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  • 716 Feng Tianwei

    Yun Che breaks the barrier after 30 strikes and comes in. He kills hundreds of disciples with a casual swing of his sword.
    He kills dpe's 1st elder and when he is about to kill 5 more elders, diglet  Feng Tianwei pops out of the floor and attacks Yun Che.
    He is able to injure Yun Che and make him flee. Feng Tianwei takes a glance of the damage done by Yun Che and decides to chase him.

    In a conversation with Jasmine, Yun Che is cursing. He asks how strong he is and Jasmine says sovereign 6. He did not expect Feng Tianwei to pop out of the basement from underground. Yun Che expected him to take the door to come out and he would've perceived him from a long distance, giving him plenty of time to get a head start on running away.
    Now he is injured and got slowed down because of the injury, Feng Tianwei is coming closer and closer.
  • 717 Mad revenge

    All that happened today also came to Ziji's notice. He declares Yun Che a madman that shouldn't be provoked. But if there is a possibility where they could kill Yun Che, they'll have to do resolve him as fast as possible. They also decide to inform the other sacred grounds about 2 sovereigns death.

    Yun Che is still escaping while healing his injuries at the same time. Feng Tianwei is closing in on him. Jasmine tells Yun Che unless he uses purgatory, Tianwei will catch up to him in half an hour at this pace.
    Yun Che asks her what she thinks if he destroys phoenix city. Jasmine tells him he has already created a huge chaos in phoenix city, the only thing he hasn't done yet is digging up their ancestors graves. Also, while having injuries and still thinking about destruction is really in line with his character.
    Yun Che says they only have themselves to blame.

    Tianwei catches up with Yun Che. But before he could attack, Yun Che suddenly disappears in front of him, leaving Tianwei alone in rage.
    In a blink, Yun Che returns to phoenix city with his profound ark. He decides to use golden crow's aoe attack ''Ashes of the underworld'' on the city.
    Meanwhile, Hengkong is still talking with some elders and some princes, unknowing of what is happening outside.
    He also thinks Xue'er has already noticed something has happened and they won't be able to cover up this matter.

    But then they suddenly feel the atmosphere around them changing. Hengkong headbutts through the rooftop and sees Yun Che.
  • 718 Ashes of the underworld

    Yun Che is charging up his spirit bomb and the temperature rises. Hengkong tells his son to call Tianwei. One elder tries to attack him but as he gets closer, he get scorched and falls down.
    Then they try to snipe Yun Che down, but all the fire based attacks they use dissipate before they even reach Yun Che.
    Hengkong asks Yun Che what he wants, Yun Che tells him he is going to nuke the city.
    Hengkong tells him if he dares, he'll uprout every sprout of grass in Blue wind.
    Yun Che laughs and asks him whether he thinks he dares or not, since he already slaughtered his kids like chicken.
    Meanwhile, the spirit bomb he was charging up has reached the size of half the city.

    P.s.: shitty chapter & shitty dialogues that are more of the same.. You dare? Yes I dare.. You dare? yes I dare.. You dare? Yes I dare..
  • 719 Drowned threat

    Ziji, seeing the spirit bomb from far away, knows that when it goes down. Phoenix city and several neighboring cities will be destroyed. The sovereigns will be able to keep their lives, but they won't be able to stop the bomb from going down killing everything below sovereign.
    So Ziji has his merchant guild protected by activating a barrier. 

    DPE princes & elders still think that Tianwei can deal with Yun Che once he gets back. They did not expect that Tianwei got all gloomy when he came back and saw the spirit bomb above their head. Tianwei can't help but give way and starts talking to Yun Che, saying how he deceived him by luring him away for several hundreds of miles so he could teleport back and build a bomb.
    Yun Che says it doesn't even count as deceiving, he came up with the idea on the spot and he expected Tianwei to be back when he was halfway finished with charging the bomb, but Tianwei was actually slower than he expected because he is already for 80% finished.

    Tianwei says he can kill him now with ease. Yun Che says he is confident in dropping the bomb before he gets killed. Trading his own life for millions seems like a great deal. Hengkong wants to evacuate everyone after hearing that even Tianwei can do nothing about it. But Tianwei stops him saying that would expose the fact that their phoenix god is already dead, and hengkong would know what that means.

    Tianwei gets frustrated, he made a façade and threatens with the phoenix god who is absolutely able to protect them, so the only one who would die in the end is Yun Che. But they are willing to compromise, because it was indeed their fault for invading Blue wind. The elders and princes who Yun Che killed can't be compared to the life of Xue'er who Yun Che saved. So he tells Yun Che to announce his conditions.
  • 720 Very ruthless

    Yun Che mocks hengkong that even his father takes to initiative to negotiate with him. If they decide to accept his conditions now, that would mean all Hengkongs refusals and the people who died because of it were for nothing.
    Tianwei learns about the conditions made by Yun Che from Hengkong, frowns and asks Yun Che does he really believe they would accept such conditions.
    Yun Che said those were yesterday's conditions, of course it'll be different from today's conditions.
    Tianwei doesn't understand, but Hengkong does and sends his memories from the past few days to his father.

    But because he is facing the grand patriarch of DPE, he'll still give him some face, so he'll only make changes on 3 points today.
    1. 50 billion purple profound coins compensation
    2. It seems the crown prince is shitting his pants just from the thought of having his cultivation destroyed and being a guest in Blue wind for the next 50 years. If that condition goes through, he might lose his wits and become a retard. Something nobody wants to see. So instead, he'll be replaced by Hengkong and for a duration of 100 years repenting @ Blue wind emperor's grave.
    3. For the next 200 years, they'll have to pay Blue wind a yearly royal tribute of 1 billion purple profound coins, commodities: 30M barrels oil & 500k cubic gas, 5k rockets with a nuclear warhead and 5k tanks. The tribute will also increase with an inflation rate of 20% every 10 years.

    Tianwei tells him to not go to far. Yun Che denies it. 50 billion coins does not compensate for 50 million lives lost. Hengkong is only going to be prisoned for the next 100 years, he did not ask for his life like how they took his emperor father in law's life.

    Tianwei says they are willing to give 50 billion coins and a province to Blue wind, but that is as far they can go.
    Yun Che says they do not have to qualification to negotiate with him, so they can only accept or refuse.
    Threatening with the phoenix god doesn't work on Yun Che as he is fully prepared to let his spirit bomb go down.
    He tells him that his spirit bomb is going to get out of his control in 60 seconds, so they have 60 seconds to decide.
    After 60 seconds, he won't be able to retract the bomb anymore even if he wanted to.

    Xue'er arrives
  • 721 Finally meet again

    Xue're calls out to Yun Che. Yun Che is ashamed to face her, but still calls her name while facing his back to her.
    Xue're cries, rushes to Yun Che to hug him from behind and they have their little reunion.
    DPE crowd gets angry. Ximing even wants to fly up there in rage, but gets draggen down by Tianwei.
    DPE people are trying to call Xue'er back because Yun Che is dangerous. They say Yun Che is a demon who killed some of her brothers and a few DP elders. Xue'er denies and says her Yun brother wouldn't do such a thing.
    Yun Che: '' ... "
  • 722 Cruel

    Hengkong says she can ask Yun Che if she doesn't believe it. Yun Che confirms it. Xue'er says there must've been a reason then.
    Instead of telling her the reason, Hengkong asks her why she is shielding an outsider who killed her brother and tribesmen.
    Seeing how the DPE ppl have no intention of telling her, she changes her attention to Yun Che.
    Yun Che then uploads all the relevant part of his memory of the past few days into her brain.
    After finally knowing what happened, Xue'er gets angry at her father & co, to the point her mouth gets filled with blood.
    At this point, the spirit bomb is getting out of control.

    Xue'er asks Yun Che to spare her family, she promises to repay him & blue wind for the damage.
    Yun Che agrees and decides to retracts the spirit bomb.
    Seeing how the spirit bomb starts to shrink, the DPE ppl felt relieved.

    When they felt the danger from the spirit bomb was over, Tianwei takes this opportunity to behead Yun Che while he is still focused on retracting the spirit bomb and lashes out.

  • 723 Reason

    Yianwei attacks with full power. But his hadouken got offset by Xue'er and changes its trajectory. Xue'er gets in front of Yun Che and starts questioning why they are doing this. Tianwei is surprised she could negate his attack like that. Being caught off guard and forced to defend last minute, she could at most muster 30% of her strength.. while he used full power. 
    Hengkong says she will understand when she grows up, but Yun Che has to die today no matter what. Everyone surrounds Yun Che.
    Xue'er then gets into an argument with Hengkong & co, she wants them to at least give them a reason.
    Hengkong says Yun Che killed 4 of her brothers and numerous DPE people, that's reason enough.
    Xue'er says the one who is at fault is Hengkong himself, this is all a retaliation of his invasion on Blue wind.

    Hengkong said he did all this in order to protect DPE. Xue'er doesn't understand why it would be justified to kill millions of innocent to protect themselves. 
    Tianwei doesn't bother to argue at all and decides to strike out all of sudden. But he already got suppressed before he can touch Yun Che.
  • 724 Phoenix soul awakened Xue'er

    All the dpe people got suppressed and pushed away by blooming lotus petals. Nobody with phoenix blood was able to use any profound strength.
    This is when Tianwei finds out about the fact that the soul of the phoenix inside Xue'er has already awakened, something that was supposed to happen in 100 years.

    Ziji thought he felt the aura of the phoenix god at first, thinking it finally revealed itself. But something is amiss because the strength was only sovereign 8. He tells one of his minions to figure out who this person is.

    The people of DPE are all ecstatic about Xue'er's awakening, they already forgot about Yun Che. Hengkong asks if 3 the years of slumber was because of the awakening. Xue'er tells him it is so and it is all thanks to Yun Che, he gave her the 5th and the 6th Phoenix code which completed the inheritance, allowing her to immediately go into awakening.

    Yun Che not only saved her life, but also gave her such a big gift. Yet they want to kill Yun Che in return. Xue'er makes a vow that she will never forgive anyone who dares to kill Yun Che. If he dies, she will cut off her phoenix bloodline as well.

    Tianwei promises to not pursue this matter anymore and they are also willing to compensate Blue wind for it's losses as well.
    Yun Che says he is shameless and tells them that even if Xue'er wasn't here, he would still be able to easily escape even if there were 10 Tianweis.
    If he wanted DPE dead, he could just leak a message and other people would be happy to do it for him.
    So it's not them given him face, it's him giving DPE face... Therefore, the conditions he set before are non negotiable.
  • 725 Represent father for atonement

    Hengkong gives up and agrees to everything Yun Che wanted. He was going to destroy his own cultivation but got stopped by Xue'er.
    Xue'er then begs Yun Che take her to Blue wind to atone for their sin in their father's stead.
    Hengkong gets horrified by this idea, but Yun Che agreed down.
    After some struggling back and forth, Hengkong compromises to let Yun Che take Xue'er with him to Blue wind on the condition that he goes along with them as well.
    Everything is settled then because Yun Che also wants to see Hengkong personally apologize to Cang Yue.
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    726 Real reason

    @ chamber of commerce, the only thing they found out was that the phoenix boat has already left DPE and heading to Blue wind. They couldn't get closer to get more info because Tianwei was keeping watch.
    More interesting, the last 3 of the 11 spies they sent to the demon continent 100 years ago died. Their life jade shattered a few minutes ago. Seems like they all got caught at the end and there is some turbulence in the demon continent. But at least they already completed their mission.
    At the time, they brought along 7 long distance walkie talkies to transmit messages. All 7 of them has been used.
    The last one was one year ago which delivered a message about the status quo of the 12 guardian families and the fact that Yun Qinghong took in a foster child with the name 'Yun Che'.
    At the time, Ziji did not think too much of it. But now, that elf he just seen..  around the same time as Yun Che coming back alive arouses some suspicion.
    The act of leaving spies behind in the demon continent 100 years ago. It wasn't only them, heavenly sword domain also did it. Ziji wonders whether they have used up all their walkie talkies as well.

    In the phoenix boat. The affection Xue'er shows towards Yun Che makes Hengkong wants to pull out all his hair. He asks Yun Che whether he was also the one who killed Feng Sumting.
    Yun Che:'' Feng sumting? Never head of him, but most likely yes. ''
    Yun Che also has a question for Hengkong and asks him why he invaded Blue wind.
    Hengkong doesn't answer until Xue'er said she wanted to know as well..
    Hengkong then comes clean about everything. The whole thing is a cover up. Their main purpose was the 100 jin Purple veined god crystals located near Floating cloud city. This is equal to 500 years worth of resources even for the Holy grounds and would let them raise some strong fighters to protect themselves at least for a 100 years until Xue'er awakens the phoenix soul.

    Yun Che asks Hengkong how much he has already mined. Hengkong says all of it.
  • 727 Kneeling goddess

    Hengkong says he has already finished transporting all the raw ores back to his country in space rings one month ago. When this is over, he will give Blue wind 10 pound. Yun Che says he is very generous for giving them back 10 jin of the Purple veined god crystals while the ores originally belongs to them. Hengkong says 15 pound, that's the limit of what he is willing give Blue wind.
    Yun Che says he is not interested and they can keep all of it.
    Yun Che warns him for a 2nd Feng Feiyan, Hengkong says no worries. He has taken measures for it and soul locked the memories of everyone involved except for direct 'trustable' relatives like his own father & son.
    Hengkong warns Yun Che about Fen Juechen wanting to kill him. Xue'er says she will do her best to protect Yun Che which made Hengkong depressed.

    The phoenix boat arrives in Blue wind capital. Yun Che got out first and linked up with Cang Yue.
    Hengkong got out 2nd, but keeps his arrogant majestic demeanor in front of everyone while everyone is hating him.
    Xue'er got out last, introduces herself and kneels in front of Queen Cang Yue.
    Hengkong got mad and wants to pull her up saying nobody is qualified to make her kneel down beause she is the future phoenix god.
    But Xue'er doesn't move at all. This shattered all the arrogant pride hengkong had and he ended up kneeling as well while speaking out his apology.

    Cang Yue just stood there, not knowing what to do. Yun Che as well.. He also knows that Xue'er was suffering because of the sins her father committed, so this will at least make her feel better.
  • 728 Cang Yue's decision

    After a while, Cang Yue told them to get up and took them inside for a private chat.
    Cang Yue is still somewhat suspicious, but Hengkong tells her they are really willing to atone for their sins.
    Yun Che then tells Cang Yue about the conditions. Xue'er begs her to let her replace her father.
    Cang Yue stares at the painting of her father for a long time, then decides to only take the money for rebuilding their country.
    As for the other conditions, she is willing to let go of it.

    But she wants to add two other conditions. 1st let 60% of DPE's troops remain in Blue wind for 5 years to help rebuild their country. 
    Hengkong agrees down and says he will let 70% of his troops behind to help them rebuild their country.
    2nd let Xue'er marry Yun Che as a concubine.

  • 729 Heavy Change

    Hengkong erupts like a volcano and disagrees. Yun Che isn't worthy to be Xue'er's spouse. Cang Yue goes into argument with him by giving him reasons why Xue'er has to marry Yun Che.
    - Xue'er got her phoenix blood directly from the phoenix god, the only other person who got this is Yun Che.
    -Their marriage would bring the 2 countries closer and DPE wouldn't have to lose any face for it

    -Since Hengkong kept saying Yun Che isn't worthy, she asks him to name one person in the whole continent more worthy than Yun Che.
    Hengkong can't name any. At the sacred grounds where the continent has its strongest people, not to mention around Yun Che's age of 22, even among those that are younger than 60 years. Nobody can compare to Yun Che's strength..
    If there has to be 1 guy who is worthy of his daughter, than that guy could only be Yun Che.

    -Xue'er already seems to be in love with Yun Che. Hengkong kept saying how he would harm himself before harming his daughter. But if he has to forcibly break Xue'er away from Yun Che, the one who would hurt Xue'er the most would be himself.

    Hengkong couldn't bring anything against her words..

    Yun Che felt that Cang Yue had a big change in demeanor the past 3 years.
  • 730 a half year agreement

    Hengkong still tries to find something to refute and says he can't accept his daughter becoming a concubine because that would place her below the main wives. Cang Yue immediately says Xue'er can become a main wife, not lower in status than herself. Hengkong felt he got tricked.
    Cang Yue asks Xue'er whether she is willing to marry Yun Che, Xue'er felt like this is a reward and in no way a punishment and wants to say yes.
    Hengkong prevents her from agreeing to the marriage, saying she should grow up first. They had an agreement before that Xue'er is allowed to take her own decisions when she turns 20. Before that, she's supposed to follow her father around to learn about the world.  At least wait half a year until she turns 20 and if by then, she still wants to marry Yun Che. He will agree to their marriage.
    Cang Yue agrees if Xue'er spend this half year in their Blue wind country. Hengkong wants to protest, but backs down when he sees Xue'er's 'looking forward to' face.

    Hengkong calls out Yun Che for a private chat. He tells Yun Che he hates him to the bone. But for Xue'er, he is willing to step back and because he saved her before with his own life, he trusts that Yun Che will protect his daughter. Also, he doesn't believe Xue'er will change her mind in half a year. So this half a year is ment for their DPE to get used to and cope with it. He will let them get married after half a year, but Yun Che has to promise down to not take Xue'er body until her phoenix soul fully awakens.
    After that, Hengkong leaves without saying goodbye to his daughter. In his ship, he is thinking: ''at least he is better than Ye Xinghan.''
  • 731 Ending of the chaotic war

    Xue'er asks why her father didn't say anything to her before leaving, Yun Che tells her that it would make him even more unwilling to let go.
    The fact that she is already Sovereign 8 is revealed to everyone which made them all stunned.
    Yun Che let them have a chat and goes back to Cang Yue who is panting atm. She is only in the spirit profound stage and had to bear the raging aura of Hengkong which made her all exhausted. Yun Che says it's all fine now. Cang Yue says she is horny and wants to do some baby making.
    Thus Yun Che & Cang Yue do baby making.

    With the money and the help from DPE, Blue wind country is being repaired. Meanwhile, the other 5 countries are dreaded by the news of Yun Che turning DPE upside down. They try to mend their relationship with Blue wind and came to seek audience while bringing tributes. Cang Yue tells her subordinates to let them wait while she is having her happy moments with Yun Che in bed.

    Eventually she gets out of bed, but got pulled back again by Yun Che. Telling her to just let them give their gift and leave.
    Cang Yue tells Yun Che that he should get up. She is feeling bad for Xue'er for kneeling in front of her father's grave for 10 days already.
    He should go pick Xue'er up.
  • 732 Briefly Quiet

    Yun Che picks Xue'er up and wants to take her to Floating cloud city. He meets Yuan Ba and asks him whether he wants to come as well.
    But Yuan Ba says he is leaving, his master called him a few times already for him to return.
    They are going to make preparations for joining the demon sword assembly.
    Yun Che says that he is also going and asks Yuan Ba to find out what he can about the ocean palace.
    Yuan Ba says his farewell and looking forward to meeting him again in 5 months when he'll definitely be stronger than now. After that, he left.

    Yun Che tells Tianxia Diyi that his little sister is pregnant. He wants to take her back to the demon continent for safety reasons, But Yun Che disagrees and says this place is the most suitable for them.
    Yun Che meets up with his family in Floating cloud, all which are mesmerized by Xue'er's beauty.
    Yun Che asks his little aunt about Fen Juechen, she tells him he hasn't appeared every since.
    Then they continue to have a little chat, Yun Che says he'll be staying in floating cloud a few days with Xue'er and go back to Frozen cloud asgard in 5 days.

    4 Days later, Yun Che goes to Ziji to seal up their previous transaction while trying to make a new one.
    He asks Ziji for 3 sovereign profound beast cores and is willing to trade 3 tyrant pills for it.
    He'll also take tyrant profound beast cores, but will only buy those with money.
    Ziji suggests to put the pills he gave him up for auction at the demon sword assembly, which is very appropriate since all the strong people are gathered there.
    Yun Che has no opinion about this and says he has nothing else is and going to leave.
    Ziji asks him whether he has heard about the demon continent and the 12 guardian families.
    Yun Che says he has heard a little about them and asks Ziji why he is asking.
    Ziji says just casually asking. Yun Che says he is leaving and is gone.
  • 733 Jasmine's murderous intent & 734 Defying the heavens

    Few days later, they left Floating cloud city and went to the snow region. Xue'er likes the snow very much.
    In conversation with Jasmine, she tells Yun Che that if he were to die, it'll be because of a woman. Just like her brother.
    After being asked by Yun Che, she reveals a bit of it and tells Yun Che that her brother died because he fell into that woman's trap.
    To kill that woman is one of the reasons why she was seeking strength from the evil god's veins, but in the end Yun Che benefited cheaply from it.

    She also tells that he has a chance of winning against Fen Juechen if he takes Xue'er's phoenix yin.
    Yun Che says that if he has sex with her, Xue'er awakening will be affected which he doesn't want to do.
    But Jasmine explains that on the contrary, because Yun Che has the dragon god's veins. It would benefit Xue'er and her awakening would go even faster. Just like how Xue'er's phoenix body is very beneficial to men's cultivation, Yun Che's dragon god veins is very beneficial to women.
    Xue'er after awakening with the complete ODE, would even go beyond the strength of their previous phoenix god.

    Also, the current Yun Che's phoenix power to too weak compared to his golden crow's power since he received 3 times as much blood from the golden crow. If he were to take Xue'er phoenix yin, his phoenix power would increase and this might balance it out.

    Yun Che says that even so, he can't force Xue'er into having sex with him since he can't even beat her.
    Jasmine disagrees and says she knows that Yun Che is peerless in this area, after what he did to the little demon empress.

    Finally, they decided to go to Frozen cloud asgard and Yun Che tells Xue'er that place is even more beautiful.
    He also shows Xue'er his stash of tyrant pills.

  • 735 Murong Qianxue

    After a while, they arrive @ Frozen cloud asgard to have a meet & greet with 6 fairies. Yun Che tells them to prepare for a big realm breakthrough and meet him in 2 hours @ Frozen end's temple.

    2 hours later in the temple, Yun Che decides to start with Murong Qianxue of the 6 fairies and gives her 5 tyrant pills. He tells her to swallow them which she did. The process is going to take 2 - 3 hours and she is not allowed to use any profound force, Yun Che will use his power to guide the energy of the pills inside her body and let het absorb it all so she can breakthrough into tyrant. Also, since some energy will leak out, all her clothes will evaporate. She also has to be calm during the process and isn't allowed to get distracted.
    Thus is process starts, her clothes are gone and Yun Che puts his hands on her abdomen to guide the energy of the tyrant pills inside her.
    1-2 hours later, she made a breakthrough from emperor 8 into 9, then into 10.
    While this process is still ongoing, Yun Che decided to make it more dramatic and grabs her tits.
    Her tits are so big that even Yun Che got distracted and had to be reprimanded by Jasmine.
    She keeps saying that he is a perverted molester because apparently, he could've done all the energy guiding from Murong Qianxue's back.
  • 736 Succeeded

    In the end, Murong Qianxue was able to break through all the way into tyrant 5. Yun Che tells her to spend 2 months stabilize her cultivation first and not use more than 70% of her full power meanwhile. Tomorrow, he will do the same for 2 other fairies. When he upgraded all the 6 fairies into tyrant 5, he'll start opening all the profound entrances and spend tyrant pills on the other disciples too so they can at least jump one big realm.

    When asked whether that would affect Yun Che own progress, he says that he is also progressing while doing it.
    When everyone left, Xue'er asks Yun Che why he didn't use the tyrant pills on himself, he says that his own cultivation and veins is of a different nature, the tyrant pills won't work on him.
  • 737 amid tender feeling ( a chapter of only talking )

    Xue'er says Yun Che is a good guy. Yun Che replied that although he doesn't see himself as an evil person, he has never considered himself a good person. Everything he does for Frozen cloud asgard is because of Chu Yuechan, to make himself feel somewhat better.
    He then tells her the whole story and him and Chu Yuechan and that he wished his kid was a boy, so he could be like a real little man, protecting his mother.
    Xue'er wants to let DPE search for Chu Yuechan, but Yun Che says it's no use. They then continue to look at the stars and have their lovey dovey chat.

    Meanwhile, Jasmine feels that the poison purification is getting faster and faster, she only need 2 more months at most and will probably finish before Yun Che's fight with Fen Juechen. Also, the ingredients gathering seems to be going well. They even know about the place to look for the borneo flower. Everything is going smooth, despite that.. Jasmine doesn't feel happy, but rather an indifference.

    After coming out and seeing that Yun Che and Xue'er are having a lovey dovey time, she gets agitated.
    Hong'er comes out and says she is hungry, Jasmine gives her some purple god veins to eat. Of the 50 jins they originally had,  ~47 jins is left.
    Seeing Hong'er eating reminds Jasmine of Caizhi, a little girl who used to call her big sister as well like Hong'er.
    After eating, she tells Hong'er to sleep.
    After thinking for a while in silence, Jasmine concluded that Yun Che is never bored with so many women around him, he is probably better off without her by his side, nagging him every single day.
  • 738 unfilial son

    DPE Hengkong & Tianwei learns about Yun Che's master Duotian. Apparently Ye Guying and Feng Tianwei are old friends and he sent him a message about not provoking Yun Che. Both Hengkong & Tianwei are relieved things turned out the way it did, it would've be disastrous for them if Yun Che's master got called out. Even the 4 sacred grounds are afraid to provoke Yun Che now.
    But now with Xue'er being Yun Che's fiancee, DPE suddenly got a great backer that even the 4 sacred grounds wouldn't dare to meddle with.
    Hengkong just find himself another good reason to have Xue'er engaged to Yun Che.

    Ximing comes in, begging his father to take Xue'er back. Nobody gives him any heed. Hengkong tells him about Yun Che's backer and that he is also the only guy who would fit Xue'er. More importantly, Xue'er loves him and she is able to make her own decisions.
    Tianwei tells them to prepare for the demon sword assembly, as they'll be going as well..

    Ximing begs and says he is willing to give up everything for Xue'er. Hengkong slaps him away, calling him an unfilial son. Even if they weren't siblings, he wouldn't fit Xue'er.

    Ximing seems to have something up his sleeves, saying this is what they forced him to do. If he can't have Xue'er, then nobody can.
  • 739 Frozen asgard visitor

    Unknowingly, a month has passed. Yun Che already helped the 6 fairies with their breakthroughs + 300 some disciples.
    The strongest of those disciples could absorb 2 tyrant pills and step into emperor realm while the weakest couldn't absorb even half a tyrant pill.
    Meanwhile, Yun Che also made his breakthrough into emperor 4 and at this pace, he'll be emperor 5 before his fight with Fen Juechen and if he could also get Xue'er's phoenix yin, then ...
    The last 2 weeks, he has constantly been flirting with Xue'er and even kissed her a couple of times. But whenever he tries to go further, Xue'er runs away.
    This time, the same happened. Jasmine says Yun Che should be more aggressive in his approach. Yun Che says he can't do it.
    Also, he is not afraid of his fight with Fen Juechen because Yun Che already knows of his weakness.

    Ji Qianrou from supreme ocean palace comes for a visit. Yun Che thanks him for saving him back in the primordial ship. Ji Qianrou waves it off and says Yun Che's reputation has already left him/her far behind. He'll probably not even have him/her in his eyes.
    He came today to bring Yun Che a gift.
  • 740 the smell of a scheme

    Ji Qianrou gives Yun Che the invitation to the demon sword assembly in 100 days. He also tells that everyone above tyrant stage  on the continent got an invitation. The purpose is to uncover the secrets of the Heaven sin divine sword, the only sovereign sword of existence in the whole continent.
    No one knows where this sword came from and until 1000 years ago, it was guarded by eternal night royal clan.
    The eternal night royal clan was destroyed by the 4 other holy grounds after committing a great sin and the sword got lost since then.
    But recently it was found by sword domain and they gave it to Supreme Ocean palace to hold this event.

    Yun Che doesn't have much interest in the demon sword assembly, he only wants to visit Supreme ocean palace for the flower he was after.
    Ji Qianrou tells him that his invitation allows him to take 99 people with him and he hopes he'll bring Xue'er with him. According to Ji Qianrou, everyone now knows DPE engaged Xue'er to Yun Che to quell his anger. There is another person from Cang wind they invited who is Fen Juechen.
    Aside from Yun Che, they find him an even more interesting person.
    After saying this, Ji Qianrou leaves.

    Yun Che has a private chat with Jasmine and the whole thing seems to smell of a scheme. Sword domain has already held the sword for 1000 years, either they are unable to unlock the secrets of the sword themselves or they already know how to unlock it, but they need a large force to do so.

    Either way, Jasmine tells Yun Che that he doesn't have to care because the poison inside her will be fully cleared by that time. Whether it's sword domain or the 4 sacred grounds together, if she wants them all to die, she only has to flick a finger. The same goes for Yun Che
  • 741 Cleared from poison Jasmine

    Huan demon continent, it has been 3 months since Yun Che left.
    Mu Yubai reporting to the little demon empress that they have finally caught the last of the spies.
    The bad news is that the last spy from sword domain already leaked everything about Yun Che to his sect.
    The fact that he came back from Tianxuan continent, brought back the emperor's seal, married the little demon empress, has the reincarnation mirror on him which he received as dowry.
    Sword domain now knows everything about him.
    Now he is back in Tianxuan continent, they'll probably prey on his reincarnation mirror.
    Also they haven't found duke Ming yet.

    The demon empress gets anxious and asks about Yun clan's portal, Mu Yubai reports Yun clan is already on it. They know Yun Che is in danger and is using as much purple profound god crystals as it takes to charge the portal. But it'll still take 3 - 6 months.
    The little demon empress then wants to see Yun Qinghong and lets Mu Yubai summon him.

    Frozen cloud asgard, at the same time.. Jasmine suddenly appears and tells Yun Che today is the day he is going to fight Fen Juechen.
    Yun Che seems relaxed because he already has a battle plan. Jasmine tells him there is good news, she already purified all her poison.
    Yun Che asks her to use her power to search for Chu Yuechan, Jasmine agrees.
  • 742 Day of the battle

    In her currently state, without a body, she can only use 1/1000 of her power. Yet, she is able to use soul search to lock onto every living being on the continent. After a while, she opens her eyes and tells Yun Che that she underestimated the living beings on this continent and also overestimated her current 1/1000th strength. She needs to have her material body before she can find her.

    In reality, she is afraid to tell Yun Che the truth. Letting this matter go, she is also unable to find Xia Qingyue which made her a bit curious about Frozen cloud asgard's transfer gate.

    Yun Che tells Xue'er to go to Floating cloud city to protect his peeps and prevent them from coming closer to his battle with Fen Juechen.
    He then met with Fen Juechen, who is now already Sovereign 6. He only took 3 months to promote one level.
    Normally at the sovereign state, you need hundreds of years to promote a level even for the sacred grounds & the guardian families. Those with very high talent still needs tens of years and Fen Juechen only needed 3 months.

    Jasmine tells Yun Che that he has to make Fen Juechen use all his powers so she can probe him and find out what's going on.

  • 743 - eternal night illusory demonic code

    They fly off somewhere far away above the sea. Yun Che draws out his sword, the weight of the sword caught him off guard and almost made him plunge into the sea. His sword got heavier by more than 100 Jins and hong'er is sleeping. Yun Che is now certain that she's been having cheat meals.

    Fen Juechen wants Yun Che dead without a complete corps. Yun Ce mocks him for having a low grade sword, so he retracts back Hong'er. Otherwise it'll be bullying and he tells Fen Juechen that he is willing to give him a chance. He can attack all he wants for the next 4 hours without Yun Che fighting back. If he can't even kill him even then, he wants him to get out of his sight and stay away from him ever after.

    Fen Juechen gets angry and attacks. Jasmine seems to recognize this profound art as the Eternal Night illusory demonic code, but she can't confirm it yet. Yun Che asks whether she has seen it, she tells him she hasn't. Nobody should have seen it in this universe. She tells Yun Che to beat Fen Juechen. If he can't do it, she will do it so she can find out more about his body.

    Yun Che starts provoking Fen Juechen to make him angry so he would attack him.

    744 - night demon buries the heavens 

    This entire chapter is just Fen Juechen using skill after skill attacking Yun Che. While Yun Che is just parrying or dodging while making fun of Fen Juechen. Yun Che's body strength & speed makes it hard for Fen Juechen to do damage on his body. Plus he also seems to be able to purify the corrosive darkness attribute of Fen Juechen's profound arts with his phoenix flames which makes Fen Juechen's attacks pretty much useless.
    Meanwhile, Yun Che is trying to make Fen Juechen deplete himself while preserving his own strength.

    745 - beginning of retaliation

    After fighting for a while, Yun Che is now certain of his own victory. He doesn't even need 4 hours, 2 is enough. Fen Juechen already used up 60% of his energy while Yun Che used less than 30%. His family back in floating cloud city is worried, but he sends message back telling them he is ok and is going to wrap this up within 1 hour.

    Fen Juechen finally realized he got played by Yun Che, but still tells him that he wont leave this place alive.
    Yun Che laughs at his stupidity. After 2 hours of playing, he obviously should've realized that he won't be able to kill him today due to his skills and speed. Yun Che then takes out his sword and tells Fen Juechen that he is the one who wont be able to leave this place alive.
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    746 Unexpected fighting situation

    Yun Che starts clashing with Fen Juechen with his sword, the sword feels heavy so he is having difficulties handling it. To his own estimation, the weight of his sword is already beyond 1 million Jin. But Yun Che gets the upper hand in the clashes and Fen Juechen gets pushed back. Fen Juechen doesn't understand why it seems like he is losing power everytime they are about to collide. After clashing a few times and coughing up some blood, he finally realized that it's Yun Che's sword that seems to restrain his power.
  • 747 Win?

    Xiao Lingxi is able to convince Xue'er, who also got anxious, to take her to the fight.
    In the fight, Fen Juechen got hit black and blue and finally pummeled into the sea by Yun Che.
    Jasmine tells Yun Che that it isn't over yet.
    Under the sea, Fen Juechen charges up his ultimate skill.

    748 Eternal night without light, Ashes of the underworld

    Darkness hits Yun Che and swallows him and everything in a radius of 75km around him up.
    The voice of Fen Juechen telling him to vanish comes from every direction.
    Jasmine tells Yun Che that this eternal night without light is like a black hole, everything inside it will get swallowed up and never be able to escape including light. He won't make it out in time, so he has to tear it up from the inside.
    Everywhere around Yun Che, there is no light.. then he sees that his sword is glowing red.
    Yun Che picks up his sword and ignites the golden crows power in it. Within Fen Juechen's domain, Yun Che's surrounding starts to glow up.
    He finally figures out that this is Fen Juechen's nemesis and uses Ashes of the underworld to glow through Eternal night without light.
    Fen Juechen's domain collapses. Yun Che immediately pulls Fen Juechen, who is in a dire state, out of the water but puts him back on a rock.
    Jasmine asks if he really isn't going to kill him. Yun Che says that he wants to kill him but..

    749 Unwilling to tear off the roots

    Yun Che tries to probe Fen Juechen with his profound handle, but got denied.
    He then seals up Fen Juechen's injuries and pours some profound energy into him so he can fly back to mainland.
    Fen Juechen tells him not to humiliate him. Yun Che says that he has saved his little aunt while he was away for 3 years, he will let him live for the 2nd time also so he won't owe him anything next time. He tells Fen Juechen he should be able to recover in 2 months, figure out what to do with his life meanwhile.
    Fen Juechen says that he only lost in weaponry this time, wait till he get back his heaven sin divine sword.
    He then stopped talking because he knew he made a slip up and leaves.
    Yun Che tells him to at least live for a few more years, otherwise his little aunt would get sad.
    While flying away, Fen Juechen got a bit startled..

    Jasmine asks him why he didn't interrogate Fen Juechen more about his connection with eternal night & the divine sword.
    Yun Che says that he knows Fen Juechen's character and it's no use even if you torture him to death.
    She should also know about his willpower because his profound handle just failed.
    She tells Yun Che that Fen Juechen only absorbed half of the power inside him, the next time.. Yun Che might really regret.
    Yun Che says he is doing this for his little aunt, and it's worth it.
    Xue'er and Xiao Lingxi arrived at this time. Yun Che greets them and says he is all good, he also let Fen Juechen live.
    Xue'er apologizes, but Yun Che doesn't blame them because he knows they were only worried about him.
    They then decide to head back to grandpa Xiao Lie.

    Fen Juechen lands on a small island so he can recuperate.
    A little girl in red dress appears infront of him, she feels sorry for Fen Juechen to have met his nemesis in his greatest enemy.
    Fen Juechen is shaking all over.
    She tells him that Yun Che didn't kill him doesn't mean that she won't. In his body, there exists demonic power that should've been extinct in a ancient era. This has decided his fate.
    A red light from the palms this little girl in red dress, pierces through the air towards Fen Juechen

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    750 Ancient secret

    Jasmine reads all of Fen Juechen's memories but she lets him live because she finds him pitiful.
    Yun Che is curious about it when she came back and wants to know what happened to Fen Juechen that made him this strong.
    Jasmine says that it's a long story, but since she is in a good mood after purifying her poison, she'll tell him.

    In ancient times, during the era of the gods, the vast chaotic space was divided into two regions. The Dark ( Yin ) North and the Light ( Yang ) South regions. The northern region was home to the devil race  and the southern to the god race. Each occupying half of the universe. Although there were mutual hostilities, both sides rarely interacted with each other. It could be said they were living in peace by ignoring each other's existence.

    The reason the gods and devils were so powerful is because they were born at a time when the universe was still young and it was still covered with a thick Hongmeng breath. If Yun Che was able to practice his grand Buddha technique up to level 10, he would also be able to stimulate the power of Hongmeng, the most primal power of heaven & earth. But level 6 seems to be the limit for humans.

    Today, the reason there are no more figures as powerful as the gods once were, is because the Hongmeng breath in the universe has thinned out so much that it practically doesn't exist anymore.

    In ancient times, gods were the supreme existence. Today there are a lot of planets, worlds and realms in this universe. Part of it was born in the chaos, but there is also a part that was created by the gods. 90% of the races today were created by the gods including the human race, the demon(demi-humans) race, dark dusk race, wood spirit race and the elven race.

    Yun Che has never heard of the dark dusk & the wood spirit race, so Jasmine explains: ''The wood spirit race are similar to the elven race with an affinity to nature, they are able to communicate and to a certain extend control plants. They are small and fragile in physique. In her world, people catch  and sell them as a tool to nurture herbs or even for direct use as ingredient for elixirs. They can usually be found up for auctions. And because this race is at the brink of extinction, the price is going higher and higher.

    As for the dark dusk race, they can arbitrary change forms and only exist in places with a Yin energy.  The great Darkness is their food and they can strengthen themselves by absorbing souls from other organisms.

    Yun Che doesn't understand what can eat darkness.. But according to Jasmine, he doesn't know anything.. In the vast universe, not only are there species that can eat darkness and light. There are those who can eat dream, space or even time.

    Jasmine doesn't want to go deeper into this topic and says that the reason the era of the gods ended was because of the Heaven punishing ancestral sword.
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