Translate English to Mandarin?

I'm an Author—Though I'm largely toiling in obscurity at present. I think that several of my Novels and Novellas would be Bang-Up Light Novels. I need someone able to do a workmanlike job of translating them to Chinese and then contact the right publishers on my behalf. I'm not picky, Japanese or Korean is also acceptable.

It would have to be on speculation. I'm on disability and stay broke.

I am willing to go 50-50 on any profits. 50% of something is much better than 85% or even 100% of nothing.

Saxon Violence  

{ I've had 8 to 10 Novels and Novellas on "Amazon Kindle"—some going on three years now—and I don't think that I've sold $100 worth yet…
The thing is though—a few folks love them and praise them highly...}


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