Silva's Diary - Zero no Tsukaima

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Synopsis: This story is set a few decades in the future of Halkeginia, a world from the popular light novel series, Zero no Tsukaima. A lot of things have changed over the past few decades, such as the emergence of the Demon Lord, the Dungeons, the Adventurer Guild, the co-existence between all kinds of races, and so on…

This is the story of Saito’s daughter and her new familiar. On an auspicious day, a young maiden performed a familiar summoning spell, what she summoned was an Elven princess who was in a comatose state for more than a decade now. Meanwhile, a young man got involved in an accident on Earth, his soul which was supposed to depart for the Underworld was caught up in the summoning, and is now in possession of the body.

Come and join our young protagonists on their journey in this whole new world as they uncover the truth hidden behind a veil.

CategoryGender Bender, Reincarnation, Alternate World, School Life, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Fan Fiction, Crossover
Crossover: Zero no Tsukaima, Mahou Sensei Negima, Coiling Dragon, Maple Story, Re:Monster, Rage of Bahamut, Tales of Zestiria

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    In the distant future of the Halkeginia, the world has regained peace, every species in the continents have learned how to co-exist. After the Apocalypse War, Saito and Louise had crossed dimensions, and went back to Earth via World Door magic casted by Louise. They settled down in Saito’s hometown in Japan. Right now they’re in their forties and have a beautiful daughter called Hiraga Sheena.

    Sheena is a 17 years old young lady, she has beautiful blonde pink hair like her mother which is very uncommon on Earth, so she stands out a lot. She has a pair of sapphire-colored pupils in contrast to both her parent. Not to mention her fair skin, well-rounded breasts and slender waist, she is also around 1.7 meter tall. Along with her long and slender snow white legs, she looks just like a model, and a lot of men has proposed to her. Naturally, she turned down all of the proposal.

    Their daughter is extremely talented in magic and able to fully utilize all 4 major elemental magic, namely, the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind Magic. Sheena is currently studying at Tristanian Academy of Magic in the continent of Halkeginia due to her talent in magic.

    With the power of Louise as a void mage, she can naturally open a portal between the Earth and Halkeginia, and travel freely between the two dimensions.

    Right now, their daughter, Sheena, is in her second school year and is deemed as the ultimate genius of the century. Today is the day she will finally summon her own familiar.


    Now we will go a little back in time.

    On Earth, there is a young man called Silva. He is in his early 20’s and is around 1.74 meter tall. His look is on the average side and nothing particularly stands out. He’s currently working as an IT Technician at the local hospital, and lives with his parent in a rural country called Brunei.

    On a certain day, he went out to the shopping district to collect the mail from the post office.

    When he arrived at the post station and got out of his car, he noticed that a young girl around the age of ten on the opposite side of the road, she was not paying attention to the cars when crossing the road.

    Right about this moment, several cars suddenly appeared from the junction and moved at a high speed. The drivers seem to be racing in this desolate road and did not expect to find a little girl in the middle of the road. They frantically hit the brake and a loud screech could be heard. But at that speed and distance between the car and the girl, there was simply not enough time.

    Upon noticing this, Silva didn’t think twice and immediately dashed towards the girl, pushing her away from the car that is fast approaching. He thought he could use the recoil of the push to fall back and avoid getting hit by the car, but the girl was simply too light, so he was able to push the girl away quite easily. There was not enough recoil force, so he simply just fell forward, against his own expectation. The car was already right in front of him and with a “Bang!”. It send Silva flying and rolling away on the ground a few meter away, with blood splattered everywhere.

    “Ah… reality is cruel… ” Silva thought to himself secretly.

    Silva was worried about the girl, he tried to open his eyes desperately to look at the surrounding, he was not able to move a single muscle at all, but at the corner of his sight, he could faintly see the little girl on the ground crying.

    “Ah…… if she could cry so energetically like that, then she’s fine… I’m relieved… at least my life is not wasted like this…” Was Silva’s last thoughts before he take his last breath.

    When Silva opened his eyes again, all he can see is pitch black darkness. He couldn’t even see his own fingers in this darkness.

    “Where am I? Is this the afterworld? This place is much gloomier than I thought.” Silva shivered at the thought that he might spend the rest of his life in this endless darkness for eternity.


    Now back in world of Halkeginia, deep within the forest of Alden, in the continent of Germania. There is a secret village of elves hidden in the dense jungle of Alden.

    Inside a beautiful chamber, therein lies the soulless body of an Elven Princess on a large canopy bed. Her name is Ranah Elwyn la Sylphis.

    Apparently she was a huge figure who played a major role in the Apocalypse War a few decades ago. She fought against a certain calamity which threatened to destroy every species in the world, she was the one who convinced the proud elves to work together with the other races in order fight against this calamity, and survives to see another day.

    But when she went to investigate a certain dungeon some time after the war, she received a critical damage to her soul. Now she just spend all her time on the bed, staring at the ceiling with blank expression… she is slowly forgotten due to the passage of time.


    Just at this moment, Silva heard a voice resounding from all directions. At the same time, a magic circle surrounded the soulless body of the Elven Princess, “… I, Sheena de Hiraga des Ornières, command thee, who possesses the noblest soul and body, come forth and serve as this one’s sword and shield!”

    Suddenly, a bright radiance appeared in the endless darkness, Silva naturally yearns for the light so stretched his arms in hope reaching the only source of light in this dark abyss. Elwyn’s body floated in midair as the magic circle that surrounded her soulless body intensified. Then all of a sudden, the magic circle warped her entire body and disappeared along with it.

    …When Silva opened his eyes again, he saw an alluring beauty with blonde pink hair in front of him, loudly declaring, “From hence forth, you shall be serve as this one’s familiar!”

    Silva was completely dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to say, so the girl started by asking his name.

    Silva named himself and the girl just nodded slightly before she introduces herself.

    ” …I see… so your name is Sylvia? I am Sheena de Hiraga des Ornières. Nice to meet you!” With a charming smile, Sheena introduced herself.

    “Sheena…… de Orni what?” Silva was not good at remembering names, all the more when it comes to a long and complicated name like Sheena’s.

    Sheena chuckled and said, “You can just call me Sheena. I look forward to working with you.” Then she stretched her hand forward to lend Silva, who is currently kneeling on the ground with both knees, a helping hand.

    Silva feels something is not right about his body, and when looked down on himself, there are two mountains bulging from his chest, a long and beautiful straight blonde hair draped from one side of his shoulder, and moreover, he is wearing a beautiful white one piece dress.

    Silva can tell immediately that this is probably, most likely, not his own body! Silva loves to read to novel, manga and watch anime, and he especially loves the Gender Bender and Fantasy genre, so it doesn’t really surprise him all too much, in fact, he always secretly wished for something like this to happen ever since he was young, but now that it really did, he simply couldn’t believe it.

    Silva was not too surprised at first when Sheena addressed him as Sylvia, since a lot of people in his previous life usually pronounced his name wrongly, and called him Sylvia instead. He had to correct them every single time but he didn’t do so now because his body is already that of a female. So it’s pointless to argue over that now. From hence forth, he shall be known as Sylvia.

    But this development was still a bit too sudden for Silva… Sorry, I mean Sylvia. She still couldn’t immediately accept it as a reality. Sylvia pinched her cheeks so hard to reaffirm herself.

    “Ouch!!!” Upon sensing the pain, Sylvia immediately shouted with tearful expression.

    She could feel the pain but she still couldn’t believe it since it is not impossible to sense pain in a dream, so she clasped her hands together and concluded, “Yep, this must be a dream!”

    Sheena was confused at the sight and asked, “What are you doing?”

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    A young man has suddenly been reincarnated as a beautiful elf with a beautiful long blonde hair and a pair of sapphire-colored pupils. Still dumbfounded by the current development, a beautiful girl has named him her as Sylvia. She is a beautiful girl with an alluring blonde pink hair and a pair of sky blue-colored pupils, the girl has said something incomprehensible such as serving under her as a familiar.

    Sylvia couldn’t absorb all of these at once and remains dumbfounded. She is still kneeling on the ground, staring at the beauty in front of her with blank expression. The girl had her hand stretched out to reach Sylvia.

    Sylvia inadvertently raised her hand to grab hold of the beauty’s outreached hand.

    The girl in front of Sylvia grabbed her hand, and pulled Sylvia up from the ground, then she introduces herself again.

    “I am Sheena, from today onward, I will be your Master.” After introducing herself, Sheena revealed a charming smile that would make any man fall in love with her at first sight. She suddenly brought her face closer and kissed Sylvia on the lips, then she said, “With this, our contract is sealed.”

    “EHHHHHHHHHH!?!?” (Sylvia)

    Finally reaching her limits, Sylvia finally let out a shout full of surprise. These thoughts are overflowing in her mind, “T-that was my first kiss!! And with such a beauty to boot!! Oh my gosh!! But why did she kiss me? Did she have a feeling for me? No— wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!! I’m a girl now, don’t tell me… is she a lesbian?!”

    With both her hands on her flushed cheeks, Sylvia began to fidget around.

    Then all of a sudden, Sylvia’s entire body felt like it was on fire and started to burn up. Steam are rising from the pores of her skin, she started to feel slight discomfort on the back of her right hand.

    This is the symptom of a Familiar’s Runes being inscribed.

    Feeling the extreme heat and pain on her right hand, Sylvia slumped on the ground with both knees, and grabbed the wrist of her right hand. She let out an agonized scream and rolled on the ground, “AHHH!! W-what is going on?! Steam are coming out from my body! It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s so hot!!! W-what did you do to me!?”

    “Relax, it will be over soon. That’s just the Familiar’s Runes being inscribed” (Sheena)

    After Sheena said that, she gave Sylvia a gentle hug, calming her down.

    At this moment, the surrounding started to get noisy and…

    “As expected of Sheena.”
    “She summoned a humanoid familiar.”
    “She’s so beautiful… ”

    And such could be heard.

    Then the professor suddenly stepped forward, and inspected the runes on Sylvia’s right hand.

    “Hm… I’ve never seen this kind of inscription before, is this a new type of familiar?”

    That was Professor Colbert, he looked much older now compared to before, and is now the Headmaster of this Magic Academy.

    This is the summoning ceremony of Louise and Saito’s daughter, the daughter of the young girl who once summoned the legendary Gandalfr a few decades ago, and the daughter of the boy who was summoned from another world as the legendary Gandalfr, so he just had to attend this event no matter what.

    And as expected, their daughter too, summoned a humanoid familiar which is considered to be a very rare cases. Most likely, a humanoid familiar has to be some kind of legendary familiar with unimaginable power.

    The inscription on Sylvia’s right hand is unlike the runes of Gandaldr and Vindalfr. It looks like a magic circle with pentagram star within.

    But it doesn’t stop there yet, as the body and soul are originally two separate beings to begin with, that means Sheena has been contracted with 2 familiars.

    Sylvia’s left hand started to burn up as well, another inscription appeared on the back of her left hand that looks exactly the same as the one on her other hand. Sylvia is assaulted by the same burning sensation she experienced a while ago, she let out another agonized scream.

    Professor Colbert was astonished, “How is this possible! How come there are two inscriptions on a single familiar? I’ll need to do some research regarding these runes later, can I have closer look, Miss Sylvia?”

    Still clinging to Sheena, Sylvia let out a weak voice, “Mmh…”

    After closely inspecting the runes, Professor Colbert jotted something on his notes and dismissed the class. He immediately bid the students farewell, and flew towards the Academy at high speed.

    Seeing that the Professor is now gone, the students started to head back to the academy as well, some of them even crowded around Sylvia and Sheena.

    But Sheena just raised her index finger in front of her lips to urge the surrounding students to lower their voices.

    “She’s soundly asleep, she must be really tired… Let her rest for now. We will leave the introduction for another time. Let us head back to the dormitory too.” (Sheena)

    This is only natural, the body Sylvia is currently possessing had been in a comatose state for more than a decade now. Sylvia’s soul had also been wandering aimlessly in the dark abyss for who knows how many years. Moreover, Sylvia is also not used to her new body yet, so it is only natural that Sylvia would be exhausted.

    The surrounding students consented and went back to their respective dormitory room in the academy.


    The next morning… When Sylvia woke up, she found a beautiful girl with blonde pink hair sleeping right next to her. She was surprised and unintentionally let out a shriek, she jumped up and then fell down from the bed with a “Crash!”.

    She landed on the hard solid ground with her buttocks, she couldn’t help but rub her stinging butt and cry out in pain, “Oww… That hurts!”

    When she heard her own voice, she felt something was strange. Then she noticed the beautiful nightgown she’s wearing, as well as her own figure that seemed very feminine. Since the soul inhabiting the body now is currently a young man called Silva. He was surprised yet again and let out another scream.

    In her mind she thought, “So what happened yesterday was not a dream after all?”

    Then she noticed the magic circle on both of her hands, “So these are the Familiar’s Runes they were talking about yesterday?” Sylvia faintly recall the event from yesterday, and smiled wryly.

    “Ah… ” Sheena lets out a weak voice, she slowly got up from the bed, and lazily stretch her stiffened body.

    “Why are you making so much ruckus so early in the morning!” Sheena shouted unhappily.

    “I-I’m sorry, I was… just surprised!” Sylvia apologized out of habit.

    Sheena frowned and questioned, “What is there to be surprised about?”

    “I… well… it’s a long story…… ” (Sylvia)

    Then Sylvia started to explain her circumstances to Sheena, explaining how she used to be a young man who lived on Earth. About how he tried to save a young girl and lost his life in the process. And about how he suddenly woke up and found herself in this kind of situation.

    “………… I see, now that makes sense”. It seems like Sheena understood something upon hearing the stories of Sylvia and nodded.

    “What is?” Sylvia didn’t understand what’s going on and asked.

    “That explains how you got two runes upon sealing our contract… but I never expected this…… we should consult with Professor Colbert immediately.” (Sheena)


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    As soon as we opened the door, there was a maid standing in front of us, with a cart beside her. The maid has a black silky hair and a pair of beautiful black pupils. She looks like a typical Japanese.

    “Mistress, I have prepared your breakfast for you and your familiar.” The maid said courteously.

    “Very well, just leave the food in the room for now. I’ll be back soon, Angie.” Sheena stepped out of the room as she said that.

    “…Where are you going so early in the morning, Mistress?” The maid, Angie, asked while tilting her head.

    “We’re going to see Professor Colbert for a while. Let’s go Sylvia, we’re going out.” Sheena urged Sylvia to go along with her as she stepped out of the door.

    “Y-yes! Master!!” Sylvia answered nervously.

    “Fuu… you can just call me Sheena, no need for any honorifics… ” Sheena felt a bit uncomfortable when Sylvia called her “Master”.

    “Y-yes! Um… Miss… Sheena…?” Sylvia was normally a timid guy in his past life and don’t feel comfortable calling someone of higher status casually.

    “Just call me Sheena.” Sheena pouted cutely and demanded Sylvia to just call her Sheena.

    “Sh… Shee…. na.” Sylvia’s face turned bright red as she said that, she felt slightly embarrassed and looked down.

    “Good, now let us go.” Sheena said that while offering her hand to me.

    Sylvia grabbed her hand and got pulled along by Sheena.


    *From henceforth, the story will be told in Sylvia’s Point of View*

    We arrived in front of Professor Colbert’s lab and Sheena knocked the door twice.

    “Professor, I am Sheena. We have something important we need to discuss with you. Please grant us your audience.” Sheena said respectfully.

    But there was no sound coming from beyond the door, it was dead silent.

    “Professor?” Sheena called out once more, seemingly confused as there was no reply.

    Then she held on to the handle of the door and turned it slightly.

    “It’s open… ” Sheena was surprised when the door was unlocked.

    She opened the door and peeked inside the lab, but it was pitch black, without a hint of light.

    “Professor?” Sheena called out for the Professor once more and scanned the surrounding.

    We saw a black figure on the ground and Sheena shouted in surprise, “Professor!!” She immediately rushed over to his side to check his condition.

    I followed suit and held the professor’s head up from the ground.

    “Fuu… fuu… ” Professor Colbert was snoring peacefully…

    “Sigh… I guess Professor Colbert didn’t sleep at all last night, he must have reached his limits and collapsed.” Sheena said that resignedly, she used magic to lift Professor Colbert up in the air, and moved him on top of the nearby sofa.

    Then we took a peek at the research materials that was left on top of the desk by Professor Colbert.

    It seems he wasn’t able to find out much regarding the runes that was on both of my hands. So my powers still remain a mystery for now, but something interesting caught my attention.

    All of the materials indicates that this magic circle is the origin and foundation of magic. So I came to a conclusion that maybe I am capable to using every kind of magic in existence… but that’s just my wishful thinking.

    It seems Sheena has come to the same conclusion and looked at me straight in the eye.

    Then she said, “From now onward, you are to attend the magic classes together with me.”

    “YES!! Of course!” I replied with a very excited tone.

    I mean, how can I not? It’s magic! I can learn how to use magic! It’s the dream of every fantasy lover out there!

    Seeing me so excited and smiling for the first time, Sheena also revealed a hint of smile.

    “Fufu… c’mon, let’s go back to our room to eat…” Sheena grabbed my hand and pull me back to the dormitory.

    “What about the matter you wanted to discuss with the Professor?” I follow behind Sheena and asked.

    “That can wait until later, aren’t you hungry? You haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday.” Sheena was honestly concerned.

    Now that I think about it… that’s true. And my stomach started to grumble as soon as I started to think about it.


    We went back to our room and had a luxurious breakfast. I’ve never had anything that good before. The food looks a bit expensive though, so I was a little hesitant to eat it at first. I guess rich people have this kind of food everyday… how envious…

    “Now then… ” After finishing our breakfast, Sheena started, “Since we finished our breakfast already, let’s head to town and get you some weapon.”

    “Weapon… ?” Upon hearing the word, weapon, I tilted my head and asked.

    Sheena explained, “That’s right, you need a weapon to be able to fight right? Although Halkeginia is now peaceful, there are still bandits, pirates and monsters roaming around. We need to be able to defend ourselves from harm at the very least.”

    “… I… see… This is a fantasy world after all.” I am convinced from just that.

    Sheena asked, “So what kind of weapon do you want? We can’t be sure what your specialty is yet but I have a feeling you might be proficient in magic… so how about a staff?”

    “No um… Since I am an Elf… I think I might be good at archery. Even though I’m not really fond of long range combat since my accuracy was low… But now…” I was deep in thought for a while.

    From the world I came from, all the elves in the games and light novels are good with the bow and magic, so I thought I might be too.

    Ever since I became an elf, my eyesight have improved drastically. If you put it in terms of video quality, I’d say it got enhanced from the Standard Quality of 360 pixels to the Ultra Definition of 4320 pixels. That’s a HUGE boost!!

    Suddenly, I had a vision of myself holding two bow that looks like a gun and muttered, “Dual… bow… gun?”

    “What… ?” Sheena asked questioningly.

    “Oh… uh… no… it’s just… I suddenly had a vision of myself holding two bow that looks like a gun… I wonder what was that?” A memory of this body’s previous owner perhaps? Or so I thought.

    “I see… that decides it then, we’ll just get you two magic guns for now.” Sheena is a very decisive person, she immediately picked the best choice from all the options she had thought of.

    “What?! You have guns in this world too?” I was surprised when I heard the word ‘gun’, I never expected that in this fantasy world, I’d hear that word coming out from the mouth of the citizens here…

    “Yea, I didn’t tell you yet right? My father is an Earthling and with his help, we have mass produced a lot of weapons from Earth here in Halkeginia.
    … It’s been recorded in the history book, my father led an entire army of commoners with weapons in hand, and saved the world from a calamity…”

    Sheena said that proudly.

    But I didn’t hear the latter half of the conversation, I was too focused on the first half.

    “Y… your father is from Earth?!” (Sylvia)

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    Around this time, in the secret village hidden deep within the forest of Alden, the elves finally noticed that the princess is missing.

    “The Princess?! She’s not here!!”

    The attendant shouted in panic when she found that the princess is not on the bed where she usually is. With the princess in her current condition, there is no way that she can move on her own.

    “Quick! Quick! Inform the Village Chief immediately!” The attendant immediately ordered the guards beside her to report the situation to the Village Chief immediately, which also serves as the Princess’ father.

    Upon receiving the grievance news, the Village Chief, Gustav, frowned.

    “Summon the Priestess! NOW!!” Gustav shouted, clearly annoyed.

    “Yes sir!” The nearby guards immediately moved upon receiving Gustav’s order.


    After a while, the priestess arrived in the hall where the Village Chief is staying, with a few guards escorting her.

    The priestess has a beautiful straight blonde hair, a pair of beautiful light blue eyes, and most surprisingly, her voluptuous chest. Elves are known to have a relatively small chest, so this is very uncommon indeed.

    And the only elf with such a humongous lump of fats hanging off her chest is a world-renowned Half-Elf known as Tiffania Westwood!

    She is one of the legendary void magic user, and by her side is her trusty partner and a legendary familiar, Lifbrasir, also known as the “Heart of the God”.

    His name is Ragna. He has a silver colored hair and a pair of golden eyes. His body looked very sturdy and powerful. Just from one glance, one can tell he is a powerful warrior.

    Tiffania curtsied elegantly in front of the Village Chief, “Chief Gustav, for what reason have you summoned me?”

    Her tone is unwavering, yet it is very elegant. Causing the surrounding guards to shudder in admiration.

    “Your esteemed priestess, I can’t thank you enough for your taking your time to care for my disabled daughter. Today I received a grievance news that my daughter is currently missing. Do you know of it?” Gustav said that with a rather worried expression.

    “Chief Gustav, I have only been informed by the guards who were escorting me earlier with regards to the situation of the princess.” Tiffania reported to Gustav.

    The elven princess, Elwyn, used to be the best of friends with Tiffania. After finding out her friend had fallen into a deep slumber and is currently disabled, naturally she had been doing whatever she can to take care of her best friend.

    “I have went to the Princess’ Chamber before coming here so it took a while. But I can feel traces of summoning magic left behind… by who… and for what purpose… I do not know…” Tiffania explained why she took so long before coming here.

    “……” Gustav was looking down and didn’t say a single word.

    After a while, Gustav finally raised his face and looked at Tiffania, he pleaded solemnly, “I am sorry to ask this of you, but the reason I summoned you is because you are the only one I can ask this favor of… please, please find my daughter!”

    “Worry not, I was already planning to head out of the village as soon as possible, and commence a world-wide search! I will scour the entire world and leave no stones unturned. I will find her no matter what!” Tiffania said with a confident smile. She firmly believes that she will be able to find her best friend no matter what.

    “Thank you… thank you so very much!” Gustav expressed his sincerest gratitude to Tiffania while holding both of her hands, and he continued, “I am the Chief of this village, I can’t carelessly dispatch the warriors and leave the village undefended… I will be counting on you, Miss Tiffania Westwood.”

    “I understand Chief Gustav…… Please relax and leave everything to me!” Tiffania tried to reassure the village chief.

    “Mmm… I’ll entrust my daughter to you. Please punish the evil-doer who caused this ruckus on my behalf.” Gustav said that as he waved his hand, prompting the attendant beside him to hand over the box that she is currently holding.

    “…This is?” Tiffania tilted her head, and asked questioningly.

    “An artifact that belonged to my daughter, you should know better than anyone else just how much she treasured this item. Please pass this to my daughter when you find her.” Gustav took the box and passed it to Tiffania.

    Tiffania looked at the black box for a while and understood what is within the box, “I will definitely deliver this to the Princess.”

    Gustav nodded and said, “Be on your way now, I won’t hold you for much longer.”

    “Then I’ll be leaving.” Tiffania grabbed the box and hand it over to her familiar, “Ragna, please look after this artifact with utmost care.”

    “Of course…” Ragna spoke for the first time since entering this hall. He is a man of a few words, but his strength is guaranteed. In terms of swordsmanship, he is not one inch inferior to the Gandalfr, who are superior with the use of weapons.

    Tiffania and Ragna left the hall as soon as possible, and now…


    Gustav summoned all the elves in the village to the central plaza to calm the masses.

    The disappearance of the princess have caused the entire village to grow anxious, in order to dispel their anxiety, Gustav has to announce it sooner or later, it is his job to ensure the peace of mind of every denizens here.


    Around noon, the entire population have gathered in the central plaza, it was quite packed. In the center of the plaza stood a lone man, he has a very dignified aura with neatly combed blond hair. ⌈1⌋ He is none other than the Village Chief, Gustav.

    Everyone’s attention is focused on this man and he started, “We have already identified the cause behind the princess’ disappearance and I assure you, this is not a kidnapping incident, so please calm down and listen.”

    Upon hearing that the princess is not kidnapped, the entire population feels slightly relieved, and the tension in the air is starting to feel lighter.

    Gustav continued, “According to the priestess, the princess have been summoned as a familiar, but we do not know who has summoned the princess, nor her current whereabouts.”

    Gustav made up the part about being a familiar since he don’t want to add to the worry of the villagers. Never in his wildest dream had he imagined that his lie turned out to be the truth.

    The crowd starts to get noisy again;

    “But with the princess in her current state…”
    “She’ll get violated!!”
    “Poor princess…”

    And such could be heard.

    “SILENCE!!” The attendant at Gustav’s side shouted, and the surrounding become quiet all of a sudden.

    Then Gustav uttered his last words, “The Priestess has personally set off on a journey to search for the princess. Please set your mind at ease and get back to work. Dismissed!”

    With this, Gustav dismissed the crowd and went back to his own estate.

    The crowd were noisily discussing about this on the street for an entire day.

    “The guy who summoned the princess is gonna get it now.”
    “Yea, when the priestess find him, he’ll wish he was never born.”

    Every villager highly respect the priestess, nobody in this village do not know about her.

    She is the legendary void user and a companion of the hero who saved the world from absolute calamity. And most important of all, she was the one who desperately protected them during the Apocalypse War, even though the proud Elves treated the Half-Elf awfully.


    Now we go back a little in time, back to the Magic Academy…

    “Y… your father is from Earth?!” I was utterly surprised when I heard Sheena said that her father is an Earthling.

    Sheena’s lips curved, revealing a charming smile and said, “Yes, my father is originally an ordinary human from Earth, summoned to Halkeginia by my mother as her familiar.”

    …Wait what? That scenario sounds familiar… It’s like what happened to me, but I feel like I have heard of a similar situation somewhere before…

    While I was still deep in thought, Sheena continued, “You said you used to be a young man called Silva who lived there right? Then have you heard of the name Saito and Louise?”

    “Saito? Louise? Wait… You don’t mean… those anime characters from the fictional show?” After thinking for a while, only one thing came to mind. That’s right, the hero and heroin of the popular anime series, Familiar of Zero.

    “Exactly.” Sheena smiled mischievously, “My father is the original author of that anime.”

    “Wu…. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!” I shouted at the top of my lungs due to extreme shock.


    1. Whoa… did you know? “Blond” and “blonde” actually have different meanings. Blond is a fair-haired male, and a blonde is a fair-haired female

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    “B-b-b-b-but… th… that…!” I stuttered, I was too surprised by the sudden development and unable to speak properly. In other word, I’m flabbergasted.

    “But what exactly?” Still wearing the mischievous smile, Sheena asked.

    In order to calm myself down, I slapped myself on the cheeks and continued, “But… that means… THE ANIME IS BASED ON REAL STORY?!?!”

    Unable to calm myself down, I still shouted in the end.

    “Hahahaha.” Sheena laughed, “Of course not, the anime has been altered greatly from the true history of Halkeginia. If you want to know the truth, I recommend you start reading the history of Halkegenia, starting from the past few decades.”

    “The history of Halkeginia during the past few decades is not as flowery as it is shown in the anime…” Sheena, who knew the true history of Halkegenia, revealed a gloomy expression.

    “Gulp!” I swallowed my saliva, and cold sweat ran down my spine. It seems like something awful has happened during the past few decades that cannot be shown to kids in the show… that’s why he altered the story to be more… friendly… in fact, maybe even his happy-go-lucky attitude might be forged…

    I didn’t press on with this matter any longer, and then I asked, “Are we going to get my weapon now?”

    “No… before we go, I want to confirm something.” (Sheena)

    “And that is…” (Sylvia)

    “I want to see whether you are capable of using magic or not…” (Sheena)

    “……” (Sylvia)

    “Come, let us go to the courtyard.” (Sheena)

    “Okay!!” I jumped up from the chair immediately, and walked behind Sheena.

    After we exit the room and enter the lounge, there were a lot of people gathering in the lounge, wearing the same cloak as Sheena. But the colors of their cloak are different, some are black and some are brown. Sheena is wearing a purple-colored cloak.

    Some of them come toward Sheena and I, then started to introduce themselves one after another. I couldn’t possible remember all their names and faces, I was never good at remembering names, not unless I spend a lot of time with them. I just lowered my head and introduced myself as Sylvia.

    Since I became an elf, my hearing ability has been enhanced, so I can hear the whispers clearly from distance.

    “Wow she’s so pretty…”
    “That’s an elf isn’t it, her ears are pointy.”
    “To summon a proud elf as a familiar… as expected of the goddess…”

    Wait, what?! They refer to Sheena as a goddess? I should have just ignored them and pretend I didn’t hear anything…

    One man in particular caught my attention, especially his purple hair… it reminds me of the Crown Princess. I wonder if he is the son of the princess, no wait… she should be a Queen now…

    The group in front of us split into two when that man is approaching. He seems like an important person after all. Maybe he’s a prince?

    That man stopped on front of Sheena, “Greetings, beautiful Miss Sheena.”
    He greeted her by kissing the back of her hand. I guess that’s how aristocrat greet one another?

    “Oh Albert, stop it with the formality. We are engaged after all.” Sheena said that with a poker face.

    “Haha, same as always… allow me to introduce myself. I am Albert De Tristain, the Crown Prince of Tristain, as well as the fiance of Sheena de Hiraga des Ornieres. This here is my familiar, Spark, the great Thunderhawk.”

    As he introduced his familiar, the Thunderhawk landed on his right arm and spread its wings proudly. The thunderhawk, as its name implies, is a hawk with the ability to utilize lightning. It has a beautiful blue feather.

    I immediately clapped both of my hand together and prayed for good luck. It is a popular belief that a blue bird brings good luck and happiness so I did that reflexively.

    Albert continues, “May I know your name, beautiful miss?”

    He holds my hand and kisses the back of my hand. I bet he is a playboy, seeing how he can easily kiss another girl’s hand in front of his own fiance without asking for permission first.

    Being kissed by a man, even if it was on the back of my hand, I still feel slightly disgusted. I got shivers running down my spine, but still managed to introduce myself properly.

    “I… I am Sylvia… the familiar of Sheena. An elf…”

    “Well, that’s all for introductions for now. We do not have all day, it will take at least half a day to get to the nearest town to procure a weapon for my familiar. With that said, I’ll be taking my leave first.” Sheena curtsied like an elegant young lady, then she bid farewell to her classmates.

    “In that case, how about I go with you?” Albert offered to go along with us but…

    “No thank you. You are the Crown Prince of Tristain, you will attract too much attention if you go with us.” Sheena rejected him.

    “…That’s not a problem, I can disguise myself before going. After all, I am a Master of Disguise. I learned it from my imperial mother!” Albert said smugly.

    Sheena knew how persistent Albert is and no matter what she says, it will be useless and only a waste of time, so she just sighed resignedly.

    “Just prepare three horses and wait for me at the entrance, I will be there soon.” After Albert said that, he dashed off immediately.

    “…Alright, but be quick about it. I won’t wait long.” Sheena advised Albert to hurry up and put on his disguise, or else she will leave him behind.


    After that we went to the stable to prepare some horses. The caretaker prepared the horses for us when we told him our reasons for going to town. As Sheena was pulling the horses, she probably noticed that I look a little anxious. She step forward to ask, “What are you concerned about? Are you worried about riding the horse by yourself?”

    “Wha…?! You can tell…?” I was honestly surprised, am I that easy to read?

    Sheena’s lip curved and formed a charming smile, then she said sweetly, “Don’t worry, I will teach you the basics.”

    After I climbed on the back of the horse, Sheena starts to explain the basics of horse riding to me.

    Riding the horse for a while, I got used to the feeling quite quickly.

    “…I’m surprised! You learn rather fast…” Sheena was honestly surprised to see me being able to ride a horse on my own so quickly.

    The only thing that I can be proud of from before I was reincarnated was my ability as a fast learner after all. But no matter how fast I learn, this is still too surprising… not even five minutes have passed yet and I can already ride a horse by myself…

    Now that I think about it…… how come I can understand and read the language of this world when they are clearly different than the language from Earth?

    Is this what they call… the innate ability of the body? Since I am now in the possession of the body of an elf who are known for their longevity… that means this body must have at least lived for a hundred year or so right? If that is the case, that means this body already has already accumulated hundred years of experience… it wouldn’t be strange if that was the case…

    “No… even though I’ve never ride a horse by myself before, I can’t say that is also true for the real owner of this body… Just like learning how to drive a car, something you learned how to do with your own body can’t possible be forgotten no matter the passage of time.” I can tell because I have experienced this before. Even though I went oversea to study and didn’t drive a car for more than three years, I was still able to drive normally even after coming back to my home country.

    “I see… if that is the case, then that would explain how you are so natural when handling that horse.” Sheena was convinced by my words.

    “Now let’s make haste, Albert must be waiting for us at the main gate already.” Sheena climbed onto the back of another horse, and pulled the other horse along to the main gate.

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    Just when we are about to reach the main gate, I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to test my aptitude for magic so I asked, “Oh… aren’t we going to see if I can use magic or not?”

    Sheena explained, “Oh… that… we were stalled and wasted too much time with the introduction earlier, we will just have to borrow the open field behind the weapon shop later to test your aptitude first before deciding on which weapon is best for you.”

    “……? Why does being able to use magic or not will be the deciding factor of choosing my weapon?” Since I do not know anything about this world, my confusion was only understandable.

    “Well, there are some weapons that are specially designed for the mage, such as the Magic Gun or the Magic Sword. As long as you have enough Magic Power, or the so called MP in gaming term, you can refill the cartridge with Magic Power.

    The downside is that we still need to chant an incantation to fill the cartridge with our magic, so a Magic Gun takes longer to refill than an ordinary gun but it is more powerful.” Sheena patiently explained to me.

    These Magic Weapon seems a little bit more inconvenient than I thought they’d be, so I couldn’t help but ask, “Wait… we need to chant an incantation for the spell to refill the cartridge with Magic Power? Can’t we just infuse the Magic Power into the weapon directly?”

    “Sigh…” Sheena heaved a sigh, then she continued, “It is not impossible but one needs precise control over their Magic Power in order to do that. Only true experts are able to use Magic Weapon that efficiently.”

    “Oh… so it is not impossible, that is good enough for now.” After receiving a favorable answer, I nodded with a satisfied expression. Sheena only smiled wryly, she also hoped one day, she can reach that level.

    We reached the main gate as we were leisurely chatting about the weapons, and a beautiful girl with curly long brown hair is standing in the middle of the gate, crossing her hand.

    “TOO SLOW!!” She shouted… but wait… that voice sounds familiar…

    “Albert…… you… have an interesting taste as always…” Sheena said that with a blank expression.

    “Forget about my taste, what were you doing? You told me to get ready as soon as possible, yet you came here later than me. I thought you were already gone!” Albert retorted.

    “I was… teaching the basics of horse riding to my familiar. Today is supposed to be a bonding period with our familiar so I don’t see what’s wrong with that.” Sheena reply with an ingenious remark.

    “Sigh… I get it already, now pass me that horse and let’s get going.” Albert urged Sheena to pass the reins to him.

    Albert climbed onto the back of the horse, then we head out of the main gate and make out way towards the nearest town, Swinford.


    Around halfway there, we were ambushed by three rough looking man. All of them are holding a dagger and using rags to cover their body.

    No matter how you look at them, they looked like a group of bandits…

    This is bad! I never expected to get into such a dangerous situation in such an early stage of my new life! I don’t even have fighting experience yet!!

    Sheena and Albert are both mage, I can’t hope to rely on them in close combat, and to cast a magic, they need to chant an incantation… which means… I’ll have to buy them some time…

    “Sylvia, how long do you think you can hold them off?” Sheena turned her head over to look at me for an answer.

    As expected, I was told to become their shield, huhuhu… I want to cry…

    “……” After thinking for a while, I said, “I don’t know… maybe thirty seconds at most? I don’t have any combat experience yet.”

    Sheena stayed silent for a moment and replied, “Good enough, just buy me at least ten seconds.”

    With that said, I jumped down from the horse, then I move in between the bandits and Sheena.

    The bandits laughed and said, “Hahaha!! What can a puny little woman like you do? Be a good girl and we won’t harm you!”

    Good, they’re looking down on us…… I should be able to take advantage of this… At least that’s how it normally play out in manga and light novel…

    “As if I can trust the words of someone like you! If you truly meant what you said, just leave us alone already!” I retorted, but it was useless, it only serves to make them more agitated.

    Oops… stupid me, I wasn’t supposed to make them angry, I was supposed to buy enough time for Sheena and Albert.

    How many seconds has it been now? Five seconds? Good, just another five more seconds to go!

    Suddenly, one of the bandit rushed toward me and thrust his dagger forward.

    Oh crapppppp! What should I do! What should I do!!

    Wait, let’s calm down and think about this carefully.

    I remember there was a move in judo or karate or whatever that take advantages of your opponent’s weight, and use it against them. It’s all or nothing!

    The bandit is now in front of me, and thrusting his dagger toward my head. I reflexively moved my body slightly to the right and narrowly dodged the dagger, but a few strains of my hair were cut off.

    Now that I am within the range, I should be able to execute the move I just thought of.

    I quickly grab hold of the bandit’s arm, turned my back against his body. Using the momentum of the rush, I pulled him forward and kicked his legs off the ground.

    I supported his body weight with my back and threw the bandit with a 180 degree turn, the bandit slammed HARD on the ground in front of me! I even see some blood spat out from his mouth…

    Wow, this is more effective that I thought it would be. Am I a genius? Nay… it’s just a fluke, a beginner’s luck…

    I let my guard down after taking down one of the bandits and got strangled from the back!

    “Put down your wands if you don’t want this girl to get hurt!” The bandit shouted and strengthened his grip around my neck.

    Ohh crap! This is bad! Now we’re seriously gonna get it!

    …Or not! You are too naive if you think you can take me down from behind my back. You are within my attack range! Your crotch that is…

    This body should be much more flexible compared to my original body so my leg should easily be able to reach.

    The moment I tried to kick his crotch, the Thunderhawk suddenly appeared and used its sharp claw to attack the bandit that is strangling me.

    “Grahhhhh!!!” The bandit shouted in pain and loosened his grip. I fell to the ground on both knees.

    “Cough, cough!” I was holding my neck with both hands, and trying to catch my breath.

    “You bastard!!” The bandit was furious and pulled out his dagger, trying to stab me from behind.

    “Good job, Spark!” Albert praised his Thunderhawk for rescuing me.

    “Now! It’s over.” Sheena claimed that the battle is over and activated the spell, Wind Cutter.

    Sheena took down the bandit behind me with Wind Cutter, and Albert took out the ones approaching them with the same spell simultaneously.

    With that, we have avoided the worst case scenario and I feel pathetic.

    I need to gain more battle experience, and not let me guard down in the middle of combat, or else I might end up dead next time, and expose my master to danger…

    “Are you alright?” Sheena jumped down from her horse, she ran to my side and offered her hand.

    “Yea… I’m fine…” I took her hand, and then she pulled me up from the ground.

    “Not bad for your first combat, you were able to take out one of the bandits barehanded.” Sheena praised me, but I don’t feel particularly happy.

    Instead, I just apologized, “I am sorry, I let my guard down in the middle of the battle and exposed you to danger.”

    “Don’t worry about it, everyone makes mistake. This will be a valuable experience later on. At least no one got badly hurt for now, so let’s just be happy about the outcome.” Sheena comforted me.

    Albert used earth magic to bind the bandits and ordered his Thunderhawk, Spark, to notify the knights to arrest them immediately.

    After the Thunderhawk flew off, Albert climbed onto the back of his horse again.

    “We wasted a lot of time here, we might have to spend the night at the Swinford tonight.” Albert raised his head to look at the position of the sun. As he said, the color of the day is starting to get late.

    “Sigh… guess we have no other choice, I was thinking of getting back to the academy before nightfall…” Sheena sighed resignedly.

    After that exchange, we climbed back onto our horse, and continue our journey towards Swinford…

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    We stopped for a quick lunch in the middle of our journey, by the time we arrived at the township of Swinford, it was already around the late afternoon.

    The first thing we need to do when we arrive at Swinford is to look for an inn, or else we will have to camp out tonight…

    Since we do not have a lot of money on us, we settled in a rather cheap inn. Since we are also worried about the prices of the weapon anyway, we can’t spend our money mindlessly. Otherwise we might not be able to afford it.

    Apparently, the currency here in Tristain are represented by Bronze, Silver and Gold Coin system in some of the popular Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game, for short, MMORPG, such as the World of Warcraft.

    The exchange rate is the same as we know it, hundred Bronze coins equal to one Silver coin, and hundred Silver coins equal to one Gold coin.

    But the strange thing is, according to the Anime show adapted from this world, the currency seems to be different… Well, I guess after all those decades, some things are bound to be changed, and this system is much easier to remember anyway.

    In any case, we have hundred Silver coins with us, which is equivalent to one Gold coin. We spend about fifteen Bronze coins for lodging in the inn for one night. I’m still new to this world so I don’t know the actual worth of fifteen Bronze coin, or how hard is it to earn that much. However, if you compared it to those five-star hotels which cost several Silver coins per night… yea I guess this can be considered cheap…

    The inn is made out of wood and is three story tall. Inside of the inn, there seems to be a pub to the left, with several people drinking and chatting noisily. They are all wearing armor, carrying some sort of weapon, such as a sword, a spear or a bow.

    “Wow… to be carrying weapons so openly in broad daylight… I guess this is a fantasy world after all…” I am truly amazed, while at the same time, I feel slightly uneasy. Everyone looked so fierce and scary.

    I was surprised since this is the first time I’ve ever seen people carrying all sorts of deadly weapon in broad daylight.

    “Fufu… this is very common nowadays. After the great war a few decades ago, strange dungeons started appearing all over the world, and Swinford is one of the town that is build close to a dungeon. The brave warriors who challenged and explore the dungeons are called the Adventurer.” Sheena explained.

    “Additionally, you can find all kinds of rare treasure in the dungeon. Sometimes, even legendary artifact. The Adventurer would come to Swinford to sell their goods and stock up their supplies. That’s why this is the ideal place to look for a new weapon.” Albert continued.

    I nodded and muttered a single word, “Oh……”


    After we booked our room, we went to our room immediately, I noticed something very very immoral. Albert is in the same room as us! I panicked, “Ah!! Um… I know you guys are engaged and all but… to share the same room…”

    I lowered my voice when I said that, and my cheeks turned bright red, since there is only one bed in the room!

    “M-Maybe I should be in another room! I wouldn’t want to disturb you…” I turned immediately with my head lowered in embarrassment and tried to run for the door.

    Sheena grabbed my hand before I had a chance to run, “Where do you think you’re going?”

    “Ah…” I let out a surprised cry.

    Now that I think about it… I don’t have money… What can I do even if I am to run to the lobby, I don’t have the means to pay for another room.

    “Uuu…. but…” I steal a glance at Albert.

    “Sigh…” Sheena heaved a sigh and continued, “You are my familiar, you and I are as one. Never leave my side. And don’t worry about Albert, he can just sleep on the sofa.”

    I was shocked!! How can she treat a prince like that. A Crown Price at that too!

    “B… but!! He… He is…” I tried to point out my view said frantically.

    I wanted to say he is a Crown Prince, how can you make him sleep in a sofa… but the words just won’t come out, I was flabbergasted.

    Sheena snickered, “Don’t worry, Albert is a gentleman. He won’t do anything.”

    “……” I stayed silent for a moment before I said, “Even though he’s a cross-dressing pervert, and a playboy who kisses the back of other woman’s hand without permission?”

    Oops!! That just slipped out of my mouth unconsciously, I never meant to say that! I’m seriously gonna get beheaded for insulting the Crown Prince…

    “Pfft-ahahahahaha!” Sheena and Albert burst out into laughter while I was in the state of panic.

    “Eh?” I tilted my head slightly, and looked at both Sheena and Albert holding their stomach while they laughed out loud.


    After that matter is settled, the sky is already dyed bright red. The sun seems to be setting already, and I guess that the shop is probably closed at night. So I started, “The sun is already setting, I guess we are heading to the weapon store tomorrow? I don’t suppose the shop open twenty four hours a day right?”

    “You’re right… I guess we should go to Uncle Sebastian’s weapon store tomorrow.” Sheena frowned when she looked out of the windows, and found that the color of the day is already dark.

    Albert took off his disguise and continue, “I guess we should order some food to our room and settle down for tonight.”

    “They offer room service in this cheap inn?” I looked towards Sheena expectantly. However…

    “No… of course not… that’s why, go to the pub downstair, order some meal for takeaway, and bring the food back here, Sylvia.” Her answer betrayed my expectation, I knew she was going to make me run an errand for her.

    “But… I’m… not really originated from this world you know? I don’t know if the food I randomly ordered might suit your taste or not… The food here have strange names.” I took a peek at the menu earlier when we were waiting for our room to be prepared, and to be honest, I don’t understand what is being served at all.

    “Don’t worry about that, just order the daily special for three of us. I took a look at the menu earlier and it only cost one copper coin each.” Sheena had already decided what she wants to order.

    “Here’s three copper coins for the meal.” Albert handed the copper coins to me, and I left for the pub immediately.


    When I arrived at the pub. I went straight to the counter to order three daily specials.
    The gazes I received from the Adventurers when walking through the pub makes me feel uncomfortable. I can easily guess why Sheena and Albert do not want to dine-in.

    With three beauties here, albeit one is actually a guy in disguise, there is no way the rowdy looking guys here will leave us alone.

    The clerk behind the counter reach out her hand and asked for three copper coins, I handed over the coins immediately. After she received the coins, she shouted the orders to the chef who is working in the kitchen, “Three orders of daily special!”

    The clerk told me to wait for five minutes, so I went to one corner of the pub to wait.

    While I was waiting, some rowdy looking guys did approach me after all.

    “Yo big sis, what are you doing here all alone?”
    “Wanna come have a drink with us?”
    “You an elf? It’s rare to see an Elven Adventurer around this part”

    I wanted to ignore them, but usually in this kind of situation, if I ignored them, it will most likely turn into a fight. I want to avoid that at all cost, I do not want to cause any trouble here, and most importantly, I still do not have much fighting experience.

    I should just politely reject them, “I’m sorry… but I don’t drink. I will leave immediately after my takeaway is ready.”

    “C’mon big sis, don’t be like that. Come have fun with us!”
    “I saw you were with two other beauties earlier, are they your companion?”
    “You should ask them to come and join us!”

    The three continued to press their assault.

    Ugh… so annoying! Just leave me alone already! I seriously don’t know how to deal with people like this… I want to walk away already but I still need to wait for my takeaway…

    I glanced at the clerk, asking for help with my gaze.

    “Sigh…” The clerk face palmed and shouted at the three man, “Hey you three stooges!! Stop bothering the other customer! Or you can taste my iron fist!”

    The three turned over and said frantically, “Come on, we were just trying to invite her to join us for a drink!”

    The clerk said nothing else and just glared at them coldly.

    The three just shivered and left reluctantly, “Fine… we get it already…”

    I walked toward the clerk and thanked her.

    “Sorry if the three stooges caused you any trouble. They are regulars here and always caused some minor uproar every now and then. If anyone ever troubled you here, just come to find me. They should know better not to get on my bad side!” The clerk said confidently while introducing herself, “I am Anabelle by the way, what’s your name, missy?”

    “Ah… I’m Sylvia… Thank you for your help earlier Miss Anabelle.” I introduced myself politely.

    “Hahaha… you are a polite one aren’t you? Oh, seems like your meal is ready. Now hurry back to your room. Your companion should be waiting for you.” The clerk, Anabelle, pass the three packages to me and pushed me away.

    “Yes… thank you once again.” I turned back one last time and saw Miss Anabelle waving her hand at me. I bowed and left upstair. After that exchange, I went back to our room peacefully.

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    When I arrived in front of our room, I knocked the door twice.

    “Who’s there?” Sheena got up from the couch and asked.

    I answered softly, “It’s me…”

    When Sheena heard my voice, I can hear her footsteps, “Tap! Tap! Tap!” as she walked towards the door.

    “Creak…” The door opened, and Sheena prompted me to come in.

    “What took you so long?” Sheena said that worriedly, “Did those ruffians attack you after all?”

    “No! Um… Okay, maybe they did… But the reliable Miss Anabelle helped me get rid of them.” I tried to deny it, but after receiving Sheena’s strong gaze, I couldn’t help but blurt out the truth.

    Sheena asked confusingly, “Miss Anabelle? Who is that?”

    I answered honestly, “Oh… she’s the clerk who works at the pub downstairs.”

    “Is that so… Guess we’ll have to express our thanks to her tomorrow.” Sheena felt grateful towards the clerk, and wants to express her gratitude to the clerk before we leave the inn tomorrow.

    By this time, Albert just got out of the bathroom, dressed in a bathrobe and interrupted our conversation, “Oh, you’re back. Did you get the food?”

    “………You just took a shower?” I looked at Albert all over the body and asked.

    “Yea… please hand over the food to me.”Albert rubbed his hair with the tower, then he extended his hand to receive the food.

    I handed the food over to him and said in surprise, “It hasn’t even been ten minutes yet, you already finish showering? Did you even wash your body?”

    “Oops! Oh crap, what’s wrong with me today, why is everything in my mind that shouldn’t be said slipped out of my mouth every time I talk today!” When I thought of such things, I moved both my hands to cover my mouth immediately.

    Albert displayed a playful smile, approaches me and slid his index finger under my chin.

    “Yes, I washed every nook and cranny. Want to come join me for another round?” Albert tried to tease me and got chopped by Sheena at the back of the head.

    “Stop fooling around Albert, go and eat your dinner.” Sheena crossed her arms, and puffed the right side of her cheeks.

    Albert rubbed the back of his head and turned away from me to face Sheena.
    Then he laughed and say, “Fine, fine… I was just teasing her for a bit, hahaha”

    “Sigh… You never change… Come Sylvia, let us take a shower first before we eat.” Sheena tried to drag me to the bathroom with her as she said that.

    “What?! You…… you know about my circumstances right? To… to take a shower with you is a little…”My cheeks turned bright red, and I looked down on the floor.

    Sheena draw her face close to my ear, and whispered softly, “I know, but right now, you are a girl. You need to get used to the naked body of a girl.”

    Then she dragged me to the bathroom forcefully.

    I’ll omit what happens next but let’s just say… That was the best moment of my entire life.


    After a while, I came out of the bathroom with Sheena, feeling exhausted and ecstatic all at the same time.

    We were wearing a beautiful nightgown prepared by Sheena.

    Wait, why does she have nightgown prepared? Does that mean she already expected this to happen? Or is this what they meant by always be prepared for the unexpected.

    Sheena was clinging to my right arm happily as we walked toward where Albert was sitting. It seems he already finished eating, and was heating up our food for us with magic. So I guess Albert can use both wind and fire magic? That’s pretty neat…

    “Oh… so you’re finally done, took you long enough!” Albert frowned when he saw us, since we really took a long time in the bathroom.

    “Sorry, I was just having so much fun teasing Sylvia. She’s just so cute!!” Sheena was moving her index finger in a circular motion on my right cheek repeatedly.

    “S-Stop teasing me already!” Recalling the moment when we took a shower together, I looked down with flushed cheeks, and began to fidget.

    “Hehe… C’mon, let’s eat already. I’m hungry.” Sheena said that while making an unladylike gesture such as rubbing her tummy.

    “I have already heated for food for you in advance, please enjoy. I will just call it a night for now.” Albert pulled the chair for us to sit on before he walked towards the sofa and lie down…

    Wow… he’s really going to be sleeping on the sofa? He’s quite the gentleman… maybe I’ll have to re-evaluate my opinion of him…

    After we finished our dinner, we too climb on the bed and sleep.


    The next day.

    “Knock! Knock!”

    “Uuu… who’s knocking the door so early in the morning?” Sheena frowned as she slowly opened her eyes.

    “Hnnnnnnng.” I rubbed my eyes, and lazily stretches my body before getting up.

    While still half-asleep, I gazed at Albert, seeing him putting on his wig and makeup.

    After he is done, he looked at me and Sheena in the eye. We understood his intention and just nodded.

    “Who’s there?” While approaching the door, Albert shouted.

    Oh by the way, this is unrelated but Albert’s voice is different when he cros… I mean disguised himself as a woman. His voice was hoarse and manly but now it’s sharp and sweet. I guess they even have magic that changes the voice huh? That’s convenient.

    “Room delivery~” The voice came from behind the closed door.

    “Room delivery? There’s no such service in this inn, and we didn’t call for any room service, state your business!” Albert refuted coldly.

    “Hm…? That voice… could it be? Miss Anabelle?” I recognized the owner of the voice.

    “Correct~ I’m glad you remembered me, missy.” Anabelle was delighted that I still remember her.

    “Miss Anabelle? You mean the one who helped you yesterday? What is she doing here?” Sheena pondered for a moment, then she raised her head, “It is fine, Albert, let her in. We need to thank her for last night anyway.”

    “Are you sure?” Albert looked at Sheena doubtfully.

    “I am certain.” Sheena nodded strongly.

    “Fine…” After a moment of silence, Albert resigned and unlocked the door.

    When the door is wide open, we saw Anabelle with two trays on both her hands.
    On top of the tray were various delicacies.

    “Please enter.” Albert prompted Anabelle to enter the room.

    “Don’t mind if I do.” Anabelle entered the room and put the tray on top of the desk.

    Then Sheena get off the bed, and stood straight with her hands crossed.

    “Why are you doing this for us? I don’t remember the inn offered any complimentary breakfast or room delivery.” Sheena asked Anabelle with a questioning gaze.

    Anabelle glanced at Sheena and smiled, “Let’s just say… I’m an old acquaintance of your father.”

    Sheena got a little more cautious and asked, “How do you know who is my father?”

    Anabelle just laughed at that remark, “Hahaha… you looked exactly like your mother when she was younger. I can immediately tell that you are the daughter of Saito and Louise.”

    “So… you claim to know my parent in their younger days?” Sheena’s expression become colder.

    “Hahaha, your mother was like a wild untamed dog when she was younger and Saito was…. ” Like that, Miss Anabelle chatted happily with us while enjoying the food that she brought for us.

    After we ate our fill. Anabelle cleaned up the table. Before she leaves, she take a quick glance at me, and I saw a hint of sadness in her eyes.

    I mean, I have noticed it when I spoke to her for the first time, but I just thought that’s her normal expression. However, I don’t think so anymore after seeing her chatting happily with Sheena today.

    I wonder why… Does she know the real owner of this body and was sad that I don’t remember her? Or is there a deeper meaning…… I just don’t know… I wanted to ask but I just can’t bring up the topic…

    While I was still deep in thought, Sheena said, “Alright, let’s pack our stuff and leave immediately. We need to check out from the inn and visit Uncle Sebastian’s weapon store later to test your aptitude in magic and get you an appropriate weapon.”

    “Mm… ” I nods my head strongly and pack up immediately, well not that I have much to pack up anyway… Just the nightgown Sheena gave me the other night.

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    After we left the inn, we departed for the so called Uncle Sebastian’s Weapon Store immediately.

    On the way there, I asked quite a few questions, “Why do you call him Uncle Sebastian? Are you blood related?”

    Sheena looked over and smiled charmingly, “No, we’re not related by blood. Uncle Sebastian is a close friend of my father, and he visits us often when I was still a young child.”

    “Oh… ” I nodded in acknowledgement.

    “Uncle Sebastian and my father became quick friend due to their interest in weapon. I believe you already know this but my father have a power that allows him to wield any weapon, and Uncle Sebastian on the other hand… is a Transmutation Master! He can make any weapons infused with magic, ranging from sword to shield, even firearms such as gun or rocket launcher.” Sheena puffed out her chest and exclaimed proudly.

    “Weapons infused with magic?” I asked interestingly.

    “That’s right, like the magic gun for example or swords that can generate one of the four elements when you swing it. There are even magic staves that can absorb mana from the surrounding air, allowing the user to cast magic. So there’s a lot of wannabe mage amongst the Adventurers, they are completely useless in combat once they lose their staff though.” Sheena said that while she heaved a sigh.

    “Wow… that sounds… amazing!” Although I had no idea what Sheena was saying at the time, I am still amazed.

    “Yup, Uncle Sebastian is amazing indeed. I admire him!” Sheena seemed to shine so brightly when she talks about this Uncle Sebastian, I guess she must have respected him a lot!

    At this time, I thought about something, and posed a question to Sheena, “Speaking of which… you mentioned about the magic gun earlier right? Did Uncle Sebastian make them too?”

    “Indeed… it is a gun that is designed for the mage only. As long as you have enough Magic Power left, you can refill the cartridge with magic bullet infinitely. It doesn’t require any solid bullet, someone with no affinity for magic cannot hope to use them, unless the cartridge was previously filled with magic bullets already.” Sheena paused for a moment to catch her breath, and then she continued.

    “To refill the cartridge, you just simply have to pour your magic power into it while casting a spell. The power of the spell will be reduced dramatically, retaining only 20% of its original power, and you cannot target multiple foes at the same time. However, on the upside, you can fire a few rounds instantly, the penetrative power is immeasurable, and the speed of the magic bullet is not one whit inferior to that of a normal bullet. The magic guns are more powerful on a single target. In contrast, a normal spell is more powerful on multi-target.”

    Since Sheena know so much about the magic gun, I thought it was strange that Sheena didn’t have one, so I asked, “Wait a moment…… If a magic gun can only be used by a mage, and they can be fired instantly as long as there are still magic bullets in the cartridge, why don’t you have one?”

    Sheena looked at me silently for a moment before she opens her mouth, “I never said I don’t have one.”

    “Eh…? Then why didn’t you use it earlier when the bandits approached us?” I tilted my head and asked.

    At this moment, Albert cuts in and join the conversation, “I wouldn’t recommend it.”

    “Why?” I turned around to face Albert and asked.

    Sheena got in front of me, then she smiled impishly, and looked straight into my eye. She said with a low and playful voice, “I wouldn’t mind using it if you don’t care about friendly fire.”

    I shuddered involuntarily, “Uh… hahaha…”

    I understand just from that one line, that her dexterity is low. However, something still bothers me, “But you also attack with magic from long range right? How come you are so confident when you are using magic?”

    “Well… you’ll understand if you can use magic. Unlike the bow or gun, you can still somehow change the trajectory of your magic spell with minimal control.” Albert explained.

    “I see… magic sure is convenient…” I am honestly impressed with the mythical thing called magic.

    “It’s here!” Sheena shouted excitedly as we arrived in front of the weapon store.

    While we were chatting, I didn’t realize just how much time have passed, but we reached the store eventually.

    Sheena excitedly opens the door and shouted with joy, “Uncle Sebastian, I came to visit!”

    Sebastian was dealing with some customers when we entered the store, but as soon as he heard Sheena’s voice, he turned over to face us, and his expression immediately changed into a bright smile when he saw Sheena.

    Sebastian is approximately around 1.8 meter tall. He got a shiny white hair and beard. His eyes are pale blue in color, and his body build is muscular and bulky. I’m guessing he’s in his late 50’s in age?

    “Ooohhh!! If it isn’t Sheena! Come over here you little rascal. Hahaha.” Sebastian was very excited when he saw Sheena and spread his arms wide.

    Sheena rushed forward immediately and jumped into Sebastian’s arm.

    Sebastian hugged Sheena and patted her head twice, “You sure have grown up big, in various ways…”

    Sebastian glanced at Sheena from bottom to top, measuring her three sizes with his eyes.

    Sheena chopped Sebastian’s forehead, “Come on, stop doing that already Uncle Sebastian.”

    [Ah… I guess the other reason why Sebastian and Saito become friendly so quickly was because of their personality… I heard plenty about Saito from Anabelle this morning…] I secretly thought to myself.

    “Hahaha.” Sebastian was all smile, it seems he has forgotten his other customers already. Luckily there’s a shop assistant here, and he’s already attending to the other customers.

    I walked beside Sheena, and when Sebastian saw me, his smile was gone and his face immediately turns grim…

    Why I wonder… first, Anabelle, and now, Sebastian… is elf not being treated well here?

    “You…” Sebastian said with a grim face.

    “Hm? Is there something on my face?” I touched my cheeks with both hands and asked.

    “No… Never mind…” Sebastian’s expression turns paler, then he muttered in a very soft voice, “There’s no way she can be here…”

    With my enhanced hearing ability, I can somehow hear what he muttered.

    [Hm…? Who’s she?] I thought to myself.

    Sebastian turned his sight back to Sheena.

    “So to what honor do I owe today for your humble visit?” Sebastian’s mood immediately brightened up and asked merrily.

    “I came here today to procure a weapon for my familiar.” Sheena said proudly.

    “Ohh! A familiar!? It’s finally that time of the year huh? So where’s your mighty familiar? With someone of your caliber, I bet it’s going to be a mighty dragon right? What do you need? A claw? Hahaha!” Sebastian kept muttering non-stop as he thought about what weapons he should make for Sheena’s familiar.

    Sheena tapped on my shoulder twice, “This is the one.”

    Sebastian stared at me and blinked twice, “HAAAAAAAARH?!?! Hahahahahaha! Oh come on you lil’ rascal, stop teasing me already and show me your familiar!”

    “This is my familiar!” Sheena looked into Sebastian’s eye strongly.

    “……” Sebastian remains quiet for a while.

    Looking at how serious Sheena gazed at him, all he can say is, “Seriously?”

    “Seriously serious.” Sheena said in a very solemn tone.

    “Haah……” Sebastian exhaled a mouthful of breath, “Alright then…… I guess a proper introduction is in place.”

    “I am Sebastian, the Transmutation Master of Swinford Town, I can craft anything, you name it, I make it. Weapons such as Sword, Spear, Dagger, Mace, Bow, Shield, Grenade, Gun, Magic Staff and so on, or even utensils such as Kitchen Knife, Shovel, Chisel, Magic Lamp, Magic Heater and…”

    “Uncle Sebastian! Is that how you introduces yourself?” Sheena stopped Sebastian in his track.

    “Hahaha, sorry, sorry, I got off the track.” Sebastian apologizes.

    “…I am Sylvia. Pleased to meet you, honored Transmutation Master” I introduced myself politely.

    “Hahaha… she’s a polite one isn’t she?” Sebastian was pleased.

    Am I really? Isn’t it just a courtesy? Anabelle said so too…

    “So… what kind of weapon are you looking for, lass?” Sebastian asked while holding his chin with the index finger and thumb.

    Albert abruptly cut into the conversation again, I guess he must be feeling lonely to be left out of the conversation all the time…

    “We’re thinking of getting her a Magic Gun, but we haven’t tested her aptitude for magic yet, do you mind if we borrow the testing field before deciding?” Albert said so politely.

    “Hm… this lass over here is?” Sebastian finally noticed Albert and asked.

    “My name is Alby, sir.” Albert curtsies and introduces himself as Alby.

    “Pfft……” I almost laughed but I held back.

    “Bwahahahahahahahah!! Alby!! Hahahahaha! Good one lad! Good one!!” Sebastian on the other hand… laughed out loud…

    Does he knows? He called Albert a lad just now, not lass.

    Albert’s face turned red, and he clenched his fists. I wonder if he’s angry or embarrassed, I can’t tell.

    “Hahahahaha… Alby it is then…… follow me, the lot of ya.” Sebastian finally stopped laughing, and led us to the back entrance of the store.

    Finally… I’m finally going to start my journey to become the strongest!! I was clenching my fists, and feeling very excited as we walked towards the back entrance.

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    After we exited from the backdoor of the weapon store, the first thing that entered my sight was a vast field about the size of a soccer field.

    Where did he get the permission to have such a big field at the back of his store, I wonder. Oh never mind, stupid question. He’s a good friend of the legendary hero, Saito, anyway. This much is only natural.

    After all, Saito is also a Noble who possessed his own land, and a good friend of the queen. Bestowing a few lands to his good friends should be an easy matter.

    Anyway, this field is amazing. There are so many people testing their new weapon here with enough space to spare.

    I can see a swordsman swinging his sword, and hint of ice covered the target dummy. I guess that’s a sword infused with ice magic? I can also see a wannabe mage waving a magic staff around in the air to generate a Fireball and shoot it at the target. So is that how a magic weapon works? You just have to swing it around?

    Now I’ve grown more curious towards the magic weapon, how did they make something like that?

    “Um… Uncle Sebastian, do you mind if I ask you something?” I couldn’t hold back my curiosity, and tried to ask Sebastian.

    “Hm? Sure, go ahead, lass! I will answer all ya question for ya, hahaha!” Sebastian prompted me to go ahead and ask.

    “Um… I’ve been wondering… how do you make these magic weapon? If you use the same principle as the magic gun, wouldn’t the infused magic power run out over time, and it’d become nothing more than an ordinary weapon?” My question was logical since magic power is not infinite, the magic weapon would then be useless to warriors, or other people not capable of using magic.

    “Hahahahaha……! Good! Very good!! This lass has good insight! How about it? You want to become my disciple?” Sebastian teased.

    “Stop joking around Uncle Sebastian! She’s my familiar!” Sheena pouted at that comment.

    “Hahaha… I’ll tell you, it’s not a big secret after all. You have heard about the dungeon right?” Sebastian asked.

    “Yes… I heard about it from Sheena, about how it suddenly appeared out of nowhere after the great war a few decades ago.” I answered honestly.

    “That’s right… even after a few decades, we still don’t know how it happened and magical beasts keep swarming out of the dungeon.” Sebastian sighed.

    “Magical Beast?” I questioned.

    “That’s right, Magical Beast. These Magical Beast appeared at around the same time as the dungeon, and they are stronger than your average beast. Within these magical beast contained a magic stone. The stronger the beast, the higher the quality of these magic stone.” Sebastian explained.

    “Oh… so you mean… you mean… you fused those magic stone with the weapon to create the magic weapon?” I came to these conclusion after hearing Sebastian’s story. These magic stone can probably recover the magic power by itself over time so it is not necessary for a mage to refill it with magic power.

    It is also possible to implement this on the magic gun, however the recovery speed is very slow. At best, you only have five free shots per day.

    “Hahaha…! You really do have good insight lass! You should really consider… Ouch!” Sheena kicked Sebastian before he could finish his sentence, and glared at him like a snake.

    “Alright, alright! I get it already, hahaha.” Sebastian just laughed it off and continued, “Well, even if you know the principle, not everyone can do it.”

    “Why is that?” I tilted my head. He kept asking me to become his disciple, and now he says not everyone can do it? I’m not sure if he’s serious or just playing around…

    “You need to be able to use magic, Transmutation magic at that! Otherwise you won’t be able to fuse the magic stone with the other material.” Sebastian claimed.

    “Oh… I see… makes perfect sense…” I assented.

    “Well, we’re here. Take your time, lass. I will be going back to tend the store.” After arriving at the empty spot in the field, Sebastian bid us farewell and went back into the store.

    “Yes… thank you very much Uncle Sebastian.” We all thanked Sebastian as he walks off, leaving us at an open field.

    “Alright, now let us begin shall we?” Sheena was very excited to start.

    “YESS!!” I am very excited too, and shouted with enthusiasm.

    “So let’s start by testing your aptitude for magic.” Seeing how excited I am, Sheena displayed a bright smile.

    “Uh… so how do we test my aptitude for magic?” Before we even started, I was already stuck at a roadblock.

    “It’s simple, I’ll explain.” Albert stepped forward and pulled out a wooden wand from his cloak, and then he hand it over to me.

    “Just hold on to that wooden wand, and chant the incantation for the most basics of the elemental magic. The wooden wand will automatically absorb your magic power, and turn it into a spell. Then you just need to lock on to your target and fire it.” Albert explained in details.

    “Oh… so I just need to chant an incantation huh… that sounds simple enough…” I nodded after I heard Albert’s explanation. However, I still feel a bit confused. Don’t you normally test for magic aptitute with a magic crystal or something of the sort?

    “We will do this four times. One for each basic type of elemental spell. Do not worry if you failed. That just means you do not have the aptitude for that element. Most mage only have aptitude for one or two elements, and needless to say, the commoners who can’t use magic do not have a single aptitude for any of the four elements. So don’t feel too bad if you fail.” Sheena explained in further detail.

    “Then let’s start with wind magic first, select that dummy over there as your target.” Albert say that as he pointed towards the target dummy with his index finger.

    “Then follow after me as I chant the words for the incantation.” Sheena advised me to chant after her.

    “Alright! Please begin.” After the preparations are done, I prompted Sheena to begin.

    Sheena begins to mumble the incantation for the spell, and I closed my eye to focus on her every words intently.

    “O’ Spirits of Wind…… Grant me your blessing……  and bestow power upon me…… to eradicate the opponent before me…… WIND CUTTER!!” I opened my eyes and shouted the name of the spell excitedly while pointing the wooden wand towards the direction of the target dummy.

    Upon firing the spell, the runes on both of my hand glows brightly, “Wh-What’s happening?!”

    After a while, the light finally dissipated and I felt my body become somewhat heavier, I slumped onto the ground… I feel so empty inside, and my head feels slightly dizzy, I guess this is how it feels when a mage runs out of mana huh?

    “Wh… What was that?! Are you ok?” Sheena ran over to my side, worried.

    “I’m fine… I just feel like my body become much heavier is all…” I tried to ease Sheena with my words.

    “Impossible……! For a single elemental spell to consume that much Magic Power is unheard of.” Albert turned over to look at the dummy and continue, “Besides… the power of the spell seems to be normal too. Just what…”

    I stopped him and explained, “I think I know what happened… just then, when the runes on both my hands started to glow. I can feel the elemental essence of the wind flowing into my body and formed into a single spell… Well, it’s hard to explain but I think the runes have registered the spell into my body system or something like that?”

    “What for…?” Both Sheena and Albert tilted their head and ask.

    “I don’t know either…… maybe we’ll find out if I try to cast Wind Cutter one more time.” I don’t know the answer either, and suggested to cast the spell again to find out more.

    “Can you do it? With your remaining Magic Power…” Sheena asked worriedly.

    “The consumption of a single Wind Cutter is not that bad, I think I should still be able to cast it at least ten more times before completely running out.” I tried to convince Sheena.

    “Alright… just be careful not to use up your remaining Magic Power. I wouldn’t want to carry you all the way back to the academy after all.” Sheena warned me to be careful.

    “I will… thank you, Mas… I mean Sheena!” Sheena glared at me when I try to call her Master, so I immediately changed my way to address her.

    I stood up on my own two feet, and started preparing to cast the spell again. Just before I start chanting the incantation, the image of Wind Cutter spell appeared in my mind, and magic power already started to flow towards my hand and then to the wand.

    “Eh? What happened? I haven’t even started chanting……” I was confused but well… whatever, I’ll just shout the name of the spell, “Wind Cutter!”

    I cast the Wind Cutter spell, and hit the target dummy just like that. I turned over to look at Sheena and Albert, and I saw them gaped at me.

    [Eh? What happened? Did I just do something amazing?] I thought to myself as I look at their dumbfounded expression.

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    When Sheena and Albert recovered from their shock.

    “In…… Instacast!!” Sheena and Albert shouted at the same time.

    “Wh-Wha…? Why did you shout so loudly? Did I do something wrong?” I was covering my ears with both of my hands for a while. Since the both of them shouted so loud, I feel like my ears are still ringing.

    “You… that was… that was AMAZING!! I’ve never seen anyone casted magic without chanting before! This is just amazing!!” Sheena was holding both of my hand and jumping up and down excitedly while praising me.

    “Indeed… I’ve only heard rumors, the only other person able to instacast in the entire continent of Halkeginia other than you is the Vampire Queen, Evangeline A.K. McDowell.” Albert explained calmly.

    Hm… he’s quite composed despite how he was utterly shocked out of his mind earlier. As expected of a Crown Prince, he’s able to adapt to any situation quickly and analyses things in a composed manner.

    But wait… Did he say Evangeline A.K. McDowell? Isn’t that the name of the immortal vampiress from Mahou Sensei Negima? Just what is this? First I found myself in the world of Halkeginia, now even the name of the Vampiress pops up.

    Am I really dead after all, and this is just a dream in the after world based on my imagination?

    ……Oh well, who cares? Let’s stop thinking about difficult stuff and just enjoy the moment while it last.

    But I’m still curious after all, “Um… Sheena, this Evangeline… isn’t she…”

    “Your guess is probably right, she’s probably the same character as the one from the manga you once read.” Sheena confirmed my suspicion.

    “Oh… so you read that manga too?” I was surprised that Sheena know about it. After all, not many girls read that manga due to the excessive fan service. But it is a good manga despite all the fan service.

    “Sigh… My dad liked that manga, and forced me to read it ever since he learnt about the existence of Evangeline A.K. McDowell in this world. He suspect they might be the same person.” Sheena explained wearily.

    “Oh… Did you learn anything about her?” I asked.

    “Only that… she is an immortal vampire, and a very powerful mage. There’s probably only a handful of people who can fight with her on an equal footing. Even though she’s a mage, she’s good in close combat too. She’s just too powerful. And what’s more, she can even instacast now, she’s basically a cheat character!!” Sheena complained while grinding her teeth.

    Wow, that’s the first time I see her like this. Maybe it would be wise if I never mentioned that name ever again, but what she said next surprised me.

    “But, with this!” Sheena grabbed my hand again and continue, “With this! We can finally see a glimmer of hope! Magic are powerful, but they require time to prepare. If we have you on our side, we can finally win against her!”

    “Wha… WHY?! Why do we need to fight against her? Did she do something wrong?!” I was surprised indeed.

    “No… she haven’t done anything yet……” Sheena gripped my hands tightly.

    “What do you mean…?” I was confused, if she haven’t done anything, then why do we need to fight her?

    “Rumor has it that some people saw her using magic stone to summon the magic beast. People suspect that she might be the one who created the dungeons a few decades ago, and summoned the magical beast to keep people from entering the deepest part of the dungeon. She might be the mastermind behind all of these mystery.” Sheena conjectured.

    “She’s the creator of the dungeon? But why?” I don’t understand the intention of this Vampire Queen, for what reason did she summon the dungeon? But the real question is, was she really the one who summoned the dungeons?

    “I don’t know either… my father told me he met up with her once, but she wouldn’t say anything more unless he can hit her at least once. My father was pushed back easily, so he gathered a group of people to explore the first dungeon instead.”

    Sheena loosened her grip, and heaved a sigh before she continued, “They managed to make it to the deepest part of the dungeon but… only a handful of people were able to survive in the end… My father wouldn’t tell me what happened in the depths of the dungeon, and told me to never approach it.”

    “What?! The group that supposedly saved the world from a certain calamity! Wiped out just like that?” I shivers upon thinking about it, just how dreadful the dungeon is.

    Sheena let go of my hand and clenched her fist, then she look into my eyes with a strong gaze, “That’s why! That’s why we will defeat Evangeline A.K. McDowell, make my father acknowledge me, and find out the truth from her personally!”

    Sheena then stretches her right hand towards me and say, “Please lend me your strength!”

    I hesitated for a moment and thought it might be impossible, I mean… she’s probably more than 700 years old and she’s an immortal, with our experiences and short lifespan, we might not even be able to beat her in our lifetime.

    But I remember a famous quote once say, if you say it’s impossible, then it will really be impossible. The words you say will bound you and put a limitation on yourself. That’s why you should always believe in yourself and never give up before even trying.

    There’s also another famous quote that says miracle is but another name for “hard work”. That’s why I need to work hard!

    With renewed resolves, I take hold of her hand and shake on it, “I will work hard to exceed your expectation!”

    “Um… I’m happy you girls are having a fun chat…… but should we continue the testing session?” Albert cuts in unhappily.

    He’s holding two guns on his hands, I guess he went and borrowed it when we were happily chatting away?

    “Here, these guns are for you. You said you wanted dual gun style right? These are just normal guns with rubber bullets.” Albert said so and passed the guns to me.

    “Thank you Albe…… I mean Alby. Pfft…!” I almost laughed again when I called him Alby.I hurriedly cover my mouth with my right hand.

    Alby… I mean Albert glared daggers at me and continued, “Are you really sure you want to use magic gun? With your instacast, all the advantages of a magic gun is nullified. There are no merits.”

    “That’s right… it’s true the magic bullet are indeed faster than magic and have more penetrative power but they are single target weapon. Unlike magic where you can hit multiple opponent at once, you can only hit one opponent at a time with the magic gun.” Sheena supplemented.

    “That’s not true… you say the speed and penetrative power is higher right? When fighting stronger opponent, speed and power is everything. If you cannot hit or injure your opponent, then it’s pointless. Now I’m not sure much about magic, but even with instacast, I still need a good amount of concentration. Let’s say if I want to cast a water ball with increased penetrative power and speed, I need some time to adjust it. But with a magic gun, I can just cast a simple water ball, and it will increase the penetrative power and speed for me. It’s killing two birds with one stone!”

    Sheena and Albert were both speechless when I keep on yapping about this and that. Then Sheena started, ” Uh… you sure know a lot… do you have experience with this? You sound like an expert.”

    I scratches my cheeks awkwardly and say, “Uh… hahaha… no not really… I just read a lot of fantasy novels… and played fantasy games……”

    “Sigh…… Well, if you insist on having a gun, I won’t stop you. Go ahead and try it first before deciding. We need to test your dexterity first. Let’s start with one gun for now, do not be greedy, I will hold on to the other gun.” Sheena snatched the other gun from my hand while saying so.

    And finally… we’re going to see test my dexterity. If I am able to shoot the target, I get a gun… or two, depending on my result.

    If my dexterity is bad, we get one gun but it will only be used as a secondary weapon, then my main weapon will definitely be a staff or wand.

    If my dexterity is extremely good, I will get two magic guns as my main weapons.

    “Well here goes nothing……” I readied myself to start the test at any moment.

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    “Eh…? I missed.” I say that with a disappointed expression.

    Well, of course the world isn’t such a nice place where you can be perfect in everything on the first try… I need to work hard…

    “Well… the result was…… worst than I thought.” Seeing that I didn’t even hit the target dummy, Sheena heaved a sigh.

    “Wait… just wait a second, let me have another try! Please?” I begged Sheena to let me have another shot. She seems unconvinced.

    “I feel like I can get it right if I just try a few more times. It feels like the time when I was riding the horse.” When I was learning horse riding from Sheena, I was very bad at it. However, I get used to it very soon. I get a similar feeling when I was holding the gun.

    Sheena seems convinced since she saw how bad I was at horseback riding for the first few minutes, “Alright, try as many times as you want. We have plenty of rubber bullets here anyway. You know how to reload the gun right?”

    I scratches my head awkwardly, “Um… well…… actually I…… have never really held a real gun before…… Hehehe.”

    “Sigh… Albert.” Sheena gestured Albert to come over and teach me how to reload a gun.

    After learning the basics, I got into the proper position, took my aim, and start firing the gun.

    With each shot, I feel like my aim is getting sharper and sharper. Sheena was not too surprised to see my improvement in such a short period of time, but Albert on the other hand…… was amazed.

    “It’s amazing how she improved so quickly. Is this the innate ability of the elf? Their marksmanship is amazing indeed!”

    “That’s enough. Now try shooting with your non-dominant arm. After  you get used to it, we will raise the level.” Sheena stepped forward and prompt me to continue shooting with my other hand.

    The result was almost the same as with my dominant arm. At first, I missed the target but my aim gets sharper over time.


    “Sylvia!” Sheena called out to me.

    I turned over to look at her.

    “Catch.” She throw the other gun that she was holding earlier to me.

    I caught it frantically and shouted with discontent, “H-hey!! That’s dangerous! What if somebody got hurt?!”

    Sheena turned her head sideways, “Humph…”

    “Eh?? What did I do?” I was confused at Sheena’s fit of temper.

    Could she be jealous at how I can do something that she couldn’t so easily?

    I looked around and noticed Albert is not around so I asked, “Where’s Albert?”

    Sheena didn’t say a word and pointed behind me. I turned to look and saw Albert walking over from a distant with nine additional target dummy floating in the air.

    “Eh?” I was confused, I have no idea what is going on. Why are there so many target dummy?

    “Now let’s proceed with the final test. If you pass this test, then we will acknowledge your marksmanship, and get you two guns as promised. If you fail, we will still get you one gun but you won’t be using that as your main weapon.” Albert walked towards me and explained.

    “So… how are we going to test my marksmanship?” I asked interestingly.

    “Simple! Can you see the colors of the mark on the dummy?” Albert pointed to the dummy.

    “Hmm… yes… and?” I looked at one dummy after another as indicated.

    “I will control five of the dummy with red mark using levitation magic while avoiding you, your aim is to hit them with the rubber bullet.” Albert explained.

    “And I will control the other five with blue mark, obstructing you. But you cannot attack them. Once you do, you fail!” Sheena curved her lips upward, “Be careful~ I will occasionally ram into you, hehe.”

    “Oh… moving targets… just…… perfect…… and I have to avoid hitting those with blue marks too……” I am not so confident I can hit moving target yet, so I feel rather dispirited.

    Furthermore, with two guns occupying both my hand, trying to reload the gun will be difficult, unless I have super godly reflexes. Magic gun is another story since I can just use instacast to instantly reload the gun, but these guns are different, I have to reload them manually.

    Each gun can load up to ten bullets, that means I will have twenty shot with two guns. In other word, I can spare five bullets per dummy. I can do this, I have plenty of bullets to spare!  If I really can’t take down five targets with twenty bullets, I really have no rights to hold a gun.

    “Ok, let’s begin then!” Upon my signal, Sheena and Albert simultaneously used levitation magic to lift the target dummy to surround me.

    With the blue dummies blocking my view in the front, while the red dummies at the back are floating left and right, up and down.

    When I pointed a gun at the red dummy, the blue dummy came into view.

    Whoa!! How am I supposed to shoot the red dummy if the blue dummy keeps blocking me. Seems like I can’t stay in one place forever. I will have to get behind the blue dummy to aim properly.

    With that in mind, I started running towards one of the blue dummy.

    The blue dummy tried to ram into me, but I side stepped and narrowly dodged the blue dummy’s reckless charge.

    “Skid…!” With my left hand and knee on the ground, I immediately pointed my non-dominant right hand at the red dummy and pulled the trigger.


    “Score!! One down, four more to go!” I shouted in joy as my aim was right on the mark.

    “Tsk!! It’s not over yet!” Sheena suddenly commanded all five of the blue dummies to encircle me at high speed.

    “Damn!!” I cursed silently as I was trapped in the center of these five blue dummies.

    I saw a gap in between the blue dummy so I pointed my gun at one of the red dummy that is floating around aimlessly behind one of the gaps, and waited for the right moment.


    I pulled the trigger again, and with a “Bang!”, I hear the sweet “Ding!” sound which indicates I hit the target. Oh sweet! Another one down, three more to go!

    “Khhhhh!!” Sheena seems infuriated that I was able to hit my target in that situation. Then all of a sudden, three blue dummies charged toward me at high speed.

    Without any time to think, I jumped up into the air to avoid getting squashed by the three dummies. I jumped higher than I thought and avoided the dummies by a hair’s breadth. The dummies rammed into one another while I was still upside down in midair.

    I took a quick glance at my surrounding and saw two red dummies at the distant. I quickly spin around my body while still upside down in midair, and saw the third dummy at the opposite side.

    Without losing my momentum, I spread out both my arm and focused like I never have before, and then I pulled the trigger one time, two times, three times, while spinning around in midair.

    “Ding! Ding! Ding!”

    That signals the end of my marksmanship test! All five red dummies are down, and not a single blue dummy were shot! But I don’t have time to rejoice at the moment, because I’m losing altitute, and is about to fall to the ground head first!

    I tried to balance myself by doing a somersault, and turn my body into the upright position. Then my feet touched the ground first, and I am standing upright with my arms spread. A perfect landing!

    As if! I landed hard on my butt first!

    “Owowowowow! That hurts!” Tears are welling up in my eyes as I rubbed my sore butt.

    Although that took a while to explain, only a few seconds have passed in reality.

    Sheena and Albert stared at me wide eyed from the distant with their jaw dropped. I guess I couldn’t blame them. What I did just now even surprised myself. If I was the one watching from the sideline, I probably would have the same expression as them right now.

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    After a long period of silence…

    “J-Just what was that?!” Sheena broke the silence.

    “How did you do that just now?! How were you able to shoot so accurately while in the midair!! No! Before that! How did you even jump that high to begin with!” Sheena stormed me with one question after another while I was still on the ground. Sitting there with my knees together, with my body leaning against it.

    I looked at Sheena, and complained with teary eyes while rubbing sore butt, “Uuuu… That’s the first thing you ask? You could at least worry about me you know?”

    Just as I was saying that, Albert was already standing in front of me and offered a hand. I grabbed his hand without second thoughts, and he pulled me up from the ground.

    “Th-thank you……” I was surprised, Albert collected himself way too fast. Just a moment ago, he was standing beside Sheena with the same stupid expression as her, and a moment later, he was already in front of me as his usual self. Calm and composed.

    “That was most impressive Miss Sylvia. I am awed all over by your performance earlier! Splendid marksmanship, and a user of instacast to top it off! Indeed, the magic gun is an excellent weapon of choice!” Albert praised me over and over. It’s a little embarrassing to be praised so much, seriously.

    “Ah… ahahaha… thank you Albert…” I bashfully responded to Albert’s words of praise.

    Sheena cuts in between us, “Hey! Don’t ignore me, answer my questions!”

    “Uh… even if you ask me… I don’t know how to answer…… natural instinct maybe? Hahaha……” I laughed awkwardly and scratched my cheeks.

    “Sigh… Alright fine, let’s just go inform Uncle Sebastian that we are done with the test already, and choose an appropriate weapon for you. As promised we will get you two magic guns.” Sheena gave up the questioning and cursed silently, “Kh… Natural instinct huh? I hate those genius who achieved good results without even trying hard. I worked so hard to get to where I am today…”


    As we re-entered the store from the back door. Sebastian noticed us and started, “Hahaha! So the lass’ test is over now is it? How did it go?”

    “She passed with rainbow colors.” Sheena seems a little bit displeased.

    “Her marksmanship is most impressive, I’ve never seen a marksman with such impressive sharpshooting skill as her. Her magic aptitude is off the charts too. It is unfortunate that we can only test her aptitude for one element for now due to the high Magic Power consumption of a peculiar ability at work.”

    “Hoh… special ability is it? What is it?” Sebastian was interested in the special ability and asked.

    “Hmhmhm! Hear this and be impressed! My familiar is the second known user of instacast in the entire continent of Halkeginia.” Sheena’s face suddenly brightened up, and proclaimed to Uncle Sebastian proudly.

    “Hahahaha!! Instacast is it? That’s impressive! Impressive indeed!” Sebastian laughed out loud.

    “Muu!! I’m not joking you know?” Sheena pouted.

    “Haha! I know, I know! This is just perfect! Wait here for a moment!” Sebastian told us to wait, then he went to the innermost part of the store.

    After a while, he got back with two bow like gun on both of his hands.

    “Eh?” I was surprised. Why is that here? Where did he get it from? Those bow-gun look exactly like the one I saw in my vision.

    Sheena turned her head over to look at me, “Sylvia… is that?”

    I did the same and looked at Sheena, I didn’t say a word and just nodded slightly.

    “Oh? Have the lass here seen this weapon before?” Sebastian was surprised when he saw our expression.

    I turned my head back to look at Sebastian, then at the two bow-gun that he laid on the counter in front of us. After that, I told him, “Actually… I can’t really say I have seen them before, I just saw them in my vision. That’s all…”

    Sebastian had a very grim expression when I told him that, but he instantly changed his mood and said, “Hahaha!! Then this must be fate!! I found these weapon a little over ten years ago in the dungeon! For some reason, they come in a pair and won’t separate for more than a meter.”

    “You found these in a dungeon over ten years ago? Does that mean… during the first dungeon exploration with my father?” Sheena asked.

    Sebastian’s expression turned grim for a moment, then he immediately reverted back to the happy-go-lucky mood, and patted Sheena’s head, “Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. Let’s not talk about that for now.”

    “This weapon… I will give it to you as a gift, lass.” Sebastian pushed the pair of bow-gun towards me.

    “Eh?!?! But why……? How can I accept such a gift?! From what I heard, the dungeon is an extremely dangerous place. This weapon must be worth a lot!” I tried to refuse the offer since I would feel very bad about it, they sacrificed a lot during that first dungeon exploration from what I’ve heard, but Sebastian refuted.

    “Hahaha! Don’t worry about it, this weapon is totally worthless!”

    “Eh?!” I was dumbfounded, how could something excavated from the dungeon be worthless?

    “True, this is a legendary artifact. But no one can use it effectively, no one other than you that is!” Sebastian exclaimed.

    “What do you mean……?” Sheena, Albert and I looked at Sebastian with suspicion.

    “You see…” Sebastian explained to us how this bow-gun can only be fired once, since each time you refilled it with magic, only a single magic bullet in the form of an arrow was formed, so it cannot be used continuously.

    He also explained about how he used this bow-gun as a model to create the first prototype of the magic gun, and derived to what it is today.

    “I see… If that’s the case, then it’s true that this weapon is not optimal for a mage. The only reason why a mage opt for magic gun is because of the ability to shoot it continuously without the need to chant for a spell.” Albert consented.

    “I agree……  Furthermore, unlike magic, this bow-gun also do not have auto target assist like the rest of the magic gun, it is a single target weapon, and only have two shot at best since they come in a pair.” Sheena also agreed with Albert.

    “And that’s why I want you to have this, lass! This weapon no longer serves any purpose to me. I’m sure it would be happier to be used instead of sitting here to eat dust.” Sebastian tried to push the weapon to me.

    “……………” I was in deep thought for a while.

    “With your instacast and remarkable marksmanship, you can fire this dual bow-gun continuously! It’s the perfect weapon for you, lass! Hahaha!” Sebastian continued to convince me to accept it.

    “Alright… if you insist, I will accept your generosity. Thank you very much, Uncle Sebastian.” I bowed respectfully as I received the dual bow-gun.

    “Hahaha! Good! Good!! Now you just need to soul bind the weapon, and it will be yours!” Sebastian was very delighted when I accepted it.

    “Soul Bind?” I titled my head in confusion as I asked.

    “That’s right, all legendary artifact require you to bind your soul with it for them to recognize you as their true owner. You just need to drip your blood on top of the weapon and it will be bounded to your soul.” Sebastian explained.

    “Um… what happens if I did not bind my soul with the weapon?” I asked.

    “Then you won’t be able to wield it, probably.” Sebastian answered.

    “Wait… if you need to be soul bounded with the weapon in order to use it, then how do you know about the usage of this bow-gun?” Sheena thought it was strange, so she asked.

    “Does that mean…… this bow-gun previously have an owner who soul bounded with it?” I asked as if that was the most natural thing in the world.

    “Sigh…” Sebastian’s expression turns grim again, “That’s right…… this weapon does indeed have a previous owner. She might not be an instacast user but she is quite talented in magic herself as she is a shortened incantation user.”

    Judging from his expression, I have a feeling I shouldn’t press on this matter anymore. I already have a general idea of the fate of the previous user by now. Most likely she is already……

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    After a period of awkward silence.

    “I see…… my condolences.” Albert said consolingly.

    “Hahaha! What for?! It’s not like she’s dead. She’s just in a coma, that’s all!” Sebastian tried to lighten the mood.

    Wait… the legendary artifacts bound themselves with the soul of owner right? If that is the case, then doesn’t that mean the soul of the previous owner is already long gone? Can you really call that being alive?

    I wanted to retort but doing so would only make the mood heavier so I held back.

    “Haha! Now now, let’s not talk about that anymore. Let’s just drip a tiny drop of your blood on top of this dual bow-gun and it’s yours, lass.” Sebastian ended the topic with that and passed a needle to me.

    “Mm… alright.” I took a needle offered to me by Sebastian, and reluctantly poke the tip of finger with it.

    “Ouch!” The needle pierced my skin and a little bit of blood starts flowing out from the opening. I dripped the blood on top of the weapon, and they glowed dimly for a few seconds.

    “Shiiing! Shiiing!”

    “Huaaa… What is it? Morning already?” A voice rang out in my mind as soon as the weapon stopped glowing.

    “Hm? Did you say something?” I looked at Sheena as I asked, since she is the only girl here other than me.

    “No? Did you hear something?” Sheena answered while tilting her head.

    “No…… never mind, maybe I just misheard.” Seeing Sheena’s innocent face, I don’t think she was lying, so I just shrugged off as my imagination.

    “Well then! Now that we have your weapon and with plenty of Silver coins left, I guess we should get you some Mana Stone.” Since we didn’t spent a single penny on this weapon of mine, Sheena wanted to get me something else. She wanted to get me something with her own money to celebrate our life-time contract.

    “Mana Stone? What’s that?” Upon hearing the unfamiliar term, I turned my attention to Sheena and asked.

    “Mana Stone is basically a stone that can store mana to recover your Magic Power. Seeing how much Magic Power your special ability consumes upon activation. Having one or two Mana Stone wouldn’t hurt.” Albert explained in her stead.

    “Hahaha… if it’s Mana Stone you want. Then you are in luck! I have one Mana Stone with 10,000 capacity left. Normally it would go for one Gold coin but for you, I’ll sell it for ninety Silver coins!” Sebastian rummaged through his stock and grabbed the Mana Stone from under the counter.

    “So expensive!! Don’t you have one with lower capacity?” Upon hearing the catastrophic cost of the Mana Stone, Sheena couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

    “I’m sorry lil miss, these Mana Stone are high in demand. You would have to wait for another few months before the next stock of Mana Stones are available.” Sebastian felt helpless that there was nothing else he could do.

    I pulled Sheena’s sleeve lightly, and whispered softly in her ear, “Um… perhaps I don’t understand the value of money in this world, but just how expensive is this Mana Stone?”

    “Sigh… Alright, let me put it in a term that you can understand. Let’s say one Bronze coin in Halkeginia equals to 10 USD on Earth. How much do you think a single Silver coin is?” Sheena heaved a sigh and used the money that I am familiar with as an analogy.

    “Um… let’s see…… if one Bronze coin equals 10 USD, then ten Bronze coins is 100 USD…… one Silver coin is equal to one hundred Bronze coins, so that means… 1,000 USD?! SO EXPENSIVE!!” I shouted in the end after finalizing my calculation.

    I mean, I can’t help it right? Ninety Silver coins are equivalent to 90,000 USD!! Even in my previous life, I don’t even have more than two-tenth of that amount! It’s way too expensive!!

    “Uh… um… Sh-Sheena…… umm… you know… you don’t have to force yourself to buy that for me you know?? I mean… it’s too expensive! Even if you get it for me, I would feel WAY too insecure to carry something THAT expensive on me…” I try to convince Sheena not to buy it.

    “Before we decide…… can we borrow that and let Sylvia recover some her Magic Power first, Uncle Sebastian? If we encounter some monsters or rogue on the way back, with her Magic Power as low as it is now, she will only drag us down.” Sheena requested Sebastian to let us borrow the Mana Stone for a while.

    “Hahaha sure, go ahead and take as much mana as you want!” Sebastian handed the Mana Stone over to me.

    “Eh? Won’t the value of this Mana Stone decrease if I drain the mana out of it?” I was reluctant to do it. Since I am basically draining one Bronze coin for each unit of Magic Power!

    “Hahaha! Don’t worry about it lass, these Mana Stone have a function to draw mana from the surrounding like the Magic Staff, they can collect the mana and store it within them over time.” Sebastian explained briefly regarding how the Mana Stone works.

    “Oh… is that how it work?” I was truly amazed, this is truly a fantasy world, there are so many interesting things that cannot be explained with logic here!

    While I was still mesmerizing at the wondrous world before me, Albert said, “Yeah, the Mana Stone usually fully recovered after ten hours.”

    “Phew… then don’t mind if I take some mana out from the stone.” I grabbed the stone and then stared at it. After one awkward minute of staring at the stone…

    I asked, “Uh… So how do I recover my Magic Power?”

    “Pfft-ahahahahahaha!” Sheena, Albert and Sebastian broke out in laughter.

    Eh? Did I say something funny? They probably knew that I do not know anything, and kept their silence to watch my reaction. How mean!

    “Hahahahaha! Oh lass! It’s quite simple, really! You just have to put that stone in front of your lips and suck the mana out of it!” Sebastian is the first to snap out of the laughter and explained.

    I did as he told and kissed the stone. A moment later, I can feel a surge of mana flowing into my body, rapidly recovering my Magic Power.

    “Wow, I feel so refreshed!” After feeling the supply of mana is no longer flowing into my body, I pulled the stone away from my lips.

    Sheena, Albert and Sebastian all stared at the Mana Stone wide eyed.

    Hm…… why are they so shocked? Did I break the stone? I turned my sight to the stone nervously and let out a sigh of relieve, there doesn’t seem to be a crack on the stone.

    But it is too soon to feel relieved… about one-tenth on the surface of the Magic Stone seems to have turned grayish. I wonder why… did I break it after all?

    I lifted the stone in front of my face, holding it up with my palm. I looked at the grayish part of the stone and asked, “Um… this is……?”

    Sheena put her right hand on top of her head and shake it twice, “I don’t believe it…”

    “To think it would consume that much Magic Power…… I guess this is what you call mighty power comes with great cost……” Albert was also shaking his head while he let out a sigh.

    “Uncle Sebastian, we will buy this Mana Stone after all…” After looking at the stone, Sheena finally give in and decided to buy the Mana Stone.

    “Ehhhhh?! Why? Did I break it after all?” I panicked.

    “No…… but your innate Magic Power and the consumption rate of your skill is too high. A normal Mana Stone would be consumed immediately.” Sheena denied the claim and explained.

    “That’s right, normally, a basic elemental spell usually only consume around 10 unit of Magic Power, and a beginner mage usually have an average of 200 unit of Magic Power in total.” Albert supplemented.

    Then Sebastian continued, “From the looks of it, around one-tenth of the mana has been consumed within the Mana Stone. That means around 1,000 unit of Magic Power has been drained by that special ability of yours in a one go. You get what I’m implying here?”

    So… that means I have at least around five times more Magic Power capacity compared to your average beginner mage, but since my special ability consumes too much Magic Power to register itself for instacast, I had no choice but to rely on the Mana Stone.

    “I see…… that is bad indeed. That means I won’t be able to register high level spell for instacast.” I lamented at the thought of it.

    While I was lamenting at my inability to instacast high level spell, Sheena shouted, “That’s why we need this Mana Stone all the more!”

    “Why? Does it have some other function other than recovering the Magic Power?” I was surprised when Sheena suddenly said that. I know that I need the Mana Stone now, but how does that help me in regards to register high level spell for instacast?

    “Hahaha! This lass truly have good insight, she caught on frightening fast!” Sebastian was delighted at my keen intuition.

    “Oh… so it does indeed have other function. What is it? Tell me already!” I looked at Sebastian with gleaming eyes. My arms are in a “v-shape” in front of my breasts, and my fists are clutched tightly.

    “Hahaha, you guys explain to her. I’ll do some modification with this Mana Stone.” Sebastian pushed Sheena and Albert to do the explanation while he moved into the workshop at the back.

    “Oh, does that mean the other function cannot be used with the Mana Stone just as it is?” As I thought of that, I turn my head over to Sheena and Albert looking for an explanation.

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    I looked at Sheena and Albert expectantly. Waiting for them to explain the secondary function of the Mana Stone.

    “Fu… Alright. Listen well, cause I’ll only say it once!” Sheena let out a mouthful of breath, and start to explain, “The original purpose of the Mana Stone is to recover the user’s Magic Power using the mana it collected from the surrounding.”

    Albert continued from where Sheena left off, “But, the Mana Stone can also act as a secondary mana tank for the user!”

    “A secondary mana tank?” I tilted my head while poking my right cheek with the index finger.

    “That’s right. Instead of drawing the mana from the stone to recover your Magic Power, you can directly draw the mana from the stone to cast the spell.” Sheena answered me while crossing her arms below her breasts.

    “I see… that would be helpful indeed. So how does one draw the mana directly from the stone to cast the spell? Is it related to why the stone needs to me modified?” After understanding the secondary function of the Mana Stone, another question comes to my mind.

    “That is correct. Normally, one cannot draw the mana directly from the stone while casting a spell. That is only possible if the Mana Stone is embedded into a special alloy.” Albert explained.

    “Mhm… they are normally attached to the tips of a wand or staff. But there are some that are attached to jewelries, such as a ring or a bracelet.” Sheena nodded and continued the explanation.

    Shortly after Sheena and Albert finish explaining the secondary function of the Mana Stone to me, Sheena started, “Well, how about we go test your affinity for other elemental spells while waiting for Uncle Sebastian? You just fully recovered your Magic Power after all.”

    “Sure! Better than doing nothing here while waiting! Let’s go!” I was the first to run to the back door of the store.

    We weren’t able to finish testing my affinity with fire, earth and water element earlier because we were worried that I might run out of Magic Power due to my special ability, but later we found out that as long as I don’t have enough Magic Power, the ability won’t be activated and the spell will not be registered. But that’s another story in the future.

    Sheena asked me when we reached the empty field at the back of the store, “So, which elemental magic do you wish to test first?”

    I replied enthusiastically, “Fire magic please!!”

    “Fire? Why?” Albert asked.

    “Fire magic is compatible with wind magic right? If I fused fire and wind magic together, I can create an even stronger fire!” I answered.

    “I see… you do have a point, but I think it is still too early for you to think about fusion magic!” Sheena rebuked.

    Albert on the other hand seems pleased, since he is also a practitioner of fire and wind magic.

    “Huhuhu, if it’s fire magic. I can teach you! Here, take this wand and chant after me!” Albert passed over the beginner wand to me enthusiatically.

    I took a hold of the wand and saluted, “Yes, Master!”

    Mumble, mumble

    I started to chant the incantation after Albert and shouted the name of the spell.


    And as expected, after I successfully cast a fireball, I started to feel slightly dizzy as my Magic Power is being consumed at high speed by the special ability. I was able to instacast fireball later.

    “Huff… huff…” I breathed heavily after the spell has been registered.

    “Are you okay?” Sheena was genuinely worried about me.

    “Yea… no problem, just a little dizzy…… Man, just learning to instacast a basic elementary spell is already taking such a huge toll on me, I can’t even begin to imagine just how much Magic Power will the higher level spell consume.” As higher level spells are more complex and powerful, it will inevitably consume more time and Magic Power, I shudder at the thought of it.

    “Hehe, I guess you just got to work hard to increase your Magic Power capacity. You have no other choice, you can’t rely on the Mana Stone forever.” Sheena giggled charmingly.

    “That’s true… but how do I increase my Magic Power capacity?” I faced Sheena and asked.

    “Well… that’s easy, you just got to keep using your magic until you run out of Magic Power…… Since your ability consumes so much Magic Power, I guess your Magic Power capacity will increase much faster than an ordinary mage…” Sheena answered honestly, but then she felt a little depressed in the end, after recalling all the harsh training she went through to increase her Magic Power.

    “I see… that sounds easy indeed…” I grabbed my chin and was in deep thought for a while.

    “Sigh… You sure have it easy……” Sheena pouted.

    “Well… anyway~ Can we proceed to test my affinity for earth and water?” Seeing Sheena like this, I quickly diverted the topic.

    “What’s the rush. Sebastian hasn’t even finished embedding the Mana Stone, and your Magic Power is really low right now.” Albert tried to stop me but I refuted, “I want to find out whether my ability will activate or not when I do not have enough Magic Power to register a new spell.”

    “No! I won’t allow it! It’s too reckless! It’s one thing to run out of Magic Power and faint. But it’s another story when you go over your Magic Power capacity, you will damage your dantian, and lose the ability to use magic. At worst, you can even lose your life!” Sheena got angry and shouted at me.

    Lose my life? Seriously? I guess I shouldn’t try this unless I’m in a life and dead situation. That means I will be stuck with basics elementary spell for a while until I get enough Magic Power to register the intermediate and advanced level spell.

    I stayed silent for a while and apologized to Sheena for being so thoughtless. With that, we went back inside the store.

    We waited for a while and finally saw Sebastian come back from the workshop, carrying a pair golden earring on his left hand.

    Sebastian approaches us and showed us the golden earring. It looks like of like a golden teardrop with a hint of blue stone embedded in the center of it. I guess that’s the Mana Stone.

    “What do you think?” Sebastian looked at Sheena, then at me.

    “It looks… beautiful…” Sheena was flabbergasted at the aesthetic of the earring.

    “It looks beautiful indeed but I don’t think I can wear it? I don’t have ear-piercing…” I grabbed the lobe of my ears to feel for any piercing hole.

    “Hahaha, don’t worry lass. You don’t need to pierce a hole in the lobes of your ears to wear these earring. These are non pierced earrings.” Sebastian laughed out loud.

    “Oh… that’s great, because I am not about to go pierce my ears. NOT ever!” It’s definitely not because I’m scared of pain alright? Defintely…

    Sebastian handed the Teardrop Earring to me, and I put them on immediately. After I equip the earrings, I can feel a surge of power flowing into me. I guess aside from the mana tank function, it also increases my magic attack?

    “This is…” I turned over to look at Sebastian.

    “Hahaha! So you noticed it, lass?” Sebastian was feeling rather proud with these pair of earrings.

    “I feel a surge of power flowing into me when I put on the earring. Aside from my Magic Power capacity, it feels like my magic attack also increased.” I explained the weird but pleasant sentation I felt after wearing the earring to the others.

    Sebastian boasted happily, “Hahaha! Indeed, I have enchanted these earring to increase the magic attack of the user.”

    Sheena frowned, “Uncle Sebastian! You are being too lenient. You are already selling the Mana Stone to us for ten Silver coins less, how can we ask you for more?”

    “Hahaha, don’t worry. I know your personality. That’s why I’m not giving this for free. I will charge you five Silver coins for these earrings! How about it? Hahaha! Surely you have enough right?” Sebastian know Sheena’s temper very well so he didn’t try to push it.

    “Hmph, that sounds fair enough.” Sheena crossed her arms under her twin peaks, and turned her face to the other side.

    Wow… Five Silver coins for this earring. That’s equivalent to 5,000 USD! It’s quite a luxury item. With the Mana Stone embedded in it, the total value of this earring is a whooping 95,000 USD! I feel anxious just to have this around.

    I have to get stronger, and quick! So that I can overcome my anxiety.

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    After Sheena gave the Silver coins to Sebastian, we said our thanks and left the store.

    On the way I asked anxiously, “So… how much money do we have left?”

    “Let’s see… we have spent fifteen Copper coins to lodge in the inn last night and six Copper coins for dinner and breakfast. The Teardrop Earrings and Mana Stone cost us ninety-five Silver coins. With that, we only have four Silver coins and seventy-nine Copper coins remaining.” Sheena looked into her purse and sighed.

    I feel kind of guilty since more than 90% of the money were spent on the Mana Stone and Teardrop Earrings for me, “I’m sorry…… because of me you have to spend so much money.”

    “Well, there’s nothing to it. You just have to work hard to pay back the debt.” Then Sheena revealed a mischievous smile, and looked at the rune on the back of my hands, “It’s not like you have anywhere to run anyway, since we are bounded till death do us part.”

    “Gulp…” I swallowed my saliva, and laughed awkwardly, “Hahaha… That’s… true…” With these kind of debt, it will probably take around a few hundred years to repay. And since I am an elf, I can probably live for a few centuries. I will have to spend the next few hundred years of my life repaying my debt. I shuddered at the thought of it.

    Suddenly, we can hear a scream coming from the distant, “Kyaaa!! A monster!”

    “A monster? In the middle of the dungeon town filled with various powerful Adventurers?” Sheena and Albert looked at each other disbelievingly.

    Then they suddenly rushed toward the place where the scream comes from to see what kind of monster would be stupid enough to attack this town.

    When we arrived at the scene, there was utter chaos. We couldn’t believe what we just saw.  There were plenty of human corpses lying of the floor with blood gushing out everywhere, dying the brick floor red. And there was only one monster is the midst of the corpses, just one!

    The monster’s face looks like that of a fierce dog and is walking on all fours. It has two long curvy horns protruding from the back of  its head, with one horn smaller and straight horn protruding from its forehead. At the tips of the small horn, it was emitting some sort of purplish flame. There were spikes growing out from its shoulder and its arm is as thick as a tree trunk. This monster looks ridiculously strong and fierce.

    The monster was surround by a group of Adventurers, but no one dared to approach seeing how the other three had been killed almost instantly.

    The monster pay them no mind and glanced at the surrounding.

    By this time, Sheena and Albert finally recovered from their shock and shouted softly as to not aggravate the monster, “That’s the Abyss Beast!! What is it doing here?! We have to get out of here quick!”

    Sheena pulled me and started running. Albert followed immediately and the three of us were running away from the scene as fast as we can.

    While we were running, I asked, “What is that monster?!”

    Albert answered, “It is called the Abyss Beast. It’s usually found in the deepest part of the Swinford dungeon and is classified as an SS-ranked monster. With our current ability, we are only asking for death if we stayed there. It’s better to just leave this to the Adventurer Guild.”

    I nodded, “Yeah!! I wouldn’t want to get involved with that monstrosity either way! But!! WHY IS IT CHASING AFTER USSSS!!”

    Sheena and Albert both looked back and saw the monster chasing after us, then they screamed and increased their pace.

    “Eeeek!! Why is it chasing us!” Sheena was on the verge of tears.

    “Waaaaaa!! Damn it!! It will eventually catch up to us at this rate! Let’s split up and divert its attention!” Albert was just as surprised, however he was able to evaluate the situation properly and come up with the best course of action.

    Yup, right now. We are being chased by the Abyss Beast! As soon as we turned tail and run, it seems to have noticed and start chasing after us! Such bad luck!!

    But as expected of Albert, even in such a situation, he came up with a plan to increase our rate of survival.

    “Agreed!!” Both Sheena and I consented and the three of us split up in the next junction up ahead. Sheena went to the left, Albert went to the right and I went straight ahead.

    Obviously, the monster chased after me.

    “Eeeeeeek!! Why me?!” I raised a futile protest.

    I glanced at my surrounding quickly. I saw Sheena and Albert both running at the side of the alley in the same direction as I while chanting some high level spells.

    But I can’t wait for them to finish the spell! The monster is closing in on me as we speak, I have to at least delay the monster’s speed!

    Without further ado, I jumped into the air with all my strength. While in midair, I pulled the dual bow-gun that is attached on my belt, turned around and raised both my arms to aim the gun at the monster.

    I charged the gun on my left with fire magic while the one on my right with wind magic.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    I fired two rounds of fire magic and one round of wind magic. The magic arrows collided slightly in front of the monster and “Boom!” the collision of the wind and fire magic caused an explosion!

    Yes!! That ought to slow it down a bit. While I was rejoicing, the monster suddenly burst forth from the explosion and from the tip of its horn, the purplish flame suddenly shot towards me.

    “Waa… waaa!” I was still in the midair so my movement is limited. Unable to do anything else, I just bend my body backwards in attempt to avoid that purplish flame. I avoided it by a hair’s breadth and fell on the ground.

    “Miss Sylvia!!”

    Sheena and Albert shouted frantically.

    That is because the monster is already right in front of me, with its paw high up in the sky, ready to turn me into mincemeat any second now!

    When the paw is about to drop, I closed my eye, crossed my arm in front of me to defend and shouted in a panic, “Waaa!!”

    But after several seconds later, the impact that I was waiting for still haven’t hit me.

    I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I noticed is that the rune on my left hand glowed brightly, and that my surrounding was covered by a yellow light. Everything touched by the yellow light seems to be slowed considerably. Only I, who was not affected by the yellow light, was able to move without much restriction in this field of yellow light.

    “What just happened?” I was dumbfounded at the scene right before me, but the paw was still slowly but surely approaching me.

    “Don’t just sit there dumbfounded, move from that location now if you don’t want to die!” A voice suddenly rang out in my mind.

    Without any time to think about where that voice come from, I quickly rolled to the left. At the same time, the glow on my left hand faded, the yellow light that was surrounding us faded as well.

    The paw seems to have regained its previous velocity, and slammed hard on the ground right beside my head.

    “Crack! Crack!”

    The cement ground beside me cracked, and a big hole is left on the spot.

    Wow if I hadn’t moved in time just now, my head would be smashed like a watermelon……

    But I have no time to think about that right now, my number one priority right now is to get out of here!

    The monster opened its jaw and saliva dripped on my face.

    “Gulp!” This situation is hopeless. I am so dead.

    “Boom! Boom!” Two flashes of red and green light suddenly hit the face of the monster, those are intermediate fire and wind spell casted by Albert and Sheena respectively.

    The monster doesn’t seem to be hurt badly, but it successfully distracted the monster as it is now approaching Sheena and Albert at high speed.

    Me, still lying on the ground with my back, turned around to look at Sheena and Albert.

    “Sheena!! Albert!! RUN!!” I can do nothing other than stretching my hand towards them and shouting frantically.

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    The monster rushed toward Albert and Sheena at lightning speed while bellowing in rage, “Rooooar!”

    Sheena and Albert quickly grabbed their magic gun, and started firing rounds after rounds of magic bullet at the monster.

    Albert’s aim was not bad. At least it hits the monster, but Sheena on the other hand…… missed one after another. One of many magic bullets fired by Sheena even grazed my cheek.

    Yikes!! Just a few more centimeter and it’s gonna be a head-shot! But thanks to that, I finally regained a little bit of my composure.

    I frantically grabbed the dual bow-gun at my side, and started to rain down a cluster of magic arrows at the monster’s back.

    “Clang! Clang! Clang!”

    But the magic bullets and arrows that hit the monster are deflected by its tough fur, as if the bullets and arrows were made out of butter. It doesn’t have any effect on the monster at all!!

    The monster continued its wild charge toward Sheena and Albert without minding the torrent of magic bullets and arrows at all.

    “Khhhhh this is so frustrating!! My attacks are doing nothing to the monster at all.” I bit my lower lip in frustration.

    The monster got closer and closer to Sheena, then it immediately lunged towards Sheena with its jaw wide open.

    “Kyaaaaaa!!” Sheena screamed as she fall toward the ground with her buttocks. She pointed the magic gun toward the monster’s mouth while sitting on the ground with her knees together. She pulled the trigger.

    “Clack! Clack!”

    Due to her reckless shooting earlier, the gun already ran out of bullets.

    “SHEENAAAAA!” As I shouted, the rune on my right hand shined brightly. Then all of a sudden, my sight was stolen. I could see nothing but pitch black darkness.

    The moment I regained my sight, I saw Sheena in front of me.

    “Eh?” Both Sheena and I were confused. Just what in the world happened?

    When I turned around to look, I saw a black hole in the midair that is gradually shrinking, and then it disappeared as if it never existed.

    In the next instant, the monster got out from another black hole located in my previous location, and chomped the empty air . The black hole behind the monster immediately disappeared after the monster came out from it.

    The monster was also confused and looked left and right twice. When it finally noticed us, it immediately started charging towards us once again.

    The rune on my right hand is still glowing and I can feel a strange power flowing out of the rune.

    Immediately, I pointed the bow-gun on my right hand at the monster and pulled the trigger.


    An ear-piercing sound emitted from the magic arrow. It sounded as if space itself is being ripped apart. Wherever the magic arrow passed, cracks in space appeared but quickly repaired itself.

    The monster, upon sensing the danger this magic arrow possessed, immediately tried to dodge to the right.

    Unfortunately, the speed of the magic arrow is simply too fast so it couldn’t completely avoid the magic arrow. The magic arrow easily pierced through the tough fur of the monster, into its flesh and ripped one of its front leg off.

    The monster, having lost one of its front leg, howled in agony as it lose its balance and fall to the ground face first. I was aiming for the face, but it hit the left front leg instead. It dodged a critical hit in almost an instant, this monster’s reaction speed is out of this world! No wonder it is classified as SS-ranked monster.

    The monster got up with its three remaining legs and stared at us angrily. It howled and the purplish flame on the tip of its horn suddenly intensify. It seems like the monster is going to use its ultimate attack now!

    This is bad! What are we going to do? If we stay here, we are dead for sure, and I don’t think I can pull off any more miracle than this. I don’t even know how I pulled off those weird skills earlier, it happened all too fast and I don’t have the time to reflect upon it.

    “We should get out of…”

    “That’s far enough!” Before I could even finish saying the word, someone appeared from the side of the alley and shouted. He was waving his staff around and thick clouds started to gather in the sky.

    All of a sudden, a flash of lightning escaped from the cloud and strike down on the monster!


    A thunderous roar filled the air as the lightning strike the ground. Soon after, more human figures appeared from all direction, surrounding the monster and us.

    Wow… that’s one powerful spell. Is that guy a wannabe mage or a real mage? From the way he was waving his staff around, I’d say he’s a wannabe mage, but to be able to use such a powerful spell… I guess these wannabe mage wasn’t as weak as I thought they would be?

    The wannabe mage approached us, “Miss, are you hurt?”

    My knees finally gave up, and I slumped down onto the ground weakly, with my knees supporting my body.

    “Ah… ahahaha.” I laughed awkwardly and answered, “I guess we’re still alive, just barely…”

    “Please rest assured, we have gathered the most elite of all the Adventurers in the town. We can take care of the rest here. We offer you our most heartfelt gratitude for stalling the monster to prevent more casualties.” The wannabe mage said respectfully.

    “Wh… who are you, mister?” I tried to ask the wannabe mage for his name, it would be rude to keep calling someone as powerful as this a wannabe.

    The wannabe mage stood proudly, and pounded his chest before announcing his name, “The name’s Milton, I am the head of this town’s Adventurer Guild. May I have the honor of knowing your name and your companion’s?”

    “Oh uh…… My name’s Sylvia and this is my master…” I mustered some strength in my knees to stand up before I introduced myself. I lend my hand to pull Sheena up from the ground before she introduces herself.

    “Sheena, pleased to make your acquaintance, Mister Milton.” Sheena introduced herself while patting the dirt off her skirt.

    “And the beautiful lady there is…” Milton asked while turning his gaze toward Albert.

    “My humble name is Alby, thank you for saving our lives, Mister Milton.” Albert introduced himself as Alby and curtsied gracefully.

    I looked nervously behind Milton and saw dozens of Adventurer surrounded the monster and finally subjugated the beast with slight difficulty.

    Seeing that the beast no longer poses any threat to us, I let out a relieved sigh.

    “But I must say, that was most impressive, Miss Sylvia! That last attack of yours actually managed to heavily injure the Abyss Beast! Just what was that bizarre attack?” Milton asked with excitement in his eye.

    I looked away and hesitated slightly, “Uh… um… I’m not really sure either…… when it happened, I noticed the rune on my hand is glowing. It probably have something to do with this power?”

    I raised my right hand and showed Milton the rune.

    “I see… most intriguing…” Milton grabbed his chin with his left hand, and is in deep thoughts for a while.

    “How about it Miss Sylvia? Do you want to become an Adventurer? With your ability, I can grant you the S Rank immediately!” Milton suddenly came up with an unprecedented offer.

    “What?!?! S Rank?! Right off the bat?!” Sheena and Albert were both flabbergasted.

    “Uh… Mister Milton, thank you for your offer, but……” I tried to refuse his offer since what happened earlier was probably just a fluke, I don’t have the confidence to be able to pull it off constantly so I do not deserve the S Rank but…

    “Accept it!!” Sheena grabbed both sides of my shoulders strongly and shake me twice, then she looked into my eyes with a powerful gaze.

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