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I just joined a short while ago. I spent the last few days reading the 300+ Chapters of "Battle Through the Heavens." That was one of my favorite Manhua. I liked the Novel version better. Less cliched situations and less comic relief.

Is the very sparse prose a feature of Chinese Novels or is an artifact of the translation process? Or is it just a feature of the first Chinese novel that I read?

Excuse me I'm really new to this Genre…

I'm an Author and since I don't sell well I do "Market Research" or whatever you want to call it.

"Urban Phantasy" seems to be doing really well. My own theory is that people are bored and frustrated in the modern world.

CS Lewis' brats in the "Narnia" novels only got to run away once every year or two. Stories where the protagonist has a portal in his basement and knows how to find other doorways should that become necessary hits the spot for our more intensively overburdened modern readers.

Now some of my favorite comics are the Korean Manwha with their concept of modern day "Murim"—a shadowy alliance of secret societies that to some degree can really do some of the superhuman feats one sees in badly dubbed Kung Fu Theatre. How superhuman? Well that depends on how far the story teller wants to stretch the readers suspension of disbelief.

What available Chinese novels come the closest to the "Murim" type stories?

O and thank all of you translators very much.

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  • I'm going to assume Murim is the korean equivalent of the Wulin/Jianghu in Chinese novels.

    Closest one I know of right now is Romance of Dragons and Snakes, a modern day Wuxia novel.

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