Need RPG themed novel

Preferably Japanese novel like mushoko tensei, shield bro and slave harem. Just kindly post your recommendations. No need for debate, argument or complaints. arigatou guizamasu


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    'so what if it's an RPG world' it doesn't get more japanese than that. got you're classic pushover MC surrounded by lolitas (has 6+ around him) and most are tsundere with a yandere 'little sister', deredere undead elf, and dere shikigami. MC is denser than a black-hole. basically if this story was anymore japanese, america would have nuked it.

    there are a lot of novels like mushoku and such, it's not even hard to find them. hell go to batoto forums and look up recomendations this one dude has a list of novels of different genre's that'll fit what you want. or just go to novelupdates or whatever. hell i come across them without even looking for them, and in sites like WW that has nothing to do with them.

    there's the link to the batoto post.

  • It's ironic that the above is actually Chinese haha....

    Hardcore OPness. A dude stuck in a game. Fucked up and hilarious in its own way. Original English story though. Still has a tonne of chapters.
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