Table of Contents: Necessary?


Is a Table of Contents a neccessary (evil) in reading a Web Novel (Original or Translation)?
In my opinion, it is a sheer ingenuity, which a reasonable reader would like to have.

How difficult is it to create and maintain one?

Some novels only have 100 chapters, others have 3,000+ chapters. Some even have chapters broken into parts, or grouped together as Volumes/Books/Arcs.

Being someone of the "strawberry" generation who takes conveniences for granted, I was stumped when I came upon a novels hub site where none of the hosted novels had a TOC. I immediately sent an email suggesting this feature, but I was given a sad No. With no explanations.
Imagine my shock! I have yet to recover.

The only solution I found was to create an ebook with calibre. I am trying to understand why any site would choose not to put up TOCs for their hosted novels (more advert $ to be earned when ppl press the next page button? sounds dumb).
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