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  • 587:

    What Mu Feiyan gave Yun Che is a protective item that allows him to absolutely shield himself for 6 hours. This is due to the fact that he offended royal Huai, and he might come after his life. This heavenly protector crystal is the last one the Mu clan has. They originally had 3 of them, 2 already used by their ancestors. Yun Che says royal Huai will probably probe him first before he acts, since he is a very cautious person. A lot of things about Yun Che is still unkown, so he is afraid Yun Che might have an incredible master backing him and such.

    Yun Che then says Huai's ambitions might not have grown after the deaths of the demon empror and young demon emperor, but even prior to that. Yun Che suspects royal Huai might have conspired with the people from Tianxuan continent or at least a high ranking officer from within the demon continent did. How else would they invade the demon continent to steal the reincarnation mirror. They shouldn't have known of its existence without insiders fabricating stories about the reincarnation mirror and telling them.

    2nd is, this place is their demon imperial city, those people from tianxuan continent could freely come and go. Even if they prepared for it, those people were still able to escape, obviously they should have received aid from an insider who knows their plans and ins & outs.

    3rd is when Yun Che's grandpa and 10 Yun elders arrived in tianxuan continent, they already prepared a suppressing formation welcoming them. Considering the formation used a huge consumption, they can't have it set up all the time. Obviously they already knew about the time and place of arrival. Someone must have informed them.

    4th is the young demon emperor's death. Even if he did want to go to tianxuan continent, he wouldn't do so without leaving behind a set of offsprings to continue their lineage. Someone most likely plotted his death. All these directs to Huai household.
  • Chap 588

    They continue to discuss royal Huai. Yun Qinghong says Huai shouldn't be the one who has done it 100 years ago because he was a mere junior in his thirties. Then they suspect royal Huai's father, royal Ming. Mu Yuqing mentions royal Ming was aloof and never cared about power or wealth, when royal Huai was 37, he gave Huai his ruler position in his household and decided to travel the world, so how could it be him. Mu Yufei then says that back in the days, Yun Canghai did warned him about royal Ming, that he was too uncaring that it felt unnatural. because if he really didn't cared, how could his cultivation be so high. Apparently, royal Ming is the 3rd strongest figure in the whole demon continent, just behind the demon emperor and demon king Yun Canghai. With the latter two dead, royal Ming should be the strongest figure in the demon continent, plus another 100 years has passed. So his cultivation base should now be even more profound.
    Yun Che then asks about how strong the young demon empress will get if she gets the inheritance of the golden crow. 1000 years ago when the demon emperor was sovereign profound 4, he was able to jump to sovereign 9. The young demon empress is now sovereign 5. If she can get the Ode of the golden crow, she will at least leap all the way to the pinnacle of sovereign profound 9 and be way stronger than royal Ming. Due to her full blood golden crow's heritage, she can also use blood suppression on those with a thin heritage. So none of the royals will be able to fight her.

    Scene turns to royal Huai's household.

    Huai asks about his son. He is told that Huiye needs 3 months to recover from his fight with Yun Che. Huai then gets summoned by his father. His father Ming already knows what happened. Huai says he wants to kill Yun Che, but will first find out all about him. Ming tells him now is not the time, he summoned him to tell him to kill the young demon empress before she can get the Ode of the golden crow. For foolproof reason, he will head out together with Huai this time.
  • 589

    they just continue discussing @ Mu clan.
    Mu Feiyan says since they swayed the whole demon continent to their side, Huai won't be able to move for at least another 20 years unless they want to be scorned by the whole demon continent.
    Yun Che says that if the young demon empress suddenly died, their threat would be gone.
    Mu Feiyan says that's impossible, because she strong and guarded all the time. Everyone in the imperial city would notice if she uses her golden crows power.
    <Speculations continues about young demon empress's assassination>
    Yun Che then comes to conclusion the best place to assassinate her would be golden crow's valley, the royal family might have a method to forcibly open the valley without the guardian clans knowing. Huai might have knowledge of it.
    Also, the reason the empress left in a hurry, instead of homage, she might have rushed to the valley to get the Ode of the golden crow.
    Mu Feiyan answers that if she really went to the valley, then Huai has no way of catching up to her.
    After she gets the Ode of the golden crow, they have no way of killing her either. So they worry about nothing.

    After dinner they step outside.

    Yun Che then says he has a bad feeling and is going to take a look at the golden crow's valley.
  • Chapter 590

    Yun Che's father wants to go with him but Yun Che refuses and says Yun clan is still waiting for his lead @ home.
    Yun Che then shows his stealth skills by hiding his breath, he tells them not to worry about him because they'll not likely be able to sense him.

    In the end, they agreed  and let Yun Che go to the valley alone, but he has to whatsapp his father every hour to report he is ok.
    Yun Qinghong tells him to immediately come back if the entrance seal is still active, but if the seal is really offline. He has to immediately report to him and can't act rashly.

    Yun Che then flies to the golden crow valley. Meanwhile Jasmine makes fun of him being a pervert, having perverted thoughts about the young demon empress after he saw her naked.
    Jasmine then tells Yun Che the demon poison inside her body has already been purified by half. The latter half will take just one more year to purify, given she doesn't have to act. But for a full recovery she still needs ''霸玄以上的玄丹'' (Above tyrant profound, profound pellet???, Help me out here someone, is this maybe the tyrant beast core?, it literally translates as higher than tyrant profound pellet) , 70 jin purple veined crystals and ''幽冥婆罗花'' some kind of flower.

    She then says that after she recovers, she will teach him her star god profound technique and make him invincible whether on the demon continent or Tianxuan continent. After that, she will leave and they will never meet again.
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    Yun Che arrives at the valley's entrance. The seal is indeed gone and he sees Huiran (Huai's eldest son) guarding the entrance.
    His guess is correct, it seems Huai & Ming are after the young demon empress's life. He sends a transmission to his father informing him about it and decides to wait till his father and grandfather arrives. He says that his grandfather should be right, if the empress rushed to the golden crow's shrine, Ming & Huai won't be able to catch up. After she gets the Ode the of golden crow, both Ming & Huai aren't her opponent.
    Jasmine asks Yun Che doesn't he feel like something should be amiss. Ming & Huai should also know that they wouldn't be able to kill the empress after she gets the Ode of the golden crow. Unless they have a certain way to kill her, they wouldn't dare to do this.
    Jasmine suddenly  remembers something, from the world where she came from, there is an astral realm called flame divinity realm. The people there all have blood inheritances from primordial fire god beasts like fire lin, the great argus, the Vulcan, nine tails god fox, crimson ferret...
    Among all these fire element primordial god beasts, the strongest three are the tribes from the phoenix, golden crow and vermillion bird.

    Before she said among the three, the golden crow was ranked last, if purely on the strength of the flames, the golden crow is ranked first. But in the flame god realm, the strength of the golden crow's tribe isn't even half compared to the phoenix tribe or the vermillion bird tribe.
    This is because practicing the golden crow's flames damages ones own body. In the flame god realm, the longevity of male practitioners in the golden crow's tribe, is less than half of the phoenix tribe and vermillion bird tribe.  As for females, their life expectancy is even less by several folds. Plus they also have to occasionally bear the burning pain of the flames.
    This is because the golden crows sun(yang) energy does not tolerate a half bit of moon(yin) energy.
    If the young demon empress really gets the golden crow's inheritance, her vitality will be burned off within a year.
    If she is still a virgin and hasn't received a male's sun(yang) energy, she wouldn't even last for a month.

    Here, Jasmine concludes the golden crow's spirit wouldn't do something so stupid as to give the young demon empress the Ode of the golden crow, the spirit would probably kick her out if she gets in her shrine.

    After hearing this, Yun Che decides to act and prevent the young demon empress from getting killed. Huiran also suddenly notices him. No more hiding, Yun Che takes out his sword and charges ahead.

  • Chapter 592

    Yun Che tells Huiran he already knows about Huai & Ming going to assassinate the young demon empress..
    They start fighting, Huiran's weapon is two heavy morningstars 100.000 Jin weight each, together weighting the same as Yun Che's heavy sword.
    After a few exchanges, an explosion occurs. Yun Che makes use of it and vanishes into the golden crow's valley.

    Inside, Ming & Huai meets the young demon empress. Not seen eachother for 150 years, Ming calls her Princess Caiyi and starts mocking her.
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    After going in the Crow's valley, there is no way to exit until they are forced out after 24 hours.
    Yun Che notices there are a lot of sky, emperor and even tyrant profound spirit bodies in the valley.
    Refining a lowly emperor spirit would be equal to a few years practice of an emperor profound cultivator.
    No wonder the Yun clan's strength declined so much after they were denied access to the valley, compared to the other families.

    For now, Yun Che is ignoring these spirits while looking for the demon empress. He hears fighting sound in the distance and flies off at max speed.

    Meanwhile, the young demon empress is fighting with Huai while Ming is watching.
    Both are sovereign 5, but the demon empress is stronger.


    Suddenly, just when the young demon empress got a bit careless. Ming decided to make his move. He hits the young demon empress and steals the emperor's seal.
    The seal would allow the empress to escape, Ming was making sure she couldn't escape.
    Huai then proceeds to tell her his father knows all of their secrets.
    Ming is sovereign 10, the young demon empress is not his opponent. He tells the demon empress to give his regards to the demon emperor & young demon emperor in the afterlife.

    Then with the speed of a sovereign, Yun Che arrives. Huai calls out Yun Che with a murderous intent. The demon empress tells Yun Che to leave. Yun Che tells her that even she can't escape, let alone him. Ming also seems interested in Yun Che. To his surprise, Yun Che also knows he is Ming Wang. Not only that, he tells them he also knows that they plotted against the demon emperor 100+ years ago and it was Ming who killed the young demon emperor. Currently, Yun Che is just trying to buy them some time until his dad brings reinforcement.

    Edit for better understanding:
    So basically, cultivators at the tyrant level and below use space rings for storage. But a sovereign can create their own space to store their items.
    The young demon empress stored the seal in her own space. Ming let Huai and the young demon empress fight eachother while luring for the opportunity to steal the seal from the young demon empress's space. The reason is, if the young demon empress really got into a life threatening situation. The emperor's seal will activate on its own, sacrifice some of her blood and allow her to teleport to safety.
    Ming knows of this, so he wouldnt give the young demon empress this opportunity to escape.
  • 595:

    Ming knows Yun Che is just trying to buy more time. But he gives Yun Che the opportunity and tells him to provide him with what else he knows.
    Yun Che just sums up the stuff about him providing false information about the reincarnation mirror, so the people from tianxuan continent would invade their demon continent, about how Ming also assassinated the demon emperor and his son.

    Ming just laughs and acknowledges it all. He told the people from Tianxuan continent the reincarnation mirror would allow them to break through Sovereign profound and step into God profound. The demon emperor in retaliation, after those people made a mess of their Imperial demon city, was still not stupid enough to deliberately invade the sacred grounds. But in the passageway between the two continents, Ming just gave him a kick from behind so the emperor would fall into the sacred ground's suppressing formation. As for the young demon emperor, in his wedding night, he was alone paying homage the demon emperor. Ming took his chances, wasted him and threw him in into the passageway. (But he did not kill the young demon emperor).

    Ming then asks Yun Che how he knows, because as far he is concerned, he never left behind any clue. Yun Che then says the people from the heavenly sword region told him.

    Ming then asks Yun Che how he is going to keep his and the young demon empress's life in front of him, considering no reinforcements arrived. He then questions Yun Che whether he is planning to use the heavenly ice barrier crystal he has been holding all this time.
  • 596

    Yun Che uses the heavenly ice barrier crystal. Ming laughs at him, saying that if it were 100 years ago when he was still sovereign 9, the barrier could indeed protect him for 6 hours. But now that he is sovereign 10, he already has the ability to break the barrier.
    He says it would be a pity to kill Yun Che, given his talent, potential and intelligence. So he gives Yun Che a chance to live if he swears loyalty to him.
    This is also the first time he has given anyone such a chance before he kills them.
    Yun Che declines.
    Ming breaks the ice barrier and uses a killing move. Just before Yun Che got hit, the young demon empress blocks it with her body, she also uses a life saving treasure called crimson blood ring at the same time and teleports away.
    Huai panicks. Ming is still calm, saying they only bought themselves some time. Without the emperor's seal, they're unable to leave the valley.
    Ming then faces to the north - west direction where Yun Che & the young demon empress teleported to.

    The young demon empress got injured after she blocked a hit for Yun Che.
    Yun Che thanks her for saving his life. The young demon empress says he is stupid, without the emperor's seal they are unable to leave.
    They only bought themselves a bit of time, but probably won't make it through the day.

    (The Title reads: ''defraud grandson'', Yun Che felt he got defrauded by his grandpa for being given a life saving treasure that is useless)
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    Chapter 597 Mortal hate

    After receiving the hit from Ming, the young demon empress is on the verge of dying. Jasmine says her vitals have already been destroyed and she shouldn't live much long. Ming is after all a sovereign 10 and he used at least 90% of his full power in that strike.
    Yun Che feels bad, another women sacrificing her life for him. The first one being Ling'er and now the young demon empress.
    He swears that if they can get out of here, as long the young demon empress can hold on for 10 days. He has a 60% certainty he can save her.

    <dialogue between Yun Che & Young Demon Empress>
    Yun Che is just explaining to her why he suspected Ming, how they plotted to kill the demon emperors. <This part is pretty much a recap of the previous chapters>

    At the end, the young demon empress feels she has been hating the wrong party all this time, her true archenemy is not the sacred grounds, but Ming.
    Even the sacred grounds, got deceived and used by Ming.
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    598 Hope under despair

    Young demon empress coughs up some blood. Yun Che tries to help her, but she tells him not to touch her. Just by being the offspring of the demon king Yun Canghai, don't go thinking she wouldn't kill him. She knows it was him who saw her naked a few days ago, she'll gouge his eyes out.
    Yun Che says she doesn't emit any killing intent, so he doesn't believe she will kill him.
    He then flatters her, giving her some encouraging words so she wouldn't give up until her last breath.
    He then tells the young demon empress that his grandfather taught him a secret about the demon emperor clan that only the clan leader of the Yun family and the demon emperor himself knows. He knows of a way to let the demon empress have the cultivation of a half step into god realm.
    By then she can do whatever she wants, including revenge on Ming. But first, they have to get out of here.
    The demon empress's eyes immediately lights up, she then tells Yun Che to take her and leave this place.
    The direction they heading now to, is the golden crow's shrine. Hoping that the spirit of the golden crow will give them some assistance, or at least blocks a riot on his turf.
    The secret Yun Che just told to the young demon empress, he only told her half. The other half is, once this method is used to bring her into half step god, her lifespan will also reach its final 3 years.
    Halfway when they are passing a sea of lava, Ming caught up to them.
  • 599 Sea of death

    The sea of lava is not natural lava, but lava molten by the heat of the golden crow's flames. Anything that touches it will instantly be burned up into nothingness. This sea is also called the sea of death.

    Huai laughs and says they won't be able to escape death today. Yun Che tells the young demon empress to believe him and hold on to him no matter what. She trusts him and holds on to his waist.
    Ming tells them that their 10,000 years of ruling the demon continent should also be coming to an end. After today, the Imperial demon family will be no more. Huai will ascend to become the new ruler of the demon continent. As for Caiyi princess, she will become the shameful endpoint of the Imperial demon family. But this however, they will not have the chance to see.

    Huai then tells Ming he wants to personally kill Yun Che, as he has already cast a shadow over his heart. Ming agrees and let Huai give them the final blow, otherwise he will never overcome it.

    Huai then attacks at full power with his demon fire. Yun Che uses sealing cloud locking sun to protect himself. He also uses the attack of Huai to propel himself and instantly escaped a few tens of miles away.

    Huai & Ming are stupefied, a mere sky profound cultivator actually not dying from a mid stage sovereign's full attack. They immediately give chase.

    Yun Che, while heavily injured, still manages to keep up his speed. The young demon empress feels blood flowing out of Yun Che's body into her hands. As she looked up to Yun Che, their eyes interlocked. Without a painful look, Yun Che just laughs and says he is fine.

    As they are escaping, they are getting lower and lower, closer and closer to the sea of death. Ming & Huai initially catching up, also closed to distance by half. But their speed dropped as they get closer to the sea of death, seeming to what Yun Che is about to do.

    Huai is regretting he won't be able to kill Yun Che with his own hands. To ming it doesn't matter whether they die in the sea of death or by his hands, this was actually better for him. He can spare his energy while the end result is the same.

    Yun Che doesn't know whether this will be able to save them, but this is their only option left. He releases the phoenix flames and wraps it around themselves, then decides to submerge into the lava.
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    600 Endless Lava

    The air above the sea of death is filled with tyrant profound fire spirits. Deep inside the sea of death, there is even sovereign profound fire spirits.
    Huai & Ming decides to back away from the sea of death because the heat became unbearable for even Huai.

    Huai is not happy he couldn't kill Yun Che with his own hands. According to Ming, the fact Yun Che returned with the emperor's seal is actually a blessing to them. This gave them the opportunity to kill the young demon empress. From today, the demon continent belongs to them. There are still a few obstacles in the form of the opposition guardian families. But Huai should be able to take care of them, Ming will go back to hiding for now.
    Ming then looks to the south and says the Yun and Mu families have arrived. They've come with 12 people, sufficient force, but unfortunately too late.

    They can use the emperor's seal to teleport away before the arrival of the Mu & Yun people. Since they have thin golden crow's blood, they will have to use slightly more blood. Like this, Huai will have an alibi and there is no way the Yun & Mu families can accuse them of any involvement in the disappearance of the young demon empress.
    But Ming still decides to wait an hour before they teleport because Yun Che seems unusual to him. He himself, would not last 10 breaths in the sea of death. Even a divine profound going in there would not last 15 minutes. So waiting an hour shows how cautious Ming is of Yun Che.

    Inside the sea of death, young demon empress opens her eyes and found herself not dead. They are wrapped by Yun Che's crimson flames and the lava is kept outside. Due to the special body of Yun Che, the lava can't hurt him. He is using the phoenix flames solely for protecting the young demon empress. It comes at a huge consumption since he is also injured. Yun Che tells the young demon empress to preserve her life as long as possible (her vitals were destroyed by ming).

    When vitals are broken, ordinary people instantly die. A tyrant can live for a few more hours and a sovereign can live up to sereval tens of days.

    Jasmine suddenly tells him to use Buddah tactics because the profound force here is no less than in the primordial profound ark. Absorbing it allows him to heal at tremendous speed.
    Yun Che then uses Buddah tactics heal himself from his wounds.
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    601 Crisis at Ice cloud asgard

    While immersed in the sea of death. Yun Che continues to  absorb the surrounding aura with his way of the buddha while protecting the life force of the young demon empress. For others, the sea of death is a death sentence. But because Yun Che has the fire seed, the lava can't hurt him. Out of curiousity, he stuck his hand out through the barrier into the lava. He suddenly feels the fire spirits in the lava surging into his hands all the way into his evil god's veins. 
    At the same time, his cultivation base also grew. He then decides to immerse half his body into the lava while leaving only the young demon empress inside the barrier. He divides his attention 10% focussing on maintaining the barrier to protect her, 10% in the way of the buddha restoration which is then directed to regenerate the young demon empress's vitals, 80% on absorbing the spirits in the sea of death.  Fire spirits from everywhere surges into his body and starts to rotate in his evil god's veins. At the 3rd rotation, he cultivation already grew by 10%. By this time, his whole body is already immersed in the lava. 


    12 people invade the Blue wind country. Two of them are mid tyrants while ten are emperor profound 8 or higher. They are on a mission the capture Xia Qingyue from cloud Asgard and bring her back to their young master. Atm, they are already in the snow area and less than 300km away from Cloud Asgard.
    From their conversation, it's made clear that the Phoenix empire has already invaded very deep into Blue wind country. They are less than 500km from the Blue wind's capital. At this rate, the Blue wind country will be finished in a few months.

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    602 Ancestor Bingyun's secret

    Scene turns to heavenly sword villa.

    A large sound of something breaking is heard through the whole clan. Ling Yuefeng seeks out the source and finds shattered blue jade on a table.
    His father Ling Tianni is also present looking at the shattered jade. Ling Tianni tells him that this ice jade was once given by the founder of Ice cloud Asgard, Mu Bingyun 1000 years ago, to their Ancestor of heavenly sword villa. Mu Bingyung predicted their Ice cloud asgard would meet calamity after 1000 years, so she pleaded to the ancestor of the Heavenly sword villa  to assist Ice cloud asgard when that happens,  which is when the ice jade would shatter. They will have 7 days to go give Ice cloud asgard a helping hand.

    Ling Yuefeng says in 7 days, they'll be too late. Also if the enemy are tyrants, then the Ice cloud asgard's barrier formations will be of no use.
    Ling Tianni disagrees and says Ice cloud asgard will definitely be safe for the next 7 days. If they open up the veil of the ice goddess, even if the 4 sacred grounds combined their forces, they'll not be able to break through.

    Ling Yuefeng is surprised and doesn't believe a high grade emperor could do this. Ling Tianni says he is wrong and the strength of Mu Bingyun is far from what he thinks. 1000 years ago when their ancestor has yet to build the heavenly sword villa, Ice cloud asgard already exists.
    When their heavenly sword villa's ancestor was touring Blue wind country, he defeated one master after another. 
    And when he went to challenge Ice cloud asgard's leader, Mu Bingyun, he got defeated. To the general public, it was passed on that they had a long battle and heavenly sword villa's ancestor got defeated in the end. But the truth is, he got defeated by a single stroke.

    If Mu Bingyun wanted to rule Blue wing country as the no.1 overlord, she could. But she only cared about taking in homeless women/girls and giving them a place to belong.

    Also, the snow region was once not called the snow region. Because that place never knew rain nor snow, but was a barren and cold wasteland.  1000 years ago, it suddenly snowed for 7 days and 7 nights covering the whole region with snow for a thousand of miles, from then there was Ice cloud asgard. The message their heavenly sword villa's ancestor left behind was: The snow fell because of Mu Bingyun.

    Ling Yuefeng asks whether the origin of Mu Bingyun is also from one of the sacred grounds like theirs. Ling Tianni denies it and says nobody knows.
    The profound art their heavenly sword villa is practicing is derived from Tianwei sword domain's profound art, but is definitely weaker than Mu Bingyun's ice razed divine art. The ice razed divine art she used is absolutely not less than the core profound arts of the four sacred grounds.
    For a profound art to reach such a powerful state, it usually takes thousands of years of refining and perfecting it from major clans. But nobody has any knowledge of the history of the ice razed divine art prior to Mu Bingyun.

    Because the ice razed divine art has such a high degree of difficulty, even though the disciples she took in aren't bad, none of them could practice it.
    Therefore, Mu Bingyun decided to create ice cloud art. Although ice cloud art is inferior to ice razed divine art, in the blue wind country or even the whole Tianxuan continent, it can definitely be regarded as an excellent profound art. To create ice cloud art, Mu Bingyun used merely 7 days.

    Ling Yuefeng asks why she had such a short lifespan if she were this powerful. She should at least outlived 1000 years like the elders from the sacred grounds. According to Ling Tianni, this nobody knows. But their ancestor did confirmed her death. When Mu Bingyun died, she scattered as ice crystals into the air, leaving no corpse behind.
    The fact she didn't leave a corpse behind, aroused some suspicion from their ancestor. But it has been a thousand years since and nobody has ever heard of or seen her again. Regardless, she should be dead by now.

    Back then, Heavenly sword villa's ancestor did promised her to help Ice cloud asgard should calamity befall it. Ling Tianni looks at his son, says he is the clan leader now. Whether they decide to honor their ancestor's promise and help Ice cloud asgard or not. The decision lies with Ling Yuefeng.

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    603 Getting out of the sea of death

    Since they have already lost their trust and honor when they decided not to help Blue wind country in the war, Ling Yuefeng doesn't care anymore.
    They will not be helping Ice cloud asgard and put themselves into danger either. Blue wind country appealed in total nine times for their help and got rejected every time.
    Apparently, Ling Kun also sent his wife a message about not interfering with Ice cloud asgard. They know who are attacking. Ling Yuefeng's wife seems delighted Ice cloud asgard is getting destroyed.

    Northern snow region

    The 12 guys are unable to break through the barrier. Some even got injured when they fought Ice cloud asgard's fairies. They expected 3 thrones, who would've thought they encountered 9 thrones from Ice cloud asgard. Xia Qingyue is even a half step tyrant. Some of the 12 invaders even got injured.
    There is nothing they can do but wait for the barrier to run out of energy, then they will kill everyone of Ice cloud asgard except for Xia Qingyue.

    High up in the sky, someone is watching these 12 guys trying to break into Ice cloud asgard. She sighs and says the day has finally come.
    Her disciple besides her asks whether she will act. She says she won't, the day she left Ice cloud asgard, she has broken any bond between her and Ice cloud asgard and will no longer intervene. She only came her to witness its end so the bond can truly be broken.
    This person is obviously Mu Bingyun.

    Her disciple asks why she had to create Ice cloud asgard even though she already recovered her memories & strength back then.
    She answers that year, she lost her strength & memories. It was the people from eternal night's royal family who saved her from the claws of a beast.
    Not long after, eternal night's royal family got framed and destroyed. Then afterwards, she regained her strength & memories and also had the heart for revenge. But she didn't like killing people and ultimately also did not belonged to this realm. She thus decided to create Ice cloud asgard as a way to repay this world.

    Her disciple asks whether it was realm emperor his highness who told them to leave Humming Snow realm.

    Mu Bingyun nods and tells her disciple to not tell her sister the fact they came here. Her sister is still having hard feelings about the fact she left behind Ice razed divine arts.

    The disciple says she can obviously kill these 12 invaders with a single lift of her finger, will they really just leave without doing anything?

    Mu Bingyun says this will only provoke bigger trouble for Ice cloud asgard. Also, they have other troubles themselves. As of now, Star divinity realm and Lunar divinity realm are continuously fighting. There are strange movements from the Vatican realm. Flame divinity realm is lurking for their Humming Snow realm. Chaos is approaching. Even if they have a helpful heart, they can't afford more trouble.

    Before they leave, the disciple tells Mu Bingyun that she heard princess Jasmine from Star divinity realm is still alive. Apparently, she was seen by an earth eater beast in a spacial crack. If that is really the case, then Star divinity realm emperor's ritual is incomplete, just missing out on Jasmine.
    She is about to suggest something, but is stopped by Mu Bingyun. Telling her to not believe random rumors, the matters concerning Star divinity realm is not something they should be bothered with.

    Finally, the disciple asks where the portal in Ice cloud asgard will lead to. But even Mu Bingyun herself doesn't know. That all depends of the user's luck.


    Demon continent, sea of death

    After hundred heavenly rotations of fire spirits in his veins, Yun Che feels his strength increased by threefold.
    If he wants to, he can immediately break through into throne. Yun Che thinks he has spent 6-7 hours in the sea of death, Ming & Huai should be gone now. He then asks Jasmine how long he's been cultivating. Jasmine told him it has been a whole month.

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    604 Golden crow's shrine

    One whole month is a long time. Huai could've done a lot when they went missing. Their deaths should've probably already been widely spread around in the Imperial demon city. Also, to cure the demon empress, Yun Che needs resources this place doesn't have. All this time, he has only been sustaining the vitals of the young demon empress with the way of the buddha. So they want to leave the golden crow's valley ASAP. 
    But without the emperor's seal, they have no means of escape. The young demon empress suggests they go to the golden crow's shrine and ask the spirit of the golden crow to send them out. That is their only option. 
    So they go to the golden crow's shrine. 
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    605 The only choice left

    They arrived at the shrine. The golden crow shows up and knows everything that has happened in the valley. Young demon empress asks the spirit of the golden crow to send them out so they can take their revenge. The golden crow asks her how she is going to take her revenge with her vitals destroyed and whether she really wants to use the secret Yun Che told her, allowing her to reach a half step divine. 
    She told her the method would only allow her to live for 3 more years. The young demon empress says she knew there was a price to pay, but she doesn't care.
    This method involves getting 9 drops of golden crow's blood, pushing the user into half step divine. But this only works for men, women will instantly die.
    But the spirit says there might be a favorable turning point for her this time, then she points at Yun Che.
    Yun Che is the inheritor is the evil god, also has the fire seed. But he wasted it by getting the phoenix inheritance.
    However the phoenix blood has some use this time. The golden crow's spirit then blows away all their clothes.
    She tells the young demon empress to nourish Yun Che's yang. His phoenix blood will allow her to take on the golden crow's inheritance without instantly dying. Yun Che also has very rich dragon blood that allows her to restore her vitality.
    The young demon empress pushes Yun Che down and rides him. 
    The spirit of the golden crow then encloses the two of them inside a barrier. She tells them that she has to seize Yun Che's yang at least 500 times and she gives them 2 months to do so.

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    606 Golden crow's inheritance

    The war is still raging in Blue wind country. A report coming in from one of the generals saying the other 5 countries are unwilling to help because Divine Phoenix empire promised to not invade them for the next 300 years if they did not interfere. 
    Then another report comes in saying 30% of the Divine phoenix empire's troops are heading to floating cloud city. 
    Queen Cangyue noted that in 2 years of warring, they already lost 60% of their territory to the Divine phoenix empire. They have no reasons for any tricks.
    Queen Cangyue tells them to send a message to the people of floating cloud city to not retaliate if the Divine phoenix empire really invades.
    This will prevent a lot of suffering. She then looks at a portrait of Yun Che, saying she will join him soon after she's done her duty protecting floating cloud city.


    Yun Che finished the job in 47 days. Golden crow's spirit expected no less from the inheritor of the dragon blood. But she is surprised by how the young demon empress showed off her beast mode, asking whether that's her true nature.
    Meanwhile, she put the young demon empress inside a secret area and gave her 9 drops of blood and Ode of the golden crow.
    She'll reach half divine in 7 days, but if she wants to get out of the secret area. She'll have to master the ode of the golden crow up to at least level 3.

    The golden crow then says the reason she helped her this time was because of Yun Che. Yun Che, having the evil god's veins, fire seed and dragon blood. 
    She has finally found the most suitable person to inherit her golden crow's flames. She asks whether Yun Che is willing to accept.

    Yun Che says he is willing. Jasmine tells him to not be happy too fast.

    The Golden crow is happy and says he did not let her down. But she will have to erase his phoenix blood first.

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    607 Forced by the golden crow

    Yun Che asks what she ment by erasing the phoenix blood. The golden crow's spirit says that's once he inherited her crow's blood, which is stronger and superior compared the phoenix blood. The phoenix blood is naturally not needed anymore.
    Yun Che says both blood heritages can coexist like his dragon and phoenix blood. But to the golden crow coexisting with the lowly phoenix blood is an insult. If that's the case then Yun Che doesn't need the golden crow's blood. To him, it's not a matter of which is stronger, but a matter of principle. So he won't abandon his phoenix blood.
    The golden crow admires him even more and says she will not let go of such a perfect inheritor. She then forcibly tries to remove the phoenix blood within Yun Che. Making Yun Che lose consciousness in the process. With his last bit of consciousness, Yun Che activated his dragon soul domain.
    The golden crow is surprised why Yun Che would have a part of the primordial dragon soul. Getting blood is one thing. But the soul essence.. once lost is lost. Losing a bit of soul essence also means part of the spirit will be gone forever. And it's the primordial blue dragon to boot.. ranked first among all the primodial god beasts.

    608 Nine Yang divine jade

    After finding out about the primordial dragon's soul essence. The golden crow is more and more interested in Yun Che.
    If the was the full might of the primordial dragon, the golden crow could naturally not compete with him. But Yun Che is still at the sky profound stage and thus far too weak. After 100 breaths, the dragon domain was suppressed down by the golden crow.
    After suppressing down the dragon soul. Within Yun Che's soul, the phoenix imprint is finally infront of the golden crow's spirit.
    Just when she tries to erase the phoenix imprint, the phoenix's soul essence also emerges, blocking off the golden crow's flames from destroying the imprint.
    The golden crow's spirit doesn't understand why the phoenix, also gave her soul essence to Yun Che.
    She then decides to read Yun Che's memories whereafter her golden crow's flames no longer acts out.

    When Yun Che regained his consciousness, the phoenix blood is still there. But he also felt another force within his body.
    He reaches out both his hands and lit up two crimson flames. One burning quietly, the other burning intense and ferociously while there is no wind.
    The first is the phoenix flame while the other is obviously the golden crow's flame.

    The golden crow is surprised he woke up so fast and even integrated 30% of the golden crow's flames already while he was unconsious. Because generally, the golden crow's flames are hard to tame and might even burn the recipient to ashes.

    Yun Che half disbelieving saying she really inserted the golden crow's blood without touching his phoenix blood.

    The golden crow asks whether he is not satisfied while laughing off the fact that she really let her golden crow's blood coexist with phoenix blood inside ones body. She told Yun Che not to think that she was incapable off erasing the phoenix blood,  she merely changed her mind.

    Yun Che asks Jasmine for explanation. Jasmine says she was probably shocked by Yun Che's memories.
    She then tells Yun Che to finish refining the other 70% of the golden crow's blood.

    The golden crow then says that although she allowed coexistence of her crow's blood with phoenix blood, doesn't mean the phoenix has the qualification to be compared to the golden crow. The golden crow is a divine spirit nurtured in the core of the sun, it's flames are the strongest in existence. Not something the phoenix flames can be compared with. Once Yun Che comprehends the ode of the golden crow, he will not be bothered anymore to use the low class phoenix flames.

    The phoenix gave him 3 drops of blood, so she gave him 9 drops. The phoenix gave him 6 stages of the ode of the phoenix, she gave him 7 stages of the ode of the golden crow. That phoenix gave him a big gift, so she will give him an even bigger gift. She just wants to exceed the phoenix in every possible way.

    Yun Che still doesn't know what gift they are talking about. The golden crow also refuses to tell him, saying he will be delighted if he knows, but it will also harm his growth. So it's better if he doesn't know it yet and he will know once it's the right time.

    The golden crow says she did not expect the phoenix to give him such a big gift, but her gift is definitely not less than that of the phoenix.
    She then gives Yun Che something Jasmine recognizes as ''nine yang jade''.
    Jasmine did not expect this realm to have such a divine item. The nine yang jade is a divine treasure of the highest grade that is very hard to find even in her realm. If all the powers inside it are unleashed.. it could instantly destroy the demon continent.
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    609 Evil god's seed Thunder

    Yun Che wonders whether he can go against the gods if he could absorb the powers from the nine yang jade. Jasmine said he would just kill himself if he tried to. The nine yang jade is not without use though. After reading through Yun Che's memories, the golden crow says Yun Che can use the nine yang jade as fuel for the primeordial Arc. Allowing him to travel between continents at will. 

    The golden crow then tells Yun Che to continue cultivate in the sea of death, at least until his young demon empress comes out. She also gives Yun Che the thunder seed and tells him to swallow it after he finished refining the golden crow's blood. Without waiting for Yun Che's respons, she throws him in the sea of death.

    Jasmine then appears asking the golden crow's spirit whether the reason she changed her mind, was because she found out about her and was afraid of her. Although Jasmine has the ability to disperse the remnant of her soul, the golden crow isn't afraid of her. 
    Jasmine noted that she also gave part of her soul essence to Yun Che and will disperse within 10 years anyways. 
    The golden crow doesn't regret it, saying she has already found the perfect inheritor. Apparently golden crow spirits can share memories with eachother, so she knows what is happening in other realms as well. She knows Jasmine is the inheritor of the heavenly star god slaying power.
    Although the people from Star divinity realm can use star soul rebirth to inherit the heavenly star god slaying power, but they will weaken with every rebirth. So they use various methods to prevent them from getting weaker with every generation.
    Ever since 100,000 years ago, the heavenly star god slayer is no longer an single existence. Jasmine is the inheritor, so her fate is also to become a sacrifice for the next inheritor. The golden crow's spirit guessed correctly that she must have fled the star divinity realm. And by using all means to get the evil god's veins, she must've tried to change her fate as a sacrifice, using the evil god's powers. 

    Jasmine tells her to shut up and threatens to disperse the remnant of her soul. The golden crow says she will not do that, if she really used strong enough power to disperse her soul. Star god realm will notice and be aware of her existence.

    Because she knows so much, Jasmine asks the golden crow why there would be so many divine spirits and evil god seeds on this weak blue planet. 
    According to the golden crow, the planet is 99% water and 1% land as of now. But that wasn't always the case. In ancient times, the planet was divided up in 60% water and 40% land. But most of the land has been destroyed when ancient gods wrecked havoc on this planet. Also this planet was originally located at the other side of the universe, not very far from Jasmine's home planet, just around 100 Astral units.

    The fact this planet still exists after traversing half the galaxy and experiencing so much destruction, was because it was being protected by the evil god. This planet is the first planet the evil god created.

    After the evil god died, only those god spirits who were on good terms with the evil god, knew of this planet's existence. Among them are the dragon god, phoenix and the golden crow. They also left behind their soul essences. As for the reason, at least nobody in her star divinity world knows of this planet's existence.

    As for the reason why they all gave Yun Che their soul essence. Apparently the golden crow felt a presence which only god spirits can perceive. This ancient presence that caused many gods perishing at the same time. Although still far away and faint, but it's clearly drawing closer and getting stronger. 
    The phoenix and dragon god must've also felt the same, so they decided to put their faith in the most appropriate person. 

    Although the golden crow resents the phoenix, but will not because of this destroy her will. She then hopes that which she felt is an illusion.
    Otherwise, even the strong star divinity realm will be thrown into chaos.
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    610  Soldiers at Floating cloud

    In order to avoid the war, Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi returned to Xiao sect.
    6 Months ago, Fen Juechen (sole survivor of the burning heaven clan) also arrived in Floating cloud city and started randomly killing people,
    but he got stopped by Xiao Lingxi.
    Nowdays, he seems to only listen to Xiao Lingxi and also comes to the Xiao sect daily to look at her.
    The people from Floating cloud city are to open the door and leave the city so the soldiers from the Phoenix empire can have free unhindered entrance.
    As Xiao Lingxi was leaving the city, she was seen by a general of the phoenix empire, Feng Huwei.
    He takes a liking to her looks and wants to take her by force.
    Fen Juechen then arrives saving the day ..  .. probably.. ..

    The reason they are invading flouting cloud city is because there is a huge crystal mine near.
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    611 Trembing divine phoenix military

    The general Feng Huwei, being a stage 1 tyrant, feels that Fen Juechen is not that simple.
    But one of his Lieutenant, a stage 8 emperor, mocks Fen Juechen.
    Fen Juechen grabs him by the neck and turns him to dust and says he will kill everyone.
    Xiao Lingxi stops him, Fen Juechen then shows off his sovereign power and threatens the soldiers to not hurt the citizens of Floating Cloud.
    If they kill 1, he will kill 10,000 of them. If they kill 10, he will 100,000 of them. If they hurt Xiao Lingxi, he will not even let them have a corpse.
    The soldiers are trembling and says they will only occupy the city, but not hurt the citizens.
    Fen Juechen then turns to Xiao Lingxi and says because he was saved by her 3 years ago, his life is hers.
    He then tells Xiao Lingxi to wait until he destroys those guys from the 4 sacred ground, then even if she wants his life, he will not hesitate.
    Fen Juechen then disappears. Xiao Lingxi is still sad about the ''death'' of Yun Che.
  • 612 Last hope

    This chapter turns to Ice cloud Asgard

    The invaders are still gunning for Xia Qingyue. But they're unable to enter Ice cloud Asgard, but will not be blocked for much longer.
    Inside Ice Cloud asgard, everyone is telling Xia Qingyue to take the portal and escape.
    Xia Qingyue is their last hope. As long she survives, she can rebuild Ice cloud asgard.
    They also made Xia Qingyue to promise them to only return after she reached Sovereign.
  • 613 Demon realm's new monarch

    Yun Che and the young demon empress came out of the valley after 3 months.
    There is a crimson golden mark burning between her eyebrows. After awakening the golden crow's blood, the demon emperors will have a dull golden mark between their eyebrows, which can be turned off. The mark on the demon empress is burning crimson and she is not able to turn it off. Signifying she is currently burning off her life force. She only has 3 more years to live. Yun Che is unable to determine what cultivation the young demon empress is at because he doesnt feel anything from her, indicating she already went beyond his comprehension.

    After knowing that the young demon empress already practised the Ode of the golden crow up to level 3. Yun Che says he already mastered all 7 levels of the Ode of the golden crow half a month ago. The young demon empress does not react, she already lost her emotions since the time she went down on Yun Che.  

    They then fly towards the Imperial demon city. Yun Che, despite already being an emperor and using purgatory, is unable to keep up with the young demon empress. She then lowers her speed to let Yun Che catch up. 

    Back in the Imperial demon city.

    It's been 4 months since they went missing.

    Today is the day for Huai to Ascend the throne. The people supporting Huai are laughing. As for Yun clan, it seems Yun Qinghong is prepared to take revenge for his son.

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    614 A debt of blood must be paid in blood

    Huai enters the stage along with 100 people from his Huai household. Among them, 20 people are at the sovereign level.
    They are proceeding with the coronation ceremony. Then comes the part of the ceremony where everyone has to kneel down and worship the new monarch. Only Yun & Mu aren't kneeling. They are immediately barked at whether they want to rebel.
    For the past 4 months, they've been claiming that Huai murdered the young demon empress & Yun Che.
    A claim that does not hold since Huai has an alibi, he's been in the Imperial demon city the whole time.

    Yun Qinghong's had enough, jumps to the center of the hall with his sword and says he is going to make blood flow.
    Su and Yan clan leaders are telling him to calm down.
    Mu Yurou calls out Huai and says he killed her son. Even if they have to pay their lives for it, they will return this blood debt.
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    615 Life and death struggle

    Yun Qinghong gets surrounded by the 7 traitorous clan leaders. He tells Huai that if he wants to be king, he will have to be so over his dead body.
    The other members of Yun clan is calling out to him. He tells them to stay away. Also, he gave Yun Waitian a space ring this morning with the clan leader's crest inside. Yun Qinghong is cutting himself from Yun clan and whatever he does today has nothing to do with them. From today on, Yun Waitian will be the new clan leader of Yun clan, but he still hopes they will not serve this dog emperor.
    Yun Waitian refuses and says he will not abandon him. If his clan leader says Huai caused the young demon empress's death, then it will have to be so. Everyone of the Yun clan is willing to die for him today.

    Mu Feiyan also can't hold it anymore. The killer of the ones they are supposed to guard, now becoming their master is simply ridiculous.
    He also calls out the people from Mu clan to go on a slaughter today. And after they die and go to the other side, they will to the demon emperor together, apologizing to him. Also telling the ones who are afraid of death to roll away.
    His 3 sons exclaimed they will kill to their heat's content as a family.

    Huai is having a headache right now. The thing he was the most afraid of happening, is happening on his enthroning day. If he could strike the Yun clan, he would've done so. But he knew he couldn't move them, because just on the anniversary of 100 years enthroning, the Yun clan gained great fame, acknowledgement and all the support from the public. The Yun clan also proved their utmost loyalty to the demon emperor family.
    If he now strikes at the Yun clan, he will be publicly criticized. Some will believe the rumors of him killing off the demon emperor family and he will therefore not sit on the throne comfortably. Alas, there is no other option. Huai tells the 7 families to kill these rebels.

    They start fighting ...... Mu Feiyan, a sovereign 7, started showing off his skills in front of the younger generation. Dozens of disciples under tyrant level were blown to pieces. A path to Huai opens up. Yun Qinghong & Mu Yurou charges out of the encirclement towards Huai.
    But they get blocked off by two experts, twin brothers who are at the mid sovereign level.
    Yun Qinghong recognizes them, they are the two strongest experts from the northern border. These two have no equal in the northern region of the demon continent. Yun Qinghong tries to talk them out of it, but they don't believe Huai would do such a bad thing.
    Yun Qinghong laughs and says he will not let them block him, activates his profound handle and immediately suppressed the twin brothers.

    Mu Yurou sees her chances and charges right into Huai with her weapon directed at Huai's throat. Yun Qinghong urgently tells her to not go there.
  • 616 Young demon empress returns

    Mu Yurou gets hit flying by another two mid sovereigns who were protecting Huai. They launch a vicious attack at her.
    Yun Qinghong turns his back at the people he was fighting to save Mu Yurou. He gets hit in his back and also by the attack ment for Mu Yurou, poking a few bloody holes in his body.
    Huai laughs at him, but then his face stiffens. Yun Qinghong is using Yun clan's forbidden art <冥狱雷皇阵> Dark prison thunder emperor array.
    A technique his father, Yun Canghai forbid him from practicing, but he learned it anyways the past 4 months. This technique uses the user's blood essence, turning the purple lightning into red lightning. The user has to be injured first before he can use it and after using, he will die himself.
    Not just the hall, but half the city is covered with dark clouds emitting red lightning.
    Mu Feiyan has his disciples from his Mu clan fall back.
    16 mid sovereigns came out to protect Huai, but they all seem to be surpressed by Yun Qinghong using his forbidden art.

    Before Yun Qinghong can act, the voice of the young demon empress reaches him, saying it's not necessary for him to do this.
    His red lightning aura then gets surpressed down by the young demon empress.
    The young demon empress and Yun Che returned.
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    617 Flames of revenge (part one)

    They arrived just in time, one minute later and Yun Qinghong would've used this forbidden technique and die.
    Yun Che sees that his father is heavily injured and starts channeling the way of Buddha to heal him.

    The demon empress sees the chaos and asks what is going on. They told her, Huai is getting enthroned. 
    They then blamed the young demon empress for disappearing for 4 months, if not for their ''new king'', the demon continent would've fallen into chaos again.
    Also according to Helian Kuang, Huai is the more appropriate ruler. Huai has more forces, more backers ect. And the young demon empress disappearing for 4 months was the limit they could take from their ruler.
    Yun Che tells them why don't they ask Huai why they disappeared for 4 months. He then tells them about Huai going together with his father Ming into the valley to assassinate the empress. 
    Huai says that when the Yun, Mu & Su clan entered the valley 4 months ago, he himself was in the Imperial demon city the entire time. So he also hadn't seen the demon empress anymore since she left the ceremony. A lot of people have seen him inside the city. Being slandered the entire time, he can see it as a form of loyalty towards the demon emperor's bloodline, so this he could endure. But now his exhaulted father Ming is slandered too. He wants an explanation for this. 

    The young demon empress says she will give him an explanation. She activates her golden crow's bloodline and forcibly opens up Huai's storage space. The demon emperor's seal floats out of it into the demon empress hands. 
    Mu Feiyan takes this opportunity to put pressure on Huai and asks him why he would have the emperor's seal if he hasn't seen the young demon empress since she left the stage.

  • 618 Flames of revenge (part two)

    Yun Che explains to everyone how you can leave and enter the valley at will if you have the emperor's seal. Which is why Huai was able to leave after he ''assassinated'' the demon empress.
    People are starting the question Huai. But royal Chung says that's nonsense, having the emperor's seal doesn't mean anything and Huai is being framed. Huiran added that it was him who found the seal near the entrance of the valley. He gave it to his father who decided to not reveal it to prevent chaos. Now they're being framed.

    The demon empress then orders the three grand elders from Yun clan to grab down Huai and use their profound handle to soul search him for the truth.
    But the three grand elders are being blocked by the oppressive force from various sovereigns.
    The demon empress barks at them for daring to disobey her orders. Royal Chung responds that the current ruler of the demon continent is their new demon emperor and not the young demon empress anymore. The young demon empress shatters royal Chung, a sovereign stage 3, to pieces in a single strike.
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