SOTR spoilers



  • Whose the Emperean Lightning Troll keeping the forefather busy?
  • The highest cultivation level in Myriad Abyss Island is 3rd lvl Divine.
    Forgot to ask:
    Empyrean(Celestial)->Heavenly->Divine? I saw at the wiki that Jiang Chen skips Heavenly and goes directly to Divine after Empyrean.
  • To be honest that sounds like MTL issues. I seeeriously doubt MAI would have somebody entire 1.5 realms above empyreans, that kinda breaks the power progression.
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    Eternal Sacred Ground is the overlord of the Eternal Divine Kingdom so does JC become the Emperor of the Eternal Divine Kingdom after becoming the Young Lord of ESG? And if so around what chapter does the happen?
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    Story progress is very slow
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    IQ falls so low some times
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