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    Fighting chapter....

    YC keeps damaging the demon and the demon get shocked again, YC has the upperhand. (I just started to skim this chapter)

    Scene changes to Xue'er and Yuanba, they were waiting for 4 hours but they still didn't know what was happening inside. Yuanba tells Xue'er to return and meet with her father but she refuses and wants to wait for YC.

    Yuanba is shocked that such a good woman existed


    I can't write good summaries with fighting chapters, I apologize for that but you don't lose that much information. Oh and the summary streak ends here, I will post more tomorrow
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    More fighting and more fighting, YC started using the phoenix flame and things go south. The demon wants to know who YC is because of the fear in him he feels that YC isn't that ordinary.

    YC being kind introduced him self and he tells the demon that he should die because the demon and gods died 1 million ago.

    The fighting conitnues until the demon started transforming or something, Jasmine tells YC to use the profound handle.

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    The body of the demon changed and he became stronger, because of his power up he thinks that he can kill YC in 10 breaths.

    YC is using all his evading skill to avoid getting hit after that he activates his profound handle and he fights back, the demon gets damaged because of the profound handle and naturally he is shocked.

    YC recalls the profound handle after using Destroying Sky Decimating Earth, using these two moves used a lot of profound energy and if he kept using them he would be exhausted

    The demon doesn't think that YC is human but YC tells him that he is definitely a human and that he is born in the Profound Sky Continent.

    YC slowly walks to the demon and tells him that his end is near, when YC was about to kill him a weird loud noise was released. YC stopped walking and looked at the source of the sound and the sound came from the flower.

    The demon says that he is lucky while laughing loudly.

    Jasmine yells that YC needs to block him at all cost.

    The flower has finally fully bloomed.
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    The demon and YC rush towards the flower but while YC was rushing towards the flower Jasmine tell him to stop and retreat.

    YC does what he says and stops the demon on the other hand kept rushing towards the flower, YC suddenly sees the illusion of all his women because of the flower. The flower has a power to suck someones soul in. After he snapped out of the illusion he dissapeared and fell on the ground hundreds of meters away.

    Some inner monolouge happen and YC build up the courage to attack the monster again. With all of his strength YC used Phoenix Sky Wolf Slash and hit the demon, the demon flew away but he still could seize 5 petals from the flower there were now 4 petals left.

    The demon swallowed one petal and that caused him getting another power up.
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    The flower was something YC needed so that he could revive Jasmine but the demon had 5 petals, one of those petals could completely heal the demon and return it's strength. This was a lost battle already, there was no other way to defeat or is there?

    YC made a difficult decision but he decided to do it, he was angry that he couldn't get the flower but to get the flower back he needed to do something that would kill him.

    YC opened the fourth gate of the evil god - Rumbling Heaven, his aura suddenly changed like crazy and went wild. His meridians started to break apart, his profound veins also started to be destroyed his body was basically breaking apart, YC went beserk.

    The demon was shocked by the sudden power up and he slowly took some steps back, the demon got heavily damaged because of the attacks from YC

    This was the first time that YC opened rumbling heaven, if this continued then YC would die so Jasmine made a quick decision and left the pearl to enter YC body to heal the internal part of YC and after being done she returned to the pearl
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    Jasmine tells YC to quickly use the Great way of the buddah to heal his wounds, the demon was spouting something but Jasmine tells YC not to worry because the demon would die any seconds now.

    YC thanks Jasmine but brushed it away like a real tsun. Jasmine asks if the demon has any last words, the demon says that 1 million years ago he was sealed by the evil god and that the evil god couldn't kill him but to think that he would die because of a lowly human.

    Jasmine retorts with how he is dying because of the power from the evil god, the demon started laughing.

    The demon suddenly releases a black bead, the bead was a demon bead with devil qi that bead entered YC body and the bead suddenly released a lot of devil qi. Jasmine enters YC body again to stop that, if it continued then YC would die without a doubt.

    The demon let YC inherit the power of the demons or he let a poison enter YC body. (This part was really confusing for me, please correct me if you guys know what's happening here)

    Finally the live in the eyes of the demon dissapears and his body completely dissapears like smoke. The demon that was sealed for 1 million years has finally died.
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    The chapter starts with YC waking up from recovering part of his strength, he asks Jasmine how long he has been out for and she says "20 double hour" (No idea what that means but I think it's 40 hours) 

    Scene changes to frozen cloud Asgard, Palace Chief Dongfang arrived at frozen cloud to send a message about XY, the girls try to send a message to YC but the message doesn't arrive. Some think that he had abandoned them but later they came to a conclusion that YC was in another world and that they needed to wait.

    Scene changes back to YC and Jasmine, they talk about the flower and about the petals. Jasmine says it's impossible to get near it and even if he got the flower it wouldn't have any effect on her because it only had 4 petals left. YC noticed that Jasmine was lying and says that he doesn't believe her and YC had a big speech about how they were together for many years and that he would know when she was lying. Jasmine admits that she was lying and tells him that the 4 petals would only give her a body for 20 to 30 years.
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    YC wants to approach the flower but Jasmine tries to stop him, YC ignores her and slowly walks to the flower, when he got closer and closer a lot of pain entered his body but he still endured it until it felt like ten thousand knifes entered his body. YC screamed of the pain but after a couple of seconds he continued walking forward. 

    Jasmine asks why he is so determined to get the flower, YC says that the flower is close to him and that such a hindrances wouldn't stop him and if he doesn't get the flower then he wouldn't be able to face Jasmine.

    Step after step he got closer.
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    YC : "Jasmine, when I met you I was only a disabled person but got a new life got dignity, because of you I can protect my grandfather and little aunt. Because of you I could find my birth parents, I got stronger because of you. Because of you my life changed and if I didn't run into you I would've probably died a tragic death but the thing I can't accept is unable to help you" (I basically edited what he said with adding some more things to make it more cooler) 

    But in this chapter YC continues to walk to the flower while screaming in pain, Jasmine tells him to stop but he ignores her again. This time he lets out a low roar and he emited killing aura that went towards flower but that also failed so he tried something else....


    YC activated the Dragon Soul Domain and slowly walked to the flower, Jasmine was shocked seeing what he did. The domain would drain his soul power even faster and tells him to get back or they will die. YC says that this is all for her and continues to walk.

    In the end Jasmine begs for YC to return but while he was walking he tries to say something

    "You... No... Meets..." ( The hell does that mean? We will probably learn in the next chapter)
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    The dragon god image became weaker before the dragon god vanished a loud phoenix cry could be heard, YC burned the phoenix blood and an image of the divine phoenix was behind him.

    Jasmine with a tranquil voice Jasmine said that if he dies she would die and he would never forgive him if he dies.

    YC tells her that she needs to believe in him and the talking ends with him burning the golden crow blood and a golden crow image was behind him. After walking more the Dragon god and the divine phoenix dissapeared with only the golden crow behind him.

    And then Jasmine orders him as his master to back down and to leave everything to her, because she was YC master he could not defy her order.

    YC: "I naturally can't desobey my master order but for me you are no only my master....

    You are also my Jasmine AAAAAAAH!" (This was so romantic until he screamed in pain)

    Jasmine was completely silent when she heard that. 

    The golden crow vanished and he couldn't withstand the pain anymore, YC got knocked down and his body was full of injuries, YC lost his consciousness. 

    The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was completely silent completely dark without any light.

    In the sky poison pearl Jasmine was just standing there without saying anything only on her cheecks were 2 water marks failling down slowly but the water drops were falling down quicker and quicker and more came pouring down.


    (I loved this part of the chapter and I will MTL this part, some parts may be confusing.)

    "Uhu... This can't be... Big brother.... I don't want you to die... Uhu Uhu... I don't want that... Don't want that!!"

    "Jasmine... don't cry... (Part I can't understand).... Be strong... (Part I can't understand)... Please protect Cai Zhi.... She after all... Cough...."

    "I... I know that I must protect Cai Zhi, I will protect her the same as you protected her... I will be strong... I also need... Need to kill that person.... I need to get revenge for my big brother"

    "No... I don't want that... Don't look for enmity..."

    "Why... She was obviously the person that harmed big brother... why must big brother protect her?"

    "Jasmine... You are still young, after you grow up and fall in love with a person, you will understand. Although big brother dies because of her... I still don't have any regrets or any worries."

    "Jasmine... Listen to big brothers last words... In the future... when you grow up... If one day, you meet someone with great strength, is kind to you and equal as strong as big brother, even a little, do not hesitate at all... Let him lead you forever ... forever leave this place... The farther the better... Don't get found by anybody..."

    "No.. I don't want that... The only person in this world I will like is only you big brother.... I only want big brother..."

    "Jasmine you will certainly meet with such person... It's because you're my little sister.... In this world you are the happiest girl in the world....

    (How did I do it? Amazing right? RIGHT?)

    Jasmine wiped her face, this was the first time she had cried after her big brother died. (Uh... Remember the emperor realm dragon in the early chapters when YC got the fire seed? Remember her crying after YC gave almost all his blood to her? Don't forget that girl) 

    Some inner monolouge about how she met the person she likes. (OOOH SHIIIIIIIIIIT)

    *Insert cute Hong'er text here*

    Jasmine didn't discover that Hong'er was awake, there was no emotion on her face and she said to Hong'er that if someday she wouldn't be here that Hong'er needs to listen to YC.

    Hong'er asks if Jasmine will be leaving, Jasmine responds that she doesn't know yet but if that day comes she needs to listen to YC no matter what.

    Hong'er nods and says that Jasmine is acting strange.

    In the dark cave it was completely silent, on the ground was the body of YC without moving at all, it was unkown of he was alive or dead... (Spoiler alert! He is alive)

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    YC didn't know where he was but he was currently in a white world, probably an illusion world or something. Suddenly Cang Yue appears, this CY is an illusion. She tells him that she will follow him for ever and ever after that she dissapears and Xiao Lingxi appears, XL is crying because YC was injured. YC tells her that he will return after he is done with this event.

    Before he could hear her response she disapears, she was replaced by an angry person. That angry voice asks when YC is returning, the person was Caiyi. She is angry because 6 months had passed since he left and he didn't contact them in these 6 months. YC tells her that he wil return soon. Caiyi then dissapears and YC's mother and father appear they tell him how they are proud of him and they want him to return home faster.

    Before YC could say anything another voice appeared, this voice is from a girl everyone loves.... No it's not Little fairy it's Xia Qingyue, XQ tells him that she is in a far place and that they won't be meeting again and that he must take good care of himself.

    XQ dissapears and Yuanba takes her place after yuanba Xue'er takes his place. 

    After xue'er dissapears our most beloved MIA girl finally got a line, Little Fairy tells him that they have been separated for many years and that she is waiting for him in a peaceful place with their adorable daughter. After little fairy dissapears Su Ling'er has a cameo. (I'm not sure but I think it's the previous life Ling'er) 

    After all that YC wakes up and some talking happens with Jasmine, YC notices that he has become stronger.
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    I don't even know what happened in this chapter but I will try my best.

    YC enters the pearl and sees Jasmine's face. he asks if Jasmine cried but she flatly denied it. Jasmine tells him that she can only remould her body in the ark because of chances of mutations in the pearl.

    YC starts burning the body of the demon and only the ashes remain and they find a profound jade in his body, YC or Jasmine pours his/her energy in the jade but the energy dissapeared.

    I'm confused...
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    YC talks to Jasmine about breaking the formation to leave, she suggest to using the ice flame.

    Scene changes to Xue'er, her father visited her everyday to make sure that she was alright. He suggested that she should return but xue'er refused. After a while the formation was releasing some sound, with this xue'er knew yc was alive.

    Scene changes back to YC, there is a small montage about making the ice flame and after a while the ice flames were made.
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    YC attacks the formation with the ice flames and the formation started to melt down, there was a hole and Jasmine tells him to enter it or it would self repair.

    YC walks through the formation and he is outside, Xue'er was crying when she saw him and they started hugging.

    Yuanba talks about the tournament and that YC needs to rest, YC wants to attend but Yuanba refuses to let him. 

    Some more talking happen and YC sits down to recover but noticed that he got a message from asgard so he checks his mail and was shocked from what he heard.
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  • I defeated my bed, now I'm free!!!


    The 4 sacred grounds are surprised hearing that YC returned alive, Xuanyuan family think that it's great because they can get the Mirror Of Samsara easier.
    YC sends instructions to frozen cloud and he start meditating to heal his wounds, after a day he wakes up and they leave for the devil sword great competition.
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    YC and his buddies fly to the tournament thingy and meet with Xuanyuan Wendao on their way. He starts talking shit and talks to Xue'er with lecherous thoughts, YC becomes angry and tells Wendao to piss off. Wendao laughs and is not angry, he says that he knows about his (YC) arrogance and that he almost killed the daughter of the ninth elder.

    YC tells him to leave again or he will kill him if he doesn't leave, Wendao complexion changes because of the threat. Wendao knows about YC's strength and that he can easily kill him.

     some more shit talking and he leaves, Yuanba asks if they have an enmity YC tells him he will understand soon enough.

    After that they arrive at the place and they feel that there are 500 sovereigns and 6000 overlords some shocking things were said and they move to their seat.

    YC tells Xue'er to sit besides her father so that they don't lose any face but she refuses because she wants to be with YC but in the end she listens to him and goes to her father.
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    797 (Just Bladerash #2 filling in as #3 is fighting the temptation of the dark side but don't expect more I'm already lost in bed)

    YC and Yuanba are together after xue'er goes to DPE area when the absolute monarch people arrive and YC is surprised to see so many sovereigns in the group as well as the 3 spiritual masters.

    Yuanba asks why he let xue'er go over to DPE and YC tells him how Xiao Yun got kidnapped and how he suspects MSR as the culprit. Yuanba is concerned about YC going head to head with MSR for Xiao Yun but YC says not to worry since he has the ark and YC also warns Yuanba not to shield him later if he is discovered b/c he might drag Absolute Monarch Sanctuary into it as well.

    As YC gives the warning Xuanyuan Jue (Ling Yun's grandpa) comes flying in to avenge his daughter's near death along with some arguing of whos in the wrong etc. Yuanba intervenes before XYJ can begin seriously fighting saying XYJ has to go through him before touching his big brother YC. Zi elder stops everyone before a real fight starts and they head off while Gu Cang yuanba's teacher scolds yuanba slightly.
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    798 - 883  in abbreviated summary of major points (Why all at once? Because by the time I do it 1 by 1 the book might very well be in the 1000's, but i cant tell for sure b/c of Mars  -_- and most of the chapters are translated now)

    The outcome of the devil sword arc is that YC goes into a sealed area where a devil flower is located, a flower that will allow Jasmine to recreate her body. YC faces a true devil in the space but due to Hong'er his sword being a counter to the devil sovereign he manages to kill the devil after a long struggle, but the devil puts a devil seed into YC before death. While YC was in the area, he was alone, others are worried about him and people began to get restless thinking he died etc. Eventually YC came out and the meeting started and YC was exposed as coming from the demon continent, where the yun family is by the mighty sword region. MSR (Mighty Sword Region) attempts to capture YC saying he is a enemy, real motive is for the mirror treasure he has. YC reveals he has the mirror to try and get other grounds to fight. Almost works but the grounds decide to gang up and kill/remove YC 1st. They also know YC doesn't have old man duotian as his master. BTW jasmine is undergoing body moulding at this time. YC is about to be gang raped by the  grounds when Jasmine miraculously completes her body and appears and completely dominates everyone showing her might and etc. She spares the leaders of the grounds and punishes MSR by destroying large area under their rule and killing/injuring several of the ground's people. She spares the leaders bc she wants YC to deal with them after he powers up. 

    Sidenote - Yun family and LDE knows of the leak and are assembling a portal to go to YC's location

    Unfortunately as everything seems to be peachy another star god, poison focused god (its a she btw) comes to take back Jasmine and jasmine is forced to follow before warning YC not to go to the realm of the gods and the abyss from his previous life as both will kill him with his current and future strength. Poison god girl poisons YC and almost kills him, but he goes comatose instead. The other holy grounds use this to rise up and attack YC and his people. Xue'er defends him and when all seems lost LDE appears to save the day. She protects and flees with YC and his important ppl to frozen cloud asgard cold area b/c the cold helps fight poison. Just as they are sieged and losing YC gains semi awareness/mobility and uses ark to flee to the demon continent where the golden crow and Yun family is. BTW the MSR head is in cahoots with the devil sovereign's son, son of devil YC killed, and wants FJ's body for his own b/c FJ is also a devil body person. MSR head manages to seize FJ body but has problems with FJ's will still alive and kicking, well partially anyways.

    LDE and Xue'er takes YC to golden crow but even crow can't do much but YC manages to toughen it out bc xue'er is a virgin and taking her virginity can help YC. MSR comes again, a couple of battles as YC is healing in Golden Crow Gourge with LDE and Xue'er (fun times) O_o
    YC comes out and battles together with powered up Xue'er and LDE but still a stalemate. Little aunt in danger causes FJ soul to struggle again and so MSR head honcho leaves to straighten out FJ's soul. YC's devil seed erupts eventually and goes to Golden crow again but he doesn't have much time left before seed consumes and kills him, even crow can't help. LDE wants YC and everyone else to escape as she stays behind to fight/delay MSR guy but YC doesn't agree but LDE is stubborn saying she is last of royal line and she will die with her ancestors in her family's land and she is dying anyways. YC knows he can't really argue so he just leaves her alone, but is trying to figure a way to save her when the previous mentioned seed thing erupts. 

    YC after knowing he doesn't have much time left decides a bucket list kinda thing. see Su ling'er and make up with her and be with her for the last time, then go back to demon continent kill MSR guy using devil seed eruption for a power boost before dying? Thereby saving LDE and all his people, cure LDE? also only news on little fairy is Jasmine did a large scan after she had her body while back and couldn't find her or his child in the realm so verdict is she is dead or in a different realm but YC thinks they're dead so he got depressed for a while.( This happened after his 1st recovery, also YC's brother forgot his name, but they had a kid who was infected by devil qi by MSR guy but YC saves the child, hurrah for YC

    YC arrives at Azure cloud continent but Su linger is not home cause shit happened while he was away for the last few years. Eventually he learns that she jumped of the cliff into abyss where YC died in his 2nd life. YC loses his shit and nukes everyone involved at the scene and also jumps into the abyss. In abyss he meets a powerful demon beast, well he hears one actually. He wanders around no signs of SL and he despairs and what not then meets a loli ghost who saves him. 

    Small stuff:  884 he hallucinates about XQ, little fairy and SL.     He went alone to ACC where SL lives.   QI is a lie that cheats honest folk.  Jasmine left message for him and star god blood drop with Hong'er the message is where we learn of missing little fairy.   

    And yes I left out some scenes and some fighting cause I feel they aren't really needed, sue me.   :P
    Btw QI definitely stands for Quality Internet not a certain chinese e-reading company. cause quality internet is a lie, QI is a big fat lie don't you agree? I'm sure some people disagree but who cares, I certainly don't,  cause my computer is lagging like crazy, QI my ass.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

  • Chapter 884- Hong'er?
    Yun Che is hallucinating about xia qingye, littlefairy, su ling'er. Su linger saying that she is already 16 and has been waiting for big brother yun. And how she should have waited a bit more for him. Xia Qingye is saying that what she was persuing was different from how she imagined and that she is trapped in a beautiful cage. Little fairy saying how their child(daughter) is already 6 years old and has never been able to see her father.
    It was all a dream due to the bunch of  Netherworld Udumbara Flower’s soul stealing he saw at the bottom of the cliff he died in his previous live in ACC.

    As he woke up from his dream like state he saw that the Netherworld flowers(A lot of these flowers) seem to be in an unbloomed like state as if not wanting to make any noise to disturb someone. Yun che looked to his side and not 2 steps from him he saw a girl with 4 different eye color looking at him. She looks exactly liike hong'er.

    This girl is the one who saved him from the soul stealing technique of the flower by forcefully closing them. She can understand Yun che but she can't speak. Yun che asked her since she is the one who closed the flower into a bulb like shape then can she give him just one. He needed one for jasmine because the flower they got earlier at the profound sky continent didn't have all its petels and jasmine couldn't completely fuse her soul and her reconstructed body perfectly. she can only last for about 20-30 years.

    She gives the flower(covered in some light) to yun che. He slightly touched her hand when getting the flower and found out that the girl just has a soul body. Just like how jasmine had before reconstructing her body. He gets curious on how she is still alive next to all those netherworld flowers which soul body jasmine didnt even dare to approach. 
  • Chapter 885 – Evil God’s Seed—Darkness (1)
    (right now i'm reading, typing the summary and catching up to the chapters since i'm about 100 chapters behind)

    Yun che asked the girl if she knew how to get out of the dark world. The girl didn't nod or shake her head however the glow in her eyes dimmed down a bit. (hmm maybe she doesnt want him to leave. She has probably been there for a long ass time)
    Yun che just focus 100% on healing. Normally he was leave 30% out just incase of danger.

    After recovering, Yun che was about to get up but the devil origin orb started acting up again. It should have been sealed for a month or 2. Mostly because of the darkness world he is in.

    As he was thinking about how unsatisfied he was about everything (not being able to say his goodbye), he was happy that he could finally meet little fairy( who might be dead) again. Just as he was about to pass over the little girl came over to him and  was holding a dark light (One of the evil God's seed element- darkness) and pushing it through yun che's mouth. After that he had a major level up and the devil origin orb didn't even harm him any more. Now his profound vein has a scarlet, blue, purple and dark color. And he jumped from 6th tyrant level to 1st level sovereign realm.
    Well in other words the darkness seed covered the devil origin orb, taking up a big space and making it look like a black moon in his vein and the scarlet, blue and purple were like the planets

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    Since LNMTL is broken atm

    I've decided to help you guys out a bit.

    Chapter 1027 Poisous Kill

    Mu Hanyi telling Yun Che that he is willing to sacrifice his whole country to become realm king's disciple. 
    He will kill his own sister after he killed Yun Che and frame Yun Che for killing her to take her blood. (One can only enter the forbidden ground with royal blood). He keeps telling him how much he hates him for taking away everything that belonged to him.
    Hanyi will not give him an easy death because Yun Che most definitely will look ugly after dying to the traps inside the forbidden ground.
    Hanyi makes his killing move. Yun Che uses dragon soul domain to suppress him and injects the fire dragon's poison he received from the realm king into Mu Hanyi. Yun Che then backs out.
    Mu Hanyi is kneeling from the pain while Yun Che gives him a face slap. (basically, Mu Hanyi ridiculed him and told him to not be so dumb in his next life, Yun Che uses this sentence back at him. While Hanyi has been looking for a perfect way to kill Yun Che without himself involved, Yun Che has been doing the same because he would never really believe him.. and he just gave him the perfect opportunity to get rid of a poisonous snake that could bite him in the ass any time)

    Merry Christmas everybody

    P.S.: Hanyi was at some point lamenting about how much to dedicated to become the realm king's disciple. Others practiced for 5 hours daily, but he practiced 9 hours. He also became the plaything of his master in bed, just to receive extra gifts. After he becomes the next realm king, he will definitely kill that witch.

  • Chapter 1028 God realm first bucket of gold

    While Mu Hanyi is dying from the poison, Yun Che tells him two things. 
    First is he was given Mu Feixue for an entire different reason. Had Mu Hanyi become realm king's disciple, he wouldn't have given Feixue.
    2nd was he was given the fire dragon's poison by the realm king for a reason, she already knew what he was up to. So she gave Yun Che a method to solve this problem. 
    Hanyi dies, Yun Che loots the place, taking away all the purple stones, crystals and jades into his poison bead nearby. He doesn't dare to go deeper because he might trigger other traps. After the took away the Kirin horn, the item he sent to get by the realm king, he triggers a trap. When Yun Che decides to run away through the secret passage Hanyi brought him in, he found that Hanyi's corpse is missing. 
    Yun Che now knows there was someone else in the forbidden ground, who saw him poison the poison bead and his ice-fire fusion (he used it when he broke through Hanyi's enchantment).
  • I did some full translations yesterday for 1027 and 1028. Didn't edit them so probably some typos and mistakes, you've been warned.
  • What does Fei Xue feel/do after she gets told to be a cultivation partner of YC? Does she like him or resist?
  • Will the summaries of the continuing chapters  be uploaded or is 1028 the last one to be uploaded?.
  • Chapter 1178 - 1180

    In these 3 chapters, Yun Che battles again Luo Changan. It starts with Luo Changan acting high and mighty, but his attacks does no damage on Yun Che. At first, Yun Che uses this battle to test how much he has improved after the upgrade. Seems that he can easily overwhelm Changan which he does. Yun Che's movement skills left a deep impression on all the god kings. Because Changan humiliated him earlier, he humiliates him back by hanging him up in the sky for everyone to see while beating him up. He also tells him to not surrender because only trash would do that, not giving Changan the chance to surrender. In the end, since Changan was unable to do anything but taking hits, the referee intervened saying that he will judge Changan as having lost the match. Changan has no objection to that. .. Thus Yun Che wins. 

    Jasmine crying about why Yun Che came back. Yun Che also made Qian Yeying interested in him.

    There are now only 16 people left

    Next battle winner's pool:

    Huo poyun (spirit 7) - Jun Xilei (spirit 10)
    Luo Changsheng (spirit 10) - Lu Lengchuan (spirit 10)
    Shui Meiyin (spirit 1) - Meng Duanxi (spirit 9)
    Shui Yingyue (spirit 10) - Chao Feng (spirit 9)
  • Chapter 1181 - 1185

    Yun Che doesn't understand how Shui Meiyin got this far. Mu Bingyun tells him to look at her battle himself also to focus on his next battle:

    Wu Guike (spirit 8) - Yun Che (tribunal 8)

    While talking with Mu Bingyun, Yun Che was able to figure out what his master did to him to increase his cultivation. It wasn't just the pill.

    The next day Huo Poyun fights Jun Xilei. Poyun shows off his golden crow's might, but gets 1 shotted by Xilei and falls into depression. 

    In the fight between Luo Changsheng and Lu Lengchuan, Lengchuan tells Changsheng that if he can take down his triple layered dragon armor within 50 breaths, he'll surrender the fight. Changsheng takes it down with ease, showing off his dual lightning - wind cultivation. This isn't even his full power, everyone praises Changsheng. 

    When Shui Meiyin fights Meng Duanxi, Duanxi gets immediately trapped in an illusion without him knowing, showing off Meiyin's mental strength. Duanxi lost the fight without himself even knowing why, he only heard the referee saying he lost when he went outside the stage.
  • 1186 - 1191

    Next up is Yun Che against Wu Guike, Yun Che doesn't hold back anymore. He goes all out from the start, opening rumbling heaven and wins the fight in 7 sword exchanges. This caught the interest of everyone. Qian Yeying asks the old man to evaluate Yun Che's strength, he says Yun Che is above Chao Feng, close to Lu Lengchuan. 
    After the battle, Yun Che comforts Poyun saying these kind of setbacks are only positive for future growth and it's shameful at all. Poyun says he wouldn't have lost like that if he had the golden crow's saint sword. 
    Yun Che gets matched up against Huo Poyun for the next day, but Poyun didn't show up which automatically gave Yun Che the win.
     Positioning him into the top 8.

    Winner's pool 3rd match:
    Luo Changsheng vs Jun Xilei
    Shui Meiyin vs Shui Yingyue

    Loser's pool 5th match:
    Chao feng vs Meng Duanxi
    Yun Che vs Lu Lengchuan

    Yun Che left the place and encounters Lengchuan outside. Lengchuan's brother provokes Yun Che, but got slapped by Lengchuan whom is really courteous towards Yun Che. He says nobody can look down on Yun Che including himself, that's why he will use full power against Yun Che. But he still doesn't believe Yun Che can beat him. After departing, Yun Che thinks he needs to use the power of the golden crow to defeat Lengchuan's defense, he decides to have a chat with Huo Rulie.

    Luo Changsheng vs Jun Xilei is seen as the strongest battle between the god kids, since Lengchuan is ranked 4th and far below the other 3. Xilei shows off abilities surpassing her master's potential, she is already able to use heartless sword domain while her master could only use it after he reached late stage god king. Luo Changsheng also shows off his potential as a triple cultivator: Lightning, wind and earth. He also has the inheritance of the following elemental beasts: lightning wolf, wind eagle and earth bear. Changsheng's aunt & master is Luo Guxie, is recognized as the strongest among the upper god realms, below the god king realms. 
    In the end, Xilei lost the match, but she was able to injure Changsheng, who also showed off his full strength for the first time. 
  • 1192 - 1197

    Shui Meiyin asks her sister who will win when they go against each other, Shui Yingyue says she doesn't know. But Meiyin decides to give up the fight because she doesn't want to injure or get injured by her sister. 

    When Yun Che goes up against Lu Lengchuan, he immediately showed golden crow's might. Not wanting to give Lu Lengchuan the time to put up his golden dragon armor, he goes on the offense. This caused everyone to frown except for Huo Rulie. A dual cultivator in fire & ice is unheard off. Now Yun Che shows of he has the blood inheritances of both the golden crow and the ice phoenix. 
    With the golden crow's fire, Yun Che is able to suppress Lu Lengchuan. Even though Lengchuan is stronger in every aspect. This is all thanks to golden crow's profound arts being superior. Lengchuan feels that he will lose if he is unable to open up his dragon armor. He tries everything to stall Yun Che so he can get the time to form his 3 layered dragon armor. 
    Lengchuan traps Yun Che in a sand prison. After Yun Che broke out, Lengchuan was able to complete the first layer of his dragon armor which caused Yun Che to despair. His attacks now are unable to hurt Lengchuan while he himself gets pounded. In those exchanges, Lengchuan is the most surprised of all because he was certain a couple of his attacks would've broken a few bones. But the best he got was just a dislocated arm, which Yun Che quickly put back in place.
    While fighting, Yun Che takes more and more hits and Lengchuan was slowly able to form the 2nd and 3rd layer of his dragon armor. 
    Before Lengchuan forming the dragon armor, Yun Che was able to get the upper hand with the golden crow's profound arts. But after the appearance of the first layer of the dragon armor, Yun Che was slowly getting more and more suppressed. 

    When everyone thought Yun Che was going to lose, he shot his hands up in the sky and blue light came out (profound handle). Yun Che was able to merge his profound handle with the inherited souls of the god beast. Golden crow materialized as a result. The god emperors thought Yun Che was able to use mirage god arts, a skill which let the user call out the god beast that the person has the blood inheritance of. But this skill is exclusively for someone of the divine master level. Not knowing Yun Che invented his own exclusive skill combining the souls with his profound handle. 
    Together with the summoned golden crow, which has 60% of Yun Che's strength, they went 2 vs 1 against Lengchuan. 1 attacking while 1 defending or both attacking. The stage was heating up and Lengchuan's armor was slowly being stripped down. Everyone knows that by the time Lengchuan's 3 layered armor is stripped down, is when he has lost the battle.

    But after a while Yun Che stops his attacks with the golden crow, which gave Lengchuan the chance to fully recover his armor. Yun Che knows he wont be able to last until the armor is fully stripped down. He gives up that idea and goes for his last resort. 
    Yun Che summons ice phoenix and decides to use golden crow's 10th skill, nine suns wrath. When the sky is turning red, everyone feels that this is dangerous. Not wanting to give Yun Che the chance to use this skill, Lengchuan attacks Yun Che while he is charging up. All his attacks is blocked by the ice phoenix. By the time Lengchuan got rid of the ice phoenix, Yun Che's attack was also finished charging. He was able to call up two suns. 
    Lengchuan knows that he is already too late. If he attacks, the two suns will come crashing down. Lengchuan just stands there and tells Yun Che to give him what he's got, which he did. 
    After the attack, Yun Che sits on the ground, having no more strength left. It appears that even though heavily injured, Lengchuan is still standing. In comparison, he state is still better than Yun Che. So if he wanted, he could've defeated Yun Che right there, but then he just decided to give up. 
  • 1198 - 1202

    Yun Che became the pride of snow song realm. The flame god realm is also ecstatic because Yun Che was able to show of their golden crow's flames on stage. (everyone up to this point still thinks Huo Rulie gave Yun Che golden crow's inheritance) 

    Round 6 loser pool:
    Shui Meiyin - Yun Che
    Meng Duanxi - Jun Xilei

    After forfeiting, Lengchuan tells Yun Che that he would've won if he started the fight using his summons. He also thanks Yun Che for shifting the center of destruction of the two suns, showing that despite of how much he wanted/needed to win, he still would be merciful. Lengchuan gives Yun Che his 3 leftover time extending beads and invited Yun Che to come over to his realm when he is free. 
    Yun Che asks Lengchuan how he compares to Jun Xilei, he says himself is a lot weaker, but hopes Yun Che can create a miracle with the extra time given to him.
    He also tells Yun Che to be careful about Shui Meiyin, she is more scary than Xilei is some aspects. But Yun Che still have confidence in his own mental strength, since he possesses 4 different souls. 
    After Lengchuan left, Huo Poyun also came to congratulate Yun Che. Regretting he hasn't seen the match, but claiming he has found new confidence in golden crow's power. He also gave Yun Che his last time extending bead. 

    Later when departing Poyun asks his master about Yun Che's golden crow arts, he says Yun Che got it from a different golden crow spirit. After their discussion, they now understand why Xuanyin wanted golden crow's complete art. But that means Yun Che was able to use 9 suns wrath after only 3 years of comprehending, this talent is truly scary. 
    After Rulie left, Poyun silently realized he is envious of Yun Che, but then quickly dispersed that thought, claiming their are genuine friends and he should be happy for him. He needs to cultivate his heart to get rid of the jealously. But then some snowsong disciples  happened to walk by, one of them mentioning Feixue given to Yun Che as dual cultivator. Seems like this caused a demon to grow in Poyun's heart.

    After recovering in the bead (he still has 7 left), Yun Che heads to his fight with Meiyin. They encounter each other before the fight and Meiyin introduces him to her 99th brother and sister. She tells Yun Che to be careful, but it seems that he is not afraid of losing. Yun Che says that he would never look down on the opponent to which Meiyin replies that but his heart seems to think so.
     99th brother got closer to Yun Che, saying that Meiyin is not as easy as he thinks, he then lowers his voice asking how Yun Che did the summoning trick. Meiyin interrupts them and calls her brother over. The fight is about to start.

    When the fight starts, Yun Che wants to immediately go on the offense, not giving her the chance to use her mental attack. Meiyin's ''illusory butterfly dance'' avoided his attack. After a few exchanges, Yun Che noticed that something is wrong. Apparently, he has already been trapped in his dream world. Meiyin praises him for noticing. Yun Che is dumbstruck because he was alert for mental attacks the whole time, but this girl seems like she can bypass that all and directly enter someone soul world. 
    Meiyin praises him for guessing it correctly again, she was born with a flawless soul and this is her ability, invading other people's mental world and reading other people's thoughts. 

    Yun Che says he will drive her out and uses golden crow's 9th skill, red butterfly. Meiyin says they are beautiful and releases black butterflies to counter the red butterflies. Yun Che tries to burn them, but there seems to be an endless source of black butterfly eating up more and more of the place. 
    Yun Che also releases ice phoenix soul. But even when using two god spirits, Yun Che is unable to gain the upper hand. Yun Che can't believe he is losing to a little girl who hasn't even weaned off yet, this thought offended Meiyin and she attacks Yun Che with a different mental skill. Yun Che now feels that his existence is getting smaller and smaller. He felt that he will lose if this goes on. as he wants to use dragon soul, he suddenly realized Meiyin can see his every thought. 

    He decides to think about the time where he had a threesome with Xue'er and Little demon empress, to which Meiyin screams and Yun Che could recover some of his mental world. Yun Che says he was just recalling his private lovely time with his wives and she is a bad girl for peeking. Meiyin gets angry and uses her full mental power. Yun Che knows there is no way to compete with this kind of mental power, so in his mind he pictures another Meiyin, which he then tears her clothes off and straight out start raping her. This causing huge mental damage to Meiyin. Yun Che took advantage of this to drive her out. In the real world, he uses profound strength to suppress her and tells her to give up. Meiyin cries and flees the battlefield saying she will not forgive him. 
    Yun Che wins and goes into the 7th round of the loser's pool against Jun Xilei.
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