ice powered main charachter?

We have novels with fire main charachters, sealing main charachters, lots of alchemist MC, dragonwarrior  MC, wizard MC etc, etc. Basically whatever you can think of there is a wuxia or xianxia, or a japanese novel that has a protagonist abou it, so i was wondering, is there any story about a MC with ice powers, or ice related powers? If any of you have heard about one i would thank you a lot if you could give me its name. 

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    I have one such novel in mind - Close Combat Mage
    MC there is water system mage, but water is only basic level, all advanced level magic are of ice element
    Maybe I'm the one
    Maybe I'm the one
    Who is .. the schizophrenic psycho, yeah
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    MC in my story? : D Water+ice, basically : ) Check out the original novels section here on the forums~~
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  • the mc doesnt really fight in CCM atleast for the first 70ish/ 100 chapters.......

    the best ideas are probabaly the ones the author wrote down early on and then rejected. was hopeing to see a water warrior.
  • Most famous in the translated novel's world would of course be the MC from douluo dalu 2

  • Against the Gods

    Won't talk much about how ice/frost is related to the MC 'cause it will spoil your fun...

    So What if it's an RPG World?

    MC can use a lot of things but he mostly relies on Ice magic
  • Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
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  • There arent a lot of ice MCs.. 

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  • There is one with mc that can make ice dragons and stuff. It's Third Prince Elmer. 5 volumes translated but the novel was discontinued. 
  • I know it's been a while since this question has been posted here, but as a possible reference to possible readers in the future who can read this comment ....  
    Novel name: 


    Its main element is ice 


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  • Imperial God Emperor has an MC that uses Ice as his element as well as his sword techniques. 
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