WIP Meng Hao, ISSTH competition

So ehm yeah...., I might have posted this post in the wrong place. I posted it in ISSTH competition b, but that seems to be for submissions only and this is just a WIP. I don't see any way to delete that post sooo......
can a moderator please delete either one of these posts depending on where this post should be? Thank you! :smile: 

anyway, let me re-post this just in case.

Hello everyone! Long time lurker here at Wuxiaworld and decided to break the silence for this competition.
I decided to work on "Now that is a Cultivator" Meng Hao, because, well Meng Hao is just badass and it would be fun working on a model of him.

This is a quick 30 min sketch I made to get some initial feedback, at this point any change is still easy so I would greatly appreciate any comments.
I am going for a demonic feeling, he is a demon sealer with a bloodmask after all.


  • Wow what program are you using to make the 3d rendering? Looks great so far! From what I read and my understanding, the Bloodmask seem to be a faceless mask? Er Gen wasn't really detailed on it I believe. Hopefully somebody else will chime in here, as I also want to draw Meng Hao with the mask on; but, I have no idea was kind of masks to use as reference.
  • I am using Zbrush 4r7 for the sculpting, and so far this is just a screenshot, the final rendering will most likely be done in keyshot, but not untill the final week of the competition.

    Also it seems that it was alright for me to post it in the competition B section so everyone please post there, more images and changes are already there and with more to come! thank you everyone.
  • It would be better if the mask has less features
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    Make it more, well, without a face (a single word, flames of war unify). I always imagined it as a plain mask with holes for eyes and mouth. This looks more like a japanese demon, with facial features and teeth.

    Just like this. Without a face, just 2 bloody eyes. Nothing else to say atm. Looking forward to the result. smiley