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  • It's a fight between 2 sides proposed by Duke Huai, one of the rebelling royals who aims to take the throne.

    He wants to kick Yun Family out of the 12 guardian families because the Yun family is a strong backer of the Demon Queen. ( The Demon queen is a loli ) 

    First he mentioned the sins of the Yun family, how they lost demon kingdom's treasures. Then he mocks them for being the weakest among the 12 families, not even having a single high class sovereign, ( Sovereign 7-10th grade ). Their strongest is a sovereign 6 great elder and Yun Che's father is sovereign 5, still the most impressive one among his generation. Back in the old days, Yun family, including Yun Che's grandfather, had as much as 11 high class sovereigns. Yun family back then was the strongest family. But they all died during a mission to retrieve their demon king and losing the treasure they carried with.
    But now they are the weakest and thus an unworthy member of the 12 family.  

    Then he let people vote:

    Duke Huai's side has 7 families and 60 royals voting for kicking out Yun family.

    Yun Family has 4 other families and 40 royals voting against.

    Then Yun family's side, someone mention numbers doesn't mean anything.

    Duke Huai agrees and adds that power means everything, so he proposed a fight between the 2 sides, letting the juniors younger than 35 years duke it out.
    As the juniors represent their future strength. If duke Huai's side wins, then Yun family will be kicked out.

    It's a 12 vs 12 serial battle, the first one to lose their twelve fighters, loses.
    As for the people fighting, the 12 families each have their own junior representator.
    The royals also have 7 outstanding juniors called the 7 magical demon princes.

    Duke Huai has 7 juniors from the families and 5 of the magical demon princes. Their weakest are tyrant lvl 4, strongest tyrant lvl 8.

    Yun family has 5 juniors from the families and 2 of the magical demon princes, who are also ranked 6th and 7th, that adds up to 7 fighters. So they also have to get 5 weaker fighters from the remaining royals to add up to the numbers. Weakest tyrant lvl 2, strongest tyrant lvl 6. Excluding Yun Che.

    Duke huai starts with a magical demon prince ranked 4th, a tyrant lvl 5, he wins 4 consecutive fights against Yun family's side against tyrant lvl 2-3 fighters.
    His 5th fight ends in a draw as both sides gets blasted out.

    5-1 for Duke Huai.

    Fights between some random tyrant lvl 4-5, win some.. lose some..

    10-4 for Duke Huai

    Yun family's side's strongest comes in 苏止战- Su Zhizhan, tyrant lvl 6, he instant beats his female tyrant lvl 5 opponent.


    Su Zhizhan challenges his rival, 赫连霸- Helian Ba, another tyrant lvl 6, the 2 strongest juniors of the 12 families and wins again.


    Su Zhizhan already used up all his powers, loses and gets poisoned badly in the next battle against 九方昱-Jiufang Yu, tyrant lvl 4.


    Yun Che jumps in and saves Su Zhizhan by absorbing the poison in his bead, he stays on the arena to fight, one hit destroys Jiufang Yu because he was
    careless and didn't bother to set up defence against a sky profound lvl 10. Jiufang Yu's innards and veins are all twisted up and shit.


    Yun Che fights 啸东来-Xiao Donglai, a tyrant lvl 4 who specializes in speed wind tornados and afterimages/clones. During the fight, Yun Che is actually faster than him and his clones even seem to be real bodies and not just illusions. Yun Che chases Xiao Donglai and keeps getting closer. Xiao Donglai wants to fight back before Yun Che gets too close. Yun Che instant freezes everything solid including Xiao Donglai.


    There are atm 4 more opponents left. A tyrant lvl 5 / half step into tyrant 6 of the 12 families.
    The magical demon princes ranked 1st - 3rd. 2 are tyrant lvl 6 and 1 is tyrant lvl 8.
    Ranked 3 and 1 are also duke Huai's sons.

     Oh about the reactions.. they are pretty much standard like oh shit.. a weak little skyprofound 10.. blablabla.. laughing.. mocking..
  • Chapter 557

    Yun Che vs Chiyang Yanwu

    So.. she's basically a hot dominatrix in tight leather covering only her intimate parts.
    The Chiyang tribe has the blood of a fire dragon and are ranked 3rd among the families.
    Yanwu is 24 years old, almost tyrant 6 and her main weapon is a tyrant grade whip.

    So she launches a fire dragon attack on Yun Che. Yun che freezes her fire dragon.
    Then Yun Che gets whipped and everyone thought he lost half his life.
    When the smoke clears up, they saw Yun Che floating down, touching his back which has a red mark from the whip, saying it hurts.

    Everyone dumbfounded...
  • Chapter 558

    Yun Che gets mad saying he went easy on her and she actually dared to whip him, so now it's payback time.
    He uses his agility skill and shoots multiple ice attacks on her, causing partial freeze on her body.
    Chiyang Yanwu then uses her Chiyang fire domain to melt the ice and suppress Yun Che.
    But Yun Che grew an ice tree in the middle of it and it was ok.
    Seeing the ice tree had no sign of melting, but her domain is actually cooling down, Yanwu had no choice but to attack again with her whip.
    Yun Che after experiencing the whip, decided to activate his agility skill to dodge all her whips.
    Yanwu, after continuously attacking and maintaining her domain, gets exhausted and decided to launch a final combo attack going all out.
    The last part of her combo ends with a whip aiming straight at the eyes of Yun Che.
    Yun Che catches her whip with his hand, jerks it out of her hand and whips down.
    Yanwu gets scared and is trying to flee, but before she could move her legs, ice grew below her feet and traps her down.
    While Yanwu is being hold filmly by the ice, Yun Che whips her ass twice saying that's payback for before, one at his back and one aiming for his eye.
    Then he told her she could give up now but she refuses to give up, saying even if she died she wouldn't give up.

    Yun Che appreciates her character, told her to definitely not give up and continues to whip down on her ass until her tight pants are showing tears.
    Yanwu shouting she will tear him apart one day. Yun Che then told her he doesn't know whether she will have the ability to tear him apart one day or not, but one thing he does know is if this whipping continues, her pants will break down showing her bare ass to the public.
    By then, he will receive many cheers and thanks from the crowd.
    Yanwu shouts she will kill him and tears starts welling up.
    Yun Che continues to whip her until her pants are about to fall off, then Yanwu's father Chiyang Bailie jumps in saying it's enough and therefore conceding the match.


    3 more opponents left and all are royals ranging from tyrant 6 to tyrant 8.
  • Chapter 559:

    Yun Che gives the whip back to Chiyang Bailie while saying the whip was once bestowed by the demon king. Saying the Chiyang family has been treated very good by the demon emperor & the families, together conquering the demon world. Without them, Chiyang family would've already been destroyed by the demon ghost family 10,000 years ago. So if one day Chiyang family decided to betray the demon empress, they'd be .. ungrateful, betrayal of their own ancestors.. ect.. ect..

    Everyone's been astounded by the performance of Yun Che, the first of their side to defeat 3 people in a row.
    But some are worried about whether such an outsider would be able to live for another 3 hours after the match's been concluded, since he's been offending everyone.
    They think he might get killed.

    So now Duke Huai feels Yun Che might become a variable, he tells his son in the next fight to kill him.

    Next one to fight: 辉夜 - Hui Ye

    Also, since these royals have some blood heritage of the golden crow, their tyrant 6 is comparable to a tyrant 7 of the 12 families.
  • Chapter 560:

    Jasmine noticed Huiye's golden crow blood heritage is 1/4th of the demon queen. So she told Yun Che that without using his big sword, it might get tricky.

    Huiye & Yun Che continues mocking each other. Yun Che wins the mocking battle. Huiye gets mad and starts molding golden crow's flames, preparing for an attack.

    As the dark red flames touches the jaden floor, it turned black by corrosion. This is Royal Huai's cultivation technique: The deteriorating devil flame technique.

    This technique is 2nd only to golden crow's world burning record, which can't be acquired atm. Which means the deteriorating devil flame technique is the strongest that is available and Huiye mastered 70% of it while his older brother Huiran has mastered 90%.

    Huiye's cultivation technique means his flames has integrated evil spirits. Yun Che noted that if the golden crow knew these guys actually dared to defile his pure flames with evil spirits, the golden crow would personally come and clean these guys up.

    Huiye attacks with his flames, Yun Che freezes them with ice, but the flames actually broke out and Yun Che had to block it with Sinking Moon Falling Star.

    Huiye says his flames are the strongest and Yun Che can only keep struggling. Yun Che sneers back at him saying his flames has been tarnished by demon spirits and and yet he still has the audacity to claim his flames are the strongest.

    Yun Che uses his phoenix flames. Everyone claims he is an idiot for practicing both water & fire elements. Huiye laughs at him and extends him palm to grab the phoenix flames.
  • Chapter 561:

    Nothing much happened in this chapter.. Huiye's finger got burned.
    They continue to compete with stronger and stronger flames.
    Huiye takes out his weapon and goes all out.
  • Chapter 562:

    Huiye using his weapon is too stronk for an unarmed Yun Che.
    His obsidian maken (dark glory demon sword) can summon forth fire demon sword spirits. (maken = Japanese for demon sword right?)
    Fire demon attacks Yun Che, Yun Che got hit, is injured and falls on the floor, blood came out of his mouth.
    Fire demon attacks again for the kill, Yun Che's father wants to jump in to save his son but he is blocked halfway by Royal Huai.
    Yun Che's is still able to block the Fire demon with his phoenix wing thru the sky. Royal Huai is depressed.
    Yun Che's father tells him to surrender because Huiye can summon 3 fire spirits.
    Yun Che pretends he didn't hear and calls out his 9 feet long, 2 feet wide, 20k pound sword.
    His energy consumption will be huge now, but using purgatory would consume his energy even faster.
    The sword instantly stabbed a hole on the 'supposedly' tough floor.
    Huiye feels oppressed but refuses to acknowledge it and activates 3 fire spirits to clash with Yun Che.
  • chapter 563:

    Yun Che uses phoenix wing sky dome with his sword and blasts through all 3 fire demon sword spirits and the skill even reaches Huiye. Huiye got hit flying.
    Seems like Huiye is wearing a special armor, otherwise he'd be heavily injured already. 
    Next Yun Che uses Phoenix sirius cut to finish it. This time, Royal Huai tries to jump in to save his son but got blocked by Yun Che's father. ''Karma is a bitch again''
    Phoenix sirius cut hits Huiye, his armor blown into debris, Huiye himself got lit up and flies out of the arena like a meteor.
    He bounces a a few times from the ground until he is lying still on the floor, still burning from the phoenix flames. 
    People trying to extinguish the fire got burned instead, Royal Huai extinguishes the fire. Huiye is injured heavily and needs months to recover, if it weren't for him wearing an armor, he would've been crippled instead if not dead.
    Yun Che is sweating now, the huge sword consumes a huge amount of energy apparently, he calls out the next opponent.
    Royal Huai makes a signal to Royal Chung.
    Chung then tells his son Yuanque to kill Yun Che no matter what as he shouldn't have much energy left.
  • Chapter 564:

    Finally nobody is making phun of Yun Che, before they fight.

    Royal Yuanque immediately start will full power, takes out his spear and launches his attack. The force behind it causes people to vormit blood.
    Yun Che parried it down np with his sky raiding demonslayer.
    Before Yuanque could recover, Yun already launched his own attack. Yuanque tried to parry it down with his spear, but that strike felt like a truck.
    Yuanque got hit flying, while flying he plunges his spear into the ground as to slow down, finally getting back on his feet 1 meter before he went out of the arena.
    Yun Che did not immediately follow up with another attack, just those 2 strikes made him really tired. It is the first time he used his new heavy sword in actual combat. He felt like he could barely handle it, but the energy consumption is more than 10 times as much compared to his previous broken sword. He tells himself to upgrade his cultivation asap.
    Yuanque stands up, pulls out another spear and his body transforms and becomes scaly. Apparently he has very thin golden crows blood, but Yuanque's mother is Chiyang Balie's sister, so Yuanque also has Chiyang family's fire dragon blood. The girl who just had her ass whipped is his cousin.

    EDIT: Yun Che's sword is called ''劫天诛魔'', these words are actually etched on the sword itself. 劫天 on one side which means plundering the heavens/sky.
    诛魔 on the other side which means demonslayer. MT takes 魔剑 [Mojian:demon sword] together and translate it as shadowbane), but these 2 words should be taken apart. 魔 belongs to 诛魔.
    This sword is 10 times heavier than dragon vault and weights 200k catty .. so ~ 100 ton.
  • Chapter 565:

    Yuanque's profound strength continues to increase, exceeding twice his previous profound strength.
    Xiao Yun is shocked, Yun Qinghong (Yun Che's father) explains to him this is a special ability available to someone possessing both Golden crow's blood and Chiyang fire dragon's blood. It occurred many times in the history of the demon continent. The practitioner uses golden crow's blood to ignite fire dragon's blood. For a short period of time, his profound strength will increase more than two fold. It will have serious consequences as well. After using it, the practitioner will turn into a very weak state for the next 3 months.. If overused, it might even cause irreversible damage to the body.

    Yuanque clashes again with Yun Che, this time he doesn't get pushed back and even has a slight upper hand. He clashes another 100 times with Yun Che, but is unable to defeat him despite having an upper hand. Yun Che is calm as always. To him, this kind of profound outbreak nothing new. He has those skills as well: Evil soul, burning heart & purgatory. Even his weakest outbreak: evil soul is able to increase his profound strength by 2-3 fold, while not having drawbacks. The current Yun Che can maintain burning heart without any problem. As for purgatory, he can use that for a long time as well, the only drawback is huge consumtion only.
    Yuanque thought he could defeat Yun Che after his outbreak. Now he's been using his outbreak for far too long and is starting to receive recoil damage.
    While screaming from the pain all the time, Yuanque prepares a final desperate attack.
    Yun Che initially thought he could just keep defending so Yuanque could defeat himself with recoil damage, this would consume the least amount of profound strength.
    But after parrying for over a hundred times, he is left with less than 30% of his initial profound strength.
    So Yun Che also decided that this can not go on for any longer, he still has to fight the tyrant 8 Huiran.
    The moment Yuanque launched an attack in despair, Yun Che opened up Purgatory. His profound strength skyrocketing far exceeding Yuanque.
  • 566: Five consecutive victories

    Yun Che with his outbreak used Falling Moon sinking star to hit Yuanque. Yuanque got hit, flies out but bounces back and drops on the floor.
    He stands up, disregarding his own body and uses his ultimate trick which will give him even more recoil damage.
    Yun Che blocks down 90% of the force with sealing cloud locking day, the rest of the 10% causes some minor injuries.
    Yuanque is spent and Yun Che only needs 20% force to hit him flying out of the arena.
    Crowd is silent until Xiao Yun exclaimed how amazing his brother is.  ''then uproar plus a half chapter of BS of how amazed the crowd is, 5 consecutive victories. They thought Yun Che would lose on every battle, but he keeps surprising them... he became the main char this tournament.. blablabla''

    Royal Huai & Chung looking ugly, the current acclaimed no.1 of the juniors Huiran was definitely not as strong as Yun Che when he was 22 years old.
    Huai wants to remove Yun Che before he grows up.

    Yun Che leans on the sword, kneels down and is panting from tiredness.

    Xiao Yun tells his father to tell Yun Che to give up the next match again tyrant 8 Huiran as he is very vicious and will probably try to kill Yun Che, if not waste him.
    Yun Qinghong then tells Yun Che to give up, Yun Che looks back and slowly shakes his head.

    Yun Qinghong then just clenches and sits tight, high density of thunder releasing from his body.
    He decided that if Huiran really acts vicious agains Yun Che, he will disregard whatever honorable identity he has and personally kill Huiran.
  • 567: surprise

    Royal Huai is looking angry, he wanted to completely trample the west side supporters of the demon queen with an overwhelming victory.
    He already dreaming about himself being the demon king after his convincing victory. But Yun Che messed up his plans.
    If given a 2nd chance, he wouldn't propose a 12 vs 12 duel between the 2 sides. Yun Che has way more talent than everyone else he's seen including his own sons, he'd definitely be trouble after he grows up.

    Yun Che already won the hearts of the crowd. He has done enough and nobody wants to see him getting wasted by Huiran.
    Yun Che calls out the next opponent. The other people from the west side is telling him to give up, or telling Yun Qinghong to drag him down.
    Even the demon queen (referee) tells him to reconsider. Yun che tells her this life, he'd been defeated before, but never gives up.
    Royal Huai understands this kid is arrogant and courting death, but why didn't Yun Qinghong dragged him down. He looks at him and sees Yun Qinghong is already molding his profound thunder force and knows he is just trying to abide by his son's wish and not trample over his dignity by dragging him down from the arena, but once Huiran opens up viciously, he will jump in and save Yun Che. So Royal Royal is prepared to block down Yun Qinghong and tells Huiran to kill him, kill him, kill him.

    Huiran goes up the arena. Jasmine tells Yun Che this guy is not weaker than Tianxia Diyi ''World 1st ( eldest brother of 7th). Even if Yun Che had all his strength, he'd be weaker than him. Not to mention he now only has 10% of his initial profound strength left.
    Yun Che answers back that he is indeed weaker than Huiran, but doesn't mean he can't defeat him today.

    Huiran tells Yun Che he is barely qualified to be his opponent since he defeated his little brother, but he never bothered to fight a near exhausted man. Then he tells Yun Che he can attack. Yun che tells him they people from Huai are a conceited bunch, even though he doesn't have 10% profound strength left, but to defeat Huiran is enough.
    Huiran: ''Relying on you?''
    Royal Huai tells Huiran to stop bullshitting with him and kill him immediately.
    Yun Che:''Yes, relying on me.''

    Yun Che then picks up his sword and releases his force. Huiran just furred an eyebrow.
    Yun Che uses dragon spirit domain, purgatory and phoenix wing soaring sky.
    Huirans profound strength to block it doesn't even reach 30% of his normal strength, got hit and flies away.
    Yun Che then followed up with a phoenix Sirius cut. Huiran's body is again bombarded by Yun Che's 2nd strike and flies over the people seating on the east side to imbed into the east wall of the demon hall.
  • 568:
    People from the west side are all sparkling and mirin Yun Che.
    People the from east side are looking gloomy and have nothing to say.
    Yun Qinghong says he is poud of Yun Che.
    Huiran then suddenly flies out and wants to attack Yun Che and got blocked by Yun 1st elder.
    Huiran says he got tricked, how else could he lose.
    Huai tells him to shut up and not disgrace them any further.
    Demon empress praised Yun Che for turning the tide and asks Huai what he's got to say.
    Before Huai could answer Yun Che reminds him of the wager, each family 5 catty purple veins and 20 catty from Huai household to be delivered within 1 month to Yun family. Plus the fact he made that wager under the eyes of crowd and demon empress, he wouldn't go back on his words right?
    Huai says he will of course not go back on his words, but he adds that this match determines the fate of Yun family. So the only ones qualified to represent the fights are royals and someone of the 12 family. As far he can remember, Yun Che is the adopted son of Yun Qinghong from god knows where, does not posses Yun family's blood and thus is not qualified to represent Yun family in battle.

  • Chapter 569:
    They just continue talking about Yun Che not having the right to participate.
    Su Xiangnan's argument:'' adopted son still counts as son, so he belongs to yun family.''
    Huai counters: ''so I can just go adopt a strong fighter and let him fight for me, what's the point of cultivating the next generation?''
    Mu Yubai: '' why didn't you prevent him from participating?''
    Huai: ''I won't stop them from ridiculing themselves.''

    Yun Che then finally stands out and claims he has Yun family's blood and everyone laughs at him because profound handle can't be imitated.
    He has to come out with proof and Huai obviously doesn't believe he has profound handle.
    Then Yun Che shows his profound handle.
  • chapter 570:

    empty chapter... nothing happened.
    people are exited.
    Yun Qinghong confirms Yun Che is not only a decendant of Yun family, but also his son and future patriarch of the Yun family.
    Yun family getting even more exited. Plenty of people knows Mu Yurou did indeed gave birth to a son.
    Mu Yurou that year, sucked up all the poison into her 5 organs to protect her unborn child, causing herself to be untreatable by the doctors.
    But Yun Xiao did not have profound handle, so people speculated they left their true son to an incredible master's care because of instability within the Yun family.

    Mu Feiyan is laughing proudly he has such an awesome grandson, he is one of the few who knows her daughter lost her son that year.

    Mu Yubai is hiding his face because he is ashamed he was trying to take his own nephew as sworn brothers.
  • Chapter 571:

    Royal Huai asks Yun Qinghong once again where the fuck his son comes from.
    Yun Qinghong once again tells him this is a matter within the family, he is not obligated tell him.
    Even if Huai doesn't believe Yun Che is his son, that's his freedom. But as Yun Che has already shown his profound handle, he is definitely a member of the Yun family and thus has any right to participate in the fights representing their Yun family. He again mentioned the purple veins to be delivered to their Yun family within 1 month according to their set wager.
    Little demon empress praises Yun Che and calls out Bao Qing Wang, Bao Qing Wang is the famous pill refiner within the demon continent, and asks about the Tyrant Pill.
    Bao Qing Wang says he has already finished refining the tyrant pill 3 months ago.
    Little demon empress tells him to bestow the tyrant pill to Yun Che. Bao Qing Wang has no objections regarding this matter, he also admires Yun Che.

    The 7 guardian family from the east side however are against it. The pill gives minor upgrades for cultivators already in the tyrant profound realm, but they know the tyrant pill can allow any cultivator below tyrant to one step into tyrant profound realm. The reason tyrant profound 8 Huiran is their current strongest junior is also because he once took the tyrant pill when he was at the sky profound peak. Also, this pill is distributed once every 50 years and thus extremely valuable for their next gen juniors.

    So the 7 guardian families once again starts crying about it,  their loss only proved their inability to expel the Yun family, but the Yun family has no right to get the tyrant pill because of their sins. Because the Yun family lost the emperor's seal, the little demon emperor has no way to get the true heritage and thus went to Tianxuan continent alone, then went missing. The little demon empress now has to suffer. 100 years ago, the 7 guardian families were also making a ruckus about it. Today, they continue and claim the demon emperors veins of 10,000 years has completely been ruined by Yun family. Little demon empress grace allows them to remain as a guardian family, but how can they have the face to accept a reward such as the tyrant pill.
  • 572: This chapter is divided in 3 parts, and we are at the middle part.. damn.. still no emperor's seal T_T.

    The 7 families continues talking down Yun family, even Yun Che's grandfather got insulted.
    That's the when Yun Che & Yun Qinghong got angry.
    Yun Qinghong threatens to kill them if they continue to insult his father.
    Yun che pointed out that not only are they unwilling to let the tyrant pill go to him, they probably aren't going to give them the promised 5 catty purple veins.
    The 7 families told him he is correct, so what if they break a promise against sinners.
    They are so loyal, honorable & righteous to the demon emperor, Yun Che asked where they were when only his grandfather would go save the old demon emperor regardless of everything 100 years ago.

  • Chapter 573

    Yun Che basically said only his grandfather was true loyal to the demon emperor, he had no 2nd opinion about going to save the demon emperor.
    He knew he and the 10 strongest grand elders of the Yun clan might end up dead in Tianxuan continent, but he still went because he put the demon emperor's life before his own. As for the other guardian clans, they only cared about their own prosperity within the demon continent and none of them dared to send people on a rescue mission.
    Even if we let this pass, the demon emperor died, his grandfather died, 10 strongest elders of Yun clan died. Not only are the guardian family not the least ashamed or showing remorse, but they actually dared to put pressure on the Yun clan and even want to kick them out.
    Jiu Fang clan patriarch says their demon emperor didn't get trapped in an ordinary place, but the 4 sacred grounds and none of them traveled to Tianxuan continent before.
    His grandfather going to the 4 sacred grounds is just a stupid act, not only unable to save the demon emperor, even getting himself trapped inside.
    Yun Che refuted his grandfather being stupid, he was the strongest among his own generation and he was very clear what risks he was taking, but went anyways because demon emperor's life is more important than his own. That's his unconditional loyalty towards the demon emperor.
    Lin clan patriarch says that even if he had to go to Tianxuan continent, he could at least leave behind the emperor seal to the little demon emperor.
    Yun Che answers that the emperor's seal is what the demon emperor entrusted to his grandfather and unless the emperor died, the seal will never leave his grandfather's side. This is a trust between a monarch an his vassal and will never be broken. He also says this is why the emperor's seal will never be handed to Lin clan's patriarch.
    Lin patriarch says that's just blind loyalty, simply a joke.
    Yun Che says that's correct, true loyalty is blind loyalty. What ruler or master does not hope to have vassals that are blindly loyal to their own. His grandfather is indeed blindly loyal to the demon emperor and put the life of his master before his own. This is something the Lin clan patriarch can't do, not only that, he even calls it a joke.
    Yun Che then turns to the other Lin clan members and tells them to remember what their patriarch just said, don't be too loyal to him, because in his eye's you'll be a joke.

    He then tells Lin clan patriarch that for someone to treat blind loyalty as a joke, to have an identity as a guardian clan's patriarch, is just an insult to the guardian clans.
    Lin clans patriarch doesn't even qualify to lick his grandpa's toes.
  • Chapter 574

    Yun Che continues picking on the guardian clans one by one. He already went through Xiao, Jiu Fang and Lin clan previous chapter.
    Yun Che asks Bai Yi from Bai clan what they were doing when the demon emperor was in trouble, why they didn't attempt to recue, and after why they decided to suppress Yun Clan. They better give a satisfactory explanation for this.

    Bai Yi replied with why he keep exaggerating Yun clans loyalty, not mentioning the sin they committed. Because of losing the emperor's seal, young demon emperor desperately rushed to Tianxuan continent during his wedding night. The pure blood lineage ends with this generation, all thanks to the Yun clan.

    Yun Che refuted the reason young demon emperor being desperate was because of losing the emperor's seal, but it was because of the guardian clans.
    Demon emperor went missing, none of the guardian clans except for the Yun clan attempted a rescue mission. The other clans had a lot of petty excuses for not going. And before actually seeing the demon emperor's corpse, they all decided he was already dead. They even forced the young demon emperor to ascend the throne.
    Young demon emperor was really disappointed in the guardian clans. Because none of them was willing to go to the rescue, he will go by himself. Because the demon emperor is his father.

    The ones causing young demon emperor to rush Tianxuan continent, was actually the guardian clans and not because of Yun clan losing an emperor seal. This latter story has been spread for 100 years by the 7 guardian clans. But the crowds eyes have finally been opened.

    Yun Che continues to call out Chiyang and Nangong clan. He asks them who saved them when both their clans were in crisis 10.000 years ago.
    Because of saving Chiyang Bailie from a thunder poison, his grandfather Yun Canghai was unable to use his profound handle for 10 years and even lost his lightning spirit. As for Nangong Zhi, his grandfather also saved him from the claws of an evil beast when he a young.
    After his grandfather died, how did they treated Yun clan?

    Both of them looked down and did not dare to speak back.

    As for Helian Kuang, before Yun Che could continue with him, Helian Kuang immediately told him to shut up. The monstrous crime for losing the emperor seal can't be covered up. Even if they were a thousand times more loyal or even if their whole clan died.

    Yun Che told him their selfish negligence of the demon emperors safety is a crime, driving young demon emperor into despair is a crime, bunch of people colluding together with evil intentions is a monstrous crime. If not just their Yun clan, but all 12 guardian clans going together to the 4 sacred grounds, then what did they have to fear. They might have saved the demon emperor. The emperor's seal wouldn't be lost and the young demon emperor wouldn't die.

    His grandfather did indeed lost the emperors seal, but the reason was because he went to Tianxuan continent to save the demon emperor. Losing the demon emperors seal is not what he intended. He even used his life to guard the emperors seal. This is not a crime, but an honest mistake.

    Yun Che suddenly paused and said: ''No, I take back what I just said. My grandfather did not even make an honest mistake.''

    Yun Che then flashed out something shiny and told Helian Kuang to use his dog eyes and have a good look at what he is holding.
  • Chapter 575

    People recognizes the emperors seal. Those possessing golden crows blood can feel golden crows spirit within.
    With the emperors seal, the little demon empress can enter golden crows shrine, awaken her inheritance and step into the pinnacle of the sovereign realm.
    Helian Kuang asks him where he got it. Yun Che told him he got it from his grandfather. Royal Chung says he is lying because his grandfather died
    hundred years ago in a far away place called Tianxuan continent, long before Yun Che was born.
    Yun Che then retracts the emperors seal back into his poison bead and takes out the coffin containing his grandfather.
  • 576  (Made By Trition532)

    The people from the other clans don't recognize the person in the coffin but the Yun clan elders do recognize Yun Canghai.

    Some of the other family clan heads ask who this old person is and yun che replies with saying that the right before him was His grandpa the demon king or something.

    The little demon empress couldn't believe what she saw. The little demon empress respected 2 people her father and Yun canghai she had never thought that she would one day see the corpse of his father, brother or yun canghai but the corpse of yun canghai is right infront of her

    The other familys are saying things like yun canghai died 100 years ago why is his body here and wouldn't the enemy have the seal.
    Yun che explains that yun canghai was sealed in for 100 years without food , without somethig to drink and being alone for 100 years. He tells them that his grandpa made a special place in his hearth to hide the seal .

    The little demon empress was speechless from what yun che said (she actually said wh-what)

    The people are unable to imagine what kind of torture yun canghai had for 100 years.

    Now yun che asks jiufang kui if he understands it now.
    Jiufang kui opens his mouth but couldn't say a word out of his throat.

    Alright i don't understand the last part but its about how the other family where suppressing the yun clan

    This is my second time writing a summary so please don't mind the grammar errors and the lack of information i wrote.

    Edit : podlizurko your my savior

    Edit by me By Me: this chapter made clear Yun Canghai was a Sovereign lvl 8 and should be able to keep a young appearance for thousands of years. Instead, the corpse looks old and wrecked. That's why they didn't recognize him.
  • Chapter 577

    The 7 families have nothing to say and are ashamed. Huai Wang wants to know how Yun Che would be at Tianxuan continent.
    Young demon empress explains it was her who sent his parents to Tianxuan continent 25 years ago.
    Also letting them taking the re"incarnation mirror with and if possible in exchange for demon king's life. (demon king, referring to Yun Canghai)
    3 years later, they came back injured with a son, which is not their biological son.
    She then turns to Yun Che and tells him he should be the son they gave birth to in Tianxuan continent.
    Yun Che, nods and continues explaining to everyone that he grew up in tianxuan continent and how he met your mother his grandpa.
  • Chapter 578

    Royal Huai asks how Yun Che could travel from Tianxuan to the demon continent. Because the passage has been blocked and heavily guarded, he shouldn't be able to come unnoticed. If there is a secret passage, then it might be terrible for the demon continent.
    Yun che says he has a secret treasure that allows him to travel, as for what that treasure is, he is unwilling to tell.
    Young demon empress asks Yun Che to give her the emperors seal. Yun Che refuses.
    Royal Chung gets mad and says the seal belongs to the demon emperors clan(aka the royals), Yun Che dismisses him and says it only belongs to the demon emperor and not the royals. His grandfather died for it, he went through 3 years of trouble bringing it back to the demon continent. So he has every right to decide who to give the seal to, the royals who have done nothing at all have no say in it.
    Young demon empress says if he wants a reward, whatever is in her power, she will give it to him for going through the hardship of bringing back the emperors seal.
    Yun Che says he does not want a reward, initially when he came back to the demon continent. All he wanted was to fulfill his grandpa's last wish and deliver the seal back to young demon empress. But when he came back, all he saw was his Yun clan being suppressed and his grandpa labeled a sinner. If he just gave back the emperors seal like that, it would do his grandpa injustice. The 100 years of suppression would've all been for naught.
  • Chapter 579

    Young demon empress says she is sorry. Yun Che answers it's not her fault as she was also pressured into doing things she didn't want for various reason.
    As for those at fault, everyone knows who they are. At this point, royal Huai and the 7 clans are unable to say anything.
    Young demon empress then says the seal is still very important to her and asks Yun Che to give it back regardless, she then promises to Yun clan that as long she reigns, they will never ever get bullied again.
    Yun Che asks for two small favors before he gives back the emperors seal, young demon empress agrees.
    Yun Che then calls out Xiao Yun and tells them what happened. Thanks to Xiao Yun's father, Yun Che's parents were able to get back to demon continent.
    Yun Che was able to meet his grandpa and bring back the emperors seal. So Xiao Yun's father is the benefactor of their Yun clan and demon continent, but ended up dying by the hands of the people from the sacred grounds.
    Xiao Yun is his only descendant, but received nothing but bullying in the demon continent and even an assassination attempt 3 months ago.
    Young demon empress understands and bestows Xiao Yun nobility, 1 playboy mansion, 1000 pound purple jade, 10 pound purple veined lube, 1 demon king's profound dildo, 30 sexslaves and 30 pornstars.

    Yun Che's initial request was to get Xiao Yun some respect and nobody would bully him, but.. nobody saw that coming.

    correction: he gets a royal mansion, 1000 catty purple jade, 10 catty purple veined crystals, 1 sword from the royal treasury, 30 servants and 30 guards.
  • Chapter 580

    Helian Kuang wants to prevents Xiao Yun being bestoyed nobility. Young demon empress rebutted him that if his entire family died out because of bringing back the emperors seal, leaving only his son. She would also bestow him nobility.  No Shit

    Yun Che asks if he can give the tyrant pill to Xiao Yun because he is still far off from becoming tyrant while Xiao Yun is already half step tyrant.
    Young Demon empress says since the pill has been given to him, he is free to give to whoever. No Shit again

    The pill then goes to Xiao Yun and Xiao Yun asks whether he can give it to others as well. Young demon empress gives him the yes. No shit Sherlock

    Yun Che now asks for the 2nd condition and that is letting the clan leaders of the 7 families kneel down in front of his grandpa's coffin to repent and swear allegiance to the young demon empress.

    Helian Kuang is unwilling and says he has no right to request this from them. Yun Che says it's not a request but an order because an apology is the least they owe Yun clan. If they refuse, then Yun Che is not going to give back the emperors seal.
  • 581

    They waited for a long time, none of the 7 clan leaders moved.
    Yun Che sneers at them and directs at the crowd that they did not come in vain to this demon emperor anniversary, as for who is right and who is wrong. It should all be clear now. The crowd should now all know who is worthy of the title guardian clan and who should be removed like tumor.
    Yun Che then hears ''well spoken'' from the crowd. The guy, Qin Zheng, that flies up is the city lord of the largest metropolitan area outside of Demon Imperial city.
    He is someone who is already more than 1400 years old, and even older than the previous demon emperor in terms of seniority.

    He is the first one that kneels down to the coffin of Yun Canghai, says he got deceived into believing Yun Canghai being a sinner and helped in supressing Yun Clan, so he is here to repent. After that, more and more city lords and area rulers ect, gets up there to kneel and repent.
    After a while, the people kneeling infront of the coffin are in an overwhelming majority, making those that did not kneel feeling alienated and uncomfortable.

    Qin Zheng then looks at Helian Kuang, he tells him that 100 years ago, it was him who came to sky demon city seeking him out, let him put pressure on the young demon empress into supressing Yun Clan. So why aren't they admitting their mistake and repent? Since he is already a half step into his coffin, he is not afraid to offend Helian clan. If they to not repent, he will reveal all their malicious acts to the entire sky demon city.
  • 582

    Under pressure from various rulers, the 7 clan leaders turn to Royal Huai.
    He tells them to just kneel and repent, so the 7 clan leaders kneel and apologizes to Yun Canghai without sincerety.

    Huai asks wether he can give back the emperors seal now. Yun Che says they still haven't sworn allegiance to the young demon empress yet.
    ( In ancient China, this type oath usually goes with something bad sworn to themselves if the oath is broken. Instead of swearing on their mothers grave, they have to swear that if they break the oath, their future descendants will all be slaves and prostitutes for a thousand generation. )

    Huai tells him to not go too far. Yun Che asks him how it would count as going too far. Being a guardian clan, swearing allegiance to the demon empress is an obvious thing. As for Huai, because he is a royal, he should be happy instead. So Yun Che says he doesn't understand Huai's reaction, unless ...

    He then proceeds to warn Huai the guardian clans are different from the royals, 10,000 years ago their guardian clans fought alongside ancestor demon emperor to bring peace to the chaotic demon continent. Their 12 guardian clans earned their positions today.
    As for the royals, they got the best resources and treatment from birth just by possessing a bit of demon emperors blood, they haven't fought a single bloody battle.
    The royals receiving everything without having to give anything in return, if they now rebel, they would be:

    忘恩负义 , 天理不容 ,  良心泯灭 , 猪狗不如 , 丑陋无耻  ( just different Chinese expressions for ungratefull, shameless, heaven will not forgive. Also called chengyu   ;  )

    And should receive ''天打雷劈''  (Heaven Tribulation =_=)
  • 583

    Yun Che tells the royals from the east side that if he said anything wrong, they can voice it out.
    None of the royals said anything, Yun Che then turns to the young demon empress and finally gives her the emperors seal and says he has already done what he needed to do. Young demon empress then tells the crowd she has to pay homage to her father the moment she retrieved the seal.
    So the current ceremony will be on hold for 3 days. Also, the golden crows lightning fire valley will open in 15 days, Yun clan will be readmitted entrance and is allowed to bring 30 people. Young demon empress then goes up in smoke like a magician.

    The audience then comes up to Yun clan, praising them, sucking up to them and whatnot.

    Royal Huai decides to angrily leave. The 7 guardian families also leave.
    Yun Che doesn't forget to remind them of the purple veined crystals they have to pay out.
    Without a word, royal Huai just hmmpf and leaves the place.

    Jasmine can't help but tell him he actually managed to provoke all these top figures in the demon continent and is pretty much in line with his death-seeking character no matter where he goes.

    Yun Che says he can't help it since this matter concerns his clan and his grandfather.
    At the end of the chapter, he wonders why the young demon empress had to suddenly leave.
  • 584

    Yun clan start carrying the remains of Yun Canhai back to their settlement.
    Su clan leader tells Yun Qinghong he will pay a visit to Yun clan together with Yan clan to discuss things tomorrow.
    Yun Che then asks his father about some matters concerning the golden crows LF valley.
    He tells him every 5 years, the valley will be open for 24 hours. After 24 hours, everyone will be kicked out except for those who died within. (sounds familiar ehh.. I wonder why)
    Other than those 24 hours, there is no other way to enter the valley.

    Tianxia clan comes up, Tianxia Diqi then calls Xiao Yun and congratulate him for becoming a royal. Tianxia Qiongtu tells Yun Qinghong his son is far more terrific than his 6 sons combined and asks him who healed him and his wife's injuries. Yun Qinghong doesn't hide it anymore and tells it was Yun Che who healed them. Tianxia Qiongtu is mirin hard. If he can marry his daughter Diqi to Yun Che, he is even willing to be little lao.

    Before they leave, Xiao Yun wants to give Diqi the tyrant pill. Diqi refuses. Yun Che then tells them he can split the tyrant pill in half for both of them.
  • 585:

    Tianxia Diyi says the ingredients for the pill is easy to acquire, but cultivating the pill takes a lot of effort. Messing with it can easily destroy the pill.
    Yun Che says he is pretty profound at cultivating pills and he is confident he can split it without destroying it.
    He then gets the pill from Xiao Yun. Tianxia Diqi says she wants Yun Che to tell her his life story, Yun Che then tells her that after she marries Xiao Yun, she will be his own people, thus this is just a small matter.
    After Tianxia family leaves, Mu Feiyan(Yun Che's maternal grandfather) arrives all ecstatic shouting: ''grandson grandson''
    Together with Yun Che's 3 uncles, Mu Yubai, Mu Yukong & Mu Yuqing, there is some greeting & joking.
    Mu Feiyan then tells Yun Che he has to visit his grandpa's home(Mu clan) today no matter what, to have a look at where his mother grew up.
    Together with his parents & Xiao Yun, they then head off to Mu clan.

    Scene turns to Golden crow's thunder flame valley


    Little demon empress enters the golden crow valley and flies all the way to the end to meet the spirit of the golden crow. Little demon empress introduces herself as the 12th emperor and the 11th inheritor of the golden crows blood.
    The spirit of the golden crow then tells her she is late and a female, so it seems their yuanfen ( ), is already done.
    Little demon empress doesn't understand and says despite being a female, she is the only one left who has pure golden crows blood and asks for the Ode of the golden crow to complete her heritage.
    The spirit then tells her she can't have it because of her female body. The male body bears the sun, the female body bears the moon. As a female, she can have ordinary profound fire or even phoenix or vermillion bird's fire. But the golden crow's flame bears the most intense flames of the sun, so it can't have the slightest whiff of the moon's ambience. As of now, her inheritance is still thin, but she is already so miserable from the pain. If she gets the full heritage now, she will die within 3 days.

    The fact that the golden crow's blood hurts the female body, is known. All preceding demon empresses usually die before the emperor, none of them outlived 1000 years. But the little demon empress never thought she couldn't even practice the Ode of the golden crow.

    Little demon empress then asks whether it is really impossible, because apparently, the spirit is also female.

    The spirit then says she is different from mortals, but there is a possibility. She has to party with a male inheritor of the phoenix / vermillion bird blood.
    The spirit says goodbye and then chases the little demon empress out of her shrine.

    Scene back to Mu clan

    Party hard.. drinking some expensive stuff.. Mu Feiyan then gift Yun Che something called ''天绝寒晶'' .. (Heaven Absolute Cold Crystal) ..
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