Cultivation ranks and a few questions

So let's see if I get this...

Black gold

All of these ranks have 5 levels/stars. 

But then comes  Spiritual God. And if I have understood it correctly, you can only get to this rank if you have the understanding of a law.. right? 
So can I assume to continue to cultivate, everyone in the future novel will have some sort of law in their "possession"? 
And how high does the Spiritual God rank go up to? Also 5?

Then comes the next tier:
Heavenly fate
Heavenly star
Heavenly axis
Dao of Dragon
Martial Ancestor

Again: what kinda levels do these have?
And I am somewhat certain that one of these ranks can give you extra lives. I just can't remember which one. 
But that does open up to the question: Do other ranks give some cool "bonus effect" like extra lives? 


  • Demigod - Spiritual God is an offshoot cultivation path for those experts that stay in Tiny World with no access to the higher realm sects. They master the manmade laws.

    Heavenly Fate and rest are the natural extension to Legend Rank cultivation path. They master the heavenly law power which is what the universe grants to everyone. HF gives extra lives , probably the rest do as well but its not certain how exactly does it work out.

    Demigods/Spiritual Gods dont have clearly defined ranks just different law mastery.

    HF up to Dao of Dragon so far we know have 10 levels each , not been specified if MA is the same.


  • Actually, HF to DD have 9 levels each.
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  • so it goes Legend -> demigood -> Heavenly Fate?
    But you could also go Legend -> Spiritual God and then.. to Heavenly Fate? Or are you stuck as a Spiritual God?
  • Demigod/Spiritual God

    Spiritual Gods can get stronger in power equal to the other ranks , but i think there are differences between each individual God about wether they get extra lives or not. So its up for grabs.


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    To understand the difference between the "previous" and "present" rank, you have to understand first the different realms in the universe of TDG. There are 3 kinds of realms:

    (From biggest to smallest)
    1. Major Realm (e.g. Dragon Ruins Kingdom, the realm where Nie Li and co. is currently training)
    2. Minor Realm (e.g. Exquisite World, the realm where "Law" exists and also Nie Li's homeworld)
    3. Subsidiary Realm (e.g. Abyss Prison) 

    Each major realms have minor realms. Each minor realms have subsidiary realms. I forgot the exact numbers.
    Apparently, Abyss Prison is a subsidiary realm of Exquisite World. 

    (From weakest to strongest)
    1. Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Black Gold -> Legend (each are separated by 5 levels)
    2. DemiGod -> Spiritual God (not separated by levels)
    3. Heavenly Fate -> Heavenly Star -> Heavenly Axis -> Dao of Dragon -> Martial Ancestor (each are separated by 10 levels)

    Note: In terms of power, Spiritual Gods and Heavenly Fate experts are almost the same, according to Nie Li.

    The difference between these Cultivation Methods (use the above numbers as reference):
    1. To advance, one must self-cultivate, meditate, take pills, use treasures, items, etc. This is the starting line of cultivation for everyone. Every cultivator would start from this ranking regardless of what realm they come from. I'm not sure if the people in Dragon Ruins Kingdom goes through this since it wasn't explicitly mentioned. But I guess it's safe to presume they do. This ranking is considered as ants in Dragon Ruins Kingdom.

    2. To advance, one must grasp the power of "Law" (e.g. Light, Darkness, Fire, Death, Time). The more you comprehend the Law, the more powerful you are. There can be only one Spiritual God per element, but there can be multiple DemiGods (e.g. three Fire DemiGods experts). From what I can infer, the power of "Law" is exclusive to Minor and Subsidiary Realm. 

    Learning the power of "Law" is not a pre-requisite to advance to "Heavenly Fate" onwards. Proof is that Nie Lie in his past life didn't even know what the power of Law is but he managed to achieved Heavenly Fate and soar to the top. It's a completely unique style of cultivation. Treat it as an auxiliary. 

    Moreover, you don't need to be Legend rank to cultivate the power of Law. Remember that when Nie Li learned the Law of Light and Darkness with Yuyan's help, he wasn't even a Legend expert back then. Of course, Nie Li is an exception of an exception. Normally, people cultivate the power of Law after they reached Legend rank; afterwards making themselves DemiGods. Once DemiGods achieved the peak of the Law, then he can ascend to being a Spiritual God.

    To qualify as DemiGod, you must be both a Legend expert and have substantial understanding of the Law you've chosen, enough for you to use it in battles.
    To qualify as Spiritual God, you must be both a DemiGod expert and achieved the pinnacle of the Law. 
    To qualify as Heavenly Fate, you must be a Legend expert and of course train in major realm like Dragon Ruins Kingdom; because the power of Heaven doesn't exist in Minor/Subsidiary Realm.

    So far, the characters with the power of Law are:
    Nie Li - Law of Light/Darkness/Death
    Yu Yan - Law of Fire
    Underworld Master - Law of Underworld (?)
    Demon Lord - Law of Abyss Prison

    3. To advance, one must cultivate the power of "Heaven".

    Once you become a Heavenly Fate expert, then you can have a total of 10 lives (1 per each level). There's a catch though. It's still possible to *permanently* die even if you've already achieved Heavenly Fate. There's actually a mechanism inside Dragon Ruins Kingdom that exactly works like a "Save Point" akin to RPG games. If the person didn't "Save" and died outside, then he would be permanently incapacitated.

    The perks for Heavenly Star and Heavenly Axis are currently unknown.
    Apparently, once an expert reaches "Dao of Dragon", then that person could NOT use the revival mechanism again. Once you die, you're dead through and through.
    As for Martial Ancestor, they can sense people across distance. It's similar to Spiritual/Divine Sense in ISSTH. I know there's more to being a Martial Ancestor but so far aside from the power to swipe peasants, there are no other skills mentioned yet.

    4. Surprised? There's actually a ranking beyond Martial Ancestor (which Nie Li allegedly reached in his past life). The word "God" has been thrown left and right throughout the novel but I'm unsure whether it's subdivided into more parts. It's still "open" for interpretation as of current chapter.

    Please correct me if I said something wrong.
  • Power of Heaven is the regular soul force cultivation , but its really hard to reach Heavenly Fate realm in Exquisite World because of the lack of spirit stones.


  • also I'd like to add to become a demigod u need to be at the peak of legend realm 
  • So what exactly is Nie Li's current progression in terms of power, since he comprehends a law does he go the spiritual god route or the heavenly fate route? Also it seems that becoming a demigod then spiritual god is weaker because you can't progress any further beyond that or is it just another route to the same destination?
  • It's a limited man made route so it yes its not as strong overall.


  • So what exactly is Nie Li's current progression in terms of power, since he comprehends a law does he go the spiritual god route or the heavenly fate route? Also it seems that becoming a demigod then spiritual god is weaker because you can't progress any further beyond that or is it just another route to the same destination?
    that discussion is for later chapters since u can only get to choose inside the realm (he and his friends are not)
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    I believe one can be a Spiritual God and still go through the normal cultivation route (Heavenly Fate and so on) due to the existence of the Nether Master, who I presume, is a Nether Spiritual God and at the same time a Heavenly Fate (or higher) expert.

    And the 'Power of Heaven' does exist in minor realms or at the very least, only in Tiny World, since the Demon Lord has once stated that he was very close to forming his Fate Soul even before going to a major realm.
  • what i heard was that being a spiritual god makes their foundation more pure in energy making it easier to advance (based on my own speculations) 
  • so is the law a man made thing
  • The difference between a spiritual god and human heavenly fate experts are far too great, it’s said that Ming Fei and the Divine Feathers Sect fought against the Demon God Sect and lost 3 of his lives, and his powers. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! THE DEMON GOD SECT HAS NUMEROUS CULTIVATOR THAT FAR EXCEED THE CULTIVATION REALM “MARTIAL ANCESTOR” AND YET HE SURVIVED! THATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SPIRITUAL GOD AND A HEAVENLY FATE REALM EXPERTS.
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