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  • 1203

    Yun Che talks to Poyun to get him out of his depression. He apologizes for making him feel jealous and taking all of his golden crow's glory. But he also says that his demonstration of the golden crow's arts is already at it's limit since he only got 9 drops of blood while Poyun has the most purest inheritance. So Poyun has more room for growth and will surely surpass him on using the golden crow's flames one day.
    He tells him to work hard for 3000 years in the bead and have a match again afterwards. Huo Poyun left with a refreshed feeling.

    While Yun Che is thinking about how he is going to beat Xilei in 3 days, Shui Yingyue comes crashing in calling Yun Che to come out.
  • 1204 - Huge Situation

    Yingyue calls YC out to ask about what he did to Meiyin. She assumes YC did something because after the fight Meiyin fled and hid in her room without letting anyone in. YC assures Yingyue he is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi chimes in as well to say that everything that happened on the profound stage was clear for everyone to see.

    Just as Yingyue was about to leave, Meiyin came along. Just as YC thought he was gonna die, Meiyin apologises to everyone for the trouble her big sister caused... which made YC go "???". 

    Yingyue questioned if her erratic behaviour earlier had nothing to do with YC since she came to apologise.

    "Of course its related to him! He did something bad to me!" Meiyin said

    Yingyue burst again. But Meiyin clarified that while she was angry earlier, she was much calmer now, and even slightly happy.

    Meiyin then proceeds to loudly proclaim that SHE IS GOING TO MARRY YUN CHE.

    Just then... the King of glazed light realm walks in... 

    (the end)
  • 1205 - 1206

    Shui Qianhang, the King of Glazed Light Realm, saw his daughters Shui Meiyin and Shui Yingyue. Meiyin said she wanted to marry Yun Che right in front of his face. Shui Qianhang instantly bursted.

    Long dialogues of Shui Qianhang arguing back and forth with Shui Meiyin.

    After a long conversation, Yun Che and Shui Meiyin made an agreement; after 3000 years cultivating in Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, if Meiyin still has feelings for him, then he will marry Shui Meiyin.

    Shui Qianhang also accepted this agreement and won't interfere Shui Meiyin finished her 3000-year cultivation. He believed that Meiyin feeling for Yun Che will change after 3000 years.

    The Shui family returned to their area. Some more talking about Yun Che and Shui Meiyin but nothing important.

    In Flame God Realm area, Yun Che approached and asked Huo Rulie to take him to God Burying Infernal Prison.

  • 1207

    At the Flame God Realm's God Burying Infernal Prison, before Yun Che descends down the Prison, Huo Rulie asked if he really has reached the bottom of the Prison.

    Yun Che admitted he did and asked him to keep a secret. The reason he wanted to go to God Burying Infernal Prison is that he sensed some sort of Soul power the 1st time he entered here. He hope to get some power in order to beat Jun Xilei in the next battle.

    Yun Che approached the bottom of the Prison and found the Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit.

    Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit actually has discovered his presence 3 years ago when he first entered the God Burying Inferno Prison.

    They talk about the Crimson crack. The Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit has no clue what lies behind the Crimson crack either.

  • 1208 - Golden Crow Sacred Sword

    The Phoenix Divine Spirit decided to give Yun Che 7 drops of Divine Phoenix blood, 70% Divine Soul, and the completed version of "World Ode of the Phoenix"

    The power the Phoenix Divine Spirit gave him can boost his cultivation a small realm only.

    Phoenix Divine Spirit lamented the fact that Yun Che has came a bit late. If he has arrived 2-3 years earlier, the Golden Crow Spirit may have bestowed her power to Yun Che and not Poyun

    The Golden Crow Spirit also left behind the "Golden Crow Sacred Sword" here inside the God Burying Infernal Prison.

    In order to obtain the sword, one must have a formidable profound strength and must have comprehended Vermilion Bird "Thousand Feathers Destruction Profound Verse", Phoenix "Resplendent World Red Lotus", or Golden Crow "Nine Suns Heavenly Fury"

    YC tried to lift the sword up but he failed.

    Suddenly Hong'er appeared out of no where due to the fragrance coming from the Golden Crow Sacred Sword.

  • 1209

    Even though Golden Crow Sacred Sword is a divine item left behind by the Golden Crow, Hong'er was able to chomp a bite out of that sword.

    The Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit was shocked. She didn't know who Hong'er was.

    Yun Che tried to stop Hong'er from eating. He tried to chase after her but to no avail, he wasn't able to catch up to her even with his power at Divine Tribulation Realm.

    The Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit was still in disbelief about the scenery that just transpired. The Golden Crow Sacred Sword was actually casted from the Golden Crow bone, yet Hong'er was able to eat the entire sword.

    Suddenly, Hong'er's body illuminated the flame of Golden Crow. Yun Che was dumbfounded. Hong'er felt sleepy and so she went to sleep.

    Yun Che then retrieved Hong'er sword-form. To his surprise he was not able to lift it. Only when he open Rumbling Heaven he was able to barely lift it.

    Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit detected Devil Slayer Sword aura as well as Golden Crow Sword aura emanated from Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

    Before the Fire Phoenix Divine Spirit could ask him questions, Yun Che has already opened his Time Wheel Pearl

    scene change to Moon God Realm
  • 1210 - Moon God Empress

    A woman sat in front of a mirror, next to her was a subordinate who was taking care of her hair. The woman is Moon God Empress.

    Some girl-talk.

    The subordinate mentioned the Profound God Convention one of the God Child, Lu Lengchuan, has been defeated by someone from Snow Song Realm

    As the subordinate said the name "Yun Che", the Moon God Empress's expression changed.

    She said Yun Che was her husband who died 8 years ago. She has told this matter to the Moon God Realm King himself so he also knew about this. Immediately she stood up and went outside.

    Outside Eternal Heaven Realm, uncle Gu was having a conversation with Brahma Goddess about today's match.

    Back to Flame God Realm's God Burying Infernal Prison, Yun Che finally came out after spending 7 months worth of Time Wheel Pearl. He has reached Divine Tribulation Realm 9th stage!

    Both Huo Rulie and Yun Che returned to Eternal Heaven Realm, ready for battle.
  • 1211 - Payback

    At the battle stage, Shui Meiyin was cheering out loud for Yun Che. People who came to the battle stage has noticed that Yun Che has advanced to Divine Tribulation Realm 9th stage.

    Mu Bingyun warned him of Jun Xilei because Yun Che and Jun Xilei still have some unresolved issues that happened at Snow Song Realm some times ago.

    Jun Wuming told Jun Xilei to comply with 2 of his rules before the battle starts. 1. Never underestimate the enemies. 2. Don't heavily injured Yun Che.

    As for the reason behind his 2nd rule, he's afraid that Mu Xuanyin may get angry and seek revenge after Jun Xilei.

    The battle begins!

    Yun Che's Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer sword collided with Jun Xilei's Misty Light.

    Unexpectedly, Jun Xilei was the one who was heavily injured after that sword confrontation. Yun Che himself has a hole on his chest but it's just a minor injury.

    Spectators around the battle stage were surprised!

  • 1212 - 1213

    Yun Che did not pursue but waited for Jun Xilei to stand up.

    Jun Xilei opened her Heartless Sword Domain, but it did not have an effect on Yun Che.

    Yun Che used Yellow Spring Ashes to counter Jun Xilei Sword Domain.

    Yun Che taunted Jun Xilei, saying that she once said Golden Crow fire is just mediocre, yet now she's defeated under the same fire she's despised.

    Jun Xilei then used Yama Sword Star Array. Yun Che countered with Golden Annihilation.

    Jun Xilei sword left her hand. Yun Che taunted her some more.

    Jun Xilei reached for the Nameless sword on her back. Jun Wuming saw that and advised her to stop. But Jun Xilei disobeyed him.
  • 1214

    Jun Xilei used her blood essence to activate the power of the Nameless sword.

    Jun Wuming requested to admit defeat on behalf of Jun Xilei, but the request was cancelled. The Eternal Pearl Emperor eventually stepped in to prevent Jun Wuming from interfering with the match.

    Jun Xilei told Jun Wuming to not interfere or she might hate him forever.

    With her power at the moment, she can only wield Nameless sword 3 times!

    With the 1st sword, Yun Che faced it head on with "Destroying Sky Decimate Earth".

    Yun Che was completely suppressed by the sword power. It was the Dragon Marrow in his body that saved him from being cut.
  • 1215 - 1216

    Yun Che summoned the Ice Phoenix Phantom God and created a bunch of iceberg as well as retreated far away.

    As the 2nd sword coming through, Yun Che open Evil God barrier Sealing Cloud Locking Sun.

    2nd sword was stop by the power of the Ice Phoenix Phantom God and Evil God

    Before the 3rd sword happens, Mu Bingyun commanded Yun Che to forfeit. But Yun Che refused to listen.

    Yun Che realized the sacrifice she has made to fight him and that she is very similar to his own personality.

    Before 3rd sword wield, Yun Che apologized to Jun Xilei for humiliating her.

    Jun Xilei fainted, she did not cast her 3rd sword.

    Yun Che won!

  • 1217 - Fighting Shui Yingyue

    Everyone congratulated Yun Che on his victory.

    Yun Che passed Jun Xilei back to Jun Wuming. Luo Changsheng believed his final battle will be fighting with Yun Che. He is confident that he will win.

    The next battle will be Yun Che vs. Shui Yingyue.

    In the sky of Eternal Heaven Realm, Jasmine was observing his entire battle.

    3 days later, the battle begins.!!!
  • 1218

    Shui Yingyue used Sunflower Dew Array to seal Yun Che and used her Jade Stream Sword to attack him.

    Yun Che used his ice power to break open the array.

    Shui Yingyue used Glazed Light Heavenly Attraction, a technique that can only executed when one has comprehended water attribute to the maximum level.

    Yun Che opened the Evil God barrier to block the attack. Then countered with Destroying Sky Decimated Earth.

    Shui Yingyue was able to block his sword. However she decided to forfeit. Before doing that, she told Yun Che to preserve his strength in order to fight Luo Changsheng.

    Yun Che won!

    Battle of Ascension: Final fight will be Yun Che vs. Luo Changsheng.

    Yun Che needed to win twice in order to become the champion of Battle of Ascension. While Luo Changsheng needed to win only 1 time. This is the format of double-elimination system.

    Each received an extra Time Wheel Pearl.

    Battle will begin in 3 days.
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    1219 - Brahma Goddess arrival

    Today is the 1st round of Battle of Ascension.

    Within Darkya Realm, Ji Ruyan was talking with her father about Yun Che.

    Important people from King Realm, such as Dragon Emperor, Moon God Emperor, Star God Emperor, etc... all arrived early in order to witness the fight.

    Venerable Qu Hui announced that the top 4 will receive great rewards from the 4 King Realms. However, the winner of the last battle, Battle of Ascension, will also receive an additional reward: 1 profound technique/profound art from any of the 4 King Realms (star god, moon god, eternal heaven, Brahma)

    Before the battle could begin, Brahma Goddess showed up.

  • 1220

    The reason for Brahma Goddess appearance is that she wanted to see Yun Che fight up close.

    The battle is officially began!!!

    Luo Changsheng (LC) wielded both of his Divine Battle Axe (DBA) and Holy Lightning Sword (HLS). Yun Che is seen to wield his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer sword.

    Both of them collided. It appeared they are on equal strength.

    LC used Universe Escaped Vacuum to open a domain, giving him an opportunity to strike YC with a lightning strike from his HLS.

    Yun Che opened Frozen End Domain instantly.

    Brahma Emperor mentioned that LC was able to open his domain very quickly because of Absolute Beginning Divine Water, an item obtained from God Realm of Absolute Beginning. It allowed the user to temper their body, meridian, and soul. But he didn't know why can YC open his domain very quickly.

    Destroying Sky Decimated Earth collided with Sky Razing sword technique!!

    Luo Changsheng told Yun Che that warm up is over and demanded him to release his Phantom God.
  • 1221

    Yun Che released his Golden Crow Phantom God.

    Luo Changsheng thought that Yun Che has comprehended lightning attribute. However he is not sure.

    Luo Changsheng released his 100% power. His profound aura increased tremendously.

    LC used his lightning power from his Lightning Sword but he was unable to harm Yun Che. LC now understood that YC has comprehended lightning attribute for sure.

    Yun Che was struggling with LC dominating power.

    His Golden Crow Phantom God was able to injure LC a bit due to his carelessness.

  • 1222

    LC complimented YC on how he was able to injure him. However LC said that there won't be a 2nd injury.

    The power of Luo Changsheng is mighty. He was able to heavily injured Yun Che within 3 sword attacks.

    People on the spectator seats all thought that Yun Che was defeated.

    However Yun Che seemed pretty fine still. Luo Changsheng deduced that Yun Che has some sort of powerful body tempering.

    Yun Che retrieved his Golden Crow Phantom God and closed his eyes to concentrate.

    Luo Changsheng thought that Yun Che has given up.
  • 1223 - Crimson Flame (part 2)

    Yun Che body ignited with Phoenix Flame. The people from the Phoenix sect was surprised, including the sect master Yan Juehai.

    The King Realm watched the scenery and believed that having 2 type of flame powers won't change his situation at the moment.

    Luo Changsheng did not care whether Yun Che used 100% Golden Crow fire power or 50% Golden Crow + 50% Phoenix fire power. To him he was confident that he will win in the end.

    Yun Che merged the 2 fire powers of Golden Crow and Phoenix to create a crimson-colored flame!!

    People from the Golden Crow sect and Fire Phoenix sect were instantly surprised. Fusing of 2 fire powers has never been done before in history because the 2 powers always opposed one another.

    Yun Che was able to created this Crimson Flame when he was training under the God Burying Infernal Prison for 7 months.

    Luo Changsheng faced the Crimson Flame head on. However he was underestimated this newfound flame!

    Luo Changsheng got burned pretty badly!

    Yun Che taunted him, saying how Luo Changsheng was so confident that Yun Che won't be able to put a 2nd wound on him, and yet here he is, moaning in pain.
  • 1224

    Yun Che engulfed his sword with Crimson Flame and fought Luo Changsheng head on with his Divine Battle Axe and Lightning Sword.

    The 2 weapons of LC already had couple dents on them due to the Crimson Flame.

    Luo Guxie sent a sound transmission to Luo Changsheng, telling him that Yun Che Crimson Flame is unstable and Yun Che hasn't mastered them yet. It will be a matter of time before his Crimson Flame run out. Therefore for the time being he needs to run.

    Luo Changsheng started running away from the Crimson Flame. If Yun Che flame is extinguished, he will lose for sure.

    Yun Che chased after Luo Changsheng, but after a while he stopped and is about to unleash a hidden technique

    As LC put down his guard, Luo Guxie instantly transmitted a message, telling him to put on the strongest defense!!!

  • 1225

    The technique Yun Che used was called World Illuminator Red Lotus, a technique coming from the World Ode of the Phoenix!

    People in the spectator seats, especially Phoenix sect disciples, also recognized that technique.

    It has been 90000 years since the last World Illuminator Red Lotus was executed!

    On the King Realm spector seats, the Brahma Emperor was able to detect the sound transmission that Luo Guxie sent to Luo Changsheng.

    Brahma Goddess mentioned that the her uncle Gu was able to detect a familiar life aura coming from LC and Luo Guxie.

    Luo Changsheng was able to open his defensive barrier on time before the attack unleashed, however he is still heavily injured from it.

    Yun Che used Falling Moon Sinking Star, LC fended it with his 2 weapons.

    Divine Battle Axe suddenly broke!!!

    Yun Che at the moment is completely exhausted!

    Suddenly Luo Changsheng body comprised with mysterious lightning bolts!
  • 1226

    Because LC has tempered with Absolute Beginning Divine Water, his wound wasn't so serious caused by Crimson Flame.

    LC used a forbidden technique called Burning Heart Lightning to increase his profound strength by 50%. This technique will indeed shorten his life span.

    But compared to Evil God's art, this technique is just trash.

    Not only stop there, Luo Changsheng grabbed a new sword called Sorrowful Dragon Blade (SDB)

    The SDB was obtained inside God Realm of Absolute Beginning, inside SDB sealed the souls of 6 evil dragons!

    People on the spectator seats believed Yun Che will definitely lose!
  • 1227

    LC instantly attacked YC with his newfound blade!

    Yun Che burned his Phoenix Divine blood to obtain greater power. That would means he won't be able to use Phoenix flame for at least 1 month

    SDB collided with Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer sword (HSDS)

    LC said that inside his SDB sealed the 6 souls of primordial evil dragons, there's no way YC can beat him

    Yun Che then unleashed Dragon Soul Domain to suppress the 6 evil dragon souls!

    At the King Realm spectator seats, the Emperors were surprised to see that Yun Che possessed a Dragon Soul, not only that, it's a high level Dragon Soul too.

    Yun Che was able to land a big hit on LC chest. At the same time his Phoenix Flame power went out.

    LC was heavily injured, yet he could still stand!
  • 1228 - Instant Hades

    People on the spectator seats were talking about Yun Che possessing a Dragon Soul

    Luo Guxie was furious how her LC is heavily injured.

    The Eternal Heaven Emperor asked the Dragon Emperor which Dragon Soul has Yun Che obtained but the Dragon Emperor did not say specifically. The matter is the Dragon Emperor has already discovered Yun Che possessing a True Dragon bloodline a long time ago, but he wasn't sure which

    Yun Che burned his Golden Crow Divine blood and attacked LC

    Before his Golden Crow flame completely burned out, YC opened the 5th gate: Hades!
  • 1229 - 1230

    With Hades power, he could not hold it for long. He was able to land 1 hit on LC before he completely exhausted.

    Yun Che told himself not to lose consciousness because if he did, he would lose!

    Luo Changsheng has not been defeated yet. He slowly approached Yun Che.

    Both of them were extremely weak. They are both fist-fighting each other at the moment.

    LC pulled his Lightning Sword, as he was about to stab Yun Che with it, YC used the Soundless Butterfly Blade given by Mu Xuanyin, and cut LC throat.

    LC fainted. He has lost his consciousness

    Yun Che won the 1st round of Battle of Ascension!!

    Luo Guxie and Mu Bingyun flew to the stage to retrieve their body

    Yun Che fainted. He felt asleep.

    In the sky of Eternal Heaven Realm, a red figure was crying!

  • 1231

    As Mu Bingyun was about to take Yun Che back to let him rest. Venerable Qu Hui flew over and gave them 2 Time Wheel Pearl. He also gave LC 2 as well.

    YC body was heavily injured, afraid that he won't be able to heal as fast as LC, who has tempered with Absolute Beginning Divine Water

    The Brahma Goddess have found out about YC's power!!

    In the Sacred Universe resident, Luo Guxie and Luo Changsheng were healing Luo Changsheng

    Luo Guxie intended to remove Luo Changsheng "restriction"!
  • 1232

    Luo Changsheng regained his consciousness. He found out that he has lost the 1st round. He asked Luo Guxie to untie his "restriction"

    In the Snow Song resident, Glazed Light 99th Elder Brother appeared.

    He gave Mu Bingyun some sort of medicine. On his way out, he mentioned not to disclose this matter to anyone.

    Mu Bingyun realized this medicine is 1 drop of "Absolute Beginning Divine Water". With this, Yun Che could heal his wounds in no time.

  • 1233

    Yun Che eventually woke up. He found out that he was healed due to Absolute Beginning Divine Water, given to him by Shui Meiyin.

    Some talking about the origin of Absolute Beginning Divine Water.

    Yun Che opened his Time Wheel Pearl, began to practice for the final battle.

    After Yun Che is gone, Mu Xuanyin appeared!

    The reason she's here was to protect Yun Che in case something happened. She has forcefully entered the Eternal Heaven Realm so soon she will be detected. She cannot stay for long

    Today is the final battle!

    Yun Che appeared first at the battle. Luo Changsheng appeared later, but his aura has changed!

  • 1234 - 1235

    LC has entered Divine King Realm!

    It turned out the restriction was to suppress his profound strength to the peak of Divine Spirit Realm. After untie his restriction, he instantly regained his original profound strength.

    Everyone, including the Divine Emperors, thought that Yun Che will lose because Divine King power is astronomical compared to peak stage of Divine Spirit! Some people may take at least 1000 years to breakthrough to Divine King Realm.

    Venerable Qu Hui repeated the condition and price again. Whoever wins the battle today will receive 1 profound art/profound technique from each King Realms!

    The battle begins!

    LC's personality seem to change. Now that he's a Divine King, he underestimated Yun Che, who is still a Divine Tribulation

    Yun Che attacked LC with his sword, but LC was able to stop him with just his hands!

    Yun Che continued to attack him, but LC was able to fend those attack with ease

    LC said  that he has entered Divine King Realm 2 years ago but suppressed his strength until now. Now YC is not his opponent anymore.

  • 1236 - Desperate Dragon Soul Domain

    Luo Changsheng taunted him and wanted to shame him, he told him to use whatever means, whether it's Phantom God, Crimson Flame, or Dragon Soul, it's still meaningless against him.

    As Yun Che was about to merge his Golden Crow flame and Phoenix flame together, Luo Changsheng attacked him. Yun Che was injured.

    Luo Changsheng said he changed his mind, whether Yun Che can use what power depends on his mood. And he insulted Yun Che some more

    On the spectator seats, Luo Shangcheng (LC's dad) was furious with LC attitude. But Luo Guxie condoned LC's behavior.

    Yun Che knew there's no way to beat LC the way he is right now.

    Yun Che realized that he could win the Battle of Ascension, but he might not have to defeat Luo Changsheng!

    LC figured out his strategy; LC thought that YC may use his Dragon Soul and then send him out of the battle stage, therefore eliminate him by default.

    Yun Che approached LC with his sword covering in Golden Crow fire.

    LC taunted him once more, as he was about to grab Yun Che's sword, Yun Che utilized Moon Splitting Cascade.

    Yun Che then unleashed the power of Dragon Soul Domain. An image of a blue azure dragon shadow appeared on the sky.

    LC was completely stunned!!

    Yun Che then hit him on the head with his sword that is engulfing in Golden Crow flame.

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