ISSTH Agarwood (my perception of it) [maybe spoiler, so don't look if you're not ahead in ISSTH]

I just quickly drew this in class with a pencil. Was bored, but I thought it came out looking kinda cool.

Agarwood - 1 head of a dragon 1 head of a phoenix on a body of a dragon with the tail of a phoenix.

Just wanted to share it. any thoughts?


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    It is good! You should try drawing one of the human characters. :^

    DB has a post somewhere around here filled with ISSTH-related pictures, you can get inspiration from there.

  • This brings up an interesting point. In that chapter I described it as having a dragon head and a phoenix head. It was pointed out to me that in the original description it was two dragon heads. I changed the phoenix/dragon head back to a double dragon head assuming that it was just a typo. Then I went back and checked the original Chinese and found that it seems to be a discrepancy... I'm going to do some more research now...
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