• This last chapter... That's just pure gold! And the drawing Itsumomisora made's hilarious!

  • dont you just hate it when your wife regress in age 10 years and mistakes you for a perv..............

    so awkward!
  • When the brocon finds out...
  • “this pervert had to… guard against… other perverts…”
  • popocake said:
    “this pervert had to… guard against… other perverts…”
    After I read this I couldn't stop laughing. So true, so true
  • "For the sake of ‘flirting’, he was willing to pay any price!"

    man, this mc's completely shameless lol
  • Truly shameless. That poor general dude is gonna get blamed for the stolen medicine haha
  • forget Leo, Chu Yang should get that Oscar!
  • Even his subordinates believe him haha
  • Chu Yang is awesome, lol. 
  • Omg, Qing Wu is too damn adorable. How the hell can he even flirt with her?!
  • I really don't like the chapters when he's interacting with her. The author brought her in to the story far too early. I like the calculating/planning/trapping the enemy version of WTJH, this lolicon crap is just annoying.
  • Yeah, it's getting a wee bit annoying now. It was hilarious at the start but less so now
  • I find Qing Wu very adorable. It's quite rare for an author to capture a child's perspective of things. What's a tid bit annoying's Chu Yang's reactions to Qing Wu -- it's a child, you motherfudger!
  • Hahaha, novel getting good again now that he isn't interacting with that little girl. This is the TTNH that I like.
  • what a nice bunch of rascals to be brothers with!
  • Finally caught up to the latest chapter. I don't think I have ever chuckled or laughed out loud so much before. Chu Yang is now one of my favorite MC in all of the novels I read so far.
  • my oh my! this last chapter made me laugh out loud!
  • Lol, this novel is easily the best, IMO.
  • "Even farting would require some effort. But for King of Hell Chu to give an order to kill nine generations, no effort would be required."

    best chapter in a while lolz
  • is there really nine heavens? so far only 3 are mentioned.
  • I think there are three lower heavens, three middle heavens, and three higher heavens?
  • oh man, this last chapter, 220... heartbreaking!
  • Yes... Haven't been that pissed off since reading about the early childhood of the MC of Perfect World
  • It doesn't piss me off, it excites me. The bloodshed is imminent. The end is nigh.
  • Hello everyone..
    What relation about OEM and TTNH?? 
    And I want to ask about jun family in this novel.. 
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