Ze Tian Ji - Someone please explain it to me

I read up to chapter 126 and I dont get it.

So the dragon poured dragon blood on him and saved him

From what I could understand he skipped the purification process and went to meditation and found the star energy and tried to transform it to True Essence but his body couldnt take it and melted revealing his heart which is shiny(?).

Apparently this meant his body was already purified and so him absorbing star light was basically trying to open his Ethereal Palace which is a level ahead?

So if his body was already pure then why couldnt his body take the starlight transforming into true essence and melted him?

So what level his he at now in chapter 126?
What are the cultivation levels in the novel?
Is he OP or what?
I think I read something about his not being able to use much True Essence due to broken meridians?

Basically what the hell is going on?
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