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    651 Fighting to the death with one's back facing the river

    The war is being fought at Blue wind Capital's gate. Each soldier of the divine phoenix empire have the strength equaling 10 soldiers of Blue wind. 
    Out of the million soldiers Blue wind had, only 100,000 is left. Their arrows ran out so they decide to open the gate an go for melee, which is also their last defense. They try to take away Queen Cangyue, but she firmly decides to stay and perish together Blue wind. Dongfang Xiu wants to knock her out and take her to safety, but she says she would bite her tongue and commit suicide after she wakes up.
    Queen Cangyue gives her soldiers one last war cry, which made the soldiers going berserk, discarding their lives just so they can trade their life for an enemy's life. 
    Divine Phoenix empire suddenly started losing ten thousands of soldiers which made 2nd elder Feng Feiheng angry. How is he going to report this to the emperor, so he let 43th elder Feng Feiying participate in the war. Feng Feiying, a tyrant, flies into the battle zone and uses his phoenix flames.
  • 652 Boiling anger

    In an instant, his flames killed over 2000 soldiers. They call him a bully, but he doesn't care.
    He tells Blue Wind to surrender but Cangyue refused. Feng Feiying then tells her that she can die and uses his flames to attack Cangyue.
    Qin Wushang and a couple other guys stand infront of Cangyue to take the hit.
    While they are bracing for impact, a fire wave suddenly came from another direction completely engulfing Feng Feiying's phoenix flames.
    The fire wave continues heading to Feng Feiying's direction. He dodges, but still got touched by the edge of the fire wave and caught on fire.
    Feng Feiying becomes a fireman and burns to death. Everyone is stunned and the battlefield got silent.
    They all look to the direction of the guy who shot the fire wave and are afraid.
    Even Tianxia Diqi thinks Yun Che is looking scary.

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    653 I'm Back....

    One of the generals of divine phoenix empire asks him who he is, why he has to attack them.
    Yun Che angrily dive bombs them and tells them they all have to die.
    The dive bomb caused the earth to tremor for several miles. Everything around Yun Che got annihilated.
    Seconds later, debris of body parts and equipment DPE soldiers showered down.  
    Feng Feiheng felt this is the strength of a sovereign. They don't understand how someone with the strength of a sovereign could come to Blue wind's aid. Even to the divine phoenix empire, a sovereign is the pinnacle of existence. In the Divine phoenix empire, they have 56 elders. All of them range from mid to late stage tyrant, even their Patriarch Feng Hengkong is only at the peak of tyrant. Only their old patriarch and great elders have the strength of a sovereign, they number only in the tens. (Between 11-19)

    Feng Feiheng says it's impossible for a sovereign to come to the aid of Blue Wind, so he wants to talk to this guy.. but then he sees the guy's face and he recognizes him as Yun Che from the 7 country battle 3 years ago.

    Cangyue got weak after hearing the person is Yun Che and loses her strength to stand. Yun Che immediately appears next to her to hold her in his arms. They have the usual reunion before she fainted. Yun Che diverts some great way of Buddha energy into her and felt that she is incredibly weak and might not have slept for days.

    Yun Che thanks Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang for taking care of Cangyue and gives her into Qimei's care. He asks Xiao Yun whether he has killed anyone before. He got a negative answer.
    Yun Che then tells Xiao Yun that if he wants to grow up to be a real man, starting today, he will have to dye his hands with fresh blood from his enemies. Yun Che flies off towards Divine Phoenix empire's army while Xiao Yun is still standing there.

    Tianxia Diyi then tells Xiao Yun that even though they elves hate killing & war. But if he were him, he would definitely bathe his body in these people's blood. Originally a peaceful land, now trampled by the enemy and dyed with the blood of our own countryman.. This is unforgiveable.
    He tells Xiao Yun that this is not just Yun Che's homeland... but also his..

    Xiao Yun: !!!!!
  • 654 Bloody massacre  Pussy Xiao Yun

    One of the generals still ignorant asks Feng Feiheng which Yun Che he is talking about.
    Feng Feiheng says it's of course the Yun Che who kicked their ass 3 years ago during the 7 country tournament.
    Originally, he was still going to use his identity of Divine Phoenix empire's elder to try and talk to him, but he discarded that idea after finding out he is Yun Che.
    The general asks him what to do, Feng Feiheng gives the order to fully retreat.
    As they wanted to retreat, Yun Che already started massacring them. Divine phoenix empire's soldiers are turning into hamburger patties.
    As Xiao Yun is watching the scene, he gets scared. Holding his head saying he can't do it.  Qimei comforts him.
    Even the soldiers from Blue wind who are supposed to be happy are scared out of their wits.
    Yun Che killing is killing the soldiers by the thousands, even used his burning sun explosion to vaporize them.

    Feng Feiheng gets chased down by Yun Che and got injured by a getsuga tenshou, he says he is the 19th elder from Divine Phoenix empire and Yun Che can't kill him. But he gets killed anyways.
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    655 Ashes of the underworld (Yellow fountain)

    After seeing how the late stage tyrant Feng Feiheng got killed in 2 strikes, general Qi Zhencang tried to save most of his troops by dispersing them in all directions. Yun Che would only be able to chase down some, but not all. 
    Yun Che did not catch up, he stood there a bit, flew up in the air and started to channel golden crow's flames again.

    Just as Qi Zhencang thought he escaped from dis devil, he suddenly felt the air becoming hot. Breathing is like inhaling fire, his body feels like it's getting cooked. More than half of his soldiers are already writhing in pain on the ground. Their armors are like hot plates burning into their flesh. 

    People from blue wind's side aren't affected, but they also felt the air getting hot. Tianxia Qiyi and Qimei looks at Yun Che and see the appearance of the golden crow's image. Tianxia Qiyi has seen this image before because the previous demon emperor's would also cast this image when they operate the Ode of the golden crow, but those images were translucent and dim. Yun Che's golden crow image is clear and bright, almost blinding them. 
    Almost like the golden crow god being present herself. 

    All the previous demon emperors were only given 3 drops of blood essence when they went to awaken the golden crow's blood in the shrine. They are also given 3 months time to ponder the ode of the golden crow. In the history of the demon continent, the strongest demon emperor was only able to reach ode of the golden crow 4th level .
    Yun Che was given 9 drops of blood essence and cultivated ode of the golden crow up to level 7 in less than 3 months. They are totally incomparable. 

    After a while, Yun Che shouted they all have to die and nuked them with 7th level ode of the golden crow, Ashes of the underworld. 
    Within 10 seconds, everything within the range of 35km from ground zero is gone. 
    He lay down his arms and looked at the direction of Divine phoenix empire. The annihilation of this DPE army is just the beginning.
  • 656 - 657 Bad news about Ice Cloud

    @ Divine phoenix empire, one message after another comes in about broken life slips of their 19th & 43th elder, can't contact their army that was attacking Blue wind's capital. They can't contact the generals.. or any of the 10,000 man, 1000 man or 100 man commanders.. 
    Feng hengkong doesn't believe it, wants to find out about what happened and asks about other troops.
    They have 270,000 troops and 52nd elder stationed 300km away from the capital, so he orders to have 52nd elder take 50,000 troops with flying profound beasts to blue wind capital to find out what happened before midnight. (Erm.. stupid author, aren't the 50k troops just a drag???)

    Yun Che took the sleeping Cangyue to their bedroom. He breath is very weak and she hasn't been taking good care of her body. If left this way she would get very sick soon.
    Yun Che fed her a green pill, this is a pill which he refined with references from the tyrant pill. If directly swallowed, she would die. But with Yun Che's medical skills, he is able to dosage it perfectly to her, allowing her to be completely reborn. 
    Cangyue wakes up and cries in Yun Che's arms.

    Outside, Qimei introduced themselves to Dongfang Xiu and Qing Wushang, acknowledging their weird names (Tianxia Diyi & Tianxia Diqi <<first under the heavens & 7th under the heavens>>, in chinese... this is basically saying they are the best of the world and 7th best of the world, very arrogant and no whiff of humbleness or whatsoever). She blames her smelly old dad for naming them so.

    Tianxia Diyi is like why are you giving out our true names so casually, their names aren't easy to forget even if you tried.. what if the 4 sacred ground finds out. He also feels depressed because Qimei introduced Xiao Yun before him, bro before ho man before bro.

    After seeing Yun Che coming back, Qin Wushang thinks their country might really be saved.

    After a while, Yun Che & Cangyue comes out of their room. Cangyue welcomes the 3 guests to Blue wind's country with the temperament of a queen. 
    The 3 also respectfully replied that she shouldn't hesitate if there is anything they can do to help.
    Xiao Yun & Qimei also calls her sister in law. Canyue thanks them for taking care of her husband.
    Yun Che tells her to rest but she says she is ok. More DPE soldiers should arrive within 24 hours, so they should also prepare themselves and there is no time for rest. 

    Talking with Qin Wushang & Dongfang Xiu, Che Che also learned more about Blue wind country's situation. 90% of the country is occupied, over 50 million people died. Because they are weak, they aren't treated as equal humans, but as lower beings. As for those who are relatively powerful in Blue wind, they are even more so afraid of dying. Heavenly sword villa shut themselves out. Xiao sect even took the initiative to kiss their feet. 

    Yun Che then asks about grandpa & little aunt. Dongfang Xiu says they are ok, they are back in Floating cloud village. There are DPE soldiers in that area, but they did not occupy the village and are spread outside. Also, Floating cloud village was given orders to not resist, so there was no confrontation.

    Yun Che wants to go there to take grandpa & little aunt so they could reunite with Xiao Yun, but Dongfang Xiu says there is something he wants to tell him about Ice cloud asgard. Even though their relationship with Ice cloud asgard was shallow, they received aid from them during the war. Ice cloud asgard sent them a stream of medicine, weapons, profound crystals and profound formations which helped them stalling DPE a lot. But 6 months ago, they received a message from Ice cloud asgard that they met big calamity and couldn't aid Blue wind anymore in the war. Since then, they haven't recieved any messages anymore from Ice cloud asgard. Nobody knows what's happening. 

    Yun Che suddenly remembers the 1000 years prophecy and decides to immediately travel to Ice cloud asgard. He tells them to message him if anything happens and leaves Blue wind capital to Tianxia Diyi and co.
  • 658 All for naught

    In just a moment, Yun Che already arrived in the snow region 10 miles from Ice cloud asgard. He hears the sound of things getting hit and immediately heads to Ice cloud asgard without hesitation.

    The 12 guys from Sun & Moon Divine hall finally broke through the hard wall where 2000 Ice cloud asgard fairies are hiding. The matriarch of Ice cloud asgard is still heavily injured from 6 months ago and vomits some more blood. Ye Qingshen laughs, saying he will kill the asgard disciples one by one and is curious how much blood she will vomit from losing her disciples until she dies. They can't feel the presence of Xia Qingyue and find out that she already teleported away, which made them very mad.  Ye Ziyi gives them one last chance on survival if they reveal the place where Xia Qingyue fled to.
    The other party declines, saying the day that Xia Qingyue comes finding them, is the day on which their blood debt will be repaid.

    Ye Qingshen attacks. The 7 fairies tries to block but got blown away. Ye Qingshen says he will kill them all starting with the 7 fairies. Just as he wants to attack, Yun Che arrives like a blitz in front of the fairies.
  • 659 Merciless instant kill

    Yun Che displaying such tremendous speed, frightened the shit out of the 12 guys from Sun & Moon divine hall. But after probing a bit, they got relieved again because they found out Yun Che was only emperor 3. Yun Che is ignoring them and looks in the Frozen end divine hall.
    Feng Qianhui (old matriarch) is already in her coffin and Gong Yuxian (current matriarch) is beyond repair. Even if she gets cured, she will have to start cultivation all over. Yun Che apologizes for being late. Gong Yuxian says he shouldn't have come because she doesn't believe Yun Che can defeat tyrants.
    Yun Che answers that since he is a disciple from ice cloud asgard, he should obviously protect his fellow disciples. He will never let anyone trample over their ice cloud asgard.

    After hearing it, Ye Qingshen laughs at him for daring to speak a ridiculous joke. He acknowledges his agility movements, but if he wants him dead in 1 breath, he definitely won't be able to live up to 2 breaths. Also, he remembers the beef Yun Che has with his young master 3 years ago in the profound ark. If they bring Yun Che to his young master, he would definitely be happy.

    This is where Yun Che also knows that the opponent is from Sun & Moon divine hall, he remembers the beef he had with Ye Xinghan.

    Ye Qingshen let one of the black clothed guys take down Yun Che. At a distance of 30 feet, Yun Che just casually waved the back of his hand. The black clothed guy got blasted against a stone wall 10 feet behind him and dies.
    Casually killing an emperor 9 like that, everyone present found out that Yun Che has the power of at least a late stage tyrant.
    Both Ye Qingshen & Ye ziyi are tyrant 5, they can also kill an emperor 9 in one strike, but they would at least have to exert 80% of their power.
    Doing it like Yun Che is impossible even for them.
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    660 Scared shitless

    Ye Qingsheng & Ye Ziyi forcibly decides it was just a fluke. They let the 9 other black clothed guys join up and attack him at the same time.
    Yun Che still not moving his feet, shoots out 9 ice spirit balls. The moment the 9 guys get hit by the ice balls, they get frozen, fall to the ground and shatter into pieces.
    Ye Qingsheng asks Yun Che whether he knows who they are. Yun Che says he doesn't, he only know they are going to be all dead.
    Yun Che then grabs Ye Ziyi by his neck and burns him into nothingness.. Not even a trace of ash is left behind.
    The only one left is Ye Qingsheng who is scared shitless with his back against the wall, he tries to flee.
  • 661 New Asgard leader

    Yun Che captures Ye Qingsheng by freezing him. He leaves him alive because they still want to find out why they attacked Ice Cloud asgard.
    Gong Yuxian is dying, Yun Che tries to save her by channeling the force of heaven & earth into her using the great way of the Buddha.
    Gong Yuxian coughs up blood while talking. Yun Che tells her to calm down and rest so he can cure her. She refuses and says there are things she wants to say right this moment. Gong Yuxian then enters the state of < 回光返照  > ''Huíguāngfǎnzhào'' (Chinese people believe this is a state of consciousness someone can get into just before dying, instead of gradually losing consciousness while dying, his consciousness suddenly flashes back to him and he becomes very clear minded. It literally means: flashback of returning light and is something like a last gasp)

    Gong Yuxian asks how strong Yun Che is, he says he is emperor 3 but he thinks he can fight against sovereign 3.
    She asks whether he still sees himself as a disciple of Ice cloud asgard, Yun Che nods.
    Gong Yuxian acknowledges Yun Che as a righteous and passionate man. She decides to make Yun Che the next leader of Ice cloud asgard and gives him the Ice cloud immortal crystal, it contains all the secrets of ice cloud asgard and memories of previous leaders. With the crystal, you can also unlock all the prohibited areas in Ice cloud asgard. The crystal is also proof of the leader's identity.
  • 662 Divine Phoenix again

    Gong Yuxian begs Yun Che to accept it. She knows the 12 guys who attacked them were just minions, so their Ice cloud asgard's calamity isn't over. In fact, it's just the beginning. Also, for a sect to have tyrant minions, she can already guess they are from one of the 4 sacred grounds.
    Therefore, she can only beg Yun Che to keep them safe. Gong Yuxian knows Ice cloud asgard will only be a burden to Yun Che.
    Yun Che accepts. Gong Yuxian then dies and the other Ice cloud asgard disciples are mourning over her.

    35km south east of Blue wind imperial capital, 52th elder and his 50k troops are closing in. They find the Earth to have a flat and smooth surface and there is nothing else. They decide to report this to their patriarch before proceeding towards Blue winds capital.
    On the other side, Queen Cangyue also received a report about 50k DPE troops closing in and are already less than 15km from them.
  • 663 Return of the tyrant

    Soldiers of the DPE arrives while riding on spirit, earth & sky profound beasts. Xiao Yun is amazed by the line up.
    Queen Cang Yue failed transmitting the message to Yun Che (FUCK YOU MARS), so they're unable to call him back.
    Tianxia Diyi says it doesn't necessary mean Yun Che met an accident, he might be in an area where sound transmission is blocked. (LICK MY ASSHOLE MARS)
    Xiao Yun asks him what to do. Tianxia Diyi says it's obviously up to the three of them to fight off DPE army. He tells Xiao Yun to stop relying on Yun Che whenever he meets trouble. He is a married man and should at least be dependable for his loved ones.
    Xiao Yun says he understands. Qimei doesn't want Xiao Yun to change.

    Tianxia Diyi takes out his bow, ready to loose 12 arrows. Each of those arrows can pierce through the enemy's entire line up. Before he launches his attack, a golden 100 feet long profound ship approaches. 52th Elder Feng Hengjiang recognizes the heavenly saint divine ship. The personal ship of Absolute Monarch sanctuary's leader, Saint emperor. The strongest person of the profound sky continent.

    The ship stops, and Xia Yuanba comes out releasing killing intent towards DPE army. His body is 4 to 5 times as big as a normal adult and they feel the breath of a sovereign on him.
    Feng Hengjiang asks who he is, Yuanba says he is the guy who sends them to hell.
    Feng Hengjiang calls Yuanba predecessor, pleads him to wait because they are from DPE and whether there hasn't been any misunderstanding between them.
    Yuanba says he indeed wants to kill DPE's brutes and tells them all to die. Yuanba then starts his killing with an energy beam.

  • 664 Aftermatch Ice cloud

    Yuanba killed everyone of DPE with a single attack. He turns back to Blue wind's capital and is relieved Queen Cang Yue & Qin Wushang are well.
    Cang Yue tells Tianxia Diyi that Xia Yuanba is her and Yun Che's junior apprentice brother, he and Yun Che are also family.

    Back @ divine phoenix empire, 52th elder's soul crystal shattered... They are also unable to contact the army that went with him. Nobody knows what's going on.

    Ice cloud asgard disciples are now worshipping Yun Che as their new ruler. Yun Che tells them he will temporary fill in the role of Ice cloud asgard's patriarch until they find Xia Qingyue. Of course he will also keep his promise in protecting Ice cloud asgard.
    Murong Qianxue asks Yun Che what they should be doing now.
    Yun Che is going to interrogate Ye Qingsheng using his profound handle.
    From this, he learns that they were sent by Ye Xinghan from Sun & Moon Hall to capture Xia Qingyue.
    As for the reason, he doesn't know. Ye Xinghan has never personally seen Xia Qingyue, but learned about her from an elder from Heavenly might sword domain. Ye Qingsheng doesn't know which elder either.
    Yun Che lost his patience and decided to read all of Ye Qingsheng's memories instead
  • 665 A way out for Ice cloud

    From the memories of Ye Qingsheng, Yun Che found out about the fact that Ye Xinghan was supposed to come himself, but he felt a sudden breakthrough and had to go into seclusion. Also, Ye Xinghan made it very secretive. Not even his father knows about this.
    Yun Che also found out about the Phoenix ancestor god suddenly appearing 3 years ago to teach Ye Xinghan a lesson, even though he was dead.

    He was able to deduct that it was Lin Kun who told Ye Xinghan about Xia Qingyue's special body.

    After hearing it was Sun & Moon Hall, ice cloud asgard got afraid. Yun Che tells them there are only two options left.
    One is to leave this place, the other is to stay and repay them blood for blood.
    Ice cloud asgard's disciples don't believe they can fight Sun & Moon Hall head on, but Yun Che tells them he has a way to lift the cultivation level of all the disciples of Ice cloud asgard into emperors in half a year, he can also make the 6 fairies into tyrants within the same timespan.
  • 666 Sudden crisis

    Later that night, the frozen cloud fairies already went back to their rooms. Yun Che thinks they still have some time before Sun & Moon hall finds out about what happened here. When he is about to kill Ye Qingsheng, Jasmine tells him that these guys from Sun & Moon Divine hall have soul imprints. Sun & Moon divine hall will know who killed them because they will get the see their last moment before dying. So when Yun Che killed Ye Ziyi, Ye Xinghan already knows Yun Che is alive, back and stronger than ever. But if he kills Ye Qingsheng like that, they will also know about Yun Che's profound handle. Ye Xinghan will be able to mobilize his whole clan in name of purging demons.
    Jasmine tells Yun Che to remove the soul imprint before killing Ye Qingsheng, which he did.

    But still, Ye Xinghan already knows about him and trouble is going to come soon. He probably going to bring a couple sovereigns with him. Jasmine asks him what he is going to do, Yun Che says that they least have 12 hours to think of a plan. If he isn't able to think of something after 12 hours, they'll flee with his profound ship.

    Jasmine asks him if he is thinking about giving the tyrant pills to the fairies, Yun Che nods. But he will also have to use his great way of the Buddha on all the 2000 fairies or they'll die from taking the tyrant pill because their body alone isn't able to handle absorbing the tyrant pill.
    But at the moment Yun Che only has 37 tyrant pills, so he is going to the black chamber of commerce to buy ingredients.  
    Also to ask them whether they have found Chu Yuechan yet.

    At the moment of Ye Ziyi's death, Ye Xinghan received his memories up to 30 seconds prior to his death. He knows Yun Che is back and asks what ship they have that is available. His father took the Hongyang ship, so the Sun & Moon saint ship is still available.
    Ye Xinghan gives them an hour to prepare that ship for departure and calls 9th, 11th, 15th and 17th elder.
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    667 Fairy Bingyun's shadow

    After Yun Che left the place with his ship. High up in the air, Mu Bingyun and her disciple was watching everything that happened.
    They did not expect Ice cloud asgard to be saved by man. And this man caught Mu Bingyun's attention. She finds him bizarre for having both frozen end's divine art practiced up to the 6th stage and golden crow's profound art while maintaining a stable profound force that's not the slightest bit chaotic.
    Her disciple notes that if the golden crow's tribe @ Flame divinity realm finds out about the golden crow's heritage here, they would undoubtedly come here.

    Mu Bingyun then feels like she's been watched. Her disciple doesn't believe they are being watched and says it's her illusion. Mu Bingyun then coughs up blood, apparently she's injured. Her disciple gets frantic. Mu Bingyun wants to just accept her fate as the end of her life is nearing. Her disciple disagrees and says his highness realm emperor definitely has a way to save her, or they can just go beg Flame divinity realm's ... ...
    Mu Bingyun shuts her up and tells her they are leaving, the atmosphere here is worsen her injury.
    She thought she cut off all ties, but Ice cloud asgard is after all like her child, so she might come visit again in the near future.

    After they left, Jasmine appears... She recognizes these people are from Humming snow realm, adding that no wonder frozen end's divine art felt so familiar. This is the Ice phoenix god's tome without the soul essence of the ice phoenix.

    Yun Che got back to Blue wind's imperial capital, has his reunion with Xia Yuanba. He asks what profound level Yuanba is at now. Yuanba says he is sovereign 6 and he also knows about how OP his tyrant veins are now.
    Yun Che tells Jasmine that he always felt he was progressing very fast thanks to all his 'lucky' encounters and inheritances.
    But in front of Yuanba's tyrant emperor's divine veins, he feels weak like dregs..
  • 668 Approaching Sun & Moon Divine hall

    Jasmine says that the high growth rate is part of the tyrant veins. Different inheritances have different characteristics. Yun Che's evil god veins gives him an outbreak, allowing him to multiply his fighting power. Kampa Svaha's cultivation gives him a sacred body with strength comparable to a sovereign. Right now, he is not Yuanba's opponent. But if they were in the same realm, Yuanba wouldn't be his opponent.

    But even so, Yuanba's growth is still abnormal. Someone with tyrant veins, once awakened would immediately step into emperor, or even tyrant if the veins are fully awoken. 3 years ago, Yuanba in his early stage of awakening was already tyrant. Now he is sovereign, but his tyrant veins still haven't fully awoken yet. So Jamine thinks he should also have inherited some powerful innate strength from his parents as well. His mother should be an unfathomable figure.

    Later that night, Yun Che tells them about the matter regarding Ice cloud asgard which got Yuanba mad and really want to kill Ye Xinghan. But Yun Che can't let Xia Yuanba collide with Ye Xinghan or everyone of the sacred grounds will find out about Xia Qingyue's secret.

    Yuanba sends a message to his master asking whether there have been any movements from Sun & Moon divine hall. His master confirms that Sun Moon divine ship departed towards Blue Wind 4 hours ago. The ruler of Sun & Moon hall Ye Meixie ( terrible name btw, who would name his own son crazy/retarded )  is at Supreme Sea temple. So the one coming is probably Ye Xinghan himself.

    Everyone tells Yun Che to take all disciples of Ice cloud asgard into his ship and flee. But Yun Che has a better idea and fleeing would only be used as a last resort. He leaves Yuanba and the Tianxia siblings behind to protect the city. He then takes Xiao Yun with him to Ice cloud asgard in an attempt to scare Ye Xinghan away.
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    669 Four big elders

    The faster a ship, the higher the fuel consumption. Unless it's really urgent, people will usually not use those fast ships. Ye Xinghan took their fastest ship racing towards Blue wind country and knows he'll get punished later by his father, but he has no regrets.
    Inside his ship, Ye Xinghan has with him 15 retainers and 4 elders. The strongest of his retainers is tyrant 9.
    Within Sun & Moon Divine hall, you'll have to be at least a sovereign to be nominated an elder.
    The 4 elders Ye Xinghan brought with him are all ranked in the top 20.  11th elder Ye Juanyun, 15th elder Ye Shi, 17th elder Ye Xiaoran.
    There is even an elder ranked in the top 10: 9th elder Ye Guying who is sovereign 7.

    They think it's overkill, but one of the elders says they aren't afraid of Yun Che, but his master. Because being able to raise a disciple to such a degree within 7 years is pretty alarming, something even their sacred grounds can't do.
    They then discuss how Yun Che was able to survive the profound ark, because even their people got buried in there.
    One elder noted that both Yuanba & Princess Xue er used an escape talisman from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.
    So Yun Che should also have one, but went into hiding after he escaped so he wouldn't be hunted down by Ye Xinghan.
    If he really had a powerful master, he wouldn't have faked his death 3 years ago..  .. ..
    While talking they already got to the border of Blue wind country.

    @ Ice cloud asgard, Yun Che made Xiao Yun wear the same clothes as himself.
  • 670 Second coming of disaster

    Xiao Yun got a complete makeover into Yun Che's lookalike. Yun Che is going to let Xiao Yun face the guys Sun & Moon and tells him exactly what to do.
    He then shrinks his profound ship into palm size and places it in front of Ice cloud asgard's door. Afterwards, he calls out everyone from Ice cloud asgard and tells them that Ye Xinghan with at least 3 sovereigns is approaching and will probably arrive in 4 hours.
    One fairy asks him where he decided to escape to. He tells them they aren't going to escape, but face Sun & Moon head on.
    He also promises them that not one of them is going to lose their lives. Then for the next 4 hours, Yun Che retreats into frozen end's shrine.

    The ship from Sun & Moon divine hall finally arrives. Yun Che comes out and tells them there is nothing to fear.
    When the door opens and people come out of it, Yun Che tells Ye Xinghan he is disappointed in his ship, actually making him wait for so long.
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    671 Bluff

    Ye Xinghan gets angry at Yun Che. If not for him, he would've acquired Xue'er body and broken through sovereign already.
    But then he looks at the fairies behind Yun Che and every hateful thought he had for Yun Che was replaced by lust for the fairies.
    He thanks Yun Che, otherwise he wouldn't know about the fairies from Ice cloud asgard.
    Yun Che laughs and says that impending death is upon him, yet he is still dreaming.

    Ye Xinghan wants to let one elder take down Yun Che, but got stopped by another elder. They think something isn't right.
    The strongest he could probe is an emperor 8 and Yun Che is just emperor 3, so they think Yun Che is just bluffing.
    But still, they still aren't willing to take the risk for the one in a billion chance Yun Che isn't bluffing.

    One of the elder tries to make a deal with Yun Che before they kill him, if he answers his questions.. they might consider sparing the lives of the fairies behind him. Yun Che says they are fools if they think a sovereign 3, two sovereign 5 and a sovereign 7 together can kill him.
    Yun Che ability to probe their profound force stirred up some unrest in Ye Xinghan's camp.
  • 672 Shrouded coercion

    Being able to probe their strength, it has to be someone stronger than them. But being able to hide his presence from them as well, it has to be someone far stronger than them. This time, Ye family has no doubt about Yun Che having a very powerful master.
    Yet they still put up a strong front. One of the elders looking at Yun Che's fearless expression asks him whether he already knows they were coming.
    Yun Che confirms and says how else he would leave behind one soul imprint while removing the other one of the two Ye surnamed guys he killed.
    He left one soul imprint untouched so Ye Xinghan could see him kill his minion, whereafter he would immediately rush here with his people.

    One of the elders tells Yun Che to not think he can move Sun & Moon hall just because he has a powerful master.
    Yun Che says his master is usually living in his own little world and rarely comes out.
    But because Ye Xinghan's minions killed Ice cloud asgard's two matriarchs, as the new leader of Ice cloud asgard, he is going to call his master to pay back this blood debt. After which Yun Che disappeared without a trace.

    A little while after, Yun Che appears again. One of the elders starts laughing asking whether his master ran away because he got scared.
    But then another person pops up and his breath puts an immeasurable pressure on all the people from Sun & Moon hall.
    This aura is definitely not from a mortal, but from an ancient true god.
  • 673 Exposed ?

    The black robed guy who just came out asks whether it's them who wants to kill his disciple.
    One of the Sun & Moon elders answers very politely that it's not their intention to disturb him, they only seek justice because Yun Che killed twelve of their men. He hopes he will not shield him from this evil act.
    The black robed guy refuted back that it was their Sun & Moon hall coming attacking innocent ladies first.

    A different elder answers they have their reason for attacking Ice cloud asgard. Even if there is retaliation, it should come from Ice cloud asgard. Yun Che is just an outsider. And their Sun & Moon divine hall has always been an righteous and honorable existence. Protecting the peace of the continent. Deserving of the sacred ground name. If he let his disciple kill people from their Sun & Moon hall, the world does not agree.

    The black robed guy laughs and says that they might fool the world, but they can't fool him. He knows about their evil acts, just the girls who got ruined by his little master alone is a sin that heaven does not accept.

    An elder announced that he will report this to their patriarch when he gets back, he has been in seclusion for too long and doesn't know about the world outside, so he asks for this master's name.

    The black robed guy does not give his name, but tells them they can leave because he doesn't want to break his vow of not killing.

    Apparently, this act is seem as cowardice by the Sun & Moon elders. They think he is afraid of sun & moon to such an extend he doesn't even dare to announce his name. He might even be bluffing.
    Instead of leaving, they still want to test this master out. So an elder proposes a 1 vs 1 battle without killing, if they lose they'll leave.
    For this, the black robed guy accepts.
  • 674 Absolute Terrorizing

    But exchanging fist, the black robed guy would rather not. He then ignites a spark of blue flames on his hands and says that if he can catch this little spark of fire, it'll be his defeat and he'll leave immediately. From the looks of it, the blue fire doesn't have any breath of a profound fire. Seems just like ordinary fire.
    In other words: You guys are unworthy of fighting with me, consider it your victory if you can catch this little spark of mine.

    Ye Shi (the elder he was going to exchange pointers with) says that even the phoenix god would not dare to spurn an elder of the sun & moon divine hall like that. The black robed guy just laughs and casually pushes out the blue flame on his hand. Since it still didn't had the slighted profound atmosphere while in midair, Ye Shi thinks it's just bluff so he puts out the flame with his hands. When he touched it, there was not even a burning sensation. He laughs back proudly towards the other elders, but they look horrified and tells him to look at his right hand.
    When he looks back, his right hand has already vanished and the flames are creeping up his arms. He doesn't feel anything while he is being swallowed by the flames. Another elder cut off his arms, but the flames scatter and land on multiple parts of his body.. slowly making Ye Shi disappear.
    The elder who cut off his arm was made to throw away his sword or he'll be swallowed as well.
    Ye Shi is gone.

    The black robed guy sighs and says he just wanted to give a warning, did not expect to actually take someone's life. Seems like Tianxuan continent had really degraded..
    In other words: I know you guys are weak.. but did not expect weak to such an extend.

    He then says that since his vow of not killing has already been broken.. the rest of them should stay as well.. and ignites an even larger blue flame on his hands.
  • 675 Going away in panic

    Ye Guying hurriedly tries to pacify the black robed guy by being very humble. They believe he is an unimaginable existence from another realm.
    In the end, the black robed guy agrees and let them leave.
    Ye Guying asks for his name so in the future, his Sun & Moon hall will not dare to meddle with anyone under his protection.
    The name given is 夺天 - Doutian , meaning taking the heavens.
    Sun & Moon hall is then prepared to leave and tells Doutian he can come visit their Sun & Moon hall as a guest if he has free time.
    Basically trying to befriend him.

    Yun Che tells them to wait when they are trying to leave, but his black robed master refuted him. He tells him he cant rely on him unless he is in mortal danger. If he want things done, he has to do it himself.
    He tells him that when he picked him up 6 years ago, he was a cripple. Under his tutelage, 3 years later.. he was unparalleled within the same generation in the 7 country tournament. Another 3 years later, now he can fight a sovereign. So under his guidance, just another 3 years.. he'll be able to defeat anyone within the Sun & Moon hall. If his master solves his problem for him today, he'll become reliant and lose his heart to cultivate. This is bad for his progress.
    Yun Che says he understands..

    While leaving, Sun & Moon hall regrets they made an enemy out of Yun Che.
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    676 Warded off disaster

    Sun & Moon hall left in a hurry, afraid the black robed guy would change his mind.

    The black robed guy falls down exhausted and reveals himself to be Yun Che. The pressure he used before came from the dragon soul. Although not as strong as the dragon soul domain to lock someone down momentary, it still brought a great deal of consumption due to the duration.
    The previous Yun Che is revealed to be Xiao Yun.
    The two ice flame fusion Yun Che had used before was something he prepared for hours beforehand in the frozen end's shrine. He was only able to fuse two of them and store them inside his poison bead. Also, the ice flames will dissipate once they are fused, that's the reason why one of the flames was smaller than the other.

    Nontheless, everyone is relieved they warded off this disaster..
    Yun Che, now very weak, is being carried by one of the fairies back into Ice cloud asgard to rest.. Xiao Yun is also invited.
  • 677 Shuddering Sun & Moon

    After leaving with their Ship, the Sun & Moon elders are convinced of the prowess of Yun Che's master. Except for the phoenix god, they did not expect there to be another person who has reached the realm beyond sovereign. A Sovereign can open up a small space for storage, the realm beyond can create his own small independent world. Like how the divine sea secret territory from Supreme sea temple and the profound arc are independent worlds created by those ancient existences. Doutian mentioned 10.000 years in seclusion, so he is at least that old and might be a famous figure in the past. Maybe their patriarch who has inherited all the memories from their previous patriarchs knows about him, they'll report everything that has happened.
    Ye Xinghan is told not to provoke him and keep the grudges he has for Yun Che to himself, maybe even for a lifetime. 
    As for final decision, they are going to let their patriarch decide.

    Yun Che wakes up and asks  Han Xue what time it is. She tells him it's already noon, but curiously asks how he is able to tell the difference between her and her twin sister. Even their closest senior sister apprentices can't tell the difference. 
    Yun Che says they smell different. As a doctor, he has to learn to recognize herbs by smell as well because they sometimes look similar. 
    Yun Che still teases her by called her senior sister apprentice instead of junior apprentice aunt...
    When the other fairies enter as well, Yun Che tells them that since the danger has been warded off, he is going back to Blue wind Capital to take care of business with Divine Phoenix empire. 

    678 Floating Cloud city's demonic air

    Yun Che asks about Chu Yuechan, but her sister still has no news regarding her. He tells her that the chamber of commerce Black Moon might have found her after 3 years, so he is going to Divine phoenix empire and might also spend some time there. If anything happens, they can send him a message and he will hurry back. 

    Yun Che goes back to Blue wind capital, explains everything to his companions and takes Xiao Yun & Qimei to Floating Cloud City for a family reunion. 
    Back at Floating Cloud City, they hear soldiers outside breaking ground, but the city itself is untouched.
    They decide to ignore the soldiers and enter Floating cloud city, just when they are about the enter Jasmine tells him there is demonic air in the city.. 
    And the location is exactly in Xiao clan.
  • 679 Fen Juechen

    Yun Che enters the place where he grew up and becomes nostalgic.
    Xiao Lingxi sees him, leaps into his arms and starts crying. They have the standard boring reunion conversation that Yun Che's had so many times already.
    Fen Juechen enters the scene, happy that Yun Che is alive so he can kill him himself. 
    Yun Che can feel demonic air emitting from him and asks him does he really think he can kill him.
    Jasmine inside Yun Che's mind says that the current Fen Juechen is sovereign 5 and can indeed kill him if they have a head on bout.
  • This summary came a bit late because I was out of the country having a small vacation for a few days.

    680 Battle appointment

    But according to Jasmine, his strength did not come from practicing but from getting infused with a demonic origin.
    Yun Che asks what that is. Instead of explaining Jasmine tells him to figure out how to deal with the situation first.

    Fen Juechen attacks, but Xiao Lingxi jumps infront on Yun Che which made him startled. Fen Juechen immediately retracts more than half his black profound attack. The rest got blocked by Yun Che's evil god barrier which eroded full of holes after the attacked.
    Xiao Lingxi tells Fen Juechen to kill her first if he wants to kill Yun Che because the distruction of his clan was because of her in the first place.
    If he wants revenge, start with her.
    Fen Juechen can't do it and is in conflict with himself so the situation becomes stagnant until Yun Che walks out.
    He tells him is has no time for him atm because he has more important stuff to attend to.
    He proposes to settle their score after 3 months in the east Sea where he'll go alone.
    Fen Juechen agrees and disappears.

  • 681 & 682 Meeting each other

    Xiao Lingxi asks whether Yun Che is hurt and tells him not to seek out Fen Juechen in 3 months. He has changed a lot, not even the army of Divine phoenix empire dares to mess with him. It was because of him that Floating cloud city is now safe.
    Xiao Lingxi then explains what happened while he was gone, which made Yun Che felt less regretful for letting Fen Juechen live.
    Xiao Lingxi then notice Xiao Yun & Qimei. They introduce themselves and after they go meet his grandpa.
    His grandpa looks a lot older now, 3 years seems like he aged 30 years.

    Yun Che explains he went to Huan demon continent and not only reunited with his real parents, but also ...
    At this point, his grandfather sees Xiao Yun and asks for his name. When he heard it, he said good name. Given birth by Xiao, raised by Yun. 
    He recognizes Xiao Yun immediately because he looks exactly the same as his father.
    He also tells Xiao Yun that before he was exchanged, to be able to find him back one day, his mother tattooed the word An ''安'' on his left arm.
    He was given the Name Xiao An by his birth mother. An was not only his name, but his parents also hoped he could safely escape calamity and live in peace with his foster parents.  << An 安 , is short for PingAn 平安 which means peace/safety >>

    Xiao Yun draws back his sleeve and indeed, the word An is tattooed on his left arm. He kneels down, says he is an unfilial grandson for not being by his side for more than 20 years ... ... .. << basically same thing went down as when Yun Che had his reunion with his own parents, Xiao Yun was able to watch and learn.>> .. After they went inside the house.

    Yun Che teases Xiao Lingxi for making him eat a big loss for called her little aunt while not even being blood related. Xiao Lingxi says he has no manners . Yun Che says he is the best at having no manners and forcibly kisses her. A while after, even when their mouths separated, they continue to hug.
  • 683 The legend of Doutian old man

    Back @ Sun & Moon hall, elder Guying is talking to the patriarch about what happened when they went to frozen cloud asgard.
    The patriarch asks for the name and Guying tells him.
    The patriarch then remembers from an ancient past, >10,000 years ago before the Sun & Moon divine hall was established..
    When Sun & Moon hall's ancestor just broke through early sovereign realm. At that time, there was nobody who didn't know about old man Doutian.. ( Really Author?? )
    He was an unparalleled existence, a half step into god realm. He disappeared at some point in history, it is believed he truly stepped into god realm and left for higher planes.
    They believe Yun Che's master is in fact old man Doutian from his ancestor's memories. If he really stepped into god realm, then it's entirely possible for him to live up till today.
    Guying then believes there is no mistake Doutian has entered into god realm, the oppression he felt from him like he was nothing. Also, to forge a talisman to escape the profound ark, more than ten sovereigns have to work together for a long time. And it is a one time use only.  Meanwhile, that Doutian person entered the profound ark, which has already left, to get Yun Che out. This ability to break through the void, only a god has it.

    The patriarch gives out order to the whole Sun & Moon hall to not provoke Yun Che & anyone related to him.
    Guying asks whether they should try to amend their relationship with Yun Che. The patriarch asks whether he is afraid, he says he is indeed afraid.
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