith… Since he and Veld are rivals, and Arkanon is Veld’s friend,
    I’m guessing he wanted to try and taunt Veld by attacking Arkanon. I
    guess it backfired on him.”

    “Yeah, but Arkanon should watch his back. Although we’ll prevent any
    fatalities, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop the fighting between them. That
    Mith will probably find a way to get back at Arkanon.”

    “Is this right though? Should we allow infighting between students?”

    “I believe we should. Not everyone is going to get along, no matter
    the circumstances. The least they can do with their petty anger is use
    it as motivation to get stronger.”

    “Hmm. I still don’t believe it’s the right thing to do. Anyways, I’m going to go check on the students in my area.”

    “Yeah, see you, Areath.”

    Arkanon woke up around ten hours later. He rubbed his eyes and got
    out of bed. He went to the bathroom then grabbed something to eat. With
    his morning routines taken care of, he decided to spend some time at his
    desk to read.

    Arkanon spent some time like this until he heard someone knock at the
    door. He closed the book he was reading and went over to the door.
    Opening it, he saw Areath there.

    “Morning, Areath.” Arkanon said first.

    Areath crossed his arms over his chest and smiled a little. “Morning, did you get a good rest after your fight last night?”

    Arkanon tensed up slightly. “You know about that?”

    “Of course, we’re aware of what you’re doing most of the time. Don’t be worried, though, you aren’t in trouble.”

    “I’m not?”

    “No, fights between students are more common than you might notice.
    Even though we’re all fighting towards a common goal, we’re all still
    people in the end. There will be disputes and disagreements, which
    eventually lead into conflicts. We’ll stop them when lives are at stake,
    but other than that, the majority of instructors agreed to let students
    fight it out themselves. Some instructors even believe that having a
    grudge against another student works as a great motivator.”

    “It sounds logical enough to me, but wouldn’t it cause problems? What if someone was killed out of anger?”

    “I said that’d we stop it before it goes too far.”

    “No, I mean on the battlefield.”

    “We send the students that have issues with each other to different areas.”

    “Ah, I was curious about that.”

    “Well, it seems you’re settling into life just fine here.”

    “I hope it calms down. It’s been busy these past few days.”

    “Heh, don’t worry, the first days are always the busiest. Well,
    Arkanon, I still got other students to check on, so I’ll take my leave.”

    “See you later, Areath.”

    As Areath walked away, Arkanon closed the door and went back to his desk. He sat down and started reading again.

    Arkanon soon became accustomed to daily life at the academy. From
    training and studying to occasionally sparring with Veld, and sometimes
    Berok, before he knew it, a year had passed.

    Arkanon and Veld’s fists slammed into each other as they fought.

    “Ah damn, I can’t get an edge over you!” Veld complained loudly.

    “Save the talk for later!” Arkanon yelled back. He then disengaged
    and roundhouse kicked towards Veld’s waist. Veld grabbed Arkanon’s leg
    right before it hit, and brought his elbow down towards Arkanon’s knee.
    Arkanon immediately fell to the ground, bending his leg so it couldn’t
    be hit as well. He then planted his other foot on Veld’s waist, and with
    all his might, lifted Veld up with his legs.

    Veld was caught off-guard and couldn’t react in time. “Ah shi-“. He
    was flipped over Arkanon’s head. While Veld was mid-air, Arkanon pulled
    his leg out of Veld’s grip. Veld then slammed into the ground and
    Arkanon quickly jumped on top of him, locking his arms and legs down.

    Veld struggled, but couldn’t get out. “Well, let’s call this a draw, eh?”

    “I won this time, and you know it.”

    “Can’t you at least let me keep my pride?”

    Arkanon snickered. “If you had pride in the first place.”

    “Fine, fine, it’s your win. Now get off of me.”

    Arkanon got up and offered Veld a hand. Veld took it and Arkanon helped pull him up.

    “This is embarrassing.” Veld said. “I shouldn’t be losing to someone four years younger than me. It doesn’t feel right.”

    “Hey, I can’t help it that I’m getting stronger.” Arkanon said while grinning.

    “I’ve been here for a majority of my life. You’ve only been here a
    year, yet you’re already starting to get ahead of me, even if only a

    Arkanon chuckled then asked, “Has it really been a year?”

    “Yeah, time passed kind of quickly, didn’t it?”

    “Since my fight with Mith, everything settled down.”

    “Oh yeah, you mentioned that before. Has Mith bugged you at all since you and Berok kicked his group’s ass?”

    “Nah, I think he’s a little too scared to make a move on us. After
    all, both Berok and I have only gotten stronger since that encounter.”

    “Well if that shit head tries to do anything to the two of you, let me know.”

    “No offense, but if you can’t beat me in a fight, how do you expect to win against him?”

    Veld’s face turned solemn. “Arkanon, I’ve never fought you with the intention of seriously hurting you.”

    “So you’ve been holding back?”

    “Not at all. You’ve actually beaten me. However, with Mith, I’d do anything I could to hurt him.”

    “Your explanation is weird. From the way you say it, you’ve been holding back yet you haven’t. How does that make sense?”

    “I don’t know. I can’t explain it. Just know that I’ve been fighting you with my full strength.”

    “Alright. I’m going to head back and rest, Veld. See you.”

    “Yeah, see you later, Arkanon.”

    Arkanon headed back to his cabin, making his way through the academy
    grounds with ease. As he reached his cabin, he went inside and sat down
    at his desk. He leaned back and yawned. ‘It’s already been a year, huh? So I’m eleven years old now. I’ve made a lot of progress though.’

    Over the past year, Arkanon increased his body’s strength and energy
    control. He also developed two other methods of attacking with energy
    and a method to defend himself. His first method for attacking was
    shooting a little ball of energy from his hand while keeping a thin
    strand of energy connected from his body to the ball. Once the ball hit
    the target, it would pierce through into the body and stop inside it.
    Arkanon then would send a large amount of energy through the strand and
    detonate inside the target. When he tested this on a dummy, the dummy’s
    upper half was completely blown apart.The only problem is the ball of
    energy is easily visible and to slow. Arkanon knew that if he was to use
    it on a live target, they could see it and step out of the way with
    ease. He knew he had to work a lot more for it to become useful in a

    The other attack that he developed was an energy clone of himself. It
    was a lightning construct the same size as him, but it only had half
    his strength. Arkanon had many problems using this though. One of them
    was that maintaining the construct used a lot of energy, and he could
    only keep it up for around one minute. This isn’t something Arkanon
    could fix, and could only train his body to keep up with the energy
    demanded. Another problem he had was that controlling the construct was
    like controlling a second him. If he wanted to move himself and the
    construct, it required a lot of mental concentration. Arkanon didn’t
    have the capacity to move both himself and the construct yet, and it was
    something that he would need to spend a lot of time practicing in order
    to master it.

    The defense method he came up was inspired by Veld’s energy armor.
    Arkanon didn’t know how hard it was to form energy into an armor. So far
    he was only able to form lightning gauntlets. When he had Veld test to
    see how strong they were, both Arkanon and him were surprised to find
    that the gauntlets were tough and difficult to actually break through.
    Veld then told Arkanon the reason why they were so strong was because he
    focused a lot of energy into them, and that if he wanted to have a more
    complete set of armor, he’d have to thin out the energy from the
    gauntlets and spread it out. If Arkanon wanted to make a more complete
    set as well as make it strong, like the gauntlets, he’d have to become

    One thing was clear to Arkanon: He still lacked strength. It’s not
    something he had a lot of control over though. Due to his young age, he
    knew it’s something that is going to take time.

    Arkanon sat up and leaned forward on his desk. ‘Hmm, what should I
    do? I have a couple ideas I could try and develop. I’ve been neglecting
    the books for a while though. I still got a lot to learn about other
    races anatomy. I should also read on how to pilot space ships.
    ’ Arkanon sighed. ‘Alright, let’s go. I’ll learn about the other races first.’ Arkanon picked up one of the books on his desk and started reading.

    As the sun started to set, four people could be seen standing around.
    There were two Trethians and two draconics. These four people were
    Mith, Grie, Cyrel and Jikkel.

    “Hey Mith, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, we’re asking
    Jetark, one of the biggest and most known people here for help.” Grie
    asked with uncertainty.

    “Shut up Grie, I know what I’m doing.” Mith replied, annoyed. “Cyrel,
    are you sure your brother can get Jetark to beat the shit out of Veld
    and Arkanon?”

    “I’m sure boss. My brother has a close relationship with Jetark, and will follow the plan.”

    “Good. When can we expect this to happen?”

    “Expect it tomorrow. We’ve been watching and Arkanon and Veld seem to head to the dueling grounds almost daily.”

    Mith laughed with malice. “Let’s see those fuckers get out of this.”

    Arkanon was laying in his bed, asleep. He had spent the night
    training with Berok. From sparring to the two of them thinking of ways
    to use energy, it had been an exhausting night. As he laid there
    snoring, a loud knock could be heard at the door.

    “Hey, wake up you bastard! I want to get my revenge for yesterday!” A voice called from outside.

    Arkanon woke up, and got up slowly. He rubbed his eyes as he went to
    door. Opening it, he saw Veld standing outside with his arms crossed.

    “What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Veld said loudly.

    “Yeah, yeah, give me a sec to get ready.” Arkanon replied.

    “Ugh, making me wait more.”

    “I swear, you complain more than a little kid.”

    “You’re the little kid here.”

    “Whatever, I’m ready, let’s go.”

    “Finally. I’m getting back at you for yesterday.”

    “So you say, but we both know you’re going to lose again.”

    “Bah, we’ll find out soon.”

    Arkanon and Veld walked out to the dueling grounds without saying
    much. Once they arrived, they moved towards the more empty area.

    Once they found their spot, Arkanon started stretching while Veld started warming up.

    “Alright, any rules today or just a normal fight?” Arkanon asked.

    “Nope, just a normal fight.” Veld said.

    “Okay, let’s go.” Arkanon said, excitement in his voice.

    Right as Arkanon and Veld were about to fight, Arkanon heard a deep, rumbly voice. “You two.”

    Arkanon turned towards the voice and saw a large figure walking
    towards him. Standing at 2.5 meters tall, Arkanon trembled at just the
    size of the being. It’s appearance was even more frightening. With a
    humanoid shape, the being had smooth stone skin, with rock spikes
    jutting out of it’s elbows and knees. It also had a face similar to a
    humans with completely blue eyes and stone horn in the middle of it’s
    forehead. It also had long wire-like white hair on it’s head. On it’s
    back were a lot of small rock spikes pointing upwards.

    Arkanon unconsciously worked his way towards Veld’s side, his body slightly shaking.

    “Shit.” Veld silently cursed, his face now very serious and his teeth bared slightly.

    “Veld, who or what is that?” Arkanon asked, his voice filled with fear.

    “From his appearance, there’s only one person that comes to mind.
    That person is Jetark, a variation Gark. He’s one of the biggest and
    toughest students at the academy.” Veld whispered to Arkanon.

    “Why is he coming over to us?”

    “How am I supposed to know?” Veld and Arkanon looked towards Jetark as he reached them. “Guess we’ll know soon enough.”

    “You two.” Jetark said again. “Are your names Arkanon and Veld?”

    “What happens if we say yes?” Veld asked cautiously.

    “Answer me!” Jetark said angrily.

    “Yes, we are. I’m Veld and he’s Arkanon. What do you want from us?”

    Jetark only snorted.

    “Hey, if there’s nothing-“ When Veld was in the middle of talking,
    Jetark charged forwards and struck Veld in the chest with a stone fist.

    As Veld was sent flying back, Arkanon cried out. “Veld!” Jetark then
    struck Arkanon in the head with the back of his hand and knocked him

    When Arkanon got hit, his vision blurred and he nearly blacked out.
    Instantly, he felt a searing pain in his head, and blood started to run
    down his face. He struggled and got on his knees and hands. As he looked
    up, he saw Veld was also in a similar state.

    Veld was kneeling down with one of his hands clutching his chest and
    the other on the ground supporting himself. Blood was leaking out of his
    mouth and his face was twisted into a snarl.

    “What… the fuck!” Veld yelled out. “What have we done to you?!”

    Jetark didn’t say anything and walked over to Veld. Veld looked up at
    Jetark, defiance clear in his eyes. Jetark then kicked Veld in the
    face. Veld fell back, his body shook a couple times then went limp.

    “Veld…” Arkanon cried out weakly, attempting to stand up and help.

    Jetark then walked over to Arkanon. He raised a foot and struck
    Arkanon right in the back, slamming him back into the ground. Pain once
    again wracked Arkanon’s body as he felt a couple bones fracture. His
    vision dimmed and faded into black. Darkness filled Arkanon’s conscious…

    “Hmph.” Jetark turned and started to walk away. As he was walking
    away, he heard someone call out behind him. “Hey, little pebble, where
    do you think you’re going?”

    Jetark turned around to see who dared insult him, only to see Arkanon’s battered figure standing up.

    Arkanon stood up straight with his head tilted to the right, a wide
    smile on his face. His white hair shrouded his eyes. White lightning was
    raging around his body as his wounds healed.

    Jetark immediately became cautious, ready for anything. He was then shocked as Arkanon tilted his head back.

    Arkanon’s left eye had turned from a bright blue to a blood-red. “You better start screaming for mercy.”

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 15

    On the dueling grounds, Arkanon and Jetark stood facing one another
    while Veld was unconscious on the side. Arkanon had a wide, maddened
    smile on his face. White lightning was rampaging on his body. His left
    eye glowing a blood-red color.

    “You, what are you?” Jetark asked unsettled.

    “The person that’s going to break you.” Arkanon said, his voice filled with madness.

    “You’re going to break me? Just try it.”

    “With pleasure.” Arkanon’s body flashed and disappeared from Jetark’s sight.

    Jetark readied himself and looked around, trying to find where Arkanon went.

    “Right here.” Jetark heard Arkanon’s voice above him. He looked up
    only to see Arkanon’s foot plant itself on his face and kick. Jetark was
    blown into the ground by Arkanon’s kick. Arkanon flew backwards,
    flipped around mid-air and landed on his feet.

    Jetark got back up quickly, anger on his face. “You dare to attack me?!”

    “Oh, I dare do so much more.” Arkanon snickered.

    Arkanon once more flashed out of Jetark’s sight. Jetark prepared
    himself from an attack at any side this time. He looked around
    everywhere. Up, down, left, right, Arkanon was nowhere to be found.

    Jetark then felt an attack coming from his right side. He swung out
    with his right arm to counter it, but found out that what his arm passed
    through was nothing but energy construct. Before he realized it,
    Arkanon had punched his left side. Thin cracks appeared on the spot
    where Arkanon punched.

    Jetark brought down the spike on his left arm in an attempt to impale
    Arkanon, but Arkanon grabbed Jetark’s arm. Jetark looked down and saw
    that Arkanon had lightning gauntlets on his hands. Arkanon then pulled
    with all his might. Jetark tried to resist, but found it futile as
    Arkanon pulled him towards him then spun him and tossed him.

    The ground cracked and broke as Jetark landed. White tinted wind
    raged around him like a tempest. Jetark stood up and roared. “I’ll
    destroy you!”

    A little ball of energy came flying slowly towards Jetark. He grabbed it in his right hand and laughed. “Ha! Is that it?”

    Jetark looked towards Arkanon, only to see Arkanon was still smiling
    widely. He had his right hand raised, with his index finger extended and
    his middle finger and thumb touching. Jetark opened his right hand and
    still saw the ball of energy there. Only then did he realize that
    something was wrong. But he was too late to react. Arkanon snapped his
    fingers and the ball of energy exploded, blowing away half of Jetark’s

    Jetark fell to his knees, screaming in pain and grasping at what
    remained of his right arm. Arkanon then slowly walked over. Jetark
    noticed this and tried to back away, crawling backwards. Arkanon jumped
    at him and planted his feet in Jetark’s chest, pinning him to the

    “Get off me, you monster!” Jetark cried out in fear.

    “Me the monster?” Arkanon laughed. “You came up and attacked us both
    for no reason! And suddenly I’m the monster?!” Arkanon reached down and
    grabbed hold of Jetark’s horn. “Since I’m apparently a monster, then
    I’ll act like one.” Arkanon pulled and broke off the horn.

    Jetark screamed in pain once more. Arkanon could only laugh happily hearing Jetark scream.

    Arkanon then went down on one knee and put the tip of the horn in the
    middle of Jetark’ chest. “Now, you’re going to tell me why you attacked
    us. If you answer me, nothing will happen. However, resist, and I’ll
    pierce you again and again with your own horn. Start talking.”

    “Like I’d tell you anything!” Jetark yelled out.

    “Wrong answer.” Arkanon stabbed the horn through Jetark’s chest.
    Jetark grunted in pain. Arkanon then pulled out the horn and placed it
    somewhere else on his chest. “Tell me.”

    Jetark then realized that Arkanon wasn’t afraid to continue going. “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you. Please, just get off me.”

    “No, you’re telling me like that.”

    “Fine. It was one of my close friends. He said you attacked his
    brother and his brothers group for no reason, so I was asked to teach
    you a lesson.”

    “Then you’re a complete dumbass. You’ve been lied to. I didn’t attack
    anyone except Mith and his group, and that was self-defense.”

    “No, you’re wrong. My friend has no reason to lie to me.”

    “Believe what you want. However, if you dare to attack me or Veld
    again, I’ll make sure you’ll regret it far more than this. Consider this
    mercy. Now get out of my sight.” Arkanon got up and stepped off of
    Jetark. Jetark stood up and left quickly, wanting to get away from

    Arkanon then walked over to Veld, who was still unconscious and
    bleeding. He knelt down next to him, and place both his hands over
    Veld’s body. Arkanon summoned his remaining energy and healed Veld.
    Arkanon’s vision went dim and he fainted next to Veld.

    “So what happened?” Areath was following another instructor that had asked him to come to the dueling grounds.

    “There was a fight between students that we want you check out.” The instructor said.

    “Huh? Fights between students are common though.”

    “Yes, but this fight was anything but common.”

    “Why? What happened?”

    “There was a between a student in your area named Arkanon Leyan and another student named Jetark Farkras.”

    “Arkanon fought against Jetark? That damn boy is insane. Is he injured at all?”

    “It’s the other way around actually. Jetark suffered extreme injuries
    while Arkanon was unscathed, although strangely enough, there was dried
    blood on his face and on his clothes. Ah, wait, there was another
    student there too. His name is Veld Nerivan. He said that he was knocked
    unconscious when Jetark suddenly attacked them. He had regained
    consciousness not long afterwards, then went to inform an instructor. He
    had thought that Arkanon was badly injured and needed help, as he
    didn’t have the ability to heal him at the time.”

    “So both Arkanon and Veld are fine?”

    “Yes. Arkanon was still passed out last I saw him.”

    “What kind of injuries did Jetark have?”

    “Are you familiar with his appearance?”


    “He had the horn on his head broken off, there was cracks on his left
    side, half of his right arm was blown apart and there’s a hole in the
    middle of his chest. Even though those are severe, we have medics
    working to heal him.

    “Damn, he’s lucky Garks don’t have any sort of blood or vital organs,
    otherwise he would’ve died long ago. Arkanon must’ve been the one to do
    that all. I never expected him to do that much damage to someone like

    “Arkanon is a somewhat new student here, right?”

    “Yeah, he’s been here for a year.”

    “Ah, we’re here. See for yourself what happened.”

    Areath and the instructor approached and area where two other
    instructors were standing, keeping students from getting near. As Areath
    approached, he saw Arkanon laying on the ground unconscious with Veld
    sitting nearby.

    Noticing Areath, Veld stood up and spoke. “Areath.”

    “Go ahead and sit back down Veld, I’m merely here to see what happened.”

    Veld sat down with a troubled look on his face.

    “Can you tell me what happened here?” Areath looked around and saw cracks in the ground, which he suspected was from the fight.

    “Yeah, Arkanon and I were about to fight, when Jetark came walking up
    to us. He asked if our names were ‘Veld and Arkanon’. I answered him
    saying yes, then he suddenly attacked. He punched me in the chest then
    smacked Arkanon in the head with the back of his hand. I was on my knees
    when he kicked me in the head, knocking me out. I don’t know anything
    after that.”

    “Could there have been a reason he attacked you two?”

    “None that I know of. It was pretty much unprovoked.”

    “What happened after you woke up?”

    “I noticed that I had no injuries at all and saw Arkanon passed out
    next to me. I was too weak to do anything and only saw the dried blood
    on his head. I was worried that he was badly injured and ran to find the
    nearest instructor. When he got here, he found Arkanon to be okay.”
    Veld’s face was torn between anger and disappointment.

    Areath knelt down next to Veld. “You alright?”

    “No, I’m not alright. I was beaten within an inch of my life. That
    honestly doesn’t bug me very much. But it angers me that I couldn’t help
    Arkanon, one of my closest friends. He could’ve been seriously hurt and
    there was nothing I could do. It makes me even more disgusted that it
    was Arkanon who ended up helping me. I’m a shitty friend.” Tears could
    be seen at the edge of Veld’s eyes. He then moved his hand up to cover
    his face.

    Areath put a hand on Veld’s shoulder. “Then just get stronger. Turn
    this moment into a type of motivation that will make you strive to
    become even better, so something like this doesn’t happen again.” Areath
    then stood up and walked over to Arkanon. “Head back to your cabin,
    Veld. I’ll take Arkanon back to his, wash him off and put him in his
    bed. He should be up soon.”

    “Okay.” Veld got up and slowly walked away, his shoulders slightly slumped.

    Areath sighed. “Poor kid, he takes these types of losses negatively.
    Hopefully he becomes better in the future, otherwise he’s not going to
    last long.” Areath then picked up Arkanon and carried him back to his
    cabin. He took a wet cloth and wiped the blood off of his head, then
    left him in bed.

    Arkanon sat in a dark void, the memories of when he had fought Jetark
    playing all around him. He had his hands on his face and he was
    breathing heavily. He felt disgusted at the memories. From the brutal
    method of attacking to the enjoyment of Jetark’s screams of pain,
    everything made him want to vomit.

    “Stop. Make it stop.” His voice was hoarse. “I said stop! STOP!”

    “But why? You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Arkanon looked up and saw
    himself, except this version of him had blood-red eyes and pitch black
    hair. His voice was playful like a child’s, but had a sadistic ring to
    it. “The feeling of completely crushing anyone that dares attack you.
    Their screams of agony as you end their pitiful lives. Ah, complete

    “Shut up and leave me alone!” Arkanon jumped up and punched towards his doppelganger. The doppelganger stopped Arkanon’s fist.

    “But just how exactly is that possible? I am you!” The doppelganger
    laughed maniacally. He then suddenly stopped and his expression turned
    into one of annoyance. “It seems that it’s finally time for you to wake
    up. “Be sure to let me out to play again, okay?” He smiled one more

    Arkanon sat up terrified. He was sweating and panting heavily. He
    looked around and noticed he was back in his cabin. He looked around and
    saw Jared sitting at the desk, an extremely worried look on his face.
    Arkanon then felt a searing pain in his head. He covered his face with
    his hand and grunted in pain.

    Jared rushed over to Arkanon’s side. “Hey, hey, Arkanon. Calm down.
    Move your hand, let me see what’s wrong.” Jared moved Arkanon’s hand and
    looked at him, trying to find out what’s wrong. “You seem to be fine,
    you just sat up too soon. Take a few deep breaths. Try to calm down.”

    Arkanon took a few unsteady breaths.

    “Feeling better at all?”

    “Slightly. What happened? When was I moved to my cabin?”

    “You were moved not long after you passed out on the dueling grounds. You’ve been sleeping for nearly a week.”

    “A week?” Arkanon felt his stomach rumble. “I’m hungry.”

    “Then just sit here. Let me make you something to eat.”


    While Jared walked over to the fridge, Arkanon breathed in and out a
    few times trying to calm himself more. He settled himself down and tried
    to collect his thoughts on what happened. He knew that he could no
    longer hide what happened to him. He has to tell someone. ‘Someone I can trust. Someone that’ll listen to me.’ A few people came to mind. Arkanon then decided who he’d tell.

    Jared walked over to Arkanon and handed him a plate with a sandwich
    on it. Arkanon ravenously tore at the sandwich until it was gone.

    “Hey Arkanon, can you tell me what happened?” Jared asked.

    “No.” Arkanon said quickly.

    “Why can’t you?”

    “Because I don’t even know what happened. The last thing I remembered
    was Jetark stomping his foot down on my back and passing out from
    pain.” Arkanon mixed a lie with the truth. He knew what happened, but it
    wasn’t from his viewpoint.

    “Hmm, alright. I’ll trust you on that. If you remember anything, be sure to tell me or Areath.”


    “Since it seems that you’re okay now, I’ll leave for now. I’ll check up on you tomorrow, okay?”

    “Hey Jared.”


    “When you next contact Harei, can you let me know?”

    “Yeah, sure. But why?”

    “I have a few things that I need to ask him about directly.”

    Jared furrowed his brows a little. “Okay. Can I ask what you want to know from him?”

    “Just a few questions about something.”

    “Alright. I’ll come get you before I contact him. I’ll see you tomorrow, alright Arkanon?”

    “Yeah, see you.”

    After Jared left, Arkanon could only look down at his hands and mutter under his breath. “What the hell is happening to me?”

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 16

    Back in the purple void, the two beings were watching Arkanon carefully.

    “This child here… You noticed, right?” The white one asked.

    “Yes, it’d be hard to miss that kind of sudden boost in strength.” The black one said. “What do you think happened?”

    “I don’t know, but it seems that child has no idea either.”

    “What should we do?”

    “For now, watch him. We already know he’s not ordinary.”

    “Do you think he’s a threat to the guardians?”

    “I don’t know. I’ve never seen a guardian with an aura that dark.”

    “So what should I do for now?” Arkanon clenched his hands. “I should
    probably go out and see if Veld is alright.” Arkanon got up out of bed,
    and headed out. Once he walked outside, the first thing he noticed was
    Jetark standing next to the door. Arkanon saw at first glance that his
    right arm was regrown and his horn was back. The hole in his chest was
    healed and the cracks on his side were gone.

    Arkanon’s instinct kicked in and he jumped back, readying himself for a fight. “What the hell do you want?”

    Jetark noticed Arkanon. He immediately went down to his knees and bent his head down. “I apologize for everything I did to you.”

    “Huh?” Arkanon was slightly dumbfounded, but kept his guard up. “Explain.”

    “You had said before that my friend lied to me and only used me to
    strike at both you and Veld for no reason. I originally denied that, but
    after investigating a little I found out that what you said was the
    truth. So I’ve been waiting out here to apologize.”

    “And how can I know that what you’re saying is the truth?”

    “I have only ever kneeled before three others.”

    “You expect me to trust based on that?”

    “You’re the only student that I’ve kneeled before.”

    “How do you expect me to trust you because of that?”

    Jetark sighed and stood back up. “I don’t expect you to trust me, not
    after what I did. I only wished to let you know I respect your
    monstrous strength and that I was wrong.”

    Arkanon let out a little sigh and walked over. He offered Jetark his
    hand. “I wish we could be great friends since that’s all taken care of,
    but you can understand my distrust. For now, let’s focus on learning
    about each other and becoming friends from there, okay?”

    Seeing Arkanon offer him a chance at forgiveness, Jetark quickly took Arkanon’s hand and they shook on it. “Thank you, Arkanon.”

    “Yeah, don’t mention it. Has Veld come around?”

    “Veld? Yes, he has. Originally he was pretty mad I was standing
    outside waiting. But after I explained myself and apologized to him, he
    was still unhappy, but left. He told me to tell you that when you woke
    up, he’d be waiting at the dueling grounds.”

    “Okay, thanks. See you later, Jetark.” Arkanon said and gave a quick wave of his hand.

    “Hm.” Jetark nodded his head once and walked off.

    “Now to find Veld.” Arkanon said silently to himself. He headed
    towards the dueling grounds. On his way there though, quite a few
    students looked at him.

    As Arkanon walked past two students, he heard one of them behind him ask, “Hey, do you think that’s the human that beat Jetark?”

    “That kid? No way.” The other student said.

    So people are looking at me because I’m one of the few humans here, and they heard a human beat Jetark in a fight.’ Arkanon thought to himself. ‘Oh well, I couldn’t care less what they think, I only want to know if Veld is okay.’

    Arkanon continued on his way until he reached the dueling grounds.
    Looking around, he soon noticed Veld fighting against another student.
    The student tried to punch Veld, but Veld grabbed the student’s arm,
    twisted it and swept out his feet from under him.

    Veld’s face was emotionless as he said, “It’s my win.”

    “Hey Veld.” Arkanon called out.

    “Hmm?” Veld turned and looked towards Arkanon. “Arkanon.” Veld ran
    over to Arkanon. “Are you alright? Should you be up right now? Jetark
    didn’t try anything, did he?”

    “Its fine, I’m okay. As for Jetark, he found out and realized his
    mistake, so I don’t think he’ll try to do anything anymore. In fact, I
    hope we can become friends.”

    “Friends? Have you forgotten how he suddenly attacked us? He nearly beat both of us to death!” Veld was filled with anger.

    Arkanon suspected Veld was going to react negatively to his hope.
    “Veld, its fine. The two of us are still standing and able to move
    right? And Jetark also got badly hurt as well. Isn’t it fine now?”

    “I don’t know how you can be so positive about this whole thing.” Veld sighed. “I hated seeing it.”

    “Seeing what?”

    “Seeing you, one of my best friends, get hurt like that. I can’t forgive Jetark easily, Arkanon.”

    “It wasn’t easy watching you get knocked out either.”

    “Yeah, but at least you got your revenge against him.”

    Arkanon grimaced. “No, no I didn’t. I’ll talk to you later, Veld.”

    Seeing Arkanon’s sudden change, Veld reached out and grabbed Arkanon’s shoulder. “Arkanon, what happened?”

    Arkanon pulled Veld’s hand on his shoulder. “Something I wish I could forget.”

    Veld was stunned. He wanted to stop Arkanon and inquire further, but
    stopped himself. His face downcast, he turned around and left the
    dueling grounds.

    Arkanon head back to his cabin, went in and sat at his desk. He
    leaned forward and rested his head on it. Like that, he fell asleep for a
    few hours.

    Arkanon was awoken by someone knocking at his door. Getting up and opening it, Jared was standing outside.

    “Hey, I’m about to make a report to Harei. You still want to come along?”

    “Yeah, let’s go.”

    Jared noticed that Arkanon sounded a little dejected. “You alright?”

    “Yeah, just a little disagreement with Veld, that’s all.”

    “I’m guessing it’s about this whole ordeal with Jetark?”

    “Yep. Can we go now?”


    Jared started walking towards his ship with Arkanon tailing behind
    him. After walking for a while, they made it to Jared’s ship. They head
    inside and Jared walked up to the console.

    “Been a while since I was here.” Arkanon said.

    “Yeah, it has been.” Jared said. “Please wait a few minutes so I can make my report first.”


    Arkanon took a seat on the bed and watched as Jared contacted Harei.

    “Jared? Did Arkanon wake up yet?” Harei’s voice came from the console.

    “Yes he did. He looks to be okay, but his mental state seems slightly shaken after what happened.”

    “Hmm, I’m not too surprised after what’s happened. Anything else to report?”

    “No, but Arkanon wishes to speak with you.”

    “He does? Go ahead and bring him up.”

    Jared waved Arkanon over. Arkanon got up off the bed and walked over.

    “Thank you for seeing me, Harei.” Arkanon said.

    “Not a problem, Arkanon. What troubles you?”

    Arkanon looked at Jared. “Sorry Jared, but can you step out? I need to speak with Harei in private.”

    Jared raised an eyebrow at Arkanon, but nodded his head and walked out of the ship.

    “Something that you don’t want Jared to hear, it must be important.” Harei said.

    “Harei, has there ever been a recorded instance of a guardian that is also a demon?”

    “A guardian that is a demon, can you explain further on this?”

    “Something is happening to me. Something I can’t understand.” Arkanon
    recounted what happened to him, from the giant red eyes that invaded
    his dreams to the doppelganger in his head that took control of his

    “This is rather strange. I’ve never heard of anything like this
    happening before. So you said that your doppelganger had dark hair and
    red eyes, similar to that of a demons?”

    “Yeah. Does this mean that I’m a demon and guardian?”

    “I truthfully don’t know. I don’t think anyone has answers to this.”

    “What should I do then?”

    “Well, for now, you seem to be in complete control of yourself. From
    what you told me, that darker version of yourself only took over once,
    and that was when your body was badly injured and your mental state
    seemed to be in shambles. It may only trigger when you reach the
    extremes of your mental and physical state. That’s the only theory I can
    come to with for this.”

    “So what am I going to do?”

    “For now? Continue training and studying. I’ll try to look further into your rather strange case.”

    “Aren’t you worried about me entering that maddened state again?”

    “No. I’ll trust in you to keep yourself in check.”

    “Then I’m supposed to go back to my daily life?”

    “Yes. If I find anything that may help, I’ll have Jared bring you back so I can tell you.”

    “Should I keep this matter between us?”

    “I’ll leave that to you.”

    “Okay, then I’ll try to settle back down.”

    “Good. Well, since our business is concluded here, please ask Jared to come back in so I can inform him of some things.”

    “Alright, thank you Harei.”


    Arkanon stepped out of the ship. He said to Jared. “Harei wants to talk with you.”

    “Alright. Are you leaving now?”

    “Yeah, I need a couple days to sort my head out and try to have things go back to normal.”

    “Okay, I’ll see you later, Arkanon.”

    “See you.”

    Arkanon walked back to his cabin, his mind a muddled mess. Not even
    Harei, an Ancient, a being that’s been around since the beginning of the
    universe, knew what was happening to him. Arkanon got to his cabin,
    went in and sat on his bed.

    He was thinking about what to do next. ‘So do I just go back to my
    daily life? That’s what Harei recommended. But can I really do that? I
    don’t know. I don’t know anything.
    ’ Arkanon let out a low groan and fell back on his bed. ‘Alright,
    calm down. Harei said that my mental state may be linked to this
    problem. Let’s try to maintain a positive outlook on this and move
    forward. For now, I’m going to try and get Veld to be friends with
    Jetark. After that, I’m going to keep training. After I sleep, I’ll go
    talk with Berok. Maybe he has something that will help me.

    Arkanon pulled his legs up onto his bed and decided to sleep for a few hours.

    Arkanon woke around five hours later. He got up, put his cloak on and
    went outside. He walked to the training grounds, hoping to find Berok
    around. When Arkanon arrived, he saw little white fireballs constantly
    striking a target. Arkanon couldn’t see Berok, but figured that it was

    “Hey, Berok.” Arkanon said out loud.

    A black figure popped up in front of Arkanon. “Arkanon! How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a week.”

    “Some things happened and I was passed out for a week.”

    “Passed out that long? Did you exhaust yourself that badly?”

    “I suppose so.”

    “Well it’s good to see you again. It gets kind of lonely when I’m the only one out here.”

    “Hey Berok, are you the only Spectre here?”

    “Yeah, I’m one of the few guardian Spectres. My race rarely has any relations with the guardians.”

    “I didn’t know that.”

    “Not many do. Anyways, did you see that new attack I was working on?”

    “Yeah, you were constantly striking that target with little fireballs. How does it work?”

    “I set something like a beacon on the target and use my speed to run
    around it, leaving behind little homing balls. On the up side, it can
    hit a target multiple times. On the down side, each individual ball does
    a small amount of damage, so I need to barrage an enemy in order to
    hurt them.”

    “Sounds like an interesting way of attacking, but it will be difficult to make it stronger.”

    “I know that.” Berok looked at Arkanon’s face. “You seem like you got a question to ask.”

    “I do, and I’m hoping to get your opinion on it.”

    “Go ahead and ask.”

    “So, it’s like this.” Arkanon told Berok about when Jetark came up
    and attack him and Veld. He then told Berok about how Jetark seemed very
    apologetic once he learned that he attack them for no reason. “So
    Jetark apologized to both me and Veld, and I’m hoping to become friends
    with him, as he seems to treasure friendship a lot. I think Jetak would
    be a great ally if we can just be his friend.”

    “Well it sounds like you just need to take some time trying to
    convince Veld. Give it a couple years and I think it will be fine.”

    “Hmm. Alright. I was hoping there was more I could do, but I suppose
    you’re right. I’m going to go back and study for a while, since I’ve
    neglected it for a while. I’ll see you tomorrow, Berok.”

    “Yep. You’re fighting me tomorrow though, to make it up to me.”

    “Yeah, I will.” Arkanon waved his hand dismissively and walked back
    to his cabin. He sat at his desk, picked up a book and started reading. ‘Hopefully I can go back to my daily life.

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 17

    Jared was standing in front of the console in his ship making a report to Harei.

    “So how has Arkanon been doing?” Harei asked.

    “Well, it’s been two years since that incident with Jetark, and his
    mental state seems to be healthy. He’s been sparring with Jetark, Veld
    and Berok. They seem to be his closest friends.” Jared answered.

    “That’s good. You didn’t mention that he and Jetark were close friends before.”

    “I didn’t? My bad. After their initial meeting, it’s turned out for
    the better. Arkanon told me that his friendship between Veld and Jetark
    was tense for the first few months, but they gradually began to grow
    closer together.”

    “I’m happy that Arkanon was able to find friends.”

    “Harei, about what you told me before, is it possible?”

    “Hm? About what?”

    “About Arkanon.”

    “It’s very possible. The strength he has is comparable to the first generation of guardians, the half-bloods.”

    “So, he is…”

    “Yes, he most likely is an Ancient’s son.”

    Arkanon, Veld and Jetark were out in the dueling grounds. Arkanon and
    Veld stood together, facing against Jetark on the opposite side of

    “Alright, Arkanon. So here’s what we do. I’ll rush at his left side, you take the right.” Veld whispered to Arkanon.

    “But isn’t his left side weaker?” Arkanon asked.

    “Yes, it is, now let’s go!” Veld charged forward.

    “Hey, wait, you asshole! Making someone younger than you take on something harder!” Arkanon followed after Veld.

    “Hm. Come. You won’t beat me.” Jetark said with confidence.

    “Oh yeah? Try this!” Veld jumped at Jetark’s left side and kicked with both his legs, trying to knock him over.

    Jetark bent his knees and took the blow head on. When Veld’s kick
    landed, he withstood it with ease. Jetark countered by grabbing onto one
    of Veld’s leg. He swung Veld in wide arc and threw him in Arkanon’s

    “Oh, why meeeeeee!” Veld cried out.

    Arkanon only narrowed his eyes and knocked Veld aside with a swipe of his left arm.

    “You fucker!” Veld yelled as he was knocked away by Arkanon.

    Arkanon grinned a little hearing Veld yell. He reached Jetark and
    infused his body with energy. Little bolts of white lightning covered
    his whole body. He then punched towards Jetark with his right hand,
    using his full strength. Jetark also punched towards Arkanon with his
    left hand, and their fists collided. The ground under them cracked from
    the power of the punches. Arkanon and Jetark stood like that for a few
    seconds when a cracking sound came from both of their hands. Arkanon
    winced and pulled back his hand. He looked down and saw the skin on his
    knuckle was broken and his hand was limp.

    “Seems we both broke our hands from that. Although mine can still
    function.” Jetark said while looking at the cracks in his left hand.

    “It must be nice, not having a skeleton.” Arkanon said while he covered his right hand with his left and healed it.

    “Some think so. However, we’re dulled to simple pain like this.
    Therefore we usually tend to be a little more reckless. But if we were
    to lose a limb or something, then the pain we experience is far worse
    than anything you’ll feel.”

    “Why is it like that?”

    “I don’t know. It’s how our bodies work.”

    “It isn’t explained anywhere?”

    “I’m sure one of the books explains it in some complex way, but I never bothered to look it up.”

    As Arkanon was about to speak, a fist came down and smacked Arkanon on the top of his head.

    “That’s for smacking me instead of catching me!” Veld’s voice came
    from behind Arkanon. He then walked up to Jetark. “And this is for
    throwing me!” Veld kicked Jetark in the leg. Veld’s face then cramped up
    with pain. He then hopped away while grabbing at his foot.

    “Are you okay there?” Jetark looked down at Veld.

    “I’m sure he’s fine.” Arkanon said, chuckling and rubbing where Veld hit him.

    “Mother fucker, it hurts!” Veld cursed loudly. “What the hell is your body made of?”

    “Stone.” Jetark said flatly.

    “Bull shit!”

    “You should’ve known better than to kick Jetark.” Arkanon said.

    “I bet if you did it, you’d be fine.” Veld whined.

    “I wouldn’t be too badly hurt if I infused my body, but I would still get hurt. Now stop being a cry baby.”

    “Who’s a cry baby?”

    “You are.”

    “Bah, I’m just vocal about things that are on my mind.”

    “So complaining is on your mind most of the time.”

    “Shut up!”

    “I don’t mean to interrupt you two, but I’m going to take my leave.” Jetark said out loud.

    “Alright, I’ll probably head back too.” Arkanon said and stretched his arms above his head.

    “Hey, are you two really going to abandon me?” Veld asked.

    “Yep.” Arkanon and Jetark replied at the same time.

    “You guys are assholes. Fine. Go. I don’t need you two.” Veld said while acting hurt.

    “Alright, see you later Veld, see you Jetark.” Arkanon waved his hand to them before walking off.

    Arkanon walked back to his cabin and went inside. He went and took a shower, put on new clothes and fell asleep on his bed.

    Two years have passed since Arkanon and Veld met Jetark and Arkanon talked to Harei about his problem.

    His life has so far returned to its daily routine, except Jetark has
    become Arkanon and Veld’s friend. Arkanon and the others usually train
    together during the day, from sparring to training their bodies to
    joining together to come up with different ways of using energy. At
    night, Arkanon would meet up with Berok and usually spar against him. At
    times, they would try using energy against each other, but not to the
    point where they were actually hurting each other.

    With the help of the three, Arkanon devised a new method of using
    energy. He would summon the energy from his arms and gather it at his
    hands. He would then slam the ground and send it underground to come up
    and form around the target. The target would have a lightning sphere
    form around them, trapping them within. Arkanon would only be able to
    maintain this energy prison of sorts for a short period of time. He
    theorized that once he got stronger, he would be able to do more with
    it, such as strike the target within the sphere.

    Arkanon also improved his energy ball and was able to expand his
    lightning gauntlets. When he threw it at a target now, he could cause it
    to pull in everything around it in a very small radius. The first time
    he tested it on a target, it imploded on itself and the entire top half

    For the gauntlets, Arkanon trained up to the point where he could
    summon them up to his shoulders, covering his arms completely. He had
    Jetark test them by having him hit Arkanon straight on with the energy
    armor on. Once he took the hit, Arkanon barely felt anything and was
    only forced back a few steps. After that, the energy armor dissipated
    since a large majority of it was used to absorb Jetark’s hit. Arkanon
    was happy with the results.

    As for the others, Jetark was able to form a wind wall that was
    impossible to get through, Veld was able to shoot little liquid balls
    like shotgun blasts from his fingers and Berok was able to make a flame
    geyser that incinerated a small area. Arkanon was happy to see his
    friends making progress in their training as well.

    Inside Mith’s cabin, Grie was desperately pleading with Mith.

    “Hey, Mith, don’t do this. That Arkanon kid ain’t worth it.” Grie said.

    “Not worth it? That fucking shit eating kid has completely fucked up my life here!” Mith yelled angrily.

    “But going to kill him? Isn’t this where we draw the line, Mith?”

    “Grie, you’re going to help me or you’re going to get the fuck out of my cabin.”

    “Mith, please, you’re one of my best friends! Forget about Arkanon!”

    “I’ll only forget about him after I gut his ass.”

    “But you’ll be imprisoned after this!”

    “Not if they don’t find out.”

    “They always know what’s happening though. They always watch us.”

    “No, no they won’t find me. I’ll run and hide until this is all over.
    Arkanon is just one person. They won’t make a big fuss over it.”

    Grie could hear the madness in Mith’s voice. “Mith, I’ll beg you one last time, please stop!”

    Mith turned around backhanded Grie, knocking him down. “Get the fuck
    out of my cabin. It’s still a few hours until he gets up, and I want to
    make sure I’m prepared. Also, don’t you dare warn anyone of this,
    otherwise I’ll kill you next.”

    Grie got back up and rubbed where Mith hit him. “Fine then, if you
    really want to throw your life away for petty revenge, I won’t stop you.
    Go ahead and try to kill Arkanon, I won’t tell anyone.”

    “Try? He’s as good as dead.”

    Arkanon found himself back in the dark void inside his mind, and standing in front of him was his doppelganger.

    “Hi, friend.” The doppelganger said with a malicious, wide smile on his face.

    Arkanon narrowed his eyes as he glared at his second self. “What do you want?”

    “Why so hostile? I merely wanted to talk.”

    “I have no interest in anything you have to say. Now let me go.”

    “Not so fast. I have some interesting things that you might want to hear about.”

    Arkanon gritted his teeth. “Fine then, speak.”

    “Well, you could ask nicely, you know?”

    “Like I’d ever speak to you kindly.”

    “You know, it’s rather rude to be so hateful towards yourself.”

    “You are not me. I don’t know what the hell you are.”

    “But I am you. I’m Arkanon Leyan, and so are you. Our lives are linked together. If I die, you die. If you die, I die.”

    “Is this the supposed ‘interesting thing’ you wanted to tell me about?”

    “It’s one of them. What I really want to let you know is I hold a majority of your power.”

    Arkanon’s face cramped up. “What do you mean?”

    “I’m saying that if there ever comes a time when the opponent you’re
    fighting is too strong, you can rely on me. You have to willingly allow
    me to take direct control of your body, have your mind at its limits or
    be on the verge of death.”

    “Thanks for telling me how to never let you get in control.”

    “You say so, but you can’t always control everything. There will most
    likely come a time when you’ll need me. I’m only informing you of how I
    can come to and help. Just know that I value my life more than that of
    your friends. If there comes a time when I need to leave them behind to
    save us, I’ll do it without hesitation. So try to keep us out of

    “I don’t need you telling me that.”

    “You always seem to attract trouble, so I was merely giving a warning.”

    “Since you only seem to value yours and my life, why did you heal Veld after Jetark attacked us?”

    The doppelganger’s face had an annoyed look. “You still have a bit of
    influence, even after I take over, so it felt like the right thing to
    do. It was like a constant itch and it wouldn’t go away until I did it.
    What a pain.” The doppelganger looked up and a sneer formed on his face.
    “Out of time already, huh? Also, when we next meet, refer to me as
    ‘dark Arkanon’, it makes it easier to define which Arkanon is which.”

    “But I’ll never see you again. That I promise.”

    “Then that’s a shitty promise, because it’ll be broken soon enough.”

    Arkanon awoke with a start. His body was sweaty and he felt
    uncomfortable, like something wasn’t right. He got up, went to the
    bathroom and washed his face off. ‘Berok is probably waiting for me, I should get out there soon.’ Arkanon thought to himself. He stepped out of the bathroom, went and grabbed his cloak and was heading outside.

    As he opened the door, a fist came and struck him in the head. Dazed,
    Arkanon grabbed at his head and stepped back. A dagger then struck out
    and sliced Arkanon from his right shoulder to his left hip. Arkanon
    jumped back as blood sprayed out of his wound. Clenching his teeth from
    the pain, Arkanon look up and saw Mith closing the door behind him and
    locking it.

    Mith’s face was twisted in madness, his eyes wide open and a crazed
    smile on his face. “Die, you shitty brat.” He muttered and jumped

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    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 18

    Arkanon jumped to the left, just barely avoiding Mith’s attack. Blood
    continued to run out of his wound, making him grit his teeth in pain.

    Mith turned and charged Arkanon, swinging his dagger once more.
    Arkanon formed his lightning armor and grabbed Mith’s arms. Mith then
    head butted Arkanon, causing him to stumble. Mith took the chance to try
    and stab Arkanon in the stomach, but Arkanon grabbed his arm with one
    hand and pulled it away. He then punched Mith in the face, forcing him
    back. Arkanon slammed the ground with the remaining energy in his armor,
    sending it towards Mith. He formed a lightning sphere, trapping Mith

    Arkanon ran to grab his sword while Mith was imprisoned. But Mith
    swung his arms outward, smashing open the sphere. Arkanon was able to
    reach his sword, and he pulled it from the sheath. Before he could turn
    to face Mith, Mith had already gotten to Arkanon. Mith then stabbed
    Arkanon in the stomach, while Arkanon countered by bringing his sword
    down towards Mith’s head. Mith raised his arm, catching the sword with
    his forearm. The blade went halfway through his arm, causing Mith’s face
    to twist in pain. He then pulled back while keeping his arm close to
    his body. Arkanon similarly grabbed at the stab wound in his stomach,
    his face grimacing while also turning a pale white from blood loss.

    “Why won’t you just die, damnit!” Mith cursed loudly.

    Arkanon didn’t respond, and only continued to stare at Mith.

    “Any last words? I’ll make sure you’ll die in the next strike.”

    “Try me.” Arkanon whispered out.

    Mith’s face contorted in anger. He then gathered fire energy in his
    right hand and swept it towards Arkanon. Arkanon raised his arms to
    cover his body and took the attack head on with nowhere to go. The blast
    momentarily stunned him, making his body lock up. As he opened his arms
    slightly, a dagger swished and Arkanon felt his throat get slashed. He
    collapsed to his knees and tried to cover the wound on his throat, but
    it was useless as his vision started to dim from blood loss. As his
    vision turned dark, he only heard a voice in his head say, “What a
    useless display. Now it’s my turn.”

    Mith watched as Arkanon fell, and could only smile and laugh as he
    saw the blood flow from Arkanon’s body. But his smile froze on his face
    and his laugh died as he noticed something. Black flames started to burn
    on Arkanon’s wounds, sealing them up. The tips of Arkanon’s hair also
    faded to black.

    Arkanon stood up, his body unsteady. “Hey now, it’s quite rude coming
    into someone’s place and attacking them.” He leaned his head back
    slightly, his eye now blood-red. His pale appearance and blood-stained
    clothes combined made for a terrifying visage. “You should know it’s
    punishable by death.”

    “What the fuck are you?!” Mith trembled as he spoke. He could feel an overbearing pressure pushing down on him.

    “I would say Arkanon, but that’s not quite right. Just think of me as
    the one that’ll kill you. It makes it a lot easier for you to
    understand then, I’m sure.”

    “Shut up! If I can kill you once, I can kill you again!”

    “Aah, but you never truly killed me. Although I’m quite happy to be
    out again, you still attempted to kill me and I’m quite angry about
    that, so enough words.” Arkanon took a step forward, then flashed from
    Mith’s sight.

    “What the fuck is this?!” Mith was truly scared now. He kept his
    dagger up as if to ward off Arkanon. Mith had his feet swept out from
    under him, making him drop his dagger, and was mid-air for a second.
    Some powerful force then slammed into him, sending him flying into one
    of the walls. He felt a few of his ribs break upon impact, causing him
    to cry out. Mith pitifully stood up, his body shaking and tears could be
    seen in his eyes. He could only feel fear and pain at that moment.
    “It’s all your fault! Everything that’s happened is your fault!” He
    screamed out.

    “My fault?” Arkanon appeared in front of Mith. Black flames sprouted
    at his hands, and a look of disdain was on his face. “Everything was my
    fault?” Arkanon pressed one of his hands against Mith’s stomach. “This
    was all your doing. You couldn’t let go of past hatreds and now you’re
    blaming others for your own doings.” Arkanon slowly pressed his hand
    further into Mith’s stomach. “I had thought that I could have a bit of
    fun coming out and ending your pathetic life, but this has only left a
    disgusting taste in my mouth and made me pissed at how completely
    idiotic one person can be.”

    “Please, please no. Don’t kill me please.” Mith begged as he felt Arkanon’s hand slowly burning it’s way through to his body.

    “Your life has no place here. Perish.” Arkanon’s hand pushed all the
    way through Mith’s stomach and was inside his body. He then sent black
    flames through Mith’s body, torching him on the inside.

    “Noo-Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” Mith screamed in agony as he felt his body was being completely burned on the inside.

    Arkanon stood like that until Mith’s screams stopped and all that
    remained was a burnt husk. Arkanon pulled his hand out and Mith’s corpse
    fell to the ground.

    “What a waste of time. I thought I would be entertained, but instead
    all I feel is anger and disappointment. How annoying.” Arkanon walked to
    the center of the cabin and gathered the remaining energy from his
    body. His body then erupted with black flames, scorching everything in
    the cabin and turning Mith’s already burnt corpse into ash. “There. It’s
    up to you to come up with the excuse now.” Arkanon then fell his knees
    and fell to the ground, passed out.

    Areath was frantically running for Arkanon’s cabin. “Damnit! Please
    be alright, kid!” It took him a few minutes to be notified of what was
    happening and then the time it took to get to Arkanon’s cabin. Once he
    got there, he rammed his shoulder into the door, busting it down.

    “Arkanon!” He called out. But as soon as Areath got a good look at
    the cabin, he felt a chill go down his spine. The entire inside was
    charred black as if some bomb was set off in there. He then saw Arkanon
    fainted in the middle of it, his clothes stained with blood.

    Areath rushed to Arkanon to check his body for wounds. Upon
    inspection, he only found three scars. One was at the base of his
    throat, another on his stomach and the last one, a long one, from his
    right shoulder to his left hip. Areath saw no other wounds. He let out a
    sigh of relief, then heard a voice behind him.

    “What the hell happened here?” Areath turned around to see Jared was
    standing in the doorway, looking around in shock. He then looked at
    Areath and saw Arkanon lying unconscious beside him. “Is he alright?”

    Areath nodded his head. “Yeah. He has three scars, but that’s the only injury I see on him.”

    “Have you checked his internals?”

    “His organs are fine. I checked them.”

    Jared stepped in and looked around at the whole cabin. “What could’ve done this?”

    “I don’t know. I think Arkanon is the only one that can answer that.”

    “I was told that another student suddenly attacked him. Where’s that other student?”

    “I wasn’t told of him leaving the cabin. Look around for evidence, if you can find any in here.”

    Jared walked around exploring every part of the cabin until he came
    on a pile of ash. “Hey Areath, I think I found that student.”

    “Where?” Areath got up and walked over to Jared.

    Jared pointed down at the ash pile while frowning. “Right there.”

    Areath stared silently at the pile of ash momentarily. “To be burned
    away to this, what a horrible fate. We don’t know who this is. The
    student was hooded when he came in.”

    “Well we’ll find out soon enough. Once you guys notice who’s missing.”

    “Yeah. For now, let’s get Arkanon out of here.”

    “Where do you want to take him?”

    “We have an infirmary inside the building. I’ll take him there until he wakes up. After that, I’ll have to get him a new cabin.”

    “If you need help with anything, let me know.”

    “Since you said it, please contact Harei about this.”

    “Was already planning to.”

    “Good, then I’ll take Arkanon.”

    “Yeah, keep me updated.”

    “Will do.” Areath walked over to Arkanon and picked him up. He then walked out of the cabin and towards the building.

    Arkanon was back in the black void sitting down, his darker version
    sitting cross-legged in front of him. He looked bored and annoyed as he
    rested his head on one of his hands.

    Arkanon spoke up first. “I suppose I should say thank you. If not for you, I would’ve died.”

    “Shut it.” Dark Arkanon replied angrily. “Also, I’m sure you meant to
    say we. We would’ve died. Also, aren’t you supposed to be getting all
    angry or scared or whatever?”

    “I’m not angry or scared. Just conflicted.”

    “Hah! Conflicted over what? Are you going to try and make ‘friends’ with me?” Dark Arkanon asked mockingly.

    “No, but I’ve accepted the fact that you reside within me.”

    “Already accepted it? That certainly was fast.”

    “I’d appreciate it if you cut out that mocking tone.”

    “Well I’d appreciate it if you weren’t such a failure. I barely had
    to do anything and that pathetic worm had already broken down and begged
    for his life. How could you possibly fail at killing him? AH! Thinking
    about it again is making me pissed.”

    “Weren’t you the one asking if I was supposed to be getting angry?”

    “Shut your mouth before I use you as a punching bag.”

    Arkanon smiled slightly before leaning back and stretching his legs. “So where did you come from?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “How did you come into existence? Were you always with me since I’ve been born?”

    “I… don’t know.” Dark Arkanon had a troubled look on his face. “I
    just remember waking up one day, residing inside your body. With no
    motive or sense of direction, I could only see through your eyes. It
    wasn’t until Jetark had beaten you badly that I found a way of getting

    “So it’s completely optional for you to take control of my body?”

    “Yes, although it’s temporary. Even though we’re both Arkanon Leyan, you still own the body and I’m just some parasite.”

    “Sounds about right. But in a way, you are a failsafe.”

    “A failsafe?”

    “Yeah, you mentioned before that you hold a majority of my power, and you always come out when I’m on the verge of death.”

    “Now that you say it, it makes sense. But we’re far too different for
    me to be just a failsafe.” Dark Arkanon sighed. “I hate to ask this of
    you, but can you help me find the meaning of my existence?”

    “I planned on finding out what you were already.”

    Dark Arkanon stood up. “Just know we’re only acquaintances. I have no
    desire of ever being your friend.” He looked up. “Our times up.” He
    looked back at Arkanon with a malicious smile. “Have fun explaining.”

    Arkanon woke up, he sat up slowly. He looked around the white room he
    was in and noticed that it was like a hospital room. When he looked
    down at his body, he saw that his originally bloodied and torn clothes
    were swapped out. He felt around the area at his neck where the dagger
    slashed him and felt that the wound was gone. He pulled up his shirt and
    looked down at his chest. A long scar was there from his right shoulder
    to his left hip. He also saw a small scar from where he was stabbed. He
    absentmindedly poked at his scars. ‘So this is my body now.

    “Excuse me, Arkanon Leyan, correct?” A voice came from Arkanon’s left.

    He pulled down his shirt and looked to see who was talking. He saw a
    draconic person in light brown armor standing there. “That’s correct.”

    “Good. Can you stand up?”

    Arkanon moved his legs to the edge of the bed and put them on the
    ground. He put a little weight on them and noticed they could handle it.
    He then slowly stood up and stretched his body. “How long have I been

    “Only a few hours. My name is Calan, and I’m one of the instructors
    here. I have to ask that you follow me as we have some questions that we
    want to ask you. Are you able to walk?”

    “Yeah, let’s go.”

    “Okay, follow me.”

    Calan walked to the door and opened it. He stepped out with Arkanon following him.

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    Original link:

    Rise of a Guardian: Chapter 19

    In the purple void, the two beings were observing Arkanon.

    “This child, he’s an abomination. Having both corrupt energy and
    normal energy, his body should’ve been torn apart long ago.” The white
    one said.

    “No, the energies aren’t combined. Have you noticed how much of a
    difference there is when he changed? Not once has he used corrupt energy
    until now. It’s as if there’s another person that resides within him.”
    The dark one voiced his thoughts.

    “Two people inside the same body? Is that possible?”

    “I don’t know. This child defies the logic that we know. He’s an enigma.”

    Jared was standing in front of his console speaking with Harei. He recounted what he found when he was at Arkanon’s cabin.

    “What you’ve said, it’s strange. You said that the entire inside of
    the cabin was scorched, yet those cabins are built to resist such
    destruction. You’ll have to ask Arkanon if you want to know what
    happened, as I have no possible idea on what could’ve happened.” Harei

    “But there must be something that you know. I’m worried about him.”

    “I am too. Arkanon is someone extremely important, I can feel it. His
    very existence may shake the foundations of not only this war, but this

    “So where am I going?” Arkanon asked Calan as they walked down the hall.

    “There’s someone that wishes to speak with you about what happened?” Calan replied.

    “Who is it?”

    “It’s better that you see yourself.”

    “Hm?” Arkanon tilted his head to the side in, curious at who it could be.

    They continued to walk down the hallway until Calan stopped at a door and knocked.

    A voice came from the other side of the door. “Come in.”

    Calan opened the door and waved Arkanon to come over.

    Arkanon walked inside a medium sized room with a desk in the middle
    of the room. There was a chair in front of the desk. Behind it was a
    massive being standing there. It looked similar to Harei, except for the
    left side of it’s face was completely scarred and burned, with no
    scales and only rough pink flesh showing.

    “Greetings Arkanon, my name is Xerva, and I’m one of the remaining Ancients.” Xerva introduced himself.

    “One of the remaining Ancients?” Arkanon asked curiously. “How many are there?”

    “I’ll let you ask whatever you want after you answer a few questions of mine, alright?”


    “Good! You can leave now Calan.”

    Calan only bowed his head and walked out of the room.

    “Go ahead and take a seat, this may take a little bit.”

    Arkanon walked over and sat at the chair in front of the desk.

    “I’ve been curious as to what happened. Those cabins are specifically
    designed to withstand a lot of damage, yet yours was so easily burnt
    up. Are you able to recount what happened?”

    Arkanon racked his head for a moment, not wanting to tell a lie, but
    not the truth either. “I can’t remember clearly, my memory is hazy
    whenever I try and remember it.”

    “Are you sure? Try and remember as best you can. This is important.”

    “I think that Mith, the student that attacked me, tried to do
    something with energy, but it backfired and exploded, destroying
    everything around it.” Arkanon decided to lie.

    “A backfire, huh. It would have to be one hell of an explosion to damage those walls… You are telling me the truth, correct?”

    “As best as I can remember.”

    “Hmm, the power needed to damage those walls can’t come from just one
    person.” Xerva crossed his arms. “Arkanon, your last name is Leyan,


    “Could you perhaps be the son of Sylvan Leyan? Do you recognize that name?”

    “No, who is it?”

    “Sylvan Leyan is one of the few remaining Ancients next to me and
    Harei. We’ve been out of contact for the past fifty or so years. He’s
    one of the one’s missing, along with Malanak, Zardel and Plyn. Have you
    ever met your father before?”

    “No, never.”

    “Did he leave you any messages?”

    “None. I haven’t seen or heard from my father since my birth.”

    “It’s highly possible that you’re his son, although there’s no way for us to know for sure. You have the same feel about you.”

    “What does it mean if I’m his son?”

    “What it means is that you’re a half-blood. That’s the term we use
    for direct descendants of Ancients and Corrupted. Half-bloods tend to
    grow in strength fast and can become a rather powerful force.”

    “If they’re so powerful, why don’t you Ancients have a lot of children?”

    “Good question! The problem is that we have a very small chance of ever having children. That’s what makes half-bloods so rare.”

    “Could I become as strong as an Ancient if I am a half-blood?”

    “It could happen. It all depends on how strong you get. Once you
    reach a certain level of power, guardians and demons can access a
    transformation known as a true form.”

    “True form?”

    “Yes. A true form calls out the Ancient blood within you and causes
    your body to more resemble an Ancient with the power to match. Any
    guardian or demon can reach this state, but the less Ancient blood you
    carry, the harder it is as your power becomes less. If you’re a
    half-blood, you can achieve a true form with relative ease.”

    Arkanon was amazed at hearing what he could possibly be. “Is there any way you can see if I’m a half-blood?”

    “There’s no way to tell, at least not currently. Only time will tell.
    As you grow older and keep increasing your strength, if you are a
    half-blood, you will eventually achieve a true form. Ah, my apologies
    for keeping you here this long, I’m sure you wish to go check on your
    friends and such, therefore you can leave now if you wish.”

    “Thank you very much for the information, Xerva.”

    “Mm, thank you for the conversation. Oh, one more thing. If you wish
    for a challenge, try dueling my great, great grand-daughter Mira. She
    may prove quite a challenge for you.”

    Arkanon nodded his head, got up and left the room.

    Xerva narrowed his right eye. “This one may be a problem.”

    Arkanon stepped out of the room and closed the door. Standing to his right, Calan was waiting there.

    “I’ll be taking you to see Areath now. Since your former cabin is uninhabitable right now, he’ll be assigning you a new one.”


    Arkanon looked around as he followed Calan. He then asked, “So where are we?”

    “Inside the main building. You were brought to the infirmary here.”

    “Why does it seem so empty?”

    “Because mainly instructors use this building. The students that live in here are few.”

    “Instructor Calan, you said that I was only passed out for a few hours, right?”


    “Has there been a big commotion about me?”

    “Amongst the instructors, it’s limited to only a few of us. As for students, no one knows a thing.”

    “Do you know what would drive Mith to try and kill me?”

    “We’re investigating that right now. Areath will be asking you about what happened.”

    “How come you aren’t?”

    “Areath is the instructor in your area, therefore all students
    problems are mainly dealt with by him. I’m only acting as an escort.”
    Calan answered, slightly annoyed. “Any more questions?”

    “No. Thank you.”

    “Then let’s continue on.”

    Calan lead Arkanon through the empty halls until they reached a large
    reinforced door. Calan pushed a button on the wall, and the door lifted

    Calan motioned for Arkanon to go out. “Go on and head to where your cabin is, Areath should be there.”

    “Okay.” Arkanon nodded his head slightly. He stepped outside and
    turned around to the see the large door closing behind him. He looked up
    to the sky and saw that it was fairly early in the morning, with the
    sun still rising. He then looked around at his surroundings, trying to
    figure out where he was at. After guessing where to go, Arkanon muttered
    to himself, “Time to get going, I suppose.”

    “So you met with him?”

    “I did, and there’s nothing too special about him. He seems to be a normal half-blood. But he is hiding something.”

    “Do you have any idea?”

    “No, but I’m sure it is some kind of power he’s hiding.”

    “Keep an eye on him and let me know if anything else happens.”

    “I already know. How is your research going?”

    “We’re making progress. So far, we’ve only got a rough prototype.”

    “Good. I’ll continue working on my end and you continue on yours.”

    “Ah, Arkanon, so you’re here.” Areath said. He and Jared were standing outside the cabin. The door to the cabin was closed off.

    “Yeah, I’m here. So what’s going on here?” Arkanon asked.

    “We have a few instructors inside inspecting the damage. We’ll have
    to move you to another cabin, as the damage to the cabin is too severe.
    It’ll take time to repair it.”

    “Was it damaged that badly?”

    “Everything inside is completely burnt. Do you remember anything?”

    Arkanon decided to stick with his lie. “No, I just remember Mith
    tried to do something and it resulted in an explosion. After that I
    blacked out.”

    Jared looked at Areath questioningly, to which Areath only shook his
    head side to side slightly. Areath then looked back at Arkanon.
    “Arkanon, I’ve helped build some of these things. To do this much
    damage, it isn’t possible even if Mith did blow himself up with a
    rebound. You’d need to be just short of General level to do what
    happened to the inside of that cabin. If you know something, please tell
    us. We’re here to help you, and we won’t shun you.”

    Arkanon heard a voice snicker in his head, ‘If they knew the truth, they’d betray us in an instant.’

    The voice caught Arkanon off-guard and caused him to panic a little
    on the inside, ut he kept calm on the outside. “I don’t remember
    anything except for what I told you. I’m sorry.”

    Areath sighed. “It’s fine. Just don’t hesitate to let us know
    anything. Since they’re still busy here, I’ll go ahead and take you to
    your new cabin. Follow me.”

    Areath started walking away and Arkanon followed him. They walked in
    silence until they reached a cabin. Areath unlocked the door, tossed
    Arkanon a key and said, “If you remember anything, be sure to let me
    know, okay?”

    “Hey Areath, can you let me know where the students Grie, Cyrel and Jikkel are?”

    “I can, but why?”

    “I just want to ask them a few things.”

    “Well, I have no reason not to tell you. Just try not to cause any
    problems, okay?” Areath then told Arkanon where they were at and how to
    get to them. “Is that all?”

    “Yes, thank you.”

    “Then I’ll come check in on you later.”

    “Alright, see you later Areath.”

    Areath walked off while Arkanon closed the door to his cabin, locked it, and went to search for the three he asked about.

    Grie was laying down on his bed, his hands behind his head. He waited
    for any sign of Mith, secretly hoping he would give up on trying to
    kill Arkanon. He stayed like that for a while until he heard a knock at
    his door. He got up and hurried to the door, anticipating Mith. When he
    opened the door, he saw Arkanon standing there and Grie was momentarily

    “Arkanon?” Grie asked confused. “Wait, if you’re here, where’s Mith?”

    “Would I be able to come in, Grie?” Arkanon asked solemnly.

    “Can you tell me about Mith?”

    “I can tell you what I know.”

    “Then come in.”

    Arkanon walked in and stood in the center of the cabin.

    Grie closed the door and locked it behind him. “Alright, tell me. Why did you come here and what happened to Mith?”

    “Mith is dead.” Arkanon said bluntly.

    Grie froze after hearing Arkanon. As his words registered, Grie
    clenched his teeth and balled his hand up into a fist. He then punched
    the wall as hard as he could. “DAMNIT!” He stood there breathing heavily
    with his fist against the wall for a few minutes. He then slowed his
    breathing, pulled his hand back and asked, “Can you tell me what

    “I can’t tell you completely, but he was engulfed in an explosion from a rebound.”

    “Was it a quick death?”

    Arkanon thought back to how Mith was burned from the inside and flinched from the thought. “It was.”

    “What did you want to ask?”

    “Why did Mith go so far to try and kill me?”

    “He hated you. He blamed you for everything. Ever since we first
    fought, he’s only had revenge on his mind. He planned to fight you, but
    saw that you kept getting stronger. That’s when he had Jetark try to
    beat you. But once you beat Jetark, he found out the truth that Mith
    lied to him and publicly announced that he’s a coward. People then
    shunned him. Cyrel and Jikkel abandoned him and I was the only one to
    stick by his side. It was then that he wanted to kill you. I tried to
    talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He was too far gone.”
    Grie took a deep breath. “I can’t say that I hate you Arkanon. I dislike
    you, but I don’t hate you. That’s all. Now please show yourself out,

    Arkanon walked over to the door, unlocked and opened it then said, “Thanks, Grie.” He then walked out.

    Grie closed the door and went over to his bed and laid down. “Hopefully you’re in a better place.” He muttered under his breath.

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