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    684 Demon sword assembly

    He feels that at the rate Yun Che is improving, he is a real threat. His master personally told him that in 3 years he'll be invincible in Tianxuan continent and in 6 years, he can trample all over Sun & Moon.  ( why can't he trample over Sun & Moon when he is invincible in 3 years? )
    If it's just a potential threat, they can just eradicate it. But Yun Che has Doutian behind him, so they only watch him grow without being able to do anything to him. The patriarch then asks whether Ji Qianrou from Supreme Sea temple saved Yun Che before in the profound ark from Ye Xinghan. This is confirmed by the elder, everyone knows about it. He then tells the elder to have Supreme Sea temple's great elder invite Yun Che to the demon sword assembly in a couple of months. This is an assembly of all top forces with the intention to discover the secrets of the Heaven Sin divine sword. Since Yun Che can easily kill their law enforcers, he has the qualification to participate.

    Apparently, heavenly sword region has held the sword for a 1000 years already, but they failed to find out about the secrets. This is why they decided to make it public to the rest of the sacred grounds so they could team up to find out about the secrets held by the sword to become a half step god.
    Which is what this assembly is about.
    Guying thinks it's just empty promise, but the patriarch doesn't think so.. Because 1000 years ago, The king of eternal night was the weakest among the patriarchs. But after his demonification, it took 4 patriarchs and 17 elders 14 hours to defeat him. They were able to destroy his body, but not his soul. In the end, all they could do was seal him up. The ability to have an eternal soul belongs to the god realm.
    The lure of having a chance to become a half god is just too great.

    Guying asks whether they admitted that they have stolen the Heaven sin divine sword. Which is not the case, The patriarch of Heavenly sword region Xuanyuan Wentian said he found it recently in a barren land. To prove they have no other intentions, they're even letting the assembly be held at Supreme sea temple.

    Yun Che sees the army of divine phoenix empire breaking ground. He has no idea what they are doing, but he is also not na"ive enough to think they are just training. He uses to profound handle on some soldier and learns from his memories that they are indeed training....
    And also about their general who was trying to kidnap Xiao Lingxi, this is his next target.
  • 685 That's great

    Feng Huwei (Phoenix army general), has been feeling pretty good recently. The importance of this mission given to him proves how much the phoenix empire values him. If he returns after he succeed, his position might be raised. He is currently discussing with his lieutenant Tianyi about the troops sent to blue wind's capital. All of them disappeared, so they are speculating about a sovereign protecting Blue wind. But even so, they are not afraid because their Divine phoenix empire has as much as 12 sovereigns and a phoenix god. A sovereign going against them is just seeking death.

    Tianyi reports that they have found more corpses of their soldiers who went missing. The corpses show signs of torture. This doesn't surprise the general because it happened a lot lately. The 4 sacred grounds are capturing their soldiers trying to find out what they are doing. But this time, the corpses seems to have been soul searched. The general thinks the 4 sacred ground brought some high ranked guy this time.

    Tianyi asks them what their purpose is in doing what they're doing. Feng Huwei gave him a cold look what caused Tianyi to immediately apologize for asking something he shouldn't have. Feng Huwei tells him that when they finished, they'll be rewarded accordingly when they get back. When it's time for him to know, he will naturally know. 

    A voice tells them that unfortunately, they do not have to chance go to back as they are about to die. Yun Che appears behind Feng Huwei without them knowing. Tianyi tries to attack Yun Che with his sword, but gets killed instead. Yun Che said he heard that he tried to forcibly take away his little aunt.
    Feng Huwei says he has a soul imprint inside of him, if he gets killed.. the 30 seconds of his memories before his death will be known by divine phoenix empire.
    Yun Che says that's great.
  • 686 Passing on profound force

    Yun Che grabs Feng Huwei and uses soul search on him, trying to read all his memories. But part of his memories are sealed by something which Jasmine refers to as memory cage. If Yun Che tries to force his way in, the memory will be wiped. Yun Che decides to give up.
    Before he kills Feng Huwei, he decides to use his soul imprint as a way to transfer a message to Feng Hengkong.
    He tells him he was initially going to forget about their beef because of his daughter. But since they invaded his Country, trampled his homeland and massacred his countrymen, he is going to give them a big FUCK YOU.
    After he kills Feng Huwei, he leaves the place.

    Jasmine asks him when he is going to Divine Phoenix empire, Yun Che says today. Since he still sees himself unable to beat the whole Divine Phoenix empire on his own if he fights head on, they are just right for him to hone his skills so he can fight Fen Juechen in 3 months.

    Jasmine tells him that Fen Juechen's progress will definitely be bigger than his in 3 months, since he seems to only have adsorbed 30% of the demonic profound force within him.
    Yun Che doesn't get how such a thing as passing on profound force can exist, he knows that there are certain laws or skills that can be inherited, but profound force should still be cultivated. Otherwise, you could have a bunch of tyrants passing on their profound force to create a sovereign. Which would be a total chaotic world.

    Jasmine doesn't understand it either, but she tells him that this world has things that are outside their understanding. The world does not live by his common sense. Passing on profound force is very difficult, but not impossible. She asks him if he wants to know where she got her profound force from.

    Yun Che has always wanted to ask her this, but never dared to do so...
  • 687 Xiao family's happy event

    Jasmine tells Yun Che that inheriting profound strength is a difficult thing. It might not succeed even once for thousands of years. Even the most successful ones are accompanied by the loss of at least half of the profound strength.
    She tells him that she indeed inherited her profound strength. As the reason how it succeeded, she did not tell.
    But she tells him that Fen Juechen's inheritance is strange. He had a demon soul forcibly entered his body.
    Normally, there would only be 3 outcomes, destruction of both souls or a victory of either of the souls resulting in a successful takeover of the body or dissipation of the invading soul. But inside Fen Juechen's body, the souls seems to be fusing together.
    Jamine wonders if that's some sort of forbidden reincarnation technique while she is purifying the last bit of poison in her body.
    Yun Che isn't too worried, if he can't beat Fen Juechen, he can still run.

    Back @ Xiao clan, Yun Che tells Qimei she is pregnant. They have a happy time and Yun Che tells everyone he is going to divine phoenix empire to settle stuff.

    688 Sword pointing at Divine Phoenix

    Xiao Lingxi doesn't want him to go. But she is unable to prevent him from going, at least she convinced him to stay another day before leaving.
    After dinner, Yun Che has a private chat with Xiao Yun and tells him he lied about the pregnancy because he was afraid his grandpa would kick the bucket if he didn't give him something to look forward to. Because his life long wish has been fulfilled, his inner desire to finally join his wife & son might emerge.
    But no worries, Yun Che gives Xiao Yun two pills (one for Qimei) and tells him if they take the pills, she'll get pregnant tonight as long Qimei is not having her period. Xiao Yun doesn't know what a period is. (FUCK FOR REAL? I know the author is deliberately creating fools around Yun Che to make him stand out more, at least make it believeable. The guy is married for fuck's sake.. This is plain bull shit.. )

    Yun Che tells Xiao Yun he already killed the commander of the 200,000 DPE troops East so they should not having any sudden movements in the near future. He still tells Xiao Yun to be cautious.

    Yun Che turns towards south and prepares to let DPE feel his wrath.
  • 689 Divine phoenix's murderous intent

    Feng Ximing & Feng Hengkong are speculating about how Xue"er and Yun Che should've met before the tournament.
    Whatever happened, they cannot let Xue'er know about this playboy still being alive.
    They decide to kill Yun Che asap. They think Yun Che has the strength of a late stage tyrant, so they decide to summon the help of a grand elder.
  • 690 Sleeping in embrace

    While mumbling something to himself, Yun Che suddenly hears the reaction of Jasmine. He notices the time she spends hibernating is getting shorter lately. Jasmine tells him that her poison is almost purified, she just need a few more months while she initially thought she needed 30 years.
    Yun Che now understands the reason she needed Yun Che to be sovereign in 30 years, but she tells him even though his profound strength is still emperor, his true strength plus his inheritances is already sufficient for aiding her in creating a new body.
    Yun Che asks her why she didn't made him gather more purple veined god crystals, she tells him they are still missing that dembalala(whatever) flower anyways. Yun Che says he will asks for it tomorrow @ the black chamber of commerce.
    Jasmine isn't very happy with him delaying his departure because of a girl. She tells him if one day he dies, it has to be because of a girl.
    After finishing this sentence, the reincarnation mirror emitted a silver light without Yun Che & Jasmine being aware of.
    Yun Che says yes, maybe he will even die because of Jasmine herself. In that event, he hopes she will look for him and take care of him in his next life as well.

    Yun Che thinks his grandpa is probably asleep now, so he sneaks into Xiao Lingxi's room and attacks her. She bites into his tongue to prevent him from really having sex with her. He then wants to let go, afraid of really hurting her. She tells him to embrace her tonight in their sleep and they do just that.

    The next day, Yun Che meets up with Cang Yue and Yuanba. Cang Yue tells him to forget about revenge, it's fine as long he can make Divine phoenix retreat. She doesn't want the war to get even more intense.
    Yun Che says he knows what to do and heads to DPE. Yuanba is going to stay in Blue Wind Capital to protect it.
  • 691 Meeting Ziji again

    Yun Che meets this dude from the chamber of commerce on the 7th floor again.
    He learns that Doutian was a real person 10,000 years ago and the 4 sacred ground is already aware of his existence.
    Ziji also tells him about Xue'er's 3 year coma.
    The rest is just ''filler/recap''.. of what happened. 
  • 692 Lost control

    Yun Che asks about the flower. Ziji says it has already disappeared 1300 years ago, and because the yang energy on this continent is increasing due to an increase of population, it's unlikely for it to ever appear again.
    Yun Che then asks about the place the flower was last seen 1300 years ago. Ziji says he can't tell him because it's a secret place that even the 7 Countries doesn't know about. Also, he is certain that nowdays, this place will not have the flower he desires.

    Yun Che asks about Chu Yuechan. He is told that they can't find her and she is most likely already dead. Sure, in Blue wind country, there aren't many who can threaten her. But if she got caught amid the chaos in the war between Blue wind & DPE, it's unlikely that she can defend herself from a late stage emperor or tyrant. Also, the black chamber of commerce is very confident in their tracking skills and Chu Yuechan is someone who is supposed to be very easily found.

    Yun Che enrages, refuses to believe Ziji and trashes the furniture before he decides to leave. 3 Maids rushes to him to calm him down.
    Yun Che calms down and apologizes.
  • 693 Knowing the culprit late

    Ziji also apologizes for their incompetence. He then asks Yun Che whether he knows how their scandal leaked out.
    Ziji tells Yun Che it was the mistress of heavenly sword villa, Xuanyuan Yufeng, deliberately spreading out the message of Chu Yuechan's pregnancy.
    He also warns Yun Che if he wants to deal with her. Xuanyuan is the surname of the main lineage of Tianwei Sword domain of the 4 sacred grounds.
    Anyone with talent can enter Tianwei sword domain. At the same time, anyone without talent can be kicked out except for those with the surname Xuanyuan. Her father is also the 9th elder of Tianwei sword domain.
    So if Yun Che wants to deal with her no matter what, he tells him to be careful.

    Yun Che tells Ziji that he already knows what he wanted him to know. He is indeed a revengeful person and will repay any debts. Although he is thankful towards Ziji for telling him this, he reminds him that the thing he hates the most is being used and manipulated.
  • 694 Hitting the jackpot this time

    Ziji said he indeed hat an ulterior motive. He likes to see Tianwei sword domain getting another enemy, but he has no ill intentions towards Yun Che.
    Yun Che says he wouldn't be sitting here talking with him if he had. He then wants to buy a bunch of ingredients from Ziji which will be ready in 15 days.
    These are the 49 ingredients he needs for making his perfected version of the tyrant pill, the original only had 36 ingredients.
    Yun Che then takes out one of his pills and asks Ziji whether he can sell it for 3 ounces of purple veined god crystals if they were to sell it to the 4 sacred grounds.
    After inspecting, Ziji sticks out two fingers. Though he doesn't mean 2 ounces, but 2 catty .. = 1 kilo.
    Yun Che thinks he really hit the jackpot this time.
    Ziji asks for the name of this pill and the alchemist who refined it.
    Yun Che says he casually refined it and hasn't thought of a name yet.
    Ziji thinks he is jesting him, but then Yun Che drops thirty and some of these pills on the table in front of him.
  • 695 Killing Moon demonic cave

    Ziji is shocked by the amount of pills, he thinks these pills were refined by Yun Che's master on which Yun Che just confirms.
    He says the ingredients he ordered were for refining another 3000 pills for the disciples of his Frozen cloud asgard.
    He is only going to put 30 pills up for Auction. Ziji offers to dismiss auction fee if he sells 10 pills to them. He will buy them at his evaluated price for 10 kilo purple god crystals. Yun Che is willing to do this transaction if he tells him about the whereabouts of where the flower was found 1300 years ago.
    At first, Ziji declines. So Yun Che declines his offer as well. Ziji then has a secret discussion with his manager and they finally decide to tell Yun Che about the place. You can enter this place once every 500 years and even a sovereign won't last more than a quarter of an hour in that place.
    Also.. the flower of this plant will only bloom once every 24 years before withering away 3 days later. There is practically no chance for Yun Che encountering this flower within 15 minutes.
    Moreover.. there is also a scary presence lurking in that place, going there means suicide.

    But since Yun Che wants to know, that place is called Killing Moon demonic cave.
  • 696 Secret of the Ocean palace

    Ziji asks Yun Che whether he has been to Supreme Ocean Palace. Yun Che hasn't, but he knows where it is located in the Southern Sea.
    It has been passed on that the 4 sacred ground's mission is to guard over Tianxuan continent and has been doing so for the past 10,000 years.
    But up till today, the only place who is actually still guarding over this continent, is Supreme Ocean Palace.
    Ziji says that Supreme Ocean Palace is a really inconvenient place to live, yet there is a reason for them to live there.
    10,000 years ago, seven ancestors found this place where the sea is dyed black with a lot of corpses from sea creatures.
    In the centre, they found a black island which emitted a really strong flavor of dark energy, the source seems to come from a Cave on the island.
    As they continued to explore the cave, they encountered a dark profound beast which proclaimed himself to be the killing moon demon lord.
    The only thing they knew about him was, he hated light and especially feared moon light. So he always hides in the darkness.
    His strength was only at a tyrant level, but as the 7 ancestors had their profound strength suppressed from sovereign to emperor in the cave. When they fought him, only one of the ancestors made it out alive.

    He personally heard the profound beast said: ''when darkness floods the world, is when he will face the world again''
    After this, the ancestor moved his entire clan here and sealed the cave. The seal has to be reapplied every 3 years by tens of their elders.
    Because they thought that the dark aura comes from this profound beast, they decide to check this place out every 500 years until the life span of the profound beast runs out. The dark aura would dissipate as well, their guarding mission would be done and they could move back to land.
    Every 500 years, they send their worst disciples in the Cave. But from 6500 years ago, all their disciples started making it out alive.
    This means the profound beast should've already died, but the dark aura did not dissipate.
    Their worst fear isn't the killing moon demon lord, but the source of this dark aura which means they continued to seal this place up till today.

    Later, as every disciple they sent inside made it out alive. Some elders, even the sea emperor decided to explore this place. 1300 years ago, during the once in 500 years exploration, some elders ventured the Cave. They heard cries of ghosts and at the source of it, they found the flower which immediately caused them to feel like their souls are being sucked out. They fled the place and after they got out of the Cave, they were bedridden for months.

    After hearing about ghost cries, Yun Che confirms it's the flower he is looking for. He then made the 10 pills vs 10 kilo's purple god veined crystals transaction with Ziji.
    After dealing with Divine Phoenix empire, Yun Che's next destination is Supreme Ocean Palace.
    But Ziji tells him he doesn't have to head there with a request, as in a few months, they are going to send him an invitation for the demon sword assembly anyways. So Yun Che can go to the Supreme Ocean Palace with an invitation.

    Great timing for Yun Che, he then asks about his father in law Xia Hongyi and leaves the place to meet up with his father in law.

    Ziji looking at the pill, muttering: ''the aura of this pill is divided in 6 different parts, allows one to become tyrant, strengthen a sovereign. Can be called the king of all pills, if not.. lets name it, Six spices emperor pill. ''
  • 697 In front of Divine phoenix city

    Yun Che met up with Xia Hongyi. After some talking about how he and Yuanba are already grown up, Yun Che asks about their mother.
    She got saved by Xia Hongyi during his business travels and had no memories or strength when she woke up.
    She married him after being together for 2 years. When she was pregnant with Xia Qingyue, she still had such a weak body that doctors told her to give up on the baby. She decided to went through with the pregnancy and had to give birth after a 7 month pregnancy due to her weak body.
    When Qingyue was born, she didn't move nor cried. Doctors proclaimed her stillborn. Just that time, Xiao Ying came by and perceived a faint breath of life from the baby. He then used his entire profound force to preserve her life. After an hour, the baby started crying.
    The baby grew up very healty and was more wise than her peers, her mother's body also improved after giving birth. A month later, there was no more trace of weakness and a year later, she gave birth to Yuanba.

    When Qingyue was 4 and Yuanba was 3, she regained her memories and strength. She then felt she already got detected by the people who were after her so she had to immediately leave to not put her husband and children in danger.
    The place she went back to is the ''great gods realm''.

    After leaving the chamber of commerce, Yun Che says that if he has the chance, he'll go check out the great gods realm.
    Jasmine tells him to stop dreaming, she also thinks that someone capable of giving birth to people with Qingyue & Yuanba's constitution, should have a prominent position even in the great gods realm.

    She then asks Yun Che whether he thinks that the black chamber of commerce is related to Supreme Ocean Palace. They might be in fact one large organization. The other 3 sacred grounds all have their vast resource grounds while Supreme Ocean Palace only has water around them. If not for the supply of resources from the chamber of commerce, how can they hold their no.2 position of the 4 sacred grounds all these years, only behind Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.

    So the chamber of commerce buying 10 pills from Yun Che means Supreme Ocean Palace just cheated heavily on the 3 other sacred grounds. As they will also buy 5 of the 20 pills to be sold to them. Supreme Ocean palace will get 15 pills while the other 3 sacred grounds will only get 5 each.

    Yun Che wants to mock the 4 sacred grounds for going to such an extend to obtain some pills, when he thinks his Frozen cloud Asgard is going to have 3000 pills.

    While talking, Yun Che already arrived at Divine Phoenix city..

    When a guard asks who the hell he was, he tells him to tell his sovereign Hengkong that Yun Che has come to pay a visit.

  • 698 & 699 Destroying phoenix god statue & Swearing divine phoenix

    The guards don't take Yun Che seriously on which he ignited his golden crow's flames to destroy the phoenix statue.
    This drew the attention of all the big shots from DPE. As soon they heard the statue got destroyed, they all erupted in rage and rushed to the scene.
    When they met, accusations & cursings were thrown back and forth.
    Eventually, they decided to attack and kill Yun Che, not leaving him a whole corpse.
  • 700 And then what?

    4 Elders attack Yun Che at the same time. Yun Che uses Kage Bushin and strikes back at them. They think those are just normal bushins, so they get surprised by the real bodies.
    Yun Che's true body flashes behind everyone toward 14th prince Feng Xiluo and grabs him by his neck.
    Feng Xiluo is birthed by Feng Hengkong's most beloved concubine and also had the highest talent, so he was the most doted on.
    Yun Che uses the 14th prince as hostage to have Feng Hengkong agree to him on 3 conditions.

    1st: Get the hell out of Blue Wind Country and stay out of it for the next 100 years.
    2nd: write an open letter apology to Blue wind.
    3rd: 10 Billion Purple profound currency as damage compensation.

    What the hell, does Yun Che think he has the phoenix god himself as hostage or something? Feng Hengkong doesn't agree, he had given Yun Che a chance, but he is simply asking for death. Yun Che rebuked it by saying it was him who has given DPE a chance by being benevolent and letting them off the hook with a few conditions.

    Feng Hengkong steps forward and dares Yun Che to kill his son.
    Yun Che kills Feng Xilou without leaving behind a piece of flesh and says: '' And then what?''
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    701 Chaotic DPE

    Feng Hengkong wants to kill Yun Che, 13 elders attack him at the same time. But Yun Che just laughs back and says he will let them repent today and come back tomorrow. But the conditions he set will be harder and if they refuse, it will not just end with him killing 1 person.
    Yun Che then speeds away from the scene and nobody is able to stop him. They are able to recognize Yun Che's agility skill.

    Scene changes to Chamber of commerce. Ziji is told of what just happened. They've also found Yun Che's location and he has also noticed them during his nap, but he just continues napping. The spies are then told not to bother him and also to not leak his whereabouts to anyone else.
    He also have other people continue monitoring Blue Wind city & Fen Juechen.

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    702 Re-Up breaking through space

    While an elder guarantees they will be prepared for Yun Che the next time he comes and they will definitely catch him, this time, Yun Che takes 13th prince hostage without anyone else knowning.
    Feng Hengkong says he will agree to his 3 conditions from yesterday if he lets the 13th prince go.
    Yun Che tells him that yesterday's conditions were only because he was benevolent, he has new conditions today:

    1st: GTFO of Blue wind within 25 days and stay away for the next 200 years.
    2nd: The apology letter has to be personally written by Feng Hengkong and delivered by DPE's great elder for a face to face apology.
    3rd: 20 Billion profound purple coins damage compensation.
    4th: Chi Qiong City at the northeast border of DPE shall be cut off and surrendered to Blue Wind.
  • 703 Hate as big as the universe

    No matter what conditions, DPE already decided to agree down it first so they can save their prince first.
    So great elder decided to agree to Yun Che's new conditions. But Yun Che is no fool, he'll have them execute his terms first before releasing 13th prince.
    Feng Hengkong just enrages. He tells 13th Prince that their people can die but can never lose their dignity and decides to incinerate both of them.
    Feng Hengkong and a bunch of elders attacks. 13th Prince dies and Yun Che happily escapes.

    One prince asks whether it's time to bring out grandpa, a.k.a. Feng Hengkong's father. But Feng Hengkong has a different plan and says that if Yun Che only dares to take his sons hostage, but not confront them head on. He can do the same. He'll have his DPE army raid Blue wind City and take the queen hostage.
  • 704 Divine phoenix army courting death

    @ black moon chamber of commerce, they are discussing the things Yun Che did on the 2nd day. Including another prince, he killed 9 DPE disciples as well, making it 10 people in total.
    They noticed movements from DP army in Blue wind and also that there are several tens of elders preparing phoenix sealing formation for Yun Che on the 3rd day. This is apparent very effective against people with the phoenix bloodline and is the same skill which sealed Xue'er's profound strength in the profound ark. But this is the first time they have so many elders working on one formation.
    Ziji thinks that Yun Che is definitely done for this time if the formation hits him, he tells his scout to personally be there on the 3rd day with a video camera to record everything down between Yun Che & DPE.

    DP army heading towards Blue wind city from different direction. Cang Yue leaves it to Xia Yuanba & Tianxia Diyi.
    They each take one direction. Tianxia Diyi meets an elder and they start fighting. Being suppressed, the elder can't take it anymore and shoots phoenix flames with all his might towards Blue wind city. Tianxia Diyi casts out his elven wings and uses strong wind to blow the flames back.
    The flames gets blown back towards the DP army behind the elder and 70% of the army got burned to charcoal.
    Tianxia Diyi kills the elder, but decides to let the remaining people retrieve the corpses.

    One scout(probably from black moon merchant guild) saw Tianxia Diyi with wings.

    When Tianxia Diyi was done on his side, Xia Yuanba was also done. Yuanba still wants to chase the people who are fleeing, but Tianxia Diyi stops him and says they are just listening to orders from higher up.
    Yuanba agrees, but says that if it was Yun Che, he would've cleaned them all up. Tianxia Diyi says there is no right or wrong in that one, just people following a different philosophy.
    Both of them then returns to Blue wind city.
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    705 Kinjutsu: Sealing Phoenix / Sealing Phoenix no jutsu

    Yun Che, while practicing the great way of Buddha to absorb energy from heaven & earth, he doesn't have to sleep.
    The night is a lot more quiet compared to the previous one, Yun Che wonders whether the sovereigns are finally being summoned.
    Jasmine tells him to not underestimate DPE, she feels the presence of more than just one late stage sovereign.
    Yun Che has no worries. Even if he can't beat them, he's still confident in his ability to escape.
    The only one who is able to easily catch him in this world would be the little demon empress, even the leaders of the 4 sacred grounds wouldn't be able to easily catch him.

    Instead of sneaking in, Yun Che decides to openly knock at their front door this time. Meanwhile, Jasmine says there are no sovereigns on the wait for him since they still haven't moved from their original location. She tells Yun Che about the sealing phoenix formation after seeing through it and also tells him that it won't have any effect on Yun Che because of his evil god's veins. Unless the power comes from a god, otherwise there is nothing that can seal or suppress Yun Che's evil god's veins.

    Yun Che says he has been lenient with them for the past few days, that was to repay Xue'er... This time, he will show them true nightmare.
    While Yun Che is closing in on DP capital, Hengkong also learns that his troops in Blue wind got wiped and doesn't understand a thing.
    The same time that he is hating on Yun Che, Yun Che also arrived at their gate shouting: ''phoenix old dogs, grandfather Yun Che has arrived, come out to pay your respect.''

    Before going out, the DPE goons are discussing how they should lure Yun Che into their formation. Hengkong decides to give this responsibility to mother Russia's his leftover smartest son. He tells him that with 36 elder's operating the formation, even his grandfather would find it difficult to resist.

    They go out to meet Yun Che, this time.. afraid Yun Che will take another prince, every prince is guarded by several elders.
    Yun Che asks Hengkong whether he thinks he will lose another son today.
    Hengkong replies he will repay this grudge 100,000 fold.
    Yun Che says he doesn't know whether Hengkong is able to do that, but the grudge for killing his emperor father in law and trampling over his countrymen, he will have every descendant of divine phoenix repay it blood for blood.

    P.S.: Seems like they are going to use a prince to bait Yun Che into the formation lol..
  • 706 Bad performance

    Yun Che tells them that he doesn't like killing, he is merely seeking compensation for the damage done to his country. If they agree to his 4 conditions, he will not bother to step another half step into DPE. But if they are still not shredding tears before seeing their coffins then...

    Hengkong gets angry and tells his two strongest elders to take down Yun Che.
    Yun Che with his lightning speed easily escapes and grabs another prince who was protect by 6 elders.

    Then suddenly from afar, a prince tells Yun Che to release his 11th brother and starts insulting Yun Che.
    This is the 9th prince, the one who was going to bait Yun Che into the formation, he tells him that he only knows how to run away and take his weakest brothers as hostage who are just thrones. If he dares, come get some. 9th prince then shows off his power level of tyrant 1.

    Yun Che was secretly wondering what they wanted to pull off to lure him into the formation, but this is just an insult to his intelligence.
  • 707 crumbled conviction

    Yun Che plays along, saying that since 9th prince is so eager to die, he will grant him his wish. He flashes in front of the prince into the formation which then immediately got activated. While thinking Yun Che's profound strength got suppressed, 18th elder goes in and tries to take him down.
    Yun Che kills 18th elder, a tyrant 8, in one punch. After the punch, the 18th elder didn't move at all and looked fine from the outside, but from the inside, all his organs are broken and all his bones turned to dust.

    Yun Che then grabs 9th prince as well and tells Hengkong that two of his sons has fallen into his hands now and he allows Hengkong to decide their fate.
    Seeing that they are unable to do anything to Yun Che, Hengkong already lost his faith and just want to get out of this nightmare, he promised down to Yun Che's conditions from yesterday.
    Yun Che answers that he hasn't even set his conditions for letting the two princes go, what does yesterday's conditions has to do with today.
  • 708 pressuring closer step by step

    Yun Che sets down his new conditions:

    1. retreat out of Blue wind within 20 days
    2. Personally write an open apology letter and hang it on the gate wall for 10 years.
    3. 30 billion purple profound coins compensation.
    4. Give Blue Wind the whole province of Chiqiong metropole.
    5. Take away the crown prince's cultivation and have him living in Blue Wind as guest for the next 50 years.

    Hengkong is unable to promise this down so Yun Che kills both of the princes and tells Hengkong he still has 10 sons left.
    Before he has repaid his debts, he will continue to kill them one by one and then decides to leave.

    Three elders try to intercept him. Yun Che, tired of always avoiding with his agility, slices all three of them in half with his sword.
  • 709 trembling DPE

    After splitting 3 elders into 6 parts, Hengkong also rushes up to him. Yun Che retracts his sword, imitates Hengkong's movements and collide with him.
    Hengkong gets him arm broken and buried into the ground. 2nd elder tries to prevent Yun Che from nearing Hengkong and gets him killed as well.
    After killing another dozens of disciples, Yun Che stops his killing and tells Hengkong if not for his daughter, even if he didn't kill him, he would've destroyed his 4 limbs. He has already wasted 3 chances he's given him, although he will continue to give him chances. The consequences will get worse every time he rejects him. He tells him he looks forward to tomorrow and leaves.

    In the basement of DPE where the 12 sovereigns are stored, Hengkong meets his father and tells him about what happened.
    The old patriarch summons two sovereigns to help him out.
  • 710 Flaws

    Ziji knows something big happened in DPE, he tells the spy who came back to give him the camera so he could check the footage.
    Apparently, the videocamera is a high definition one with 4k resolution so the image is crystal clear.
    After he finished, they now know Yun Che has the battle prowess of an early stage sovereign.
    They also identified his agility arts as the one from the Hua family.

    Another camera gets transferred in all of a sudden from Blue wind. They know it should contain amazing footage because the cost of transport is so high, they've never used it before. What they saw was some guy with wings.
    Ziji destroys the camera and tells his spies they are not allowed to talk about what they've seen. As for himself, he seems to know about these kind of people in Huang demon continent.

    Jasmine asks Yun Che whether he knows what a videocamera is.
    Yun Che says that it is some very expensive high tech stuff with one time usage that can record the image of a certain place for a certain time, why did she asks.
    She tells Yun Che he got recorded. Yun Che, unaffected by the fact he just became a moviestar, says that it's probably the chamber of commerce and that they are really generous for wasting such an expensive thing on him.
    Jasmine tells him to be careful and not expose any flaws the DPE or Sun & Moon could use to kill him. She only needs 3 more months. After 3 months, he can do whatever he wants.

    While flying, Yun Che notices Hua Minghai flying towards him and decides to stop to meet up with him. Hua Minghai thanks Yun Che for saving his wife, Yun Che thanks him for giving him their family's agility arts. He tells him he won't be taking it for free and asks Hua Minghai who he wants to kill from Sun & Moon. Hua Minghai says it was the 10th elder from Sun & Moon who killed his parents and poisoned his wife. Because Sun & Moon has been eyeing their agility profound art for hundreds of years, they've constantly been hunted down and the main culprit is their patriarch.
    Yun Che says that he happens to be on his hit list. Since he already has a beef with Ye Xinghan and is going to kill him, he will inevitably also have to kill his father.
    After chatting, he tells Minghai that it's better for him to leave DPE asap as it's about to get rowdy in the next few days.
    Minghai tells Yun Che he still hasn't changed his phone number and can call him any time he wants.
  • 711 Born arrogant

    Yun Che comes back on the 4th day. He greets hengkong as usual, mocking him and DPE.
    2 grand elders come out and try to immediately suppress Yun Che, they are 2 of the 9 grand elders who have broken through sovereign. One is sovereign 2 and the other is sovereign 3.
    Yun Che mocks them as well and tells DPE they should've called out Feng Tianwei instead, not two half step into their grave old guys, are they trying to prove how useless their grand elder generation is?

  • 712 Battle against sovereign

    One of the grand elders says he hasn't gotten out of his basement for the past 100 years, did not expect yellow feathered boys of nowadays to be so ignorant.
    Yun Che keeps insulting them until they had enough. The sovereign 3 grand elder starts chasing Yun Che around and tells the other grand elder to not move, he wants to deal with him himself. No idea where this idea comes from, but they all think Yun Che is the first one to get tired and will get caught by the sov 3 grand elder. After a while, Yun Che stops. The elder thinks he has given up on fleeing. Yun Che says that if he was actually fleeing, they wouldn't even be able to catch his dust. He only lured him here because he thought this place is a suitable cemetery for him.
    They exchange a strike and the grand elder didn't got the slightest upper hand.

    Yun Che uses purgatory. The grand elder gets startled because this aura is definitely not weaker than his own.
  • 713 Heavy sword's grinding oppression

    Yun Che & the grand elder keeps exchanging strikes. Seeing how Yun Che has no problems coping with him, the grand elder increases his strength after every attack, until he goes all out and uses the phoenix domain of a sovereign.
    Yun Che says that if he had saved his strength instead, he might have lived a bit longer and takes out his heavy sword.
    Hong'er, got upgraded by a lot after eating numerous famous swords in the demon continent, she now weights over 600k Jin ~300 tons.
    Yun Che casually swinging, causes deep cuts in the domain..
    The grand elder gets hit hard and his domain collapses.
    He messages the other grand elder to come help him because he is not Yun Che's opponent.
  • 714 Fast resolving the battle

    The grand elder keeps getting suppressed by Yun Che in a 1 vs 1. He is only able to break away when his sidekick arrives.
    Seeing 2 grand elders against Yun Che, Jasmine tells him that it'll be disadvantageous if he drags it out so he will have to resolve them quickly.
    Yun Che agrees and attacks will full force while the 2 grand elders also go all out.

    In the aftermath, both the grand elders suffer heavy injuries while their weapons are destroyed. They think Yun Che is dead, but he comes out unscathed. Both the grand elders try to flee, but Yun Che locks them down with his dragon soul domain and immediately kills one of them.
    The other grand elder asks him who he is. Yun Che explains he is the husband of the queen of blue wind country which they invaded, this is their retribution and it has only started.

    The grand elder tells him that even though he himself is useless, but don't even think about shaking the 5000 year foundation of DPE and then he self-destructs.
    Yun Che unmoved, returns to DP city.

    Meanwhile Feng Hengkong and the rest already know their grand elders died.
  • edited October 2016
    715 DPE's nightmare

    The elders think it has to be someone from the 4 sacred grounds who plotted against them.
    Hengkong says it's Yun Che because the 2nd grand elder who self destructed, sent him a message saying Yun Che.
    Hengkong gives his son the key to the basement and tells him to fetch his grandfather and tell him about what happened.
    Before their grand patriarch arrives, they have to keep Yun Che out with a force field.
    They immediately activate the phoenix barrier.
    Yun Che got blocked by the shield while he was heading back and takes out his sword and start grinding on it.
    After the 13th strike, a crack appears.
    Meanwhile, everyone inside DP city hears the deafening sound of the sword striking the barrier, can't help but covering up their ears in pain.

    At another location, Feng Xue'er & the baibai bird also hear the sound. Xue'er figures something big must have happened and decides to go back.

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