Can somebody explain something about the world Xian Ni.

From what I understood so far, each planet is ruled by a level 6 country. But are there level 7, 8, 9... countries out there?

What is the point of the foreign battlefields?

Are there any other powers beside the Cultivation Alliance?

 What is the Cultivation Alliance?

How many cultivation stages are there after Spirit Severing? Is there a higher realm to ascend to?

That's it for now. :)
Thanks for any answers.


  • There is only one rank 9 country in the entire cultivation alliance, there are like i think 2-3 rank 8 and a bit of rank 7.

    There are total of 4 star systems with a power behind each of them, I have read up to like 1.1k chapter so far and Wang Lin just went to a 3rd star system. The second one he went to is a star system focused on cultivation families rather than countries and that star system goes to war with the one Wang Lin is from.

    Cultivation Alliance was formed when the celestial realm collapsed and they somehow manage to get a lot of the inheritance from their rain celestial realm. After that they went to war with the 4 divine sect for control over the star system where they barely won.
  • Awesome! Thank you very much.

    Do you have any idea on the cultivation stages after Spirit Severing?
  • I know but just haven't found a good name to translate them into lol but here really really rough translation that will probably change once I get to them and find a better name lol.

    First Step: Qi Condensation -> Foundation Establishment -> Core Formation -> Nascent Soul -> Soul Transformation -> Ascension
    Step between First and Second Step: Ying Stage -> Yang Stage
    Second Step: Decay Defying, Realm Defying, Shatter Defying
    Third Step(EVERY FEW PEOPLE AT THIS STAGE LIKE CAN COUNT WITH YOUR TWO HANDS PROBABLY): Air Defying (only stage I know as of now at 1.1k chapter)
  • Thanks and keep up the good work. :)
  • The beginning world is kinda post apocalyptic one after destruction of 4 paradises(Rain, Thunder, wind, Fire(?)) each paradise used to control one star system.The one wang lin is alliance territory connected with Rain paradise, others are Luotian , Sea of clouds and 4th one isn't shown much in story...all these belong to inside stars caged in big law formation. There are outside stars too which are revealed in 1000+ chapters
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