ISSTH scribbles

from my sketchbook, in no particular order
maybe i got the names right

1. Meng Hao, Chu Yuyan, Xu Quing

2. Han Bei, Outlander

3. Li Clan Patriarch (Lightning Soul)

4. Xu Bai

5. Big Hairy

6. Ehm.... Crazy Bitch  Meng Li

7. Wang Tengfei

8. Zhou Dekun


  • aww zhou dekun is so cute
  • LOL. Meng Li is so awesome. Actually, all of them are really cool. Please post more! Since you already have sketches of the Outlander, I hope you can flesh it out and put it into the contest!
  • Great artworks. i hope you can make more characters..
    This actually helped me visualize big hairy, dekun and the man outlander..

  • OUTTIE!!! OMG THATS LIKE EXACTLY THE IMAGE I HAD IN MY HEAD! Big Hairy on point too! I also like how Xu Qing looks super sad here, she always seemed way sadder to me through the novel than the "official" artwork would have you believe.
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