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    619 Flames of revenge (part three)

    Royal Han, royal Chung's senior uncle and bodyguard, a sovereign stage 6, comes out crying. Saying that even though Chung was disrespectful, he didn't deserve to die. The young demon empress says he more so deserved to die for rebelling & disobeying her orders. She will not hesitate to kill Han if he decides to stick with Huai as well. Han says she might as well kill him. So the young demon empress kills him by burning him, which Han regretted in the end. 

    She tells the 3 grand elders of Yun clan to grab Huai for a soul search interrogation, she will kill whoever dares to block. 
    The 3 grand elders obeys, but again gets (cock-)blocked by southern heaven's fantastic four. (four sovereigns who were already famous 700 years ago and even Yun Canghai mentioned a lot about these four).

    Yun Qinghong is baffled by the strength royal Ming was able to gather up all these years. Just his bodyguards already numbered 17 mid stage sovereigns. 70% Of all the sovereigns in the capital are already under Huai. Yun Che says that despite that, in the end they provoked a demigod(half-divine). He is curious whether these forces gathered by Huai are able to bear the wrath of a god.
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    620 Limitless intimidating might    

    <Hiyono treated us to a full translation of the chapter this time, which is better than just a crappy summary, so here it is>

    The Four Absolutes of the South turned to the three Yun Clan senior elders. Even though these seven Sovereign auras had yet to directly clash, they had already caused the space around them to warp into a swirling eddy.

    The three senior elders' advance suddenly slowed; the space above them twisted - three more people suddenly appeared, the energy coming from them in no way less than that of the Four Absolutes of the South.

    Ten Sovereigns, and moreover, all of them were mid- or high-rank Sovereigns... Their auras blended together, drowning the surrounding area like the waves of the sea.

    Seven Sovereigns, joining hands... An unimaginable force! Aside from the Imperial Capital, there was nowhere else in their continent - even their largest city, Heavenly Demon City - that had seven Sovereigns. Although the three senior elders from the Yun Clan were strong, but there was no way they could get close to King Huai with seven mid-, high-rank Sovereigns in their way.

    A conflagration of extreme heat suddenly enveloped them from above... The heat notwithstanding, as this aura came down, everyone felt their blood run cold.

    Amid another spatial distortion, the figure of Little Demon Empress suddenly appeared before everyone's frozen gaze, standing between the Yun Clan senior elders and the seven Sovereigns. From her body, the crimson-gold flame of the Golden Crow suddenly erupted, accompanied by a brilliant flash of limitless heat.

    In an instant, the entire palace - all that the eye could see - was enveloped in blinding scarlet.

    "This is..." Yun Che breathed unconsciously, "the third realm of the Golden Crow - Yang Flame explosion!"

    Within the scarlet-colored air, boundless Golden Crow flames coalesced into a blazing, searing, holy image of the Golden Crow which tore apart the crimson-red world and flew at the seven Sovereigns...

    In the blink of an eye, that seemingly limitless, earth-shattering power of the seven Sovereigns vanished without a trace. The world around them fragmented into shards as space itself imploded. At that moment, their eyes and minds were filled with one thing - a boundless sea of crimson flame...

    Their considerable mental powers informed them that this flame had already crept into their bodies, invaded their very souls. The formidable defense around their Sovereign bodies and spirits were as naught before the flame, and afforded them no protection whatsoever.


    With a loud crash, the flames filling the sky condensed, and the seven Sovereigns were thrown from the air like a discarded rag. Their heads, bodies, limbs - their entirety enshrouded in a crimson-gold flame. That wasn't all, though - within their bodies, within their souls, the flame burned without mercy.

    The seven Sovereigns flailed madly on the floor, howling in pain... They now understand why King Han had been wailing so. The feeling of being burned alive by the flames of the Golden Crow was like being gouged by numberless blades across every inch of their bodies and minds. Their incredible wills, countless times stronger than that of the normal person, lasted but a few moments before they began to pray for death.

    The counterattack of a Sovereign pushed to the boundaries of despair is a terrifying thing, but the seven Sovereigns could only wail and scream. Not a one released their energy in an attempt to fight back... because the moment any profound energy leaked from their bodies it was seared away in the next instant.

    Those waiting in the shadows to act, about to press forward to protect King Huai, began to shake uncontrollably, now unwilling to take so much as a step in tha tdirection. Within ten breaths' time, the wailing had stopped; Little Demon Empress slowly raised her hand and casually pinched off the flames coming from her palm.


    The Golden Crow flames burning the seven Sovereigns suddenly exploded, filling the air with scattered flame. The flame-enshrouded bodies, following the Golden Crow's flames into the air, vanished into nothingness.

    King Zhong, King Han, the seven Sovereigns of King Huai's house...

    These nine had died horribly at Little Demon Empress' hands. These nine, who had offered not the slightest resistance, were anything but weak - these nine were 100% genuine Sovereigns!

    Even within the Imperial Capital, Sovereigns were as rare as phoenix feathers. The loss of a single Sovereign, even one of the lowest rank, was a momentous event that could rock all of the Illusionary Demon Continent to its core.

    And yet today, in the blink of an eye, nine Sovereigns - eight of whom were mid- or high-ranked Sovereigns - had suffered ignominious death at the hands of Little Demon Empress. Throughout the entire process, there had been no earth-shaking, heaven-rending clashes of power. She had simply waved her hand a few times, called up a few waves of flame... and nine Sovereigns had perished so utterly that there were no bodies to bury.

    Beyond simple, as if killing the nine took no more effort than swatting a fly.

    "We said this already: whoever dares to obstruct, dies!" Little Demon Empress slowly turned. She possessed a heavenly beauty, and her tiny frame seemed so incredibly delicate. Were any man to see a girl like her, the natural reaction to her breathtaking beauty would be a raging, instinctual desire to protect her, to possess her. And yet, all those present, not a one dared to so much as meet her eyes. The second her frozen gaze fell upon them, their bodies went stiff, as if they'd fallen into the most frigid of abysses; it seemed to them as though even the very blood in their bodies froze in that instant.

    A crushing, oppressive pressure that they had never before experienced in their lives. They instinctively felt that if it were her will, that pressure alone would suffice to rend their bodies to pieces.

    Aside from that feeling of pressure, however, what they felt far more was fear. Little Demon Empress was far too merciless - no; far too cruel. Nine Sovereigns, each of who possessed great might and prestige - King Zhong and King Han were even members of the aristocracy - and yet she had simply stretched forth her hand and without so much as a warning or even the slightest margin of leeway, sent them to the depths of hell. Worse still, before they had died, they had been forced to bear unimaginable torment, and their deaths hadn't even left so much as ash.

    She had cut down provincial lords and Sovereigns without the least hesitation... let alone them!

    Little Demon Empress today seemed the very embodiment of the God of Death! To touch her would be to invite doom!

    King Huai's pupils had long since contracted to the size of a needle. The absolute calm he'd felt earlier was now replaced by a primal terror. Little Demon Empress' sudden return had taken him by surprise, but that had only just thrown him off his stride somewhat, because he knew he overwhelmingly held the upper hand. However, in just a few short moments, the situation had completely turned. The power that Little Demon Empress now displayed seemed nothing less than a nightmare come to life.

    He'd always thought that his father, King Ming, was an unparalleled existence. Nevertheless, even though he'd never seen his father's true limits, he was sure of one thing - even his father couldn't annihilate seven mid-, high-ranked Sovereigns with a wave of his hand! 

    This was a power that simply should not exist within this world, an unprecedented strength that had never before appeared even within the history or legends of their people!

    Those who had cast in their lot with King Huai were struck dumb. The He Lian, Chi Yang, Jiu Fang, Nan Gong, Lin, Xiao, and Bai clans were struck speechless, their throats quivering instead. The seven mighty heads of these families were drenched with cold sweat, their knees knocking together... Even those families whose loyalty to the royal family had never wavered were filled with terror, unwilling to so much as take a breath.

    King Zhong had died, King Han had died, and seven Sovereigns had been eradicated with a single move!

    This was the most terrifying, most staggering power their world had ever seen!

    "Hurry up and arrest King Huai!"

    Little Demon Empress' frigid rebuke woke the three senior elders from their frozen state, and they charged once more toward King Huai, who was panicking. this time, although the air around him crackled with energy, not a one stepped forward to stop their advance.

    Attaining Sovereign-rank was the goal and dream of every practictioner. Every Sovereign had only reached their position through countless hours of painstaking effort, at great material expense, and with no small amount of luck. Once they'd reached this level, they'd assumed that they no longer had anything to fear, because they were now existences standing at the pinnacle of the world. No longer was there anyway to keep them down.

    But today, they discovered to their great horror, that in Little Demon Empress' presence, they were no more than dust, as powerless as a newborn infant.

    They were not afraid of death... but when a Sovereign died, it should be a world-shaking event! The nine Sovereigns that had just perished at Little Demon Empress' hands, however, had died ever so ingloriously. With these nine as an example, if anyone were to place themselves in front of King Huai at this moment, the same fate awaited them!

    There was simply no way that they would sacrifice their hard-earned Sovereign selves to die a meaningless, dog's death.

    "King Huai, surrender yourself!"

    With a roar, the three senior elders activated their xuangang (I refuse to call it profound handle; that's not what it is -_-), locking down King Huai who had long since been scared out of his mind. These three lightning powers firmly sealed off the space around him. King Huai had apparently already lost all courage, and he simply stood there unmoving, his gaze blank, as he fell into their hands without resistance.

    "K-, King Huai..."

    Within his mansion, those inexorably proud relatives and core subordinates cowered, their eyes wide. Silently, they watched as King Huai was taken by the three Yun Clan elders, but not a one moved. Little Demon Empress' back was turned to them, but they nonetheless felt a frigid blade pressed against their necks. They knew that if they were to so much as move an inch, they would die on the spot.

    "Father... someone save Father! Quickly, somebody save him!" Hui Ye howled. "Father is the new emperor of the Demon World, why aren't you protecting him?! PROTECT HIM!"

    Hui Ye screamed himself hoarse, but within the household of King Huai, that huge, prominent power, no one dared move. Little Demon Empress slowly turned around, her withering glare fixating on Hui Ye.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" As if coiled about by a venomous serpent, his body shook uncontrollaby as he screamed in terror. Frantically, he crawled backward. "Don't kill me, don't kill me... I haven't done anything, don't kill me..."

    The normally insufferably arrogant Hui Ye, faced with a very real threat to his life, reacted exactly like any normal person would; or rather, with even less composure than that. He collapsed on the floor, shaking, no longer able to stand. The color from his face bled dry, and all those around him suddenly smelled a foul stench filling the air.

    Hui Ye had wet himself in fear.

    Little Demon Empress had already turned away. Someone like that didn't deserve her taking personal action. Just those few moments her gaze had fallen upon him had already dirtied her eyes.

    And yet, the situation notwithstanding, no one felt like laughing. Looking at Hui Ye now, no longer did any one feel the slightest bit of admiration, only pity and contempt. On the faces of those of their house, by comparison, only shame and sorrow could be found. Even as liquid spread forth from his lower regions, no one stepped forward to help lift him to his feet.

    Yun He, Yun Jiang, and Yun Xi quickly sealed off the profound energy of King Huai, who did not fight back. Yun He grabbed him and brought him before Little Demon Empress, presenting him with a bow: "We have taken King Huai into custody. Please sentence him, Little Demon Empress."

    Given the terrifying power that Little Demon Empress had displayed, killing King Huai would take no effort at all, and yet she did not take action. Instead, she'd had them arrest him. It was clear that she did not intend for him to die just yet, and so the three senior elders had simply sealed off his profound energy, and had not harmed him.

    Suddenly, a hateful and insane crimson light burst forth from King Huai's previously dull eyes. His profound energy had clearly been sealed, but now the jet-crimson Flames of the Fallen Devil ignited! These flames rampaged forth, thrusting Yun He, Yun Jiang, and Yun Xi, who had been caught unprepared, to the side. The burning figure of King Huai, shrouded in the Flames of the Fallen Devil, dashed forward like a maddened bull, roaring as he charged toward Yun Che and his parents!

    Yun Qing Hong was currently receiving treatment from Yun Che. In his critical condition, he couldn't use his profound energy. Mu Yu Rou was also wounded... No one was left to stop King Huai. Little Demon Empress, eyes narrowed, watched King Huai's progress but did nothing to stop him.

    "Watch out!" Mu Fei Yan, Mu Yu Bai, Su Xiang Nan, Yun Wai Tian and the others turned pale with fright. None had predicted that King Huai, his profound energy sealed, would break through the seal in an instant. Even if they wanted to act, it was already too late.

    At the precise moment when the Flames of the Fallen Devil had burst forth from King Huai's body, Yun Che's gaze had shifted slightly. As King Huai charged twoard him, Yun Che removed his palm from his father's back, not a trace of concern or worry on his face.

    "Hong Er!"

    Heavenly Calamity in hand, he executed the Star God's Broken Shadow. Leaving afterimages in his wake, those gathered saw him instantly appear in front of King Huai, hands tightly clenched around the vermilion blade, burning with a pure golden flame...

    "Che Er!" Mu Fei Yan and the others shouted in fright. In King Huai's maddened state, he was clearly putting everything he had on the line! The power of a berserk fifth-ranked Sovereign wasn't something that Yun Che could handle! A direct confrontation like this... even if Yun Che were ten times stronger, his death was still a certainty!

    In King Huai's eyes, only Yun Che's figure could be seen. His pupils suddenly flared wide and the flames around his body swelled. "Yun Che... DIE!" he screamed, his voice filled with emotion, though whether with excitement or bitterness it was unclear.

    Yun Che's brow furrowed, his gaze frigid. The Sword of Heavenly Calamity, flaring with golden flames, swept forward to meet King Huai without any sign of retreat... because were he to so much as shift in either direction, the ones to bear the consequences would be his father and mother.

    "Fifth realm of the Golden Crow Burning the World - Golden Annihilation!"
  • 621 Golden Annihilation

    Everyone thinks Yun Che will be killed in his frontal collision with Huai. Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian rushes towards him, but are too late. 
    They could only watch the demon demonic flames from Huai completely covering up Yun Che. 
    However, Yun Che's golden flames from Golden Annihilation cut the demonic flames in two parts, slices through it and continues to move forward to give Huai a deep cut in his chest.

    World Ode of the golden crow, except for the first two realms. Every realm will be a skill corresponding to the golden crow's destructive flames.  
    Once cultivated up to the 7th realm, you can use area of annihilation (Some sort of aoe attack).

    Among first seven realms of the ode of the golden crow, in terms of power of a single target attack, the 5th realm <<Golden Annihilation>> is the strongest.
    The 6th realm is called <<Red Lotus Inferno>> and the 7th realm <<Ashes of the Underworld>>. 

    The two parts of demonic flames heads towards Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian, whom both are able to suppress it down. (Somehow, Mu Feiyan now has the power of a sovereign 8, while he was a sovereign 7 few chapters ago)

    Yun Che's getsuga tenshou leaves a one inch deep cut on Huai's body, from his left shoulder to his right rib. 
    Huai's counter attack made Yun Che's blood surging up to his mouth, which he then swallowed back down. Yun Che then burns his phoenix flames and uses phoenix wings soaring the heavens to give Huai another strike on his chest which enlarges Huai's wound even more.

    Huai got hit flying, Yun Che also tumbles far back. Yun Che is laughing pleasantly while blood is flowing out from his mouth and nose.

    Some people from the Huai household are trying to save royal Huai, but the young demon empress creates a fire serpent from her hands. The fire serpent then slams Huai to the ground who then rolls next to her feet. 
    Nobody from the Huai household dares to move. 
    Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian concernedly ask whether Yun Che is ok, he responds that he just has a minor injury, at least he is less injured than Huai. 

    Yun Che being able to heavily injure Huai made them all proud. Everyone have seen Yun Che using the golden crows flames, so they question him about it.
    Yun Che confirms it, adding some extra lies to it. Like how to golden crow would be willing to see her inheritors perish, so she not only saved her, but also bestowed her godly powers. As for Yun Che, the reason the golden crow gave him her blood and let him practice the Ode of the golden crow was because of the Yun clan's unwavering loyalty towards the demon emperor's lineage. So this gift is actually bestowed to the Yun clan as a whole.
    Even thought the golden crow doesn't interfere, she has been watching them all the time and knows what is going on. As for those traitors, sooner or later they will receive divine punishment.  This part made all those rebels temble in fear. 

    The young demon empress, not even looking at Huai, once again tells the Yun Clan elders to use profound handle soul search.
    Someone from the Huai household says wait, but gets instantly killed. The young demon empress orders the Yun elders to start.

    Yun Che in a low voice, tells his grandfather & uncle to protect his parents because according to him, royal Ming is about to run out of patience.
    The Yun clan elders behind him who heard it, are also clenching their butt cheeks, ready to fight.

  • 622 Awoken from a nightmare

    Huai is put under a hypnotic state, ready to be interrogated. The young demon empress gives Yun Che the honor to interrogate him.
    Under Yun Che's questioning, Huai reveals everything. How his father royal Ming, baited the people from the 4 sacred grounds into his demon continent by providing them with false rumors about the reincarnation mirror. While they created a mess, Ming secretly killed the demon emperor and the young demon emperor while blaming it all on the invaders from the 4 sacred grounds. They also let Yun Canghai and Yun clan 10 grand elders fall into a trap. 4 months ago, it was also he and his father who entered the golden crow's valley trying to assassinate the demon empress.
    As the reason for doing so, his father Ming is unwilling to serve, he wants to rule.
    Despite these scandalous acts, Huai was still able to collect a lot of forces willing to serve under him. Yun Che tells Huai to say the names of all these forces serving under him.
    From Huai's mouth, these forces are: '' Royal Chung house, Helian clan, Chiyang clan, Jiufang clan, Royal Zi house, Great general Zhengbei, Bai clan...........''

    Helian Kuang rushes over, kneels down in front of the young demon empress and begs for mercy. Saying he didn't knew what Huai did. bla.. bla.. bla..
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    623 Royal Ming appears

    The rest also begs for mercy, saying they didn't know what Huai did. The young demon empress says she can believe them not knowing what Huai did, but the fact that Huai was plotting to rebel all these years, this part everyone definitely knew. They still sided with Huai rebelling against her, and yet they have the audacity to plead for forgiveness.
    The young demon empress then decides to give them a chance, whoever kills Huai will be pardoned.
    Everyone rushes to Huai with killing intent, then royal Ming appears.
    Ming says he did not lost to anyone, but lost to a god. Saying he is not wrong for being ambitious, he only did stuff that nobody dared to do.
    Yun Che says he is wrong, then starts verbally abusing Ming and comes to the conclusion that Ming is not human, but a vicious beast devoid of conscience, honor and humanity. In doing what he did, he shamed and disgraced his whole lineage of ancestors. His ancestors from the underworld would feel sad, angered and disgusted.. and would want to come back to life to strangle him. Because of him, their whole family's dignity is forever gone, and the whole family will be condemned.

    Royal Ming tells him to shut up, Yun Che verbally abuses him some more to the point Ming wants to kill him.

    624 Reign of terror

    <summary written by Hiyono>

    King Ming attacks Yun Che but LDE erases his attack with ease. He panics, questioning whether she's stepped into the divine realm. As he freaks out and goes all out on her, she calmly traps him in a cage of fire. She tells him that he's killed her family, so she's going to take his, and launches a Golden Crow-shaped flame into the sky. It comes crashing down kilometers away on Ming Wang's home, killing everyone inside. 

    Yun Che is stunned by how powerful half-Divine is. Jasmine retorts that of course it is. Despite half-Divine not even being a real cultivation rank, the difference between peak Sovereign and half-Divine is a world of difference. She points out how many people can reach the other cultivation ranks, but no one from their world has ever managed to reach half-Divine, let alone true Divine, and so Sovereign has been viewed as the pinnacle of mortal achievement. To put it in context, she gives him an example: the difference between Divine and Sovereign is analogous to the difference between Sovereign and Elementary Profound (lol crazy). As LDE is now half-Divine, while it may seem that her cultivation is only slightly ahead of King Ming; in reality, there's a world of difference because she's begun to grasp the laws that underlie creation - there's now a substantive difference between her and every other living being on the planet. She further comments that trading the rest of her life (minus three years) in exchange for this power is a pretty good deal.

    Having destroyed the Huai manor, LDE now informs King Ming that she's going to take his immediate family from him, and proceeds to execute King Huai and his two sons. King Ming does the stereotypical "this isn't the last you've heard of me!" villain speech and literally makes a bloody retreat (the term used is 血遁, which translates to "blood escape") and vanishes, sacrificing years of his life and vital essence in order to escape. 

    Angered that he got away (LDE should have just killed him and be done with it. You'd think people would have learned this lesson by now, right?), LDE informs those who had sworn loyalty to King Huai that there's a way for them to atone for their sins: by killing King Huai's nine families*: four from the father, three from the mother, and two from his wives. She gives them ten days. If within that time, a single person from any of those clans lives, she'll execute 100 of theirs, if ten people are alive, she'll execute 1000 of theirs, etc.

    *This a punishment in Ancient China given to someone who committed the biggest capital offense.
    The four families from the father includes, owns siblings, parents, paternal grandparents, sons and grandsons, (father's siblings)paternal uncles & aunts, paternal nephews & nieces.
    The three families from the mother includes, maternal grandparents, (mother's siblings)maternal uncles & aunts, their children as well.
    The two families from the wives includes the wife and the father & mother in law.

    Everyone with these identities connected to you are to be beheaded.
  • 625 Grand delude Life & death seal

    Everyone related to Huai was killed within 3 days. Also, the ceremony that was interrupted 4 months ago, will continue in 7 days. That was under the young demon empress's orders, so nobody dared to leave.

    Yun Che is healing his father with the great way of the buddha. For a full recovery, he has to use the great way of the buddha one hour every day for the next 3 months. So He'll be staying in the demon continent at least for 3 months before he returns to Tianxuan continent. 
    Xiao Yun also returns and there is some chitchat, apparently they had the 13th elder abduct him and take him 1000 miles away from the Imperial Demon Capital when Yun Qinghong decided to confront Huai.

    Yun Che asks Jasmine for a way to save the demon empress. Jasmine tells him there are 2 ways, Yun Che has to practise the way of the buddha up to the 10th realm within 3 years. Which is impossible since he only practised up to the 4th realm in 5 years time.
    Or he has to get his hands on the 3rd treasure of the 7 big Xuantian treasures, that which holds the power of eternity: Grand delude Life & death seal. 

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    626 Revival of the Primordial profound ark

    Just carrying the grand delude life & death seal, your lifespan will never decrease, but you can still get killed by an external force.
    Yun Che asks Jasmine whether she knows where it is. Jasmine says that among the 7 heavenly profound treasures, ranked 4th to 7th have appeared. But ranked 1st to 3rd  have disappeared ever since the destruction of the gods. Nobody knows where they are.

    Yun Che doesn't believe there is no other way. He looks into his storage and find that his nine yang jade is gone. 
    It got eaten by hong'er. With the power of nine yang jade, she can now mobilize the primordial profound ark so they took it out for a test ride.
    Hong'er is now the profound ark's 1st in command, while Yun Che is the 2nd. 

    EDIT: Ok.. in this chapter, all the names of the 7 treasures are provided. As you might know, translating names of nonexistent items and skills are the most difficult. Especially when words are used that only exist in one culture, but not the other. The translator will have to take some liberties here..
    But here they are in order of ranking:
    1: 诛天始祖剑 - Heaven punishing founding sword
    2: 邪婴万劫轮 - Evil Child's wheel of 10.000 disasters
    3: 鸿蒙生死印 - Grand delude Life & death seal
    4: 宙天珠 - Eon bead
    5: 天毒珠 - Heavenly poison bead
    6: 乾坤刺 - Universe thorn
    7: 轮回镜 - Reincarnation Mirror
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    627 What would others do about this

    With the nine yang jade powering the profound ark, the ark can definitely travel forth and back between the demon continent & tianxuan continent. As for how many times, it's difficult to concern. As the world inside the profound ark is even bigger than those continents. So Yun Che does not dare to waste too many fuel. Also, he has to stick with his dad every day to heal him for the next 3 months.

    Yun Che withdraws the profound ark and takes out the tyrant pill. He probes the ingredients of the pill and find out that it's really easy to make.
    He retires back into the Yun clan's medicinal herb pavilion and start mass producing hundreds of tyrant pills, the pills he produces are even of a higher quality.

    In the evening, the young demon empress pays the injured Yun Qinghong a visit. He tells her that thanks to the medical abilities of Yun Che, he'll be able to fully recover in 3 months. The young demon empress nods and follows up that having the Yun clan leader participating in the ceremony in 5 days should pose no problem then. She then asks for Yun Che. Yun Qinghong says he is in the herb pavilion.
    The young demon empress says there is no need to disturb him then, as he is probably making medicine for Yun Qinghong. She then vanishes.
    Yun Che just sitting there while looking at a red colored pill in his hands.
    The young demon empress then sneaks up on Yun Che inside the herb pavilion.
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    628 Young demon empress cutting off emotions

    Yun Che sees the young demon empress and gives her the red pill he just refined and tells her it's compounded with all sorts of life prolonging herbs.
    The young demon empress accepts it, but tells Yun Che to not bother with it in the future as her life will not be prolonged even for a bit.
    Yun Che refuses and says she is his woman now. The demon empress gets angry and threatens to kill him.
    Yun Che says he is her man, and she will not kill him. Technically, it was her who forced herself onto him.
    The young demon empress gets furious and grabs Yun Che by the neck. Yun Che goes ''kill me if you dare mode'' and grabs her chest.
    He gets punched through a wall for it. Demon empress says she will not kill him today because he saved her life in the valley, but next time ...
    Before she finishes her sentence, she disappears.
    Yun Che wonders whether he should give the demon empress some Immortal Greasy jaden liquid.
    Jasmine asks what that is, Yun Che says it can make a women's chest well rounded and voluptuous, as she is flat just like Jasmine.
    Jasmine wishes the demon empress had broken all his bones in their previous exchange.

    Outside the pavilion, the demon empress takes out the pill. She smells the smell of blood on it. Upon closer examination, it is exactly the same as Yun Che's blood. She gets angry and goes back to Yun Che, telling him to not think she will be grateful because Yun Che used his dragon blood to refine the pill. He thinks he can curry a favour with her, but if she accidentally swallowed the pill, her body will be contaminated by his blood.
    The young demon empress destroys the pill in front of Yun Che and disappears.

    High up in the air, the young demon empress takes out the real pill and swallows it.
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    629 Unforgiveable

    7 days later, the Ceremony continues. This time, the seat of honor among the guardian families belongs to the Yun clan.
    As for the 7 families and the various royal households who joined up with Huai. They don't have a seat and are prostrating on the ground not daring to lift up their heads.

    The demon empress starts the ceremony by handling the stuff about Xiao Yun, his mansion, ''wang'' title and even acts as the marriage negotiator between Xiao Yun and Tianxia Diqi. Nobody has any complains of course.

    After this, the demon empress turns to the prostrators asking them about Huai's matters. They say the nine familial exterminations has been completed.
    Helian Kuang has found a jade scripture containing the ''decaying flames demon art'' in an underground secret chamber. This art is useless to the demon empress, but she can still research the skills in it and find out how Ming escaped.

    Mu clan leader also found a scripture, written inside are the names of everyone who had defected to Huai.
    The demon empress says there is no need to read it, everyone who has their name written on it will have to write a letter of crime confession with their blood,stick it on the north wall, open for public for the next 3 years. Those who do will have their life spared, those who don't will be considered remnants from Huai household and killed.

    As for the guardian families & members of the royal families. They don't have to write a crime confession. The outsiders who crossed over to Huai, the demon empress can see it as getting swept up by the current, she can forgive. But for the guardian families & royals, the backbone and pillar of the demon continent, going against the demon emperor lineage. She can't forgive.

    The demon empress then opens up a stone chamber. Before she goes inside, she tells the crowd the ceremony is over. Everyone can leave except for the guardian families & royals who defected to Huai.

    The demon empress enters the stone chamber. The crowd leaves except for Yun Che. He goes into the stone chamber as well.
  • 630 To deal with

    Chapters starts out with some random talk about the wedding of Xiao Yun & Tianxia Diqi. Congratulations here and there.
    Yun Qinghong once again confirms how much of a medical god Yun Che is to the crowd.

    After going in the stone chamber, Yun Che gives the young demon empress the boob growing drugs. She accepts thinking it's just something that's beneficial for her health and temper.
    She asks Yun Che that among the defectors, who he would choose if only one is allowed to live. Also who he would choose if one must certainly die.
    Yun Che would let royal Xuan live, because he only surrendered to Huai after he thought the demon empress was already dead. That was just to protect himself. Also, 4 months ago.. royal Xuan was on the demon empress's side.
    If one must die, then that certainly has to be Helian Kuang. He was the first of the families to surrender to Huai. Trying to weaken the demon empress's forces, he also did a lot of evil deeds. Among them was the assassination attempt on Tianxia Diqi.

    After listening to Yun Che, the demon empress calls royal Xuan to see her.
  • 631 forgive and kill

    Royal Xuan enters the stone chamber, prostrate himself and begs the demon empress to only kill him, but not his family. 
    But the demon empress says she forgives him and let him go home without harm. She told him she was also wrong for being too weak, nevertheless.. he never betrayed her until they all thought she was dead. 

    Next she calls in Helian Kuang, she tells him to sit and gives him tea. After Helian Kuang drinked the tea, she tells him he can be on his way now and kills him.
    The demon empress tells the rest of Helian clan that for being the first to collude with Huai, the punishment should've been whole clan extermination. But considering their merits for the past 10.000 years, she is willing to give them a 2nd chance. She appoints Helian Tu as the next clan leader.
    The corpse of Helian Kuang is to be hanged on the North wall for 7 days. If they dare to again have the slightest disobedience, she will make sure Helian clan will no longer exist in this world. 

    Next she calls in Jiufang Kui. Jiufang Kui is shitting his pants now, because he knows that after Helian clan, his Jiufang clan was the 2nd to defect to Huai among the guardian families. Also, his Jiufang clan always had close ties with Helian clan.
  • 632 Ruthless slave imprint

    Demon empress asks Jiufang Kui was she right in killing Helian Kuang or wrong. Jiufang Kui says she was right. The demon empress then asks him whether he is ready to kill himself or should she do it. Jiufang Kui begs for mercy, it was Helian Kuang who deluded him.
    Demon empress mocks him for having the guts to rebel, but not the guts to die. But maybe she will give him a way to live if he confesses everything they and Huai did that she did not know of. So Jiufang Kui tells her everything.
    Afterwards the demon empress gives him a way out, take her slave imprint or die. If he chooses to die. He will die, his wives & children/grandchildren will die as well and be hanged on the wall for shaming.
    Jiufang Kui decides to take the slave imprint and forever be her slave. Same happened to 70% of the other rebelling families & royals. 30% of the royals got pardoned like royal Xuan.

    After all this is over, the demon empress tells Yun Che he can leave now. Yun Che tells her that she is known as Caiyi Princess ''stands for coat of many colors princess'' and shouldn't wear gray clothing anymore as she has already taken her revenge, as for Ming.. As long he doesn't leave the demon continent, he will sooner or later fall into her hands.

    The demon empress asks him what she should wear. Yun Che answers that he likes the way she looks when she wears nothing.

    authors note: '' demon empress power level is 60000, killing intent is 99999. Yun Che's power level is 260, 500 for defense. ''
  • 633 Purple cloud arts

    Yun Che got hit flying out of the city hall, lands somewhere creating a crater. He then goes back to Yun clan.
    Back @ home, his father tells him he revealed his medical skills, hoping he would use this opportunity to build up his reputation & connections.
    Being strong is one thing, but when they owe their life to you because you cured them is another thing.
    Yun Che gives his father 100 tyrant pills, 11 should be given to Xiao Yun. One for Xiao Yun himself and 10 as dowry to Tianxia clan. The rest can be used to strengthen Yun clan.

    Yun Che tells his father he is interested in the Yun clan's purple cloud arts. Yun Qinghong initially thought he wouldn't be interested in their purple cloud arts because Yun Che already has fire and ice elemental arts, both extremely high lvled. Learning lightning elemental arts as well might injure the body, so he never asked Yun Che. But since Yun Che is wants to, he is naturally willing to let him learn it.
    Yun Qinghong takes Yun Che to a chamber and reveals Purple cloud arts's formula to him, which he starts comprehending.
  • 634 Purple veined god crystals

    In just a couple of minutes. Yun Che was able to produce lightning spirits which let Yun Qinghong stupefied.
    Lightning spirits can only be produced by someone with a very high degree of understandings towards lightning profound arts.
    Yun Qinghong was able to produce his first lightning spirit after practising the art for 30 years. 
    But whatever.. He left the room and made a barrier outside so no one could disturb Yun Che. 

    With the fall of Huai mansion, the demon continent became peaceful again. Yun Che's daily life consist of healing his father, cultivating the lightning profound art and harassing the demon empress. Although he gets smacked out in various ways every time. 

    One day, the purple veined god crystals from the seven clans and Huai finally arrives. 5 Jin from each of the clans and 25 Jin confiscated from Huai mansion was given by the demon empress. A total of 60 Jin.

    Because it was Yun Che who won the god crystals, they decide the let Yun Che handle it. Yun Che takes half and gives half to the clan, which everyone is grateful for it. He then suggests to give, out of the remaining 30 Jin for the clan, 20 Jin to the other 4 clans who stood by their side. 5 Jin each clan.

    A Yun clan elder gives him a difficult look, Yun Qinghong then explains.. 
    Their Yun clan suddenly raised to the peak of the guardian families, have the full support of the demon empress and also received 60 Jin god crystals. Even though the 4 clans stood by their side, the Yun clan suddenly outshining them might cause some unwanted friction between them. So, giving them 5 Jin god crystals will remind them that no matter what, the Yun clan doesn't forget their friendship. Also, during the fight between the younger generations.. The 4 other clans also gave it their all, and they were also fighting in honor of Yun clan.
    Besides, 5 Jin of purple veined god crystals is such a precious gift, the other clans wouldn't accept. So in the end, they get to keep the god crystals anyways, while showing the other clans their friendship towards them.

    So the elders decide to personally deliver the gifts. Su clan, Yan clan & Tianxia clan, as expected all declined the gifts. 
    Except for Mu Feiyan who goes:'' Hahaha.. a gift from son in law and grandson, ofcourse I'll accept, .. This is the biggest gift I've received my entire life. It was worthwhile marrying my daughter into the Yun clan.''

  • 635 Su family's request

    The leftover 25 Jin god crystals are stored in Yun clan's medical pavilion.
    Yun Che got 30 Jin, he still needs 40 Jin for Jasmine.
    Jasmine asks him whether is was really willing to spend the 30 Jin of god crystals on her.
    If he directly absorbs the crystals, he could reach the peak of sovereign in a decade or even higher than the present demon empress.
    Yun Che says that unless he is in a life threatening situation, otherwise he will definitely not spend the god crystals.
    Jasmine considers him having a conscience.

    The day later Su clan leaders pays Yun clan a visit with a request. 100 years ago, his father Su Hongbo, one of the top 10 figures in the demon continent, got injured when he tried to open 3 profound entrances. No medic has been able to heal him.
    This time, they request Yun Che to take a look. Yun Che agrees and goes to Su clan to check up on Su Hongbo.

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    636 To be referred as the medical god

    In a few interest of time, Yun Che opens up the 3 profound entrances of Su Hongbo that were injured. This let everyone stunned.
    He tells them even though he opened the 3 profound entrances, he is still injured. But he'll compound some herbs for him and let him fully recover in 15 days.
    The next day, Su Hongbo's recovery is widely spread in the Imperial demon city.
    All those who had an incurable disease or injury are now looking for Yun Che to cure them.
    Very soon, Yun Che became a mythical figure in the demon continent.
    Because there is not one case where Yun Che failed to cure someone.
    Great strength can make them owe you a favor, great medical skills can make them owe you their life.
    Half of the Imperial demon city has a relative who owes Yun Che their life. 

    As a practicioner, you're bound to get injured sooner or later, one way or another. Having Yun Che on their good side is like a safety guard to them.
    Later on, no matter where Yun Che went. Whether it's an elder of the 12 guardian family or a high ranked royal. Anyone who sees Yun Che will take the initiative to politely greet him and try to get on his good side.
  • 637 Delivered goods

    Various people send Yun Che gifts for curing them.
    Su clan sends their clan master's daughter Su Zhixi. Obviously wanting Yun Che to make her his wife.
    Initially, she is very shy. Yun Che tells her his secret and says he is in fact a rapist.
    This made her laugh and eases the mood. Yun Che suggests to talk about life and whatnot..
    She says her dad & grandfather told her to listen to whatever Yun Che says which made Yun Che suspect whether they are really her biological father & grandfather.

    They talk for a whole day after which Yun Che takes her home.
    After Yun Che got back to Yun clan, his mother asks him what he thinks about the girl from Su clan.
    He says she is a very loveable girl.
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    638 Sourness

    So Yun Che says he took her in as his sister. His mother is unconvinced and tries to persuade him to take her home.
    He says they are just incompatible. Yun Che then explains he once made a girl suffer really bad because of him, after which he sworn to never make a girl suffer like that again. But he still ended up making one girl and another suffer because of him.
    (Thinks about Chu Yuechan, can't tell his parents about her. Otherwise, they'd worry about their missing grandchild.)

    Yun Che just explains about already having 2 wives. One is a princess, the other is the no.1 beauty of Cang Wind country.
    He tells his mother he'll take her to Tianxuan continent to meet his wives after he is done curing his dad.
    His mother suddenly reminds him that the demon empress dropped by. Apparently when Yun Che was with Su Zhixi.
     Yun Che got up and says that he goes visit the demon empress every day, but forgot to do so today so he is going to pay her a visit now.

    Yun Che goes to the demon empress's palace. The guards tell him that the demon empress is unhappy today and she has a message for him. She tells him to ''滚'' roll.. which is basically to scram.

    Yun Che laughs and tells the guard he also has a message for the demon empress. If the Su clan comes to her asking for a marriage bestowal, tell her to decline because he already took Su Zhixi as his ''adopted'' sister. Also, it seems the demon empress is fed up with him.. so he promises that in the future, he will appear less often in front of her.

    Yun Che goes away and Jasmine asks him why he is laughing. Yun Che says the demon empress doesn't eat soft, doesn't eat hard, but seems to eat sour.
    ( eating soft means getting the tender treatment, eating hard means getting the aggressive treatment, eating sour basically means making someone jealous. So treating the demon empress tenderly isn't effective. Going aggressive on her isn't effective. But making her jealous seems to be super effective )

    A month passed by .. Yun Che is still doing his daily things.. except he doesn't visit the demon empress anymore.

    Yun Qinghong picked a good day to take dowry to Tianxia clan for a marriage proposal. (This is formality)
    At first they were still revealing a bit of bitterness and sadness.. But whole Tianxia clan got blown away when the dowry was revealed to be 10 tyrant pills. Tianxia Xiongtu is thinking that if someone were to buy his daughter for 10 tyrant pills, even he would probably spend a long time considering.

    The date of Xiaoyun & Tianxia Diqi's wedding is set, then one month after.. is also time for Yun Che to finally leave.
  • 639 Shocking event (part one)

    Xiao Yun has his palace now, but he still usually lives inside Yun clan. With his wedding date set, Yun clan also got very busy.

    A lot of Yun clan young ladies are swarming around Yun Che in his leisure time, especially those who have confidence in their looks.
    They are all admiring him and asking for pointers practicing purple cloud arts. One asks whether it's true that he already reached the 7th stage of purple cloud arts just after 2 months. Yun Che says that's false, he already reached the 8th stage.
    Another one asks him whether it's true that while giving pointers to Xiaowan, he released red lightning.
    Yun Che shows them the red lightning and explains that you need a higher understanding of the laws of lightning to use it.
    Only when the comprehension is insufficient, you'll need blood essense as compensation to forcibly activate red lightning.
    So when he uses red lightning, there is only a higher consumption of energy and nothing else.

    Someone else asks him whether he is also able to use the forbidden technique without using his blood essence. Yun Che says he hasn't tried yet.

    Another asks for private pointers. Yun Che agrees and tells her to meet him in his yard in an hour.
    Then a tall girl tells her to be careful, because Xiaowan told her that when she was receiving private pointers, their young master accidentally touched her butt and chest.
    Yun Che swears on his master's name that was unintentional. Jasmine tells him to die.

    The chatty atmosphere then cooled down because the demon empress arrived. She tells everyone else to leave because she has something to discuss with Yun Che.
    The demon empress asks Yun Che why he stopped paying her daily visits, is it because she told him to scram.
    Yun Che says he was just curious how long it would take for her to be unable to hold it in anymore and come looking for him.
    She gets mad and says she only payed Yun Qinghong a visit, it's apparently a mistake for her to come here and decides to leave.
    Yun Che tells her that in a month, even if she wants to see him, it'll be impossible because he is migrating to Tianxuan continent.
    Even if his roots are here, he belongs in Tianxuan continent.
    The demon empress tells him that even if he comes back within these 3 years, it's better to not look for her as she likes her quiet and peaceful life.
    It would make her happy have the disrespectful Yun Che gone.

    Before she turns to leave again, Yun Che wants to tell her the last few sentences. Because of the fact of him saving her in the valley and him allowing her to have her revenge. He wants her to listen to everything he has to say without interrupting or leaving midway.
    She allows him to speak.
    He tells her that she is basically pretending to be cold and unemotional, but he has already seen her true self under her coat.
    He also calls her by her name Huan Caiyi.

    Note:.. The demon emperor lineage is surnamed Huan ''幻'', which is also the name of the continent ''幻妖界''. Huan demon realm.
    In the ''official translations'' the word Huan got translated into illusory, but it is in fact the surname of the ruler.
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    640 Shocking event (part two)

    Yun Che goes smooth Che mode saying stuff that touched her heart.
    Among the things he said was: He finds her amazing for being able to hold stand for a hundred years under the pressure of Huai et all.
    He knows she is suffering because of the 9 familial extermination of Huai household, because among them were a lot of innocent people.
    That's why he was harassing her every day, since he can't share her burden, at least he can distract her.
    He knows the feeling of killing innocent people because he has done it before.
    He has seen through her when she destroyed the pill he made for her, that pill she destroyed was fake and she is angry because she didn't want Yun Che to hurt himself by spending his blood. He also knows she is jealous when she told him to scram.
    So obviously she cares about him and he also cared about her. He doesn't want her last 3 years to be spend in grief. If she allows them to be together, even if he can't save her in the end. It'll at least be a beautiful memory whenever he thinks about her. If she keeps her distance, both sides will just end up getting hurt. She has done everything to hold up the dignity of the demon emperor lineage, even given her life for it. At least the last 3 years, Yun Che wants her to spend it selfishly for herself. He is willing to have an affair with her if she doesn't want other people to know.
    At least privately, they can be together.
    The demon empress fleds the scene unable to face him.
    Yun Che gave her a shout from behind that if it wasn't for the fact that he can't beat her. Even if he ended up being hunted down by the whole demon continent. he would still kidnap her and take her to Tianxuan continent so she would be released from her burden as the demon empress.

    Four days later, Yun Che gets awakened by his father who told him that the demon empress is holding a banquet. She has something to announce and everyone of the guardian clans & royals must be present. She specifically stated that Yun Che has to be present.
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    641 Shocking event (part three)

    Once again, the demon empress has gathered everyone of importance. Yun Qinghong is the first one opening up to her asking what she has to announce. The demon empress says this is about the continuation of her demon emperor lineage.  As everyone knows, she is the last survivor of her demon emperor lineage. For the continuation of her bloodline, that would be her children. So an elder royal couldn't help but ask if the announcement is about her accepting a male concubine.
    The demon empress says that the young demon emperor failed to leave behind offspring, she will now take up this task to continue the demon emperor lineage by choosing another husband.
    She tells royal Lang Xun to send message to every city ruler that in 7 days, she will take Yun Che into her demon emperor ''clan'' and they will get married.
    Some royal comes forward saying this shouldn't be done, Yun Canghai and the demon emperor were sworn brothers, this would result into a generational mess.
    The demon empress shuts them up, saying that when Huai had wild ambitions, they all deflected to Huai to protect themselves. Squashing down Huai's rebellion, she did it on her own. Taking revenge for her demon emperor lineage, she did it on her own. And now they can be here safe and sound, is also because she forgave them. The thing today is the first thing she has ever done for herself,  yet they are here trying to find faults.
    She gets mad saying that maybe she hasn't killed enough.
    Yun Qinghong pleads her to forgive them because they only thought about the reputation of the demon emperor family.
    The demon empress says there is another reason and asks whether they had forgotten that she isn't the only one who has the pure golden crow's blood.

    Yun Che tells Xiao Yun to say the following he is going to whisper in his ear. Xiao Yun then tells the crowd that he initially didn't believe his brother when he said that the golden crow gave him the golden crow's blood so he could continue the golden crow's lineage, which is also the golden crow's will, But now it seems to be the truth.

    So now, to the crowd, it seems to be the golden crow's will. Everyone will just have to accept it.
    Meanwhile, Yun Che feels like he is invisible because nobody asked for his opinion.

    The demon empress just continues and adds that that the wedding is to be held in 7 days and tells them to start making preparations.
    Everyone darts away, leaving behind only Yun Che.

    Note: generational mess is when you marry someone of a different generation, which is considered a taboo in china. This doesn't just apply for relatives, but also for people who have close relationship. Even if they are of similar age, it's taboo to marry kids of your grandparent's close friends or cousins, because generation wise, they are of the same generation as your parents and you should be calling them aunty/uncle.
    Likewise, it is taboo to marry a junior sister/brother apprentice of your master because they are your master uncle/aunty.
  • 642 The dignity of a man

    The demon empress asks Yun Che isn't this what he wanted. Yun Che blames her for not telling him beforehand, actually forcing things on her own.
    Before she forced herself onto him, now she forced this marriage onto him. He is glad she finally admitted she likes him, but he still wants her to treat him nicer and with respect in the future after she is married to him.
    The demon empress tells him that he seems to have misunderstood something, she is not going to be married to him(into the Yun clan), but he is going to be married to her(into the Huan clan). Their future children will also have to surname Huan.
    Yun Che rejects this idea, but the demon empress says this matter is not up to him.

    Back @ the Yun clan people were still busy with Xiao Yun's marriage in a month, now this news came in. Everything had to be set aside for the demon empress's marriage.
    Yun Che came home and talks to his dad. He asks his dad whether is mother is angry. Yun Qinghong tells him no and if it's the age gap he is worried about, to a sovereign, an age gap of one or two hundred years is nothing.
    Yun Che then informs his father that the demon empress wants him to marry into the Huan clan, but he tells him to be reassured because he will definitely not let this happen. Yun Qinghong asks him how long to the demon empress has to live, he seems to know that the demon empress has paid a price for acquiring her power. Yun Che can't tell him that.
    Yun Qinghong continues to asks him whether there is mutual love between them or is it really just the golden crow's will. He already knows that the demon empress seems to care a lot about Yun Che, she always asks about him every time she paid a visit. 
    If it's just the golden crow's will, he will support his decision. But if he really loves her, then he hopes he can accept her wish and marry into the Huan clan because their situation is different. The demon empress is the last survivor of the Huan clan, if she marries into the Yun clan, then the demon emperor lineage will truly be finished. But Yun Che has two other wives, their children can still carry on the Yun surname.
    Also, the demon empress did not force Yun Che to divorce his other wives which proves she cares more about him than he thinks.
    He tells Yun Che that if he likes her, he should fulfill her last wish so the Huan lineage will not end. Or is the dignity of a man really more important than the women you love.
    Yun Che knows what to do now and heads back to the demon emperor hall.
  • 643 Get what she wished for

    Back in the demon hall, he's told the demon empress already returned to her palace so Yun Che goes to her palace.
    The first thing Yun Che does when he sees her, is embracing her in his arms. Which lead to the demon empress smacking him against the wall.
    Yun Che gets angry at her and asks her why he can't even hold her if they are getting married.
    The demon empress asks him what he came here for. Yun Che tells her that he decided to marry into her Huan clan. Compared to his dignitiy, she is more important. He then sweet talked her into letting him embrace her.
    Jasmine is annoyed that there are so many morons falling for his honey trap again and again.
    Yun Che tells the demon empress to believe in him. He will get stronger so she can rely on him. He will also find a cure so she can outlive 3 years.
    He convinces her to let him call her Caiyi and embrace her like this every day.
    While saying all these, his hands moved upwards to her boobs and slowly even rubbed them, whereafter he got smacked out of the palace again.

    Yun Che's body landed in front of 3 maids. One of them asked Yun Che why he got bombed out of the palace again.
    Yun Che asks them whether they noticed that the demon empress doesn't hit as hard as she used to. The 3 maids confirmed this.
    Before, she hit him more than ten miles away, but now it's less than half a mile.
    Yun Che tells them that he still has things to do at home, so he is going to take his leave. Before he leaves, he tells one of the maids that her boobs has grown bigger. The maid in question gets emberassed while the other two laughs, apparently they already got used to his sexual harassments.

    Meanwhile every prominent figure in the demon continent is trying to rush to the Demon Imperial city as soon they received the news of the wedding.

    Seven days already passed and the Demon Imperial city has been getting more and more lively every day.

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    644 Demon empress's wedding

    On the day of the wedding, very early, all those prominent figures are already waiting in the hall. The gifts are already piled up.
    They heard Yun Che likes to collect rare swords, so a lot of the gifts to the Yun family are high grade swords.
    Yun Che gets awoken, washed & dressed up by eight maid servants.
    Even though the Yun Che gets married into the Huan clan, the ceremony is still centered around him, which is according to the arrangements of the demon empress. This shows how much she values Yun Che.

    That night after the ceremony, Yun Che enters their bedroom and kisses her.
    She pushes him away saying she is still not used to it. Yun Che jumps on her and kisses her on the cheeks, lips and neck while stroking her body.
    She moans, tells him to wait and asks him whether he has any medicine that can allow her to get pregnant faster.
    He says there is no such thing and they have to do it the natural way. As husband and wife, they will just have to work hard every day, just like back in the golden crow's valley.
    She tells him not to mention the golden crow's valley. He agrees not to mention it, just do it.
    They then have sex.

    Jasmine tells him in his mind: '' 3 marriages in 6 years.. ... savage..''. She closes her hearing, but tells herself that it seems the demon empress really wants offspring before she dies, but it's unfortunately impossible with her physical condition.
  • 645 Date of leaving

    After the wedding, the demon empress acted like a proper daughter in law, paid her respect to father & mother in law and venerated the Yun clan ancestors before she went back to venerate Huan clan ancestors. Basically, Yun clan is given priorities in this wedding.

    Yun Che received 1391 swords. Out of them 737 are sky grade, 220 are emperor grade and there are even 7 tyrant grade. In the whole demon continent, there barely exist more than a dozen tyrant grade swords. This shows how precious the 7 swords are.
    One of the tyrant grade swords was given by Su clan and Yun Che is going to use the swords as food.

    Back at demon emperor's palace, Yun Che is lying near a Lotus pond when the demon empress came back.
    She asks him does he really has to go back to Tianxuan continent. Because out what she heard from him, it's not safe there.
    Here in the demon continent, he is king. Yun Che says that he only intends to take a look and maybe bring back his grandpa, little aunt and his wive(s).
    If there is nothing major, he might even be back in a few days.
    The demon empress says that if it's women he wants, she can give him as many concubines as he wants. But if he brings back his wife, isn't he afraid that she would dislike and kill her.
    He says of course not and pulls the demon empress into his arm while tearing down her skirt.
    The demon empress blocked him from stroking her legs while saying that they are outside.  
    Yun Che tells her that they,( referring to the palace maids ), are already used to it and also tells her that if she wants to have children fast. They not only have to work hard every day, but also have to do it with a lot of different positions at various locations. She also has to do it fiercely and tune up her volume.
    The demon empress believes him because he is the medical god, so they have fierce and loud sex in the open, making all those palace maids going red.

    6 days after, Xiao Yun marries Tianxia Diqi.
    Another 2 days later, it's finally time for Yun Che to leave.
  • 646 Back to Tianxuan

    Yun Che gets pushed out of bed by the demon empress who told him to go.
    He asks her whether she really doesn't want to go with him to Tianxuan continent.
    She tells him that Ming is still out there and the demon continent just barely got peaceful again, so she can't leave yet. Otherwise, she might go with him.
    Yun Che's parents are also staying behind, the only ones going are Yun Che, Xiao Yun and his wife Tianxia Diqi (or Qimei) and her eldest brother Tianxia Diyi. His father was apparently worried about Qimei and told him to persuade her not to go. If that fails, Tianxia Diyi will have to tag along to protect her. So Yun Che teleports the 4 of them into the Primordial profound Ark and off they go.

    647 No animals nor humans

    They arrived at Tianxuan continent in 3 interest of time ( is that 3 seconds?.. I don't know, maybe it means the time it takes for them to breath ''inhale&exhale'' 3 times ). After being fed the nine yang jade, the world in the profound ark seems to be revived. Flora & fauna are flourishing.
    Yun Che probes the consumption of the travel and it seems he has enough fuel to travel dozens of times back and forth without any problem.
    Yun Che asks the Tianxia siblings to hide their elven ears & wings to not draw attention because there hasn't appeared any elven tribes for thousands of years in Tianxuan continent.

    They leave the ark and enter a desolate region of Blue Wind Country which seems to have been burned to the ground by soldiers. Yun Che doesn't know where they are so he goes up in the air and sees New Moon City. He remembers this area was filled with life the last time he was here. Because New Moon City is located in the center region of the country, it should have a lot of people traveling through the place. But now he sees nothing so they decide the head to New Moon City. Midway, Yun Che feels a bunch of people hiding so he turns towards them.
    Just when he gets near them, he gets attacked by someone who shouted:'' dogs of divine phoenix, diee..!!''
    Yun Che strikes back, but retracts when he recognizes the guy. The guy who attacked him is his senior apprentice brother Sikong Du. He looks ragged and has many scars, nothing like in the past. Even though Yun Che retracted most of his strength, Sikong Du is still injured due to the difference in strength. Yun Che calls out to his senior apprentice brother Sikong. The other party then also recognizes him. They attacked earlier because they thought Yun Che was from Divine Phoenix empire because he was wearing clothes with the golden crow's pattern. (LOL, Really??.. so much for going lowkey, everyone but a blind can see he is from the demon continent's Huan royals)
    They reconcile and Yun Che wants to know what happened.
  • This chapter is mostly a recap of what happened

    648 The hardship of a destroyed country

    Sikong Du explains they got invaded by divine phoenix empire 3 years ago without prior notice nor war declaration, messengers they sent were immediately beheaded. New Moon City has already fallen, soon Blue Wind country will follow.
    Yun Che doesn't understand. He saved divine phoenix empire's princess. Even if they don't thank him, there is no reason to invade his Country.
    Sikong Du doesn't understand either and tells him they are a bunch of beast devoid of conscience. To capture New Moon City at the fastest possible speed, they used their phoenix flames and burned 40% to the ground. Millions died. Under the feet of the divine phoenix army, those who rebelled, those who refused the kneel and those who had cultivation, all died. In less than 3 years, tens of millions people of their Blue wind country died.

    If not for her majesty, Cang wind country would've already been lost long ago.
    Yun Che doesn't understand ''her'' majesty and asks about his royal father. He is told that he got assassinated 2 months into the invasion.
    Sikong Du continues about how great her majesty is. When the king got assassinated, none of the princes dared to ascend the throne. Afraid to end up like their father, so princess Cang Yue took it on her own. Under her wisdom and leadership by making use of geographical advantages, they were able to stall divine phoenix army for neary 3 years now. One her most outstanding achievements was luring a group of ten thousands profound beasts from the mountains with incense, stalling the divine phoenix army for months.
    It seems princess Cang Yue travelled a lot before she met Yun Che, so she knows a lot about the geography of her Country.

    Yun Che asks why the heavenly sword village didn't protected his majesty from assassination. He is told they are a bunch of cowards who secluded themselves. Call for help was sent to them 9 times, but heavenly sword villa turned blind eye to all the calls.

    The other 5 countries also signed a non aggression pact with the divine phoenix empire. 
    Blue wind's imperial capital is about to go under, so  they now hope her majesty can safely escape.
    The received a message that just yesterday, Divine Phoenix empire already had 700,000 troops at the gates of the Imperial capital.
    After hearing this, Yun Che immediately grabbed some pills and give them to Sikong Du, he tells them these pills can recover their injuries while letting them break across one big realm at the same time. He departs immediately and the other 3 follows up.

    10 miles away, he takes out his boat to travel to the Capital.

  • 649 Divine Hall's young master

    Author's note: not the content you were hoping for

    Ye Xinghan came out of secluded training after 6 months. He already broke through into Tyrant profound 8. His underlings are praising him for being a genius. At this rate, he should be able to become sovereign in 15-20 years. Ye Xinghan asks about Xia Qingyue. Apparently, they haven't caught her yet. He transmit sound to them and learns that Frozen Cloud Asgard was able to block them off for months. First with the veil of the goddess barrier, now they are hiding themselves in a building made by heavenly jade rock. They think they are finally able to break through in a few more hours.
    Ye Xinghan hopes he is right and gives them 10 days to return to him with Xia Qingyue.

    From Ye Xinghan's perspective, there shouldn't be any reason for Divine Phoenix empire to invade Blue Wind country. The expenditure on soldiers for 3 years far outweighs anything they can gain from the shithole called Blue Wind Country. He learns about them seemingly looking for something near Floating cloud village, so he tells them to keep a close eye on the Divine Phoenix empire's movements.

    Then a spy in Absolute Monarch Saint region send him a message that the Heavenly Saint profound ark is heading out. The one traveling in it is not the Saint Emperor, but Xia Yuanba. On top of that, Xia Yuanba's profound force is already on the level of a sovereign. A 21 year old sovereign, something never seen in the history of Tianxuan continent. The reason he got so strong is due to his hatred for Ye Xinghan. Xia Yuanba had sworn to kill Ye Xinghan and went into secluded training for 3 years. After he came out, he learns about the situation of Blue Wind Country and got enraged. The direction he is heading right now is Blue Wind Country. The speed of his boat should get him there in 9-10 hours.

    The fact that Xia Yuanba can use the personal boat of the Saint emperor, shows his status in the Absolute Monarch Saint region. The Saint Emperor has no kids even after 1000 years, but even his adopted children weren't allowed to use his boat.
    Sun & Moon divine hall can't let Xia Yuanba continue to grow. But due to his status, they can't act reckless either.
    Ye Xinghan says that Xia Yuanba has to die, but he will have to tell his father about this matter first and let him decide how Xia Yuanba should die.
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    650 Xue Er regains consciousness 

    Feng Hengkong is holding a map showing all the areas of Blue Wind Country he conquered, being silent & not knowing what he is thinking.
    He suddenly hears the cry of the phoenix god and goes out. Halfway, he meets crown prince Feng Ximing who says his sister Xue Er awoke after 3 years in coma. This isn't ordinary coma. While she was in coma, she was continuously releasing phoenix flames. Even Feng Hengkong couldn't get closer than 50 feet. When they finally see her awake, she seems sad. Feng Hengkong asks her what's wrong.
    She says she won't be able to see brother Yun anymore. Feng Ximing tells her to not be sad about Yun Che, his life is garbage anyways.
    Feng Xue Er gets angry at him which startled both of them, she has never even spoken with a slightly loud voice, let alone getting angry.
    They felt that Xue Er's force seems to be more profound than before. Feng Hengkong slaps his son Feng Ximing out of the room and tells Feng Xue Er that Yun Che is their benefactor, so how about they pay him homage every year.

    Xue Er calmed down a bit and asks how long she's been asleep. He tells her 3 years. She reminisces about her time spent with Yun Che and starts crying. She tells her father she wants to go to Blue Wind's snow region. Feng Hengkong says he will arrange it and accompany her. They'll be able to go in 10 days.
    She also asks her father to be kind to Blue Wind Country as a repayment, her father agrees. He will no longer accept Blue wind country's tribute nor let the other 5 countries bully them.
    Xue Er thanks her father and says she'd like to spend some time alone in the Qifeng Valley.
    There she starts thinking that they shouldn't have met each other. If they never met, Yun Che wouldn't die and she wouldn't be feeling so hurt right now.

    With Xue Er gone, Feng Hengkong gives out the order to forbid anyone from talking about their invasion. He will mutilate the corpse of anyone who breaks this rule.
    The phoenix god said that it would take 300 years for the power of the phoenix god to fully awaken within Xue Er. That's too long. Before that, they need to capital to resist after people find out about the death of the phoenix god. Feng Hengkong says all he did was for the phoenix empire. He did nothing wrong and mutters to Xue Er to forgive him.
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