Miracle Throne(奇迹王座) by Half Drunk Wanderer(半醉游子)


The youngest Wiseman of the continent, Chu Tian, has traveled 30000 years back in time to the age of antiquity due to an accident. 

This is a prosperous era. Rare herbs, minerals, treasure relics and monsters can be easily found throughout the land. 

However, this is also an undeveloped era. Communications, traffic, martial arts and technology are in its early stage of development. Prosperous cities lack lighting while its citizens are uneducated.

Magic powered light bulbs, magic powered telephones, magic powered cannons, magic powered computers, artificial intelligence, psyche internet. 30000 years worth of knowledge allows him to create miracles and shine brightly in this era. Allowing him to conquer the land and sit firmly on the throne of the 10 realms. 

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    Have you dropped this novel?

    I would keep translating it if I have an editor and hopefully a more experienced translator that can give me advise on it. Me working on this by myself would take too much time and the quality wouldn't do my favorite novel any justice.
  • "magic powered computers" in synopsis stated twice
  • I wouldn't mind editing and story is something I have recommended half a year ago. Honestly though translating is a pain in the ass and it will improve both your Chinese and English if you decide to stick with it but its a lot of work before you get used to translating.
  • We now have a small team of two people (me and a editor) so we are going to proceed with the translation of this novel. However, we are still looking for one more member. We are looking for someone that knows Wuxia jargon and is good at coming up with good English name for Wuxia things in originally in Chinese (ie pill, weapon, equipment, energy, techniques, skills, plants, materials, creatures, honorifics, slangs, all those good things). Being able to proof read and edit is a plus. Send me a message if you are interested.

    Please look forward to the translation for this amazing novel. Our website will be up soon!
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    Is this a harem?
  • Is this a harem?
    Has the potential to be but the story is not even 400 chapters in yet.
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    Translator : Face McBashy
    Editor : Conan143

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    Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy

    Late at night, moonlight bounced off the ripples on the water, everything was still and calm.

    A beautiful girl quietly left the room and sneaked out to open the backyard gate. A red flush crept in to her porcelain-smooth cheeks, making it difficult to hide her nervousness, expectation, and embarrassment.

    The girl’s attire was simple, yet she looked very attractive. She was tall, her chest was tightly wrapped; her reed-slim waist was like a snake full of vigour. An ultra-short leather skirt clung to her bottom and showed off the curve of her perfectly round buttocks. Her thighs were round and delicate like white jade, slender and straight with no gap, full of youthful vigour.

    In front, a teenager stood quietly under the moonlight, probably about 15 to 16 years old. He had a handsome face, fair skin, tall stature, and was dressed in coarse hemp garments. Even so, the garments could not conceal his outstanding traits. His pair of eyes were like stars in the night sky, shining with a touch of mystery and profoundness.

    "Sorry to keep you waiting, Chu Tian." Meng Ying Ying's voice sounded trembling as she said, "Everyone is asleep, quickly come over, we will go up into my room quietly."

    She underwent psychological struggles for more than a month and has finally decided to indulge herself for once.

    A person's youth is short, but it should be blissful.

    Meng Ying Ying was very nervous. One of her very experienced girlfriends once said that if Chu Tian could give an outstanding performances every night, then she could lead a comfortable happy life and she would even find it how silly her old-fashioned beliefs were previously. If you had money, then you ought to enjoy yourself. If you didn't, would it not waste your family's generous financial conditions?

    If this was found out, then her reputation might be ruined.

    But Ming Ying Ying found it difficult to resist the temptation. When she was about 12 or 13 years old, she often fantasized about having such a person around.

    Ming Ying Ying closed the door. She seemed stiff, her thin nose was covered with tiny little droplets of sweat, and her beautiful cheeks flushed bright red. Her midsection was tightly bounded by garments that pushed her breasts up, making it seem as if they would burst out any moment. Her little hands were moist and constantly clenched, not knowing where to put them.

    This was a bright and spacious bedroom, richly decorated with marble flooring, hand carved wooden bed. The strange lighting that emitted a soft light, were carved from a crystal into the shape of a lotus, like a beautiful piece of art. The walls were covered with murals and the table filled with books. The pink bed canopy with flowing sheer curtains brought a faint fragrance that gently permeated the room; creating an ethereal romantic atmosphere. This was a good place to have an affair.

    Chu Tian curiously asked: "Is this your first time doing this kind of thing?"

    Meng Ying Ying lowered her flushed face: "Mhm… first time."

    Chu Tian smiled and said: "A pure wealthy miss like you is very rare."

    Meng Ying Ying was slightly embarrassed and asked with her mosquito thin voice: "The trafficker said you received special training and is an expert in this field. Are you really experienced?"

    Chu Tian shrugged: "I believe there is no problem."

    Meng Ying Ying found that when Chu Tian spoke, his attitude was neither humble nor pushy, neither slow nor fast. Not like other slaves, he had the appearance of an highly educated person. The trafficker said that Chu Tian was a noble, but due to special circumstances, his family members were all killed. He was hunted down, reduced to slavery and was finally bought by Meng Ying Ying.

    To let a lonely noble teenager to do this kind of embarrassing thing...

    Who cares!

    Tonight I must carefully test his ability. Hope he's not just an empty shell and can satisfy all my needs!

    Ming Ying Ying whispered: "I will get prepared; you take off your clothes first!"

    Tonight will be a sleepless night, one must prepare for battle.

    Chu Tian took off his coat and placed it on the table.

    "I'm coming!"

    "Help me with this!"

    Meng Ying struggled to pull out a large wooden crate.

    Large piles of books and scrolls piled up on the table.

    Meng Ying Ying embarrassingly smiled: "I have accumulated a whole month of homework right here. The master will inspect it tomorrow. I have not yet answered a single problem. I will leave this to you and see if you can solve it."

    Having spent half a year worth of pocket money to buy him, if he proves his worth, then I will have plenty of time to relax and play!

    Meng Ying Ying very much looked forward to it!

    "This is more than I thought there would be." Chu Tian opened a paper talisman filled with complex shapes and patterns. His mouth revealed a smile of contempt: "You should go to sleep and don’t worry about this homework."

    (TL Note: Talisman - Refer to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulu

    "Ah, you don't know?" Meng Ying Ying's face was full of disappointment, "This is an incomplete fireball talisman. Level 1 talisman structure is too complicated, so repairing it will be difficult. Only a real talisman expert can complete this. But the master does not require us to completely repair it. This is a correction exercise. The charm has 12 errors and you only have to find 5 to pass. There is a reference book, can you please look into it."

    Chu Tian's dark eyes flashed in amazement: "This is considered difficult?"

    Meng Ying Ying slightly puzzled: "Is it not difficult?"

    "This is not even something you can lie to a child about!" Chu Tian laughed: "The intelligence of people of your time is a bit too low!"

    Meng Ying Ying confused: "Our time? What do you mean!"

    Chu Tian realized he said something that he shouldn't, and immediately changed the subject: "Ok, let’s not talk about that, you first bring me the hardest problem you have."

    "My master is Zhang Li Qing. He is the leader of the Scrivener Guild within the city, specializes in making talisman. He has a high reputation so even the mayor has to give his respect. Are you sure you want to look at the hardest problem?"

    Chu Tian unfazed: "Bring it out."

    Left with no alternatives, Ming Ying Ying could only do as he said and laid out the huge scroll. The scroll contained many complex diagrams, like many spider webs stacked on top of each other. Ordinary people would get dizzy just by looking at it.

    "This is a new earth elemental talisman my master has been researching. After 80% of his intensive research, he hit a stalemate in his research line and could not proceed further anymore. Because he could not come up with anything else, he published the blueprint to search for new inspirations in order to complete it. I was curious and brought one back at that time, but I could not understand it at all, let alone give a useful feedback on it. I suggest you not to waste your time since it is not something that ordinary people can understand."

    Chu Tian took a glance and said: "This is a mere level 1 earth elemental talisman blueprint, very rough, undeveloped, off the mark, low standard, and incomplete."

    He takes only one glance to recognize the type of talisman?

    Such feat is almost impossible!

    Because a normal person will take at least several days to figure it out!

    Meng Ying Ying was shocked and surprised: "Have you already looked at the blueprint before?"

    Chu Tian was too lazy to explain : "Bring me a pen."

    Meng Ying Ying was very suspicious and handed over a red crystal pen. Can this boy really understand the master's blueprint?

    "This is wrong, that is wrong, wrong, wrong….. All wrong!" Chu Tian quickly made a dozen red circles on the blueprint: "Diagram errors, runes overlapping, confusing logics, absurd ideas….. beginner’s mistakes all over the place. Is this really talisman engineering? This is simply a perfect collection of mistakes. Even though your master is brainless, but I will praise him for having the guts to release this rubbish out to the public."

    Chu Tian quickly made a dozen marks and left relevant notes in the blank spaces.

    "You are the brainless one! How can you say that about Master Zhang!"


    Very Disappointed!

    She had a feeling that Chu Tian was just a big liar.

    Even though you are a noble and received a good education. How old do you think you are? To dare judge Master Zhang Li Qing like this.

    He is simply crazy and arrogant to the extreme!

    Meng Ying Ying had completely given up hope on Chu Tian, and angrily lessoned: "At the time when blueprint was released, it caused an uproar in Tian Nan City! Master has studied magic formations and talismans for decades, and has remarkable achievements in the field. What right do you have to say he is unworthy? And.....Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Are you listening to me? What kind of weird stuff are you drawing!"

    In only a few minutes, just a few short minutes!

    Chu Tian had completed a brand new blueprint on the back of the scroll!

    The newly formed blueprint was less than half the size of the original. The runes were neatly and orderly arranged. Every rune looked like the precise result of a thousand trails. Every stroke in the blueprint was wonderfully artistic. As a whole, it gave a sense of perfection and of nature itself.

    One could make people dizzy and uncomfortable. While the other one gave them an enjoyment of looking at art. Two polar opposite experiences.

    When Meng Ying Ying came over to look, her beautiful eyes widened in surprise.

    She dared to swear to God, that this was the most beautiful talisman blueprint she ever had seen in her life. It had a mysterious power to captivate people. Simply a textbook perfect piece of work!


    Not even the great classical textbooks can be compared with this talisman. Even though Meng Ying Ying could not understand the content, but from a structural and artistic point of view, it was way ahead of the materials in textbooks.

    Meng Ying Ying became more captivated the more she looked at it. She unconsciously started bending over, almost lying on the table. Her heavy bust tightly pressed against her collar, exposing her round curvaceous cleavage. The tightly encased bust raised two peaks, leaving a deep trench down the middle, enough to excite the imagination of any man.

    I haven’t expected, this young missy is muse to her age even though she is so young.

    Is this the legendary "you can only imagine but cannot be sought" busty loli?

    I wonder how they feels.

    Meng Ying Ying did not notice that she was exposing too much and stayed captivated for a whole 5 minutes. She raised her head: "I cannot understand at all, but your work is very beautiful."

    "Level 1 Stone Skin Talisman, this is after I have rectified the original design and completed the subsequent parts." Chu Tian said to the adorable missy: "But being limited by your master's original design, this is the worst piece of work I have ever made. When you take it outside, do not say it was done by me."

    Chu Tian said it - not because he was worried about his reputation, but he didn't want to expose his capabilities too soon.

    Meng Ying Ying dopily nodded.

    Did she not realize what this all meant?

    Forty-two thousand years ago, human philosophers discovered a way to cultivate magical power, giving humans the ability to establish a foothold on this land.

    Twenty-six thousand five hundred years ago, humans discovered the secret of magic formations, making a substantial increase in productivity, enabling civilization to transition from tribes to empires.

    Fourteen thousand two hundred years ago, humans learned how to craft talismans. Since then, wars erupted and empires grew bigger. Talisman became cultivator's most important consumable. Talisman was associated with the strength of a cultivator, the strength of an army, and the strength of a country.

    How could the birth of a new talisman does not cause an uproar?

    It represented unlimited wealth, honour and prestige!

    Meng Ying Ying only had a simple train of thought. The only thing she was worried about was whether this mysterious fellow was dependable and if he can finish her homework. Because all this was on her mind, she cannot fall asleep and just sat at the side, worried that Chu Tian might slack off on the job.

    She noticed that whether it was a hard and profound problem or simple elementary problems made absolutely no difference to Chu Tian. He could find the solution in an instant, like someone that practiced this a thousand times and had already known all the answers. He completed each exercise at a lightning pace.

    These flawless runes and formations, those extremely sophisticated arrangements and profound combinations was beautiful works of art, definitely not possible from a random scribble.

    She found that Chu Tian working was like a painter painting. The whole process was free and effortless. His work process, was filled with an aesthetic sense.

    Neither sluggish nor dead. Each stroke was precise, like nature itself.

    Meng Ying Ying was so absorbed into watching, like enjoying a feast for both the eyes and thoughts. An hour and a half had gone by unnoticed; more than 100 homework was neatly stacked on top of the table.

    Chu Tian got up and stretched: "So bored, I almost fell asleep."

    Ming Ying Ying could not resist and pinched her white thighs...Ouch!

    This really is happening! This is not a dream! This guy has just completed a month’s worth of homework in less than two hours.

    "This task has no challenge to it, do you need any other service?" Chu Tian said as he stared at the maiden's pair of legs. Very white, very long, very mellow, very beautiful, just like white jade carving. "Massages, baths, accompany sleeping and others. I am very experienced. Do you want to give a try?"

    Meng Ying Ying's cheek reddens: "No way!"

    "How regretful, then I shall take my leave."

    Meng Ying Ying quickly asked: "Where to?"

    Chu Tian yawned: "You know that I was held captive at a slave market. I went for several days without a good sleep but I finally found a good place now. What? Do you want to sleep with me?"

    What is this guy’s brain full of!

    "Pei! No ivory will come out of a dog's mouth!" Meng Ying Ying quickly explained, "Let me tell you this, there are many bad guys in the city so I arranged an identity for you. You will be our family's new culinary apprentice. There is an empty room in the house. Here, take this key."

    (TL Note: No ivory will come out of a dog's mouth. - Something that is impossible.)

    This missy sure is thoughtful.

    When Chu Tian took the key and was ready to leave, suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the yard.

    Chu Tian said as he knitted his brows: "Weird, I think someone is coming."

    Meng Ying Ying's expression immediately changed: "This is bad, it’s JieJie! Hurry up and hide!"

    (TL Note: JieJie(姐姐) means elder sister or used by girls to refer to an older girl they are close to.)

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    Translator : Face McBashy
    Editor : Conan143

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    Chapter 2 : Meng Ying Wu

    “Ying Ying, are you asleep?”

    This was a very bewitching female voice, like the mysterious singing siren in the sea. Even the most experienced sailors, couldn’t help but be captivated by the sound which might lead to their doom.

    JieJie normally will not visit late at night. Why does she come today?

    Meng Ying Ying shouted frantically: “I I I…..I already slept, not dressed up at the moment!”

    Meng Ying Ying pushed Chu Tian onto the bed, and whispered: “Nothing else we can do now, stay on the bed and don’t move.”

    Meng Ying Ying tucked Chu Tian shoes and coat under the bed. She untied her headband; her long black hair flowed like a waterfall down her back. She quickly took off her shoes and crawled back into bed. First she covered Chu Tian with a big blanket, and then released the tie from around the canopy curtain to cover the bed.

    A burst of refreshing fragrance wafted into his nostrils.

    The maiden’s exquisite body lay down beside him, a pair of beautiful long legs in front; smooth skin with almost invisible pores, was enough to get anyone’s heart pumping.

    This scene was too exciting and too tempting!

    Chu Tian found hard to suppress his natural instincts.

    At this time, JieJie’s footsteps is getting closer and closer, Meng Ying Ying could not help but shrink backward, right into Chu Tian’s body. She felt something hard pressed against her buttocks. She was shocked at first, and then she immediately reacted to it.

    Her face became red!

    Meng Ying Ying almost screamed out loud.

    Chu Tian reacted quickly, and placed one arm firmly around her waist while the other covered her mouth to prevent her from making any sound. This action caused their bodies to come into close contact with each other and increased stimulation for both.

    “Wu Wu!”

    Meng Ying Ying struggled a few times; her body was soft like cotton. Chu Tian became excited and could hardly contain himself as her burning butt cheeks started rubbing against him. This body was still young, lacked experience and full of hormones; how could it resist such temptation?

    “Don’t move and don’t scream!”

    Meng Ying Ying kept making “Wu Wu!” sound.

    Chu Tian gently slapped Meng Ying Ying’s butt: “Don’t make a sound!”

    Meng Ying Ying slightly moaned.

    That handsome face leaned beside her face. That pair of mysterious star like eyes gazed into her eyes; their noses almost touched. A masculine scent tantalized her, creating a spinning sensation in her head.

    As she grew up, she had never had any intimate contact with any man before. Such strong stimulation had caused her body to become hot and embarrassed.

    JieJie is right outside the room and the situation now is very dangerous. She does not know why but she felt an unquenchable tingling excitement in her heart.

    Meng Ying Ying cheeks flushed red; her eyes watery and her heart fluttered.

    Chu Tian screamed not good in his thoughts.

    This chick gets sexually charged now? Of all times!

    This will cost me my life!

    ga zhi(sound of door opening)

    The wooden door opened.

    Meng Ying Ying woke up from her dream and glared at Chu Tian. She removed his hand from her mouth and tried to sound normal: “Ah, JieJie, why are you here? I am still undressed!”

    Chu Tian did not let go of his other hand and was still hugging Meng Ying Ying. Through the pink canopy, he could vaguely see a slender silhouette, at least 1.72 meters tall. At this time, he could not see her face, but he could see one amazing pair of long legs.

    With nothing else, just her bewitching voice and her perfect pair of legs was enough to drive any man crazy.

    “It’s the chronic pain, hurts so much that I can’t sleep, so I have come to visit you.”

    “Just stay down, no need to get up.”

    The girl with long legs and beautiful voice came over and sat on a stool by the end.

    Meng Ying Ying’s heart raced. If the canopy is opened, then JieJie could clearly see Chu Tian hugging me. Then there would be no way to explain it.

    Meng Ying Ying became very tense.

    In fact, Chu Tian was also quite depressed about this.

    Even though I am no hero, but I have been able to do whatever hell I want for half my life. If it isn’t for the damn dimension travel experiment failing and send me back in time for some weird reason. If it isn’t for my conscious to be put into a teenage boy! If it isn’t for my power to be gone! If it isn’t for me becoming a slave!

    Of all these unfortunate events, why does this all have to happen to me?

    It doesn’t matter how; I will still collect my interest.

    Chu Tian put his right hand on her tender white thighs. Chu Tian could not get enough of it. Meng Ying Ying tucked her legs tightly, her body tensed up, didn’t even dare take a deep breath. She had cursed Chu Tian a dozen times in her thoughts. I’ll let you off with just touching my legs, but to dare use your right hand to wander around the important places in my upper body!

    But the most embarrassing and condemning thing is, that thing is poking against my butt.

    To still take advantage of me in this situation!

    Audacious in the extreme!

    Audacious in the extreme!

    If JieJie is to find out, even though nothing has happened, he will still be chopped up and fed to dogs!

    Meng Ying Ying opened the canopy and stuck her head out. Her face was flushed. She said in a trembling voice: “JieJie, coming out to talk to me in the middle of the night, do you have something on your mind?”

    Meng Qing Wu’s beautiful eyebrows knitted and her face showed a worried expression. She didn’t notice the strange expression on MeiMei’s face, only gave a long sigh and said: “I am worried about the pharmacy. There is no one I can trust, so I can only come and talk to you.”

    (TL Note: MeiMei(妹妹) means younger sister or used by girls to refer to an younger girl they are close to.)

    Meng Qing Wu was the manager of the family business.

    Nan Yun Commerce (商会 official translation is Chamber of Commerce) mainly sell talisman. Meng Qing Wu spent a lot of money to get MeiMei to be Master Zhang Li Qing’s nominal disciple and learn from him so that she could revitalize the family business in future.

    (TL Note: Nominal Disciple(记名弟子) means someone who only has the title of being disciple of a famous master without inheriting the master’s true teaching. Like lackies in a sect or students in college.)

    Nan Yun Commerce was created by Meng Qing Wu’s parents. In its glorious period, it had a monopoly on Tian Nan City’s talisman market.

    Six years ago, after a major upheaval, Nan Yun Commerce’s strength decreased rapidly; now reduced only to a second rate commerce in the city.

    Nan Yun Commerce’s talisman business continued to lose market share to its opponent. Luckily the foundation for the commerce was strong enough but Meng Qing Wu still had to look for a break through. Qing Wu had hoped to revitalize the commerce by opening a pharmacy in the prime location within the city. Nan Yun Commerce had to invest a large portion of the remaining wealth into purchasing equipment, materials, recipes, and hiring pharmacists.

    Meng Ying Ying’s vision blurred, gently gasped, distracted, and immediately asked: “The pharmacy only opened a few days ago. Isn’t the business doing very good right now? If it continues, then we can open branch stores. What are you worried about?”

    Meng Qing Wu shook her head: “Because everything is going so smooth that it worries me. Do you remember six years ago?”

    This question was like a bucket of ice water poured on her, making Meng Ying Ying’s whole body suddenly go stiff. The flame of passion in her heart was immediately extinguished.

    “How can I forget?” Meng Ying Ying’s teeth clenched, choked up slightly and said: “I am only 10 years old at that time, mom and dad has passed away that year!”

    Meng Qing Wu’s beautiful face was covered in a layer of frost, whispered: “I have always suspected that mom and dad are not killed by magical beasts but are murdered instead! After secretly investigating for all these years, I have made some progress but I just couldn’t find any evidence.”

    Meng Ying Ying shuddered: “Mom and dad were murdered?!”

    “You are already sixteen. You are a grown up according to tradition of the land, so I will not hide it from you anymore.” Meng Qing Wu slowly clenched her fist: “After mom and dad died, uncle has immediately rushed to take his share of the wealth. The talisman maker in the commerce has abandoned us and our new talisman design is leaked. The suppliers all cut off our supply of materials and trouble makers have constantly smashed our storefront. Within a year, the size of our commerce shrinks 80%. Do you still think it is a coincidence?”

    “Does that mean…..”

    “They planned it very well, but the only thing they didn’t take into account was me.”

    Ming Ying Ying finally realized how hard it had been for JieJie all these years.

    “Ying Ying is really incompetent; JieJie is only sixteen years old when she carried much of the family burden during the time of emergency. But I on the other hand don’t know anything, I don’t pay attention to my studies, I am playful and waste our money, and I ..…wu!”

    Meng Ying Ying almost disclosed Chu Tian.

    Seeing that it was an emergency, Chu Tian’s right hand slipped up her full bosom and pinched!

    Meng Ying Ying’s voice suddenly stopped short; her face once again became red. Her body was very sensitive, especially the sacred forbidden region. She felt a surge of numbness passing through her body and could not help but once again tightly clamp her legs, clenched her teeth to not make any sound.

    Rascal…..to dare touch my breast!

    Meng Qing Wu thought that MeiMei was ashamed of herself after noticing the tears in her eyes and her bright red face; was secretly pleased. This childish and playful MeiMei has finally matured a little.

    Meng Ying Ying was afraid of another ambush so she did not dare to try and reveal Chu Tian again. Instead, she asked a question she would very much like to know: “Who is the evil? To be so determined to force our family into ruin!”

    Meng Qing Wu hesitated a few seconds, replied with an assured tone: “The Ye family. The Ye family specialize in mercenary business. Only mercenaries can kill without a trace and create an impression of a magical creature attack.”

    The Ye family! That is one big giant!

    They are a mercenary family. They have three groups and each one is about ten thousand in size.

    If the Ye family is really the mastermind, then there is no way Nan Yun commerce can resist.

    Meng Qing Wu continued: “More than half of our talisman craftsmen have withdrawn and joined Black Water Commerce, which has led to its rapid growth. Even though Black Water Commerce appeared to be managed by the Han family but the Ye family is definitely behind them. Or else you can’t explain its rapid growth!”

    Meng Ying Ying gritted her teeth and said: “We must get our revenge!”

    “The matter of revenge cannot be rushed. Recently, I’ve been feeling uneasy. We might have big trouble again, soon.” Outside the canopy, the beautiful slender figure stood up: “Ying Ying, you must promise me, perform well and study hard. Try and become one of the Master Zhang’s official disciples. In that case, even if you encounter a dangerous situation, Master Zhang can guarantee your safety with his high prestige and reputation.”

    Meng Ying Ying felt awful.

    Even though JieJie has poor health, but she still has to carry the family burden.

    She has sent me to Master Zhang; is not entirely for me to graduate and help out with the family business. But instead to find protection for me after she has sensed danger in the near future.

    “Jie, you will be fine, right?”

    “Silly girl, JieJie is not that weak. I have managed to get through the vile situation six years ago. I want to see what they will use to go against me this time. It is getting late, Ying Ying go to sleep. Get up earlier tomorrow and don’t be late.”


    “Master Zhang Li Qing is very important, whether it’s for yourself or for the family, you must work hard.”

    “Ying Ying understands, JieJIe has chronic illness, you should sleep early.”

    “It’s been for many years, I am already used to it. It won’t bother me.”

    Meng Qing Wu comforted MeiMei a bit, then her beautiful slender figure drifted away.

    Meng Ying Ying was depressed and remained silent for several seconds, and then suddenly cried.

    Chu Tian gently hugged her: “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad, it will be all right.”

    Meng Ying Ying felt the hug. It was warm and comfortable. She also felt a bit of attachment.


    “How long do you intend to hug me!”

    Meng Ying Ying desperately needed a man’s shoulder to cry on right now. She wanted to cry out loud for once, but this guy is too vulgar. To dare take advantage of me just now. I can’t let him do as he like! My body is still pure and unblemished.

    Chu Tian reluctantly left the bed, heartlessly smiled: “Sorry, sorry, I do not mean to. It can’t be helped, or else I would lose my life.”

    Meng Ying Ying was very sad but this guy was laughing heartlessly. She was furious and stared at the tent between his crotch, “This can’t be helped either, can it?”

    Chu Tian awkwardly clamped his legs together: “This is a natural physiological phenomenon and cannot be controlled. Is it not the same for you also?”

    “Nonsense, I am not shameless like you!”


    Meng Ying Ying was enraged: “No buts! If you don’t shut up, I’ll…..I’ll hit you!”

    "Help! Save me! The Second Miss wants to kill me!"

    Chu Tian quickly fled.

    Ming Ying Ying looked at Chu Tian fleeing in panic, suddenly found it hilarious. Just where did this guy come from?


    Chu Tian left the courtyard.

    He stopped running. That calm expression returned to his face. He gazed up into the heavens, the stars studded the night sky. The position and the trajectory of stars remained the same as those in his memory. Only the surroundings became unrecognizable.

    In this world, no one would believe that the soul in Chu Tian’s body had come from tens of thousands of years in the future.

    That’s right.

    He did not belong here, he came from the future.

    He was the youngest Wiseman of his time. He had a carefree personality, eccentric and uninhibited, a once in a time millennium genius.

    During an experiment on space time rifts, an accident occurred. He was dragged into the void and he could not remember the rest. Before he knew it, he was resurrected into a teenage body. Not only was his power gone, but he also became a slave.

    The slave contract was a major feature of this era.

    The basis of the slave contract was to sever part of the slave’s spirit and seal it into the magic formation in the contract. The slave owner would use his contract to control the slave.

    “Trying to control me with such an outdated technology? What a joke!” Chu Tian thought little of the unbreakable spirit contract of this era. “Once I have reached the realm of the awakened soul, I could easily get rid of the contract restriction; although this missy is very interesting. Let’s use this time to experience a different life style.”

    Chu Tian had a carefree, easy-going nature. He liked to go with the flow; he not only was a hedonist, but also an inborn optimist.

    His mind became clear.

    Now that I have come to this era, then I’ll enjoy my life here.

    Not only would Chu Tian strive to become the strongest under the star, he would also use his knowledge to revolutionize this world. He wanted to see how this world would change because of him.
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    Chapter 3 : Expelled

    The ten Realms of cultivation.

    First was “Body Refinement Realm!”

    Second was “Awakened Soul Realm!”

    Every major realm was divided into nine ranks. Within the Tian Nan city’s population of nearly several million, over two hundred thousand were at the Body Refinement Realm while only a few dozen were at the Awakened Soul Realm.

    Meng Ying Ying was sixteen years old with the power of 2nd Rank Body Refinement Realm.

    This was not bad in the eyes of ordinary people; however, when compared to the geniuses in the upper class, she was only a mediocre; which made it difficult for her to catch attention of others and could only end up as an insignificant nominal disciple only.

    Today, just like every other day, she carried a bag into the guild hall.

    “Ying Ying missy, you're kinda early today, aren’t you ?”

    A beautiful girl walked over. She had red eyes, red hair, flirtatious temperament. She wore thin translucent red silk clothing, through which her undergarment was partially visible. Her culottes opened up to the root of her thighs. The boldly revealed smooth white thighs coupled with high-heeled red boot created a strong contrast, enough to make one’s blood boil.

    Nangong Yun, perverse temperament , always moody, also known as demon girl.

    She had the terrifying ability of a 9th Rank Body Refinement Realm practitioner at its pinnacle, ready to become one of the powerful people that have stepped into the Awakened Soul Realm. At any moment, she could become one of the admired soul awakened elites. She is Master Zhang Li Qing’s main disciple, and his only inheritor.

    Meng Ying Ying weakly asked: “Senior sister-apprentice Nangong, are you here as a teacher’s substitute again?”

    “Don’t mention it!” Nangong Yun’s beautiful red hair freely flowed down behind her back: “That old geezer has gone mad with his research into new talisman, how would he have the time to teach a bunch of nominal disciples?”

    Nangong Yun had a very straightforward personality; as a result, her words are often harsh and bitter, “Recently, the old geezer is cleaning out some of his disciples again. Your grades have always been among the worst two in the class, it might be dangerous for you! Oh yeah, today is the homework collection day. Have you not done your homework again? If so, then you don’t have to come to class. You can already pack up and go home!”

    “No, I have completed it!” Meng Ying Ying did not want to be expelled, hurriedly opened the heavy backpack: “All my homework is in here!”

    “You silly girl. Normally, it’s already good if you have turned in half of the work, but to complete everything this time, is the sun rising from the west today?”

    “I, I…..”

    “Alright, as long as you turned it in it will be fine, but my job today is to teach, Second disciple is the one responsible for grading. Quickly go and deliver the homework to him.”

    Second disciple Han Shao Long? Han Shao Long has the ability of 4th Rank Body Refinement Realm!

    Although he was far from being able to compete with the monster Nangong Yun, but he did show rare potential, thus he became a formal disciple.

    What troubles Meng Ying Ying was that Han Shao Long was one of her pursuer. However, he had a bad reputation. The number of beautiful girls he was pursuing would be at least 8 if not for 10, and he would use any means necessary. Meng Ying Ying did not have a favourable impression of him, not to mention what her sister told her yesterday. The Han family was potentially her parents’ real killer. Who would still want to see him!

    “Wait, is this master’s design sketch?” Nangong Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up, and pulled out the large scroll from the bag: “Wow, missy! To actually give advice to master!”

    “Ah!” Meng Ying Ying cheeks burned hot, hurriedly reached out her hands; trying to snatch away the scroll: “It’s all squiggles, let’s not show it to the master.”

    Nangong Yun raised the scroll high in the air. Meng Ying Ying was already short, she couldn’t reach even when she tiptoes.

    She anxiously shouted: “Senior sister-apprentice, give it back to me!”

    “Nope! No Way!” Nangong Yun chuckled and said: “I will give this to master myself. It doesn’t matter if it is useful or not, it will still give master a better impression of you. You don’t want to get expelled right? Say no more, it has been decided. If you keep talking nonsense, I will beat you up, now hurry up and bugger off!
    Meng Ying Ying knew senior sister’s temper and did not dare to contradict further, could only reluctantly agree.

    She walked into a room and handed in the homework.

    A male around twenty years old sat in the front. He had a big stature. His facial features were not too shabby aside from his long nose. His eyes were slightly sunken, giving people a feeling of viciousness. This person was Han Shao Long.

    Han Shao Long showed a gentle smile: “Ying Ying, there is a ball tonight, are you interested in accompanying me?”

    Meng Ying Ying shook her head: “I can’t dance and I am busy tonight. So I won’t be going.”

    Han Shao Long’s eyes showed a moment of displeasure: “What a pity!”

    Meng Ying Ying did not say anymore and immediately left.

    Possessiveness filled Han Shao Long’s eyes. From the sleek white legs, moved up to the round hips, then to the contour of full bust (Hao Shao Long thoughts). His mouth curved in a cold smile.

    How many days can you still stand proud?

    Nan Yun commerce is already on its last leg!

    Once Nan Yun commerce is finished, you sisters would lose your protection and will end up as man’s plaything!

    Once Han Shao Long thought of Meng Ying Ying’s young and beautiful body, and Meng Qing Wu’s cold and dignified temperament, his body immediately showed a reaction. He could not wait to get these two beauties into his harem.

    “What is this?”

    In Meng Ying Ying’s homework, Han Shao Long found the fireball mistake identification exercise. The whole fireball talisman had a big red cross on it. Then in the back revealed a new talisman pattern, its structural difference with the fireball talisman was as wide as the sky.

    “Ridiculous, extremely ridiculous, where did she even copy this talisman design?”

    Han Shao Long showed a smile of contempt. Black Water Commerce was a business that also sells talisman; in addition, he himself was one of Zhang Li Qing’s official disciples and was well aware of the working of talisman. The study of talisman had been around since ten thousand years ago. The talisman passed down till now, especially the low level talisman, had been modified and improved upon by ancestors for thousands of years.

    Making a 1% change to it would be difficult even for knowledgeable people like Zhang Li Qing.

    Will it be possible for Meng Ying Ying to create a completely new magic array?

    Isn’t this a big joke?

    “Too sketchy!”

    “Too sketchy!”

    “Take all these garbage and burn it!”

    “Do you think you can get away by just copying some random diagrams from books?” Han Shao Long pushed Meng Ying Ying’s homework aside and said to the two juniors responsible for filling out the grade book: “Meng Ying Ying’s grade for this assignment: Zero points! Special note: Meng Ying Ying is not earnest in doing the homework, the homework is full of irrelevant answers. Dishonest and vile. Suggests strict discipline to avoid affecting the school’s reputation.”

    “Yes, senior”

    These two juniors quickly signed the grade book. On the one hand, Meng Ying Ying’s homework was indeed very strange. On the other hand, Han Shao Long’s background was not simple and they did not want to offend him.

    Isn’t senior trying to pursue Meng Ying Ying?

    But why does he suddenly become so ruthless!

    The two did not think much into it. One by one, they burned the pieces to ash. Little did they know that the pieces they were throwing into the fire right now, was the essence crystal of the wisdom from thousands of years in the future!

    Even if they were sold, their value combined would not even worth one tenth of the value of each piece of paper.

    Han Shao Long had a new plan in his mind. He immediately went into Zhang Li Qing’s personal research lab.

    Sitting in front of the desk was a tall old man in white robes, wearing an anxious expression on his face. His hair was white and messy, his face was thin and pallid, and his eyes were bloodshot; as if he had not slept for many days. His main hand held a pen; he pondered while writing something.

    The whole table was a big mess, filled with a dozen heavy thick talisman related books and dozens of densely written parchment drafts.

    Zhang Li Qing heard a sound, his displeasure rebuked and said: “What do you want? Do you not see I am busy right now?”

    Han Shao Long went straight to the point, and said: “Disciple has already examined last month’s homework. It is respectable as a whole; however there is one that is very sketchy and the person has not put their mind into it. This is the grade book, the two juniors has already signed it. Teacher, please look over it.”

    Zhang Li Qing was already troubled so he did not put much thoughts into it. He took a simple glance; waved his hands and said: “If they don’t want to learn, then why bother staying? Return her tuition fee and tell her not to come back again!”

    Han Shao Long’s face flashed content: “Her family is the Nan Yun commerce!”

    Zhang Li Qing seemed to recall a bit, “Wasting a few years, with only average knowledge, has no academic achievements and a hunger for publicity. It is better for her to go home and do some proper things, It is not easy for her sister to do everything herself! Let this be an example used to rectify the study style of other students and teach them a lesson! Now proceed to it!”

    “Yes! Teacher!”

    It’s hard to believe, everything has gone so smoothly!

    Nan Yun Commerce is now completely isolated!

    Han Shao Long knew Nangong Yun and Meng Ying Ying had a close relationship. Afraid of any anomaly in his plans, he immediately came to the classroom. Without any greetings, he barged into the classroom.

    Nangong Yun’s raised her eyebrows: “Do you not see I am teaching? Get out!”

    “Please calm down senior sister-apprentice, I have come to convey teacher’s order.” Han Shao Long did not dare to offend a monster like Nangong Yun and immediately mentioned Zhang Li Qing. He then pointed at Meng Ying Ying and shouted: “Meng Ying Ying, during your four years in the guild, you only have average knowledge, no achievements, often comes late , always placed amongst the last and is a bad influence. You will be expelled. Let this correct the atmosphere in the guild and serve as a lesson for others!”

    Nangong Yun was furious: “Han Shao Long, what do you mean?”

    “This is what teacher has said, not me. Senior sister-apprentice, do you want to go against teacher?” Han Shao Long raised his chest; spoke aloud to Meng Ying Ying: “Teacher is righteous, therefore has returned your four years of tuition fee, a total of 2000 gold coins completely to you. If you still do not understand, I will repeat myself, You are expelled! You don’t have to come back again!”

    His remark caused a sensation in the classroom.

    “Ha ha, it's finally the end for the dud Meng Ying Ying!”

    “She is only using her family money to get a disciple title.”

    “Master Zhang is really ethical. To return all her tuition fee, is equal to giving her four years of free education.”


    Meng Ying Ying’s face became as white as paper, looking sadly she grabbed her bag, like someone that lost their soul. Withstanding other’s ridicule, biting down on her lip, fighting back her tears, she slowly walked out of the classroom.

    Nangong Yun slightly frowned, before letting out a sigh.

    Meng Ying Ying took the heavy bag of coins, and walked out of the guild like a dejected mannequin. She could endure her humiliation and resentment; but she did not know how to face her sister.

    Once word had spread about this matter throughout Tian Nan City, her whole family would also be put to shame!

    When Han Shao Long saw Meng Ying Ying, looking distrait and lost in thought, he felt a morbid pleasure in his heart : “Ying Ying, do not blame me. This is teacher’s order. I cannot disobey.”

    Meng Ying Ying remained silent.

    Han Shao Long spoke, intentionally adding salt to the wound: “Meng Qing Wu has high hopes for you. She used a large number of connections to get you under Zhang Li Qing’s tutelage, hoping you can become his official disciple; hoping to find support for the crumbling Nan Yun commerce. Once this matter spreads, Meng Qing Wu will not only lose face, she will also be very disappointed in you.”

    Meng Ying Ying broke down in tears: “Is it really too late? I don’t want JieJie to be disappointed!”

    Han Shao Long scanned Meng Ying Ying’s graceful young body: “It is not too late, is just that if you are willing.”

    Meng Ying Ying’s heart rekindled with a bit of hope: “As long as I will not let JieJie down, I am willing!”

    Han Shao Long revealed a sinister look: “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, Please help me! I beg you!”

    “Actually, it is not difficult.” Han Shao Long stared at Meng Ying Ying’s full chest and said: “Just sleep with me for a few nights and I will help you convince teacher. Along with your relationship with Nangong Yun and us two being teacher’s most valued students, with a bit of mediation, the possibility is there…..”

    Meng Ying Ying was furious: “You…..You despicable scoundrel!”

    Han Shao Long fully exposed his inner thoughts. Because Nan Yun commerce was finished, these two sisters were also finished, so there was no need to hide anything.

    “Fine fine fine, I have given you the opportunity but you didn’t take it; so don’t blame me. But I’ll tell you this, sooner or later, you will beg me to sleep with you.”

    “Shut up!”

    After Meng Ying Ying saw Han Shao Long’s ugly side, an awful premonition filled her heart. She immediately turned around and ran away. She did not want to stay here any longer; she just wanted to go home.
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    Chapter 4 : Master Shocked

    Noon, Laboratory
    Zhang Li Qing, wearing a tired expression, was organizing the drafts on his table.
    Nangong Yun stepped into the lab and asked: “Old geezer, how is the progress today?”
    Zhang Li Qing rubbed his tired eyes: “Hard hard hard, still no progress!”
    “Talisman research usually requires the wisdom of an entire team, but doing this by yourself will spread your efforts too thin.” Nangong Yun was still suspicious of the matter with Meng Ying Ying. She suddenly had an idea and pulled out the scroll: “Oh right, I received an advice draft, maybe it might help you out a little. ”
    Zhang Li Qing asked: “From whom?”
    Nangong Yun did not want to reveal it immediately: “It doesn’t matter, first take a look at the content of it. If it really is helpful, then I will tell you.”
    Nangong Yun did not hold out much hope of this.
    What kind of good suggestion can that girl really give?
    However, once the scroll had been laid out, Nangong Yun became dumbfounded. More than a dozen startling red crosses harshly marked the design. Comments that criticized Zhang Li Qing to no end filled the remaining blank spaces.
    “Academic trash!”
    “Demonstration error!”
    “Fraud teaching!”
    What the hell!
    This missy so imperious! How come I normally failed to notice it?!
    No matter who, if their brainchild is criticized to the extent, they would have lost patience. However, Zhang Li Qing was a tolerant and cultivated person. He suppressed his anger and patiently read the details of the criticism.
    “This is not that simple!”
    “These few words are enough to hit the critical spots!”
    Zhang Li Qing’s expression became serious. It was just a comment of few hundred words but it could point out all the mistakes in the design, and seemed to contain a large amount of information. Zhang Li Qing read it over a few times, each time gave him a different feeling.
    Second time. His brain became clear; all the chaos was swept away. He could not wait to overthrow his previous theory and redesign his draft again.
    Third time. He noticed that every word seemed to contain great wisdom yet unpredictable at the same time. This had caused Zhang Li Qing to hesitate.
    Fourth time. Zhang Li Qing felt confused again; became unsure of where to start.
    Like reading a classic; the surface only seemed to show a shallow yet simple story; however, it contained many hidden profound and practical wisdom. Zhang Li Qing became a little obsessed when he carefully read the secrets. This is a fantastic feeling.
    “There is more on the back!”
    Zhang Li Qing turned the scroll over and gasped. His eyes widened and his face turned red; then turned white, and then turned red again. His lips quivered, tongue-tied and was speechless: “This, this, this, this…..”
    Nangong Yun pulled out a pill and handed it to him.
    Zhang Li Qing swallowed the pill, his expression eased somewhat but was still very excited. His hands clutched tightly to his chest and his head was already full of big beads of sweat. He trembled and for a long time could not speak: “Hur..hur..hurry up and help me cover it!”
    Zhang Li Qing had some heart problems. If this continues, his heart would have burst asunder and kill him.
    Nangong Yun was suspicious. Normally this geezer is always calm and steady, he would never make a big fuss over little things. How come he became this excited after he saw the figure?
    “This figure is?”
    Zhang Li Qing had difficulty suppressing the excitement surging through him and swallowed another pill. Like someone protecting their treasure, he slowly opened the scroll. His eyes were petrified looking at the scroll. Slowly, tears came out of his old eyes and murmured: “To see such a perfect talisman design in this life, I can die without regret!”
    “Hey geezer, aren’t you lacking a bit of ambition? You, yourself, are also a master!”
    Zhang Li Qing said with a self-deprecating smile: “I only have a small reputation in Tian Nan City. If you were to compare me with this person, then it would be like comparing a lone star in the sky with the sun and moon, like comparing a duck to a phoenix. What right do I have to call myself a master? Tell me, whose is it? I would like to personally visit the real master!”
    Nangong Yun showed a strange expression: “I am afraid that she is younger than you!”
    Zhang Li Qing sneered and said: “Those that are more knowledgeable are the masters. There are countless geniuses in this world; do you think this old man is that inflexible?”
    Nangong Yun bitterly laughed and said: “But she is one of your students!”
    “Rubbish! I should be the one that is the student instead!”
    “I will be honest, she is your fourth year student, named Meng Ying Ying. But old geezer, you yourself have expelled her this morning.”
    Meng Ying Ying?
    Really my student?
    Got expelled by me?
    Zhang Li Qing remained stunned for a while: “Are you sure?”
    Nangong Yun nodded and said: “She personally handed me the scroll this morning.”
    Zhang Li Qing’s eyes turned white, clutched his heart and fell: “Medicine! Medicine! Bring me the medicine!”
    Zhang Li Qing’s sanity was slowly becoming abnormal.
    Old people cannot endure too much excitement. One might kick the bucket if not careful!
    Nangong Yun rushed to feed him a couple of pills and then helped him to the lounge. Zhang Li Qing lay in bed, his face pale, his eyes closed, his mouth trembled, issuing a string of gibberish.
    After an hour.
    Zhang Li Qing suddenly sat straight up: “Where is this place?”
    Nangong Yun got surprised. Did this geezer got too excited and went mad? “This is the lounge. You just fainted.”
    Zhang Li Qing showed an ecstatic expression: “Fainted? So what has just happened is not a dream? Hurry, hurry, bring me the scroll!”
    Nangong Yun worriedly said: “In your state, it’s best not to see it.”
    Zhang Li Qing scowled and said: “Enough talk, hurry and bring it over here!”
    Nangong Yun could only do as he says so and brought the scroll over. The seventy years old geezer carefully held the scroll in his hand with an obsessed look on his face; like someone gently holding the hands of their first love, he slowly stroked it over and over again. This action gave Nangong Yun goose bumps.
    “This talisman design itself is already flawless. What is more impressive is that it is designed based on my idea; this would without a doubt increase the difficulty ten-fold!”
    “Forty two thousand years ago, humanity mastered magic power. Twenty six thousand five hundred years ago, humans discovered magical array. Fourteen thousand two hundred years ago, talisman making became part of the history.”
    “Present day, on this continent, there are a few mature styles of talisman making. Each has its own merit and influences each other. However, this design does not fall under any of those styles, yet it contains hints of each one. It has mastered and reached the extreme pinnacle of each style. This design is thousands of years ahead!”
    “Art! Pure art! This old man has been studying magic formation and talisman for a few decades, finally have the luck to see a real master.”
    “This old man will test its effect personally!”
    Zhang Li Qing crafted the talisman.
    When the talisman was activated, an invisible but vigorous force immediately enveloped his whole body’s skin.
    Zhang Li Qing became excited. When he was designing the talisman, he already picked a good name for it. It would be called “Rock Armor” because once the talisman was activated; rocks would cover the whole body like a suit of armor, obtaining good defence capabilities. Judging from the talisman's initial activation, this concept is very close to my original conception.
    That’s not right!
    Zhang Li Qing was covered in cold sweat!
    After the magical energy activates the talisman, the energy is converted by the magical array. The output energy envelopes the whole body, and then begins to penetrate into the flesh!
    How come it will penetrate into the flesh?
    Could this talisman be dangerous?
    Zhang Li Qing thought about it again. The designer could come up with something this perfect, how could they make an elementary mistake on safety? Zhang Li Qing gritted his teeth and continued. The top flesh and skin swelled up, quickly hardened, his skin began to rapidly change in colour to grey and finally turned black.
    “This……This is!”
    Zhang Li Qing was stunned looking at the mirror. His skin became solid and its hardness was similar to that of bedrock!
    How can this be done?
    Skin surface hardness increased significantly, yet it does not affect flexibility and mobility?
    The most unbelievable fact is that elemental power has merged with cells in the body, allowing it to temporarily use the powers of the element. Zhang Li Qing remembered his mentor, the famous talisman maker He Tian Ming, purposed such theory once; but was ridiculed for it by many people.
    For this to be realized in a simple level 2 talisman!
    What a special and bold design!
    Nature’s gift!
    Understanding of creation itself!
    Nangong Yun couldn’t help but be amazed: “This is Godly!”
    This is a strike to one’s morale!
    A big strike to one’s morale!
    The “rock armor” that Zhang Li Qing had painstakingly researched was complete rubbish compared to this!
    Five minutes later, the skin returned to normal colour; there was not even the slightest sign of side effect. All of the aspects were perfect!
    “Did Meng Ying Ying really turn this in?”
    “Meng Ying Ying normally procrastinates in doing her homework. Of the amount due, half is usually missing and is amongst the dead last in the class. Today is an exception, Meng Ying Ying is the first to turn in homework and she completed all of it; which is very strange.”
    Zhang Li Qing thought for a moment, and said: “Bring all of Meng Ying Ying’s homework here.”
    Nangong Yun helplessly said: “I’m afraid that is not possible.”
    Zhang Li Qing glared: “Why!”
    “Because my fellow junior-apprentice Han Shao Long told others to burn all of it.”
    “Burnt?” Zhang Li Qing’s beard trembled with anger: “All burnt!”
    Nangong Yun nodded.
    Zhang Li Qing angrily roared. As if had gone mad, he burst opened the research lab door and then kicked down the reference room door.
    The few students who saw teacher coming in furiously were all scared silly. Teacher is typically very calm but what has happened today?
    Zhang Li Qing came over with a sullen expression carried on his face. He reached out with his trembling hands into the stove to pick up the charred fragments.
    The talisman paper was typically made using special wood or skin and was generally resistant to fire and water; so they would always leave some little fragments.
    This is a clearly a level 1 talisman. If memory serves me correctly, this is the bugged talisman exercise given to the students, asking them to find the errors. However, the whole talisman is marked by a single red cross.
    What does this mean?
    Is the whole thing wrong?
    On the back was a completely new figure. Even though it was burned and mottled, Zhang Li Qing could still recognize, that’s right….this is handwriting of that expert! This is the handwriting of that expert!
    “I’m finished!”
    “I’m finished!”
    “What have I done!”
    Zhang Li Qing stared at the ashes in the black stove. His expression became unstable; sometimes red, sometimes pale. He suddenly looked up.
    A mouth full of blood sprayed all the way to the ceiling!
    Zhang Li Qing felt dizzy and fainted on the floor!
    The few apprentices were all stunned.
    “Deadbeats! Bunch of deadbeats! You guys are in big trouble!” Nangong Yun quickly propped up Zhang Li Qing and glared at the few apprentices: “Take advantage of the time the old man is not awake, go pack up and flee! No matter where you go, Tian Nan City has no place for you guys!”
  • I love how mc just goes with the flow xD, there are few typos, however the quality is good so I'm looking forward for your translations.
    It would be good if you'd find some editor :p.
  • its really off to a good start it just depends on the plot now
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    mee13 said:
    I love how mc just goes with the flow xD, there are few typos, however the quality is good so I'm looking forward for your translations.
    It would be good if you'd find some editor p.
    Thank you for your giving us your valuable feedback. At last we got a comment from someone. You know we are worried if our translations are up to the mark or not. As you may not know we are both non-native speakers so the flow might be a little bit choppy, but we got a new editor. So things will be different from now. We will try our best to make the readers feel as if they were reading the original novel. We will improve ourselves as we translate more chapters.
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    Chapter 5 : Magic Powered Frying Pan

    In the afternoon, the hot sun burned like a fire.

    Meng Ying Ying sat on the yard swing, gently swaying back and forth. The sun shone down on her smooth flawless skin, highlighting her seductively supple snow-white thighs. However, in stark comparison to this, her delicate face slowly became dirty as tears continued to trickle down like broken pearls on her cheeks. Seeing her weak appearance would make most people get a strong urge to unconditionally protect her.

    A heartless voice resounded in the air.

    “I finally found you!”

    “I am starving to death, do you not also provide meals?”

    Chu Tian walked over. His hair was messy and unkempt and his eyes half closed. It looked like he just got out bed.

    Meng Ying Ying turned her head and groaned: “You just woke up? It’s already afternoon!”

    Chu Tian righteously said “The room you arranged for me to live in was small and dirty. I can live with that; however, it did not even have an oil lamp, let alone pots or pans. In addition, the small window barely provided any ventilation inside the room, making it an oven. How do you expect me to sleep?”

    Meng Ying Ying was surprised for a moment: “Really?”

    “Of course! The mattress was too firm, and when I slept on it, it made my back ache!” Chu Tian stretched out his body, displaying an uncomfortable look : “Fortunately, I was witty and clever. I forced open the warehouse door and got some materials to improve the condition of the room. All of this took the whole night, so by the time I got done, it was already morning. I was tired and sleepy so naturally I would have slept till noon.”

    So that’s how it is.

    Wait a minute!

    He pried open the warehouse door!

    This guy is a daredevil!

    Chu Tian noticed there were tear stains on Meng Ying Ying’s face: “Hey, why are you crying? Could it be that you are moved by my tragedy and my self-improving, never giving up attitude?”

    Meng Ying Ying rubbed her eyes, angrily said: “Nonsense! I am sad because I got expelled by teacher. I couldn’t care less if you live or die!”

    Chu Tian waved his hands: “Ai, and here I thought it was something big. Just an ungrateful old man, though he is kind of rude.”

    Meng Ying Ying extended her legs, in a flash jumped off the swing; and stood in front of Chu Tian with both hands on her waist: “Don’t talk nonsense. Even though I got expelled, I still got my tuition back. This means I got four years of free education. What did he have to gain?”

    Chu Tian made a long yawn, sluggishly said: “Naïve. I’ll tell you this straight. The contents on the homework I helped you with is worth as much as the whole Scrivener Guild. That geezer kicking you aside clearly means that he wants the credit for himself.”

    “Can you not lie for once? Zhang Li Qing is a honourable person, why would he do such thing!” Meng Ying Ying stood before Chu Tian: “Also, I got expelled; therefore you are unemployed. I’m going to return you back to the slave market and get my money back!”

    Chu Tian got surprised: “What? You can return?!”

    Meng Ying Ying humphed: “Of course. Three-day return policy, seven days exchange!”

    My god!

    What the hell?

    Why does the slave market of this era have such a humane service?

    “Slow down! Slow down! I can prove to you that I am worth far more!” Chu Tian did not even think: “How about this. I’ll treat you to a feast.”

    “You? Treat me to a feast?”

    “That’s right. Everything is ready. All we need is food and condiments.”

    Chu Tian left Meng Ying Ying baffled: “You don’t even have the ingredients and condiments, and you say that everything is ready?”

    Chu Tian continued without feeling any shame: “Oh please, where am I going to find the money? But trust me, you won’t be disappointed!”

    What does Chu Tian have up his sleeve?

    Meng Ying Ying had not eaten for a long time, so she indeed felt hungry. She decided to eat her fill before discussing the painstaking problem with her sister; as a result, she led Chu Tian to the food storage.

    “Two pieces of Moonlight Yak’s steaks.”

    “One silver turtle.”


    Chu Tian finished picking the ingredients.

    While they walked back, Meng Ying Ying frowned and said: “All the meat you have picked is from beast. Although their meat is nutritious, it does not taste good; and also indigestible!”

    “Oh yeah? Says who!”

    “This is common knowledge!” Meng Ying Ying now seriously doubts Chu Tian’s cooking, “Beasts are creatures that can cultivate. Their body contains large amount of magical power. Their toughness is ten to hundred times that of human body. If even a soldier’s sword has a hard time just cutting through it, what will our teeth be able to do?? Because the meat is too tough, a normal person’s stomach cannot handle it. If you eat it but can’t poop it back out, it might result in death!”

    “You barbarians, you really do not know how to enjoy life.”

    “What do you mean? Calling me a barbarian. What makes me barbarian! Return! Return! “

    “Stop yelling return for every little thing. We have slept on the same bed already and have skinship together so you saying all these things makes me sad.”

    “Jerk! You dare to speak of that again!” Meng Ying Ying was furious and exploded like thunder: “I must get my return!”

    “Calm down! Calm down! I’ll admit my mistakes alright?” Chu Tian soothed the enraged missy: “Now then, I will demonstrate to you what a civilized person can do, in order to compensate for your emotional damage.”

    Chu Tian appeased her quite a while; thus, after a long time, he finally got her to follow him to his small room.

    It was as Chu Tian had said; the room was hot, humid, and dark.

    The moment Meng Ying Ying opened the door, she was instantly petrified. Her eyes widened; she could not believe what she was seeing: “What…..what are these things?”

    A few strung up glass casing hung from the ceiling. Each glass ball bloomed with bright light; making the small room luminous and comfortable.

    A teapot lay on top of the broken table. Even without fire, it continuously emitted sound without weakening; like it was constantly boiled on boiled on top of a fire.

    Hu Hu! (whistling sound)

    Wind echoed in the room. It turns out there were four blue magical arrays configured on the four walls in the room. The four magical arrays interacted with each other, shifting the air in the room; creating a gentle breeze. One would feel fresh and cool even if they stayed in the room during a hot summer.

    “What is going on with this glass? Why is it so bright!”

    “This is called a electric light bulb.”

    During Chu Tian’s time, the light bulb had already gone out of fashion.

    However, in this day and age, the light bulb had not been invented yet.

    Most people used candles or oil lamps while the higher ups used crystal lamps. The former was inconvenient and also not bright enough while the latter’s cost a lot; making it unaffordable for lower and middle class family.

    The appearance of the light bulb was definitely a milestone for civilization.

    Meng Ying Ying’s eyes were wide opened: “How come light bulb emits light?”

    Chu Tian began to explain: “In the principle of conversion between electricity and light. There are a total of five magic arrays. One for collecting magical energy, one for converting magical energy into electrical energy, one for storing electrical energy, one for controlling electrical energy output, one for converting electrical energy into light energy; when you chain all the five together into a single magical array and activate them at the same time, the light bulb will emit light.”

    Meng Ying Ying was just about to say something.

    Chu Tian rudely interrupted her: “Alright, don’t ask anymore. Even if I were to explain, you still won’t understand.”

    Meng Ying Ying did not bother to blame Chu Tian for being rude, she pointed at the teapot and said: “How come your teapot gets hot by itself?”

    “Just with a simple heating magical array.”

    “How come there is a breeze in the room?”

    “Because of the fan magical array. I wanted to create an air conditioner, but the material wasn’t available so I had to make do with what I got.”

    Meng Ying Ying was like an inquisitive child, and so she asked about everything in the room: “Aiyaya, so many strange and rare stuff, you really do have some strange abilities!”

    Chu Tian laughed: “Now you won’t return me back to the slave market right?”

    “That depends on how you perform!” Meng Ying Ying was an exuberant, insatiably curious person. When she saw new things, she would forget all the troubles she had. Her mood became better and she carelessly sat down: “Hey! Did you not say that you will treat me to a feast? I already brought all of the ingredients here, but there is no kitchen!.....Ah! If you dare to troll me, I will return you!”

    Chu Tian magically pulled a frying pan out: “Why would you need a kitchen? Watch, I’ll fry you a steak!”

    Chu Tian imbued the frying pan with his magical power; the magical array under the pan lit up.

    There was no trace of fire at all!

    The air above the frying pan started to deform; as if it was subjected to high temperature.

    The strangest aspect was, the high temperature was locked within a small region of few centimetres high. The area around the pan and the panhandle remained cold.

    Chu Tian threw the moonlight cattle steak into the pan.

    Chi La! (sound of frying meat)

    The moment the steak made contact with the pan, it made a sizzling sound.

    Even though Chu Tian did not use fire; the pan acted like it had thousands of densely packed small fires, evenly heating up the steak.

    After about thirty seconds, Chu Tian gently flicked his wrist and flipped the steak. The side of the steak that was on the pan changed colours completely.

    Moonlight yak was classified as a beast!

    A normal chef would find it difficult to cook this ingredient!

    A normal flame would not be able to cook this ingredient!

    Beast meat had high toughness and would not conduct heat well. Sometimes when cooking it on fire, even when the outside was burnt, the inside would still be raw. Even if you slice it up and then cook, people would still have a hard time digesting it.

    The heat released from Chu Tian’s frying pan seemed to contain a superior penetration attribute. It penetrated into every cell and removed the tough characteristic of the beast meat, bringing out its deliciousness and nutrition.

    Chi! Chi! Chi! (sound of frying meat)

    The steak was continuously flipped; savoury fat seeped out from the edges.

    Chu Tian saw that the meat was almost ready, and added sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and a variety of seasonings.

    The whole process took about eight minutes.

    The steamy steak was finally ready to be served.

    “Here you go miss, your meal!”

    Chu Tian put the steak onto Meng Ying Ying’s plate. The steak was around three centimetre thick, and had a pink centre with juice slowly seeping out. The whole steak was thoroughly cooked and tender. This had gotten Meng Ying Ying’s mouth watery and she could no longer wait to cut it with a knife.

    Normally, a beast’s flesh was very tough and unable to be cut; however, she was able to easily cut through the meat with a normal knife.

    Meng Ying Ying picked up a piece of meat and put it into her mouth.

    “Wu Wu Wu…..”

    Meng Ying Ying’s eyes shined like a bright star and could not stop eating; immediately had cut another big piece. Her whole mouth became oiling and could not speak clearly: “Wa! I have never eaten such a good beast meat before!”

    Chu Tian became tired and exhausted; however, seeing that the missy was so happy, he satisfyingly nodded.

    This body is indeed from a noble. Even though the owner had cultivated before, but he did not even reach the realm of the awakened soul, therefore using magical power to cook took its toll on Chu Tian.

    Meng Ying Ying noticed that Chu Tian was extremely exhausted, and an idea popped up. She stood up and asked: “Can you teach me how to use this pan to fry steak?”

    Chu Tian knew that Meng Ying Ying was being considerate and wanted to help out; he smiled and said: “It is actually very simple, no need to learn at all.”

    Meng Ying Ying had put down her utensils and came over: “Let me try it!”

    Chu Tian passed the frying pan to Meng Ying Ying: “I placed a ‘micro frying array’ on the bottom of the frying pan. When you imbue your magical power into it, it will activate. Give it a try.”

    Meng Ying Ying had the power of 2nd Rank Body Refinement Realm. Even though she did not have a big magic power reserve, her reserve was still few times better than that of Chu Tian’s. She poured magical power into the array; the array absorbed it and immediately began to emit an invisible energy.

    Chi La!

    A burning sound could be heard as soon as she put the steak in.

    Meng Ying Ying’s face was flushed red with excitement, nervously held the frying pan, “Now what? Now what?”

    Chu Tian walked over and held Meng Ying Ying’s trembling hands, “No need to be nervous. Stabilize your power output, flip it every 30 seconds. Yup, just like that. Add seasonings in the meantime. Like I said, it’s very simple.”

    The little missy’s hands were smooth and tender.

    Chu Tian could not help but hold it longer.

    Meng Ying Ying’s face was red like an apple. Who knows if it was because she was nervous or if she was shy. She just felt a big hand warmly enveloped her own hands. She did not hate the feeling and just let it held her.

    A few minutes later, a savoury steak was ready!

    Meng Ying Ying was extremely excited and burst out in laughter: “I Meng Ying Ying, can also make a tasty steak!”

    Stupid girl, is it even possible to fail with this frying pan? Maybe if the person is brain dead.

    It’s as if she had achieved something great, she looked very happy and joyful. It’s too bad there is only two pieces of steak; if not, we could have more fun.

    Meng Ying Ying noticed that there were two tools; one was the frying pan and the other a soup pot. She pointed at the soup pot and asked: “What is this used for?”

    “This is for making soup, I put a ‘micro soup cooking array’ on the bottom. Did we not bring a silver turtle? How does turtle soup sound?”

    “I like turtle soup, let me do it!”

    Meng Ying Ying volunteered for the job.

    She personally cut up the silver turtle and cleaned it up. She put the turtle into the pot with some chicken, mushroom, and ginger. Finally she began to pour magical power into the pot. The whole process was very simple and did not require any learning.

    Magic powered cooking does not yet exist in this era; or, at the least, it’s still immature.

    In Chu Tian’s era, magic arrays had seeped into every aspect of life. Magic powered cooking became very common; even though most people knew a few magic arrays used for cooking, those that were really proficient in this field were still uncommon. Because baking, pan frying, stir frying, deep frying, cooking, and roasting all had at least hundreds of different magical arrays used for each. Only a genuine, top level magic chef that had spent dozens of years in order to learn, could actually use all these skills.

    Chu Tian was not a professional magic chef; but he still knew the versatile magic cooking arrays. This way he would not have to be forced to eat raw beast meat during travel and exploration.

    Fifteen minutes later.

    Chu Tian nodded: “It’s done.”

    “This fast? It usually takes us a few hours to cook soup!”

    “How can traditional cooking even be compared to magic powered cooking? Ok, open the lid and let us try the soup!”

    The moment the lid opened, a strong aroma drifted into the room, which almost made Meng Ying Ying faint. She did not think it was possible for food to give off such an appetizing smell. She quickly brought a bowl over and got a bowl of soup for herself first.

    The soup was creamy white, it had exquisite flavour; mellow, fragrant but not greasy, fresh yet not fishy. Even the bones were perfectly stewed; chewy but not hard. The mushroom and chicken were completely dissolved within the soup. This was simply the best the world can offer!

    “Hot! Hot!”

    Meng Ying Ying looked like as if she had been starving for many days, drank the soup until she is full. Her skin became hot, like her blood was boiling.

    Chu Tian on the other hand was very calm and drank the soup slowly: “Beast meat is very nutritious and contains magic power. Magic powered cooking can fully extract these benefits. Your body is still not strong enough so you should limit your intake. It will cause problem if you were to eat too much.”

    After filling up her stomach, Meng Ying Ying had a flash of inspiration, suddenly stood up and pounded the table: “Chu Tian, I figured it out! Let’s cooperate and start a business!”


    “Let’s go earn money together!”

    Meng Ying Ying pounced at Chu Tian; grabbed his hands and started rattling. They were separated by a table; Chu Tian was sitting while Meng Ying Ying was standing. When she leaned over, her two naughty big white rabbits became exposed again. Accompanying with her shaking and swaying, the scene was too overwhelming.

    Too naughty!

    Chu Tian was itching to reach inside and teach them a lesson!

    Chu Tian was surprised and asked: “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

    Meng Ying Ying did not realize she was exposed, her face red with excitement and said: “I got expelled, so JieJie will be very disappointed. I don’t have the face to tell her. Why not use the tuition money that teacher has returned for business? I have the money, you have the skills, we will work together and earn a lot of money, then give her a surprise!”

    Chu Tian asked: “What plan do you have?”

    Meng Ying Ying had an impatient personality; she pounded the table and shouted: “Who needs a plan! You come out with me tonight! We will sell steak together!”
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    Chapter 6 : The Grand Moneymaking Scheme

    Beast meat was rich in nutrition, allowing the body to grow stronger, and was even able to increase a person’s magical power. Cooking this meat required some special skills, thus ordinary people would not dare to eat this meat. Even those with a high level of cultivation would still strictly limit their consumption of the meat. Failure to do so could easily harm their body!

    Chu Tian’s magical cooking techniques, however, could resolve almost all of those problems!

    For the first time!

    The idea of doing something big popped up inside Meng Ying Ying’s mind.

    Never in her life had she felt so full of strength;  so much passion! She felt an entrepreneurial passion in her. In the past, this was impossible.

    How could it be so easy to start a business?

    JieJie is intrepid, yet she is also so cautious and solemn, as if always walking on thin ice.

    Meng Ying Ying wasn’t like her sister who had poise and wisdom, nor was she astute and cunning like a merchant;  however, she has the mysterious Chu Tian. Through her intuition, she became aware of the broad market and the amazing business opportunities!

    This was the kind of opportunity that rarely, if ever, comes by.

    Meng Ying Ying was currently at the lowest point of her life so far, after being both expelled and humiliated by Han Shao Long. She wanted to regain face, and do something big for everyone to see!

    Chu Tian did not object and asked: “How do you plan to go about it?”

    “We will go sell steak at the square!” Meng Ying Ying ambitiously said: “We’ll split the profits, fifty-fifty!”

    When he heard these words, Chu Tian almost spurted out his tea.

    This psycho missy sure is something! You will only see someone as ignorant as her only once every hundred years!

    Do you not see the commercial value of the light bulb?

    Do you not notice the business potential of the fan array?

    She just happens to ignore all those and only thought about selling steak.

    Sure, with this advanced cooking technique, there are indeed plenty of ways to earn money, such as licensing the technology and developing a franchise. All of these are definitely good ways to earn money, however, this missy has thought of the stupidest idea of them all - street vending.


    It’s fine, as long as she doesn’t keep clamouring for a return.

    Tian Nan Square was at the centre of the city. It was also located near the Mercenary Guild, Scrivener Guild, and the Pharmacist Guild, hence, it was a very lively place.

    Meng Ying Ying was an impatient person. She immediately took 10 gold coins and purchased 200 moonlight yak steak, along with some necessary seasoning. She then loaded other necessities from home like tables and chairs into a beast wagon and departed towards the Tian Nan Square together with Chu Tian.

    “What would be an appropriate price for the steak?” Meng Ying Ying showed a difficult expression while sitting in the wagon,“The fresh steak we bought from the market cost us 5 silver coins each!”

    Chu Tian suggested: “In my opinion, 1 gold coin each!”

    Meng Ying Ying was slightly shocked: “Will people buy it if it’s so expensive?”

    One gold coin is equal to 100 silver coins or 10,000 copper coins. An average household of three people would have a monthly expenditure of about 20 to 30 silver coins. The four year tuition fee for Meng Ying Ying to study under the famous Zhang Li Qing was 2000 gold coins.

    Even though the moonlight yak was classified as a beast, it was only a level 1 beast. It had only cost Meng Ying Ying 10 gold coins to buy 200 slices of fresh steak!

    At this price, just one steak would cost as much as ordinary people’s two month of expenditure!

    Will people really buy it at such an extravagant price?

    Chu Tian said: “Normal people don’t eat beast meat. The people who eat beast meat are the people with money, such as practitioners and merchants. This amount of money is nothing to them.”

    Chu Tian saw that Meng Ying Ying was still worried, so he raised his tone and said: “We have a valuable commodity, and we also have a monopoly on this. If we don’t get ten times the investment, then it’s not worth setting up a stall. Trust me on this, it will be fine! But don’t forget your promise that you will give me half of the profits.”

    After Meng Ying Ying heard this, she immediately patted her chest and righteously said: “Don’t worry, I Meng Ying Ying will always stay true to her words. From our profit, I will not take even a single copper more than we agreed upon.”


    Tian Nan Square.

    Tall palm trees towered like pillars on both sides of the road. Every palm tree was garnished with huge fruits hanging all over it. This kind of palm-tree was called Solar Palm. Their fruits could absorb light during the day and then emit it during the night, illuminating the whole road. Those palm trees serve as the street lights in this world.

    Flowerbeds and lawns were filled with different types of light-emitting plants such as Moonlight Mushrooms and Twilight Blossoms, creating colourful spectacles.

    High-rise buildings and shop tops were decorated with colourful shimmering vines. The colour of the light emitted by these vines had shades of five to six different colours. When these vines interlaced together, they produced the same effect as neon lights. Some people even used the vines to create billboards.

    Pedestrians strolling on the street carried pumpkin lights and jellyfish lights.

    Pumpkin light was made from a plant called “Daylight Pumpkin”. When daylight pumpkin matures, it is soaked in a special liquid in order to increase its lifespan. The daylight pumpkin” absorbs the light element during the day and releases it back during the night. It acts similar to a lantern when held in hand.

    Jellyfish light was actually a beast creature. It has very little magical power and low combat capacity. It floats around in the water emitting lights like a firefly. It breeds fast so it is very suitable to be made into a lighting tool to provide light during the night.

    The streets of Tian Nan city were filled with beast wagons. Pulling those wagons were a variety of beasts, such as giant lizards, giant oxes and other various beasts. All of these things created a very mystifying scene.

    Such was this world’s urban night scenery. A mix of half-plant, half-city, creating a scene where nature and city life intertwine.

    Meng Ying Ying came late.

    All of the best spots for setting up stalls were already occupied. She could only find a location in the outer perimeter to set up venue.

    “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! I’ll set up the umbrella! You go hang the electric lights!”

    The moment the light bulb lit up, it attracted the attention of many passers-by. The light emitted was very bright and stable when compared to biological lights or crystal lights. However, those people just could not make out what it was.

    Meng Ying Ying wore long shirt and long trousers, she fastened her scarf and put on a mask over her mouth. She was a bit nervous;  however, when she knew that success or failure was hinging on this business, she immediately yelled: “Selling Moonlight yak steak! Delicious and nutritious, one gold coin each!”

    Meng Ying Ying yelled a few times unblushingly.

    With the presence of light bulbs and her beauty, the number of surrounding people had quickly increased.

    Meng Ying Ying began to notice a depressing phenomenon. Even though the number of surrounding people kept increasing, no one was buying anything. Meng Ying Ying had become a bit anxious because of this. “Don’t tell me, I won’t be able to sell a single one? If my first business is to fail this badly, then the impact would be too much for me to bear”.

    “To sell it this expensive, what is so special about this steak?”

    A middle-aged man who was wearing a helmet ,carrying a long sword, and a bow on his back came over and asked.

    Meng Ying Ying had yet to open her mouth before Chu Tian had already said: “Since uncle is our first guest, your meal will be on us. If uncle finds this satisfying, then please help generate some publicity.”

    “Free? Something that’s this good? Then I don’t mind if I do.”

    This man was a mercenary that had just returned from a mission. Mercenaries were usually never short on money. So, when he saw someone selling beast meat, he most likely came and asked out of curiosity;  after all, he had probably never seen somebody sell beast meat before. The result of this was him getting free food,so when such an opportunity came by, one would be stupid to miss it.

    Chu Tian signalled at Meng Ying Ying with his eyes.

    “Ok, please wait a moment!”

    Meng Ying Ying laid a steak into the pot and carefully cooked the steak;  then personally delivered it to the mercenary.

    The cooked steak in the plate had caused the mercenary to become suspicious. After many missions and having killed beast himself, he was well aware of the fact that beast meat was difficult to cook. This girl is like a magician performing magic and prepared a cooked steak in only a few minutes. This meat can’t be fake right?

    The mercenary cut a small piece of meat and carefully put it into his mouth.


    The mercenary immediately wrinkled his brow.

    This made Meng Ying Ying nervous as she thought it was not to the mercenary’s appetite. The mercenary did not give any judgments and immediately began shovelling piece after piece into his mouth. His pace became faster and faster, and in less than three minutes, the entire steak was already in his stomach.

    “Good! Good! Good!” The mercenary stood up and wiped his mouth. He laughed loudly: “This meat is excellent, well worth the money!”

    Meng Ying Ying was overtaken with joy after hearing these words: “Thank you uncle!”

    Even though there was no profit, to win people’s recognition was also something to be excited about.

    The mercenary very straightforwardly took out three gold coins: “Something so delicious, I must bring some back to my wife and kid. Help me pack up three!”

    We actually succeeded!

    This not only was the first business of the day but this also was the first time in Meng Ying Ying’s life that she had earned money on her own;  the significance and value of this, cannot be measured. If I were to tell JieJie, then she would be very happy!

    Meng Ying Ying almost jumped up from excitement when she received the money. Three gold coins, which was the same as two weeks’ worth of pocket money was earned this easily. She was almost anxious to give Chu Tian a celebratory hug;  however, this was just the beginning, as there were more surprises to come.

    “Isn’t that Wang Lao Si from the Fierce Tiger mercenary group? I hear he is very picky. If he is satisfied with the food, then it must be good right?”

    “Who knows, let’s go try!”

    “Hey boss, one here please!”

    “I will also get one!”


    The mercenary’s reaction caught the attention of many people. Immediately, there were people dressed like mercenaries storming in to try out the steak. The result turned out surprisingly good. This small stall business went from not having a single customer to high popularity. Meng Ying Ying and Chu Tian became buried in work trying to serve the steaks.


    “It tastes great!”

    “One for take-out please!”

    “Too delicious! I need to tell the guys in the regiment so they can all come to try it!”

    “Hey boss! You need to come more often;  we will continue to be your patron!”


    Shiny gold coins were coming in nonstop.

    Meng Ying Ying smiled and laughed so much that her mouth almost got a cramp. Never in her life had she been this happy. In addition, she had never felt such a sense of accomplishment before;  like a lost person finding the right way home;  she found where she belonged. It was a magnificent feeling.

    The majority of the customers were mercenaries. Mercenaries tend to be very forthright and generous when it comes to bills.

    Chu Tian had prepared three frying pans in advance, but he was not prepared for this business to become so popular. Both of their cultivation levels were not very high, so they would have to take turns recovering their magic power to fry steaks. Within two hours, they had sold more than one hundred servings!

    Chu Tian and Meng Ying Ying were both exhausted!

    Meng Ying Ying took advantage of the break time and bought two cups of cold drink from a nearby stall. She handed one of them to Chu Tian: “Our business is so good that we are being overwhelmed. We should definitely hire more people to increase our revenue.”

    “Are you even thinking at all?” Chu Tian wiped his head with a dirty towel and drank a mouthful of ice cold fruit juice and said: “If our business is this good, then we should invest big; maybe register our own commerce or open up a restaurant in order to make our brand more popular. What would you gain with just setting up a stall?”

    Meng Ying Ying nodded like a little bird pecking at him: “Right, right. Save up first, then open up shop! I will listen to you!”

    After tasting such benefits, Meng Ying Ying became more courageous and confident. She decided to keep the 2000 gold that Zhang Li Qing had returned to her. This would act as her own start up fund. If I were to achieve something big with this, not only will JieJie not blame me, but she will also praise me!

    Right! That’s right!

    If she worked together with Chu Tian, then it would most likely open up doors for them to secure a prospective future.
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    Chapter 7 : The Violent Chu Tian

    As it began to grow closer to dawn, the business had finally trickled down to nothing.

    Meng Ying Ying weighed the heavy purse in her hand. Today, even though they hadn’t gotten the best spot, they had still pocketed quite a sum of money. But just as she was getting ready to close the stall to go home to count the money earned for the day, she suddenly heard a babble of high pitched noises.

    “Ah, Boss, your meat is not fresh!”

    “I just ate two pieces, and now my stomach feels terrible!”

    “This meat definitely has a problem, you must give us a clear explanation!”

    Four customers dressed in leather armour kept shouting. Among them the one with arm completely tattooed was probably their leader. He had a sturdy stature with a hideous face, a ferocious-looking man. With one look you could tell he was no good person.

    Meng Ying Ying, afraid that it would affect their business, immediately went to explain: ”Our ingredients are all extremely fresh, there is no possibility of having any such problems.”


    The fully tattooed man pounded the table: “Fuck, I don't care, after eating your food my brother has hurt his stomach, you guys have to be responsible for this!”

    "That’s right! Do you know who our Brother Long is? "Another thug stood up, and shouted very arrogantly: "If our elder brother Long were to say the word, then you guys wouldn’t even need to think about doing business here anymore! ”

    This “Brother Long” had power of the 3rd rank Body Refinement Realm. He had rich combat experience and was fairly strong. He would often lead a gang of thugs, bullying the small and weak in order to extort money from them. There was no evil he dared not commit; he and his gang were also the local region’s resident bullies; ordinary people would never dare to provoke them.

    The profit from their stand was too eye-catching; this made it too hard for the greedy not to notice them. These people were probably looking for trouble.

    Meng Ying Ying had not thought about how to cope up with this kind of situation. Her temperament was docile by nature; naturally, she did not want something small like this to ruin her business. She thought in her heart that these thugs were only here for money, thus, as long as they didn’t go too far, then paying them off might not be too bad.

    Meng Ying Ying said politely: “We are new here and we don’t know the rules. If there is something we did wrong, then please let us know.”


    This chick already gave up resisting?

    This means she probably doesn’t have any strong background!

    “You are pretty sensible!” Brother Long did not leave it at that, but became more daring: “How about this, compensate us 1000 gold and hand over those frying pans. We guarantee there will be no more trouble from now!”

    Meng Ying Ying’s face changed drastically: “You guys are just blackmailing us! How could we have 1000 gold coins?”

    “Actually, I didn’t want to make this difficult for you.” Brother Long looked at Meng Ying YIng with great interest; his wretched gaze showed a hint of immoral thoughts: “Then how about this, you just come and spend a night with us few brothers, then we won’t bother about this money anymore!”

    The other thugs also began to have luscious thoughts.

    “Ha ha, Brother Long, you are too generous!”

    “I know right! Even Tian Nan city’s most expensive lady wouldn’t cost 1000 gold per night!”

    “With that said, this chick isn’t half bad at all! She has big breasts and a perky butt, not at all inferior to those fancy courtesans!”

    Even though she wore a mask, one could still see that her skin was a delicate and tender white. That her pair of thighs were long and well proportioned. That the size of her bust was astonishing. Such a graceful and charming body could only be found in rare beauties. This was not the first time they have done something like this, but this was the first time they had chanced upon this kind of extremely high-quality product.

    Meng Ying Ying’s anger made her face pale, and at the same time, she also saw the base eagerness in their eyes and could not help but become nervous: “You guys have gone too far! I am going to report you to the law enforcement!”

    “Ha ha ha ha!”

    “There’s no rush, after we finish playing, then go report!”

    “Who can say, after you play with us, that you won’t play with them again too!”

    The few thugs laughed unscrupulously. Only an idiot would say something this naive. The local gang had already bribed all those that needed to be bribed, why would they need to worry?

    Chu Tian already knew the situation had turned for the worse. He quickly finished collecting all the customers’ bills, picked up his frying pan, and walked over.

    “Ooh, are you this chick’s boyfriend?”

    Chu Tian has not said a single word from the start. This made the thugs think that Chu Tian was also just a weak idiot. Moreover, Chu Tian’s magic power was very weak and could not pose as a threat to them.

    One of the thugs drew out a knife, pointed at Chu Tian intimidatingly and said: “Let me tell you this, your woman has caught Brother Long’s interest, he wants to borrow her for a night. It is your honour that Brother Long wants to play with your woman. You should know what is good for you, or else..”


    Chu Tian swung his right hand slammed the pan onto the other’s face!

    The intense heat from the magic array burned the thug’s face so that it left many big blood filled blisters on him; some of the skin even started to peel off. Chu Tian followed this up with a heavy kick to the crotch, sending him flying a few meters away.


    “I’m finished! I am completely finished!”

    The thug fell onto the ground and painfully rolls around on the floor. His one hand covered his burnt face while his other hand held his shattered balls. Panic and despair could be heard from his cry.

    Everyone was stunned.

    This kid is ruthless!

    Directly attacking without sound, one move causes disfigurement, one move ends lineage, violent to the extreme, making people shiver!

    “Fuck!” Brother Long carried an enraged expression on his face: “Not even a 1st rank body refinement and dares to cripple my subordinate, he is seeking death! Go! Kill him!”

    These two thugs are 2nd rank body refinement, everyone can see that Chu Tian is not their match. Everyone can tell that the one he took down before was due to pre-emptive strike. It looks hopeless for Chu Tian now that two of Brother Long’s subordinate attacks at the same time.

    “Wait!” Meng YIng YIng panicky said: “Let him go, I will pay that 1000 gold!”

    “Too late!”

    “Today, we must cripple him!”

    One of the thugs thrust his legs against the ground, leaps straight toward Chu Tian. He swung his fist that is covered in a faint white glow of magic power toward Chu Tian’s face.

    Chu Tian is only a little stronger than average, how can he withstand the power of a 2nd rank body refinement?

    Magic power could not only be used to activate magic arrays, it can also be used raise one’s strength, speed, defence, etc. Their magic power is few times that of Chu Tian. Their punch carry few hundred kilograms of force, it can easily punch a cow to the ground; killing Chu Tian is simply too easy!

    Chu Tian did not even move. To others, it looked like Chu Tian could not react in time so could not move.


    Meng Ying Ying screamed.

    Chu Tian remained calm. He sent out a well-timed fast kick, as if he could predict the future. When Chu Tian lifted his legs, it landed perfectly on that thug’s crotch. The fist stopped just a few millimetres away from Chu Tian’s face; the shock wave from the fist made a mess out of Chu Tian’s hair.

    This was a very weird sight.

    Chu Tian’s power and speed could not be compared to his opponent. It looked as if the opponent purposely delivered his crotch onto Chu Tian’s leg.


    The thug fell to the ground, agonizing cries echoes once again.

    Chu Tian stomped on the thug’s face, breaking his nose.

    At the same time, another thug jabbed his knife towards Chu Tian.

    Chu Tian moved his feet and slightly leaned his body. The knife passed by Chu Tian’s face with very little distance.



    The knife in the enraged thug’s hand danced. Each strike was fast and came towards him at a tricky angle, making the spectators covered in a cold sweat. This person was obviously a master when it comes to knives. However, Chu Tian was like a butterfly flying through a flower garden, managing to avoid every cut by a millimetre distance; even though it looked extremely dangerous, it was in fact very relaxing.

    Chu Tian sneered.

    He is full of openings!

    If he cannot handle this kind of trash, why don’t he just bang his head against a wall and kill himself.

    The thug attacks once again. Chu Tian boldly steps forward, easily avoids the strike, and raises his right knee right into the thug’s groin. The thug fell to the ground, his face turned green; he twitched and screamed as he held his groin with both hands. Large amounts of blood and stinky fluid leaked out. It appeared that despite his knife skills, he could not escape the same fate that befell the others.

    “My god!”

    “This kid’s attacks are too ruthless!”

    “That was weird, it looked as if those two thugs willingly delivered their balls to him to be busted!”

    Chu Tian was able to beat opponents a few times more powerful than he was and he even made it look easy. This impossible feat shocked many people.

    Brother Long was also baffled by this. Even though those two subordinates had not been through a hundred battles, they still had served in the army for two years. Whether it's combat experience or magic power, they should not have lost to this kid who hasn’t even grown hair yet.

    Meng Ying Ying’s face became red from excitement: “Nice hit! Well put in his place!”

    This guy knows all sorts of weird things and could even fight this well; he is full of surprises!

    Brother Long became furious and unsheathed a gleaming sword from his waist: “You pest! Today I will show you that no tricks of yours will work when faced against true power!”

    Brother Long was at 3rd rank Body Refinement Realm. Naturally, his magic power stronger than his few subordinates; thus, his power, speed and defence were on another level.

    Chu Tian shrugged: “I’ll give it a try!”

    Brother Long furiously roared while viciously dashing toward Chu Tian. His sword drew in a cold arc and stabbed towards Chu Tian’s chest.

    Brother Long’s strength was no joke; that one strike imbued with magic power was both fast and vicious. It could easily split open boulders. This strength was not something that the other thugs could even try to match.

    Chu Tian twisted his body and dodged the strike, leaving a paper thin gap between the blade and himself, and then passed through on the left side. The faint sword aura managed to shave off a few strands of Chu Tian’s hair.

    Simply too dangerous!

    “Hahaha, too slow!”


    Brother Long fully released his magic power. He relentlessly attacked, each cut creating its own sword aura.

    Chu Tian, like an agile swallow, leisurely dodged the attacks with minimum movement.

    What is happening?

    Brother Long showed an expression of disbelief. Chu Tian is dragged down by his low cultivation level, his speed is not fast.

    Every movement, as if it had been precisely calculated, is incredibly precise.

    Therefore, it took the least movement possible for Chu Tian to avoid each vicious attack; he was like a slippery eel. Brother Long was left with no choice in face of such actions, and could do nothing about it.

    “My god!”

    “This is hyperfocus!”

    A single person’s cry out made everyone realize!

    Tian Nan city has hundreds of thousands that have stepped into the body refinement realm, however only a few dozen have crossed into the spirit awaken realm. Among them, not even two could achieve “Hyperfocus”! This kid had not even entered the body refinement realm, so how could he have achieved “Hyperfocus”?

    This “Hyperfocus” is a state of mind where the cultivator has perfect control of both their body and realm, allowing them to move with robotic accuracy. If a cultivator can enter the “hyperfocus” state, then every millimetre would look like a meter to them. They can control their heart rate, and even the contraction of their pores.

    Hyperfocus is an ability.

    The cultivator must have enough natural talent, have gone through strict training, and possess adequate knowledge before they can enter such a state. This ability does not only help the user in combat, but it can also be used in refining medicine and making talismans.

    Those in Tian Nan city that can achieve “hyperfocus” can be easily counted with one’s hands; every one of them is a top-level expert. This kid has not even crossed into the body refinement realm yet, how can he enter such a legendary state of mind?

    Even Brother Long became flustered at this moment.

    Never would he have thought that this dubious kid could achieve that legendary hyperfocus ability. No wonder he can accurately predict attacks and use minimum movement to dodge those attacks, allowing him to use such little power to defeat those many times stronger than he is.

    “I don’t care if you can enter hyperfocus or not, today you must die!”

    Brother Long kept fighting regardless of Chu Tian’s ability; he roared frantically and released his maximum magic power. The long sword faintly glowed, instantly doubling its speed as it cleaves toward Chu Tian.

    Like a leaf in the wind, or a butterfly in a flowerbed, Chu Tian dodged the sword aura that made a big cut on the ground by shifting only a few centimetres. Chu Tian waved his right hand to restrain Brother Long’s lower jaw like a pincer; at the same time, he moved behind him and pressed against the back of his head.

    How is this possible?

    Brother Long’s face carried a frightened expression. Because his movement was so large, he could not pull back: “Stop!”


    Everyone heard a crisp bone-breaking sound.

    Brother Long’s neck became twisted at a strange angle. His eyes rounded , his pupils dilated, his mouth became agape, like a fish out of water, struggling to breathe before all signs of life disappeared.

    Meng Ying Ying showed a frightened expression: “Chu Tian, how could you kill him?”

    “When you kill, you must prepared to be killed.” Chu Tian simply killed a 3rd rank body refinement cultivator as if it was like drinking water; he did not even bat an eye: “Moreover, if this kind of scum lived a day longer, then perhaps more innocent people would eventually be harmed.”

    “He deserved it! These kind of people deserve to be killed!”

    “That’s right! He deserved it!”

    People began to cheer.

    The sound of armour clashing could be heard from within the crowd. A few warriors wearing armour and helmets quickly surrounded the area. They were the law enforcement!

  • I've researched the author, his past work is Heavenly Calamity which had multiple girls but only one love interest so this one is probably OTP as it isnt labeled as a harem in genre.
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    Chapter 8 : You Don’t Have Long to Live

    The guard captain showed an angry expression. Brother Long was only a small local thug, but he was still able to get things done and understood the rules; he was also an important source of income. Now that his income source had been cut short, how could he not be angry?

    “Who killed him? Come on out!”

    All eyes gathered on Chu Tian.

    Guard captain angrily said: “Nice! Killing people in the middle of the street, where is the law? This crime cannot be forgiven. Come with me unless you want to avoid pain!”

    Meng Ying Ying stood up for Chu Tian: “I cannot stand for this! These guys bullied us first; Chu Tian only acted in self-defence. We all saw it.”

    “Who saw it?” Guard captain turned around and pointed at a few people, “You? You? Or you? Who saw it was self-defence, come forward and testify!”

    The crowd whispered among themselves, no one dared to speak.

    One of the thugs that Chu Tian beat up struggled to stand up and shrilly cried out: “Captain! We were wronged! We were wronged!”

    The guard captain snorted and said: “Just say it, this one captain is selfless, will naturally sought justice for the victim!”

    The thugs stared at Chu Tian with hatred and said while crying: “We only came to eat, but who knew these two guys would try to extort us. Our boss only tried to come and discuss this with them, but they took advantage when boss wasn’t paying attention and killed him!”

    “Who would believe something like this?” Meng Ying Ying almost did not explode: “This is complete nonsense!”

    The thug knelt down on the ground with a running nose while crying said: “I ask you sir to uphold justice!”

    “Ok, the situation is now very clear to me.” The guard captain waved his hand: “These two are now suspects of robbery and murder; immediately escort the prisoner to jail!”

    The security guards and the local thugs were complicit; there is no way to reason with them, making the innocent guilty. Meng Ying Ying shouted angrily: “We will not go with you; you guys are simply bandits!”

    Guard captain sneered: “Robbery, assault, murder, and now resisting arrest; these are all felonies. No one can save you. Go! Arrest them!”

    Normal guards are all at the 3rd rank of body refinement strength. Although Chu Tian has his hyperfocus ability allowing him to deal with one enemy at a time, multiple enemies were still an issue. Not only that, but the guard captain is even stronger than the others. There was simply no way for Chu Tian to handle all of them and fight back.

    At this time, a voice from within the crowd resounded: “You maggots are completely ruining Tian Nan City’s credibility!”

    Is someone picking a fight with me?

    “Who wants to die?” Guard captain became enraged: “Who said it! Come out if you dare!”

    Immediately after he said it, a girl in red walked out from the crowd. She had smooth white thighs, long high-heeled boots, and red waterfall-like hair. An absolute beauty with a hot temper; one look and you can tell this woman is like fire.

    Nangong Yun lightly shook her head: “You don’t even know who I am and yet you dare to boast in front of me; I would think you are the one seeking death!”

    The guard captain unsheathed his officer long sword: “I don’t care what kind of background you have. To dare go against the law enforcement; you don’t even have to think about being able to get away. Bring her back together with the boy; I will personally interrogate her and make her regret today’s action.”

    Keng! Keng! Keng!

    A few guards unsheathed their swords and surrounded her!

    Nangong Yun’s face turned cold, her red hair suddenly began to dance beautifully, despite a lack of wind. A surge of strong hot energy stormed out of her body, suddenly turning into a red light that erupted into the sky like a volcano, screeching with the shriek of a phoenix!

    A crushing surge of intimidating pressure instantly erupted into the air.

    The surrounding people felt as if their blood was being clotted by the pressure!



    “She is an awakened spirit cultivator!”

    Everyone was shocked and sighed. Within the Tian Nan city’s population of a few million, there were hundreds of thousands of body refinement cultivators while only a few dozen who achieved the Spirit Awakening realm. Even Spirit Awakened cultivator is strong and mysterious. Ordinary people would not have a chance to see one!

    Nangong Yun was a cultivator who had reached the pinnacle of the 9th rank of body refinement. She was half a foot into the realm of Spirit Awakening already, so therefore she could use Spirit Awakened abilities albeit with some difficulties.

    From the eruption of red light, one could see a fuzzy figure. A Chicken’s head, a swallow’s beak, a snake’s neck, a turtle’s back, and a fish’s tail; both majestic and incomparably magnificent. It’s overwhelming pressure terrified the surrounding people.

    “Fire Phoenix spirit!”

    “She is Nangong Yun!”

    She is the only one in Tian Nan city who was that young and who also had achieved a 9th rank strength. Everyone knew that the Nangong clan has fire attribute spirits. She is famous because she is the daughter of Tian Nan city’s mayor, a once seen in a hundred years genius, and the owner of a phoenix spirit with boundless potential.

    Magic power is a cultivator’s fundamental power.

    Spirits are a cultivator’s fundamental power source.

    Every cultivator has their own exclusive spirit. When a cultivator reaches the Spirit Awakening Realm, their spirits will fully awaken and take on a concrete form such as beasts, plants or even artefacts. Spirits are the visual expression of talent, ability, and potential. A powerful spirit leads to powerful strength which meant a powerful potential.

    Nangong Yun’s spirit was a Phoenix!

    What kind of a mythical creature is a phoenix?

    Nangong Yun was blessed with extraordinary talent and combat potential. She can destroy all the other cultivators that reside in the same rank!

    Chu Tian was also a little bit surprised: “Although it is not a complete phoenix and has not fully awakened, its potential is enormous. To encounter such a rare spirit in this kind of small place, now this is interesting.”

    “Are you not going to arrest me?” Nangong Yun was enveloped in a powerful fire attribute magic; it gets hotter for every step she takes forward, making people unable to breathe, “Why are you so surprised? Come arrest me!”

    “I did not know it was you, miss .” The guard captain was scared pale; he immediately knelt on the ground and made a few loud kowtows: “I won’t dare to anymore, I beg miss to spare this worthless life!”

    Nangong Yun was not just an Awakened Soul elite.

    She is the mayor’s daughter and also Zhang Li Qing’s inheritor.

    These few people were petty when compared to Nangong Yun!

    Nangong Yun was enveloped in a red aura, like a goddess descending on earth. Her magic power was endless like a surging river: “What you are saying is, I cannot be bullied, but others can?”

    The guard captain had his soul scared out of him: “Mercy! I was blinded by greed, I don’t dare to do it again!”

    “Tell this to the citizens of Tian Nan city; Tian Nan city has no place for you maggots!”

    She concentrated her magic and pointed her finger!

    A bright fire instantly turned the guard captain into a fireball. The shrill screams and mad struggle only lasted for 3 to 4 seconds before it ceased. What remained was a black human figure, charred from head to toe!

    Too Strong!

    This is the power of the pinnacle of the 9th rank?

    Only this small amount of magic was enough to send chills down people’s back. If her spirit were to fully awaken, then what kind of powerful existence would she be?

    Nangong Yun withdrew her magic and looked over to the other guards: “You all performed evil deeds together and cannot be forgiven. Destroy your cultivation and get out of Tian Nan city!”

    Cultivation destruction? How ruthless!

    It’s completely over this time!

    With a destroyed cultivation, they can still live as a normal person. This was much better for the guards than losing their life like the captain!

    Everyone in Tian Nan city was aware of Nangong Yun’s fierce reputation. This kind of outcome was already merciful of her!

    “Tha..Thank you for your mercy!”

    The guards ruthlessly strike their dantians, dissipating their many years’ worth of cultivation. After losing their magic, they had just became ordinary people.

    “We will leave!”

    “We will leave immediately!”

    The guards dejectedly supported each other and quickly left.

    The crowd cheered. The collusion of the local thugs and those maggot guards had made people’s lives miserable. Now that they were eradicated, people could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

    Meng Ying Ying already knew that Nangong Yun was strong, but did not know that she was this strong!

    If Nangong Yun was already this strong, then how strong was Zhang Li Qing?

    Meng Ying Ying quickly walked over: “Senior sister apprentice, how come you are here?”

    Nangong Yun acted as if nothing had happened and simply sat down: “I heard that there were some delicious steaks around here so I wanted to come and try them. Now that I beat up the bad guys for you, are you not going to invite me for steak?”

    Meng Ying Ying nodded: “Okay! Please wait!”

    A hoarse voice resounded “I also one want.”

    When Meng Ying Ying saw him, she almost lost it: “Teach..Master Zhang, how come you came also?”

    He was a grey robed senile old man with white hair. Even though he looked ordinary, everyone in Tian Nan city knew him. He was the well-known Tian Nan city Scrivener guild’s guild master. At the same time, he was also one of the strongest people in Tian Nan city!

    Zhang Li Qing was not a fool and knew what Meng Ying Ying was capable of. When his brain cooled down, he could already guess that the homework turned in today was not Meng Ying Ying’s own work.

    There must be a master near her!

    Zhang Li Qing’s gaze landed on Chu Tian.

    After a few minutes, Meng Ying Ying brought up the steaks.

    Nangong Yun cut a small piece and put it into her mouth, her eyes shone like bright stars, “Wa, this is delicious!”

    Zhang Li Qing was not concerned about the taste of the steak but instead focused on the magic array on the top, very curiously asked: “How did you come up with using magic array to cook beast meat?”

    Chu Tian bluntly said: “Eat your food old man, don’t ask so much!” (EN: God I love his personality)

    Meng Ying Ying quickly bumped Chu Tian with her shoulder and surreptitiously winked at him: “What are you saying? Don’t you know who he is?!”

    Chu Tian said in disgust: “People need to be sincere. I despise those people that are only hyped up.”

    Meng Ying Ying felt her little heart could not bear it anymore. Zhang Li Qing was a person of distinction. Chu Tian dared to openly insult him, does he not fear death? Judging by Zhang Li Qing’s strength, lifting a finger is enough to instantly kill him a dozen times.

    “Sorry, Sorry. This is business secret. It is inappropriate for this old man to ask such.”

    Zhang Li Qing did not get angry. From Chu Tian’s words, he is certain that the design is all likelihood came from this man. Even though there is some misunderstanding, it is still trivial.

    The feeling Chu Tian gave him was simply too mysterious.

    It was unheard of for someone this young to be able to master hyperfocus.

    This person was likely to have come from a powerful family, or was the successor to a hidden sect which had come to this small city to gain experience. Tian Nan city could not afford to offend such a big power, as they can easily wipe out Tian Nan city.

    Chu Tian said snappily: “Good that you know!”

    Zhang Li Qing smiled: “This old man was observing your battle just now. To enter hyperfocus at such a young age puts this old man to shame. I would like to organize an academic seminar and hope you can give a speech that explains your experience. Of course the reward will be generous.”

    Meng Ying Ying felt a little dizzy.

    Not only did Master Zhang not get angry at Chu Tian’s arrogant attitude, but he actually boldly asked Chu Tian to be a lecturer!

    Was there a mistake?

    A master level person lowered himself to make a request from a kid that hasn’t even grown hair yet!

    Chu Tian directly refused: “Not interested!”

    Nangong Yun stood up and said: “Kid, you need to get this clear. This old man has plenty of money and your reward will be certainly be generous; but that is only the minor benefit. You will become famous overnight; no one in Tian Nan city will dare to make a move on you. This is simply a reward from heaven.”

    Chu Tian still rejected: “I don’t have time!”

    Zhang Li Qing calmly said: “I can wait. When you have time, we can talk about this.”

    Meng Ying Ying was anxious to stomp on Chu Tian. Isn’t this a widely sought after opportunity? For Zhang Li Qing to recommend a youngster meant that that person would be the centre of attention. In addition, it would without a doubt mean that Zhang Li Qing wants to support that youngster. Not only would Chu Tian become famous overnight, he would also be able to make connections with powerful people and have access to a vast amount of resources. The amount of power involved is unimaginable!

    Chu Tian shook his head: “With all due respect, you don’t have long to live!”


    Meng Ying Ying gasped!

    Nangong Yun’s eyes rounded.

    Although Chu Tian did not accept Zhang Li Qing’s invitation, but to actually curse Zhang Li Qing for death, what was he thinking?
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    Chapter 9 : The Mayor’s Miscalculation

    "I don’t understand what you are saying, would you care to enlighten me?” Zhang Li Qing said, with a bemused expression on his face.

    Chu Tian cut straight to the point: "From your walking posture, facial expression, and breathing, I could clearly see that you have a bad heart. ”

    Zhang Li Qing eyes twitched slightly, and said with a relieved smile : "When you get old, organ failure is unavoidable, there is nothing strange about it."

    Chu continued by saying: “But your strength is not low, your magic power is also quite abundant, and was strong enough to push back the organ failure for forty to fifty years. Now that your heart is failing, it cannot be from natural failure, so there must be other reasons, am I right? ”

    “Impressive! So Impressive! Young man you have incredible observations, this senile old man indeed has an illness” Zhang Li Qing laughed: ”However, this old man is still standing strong as before, and does not look like a person on death bed; you might be a bit exaggerated.”

    “You yourself are well aware of this. Your life is only hanging on by a thread because you are prolonging it with the heavy consumption of medicine” Chu Tian directly exposed the truth, and continued to state the issues: “Your left wrist has a black tone, caused by a lethal magic poison. At midnight, the poison spreads to the upper body, and you will have chaotic heartbeats. You also feel your tian xi point, tian chong point, tian zhu point, zi gong point, shan zhong point and others being bitten by thousands of ants, am I right?”

    Zhang Li Qing whole body shook slightly.

    Chu Tian went on to add: ”This is heart devouring poison, it has been eating at your heart for around 15 years.”

    Nangong Yun looked towards Zhang Li Qing, her face full of surprise.

    Although I knew he had a bad heart, I never expected teacher’s body had such an obstinate, violent poison within him.

    Is this real?

    Zhang Li Qing rose slowly to his feet, tidied his robes, bowed solemnly before Chu Tian, and even changed how he addressed Chu Tian: "Mister is a remarkable person, what you said is exactly correct, about 15 years ago, while I was exploring the ruins, I was uncareful and got poisoned with heart devouring poison. All these years I constantly used most of my magical power to suppress the poison flaring in my body, but it was to no avail and was unable to purge this persistent violent poison inside of me. I searched all over for famous doctor pharmacists to get cured, but all were helpless, and finally gave up. ”

    "You have forcibly suppressed the poison in your body for so long, but did not know to ease it. As a result, the poison has penetrated into your bone marrows, therefore you most likely have two months left to live.”

    Zhang Li Qing showed a carefree smile: "At least I had the joy to be able to meet someone as extraordinary as mister before I die.”

    Nangong Yin had known all along that her teacher had a bad heart, but she never thought that this poison was the true cause behind his suffering. She had studied under his tutelage for so many years, yet she never seen her teacher fight. She always thought he was keeping a low profile but instead he was using his strength to suppress the poison. He simply couldn’t spare any magic power to fight with other people.

    “Well,” Chu Tian patted Meng Ying Ying who stood expressionless beside him: “Our steak was almost running out and it's getting late, I think we ought to call it a day and head home.”

    Meng Ying Ying grew more and more curious about Chu Tian; how much was this guy capable of?

    Both of them started to pack up their stuff.

    Nangong Yun hurriedly asked: “Hey, since you could discern the ailment in his body at a glance, do you have any method to completely detoxify the poison?”

    Chu Tian turned his head and said: “Yes.”

    Nangong Yun’s face lit up in glee: “Really?”

    Chu Tian’s tone took a dramatic turn: ”But why should I help him?”

    Nangong Yun became dumbfounded upon hearing those words.

    This was master Zhang Li Qing. If he were to save him, how many rewards would he get? If he didn’t save him, how bad of an enemy would he make?

    He didn’t care one bit. It all depended on his interests and he only followed his own ways!

    “Let him go. Zhang Li Qing beckoned with his hand, signalling Nangong Yun to stop: "This person clearly has profound knowledge and wisdom. He neither exalts himself nor strives for fame, yet willingly helps Meng Ying Ying with her homework. Using the intelligence he has at his disposal he could have easily amassed vast riches, and yet he prefers to set up a steak stall. Those hermits of the world are all like this.”

    “Old man, this may be our only chance, we should get a hold of him and press him for an answer about the means to detoxify the poison!”

    “Yun-er, you are too young; you shouldn’t be reckless regarding this matter. Recklessness would not only damage your morals, but it might also offend some major power. Even your Nangong clan might not be able to handle them." Zhang Li Qing was not in a hurry; on the contrary, he revealed a wise smile: “Moreover, he is a smart man, if he really doesn’t intend to help me, then why does he trouble himself to tell me? Think about it, with my influence and power in the Tian Nan City, wouldn’t he be getting himself in trouble by going against me?”

    “I don’t understand!”

    “First, he has had a misunderstanding with me. He blames me for being greedy and ungrateful to him by accepting his large gift yet expelling Meng Ying Ying afterwards, so he wants to show me who is in charge here.”

    Nangong Yun interjected quickly, saying: "This is a misunderstanding, the things he wrote had all been burned by those deadbeats.”

    Zhang Li Qing continued: “Second, he wanted me to know that he is the only person who can save me. Therefore hereafter, regardless of much trouble he could get himself into or provoke some big shots, I must guarantee his safety.”

    Nangong Yun finally came to a realization.

    This guy is really as cunning as an old fox.

    Meng Ying Ying sat on the beast wagon and asked: “Chu Tian, can you really save Master Zhang?”

    “Of course, I can”

    “Is it difficult to save him?”

    “No, it's not”

    “Then why won’t you save him?”

    Chu Tian seemed as if he did not give much thoughts about this matter: "Why are you so anxious? He is not going to suddenly die, let's just leave him hanging for a while.”

    This left Meng Ying Ying completely speechless. She just could not understand Chu Tian’s way of thinking.

    Chu Tian suddenly recalled something and immediately sat straight up: "How much did we earn today? Quickly take it out and look; it’s time to split the profits.”

    Meng Ying Ying took out her purse and poured out a handful of gold coins. She then began to count the coins one by one: "We only set up the stall for three hours and earned 140 gold coins. According to the agreement that we had made, here’s your share: 70 gold coins.”

    Meng Ying Ting quickly handed over half of the gold coins without any hesitation.

    The money we have earned this evening, is almost one year's worth of allowance!
    On the first day of business, there wasn’t enough manpower at hand, nor enough material, and there was also a lack of experience; thus, the flow of income was limited. If we managed to build a solid reputation, we could expand by opening new stores; a few hundred gold a day would be considered little!

    At that rate, we could easily pocket thousands of gold coins every single month!

    Because there was no competition, expanding into other markets would not be a difficult task!

    Nan Yun Commerce managed eight shops which generated an average total revenue of around 20,000 to 30,000 gold coins every month, with a net profit of around 10,000 gold coins. If this steak business was managed properly, then we might over take the commerce that JieJie painstakingly manages.

    Meng Ying Ying thought, if JieJie knew about this, would she feel happy or depressed?

    “Wait, stop the cart!”

    “What for?”

    “Now that I’ve have some money, I want to buy something.”

    Meng Ying Ying said, without thinking: "I will go too!"

    Chu Tian wondered: “Why would you want to go?”

    Meng Ying Ying blinked: “Because I am curious!”

    In the past, a senior had said to Chu Tian that if a woman appears to have a strong curiosity towards a man, then there are only two ways to solve the problem.

    First way - Kill her.

    Second way - Sleep with her.

    (EN: Advice for life right there!)
    Tian Nan City, the mayor’s mansion.

    A middle-aged man in a purple robe sat before a desk. He had grey temples and a square face. One did not need to see him angry to sense his power and prestige. His brows knitted while looking at the scroll in his hand, as if he had encountered a difficult problem.

    He was Tian Nan City’s mayor - Nangong Yi!

    The mayor was the most powerful person in a city. The situations in a city determine how hard their lives are. Tian Nan city was located on the outer frontier in the country. Here, there are bandits, beasts, and other races; each by themselves capable of causing trouble for the city. In addition, there were many unexplained mysterious events occurring in the area. All of these had caused Nangong Yi a lot of trouble.

    However, what stressed him out until his hair turned white was not the problem with his territory, but with his outstanding trouble-making daughter!


    The room’s door was brutally kicked open!

    Both guards shivered, neither dared to oppose!

    “Pop, guess what I brought back?” Nangong Yun kicked open the door, assiduously intruding into the room: “Supper!”

    Nangong Yi reluctantly closed the scroll: “What are you up to this time?”

    “Hey, what are you saying? Pop is so hard working and has to work late into the night, of course you must eat something to replenish!”

    “You can give up the act!”

    Nangong Yun opened the bag and brought out all its contents: “Your favourite fairy wine, delicious grilled fish from the south of the city, herbal porridge from the west of the city, and lastly the most amazing…the super outstandingly delicious moonlight yak steak, taste this first!”

    Nangong Yi looked at the steak: “Why is half of it missing?”

    Nangong Yun blushed and said: “What if someone tried to harm you? As your daughter, I have the responsibility to eat half of it to test for poison! That is not important, hurry up and try it!”

    Nangong Yi cut a small piece and put it into his mouth. He closed his eyes and carefully tasted the meat. Nangong Yi was very particular about food; he could immediately taste the meat’s distinct qualities: “This meat is soft and tender, savoury and juicy. To make beast meat taste this good, they are indeed different from others. Where did you buy this?”

    Nangong Yun directly held out her hand towards Nangong Yi: “Don’t worry too much, pay up!”

    Nangong Yi was not a bit surprised, as if he had known beforehand: “How much?”
    Nangong Yun said without even thinking: “50,000 gold!”

    This time, Nangong Yi almost choked to death: “cough cough cough...How much? 50,000 gold!”

    “Your daughter wants to invest in a big project!”

    The countless lessons from the past had taught Nangong Yi not to believe in his daughter’s words: “I can give you at most 200 gold for allowance. This is the last time this month. Regarding the investment, don’t mention it anymore.”

    Nangong Yun said anxiously: “Pops, you must trust me!”

    “How can I trust you?”

    “Tian Nan city raised a genius!”

    “So what? There are plenty of geniuses these days!”

    “That genius created a frying pan that can cook beast meat, this steak is made with that frying pan, even an idiot can make delicious beast meat with it. Their business just started and they do not have everything up and running yet. I will appear as an angel investor. It is guaranteed to make big money. Within half a year, I guarantee that I will pay back with interest; no, I will pay you back double!”

    “Don’t even think about it!”

    “I am not lying, haven’t you had enough of being a poor mayor? Trust me, we will be rich in a year or two, and then those snobs from the family clan will all come to lick our feet!”

    Nangong Yun’s mouth became dry from talking.

    Nangong Yi continued to strongly reject the idea.

    “Fool! Retard! Stupid pops! Just wait and regret it!”
    “Why are you taking away my supper?”

    “Who said it's yours, this is the snack I bought for Da Bai to eat!”

    (TL Note: “Da Bai to eat” in Chinese is 大白吃 which sounds exactly the same as 大白痴 which means retard)

    Nangong Yun stormed out of the room. Her mood flipped faster than one could flip a page in a book. Nangong Yi felt helpless regarding Nangong Yun. Even if she had always been mischievous since childhood, there is still a limit on how far you can go. It’s not that the city hall cannot afford tens of thousands of gold, but that it is unacceptable for it to be used by her daughter to squander around!

    Nangong Yi might not have realized that at the time, he had really miscalculated!
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    Translation Checker: Face McBashy
    Editor : VindiFan#1 JK, translators and tlc

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    Chapter 10Super Elixir Array

    Tian Nan city, Herbal Refining Market.

    Chu Tian walked in together with Meng Ying Ying.

    An attractive young saleswoman came up to greet them, saying: “Welcome to the Herbal Refining Market. What kind of medicinal herbs would you like to buy?”

    “Wujin Ginseng, Six-colored Sunflower, Decan Chrysalis, Decan Scorpion, Zijin Bone, and most importantly, Sansheng Demon Worm!” Chu Tian quickly gave an extensive list of medicinal herbs without hesitation,“Bring me two of each kind, Please be quick about it.”

    The young saleswoman swallowed her saliva and said: “Sansheng demon worms are a very rare ingredient and are very limited in quantity. Every month Tian Nan market would have at most dozen of them available to sell. But today your luck is good, we have exactly two of these in stock, each priced at 50 gold coins, so totalling together with other items, the price would be 291 gold coins.”

    Chu Tian looked at the glowering Meng Ying Ying who stood dumbstruck beside him and said: “A set of these herbs is for you, don’t ask why right now, but you will not regret it. ”

    Such expensive herbs, before even at the point of death Meng Ying Ying wouldn’t dare to buy it. However, now it was different, as Meng Ying Ying felt that because she could now make money, she had some confidence in herself and has become more generous with money. She quickly drew forth her purse, reluctantly counted out 291 gold coins and handed them over to the saleswoman. Soon, they received the medicinal herbs and were just getting ready to leave.

    Suddenly, a huge fat body walked over.

    “Hold on!”

    “These two portions of San Sheng demon worms, I will take it.”

    The young saleswoman’s face revealed an expression of dread: “Ye Clan housekeeper?!”

    “You know that it’s me, then why are you still wasting talk?” The Ye Clan’s housekeeper was a middle-aged man with a stout body; he impatiently beckoned to her: “Young master is refining a pill and is nearing a critical moment, if young master’s pill refining is delayed at a critical time, can you bear the responsibility?”

    The young saleswoman gave an awkward glance at Chu Tian: “But the guests have already paid the money, according to the rules, I have no right to reclaim the sold goods…..”

    “Fuck!” The Ye family housekeeper gave a hard slap across the face of saleswoman, and said “Go to hell with your rules, pack up and leave! Never come back again in the future! Hurry up and get out! ”

    Covering her swollen face, the young saleswoman fell down onto her knees, and cried out:  “I am really sorry, I am really sorry, please forgive me! I cannot live without this job, begging master to spare me!”

    “Get the hell outta here immediately!” The Ye family housekeeper directly disregarded the saleswoman and fixed his gaze upon Chu Tian. When he saw Chu Tian dressed in shabby clothes, which were filthy and covered in greasy dirt, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes, “Boy, are you a piece of wood, or are you deaf? Didn’t you hear that I need the Sansheng demon worms? I’ll give you 80 gold coins, quickly give me those two portions of Sansheng demon worms.”

    Meng Ying Ying was already upset upon the sight of the rude fatty, at this time her anger soared to new heights: “Do you take us as fools, we just spent 100 gold coins to buy these herbs, yet you wish to take it away for 80 gold coins, this kind of shameless talk, can still come out of your mouth?”

    “These herbs aren’t worth a single cent in your hands , but whereas in our young master’s hands they can become pills worth multiple times as much, don’t be unable to distinguish between good and bad!”

    “Bah! This is blatant robbery! Even if I was feeding this to dogs I wouldn’t give it to you!”

    Ye clan housekeeper’s fat face shook, pointing his finger at Meng Ying Ying and cursing angrily at her: “The young master is the successor of the president of the Pharmacist Association, don’t even mention needing your medicine, even if he wants you to sleep with him, that would be considered him thinking highly of you, you would have to obediently wash yourself clean and get on the bed to wait for him! If you dare say the word ‘no’, you wouldn’t have to think of living in Tian Nan City anymore! ”

    When the Ye clan housekeeper spoke up to this point, his tone suddenly changed: “You have already missed the chance, now I can give you only 50 gold coins. I’ll say this one last time, take out those medicinal herbs!”

    Damn! It’s really strange!

    How did they meet so many outstanding people in a single night?

    Simply unbearable!

    Chu Tian didn’t speak any further. With steps as quick as an arrow he strode forward, fiercely swinging out a fist that heavily landed on the fatty’s face.


    If fat has the effect of buffering the damage taken from a hit, this effect was still limited!

    The Ye family housekeeper’s nose-bridge was broken, several teeth were cracked right on the spot. He let out desperate screams like a pig getting slaughtered, lying on the ground with blood smeared all over his face: “How dare you hit me! Don’t you know who I am?”

    Chu Tian heavily stomped on him: “Hitting you is already considered thinking highly of you! Why do I have to know who you are?”

    Housekeeper Ye angrily shouted: “Provoking the young master, Tian Nan City has no place for you to hide! You are dead for sure!”

    “Too noisy!”

    Chu Tian stomped his foot down, Housekeeper Ye’s barely remaining front teeth were all broken, and directly swallowed into his stomach, his face was flushed a deep red, both hands kept on struggling, yet were unable to move away Chu Tian’s feet.

    “Miss, what are you looking at? Let’s go!”

    “En, let’s go!”

    Meng Ying Yin really felt her blood boiling, ah!

    Chu Tian was really domineering, striking out with one fist and destroying the fatty’s nose and teeth, what could be more entertaining than that?

    How soothing!

    Really a good way to vent!

    Meng Ying Ying spit on the fatty lying on the ground, swaggering along with Chu Tian as he left. However, the crowd around them all had changed facial expressions, facing the two people, was like facing the plague, immediately they all backed away to let them through.

    Chu Tian rented a room for refining pills.

    Meng Ying Ying retrospectively thought about what happened, her heart started to have a bit of fear: “Hey, Chu Tian, if you hit a dog you still have to look at the dog’s owner, that dead fatty was a Ye clan housekeeper, the Ye clan is a mercenary clan and have influence in a number of cities; their power is very great. They’re someone we can’t afford to provoke. If they were to look for us, what do we do?“

    “Don’t tell me these useless things.” Chu Tian said, seemingly unperturbed: “When I Chu Tian beat up someone, I never ask who they are. Let alone, this fellow is nothing more than a dog of Ye. When even the dog is so arrogant, it deserves to be stepped on.”

    Mercenaries are private military organizations, and a very popular occupation in the land.

    Mercenaries are only restrained by their Mercenary Laws, not the local laws, thus allowing them to have a considerable amount of freedom, as well as significant influence.  

    60 years ago, the Ye clan began its first entry into Mercenary Industry. Over the past decades, driven by steady development, the Ye clan has amassed in total three mercenary regiments of over thirty thousand mercenaries each, and five groups of mercenary regiments of over five thousand each. If their support staff is included, then their total number of people would easily exceed one hundred thousand. It is a huge mercenary group!

    Ye clan has a sphere of influence over around ten cities and towns, and Tian Nan City was one of their branches. This housekeeper is from Ye clan, because he had a powerful backing behind him, it’s no wonder he was so arrogant.  

    Meng Ying Ying’s eyes revealed a glint of hatred as she spoke: “JieJie said that father and mother were probably killed by Ye family, but the Ye clan’s influence is too large, I’m afraid even the city lord would be afraid of them, we do not have the means to deal with them.”

    “Really!” Said Chu Tian deliberately pretending to be afraid: “They’re that powerful?”

    Meng Ying Ying said self-righteously to Chu Tian: “Bah!… Look at your good-for-nothing manner, what is there to be afraid of? If there is any trouble, I shall protect you, rest assured!”

    This stupid girl, protect me?

    Chu Tian could not hold back and burst out laughing.

    Meng Ying Ying snorted her discontent: “What are you laughing at?”

    Chu Tian hurriedly said: “You hate Ye clan so much, do you want to find them to relieve some anger?”

    “Isn’t it obvious?!”

    “Ok, I’ll help you.”

    “How can you help me?”

    “Don’t worry, when the time is ripe, you will eventually know.”

    Judging from the Housekeepers’ conduct, it is not hard to recognize the young master’s character.

    This type of people, Chu Tian had seen too many, the amount he killed was not small. Their specialty is to have an arrogant and self-righteous character, if their lackeys lost face, they wouldn’t let this slide. If he really dared to come, it would be a chance for Meng Ying Ying, to let her severely dampen the Ye Clan’s arrogance!


    Pill Refining Room, around forty or fifty square meters, pill furnace, fire pit, refining tools, extracting tools, disposable and consumable materials were all there.

    Chu Tian nodded his head: “It’s okay, a little better than I thought, let’s start refining the medicine then.”

    Meng Ying Ying asked: “Refining potions, or refining pills?”

    Potions and pills are not the same.

    Potions, were mostly medicinal products with quick and transient effects, for example Injury Recovery Potion, Magic Recovery Potion, Detoxification Potion, Strength Boost Potion, Magic Boost Potion, they were repeatedly used consumables.

    Pills, were mostly medicinal products with permanent or long-lasting effects, for example increasing one’s cultivation, increasing one’s physique, increasing one’s longevity, repeatedly using a pill would decrease its effectiveness, so they didn’t count as a reusable consumables, but instead were products with only one use.

    “Refining pills!” Chu Tian paused for a moment and then continued speaking: “I’ll prepare the Magical Array, you are responsible for the refining.”

    Meng Ying Ying was shocked stupid: “Don’t mess around, these materials are really expensive, I don’t know anything about refining medicine!”

    Chu Tian explained, saying: “The study of refining pills, has four main requirements, the first is a magical array, the second is materials, the third is tools, the fourth is technique. Of these, the magical array is the most important, having a top-tier magical array would save a lot of matters, and even be able to make up for the lacking in technique. I don’t even have the cultivation of the first level of Realm of the Body Refinement, my magical power is not enough to personally refine, this job will have to be done by you..”

    Meng Ying Yin almost fainted: “I don’t even know the most basic skills. What magic frequency? What heat control? What techniques for condensing pills?…Too complicated!”

    “Don’t worry, I have a type of generic Drug Refinement Array that anyone can use, one only needs to dump the materials inside, as long as the ratio of the formula is right, even fools* can make the pills.”

    *Note: LOL… Meng Ying Ying xD

    Meng Ying Yin felt like her brain was wrapped in thick fog: “I did not study that much, so you, don’t try to trick me!”

    Even with the same materials, the same formula, if they were refined using two different Refinement Arrays, it is possible to create two distinct pills.

    The countless formulas for precious pills and medicine throughout the land were all open to the public, because just knowing the formula was of no use, the most important part was getting the corresponding Refinement Array.  Only by having complete understanding of the Refinement Arrays could you make the corresponding drug.

    The current studies of the art of pharmacy widely believed that Refinement Arrays for mixing drugs had high specificity, which meant that every pill or potion, only had one corresponding Refining Array, there was no way to use one kind of array to make two kinds of medicine, this was almost an iron law.

    Could this iron law really be broken?

    Meng Ying Ying had a little bit of expectations, so started to patiently wait.

    The speed at which Chu Tian drew arrays was extremely fast, this point Meng Ying Ying had already experienced, but this time more than a full hour had passed but he still hadn’t finished.

    Meng Ying Ying sat while hugging her knees. She couldn’t withstand the drowsiness, her two eyelids were like lead, becoming more and more heavy, her vision becoming more and more blurred, she really fell asleep. A glistening trace of saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth, her snow-white cheeks slightly flushed, in contrast, she looked very lovable, cute, and naive.

    After a few minutes, Meng Ying Ying was shaken awake from her drowsiness, she wiped the drool at the corner of her mouth, and stood up blushing: “Huh? How did I fall asleep?”

    Chu Tian spread out a sheet of the refining array diagram: “Have a look.”

    Of all the things that Meng Ying Ying had seen in her life, this was the most complex, the most profound, it had hundreds upon tens of thousands of runes, which densely populated the map, all kinds of different array patterns piled together, weaving a vast array map that seemed as deep and profound as the Milky Way Galaxy.

    What kind of an array was this?

    One row after another of runes the size of ants, it was difficult to see even with a magnifying glass, she had no idea how they were carved on. The whole Drug Refining Array was so large and complex, only looking at it would incite a feeling of terror, let alone remembering it exactly in your head, creating it also required there to be no error, not a single bit could be missing.

    The more sophisticated a Drug Refining Array was, the easier it was to make an error.

    Because if a symbol was drawn wrongly, or there was a little deviation, the whole array wouldn’t work!

    Meng Ying Ying sincerely started to lament: “The inventor of this formation is simply not human, and by memorizing the whole thing and drawing it out, you are also a monster!”

    She said one thing right, this formation really wasn’t invented by a human being.

    In the time period where Chu Tian lived, civilization was highly developed and prosperous. Of all the great inventions, the greatest invention was without a doubt the supercomputer made from magic array!

    These supercomputer has the processing power was billion times that of the human brain. It’s appearance had no doubt become a powerful engine for the accelerated growth of civilization!

    At the time the pharmacist of the land used a couple decades of time to collect and refine a massive amount of data about drug refinement and magic arrays and stored it in the supercomputer. Using the processing power of the supercomputer, it took years to come up with 36 super drug refinement array

    As soon as the super Drug Refinement Arrays were made available, they instantly shook the entire continent!

    Almost in a single night, over 80% of Drug Refining Arrays, over ten million classic refining arrays, that originally considered by all the powers to be secret treasures, were from then on completely thrown into the garbage pile, becoming a pile of abandoned academic trash.

    The magic supercomputer, where its calculation and deduction power is hundreds of million times more powerful than the human brain, along with the vast knowledge database accumulated over thousands of years, gave birth to the super drug refinement array.

    In the eyes of the people from this time period, this was simply knowledge of the gods.


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    Chapter 11 : A Gamble

    TN: We have decided to change the naming convention of the term “medicine refinement” and it's different variations to “alchemy” because it would be more appropriate for how it would be used later in the novel.


    Five element eighty-thousand Alchemy Array!”

    This seemingly strange name could actually be explained very easily.

    Five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; eighty-thousand:  the eight thousand kinds of commonly seen materials.

    Five elements and eighty-thousand meaning was: the eighty thousand common level 1 materials within the five elemental properties can all be easily taken care of. This is a powerful and broad alchemy array.

    Meng Ying Ying, after hearing Chu Tian’s explanation, immediately refuted, saying: “But, this array is completely violating common sense and the prevailing iron law of alchemy!”

    “An iron law doesn’t always represent the truth, so it’s able to be broken.” Chu Tian set the alchemy array first into the furnace, then made a gesture of invitation: “Come and try it out, this is not much harder than frying the steak and making the soup like before, I believe you can do it.”

    Since Chu Tian had already said it like this, Meng Ying Ying had no choice but to try it out.

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    The instant that magic power was imbued, the pill furnace exploded with rumbles and roars, this signified that the pill-making reaction had already been started.

    Under the normal operation of the Super Alchemy Array, one could only see countless glowing runes appearing on the surface of the pill furnace, like a seal that stabilized the pill furnace. No matter how much the furnace roared, it remained perfectly still, 

    After around ten or so minutes, the sound gradually died down.

    “Okay, open the furnace now.”

    “No way, it’s over just like that? I hadn’t even figured out what was happening!”

    Chu Tian nodded his head; as long as the formula was correct, it was stable, efficient and the failure rate was almost zero. The Super Alchemy Array was just this magical!

    Stabilized by the wisdom of many tens of thousands of years, and with the magic supercomputer as the driving force, this at last gave birth to this great knowledge. Of course, the Super Alchemy Array could only mix drugs for the common materials of the five elements. Some of the more specific or rare materials currently had no unified way to use a single alchemy array to encapsulate them.

    Chu Tian took out a pale golden pill: “You see, this is called Lianqi pill, and it is one of the best medicinal pills for the realm of Body Refinement. It greatly improves a cultivator in the Body Refinement realm’s elemental energy.”

    Meng Ying YIng hurriedly asked: “How strong is the pill’s effect?”

    “Let’s just say it like this, with only one Lianqi pill, no matter how bad your natural constitution is you can still become a cultivator at level one or two of Body Refinement. For cultivators already in the Body Refinement realm, this can also massively increase the strength of their elemental energy. The most important thing is that this pill has no side effects.”

    Throughout the land, there are many pills that can increase cultivation levels, however, most of them come with side effects. Like trying to help a shoot grow by pulling it up, it will only do harm. The pills that can actually help boost cultivation without side effects are expensive to make not to mention there is no supply for them at all. They are held by a only a few powers and are kept extremely secret, and would never be spread.

    Meng Ying Ying did not know that it was possible for her to make such a precious pill!

    Meng Ying Ying became energetic and immediately made a second pill.

    “We’ll each take one!”

    Both of them swallowed the pill at the same time.

    Chu Tian sat cross-legged, he felt an intense heat in his abdomen, a surge of pure magic energy expanding to all four limbs and then slowly seeping into various veins and arteries. Body Refinement Realm is the first realm a cultivator reaches. When magic power fills each vein and arteries of the cultivator, that is the point when they have crossed into the Body Refinement realm.

    From there on, every time their magic power gets stronger, their body, power and speed is also enhanced, thus becoming stronger and stronger.

    After the blood vessels had been cleared, it immediately produced a sense of being reborn!

    Chu Tian finally became a 1st rank Body Refinement cultivator!

    Chu Tian did not stop there as there is still a lot of effect left from the pill. He skillfully guided energy to continue to nourish his blood vessels, further increasing his magic power and cultivation. Starting from 1st rank, going past 2nd rank, barely made it to the 3rd rank and stopped.

    Only two hours!

    Starting out from less than Body Refinement and jumped to 3rd rank Body Refinement!

    The whole body became three time stronger. The effect was not bad and was very satisfactory. When Chu Tian opened his eyes, Meng Ying YIng also happened to finish absorbing the effect of the pill. She jumped up and gave Chu Tian a big hug!

    Chu Tian felt two soft and elastic peak bears down on him with the weight of Mount Tai*. He felt his blood boiling and could not help but to lean forward to cope a feel. Wonder what this missy ate as she grew up to grow something this big. Her size at this young of age is enough to make countless mature woman feel inferior.

    *EN: I want to see this Mount Tai, here’s hoping I have eyes

    “Wow! Am I dreaming now?”

    "Peak 4th rank, my cultivation is at peak 4th rank!"

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! ”

    “If JieJie knows, she will be truly happy for me!”

    One small pill is equal to Meng Ying Ying cultivating three or four years!

    Meng Ying Ying had dreamed of becoming 3rd rank Body Refinement, because once she becomes of the 3rd rank Body Refinement, she can become an official disciple. However, no matter how hard she tries, she was stuck at the peak of the 2nd rank, and could only unwillingly become a disciple in name.

    How could she not be happy?!

    She has now made it to peak of the 4th rank in a single jump!

    Her cultivation was no longer any lower than Han Shao Long!

    Chu Tian really did not lie. The Lianqi pill is certainly very useful. Not only was the effect immediate, there was no side effects. This was ten times better than the best pill she knew of!

    The value of this pill is even more shocking, as  the value of the pill far surpassed the cost of production. Even if you were to auction it off for a few thousand gold, there would still be plenty of people competing for it. If this was controlled by a major force or clan, not only would their overall strength be improved, they would also become very wealthy.

    “Don’t make such a big fuss over the little stuff, lets go.”

    “This must be brought back.” Meng Ying Ying hurried to pick up the furnace and carefully embraced it: “We can’t let others get stuff for free!”

    Chu Tian nodded. The furnace itself was worthless, but the array inside it was a whole other story. It was enough to shake the world, leading to bloody conflicts and dragging Chu Tian into the ordeal as well. The array simply couldn’t end up in other people’s hands!


    The eastern sky was already bright. 

    The two had stayed at the alchemy room for more than four hours.

    When they stepped outside, it was already morning.

    “Ah!” Meng Ying Ying suddenly become dumbfounded: “We are finished!”

    Chu Tian wondered: “What is with the big reaction?”

    Meng Ying YIng said restlessly: “If JieJie finds out that I stayed out all night, she is going to beat my butt!”

    Meng Qing Wu has strict discipline. Her biggest taboo is staying out all night. Right now, I don’t know if JieJie has found out. No matter what, I should go back and apologize and then explain to her. For all the benefits last night, I hope JieJie will be understanding.

    You must know that even though Meng Qing Wu appears gentle, dignified and placid, in reality however she becomes like a bolt of thunder when angry. Just thinking about it is scary!

    Meng Ying Ying felt a bit guilty: “Let’s hurry and go!”

    Suddenly, a sharp roar assaulted her from afar!


    Meng Ying Ying’s reflexes were greatly enhanced after becoming peak forth rank Body Refinement. A sharp wolf teeth arrow shot straight towards Chu Tian —— Not good, someone wants to kill Chu Tian!

    Chu Tian’s strength was greatly improved, and with hyperfocus, he calmly stepped away and dodged the arrow. The arrow mercilessly embed itself into a store’s wooden door, leaving the arrow’s fletching still shaking.

    If he was half a second late, then the arrow would have pierced his heart!

    Protected by two sturdy mercenary guards, a youth in white clothes holding a bow walked forward. The youth was around fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed very flamboyantly and carrying an arrogant face. A fatty with a face full of bandages followed closely behind him. If this isn’t the Ye Clan housekeeper, who else can it be?

    Meng Ying Ying furiously said: “Shooting someone middle of the market, this behavior is too villainous, are you not afraid of public anger?”

    “In this place, who does not know young master myself and dare to speak up? You have to be aware of the owner of the dog you beat up, since you beat up my people, then you must prepare to bear young master’s anger!”

    The youth in glossy white clothes slowly walks over. When he saw Meng Ying Ying, he was slightly startled, but soon turned into disdain.

    “I wondered who has such a big voice, it turns out to be Meng clan’s misses trash! Whoever that young master wants to kill, a vase like yourself have no right to interfere. Unless this is a lover that you bought?”

    Meng Ying YIng’s face became bright red: “Nonsense, I am not something useless!”

    Every word Ye Feng said was malicious, and he continued to provoke: “I feel sorry for Meng Qing Wu. To try and get Zhang Li Qing as a backing, she put you under his tutelage. After four years, your cultivation is low, not educated, you have bad grades, and no achievements. Oh, also news spread that you been expelled? If I were you, I would just kill myself. Who would still have face to come out and continue to embarrass themselves?”

    Ye Feng is only fifteen or sixteen years old but had already reached the peak 3rd rank Body Refinement cultivation. He is one of the successors for the alchemist association and a widely admitted prodigy of Tian Nan city!

    Meng Ying Ying was like a ugly duckling in comparison.

    Of course, that is the Meng Ying Ying from before. Meng Ying Ying now has 4th rank Body Refinement cultivation!

    Even though those words hit her where it hurts and her mood is low, she continued to defend Chu Tian: “Say whatever you want, I don’t care. Chu Tian is a friend of our family, if you dare to hurt him, my sister will not let you off. If you have what it takes, come and try!”
    Ye Feng burst out in laughter: “Ha ha ha, similar people really do group up together. A big man requires the women to save himself, calling you trash is too flattering, simply less than trash. If that is how it is, I don’t even have do this myself”

    The housekeeper was not able to reconcile: “Young master, are we letting them go just like that?”

    Ye Feng showed a contemptuous expression: “To personally make a move against such a useless pair, would that not degrade us?”

    The two mercenaries surrounding Ye Feng were both elites, with the cultivation of about the sixth rank of the Realm of Body Refinementwith the cultivation of about the sixth level of the Realm of Body Refinement. A wise man knows when to retreat, finding another day to take back losses was not late.

    Meng Ying Ying pulled Chu Tian: “Hmph, don’t listen to them, let’s go!”

    At that time, the two mercenaries blocked them.

    When Meng Ying Ying saw the big and tall mercenaries, she revealed a small bit of a scared expression, both scared and furious: “What do you mean by this?”

    “Though I said that I won’t kill you, I did not say I would just let this go.” Ye Feng said in a bantering tone: “You guys did something wrong so you need pay the price. Now, kneel three times and bow nine times and sincerely apologize to our housekeeper, then this young master will be generous and let it slide!”

    “Thank you young master!” The housekeeper revealed a joyful expression and stood tall: “Go kneel, I will accept your apology!”

    “Us apologizing to your lackey!?” Meng Ying Ying was both sad and angry from being bullied, bitterly said: “Don’t you feel you are going too far?”

    “Going too far? No no no! Trash should the awareness of being a trash!” Ye Feng lightly patted his snow white robe, “In this land, the strong are respected, whoever has the hardest fist is justice. I already took a very kind approach by not killing you, you should be grateful, because those that do not know how to distinguish between good and bad will often find it hard to acquire a peaceful end.”

    Chu Tian burst out in laughter, as if he had just heard the world’s funniest joke.

    Ye Feng’s face became gloomy: “Did I say anything funny?” 

    Chu Tian said: “You opened your mouth with trash, closed your mouth with trash, so I’m really very curious, where does your feeling of superiority come from?”
    The housekeeper stood out and said: “Our young master is the greatest genius alchemist in the whole Tian Nan city! His teacher is the head of Tian Nan city’s Alchemist Association, master Li Chang Yun! How can you country bumpkin even dare to question?”

    Chu Tian bursts out into laughter again: “Your skill is less than a child playing with mud balls. And that whatever Master Li Chang Yun? Everyone calls themselves master these days, I don’t think he is good enough to even be my handyman!”

    His remark shocked everyone!

    What kind of figure is Li Chang Yun?

    He is the head of Tian Nan city’s Alchemist Association!

    He is Tian Nan city’s authority on the medicine realm!

    Does the reckless Chu Tian want to anger both the master and disciple?

    “Slow down and don’t bite.” Chu Tian saw that Ye Feng was about to explode, immediately interrupts by saying something just as shocking: “If you guys don’t agree, then let’s have a match fair and square. Let’s compete in your field of expertise of alchemy, then we will see who is the real trash!”

    Ye Feng has been immersed in a genius’s aura since little. With such high self esteem and ego, how could he bear such provocations?

    “You are bringing disgrace upon yourself!”

    “Just answer, do you accept?”

    Ye Feng cynically said: “I understand, this young master is Tian Nan city’s most dazzling genius alchemist. You challenge this young master, young master winning is only natural, and even though you can’t win, but because you challenged me, you will receive fame. I have seen plenty of these small tricks.”

    God Damn it!

    This guy is just too disgusting!

    Meng Ying Ying felt as if she was about to throw up last night’s dinner.

    “If you guys want to disgrace yourself, then I will be happy to help you with that, but…” Ye Feng’s tone became eerie, “There is too many Tom, Dick and Harry like you in the city that wants to challenge me. How would I find time if everyone wants to challenge me?”

    Chu Tian laughed happily: “How do you want to play? I will happily receive!”

    Ye Feng took out a crystal card: “This card could be used to withdraw 5000 gold from any bank, I will use 5000 gold as a bet. I know you guys don’t have so much money, so if I win, I want Meng Ying Ying to become my sex slave and you will become my minion!”

    "Don’t you dare look down on people!" Meng Ying Ying immediately flew into a rage at the humiliation and decided to fight it out,"I as the second young miss of the Meng family will agree to sign your contract, if you can win, take this promissory note and go to Nan Yun Chamber of Commerce to get the money! ”

    Ye Feng didn’t expect Meng Ying Ying to have this kind of boldness: "Good good good, since you guys wholeheartedly brought five thousand gold coins to pay learning fees, this young master will generously teach you well...!"

    5000 gold coins were enough to plunge the already sinking Nan Yun Commerce deeper in the quagmire.

    This was truly a shocking gamble!

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    Translation Checker : Face McBashy
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    Chapter 12 : A Big Slap to the Face

    At this time, a great commotion broke out in the crowd as a ferocious giant person of over two meters tall walked out. He had red hair and the stature of a bear, “Interesting, Interesting, I’ll come to serve as a witness for you.”

    “Isn’t that the drug freak Xiong* Tian Yan?”

    *TN: Xiong in his name means bear.

    “Chief Executive Elder of Alchemist Association.”

    “This guy has a hot temperament and is not afraid to go against even Li Chang Yun. He does not have a lot of strong connections, but his elder brother is a high ranking general in Tian Nan city. With such a solid background, no one would dare to offend him.”


    Understands alchemy!

    Honest and frank!

    It would be hard to find a more suitable witness than Xiao Tian Yan.

    Ye Feng’s face expressed indifference: “Alright, now that we have Xiong Elder as a witness, there is no need be afraid that someone would dare to renege on a debt after losing.”

    “Everybody is clear about this old bear’s temperament; I am always impartial.” Xiong Tian let out a bear -like explosive laugh as red coloured magic energy surged out from his body along with a bear’s roar. A strong wave of intimidating pressure spread to the surroundings, “Those who goes back on their words will have a taste of my Violent Bear Fist!”

    Peak of the 9th rank of Body Refinement realm!

    Another expert who is close to Awakened Spirit realm!

    Xiong Tian Yan’s elemental spirit is a Magma Bear, it was far from comparable to the Fire Phoenix elemental spirit, however it is a rare dual element spirit. Its main attribute is fire, but it also houses the earth attribute. It had both the destructive abilities of the fire element and the defensive properties of the earth element. It’s offensive and defensive nature gave it a high combat potential; fighting against it is definitely not simple.

    Xiong Tian Yan stood in the centre of the large scale alchemy room, while Ye Feng and Chu Tian stood on either side, surrounded by a crowd of curious onlookers.

    “Well, the rules are simple, one person from each party will come up and make a pill which they are best at making. Whoever, in the limited time, makes the best pill will be the victor! Now start and choose the required ingredients!”

    Ye Feng seemed as if victory was already in his grasp: “The materials that I want are, Hellfire Lotus Seed, Scarlet Cap Mushroom, Cordyline Blood Vine, Fire Hemp Grass, Smoke Asphyxiate Flower……”

    Xiong Tian Yan’s nickname was “Drug Freak.”

    Xiong Tian Yan was extremely obsessed with study of alchemy; his attainments in the field of medicinal alchemy would without a doubt place him within the top five in Tian Nan City.

    Judging by the materials, Xiong Tian Yan knew that Ye Feng was preparing to make Fiery Rage Pill. Fiery Rage Pill was one of Li Chang Yun’s most classic inventions which raked in massive profit each year. Xiong Tian Yan hadn’t thought that Li Chang Yun would actually pass it down to Ye Feng; from this, one could see the importance Li Chang Yun put on Ye Feng.

    Fiery Rage Pill is a type of consumable pill.

    After a Body Refinement cultivator used this pill, it causes a user’s magic to increase several-fold for two hours. But once the medicinal effects wore off, the user’s cultivation would regress. It could only be used once every three months, or else it would leave permanent damage.

    The essence of the Fiery Rage pill was to burn through the user’s potential. Even though the damage it causes to the body was enormous, it was still a great life saver if used in a time of danger, thereby making it a popular item in the market.

    After Ye Feng finished saying his list of materials, he immediately used provocative eyes to gaze at Chu Tian: “What have you prepared to contend with me?”

    Chu Tian blinked his eyes: “You misunderstood, did I say I was going to personally compete against you?”

    Ye Feng was surprised for a moment: “What do you mean, do you want to go back on your own words?”

    “I just said before, even your master is not worthy to be my handyman! That being the case, why would I use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken? To defeat you, why would I have to personally come out! Miss, you can go beat this guy.”

    For someone as proud as Ye Feng, he immediately flew into a rage: “You dare to insult me!”

    The crowd was also in an uproar. The second daughter of the Meng family was Zhang Li Qing’s student. Zhang Li Qing is an expert in the field of talisman crafting, Meng Ying Ying was no more than a nominal disciple, how could she understand the art of making medicine? This was just nonsense!

    Xiong Tian Yan had a strange expression on his face: “This is a gamble of 5000 gold coins! You are sure you want to do it this way?”

    Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, saying: “Meng Ying Ying has studied medicinal alchemy with me for one night. Dealing with a small fry like you is more than enough.”

    These words were too arrogant!

    How broad was the study of refining medicinal alchemy?

    Countless people exhausted their whole lives trying to achieve something in alchemy with no success at all! Both talent and hard work were extremely important to become a good alchemist. Now, an outsider who had only studied for a single night threatens to defeat the most dazzling young talent in Tian Nan City?

    This was practically a play acted out by children!

    Chu Tian himself was only sixteen or seventeen years old!

    Meng Ying Ying suppressed the nervousness and excitement in her heart. She remembered that Chu Tian said that he would create an opportunity to setback the Ye clan and for her to get her dignity back.

    Xiong Tian Yan couldn’t do anything: “What materials do you want?”

    Meng Ying Ying felt somewhat moved in her heart: “I will have whatever ingredients he having.”

    The Fiery Rage Pill was the exclusive invention of Li Changyun,its production is closely guarded even to this day; how could Meng Ying Ying grasp the the technique to refine Fiery Rage Pill? And if she wasn’t refining Fiery Rage Pill, then why would she take the exact same ingredients?

    Xiong Tian Yan was completely unable to guess what the other party wanted to do. They were full of confidence, and he had no reason to interfere. He could only order the requested materials to be delivered to the site. He let the two sides do their preparations before finally taking out a hourglass.

    “Let’s begin!”

    The sand in the hourglass would empty out after thirty to forty minutes.

    Limiting the time it took to make pills would only increase the difficulty.

    “Hmph, trash, look closely! Today I will let you witness what is called disparity, to let you know how stupid your actions are!”

    While Ye Feng was talking, he had taken out a pill furnace. The furnace was around half a meter tall, it had a violet gold body covered with complicated runes. Four spirit beasts wound around it, emitting a precious pale light. With a single glance, one could tell it was not a common item.

    “That’s the Four Beasts Violet Gold Furnace!”

    “This is the furnace which great master Li Chang Yun used when he was young!”

    “The level one pills made by this kind of pill furnace will have both their chance of success and purity greatly increased.”

    “Ye Feng was already the alchemy genius of Tian Nan City. Now that he has the help of this kind of treasure, it was basically giving wings to a tiger!”


    There were a lot of medicinal alchemy masters here. When they saw the Four Beasts Violet Gold Furnace, they all became very excited. This was an extremely famous top-tier treasure in Tian Nan City’s medicinal alchemy sector!

    Even Xiong Tian Yan hadn’t thought, that the old devil surnamed Li would really give a furnace worth tens of thousands of gold to Ye Feng. On the other side, Meng Ying Ying took out a plain looking, mediocre styled bronze furnace. This was clearly the standard equipped furnace which appears in every alchemy room.

    How could this be competed against?

    Xiong Tian Yan shook his head.

    Meng Ying Ying’s pill furnace was not only simple, but her handling of the materials was also very crude. She was just taking them out one by one and carefully grinding them.

    Ye Feng skilfully activates the fire apparatus. The hot flame spewed out and immediately enveloped the Violet Gold Furnace. With a sweep of his right hand, all the materials crumbled and turned to fine powder before raining down in disarray. With a wave of his left hand, magic energy spewed out, lifting the Violet Gold Furnace into the air. With a single pass, the furnace had already captured all the ingredients.

    The Violet Gold Furnace stably landed in the middle of the fire, and then started to spin at an even pace to ensure the heat was very evenly distributed. When the medicinal alchemy array activated, the furnace emitted a low rumbling noise from within and a thick medicinal aroma spread throughout the area.

    The refinement had begun!



    People cheered out in succession!

    Ye Feng’s two hands shielded the pill furnace, stably controlling the refining progress. Fiery Rage Pill was a type of pill that was hard to refine because all the materials used are of the violet fire type. If the alchemist was not careful, they would lose control and explode the furnace, therefore they must be very careful.

    Ten minutes has already passed since Ye Feng begun. A strong medicinal aroma diffused through the surroundings. Ye Feng’s series of lavish techniques amazed the audiences, making them stand up again and again like waves.

    At this time, Meng Ying Ying finally started to refine. She steadied the pill furnace began to use magic energy to activate the alchemy formation. There was no fragrance, there were no special techniques. She released her magic energy at a constant frequency to power the alchemy array in the furnace.

    “Meng family’s second daughter has lost for sure.”

    “How could she be young master Ye’s opponent?”

    “That’s right, regardless of strength, skill, or equipment, she has obviously lost by a big chunk.”

    As people discussed with each other, at a time when nobody was paying attention, Meng Ying Ying suddenly stopped. She opened the pill furnace and took out an almost transparent pale red pill: “I’ve finished!”

    The whole audience exclaimed in surprise!

    What kind of a situation was this?

    Meng Ying Ying actually took the lead in creating the pill?

    The entire process had nothing exciting, and yet it only took a mere ten-something minutes?

    Ye Feng saw the colour of the pill in Meng Ying Ying’s hand from far away, and laugh coldly. Fiery Rage Pill was red, dark red means low-grade, purple-red means mid-grade while blood red was top-grade. What was up with that transparent thing? Simply rubbish!

    Not blowing up the furnace was already a miracle for trash like her, only heaven would know what kind of garbage was made!

    Ten-something minutes later.

    The hourglass was about to finish draining.

    Ye Feng shouted loudly: “Raise!”

    A crimson red pill shot out from the Violet Gold pill furnace.

    Ye Feng’s limit was originally the purple-red Fiery Rage Pill. His extraordinary performance this time allowed for him to create a pill that has surpass mid-grade. The actual worth of the pill was between mid and top-grade. He used the attitude of a victor to glance at Chu Tian: “You guys have already lost!”

    Chu Tian shook his head: “No comparison has been made yet, your speech is too premature.”

    Ye Feng laughed loudly: “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll make you admit from the heart. Elder Xiong, would you please identify the quality of the two pills! I believe that with elder Xiong’s ability, he will be able to identify the quality at a glance.”

    As a cultivator at the peak of the ninth level of Body Refinement and a experienced alchemist, the quality and the energy contained in a pill is indeed something that can be identified with a glance.

    Xiong Tian Yan first checked Ye Feng’s Fiery Rage pill, with a dignified face, nodded his head and said: “This is truly a Fiery Rage Pill with exceptional quality. It has been thoroughly refined and contains few impurities. The energy contained within is strong enough to stimulate a cultivator’s magic energy and allow them to double their strength for a short time!”

    The crowd was in an uproar!

    Since even Drug Freak Xiong Tian Yan appraised it so, then it must be real!

    For Ye Feng to refine a near top-grade Fiery Rage Pill at such a young age was indeed something extraordinary. He was so proud because he had the skills to back his pride up.!

    Xiong Tian Yan in his heart didn’t want Ye Feng to win, but the truth in front of his eyes was not something he can reject. Xiong Tian Yan did not have any expectations for the pill that Meng Ying Ying had refined.

    Meng Ying Ying voluntarily brought up the pill.

    Xiong Tian Yan held it in his hand and simply sensed it.

    Suddenly, Xiong Tian Yan’s pupils contracted and his whole body shook. From calm, to shock, and finally turned to fright. He stalled for a few seconds before he finally said a sentence with difficulty, “I think the outcome is already very clear!”

    Ye Feng hadn’t paid attention to Xiong Tian Yan’s expression, smugly said: “That goes without saying! These two trash challenging this young master is purely bringing disgrace upon themselves. Well, please hand me the promissory note. This young master will kindly accept that five thousand gold!”

    Xiong Tian Yan angrily roared: “Shut your mouth!”

    The people were all shocked at the same time.

    Ye Feng also froze in place.

    Xiong Tian Yan slowly lifted up the pale red translucent pill, and took a deep breath: “In my whole life, this pill is the most flawless, most impeccable and the most outstanding pill I have ever seen. The degree of refinement is close to 100% with almost no impurities. It completely absorbed all of the essence from the ingredients and did not allow the slightest waste. This can simply be called the highest-grade!”


    The whole crowd was shocked!

    What kind of a figure was Xiong Tian Yan?

    To actually be giving out this kind of high evaluation!

    Xiong Tian Yan continued, saying: “I can tell, this is not a Fiery Rage Pill. Even though the power of the two pills are similar, but there are obvious differences. This pill’s strength is higher than of Fiery Rage Pill. I can say with confidence that this pill is made with a completely different but a more perfect alchemy array! This alchemy array is simply superior to Li Chang Yun’s alchemy array!”

    The people felt as if the earth and sky were spinning!

    Is this real?

    A girl actually possessed an alchemy array that is superior to the one of Alchemy Association’s president!

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    Chapter 13 : Self-Humiliation

    Xiong Tianyan was a well-known drug freak. When he saw the new type of pill, he could not suppress the blood boiling within him. Unable to endure his curiosity and his urge to know about the pill’s effect, he said to Meng Ying Ying: “I would like to ask Miss Meng to come up and introduce this new pill!”

    How would Meng Ying Ying know what kind of pill she had refined?

    Chu Tian saw the opportunity and came out to say: “This is called Crimson Lotus pill and its effect is similar to the effect of the so-called Fiery Rage pill, but the effect is both longer lasting and stronger. In addition, there are less harsh side effects. After the effect has passed, one would only feel that their body would become extremely exhausted, which can be recovered just by resting a few days. It will not damage one’s foundation which means their cultivation would not decrease.”

    Xiong Tian Yan become deeply shocked!

    The Crimson Lotus Pill was able to crap all over the Fiery Rage pill!

    The side effects of the Fiery Rage pill would do a lot of harm to the body, and there was even a chance that one’s cultivation could regress. This was the reason why this pill was only used during a life or death situation, as one’s life was worth more than a setback in cultivation? Once the Crimson Lotus Pill went into production, what place would Fiery Rage pill have?

    For one of Li Chang Yun’s research that he was most proud of to be made this worthless would - without  a doubt - shock the medicinal alchemy sector!

    Xiong Tian Yan felt as if his blood was on fire. As even Meng Ying Ying could make such an excellent pill, then how terrifying must that mysterious teenage boy be?

    “There is no need for me to state who the winner is!” Xiong Tian Yan personally gave Ye Feng’s crystal card to Meng Ying Ying: “For miss Meng Ying Ying to create such an exquisite pill at such a young age, this old bear feels boundless admiration. Please accept your spoils.”


    “You guys are colluding!”

    Ye Feng could not accept such a result, thus he exploded in rage.

    Hearing this, Xiong Tian Yan became furious: “I, Xiong Tian Yan is honest and impartial. It is you Ye’s that like to commit these despicable acts! If you aren’t satisfied, then take this pill and have it analyzed by Li Chang Yun. If this old bear got it wrong, then I’ll chop my head off so you can use it as a toilet.”

    Both Ye Feng’s eyes were red through and through: “You guys are definitely banding together to trick me! Or else how could these garbage beat me? This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You are definitely tricking me!”

    Losing money was not important!

    This matter had dealt his ego too big of a blow!

    Xiong Tian Yan was furious: “Don’t push it! Can the Ye’s not afford a lost?!”

    “It’s impossible for me to lose!” Ye Feng lost his intellect in his rage: “I want to have a duel with you! If you have ability come and fight a round with me! Trash will forever remain trash! If you didn’t use any tricks and scheme, how would she have won!”

    Meng Ying Ying became hot headed: “Then let's duel! I’m not afraid of you!”

    Xiong Tian Yan was about to stop them.

    Ye Feng had the power of peak 3rd rank Body Refinement. According to Zhang Li Qing’s style, only those that have reached 3rd rank Body Refinement before the age of 18 could become his official disciple. Meng Ying Ying being only a nominal disciple meant that she did not have 3rd rank Body Refinement strength.

    Chu Tian languidly yawned, saying irresponsibly: “No worries, let them fight!”

    Ye Feng violently rushed forward a couple of steps, angrily roaring as he pounced towards Meng Ying Ying. Both of his fists glowed with a dim white magical light!

    Losing to Meng Ying Ying in alchemy, was a reality that he could not accept!

    Then he would use his fist to regain his dignity. Even if he cannot beat Meng Ying Ying to death today, he would still cripple her!

    There must not be an alchemist genius more outstanding than me inside Tian Nan City!

    Ye Feng did not hold back at all, he used his full strength and sent his fist straight towards Meng Ying Ying’s head!

    Only a lowly 2nd rank Body Refinement!

    How was it possible for her to dodge?

    Go die! Go and die for me!

    Ye Feng had suffered a huge blow and his mentality had thoroughly crumbled apart. This made him completely lose his reason. The only way that he could shake off the shadows in his heart was to get rid of Meng Ying Ying.

    “So slow! ”

    “It’s you who is trash!”

    Meng Ying Ying made a soft yelp, her body emitted a magical shine. That delicate slender leg sent a kick so fast that it made a whoosh sound as it passed through the air.

    Ye Feng was not prepared to defend at all and the kick landed squarely on his lower abdomen. He was sent flying like a sack of hay before landing on his face 3 meters away!

    “Wah! Nice Dog Crushing Kick!” Chu Tian exaggeratedly screamed and danced about: “Meng Ying Ying won!”

    Meng Ying Ying herself was taken aback.

    I won?

    No way!

    I really won!

    Chu Tian rushed up and held Meng Ying Ying’s delicate hands high in the air, and spoke loudly to the crowd: “Which blind dumbass dares to say Meng Ying Ying is garbage! Stand out if you have the guts!”

    Meng Ying Ying’s brain had already completely short-circuited.

    The audience, including Xiong Tian Yan, were all stupefied.

    Meng Ying Ying was actually this strong!

    That kick had the strength of at least 4th rank Body Refinement, right? It was not someone who had just entered 4th rank Body Refinement, but it carried the power of peak 4th rank Body Refinement!

    A sixteen year old peak 4th rank!

    This kind of cultivation talent was already first rate in Tian Nan city, not to mention her incredible alchemy “talent”!

    Who still dares to say she is garbage?

    Who still dares to say she is a vase?

    Who still dares to look down on Meng family’s second daughter?

    All the surrounding people’s eyes gradually began to show both fear and respect.

    Meng Ying Ying had a feeling that she was dreaming. The hardship and low self-esteem she carried all these years have all been washed away in an instant. She wanted to cry, but did not want to ruin her guise; she bit down on her teeth to stop the tears from flowing out!

    How many people looked down on her?

    How many people thought of her as a vase?

    But today, she stood tall and proud!

    She used actions to tell everyone that she was not just some garbage nor a vase!

    Of course, everything was put in place by that mysterious boy!

    When Meng Ying Ying was lost in her thoughts, Ye Feng suddenly got up, his hair unkempt and disheveled like a lunatic, pulling out a dagger from his waist: “I will kill you!”

    The cold blade stabs towards Meng Ying Ying!

    Xiong Tian Yan was enraged for real this time: “Dare to pretend I am not here!”

    The power of his spirit was unleashed through his fist which landed on Ye Feng’s chest. His exquisite white robe has been charred black and was sent flying dozens of meters before stopping; at least a dozen bones in his body is broken. Ye Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood before fainting.

    “Young Master!”

    The two mercenaries quickly carried Ye Feng away. After a brief inspection, their expression gloomed. Xiong Tian Yan’s fist broke a few of Ye Feng’s primary veins. Even if he was to completely recover, his strength would greatly decrease and it is possible to leave after effects.

    The housekeeper’s heart was dead like ash!

    If Ye Feng was half-crippled, would he still have a status?

    “The Ye family will not let you go!”

    “So noisy! Scram!” Xiong Tian Yan slapped the housekeeper flying. Just like rumor, Xiong Tian Yan has a violent strong personality, not afraid to offend anybody: “Go back and tell Ye Xiong that Tian Nan city is not his, have some restraint. Also tell him that I was the one that crippled his son, if he wants revenge, then come for me, don’t drag other people in this!”

    The two mercenaries hurriedly fled the scene.

    Meng Ying Ying felt a bit guilty: “Uncle Xiong Tian Yan, I am very sorry. We made you offend the Ye clan.”

    “Ha ha ha, nonsense!” Xiong Tian Yan laughed loudly: “This is not the first time I have offended, so it doesn’t matter. I have a request that I hope you will consider.”

    “Of course we will do what we can.”

    Xiong Tian Yan’s rough face carried a serious expression. He stared at Chu Tian intently, saying: “I want to become your disciple!”

    Meng Ying Ying opened her mouth widely in surprise!

    What kind of a figure was Xiong Tian Yan?

    He was the Executive elder of Alchemist Association. The boss of Tian Nan city’s herb market. His brother is Tian Nan city’s general. As a person carrying so many titles, he can easily attain money, power, status and strength. To request becoming Chu Tian’s disciple in front of so many!

    Normal people would not let themselves do something like this.

    Who has seen a famous billionaire grovel before a hobo and humbly become their lackey?

    For situation like this, there is no need to mention whether it is reasonable; just the courage required is admirable!

    Xiong Tian Yan true to his nickname Drug Freak, is fascinated with the art of medicinal alchemy. Chu Tian was able to teach Meng Ying Ying to make a precious pill such as Crimson Lotus pill in one night already set him apart from others. The knowledgeable ones will be the teacher, age does not matter!

    “I don’t accept disciples.”

    Chu Tian directly refused extreme characters like Xiong Tian Yan almost without thinking. This once again shocked everyone!

    Xiong Tian Yan not only didn’t become angry, but he felt Chu Tian was even more unordinary!

    Xiong Tian Yan anxiously scratched his head: “Why don’t you reconsider? Just pretend you hired a bodyguard, you must know that you already angered the Ye’s clan!”

    “No need, I definitely will not take disciples so you had better find some other experts. I will not change my mind on this matter.” Chu Tian shook his head, and patted Meng Ying Ying, who was by his side: “The Ye’s will come back soon to get revenge, let’s quickly get out of here.”

    “Wait, I’m sincere!”

    “I will pay tuition, any amount you want!”

    Under countless people’s wondering and admiring eyes, Chu Tian didn’t look back as he left the alchemy center with Meng Ying Ying.

    After leaving, Meng Ying Ying said: “Uncle Xiong is a very nice person and he is strong. If he were to become your disciple, then it would be good for all of us”

    Chu Tian shook his head: “I don’t like restrictions, besides, teaching or not teaching depends on fate. If I am in a good mood, then I’ll give some pointers. If i am not in a good mood, then I will kick him away. That is my style. Regarding accepting a disciple, forget about it! If I were to accept a disciple, not to mention that he has not even reached Awakened Soul realm, but even if he has, there is nothing special about that either.”

    Awakened Soul cultivators are giants above everyone else.

    Chu Tian acted as if those Awakened Souls were nothing special. Meng Ying Ying only rolled her eyes and did not say much else. She took out the 5000 gold crystal card and felt as if she was dreaming. Even if she gave Chu Tian half of it, the twenty five hundreds that is left is still a large amount.

    The two people returned home.

    At the doorway, a bony old man wearing a cloth gown hurriedly rushed up: “How did Miss Meng Ying Ying come back only now, Miss Meng Qing Wu was almost worried to death.”

    “Housekeeper Zhao, what did you say? JieJie already knows?”

    Housekeeper Zhao sighed: “Ah, my Miss Meng Ying Ying, this time you have overdone it. The news that you get expelled has spread. Miss Meng QIng Wu wanted you to explain but she waited a whole night and you didn’t return.”

    “I will go explain to my sister!”

    Housekeeper Zhao bitterly smiled as he said: “You don’t know, this time Miss Meng Qing Wu is actually very disappointed and angry.”

    Meng Ying Ying stomped on the ground: “Then move out of the way! If I explain it, then it will be fine! She will understand me!”

    A middle aged man in armor walked out from the gate, said with a long face: “Miss Meng Qing Wu ordered for you to be locked up for a day once you come back!”

    “Captain Meng, what are you saying?”

    “These are Miss Meng Qing Wu’s original words.”

    “Forget it, I need to see JieJie first!”

    “I am very sorry, I can only follow Miss Meng Qing Wu’s command!”

    The household guard kept his cold face, showing no compassion at all.

    Two maids walked to either side of Meng Ying Ying and began to advise her in soft voices: “Miss Meng Ying Ying, Captain Meng is only following his instructions, he can’t disobey orders. You had still better come with us.”

    “Okay, okay! I know!” Meng Ying Ying was a bit scared of Captain Meng. She gloomily stamped her foot: “I’ll just go, so stubborn!”

    Meng Ying Ying was brought away for confinement.

    Captain Meng did not leave. He only looked at Chu Tian with a bad expression, saying: “You are the person that Miss Meng Ying Ying brought back? Miss Meng Qing Wu wants to see you!”

    Captain Meng was the Meng family’s head guard and has the power of 7th rank Body Refinement. He could be considered one of the few stronger people in Tian Nan city. This person was extremely loyal to the Meng family. Chu Tian was not his opponent, thereby escaping was impossible. If Miss Meng Qing Wu wanted to see him, then he might as well go have a look.

    Captain Meng led him to a small flower garden.

    “Go inside!”

    This setup seemed kind of strange, almost as if the Miss Meng Qing Wu intended to meet with him alone? Chu Tian rubbed his nose but didn’t think about it too much, immediately walking in.

    The small garden had a quiet and tranquil style with a exquisite small pavilion located in the center.

    There stood a tall beautiful girl that looked similar to Meng Ying Ying. Her veil like white dress made it appear as if she was standing in a thick, white fog. She stood quietly under a pavilion as if it was a beautiful painting. This sight would make even a flower pale in comparison while making people lose themselves in their thoughts.

    Meng Qing Wu’s hair had been carefully brushed and arranged. She looked beautiful and noble, with snow-like skin, long straight legs, a plump butt; full of a mature charm. From her brows seeped the aura of a strong woman.

    Chu Tian looked at Meng Qing Wu with an eye of appreciation.

    Unrivaled beauty, unrivaled beauty!

    Both sisters are rare beauties.

    Last night, when he could only hear her, but not see her, just her voice itself was already tantalizing. After seeing her in person, her beauty is indeed enough to overthrow cities and states, much more beautiful than he had previously imagined!

    In addition, she had the most perfect, mature, and attractive body out of all the beauties he seen. That magnificent bosom, that moon-like round bottom, that obscene pair of long legs, all released a mature charm.

    Meng Ying Ying was like a big kid; silly and naive. Being around her is very relaxing and comfortable. If she was compared to Meng Qing Wu, then she would lack a bit of femininity.

    Nangong Yun was also very stunning, but her personality is very unruly and pungent. On the other hand, Meng Qing Wu’s elegant, noble and dignified personality is better at stimulating a man’s desire to conquer.


    “Have you seen enough?”

    An magnetic voice sounded near his ears.

    Meng Qing Wu’s eyes showed a hint of animosity!

    Chu Tian felt he was a bit abrupt. Meng Qing Wu was already not in a good mood, he did not want to fall into a bad situation; he immediately fakely cupped his hand: “The lowly Chu Tian greets Miss Meng Qing Wu. Does Miss have any instruction?”

    Meng Qing Wu humphed.

    The first impression was already extremely poor.

    Despite this guy having fair skin and handsome looking, he probably wasn’t anybody good!

    She asked in a cold tone: “Where did you come from? What evil intentions do you harbor for getting close to Ying Ying?”

    “Miss Meng Qing Wu, you have the situation confused. It was Miss Meng Ying Ying that brought me into Meng family, how could you say that I was the one getting close to her? You can ask her yourself for my background, no need for me to explain.”

    Chu Tian tried his best to appear modest and unassuming, but this was proving to be something very hard. The coquettishness and frivolousness in a person’s bones was hard to cover up.

    Miss Meng Qing Wu felt more deeply that this man was deceitful!

    A sixteen year old girl that could lead Yun Nan Commerce out of quagmire was definitely someone with skills and perception. Meng Qing Wu’s vicious gaze could tell that Chu Tian was not just a slave in just a single glance.

    He must have ulterior motive for getting close to Meng Ying Ying!

    Her pair of beautiful eyes immediately became filled with hostility.

    Chu Tian helplessly sighed.

    No wonder Miss Meng Qing Wu wanted to see me.

    This setup is purely for sending in an army to punish me!

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    Chapter 14 : The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie

    TN: Da Xiao Jie(大小姐) is a title used for the eldest daughter of an affluent family. It is often used in slang to refer to a spoiled girl (aka Princess or an ojou-sama). Da Xiao Jie is also the nickname that Chu Tian uses to refer to Meng Qing Wu. This is a term that will appear a lot so please take note of it. That is all that you need to know. Do not do further research on this subject. Case closed.

    Meng Qing Wu, shrouded in an aura of intense aggression, denounced Chu Tian in a tone as sharp as a blade cutting through ice: "Ying Ying is an innately good-natured and pure person. Having reached a rebellious age, and being driven by curiosity, she would inevitably get herself deceived by people’s sweet words. If you dare to do anything outrageous and hurt Ying Ying one tiny bit, even if that means I lose everything, I will not let you off!"

    Chu Tian hadn’t committed anything he felt guilty about. With a clear conscience, he said: “This is a misunderstanding. I really did not do anything wicked, nor do I plan to.”

    Meng Ying Wu coldly snorted: “Let me ask you, did you take Ying Ying and stay out for the night?”

    Chu Tian knew he could not conceal this matter and said: “That’s right!”


    The wooden armrest was crushed into pieces.

    “Do you still dare to say that you didn’t do anything?” Meng Qing Wu‘s solemn and beautiful face exuded a wave of insatiable anger: “Why did you take Ying Ying out? What did you do?”

    Chu Tian righteously said: “We only went out to earn some money. Miss Meng Ying Ying had a business idea, shouldn’t you as her sister encourage her?”

    How could Meng Qing Wu believe such a blatant lie?

    How could she not know what kind of material her meimei* was?

    TN:*meimei means younger sister

    Surely, this villain must have deceived Ying Ying by taking advantage of her eagerness to get strong and brought her outside.

    That face capable of causing the downfall of a nation, effused a boundless rage, causing her breasts to bob up and down; it truly was an incomparably beautiful sight to behold. That angry look added another flavour to her stern and able womanly appearance: “No more bickering! I will give you one more chance to tell the truth. If you tell half a word of a lie, I will not spare you!” 

    Da Xiao Jie’s attitude became even more stern.

    However, this kind of attitude that didn’t differentiate between good or bad, right or wrong, instead continually questioning closely, had put Chu Tian in a bad mood. 

    This Da Xiao Jie had put on a foul face, categorizing Chu Tian as the bad guy from the start. What use was there for an explanation?

    “Then according to you, when I brought Miss Meng Ying Ying outside, what should we have done?”

    Meng Qing Wu was already very angry. Matters regarding her meimei were something she would never tolerate: “I don’t care what you have done, but you are a servant of the Meng family! As a servant, not only did you not remind your master to follow the right path but instead led her astray. Just for this, you should be punished by being beaten with clubs and then get thrown out of the family!”



    This Da Xiao Jie is being too unreasonable!

    Do you really think that I am your servant?

    Meng Qing Wu said with a stern expression: “Why don’t you hurry up and confess?!”

    “Right right right! We went to a hotel!” Chu Tian also had a bad temper. He decided to piss Da Xiao Jie off, and purposely said out loud: “We slept in the same room last night, well, you can’t really say we slept. You should be satisfied with this answer!” 

    Meng Qing Wu turned pale as if she had been struck by lightning, her whole body unconsciously began to tremble: “You……You dared to do such an immoral act, Ying Ying is only 16 years old!”

    “If I say I didn’t do anything, would you believe me?” Chu Tian sneered a few times and said: “Not even trusting your own sister and trying to push all the blame onto us; if this information spread out, then Meng Ying Ying’s reputation would be ruined. Did you really consider this from your meimei’s perspective? Is this how you protect your younger sister? All boobs and no brain, always acting with own selfish interest. It is not hard to see why the Nan Yun commerce is half dead; with you at the helm, I’d say it is close to being finished!”

    “Shut up!”

    How could Meng Qing Wu not care about her sister’s reputation?

    The reason she wanted to see Chu Tian alone was because she wanted to secretly take care of this matter; thus preventing unfounded gossip from spreading out.

    Trying to make me shut my mouth?

    I choose not to!

    Chu Tian continued with a stinging tone: “People like you are the people that lacked love when they grew up, resulting in having a twisted heart. They believe that every person is evil and despicable, everything is vulgar and wrong, as if there is not a single good person in the world. It is very bad psychologically for someone as pure and naive as Meng Ying Ying to have a sister that is so twisted, even I am concerned about her growth.”


    Meng Qing Wu exploded, and viciously slapped towards Chu Tian in rage.

    Even though Meng Qing Wu had been busy with business matters and had bad health that slowed down her cultivation, she still had the strength of a 4th rank Body Refinement realm cultivator. It would be very simple for her to deal with an opponent that was at an ordinary 3rd rank Body Refinement stage. But she encountered Chu Tian and Chu Tian was definitely not someone that was easy to deal with!

    Chu Tian dodged to the side: “Wa! Missy! You can’t outspeak somebody so you resort to violence. Not only are you twisted but you are also violent! Who would want to marry you in the future!?”

    Meng Qing Wu once again pounced toward Chu Tian in rage.

    Chu Tian lowered his body to dodge the incoming fist. His feet kicked the ground, leaping forward to restrain Meng Qing Wu’s soft narrow waist, pushing her against the wooden pole. 

    When both of their bodies were intertwined with each other, Chu Tian couldn’t help but concede that this chick has the body of a succubus. It was big where it should be big and slim where it should be slim. That orchid fragranced body scent was enough to make anyone feel extremely refreshed.

    Meng Qing Wu had never had skin contact with a man before. She fell into confusion, all the combat techniques she knew tossed to the back of her mind; she resorted to scratching and pounding like a shrewish wife: “You evil servant! You dare to retaliate!”

    Did this woman go mad?

    You already attacked me and then you hope that I don’t hit back?

    Meng Qing Wu did not have a great deal of combat experience. Once she was confused, she even forgot to use magic power. Chu Tian easily restrained her with a simple twist. He first pinned her arms against her back, then used his body to hold her down on the railing; forcing her big and round bottom high into the air.

    This pose truly was not very elegant. 
    EN: But it was very sexy

    “Let go of me!”

    In her state of panic, Meng Qing Wu’s magic power exploded. She quickly loosened one of her arms, grabbing a jade hairpin and stabbing it towards Chu Tian’s important area. Chu Tian dodged it in the nick of time and the hairpin ended up stabbing into Chu Tian’s left leg; blood immediately began to seep out.


    The pain caused Chu Tian to take a breath of cold air.

    At the same time, the scare made Chu Tian covered in cold sweat.

    Motherfucker! Luckily I dodged quickly, or else I would die without a son!

    Chu Tian did not think that the first injury he got after coming to this era would be caused by a woman!

    This had completely enraged him!

    Chu Tian was a very open minded person and normally did not hold grudges, because he would immediately have his revenge. This time was no exception!

    Chu Tian forcibly slapped the full succulent peach-like bottom!
    TN: In Chinese, beauty terms associated with water is often used to mean bright, beautiful, radiant and vivacious.


    Meng Qing Wu’s mind went blank on the spot!

    This bastard hit my...butt!

    Today, her pure and noble body - even her hand had never been held by a man before - had been tarnished by this bastard!

    Meng Qing Wu was scared and wanted to scream but a hand covered her mouth. She could only make low “wu wu” moans. That hot and well developed body desperately struggled in Chu Tian’s arms. Her eyes were shooting out flames, as if she wanted to burn Chu Tian to ashes. Judging from her eyes, this crazy woman would not let this matter go.

    “Fine, one slap is considered as hitting, a hundred slaps is also considered as hitting!”

    Since you do not listen!

    Then I will beat you until you listen!

    I don’t believe that I can’t tame this savage horse!

    Chu Tian again slapped that full round bottom.

    What did this chick eat while growing up? This bottom is big, tight and elastic; making one unable to get enough of the aftertaste.

    Meng Qing Wu felt as if she had been struck by lightning; her body trembled and her face flushed red. This was the first time she had ever been beaten. Chu Tian’s slaps were ruthless. The severe pain stimulated her nerves and at the same time, it was as if an electric current coursed through her body, causing a strange numbing sensation.

    “You did not thoroughly investigate the situation before blaming us, guilty!”

    “You think you are noble and can look down on servants, guilty!”

    “You got outspoken so you attacked me, guilty!”

    “You almost discontinued my lineage, guilty!”



    Chu Tian made dozens of crackling slaps on Da Xiao Jie’s bottom, making her mind go blank. As if she had been beaten senseless, she completely gave up resisting. Meng Qing Wu was a goddess in many people’s heart, as well as an inviolably strong and able woman, no one would dare do this to her.

    Meng Qing Wu became more bitter and angry. She felt a strange sensation where the pain was mixed with a hint of pleasure. As the frequency and intensity of the slaps increased, her body involuntarily began to show a reaction. She wished she could just kill herself!

    Meng Qing Wu’s pair of eyes overflowed with tears, as if she was being bullied like a little girl: “You dare to humiliate me, I will not let you off……Oh!”

    The words hadn’t even left her mouth.

    Her butt took another hit.

    Meng Qing Wu’s flushed red face exposed her weakness.

    Chu Tian fearlessly said: “Respect should be mutual, If you don’t show any respect to me, how can you expect me to respect you? I know that you cannot accept me and it would be fine if I left your household. But you think too highly of yourself!” As he was talking, he slapped her bottom again.

    “Still not listening?”

    “Still throwing tantrums?”

    At this time, a noise came from the garden entrance.

    Captain Meng had brought people into the garden.

    “Quickly let me go!”

    Meng Qing Wu began to panic. If someone were to see her in this situation, then tomorrow, the whole city would spread with “Meng Qing Wu has affair in garden with servant” rumour. For a strong able woman like her, she would not be able to find the courage to keep on living.

    “First apologize!”


    Another slap!


    “Ok Ok!” Meng Qing Wu was almost close to tears: “I was too impulsive today. Please let me go! We will discuss this matter later. Is that fine?”

    Chu Tian saw that Meng Qing Wu softened her attitude, and decided to let go. He said with a humph: “Like I would believe you. I know that you will come to seek revenge very soon. I don’t want to stay in this place anymore. I am leaving, you sisters take care!”

    Meng Qing Wu’s butt still burned with pain. When she saw Chu Tian limp away, she felt a bit lost……Could it be that I actually have wronged him?

    Meng Qing Wu was not someone with a hot temper and was normally very prudent. Only towards matters regarding Meng Ying Ying would she have zero tolerance. So when she found out that Meng Ying Ying sneaked out with a man and did not come back for the night, the first thing in her mind was that her meimei has been deceived.

    Because of her love for her meimei, anger got the best of her and made her lose her reasoning.

    Even if I did wrong him, he should have carefully explained. But instead, he used words to insult me, and also beat my bottom. Just from this alone, he should not be spared. It was too good for him to just leave like this!

    Meng Qing Wu tidied her clothes. However, she felt a great discomfort when walking. That bastard’s beating was too ruthless, her whole bottom was swollen.

    At this time, Captain Meng along with a few other people came in. Captain Meng carried an anxious expression, as if there is an important matter, “Da Xiao Jie, Xiong Tian Yan has come for a visit and demands to see Miss Meng Ying Ying. He said he has important matters to discuss.”

    “The executive manager of the Alchemist Association Xiong Tian Yan?”

    “It’s exactly this person!”

    How would this kind of big figure personally come for visit?

    Meng Qing Wu was unable to put aside time to find Chu Tian to exert her revenge, “Xiong Tian Yan is not only the Chief Executive Elder of Alchemist Association, his power has also reached the peak of the ninth rank of Body Refinement realm. He also has a powerful general supporting him and absolutely cannot be offended. I’ll prepare for a moment and then immediately go over!”

    To have a great person to come visit was definitely not for some trivial reason.

    Meng Qing Wu first put her personal grudges aside and prepared to go see Xiong Tian Yan as soon as she could.

    Xiong Tian Yan paced back and forth in the guest room: “Where is Meng Ying Ying? I want to see her!”

    Meng Qing Wu walked over: “For elder Xiong to visit, Qing Wu feels honoured. I am Ying Ying’s sister. For what reason has elder come for?

    Xiong Tian Yan got straight to the point: “I have thought it through now. I want to become a disciple, Meng Ying Ying’s disciple!”

    Xiong Tian Yan’s words almost didn’t cause Meng Qing Wu to have a heart attack! 
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    Chapter 15 - Too Late or Regret

    Xiong Tian Yan had five important statuses:
    The first, he was a half Awakened Spirit elite.
    The second, he was a well-known alchemist.
    The third, he was Tian Nan City’s Alchemist Association’s Chief Executive Elder.
    The fourth, he was Tian Nan City’s high ranking officer - General Xiong Bing’s younger brother.
    And the fifth, he was a behind-the-scenes large shareholder in Tian Nan City’s Alchemic market, owning many properties and medicinal material channels.
    Which one of these five statuses wouldn’t cause people to respect and worship him? After Nan Yun Commerce had become a second-rate commerce, there had been no chance of seeking connections with such a prominent figure like Xiong Tian Yan! Now that Xiong Tian Yan had personally come for a visit and wanted to be Meng Ying Ying’s disciple, how could she not be shocked?
    Difficult to believe!
    If Nan Yun Commerce could have Xiong Tian Yan as an umbrella protecting it, how would their enemies dare to try to deal with her openly?
    Xiong Tian Yan had come up with this surprising decision after a session of deep thought. Chu Tian was the real expert. But as Chu Tian didn’t accept disciples, then why not take a roundabout strategy and instead become Meng Ying Ying’s disciple, learning Chu Tian’s knowledge from her?
    To a real drug freak, how much does dignity really mean compared to the opportunity to gain knowledge of advanced alchemy techniques?
    If there are three people walking, one of them must be able to teach me something! Things that other people understand, but I don’t; then it is worth it to go and learn.
    TN: This is a phrase modified from Confucius. “Three people walking, there must be someone I can learn from. I can learn from other that are better and reflect on my weakness from other’s weakness.”
    This was already originally Xiong Tian Yan’s style!
    Moreover, Meng Ying Ying was already at the peak of the fourth rank of Body Refining at such a young age. If they were to compare talent, then she is definitely above Xiong Tian Yan!
    Meng Qing Wu tested the waters: “The Meng family is only a small household. Wouldn’t doing something like this hurt the reputation of someone as famous as Elder Xiong? Besides, how would I not know what Meng Ying Ying is capable of? She does not even qualify to be your disciple.”
    Xiong Tian Yan slapped the table: “You women are too fussy. I leave my words here today, if I can’t become her disciple today, then this old bear will just hang out here and not leave!”
    Meng Qing Wu was a very cautious person due to long period of infighting and intrigues. This made her not trust anything easily. If she had not gotten this matter cleared up, she would not make any decisions. She could only think of a delay tactic: “Meng Ying Ying just got home and is resting. Why don’t I give you a reply after she has woke up?”
    “Has Master already went to sleep? Then let’s talk about this after Master has had a good rest. You don’t have to bother her! I have plenty of time!”
    Even someone as good mannered as Meng Qing Wu couldn’t help but want to curse out loud!
    Xiong Tian Yan could be considered a respected figure.
    How could he be so shameless!
    Since Nan Yun commerce had begun to seep into the medicinal alchemy market, Xiong Tian Yan would be a great benefactor. However, Meng Qing Wu believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch. She had to settle Xiong Tian Yan down first, then ask meimei to understand the situation before making any decisions.
    “Eldest Miss, Miss Nangong Yun and Master Zhang Li Qing have come to visit!”
    Housekeeper Zhao ran over, breathing erratically.
    Nangong Yun?
    Zhang Li Qing!
    Meng Qing Wu heard a loud buzz in her head, her thoughts turned into a complete disarray, like a bowl of mushy porridge. Xiong Tian Yan was already a big deal, now two more bigger big-shots had arrived. What was going on? Are these events connected somehow?
    Nangong Yun, the mayor’s only child with astonishing talent. Her Fire Phoenix spirit made her fame spread far and wide. She is destined to be an elite among elites. Her potential is limitless.
    Zhang Li Qing, one of the most influential people in Tian Nan City. Tian Nan City’s scrivener guild’s master. He sits in the pinnacle on the studies of talismans and arrays in Tian Nan City. He had unfathomable strength and a vast social network. He was someone that countless people try to curry a favor from. Even the mayor had to pay respect to him.
    Even when Nan Yun commerce was at its peak it did not have this kind of honour!
    Meng Qing Wu forced herself to calm down. Even though there must be schemes when abnormalities appear, but now that Zhang Li Qing had appeared, the likeliness of schemes had greatly decreased. Because the power Zhang Li Qing and Nangong Yun each hold is more than enough to go against Nan Yun commerce even without any scheming.
    A simply dressed elder stood outside.
    A flaming hot beauty with red hair and wearing a red dress stood at his side.
    Meng Qing Wu personally came out to receive the guests, slightly flustered as she cupped her hands: “Master Zhang, Miss Nangong, Qing Wu did not know you two would come for visit so the welcome was lacking. I hope the two of you would accept my apology.”
    Meng Qing Wu looked at the old man again.
    Sure enough it was Zhang Li Qing!
    This person was the pinnacle on the study of talismans in Tian Nan city and Nan Yun commerce’s speciality was in talismans. For such a leading figure to come visit, how could Meng Qing Wu not be nervous? She couldn’t hold back and asked: “May I ask for what matter the two has come for? Is it that Ying Ying has done something wrong, so….”
    Zhang Li Qing smiled slightly, shaking his head: “The matter with Meng Ying Ying was a misunderstanding, I hope you will not keep this matter to heart.”
    Keep this matter to heart?
    How would I dare!
    Meng Qing Wu felt happiness in her heart.
    Could it be that he was preparing to accept Meng Ying Ying back?
    Nangong Yun interrupted: “Sister Meng Qing Wu, before I thought you were pretty alright; but now I found you to be a not very honest and sincere person!”
    Meng Qing Wu’s heart skipped a beat, and her forehead started to sweat.
    Why would she say that?
    What have I done wrong?
    Nangong Yun’s violent tendencies were something no one was unaware of. If she got angry, even dismantling the entire Meng family was something within her ability. Meng Qing Wu didn’t remember when she had ever offended this demonic respected figure!
    Meng Qing Wu was a bit fearful: “Qing Wu does not know where she has gone wrong, would Miss Nangong please enlighten me?”
    Nangong Yun casually said: “Since you have already found a real expert, why let Ying Ying stay under that old man’s tutelage? Isn’t this letting other people see it as a joke! It’s almost as if you are trying to insult the old man!”
    Zhang Li Qing also nodded depressingly.
    Meng Qing Wu felt at a loss. Expert, what expert? Surely there wasn’t any other person in Tian Nan City more formidable than Zhang Li Qing? Even if there was this kind of person, it was impossible for them to build connections with Nangong Commerce: “Your serious tone, I... don’t understand.”
    “Ok, stop pretending! We already know!” Nangong Yun threw a heavy sack onto the floor, “This is the twelve thousand gold that I scraped from different places. For this money, I almost sold my underwear. Where is Meng Ying Ying? I want to invest, I want to buy shares, I want to work together with her!”
    Nangong Yun wanted to invest with Meng Ying Ying?
    The Nangong family clan was an exemplary military and political noble clan. A mercenary clan like the Ye family could never compare!
    As the daughter of the city lord, Nangong Yun’s position in Tian Nan City separated her from the rest. Not to mention about buying shares, just her words was enough to cause waves and put fear into numerous groups of power. You need to know that Nangong Yun was a real genius that has reached peak 9th rank Body Refinement at the age of 18. No one would want to go against someone that had a divine spirit.
    Even Meng Qing Wu with her intelligence could not figure out this matter.
    “This old man has come for this.” Zhang Li Qing took out a scroll from his sleeve and handed it to Meng Qing Wu with both hands, “This is ‘Rock Skin’ talisman blueprint. I will give this to Nan Yun Commerce. I will not take any of the revenue that it generates. It will all belong to Nan Yun Commerce.”

    Once again, a huge meat pie fell from the sky.

    Meng Qing Wu was shocked, her head pounding, as waves of dizziness swept through her.
    Zhang Li Qing said with a smile: “If it weren’t for Meng Ying Ying’s help, how could this old man come up with such a perfect design? Just the fame generated is already terrifying, how would i still dare to seek more benefits from it? I think giving this to Nan Yun commerce is the most suitable. Please accept it, I only have a single request. I want to see Miss Meng Ying Ying as well as that erudite person.”
    “Hey, what will we do about my investment? You should give me a straight answer!”
    Nang Gong Yun carelessly started to make noise.
    “Please, please!” Meng Qing Wu was wiping sweat as she said: “Meng Ying Ying has just slept. Why don’t you come in for tea while I go discuss this with Ying Ying before we give you an appropriate answer? Would this be fine?!”
    “Of course there is no problem, in any case I don’t have much to do today.” Nang Gong Yun nodded her head: “However, I’ll say the ugly words first. I almost had to sell even my underpants in order to raise money for this investment. If you don’t give me face, then I will be very unhappy, and if I’m not happy, I will make many people be unhappy with me.”
    Meng Qing Wu’s heart thumped. She had no choice but to smile along.
    “Yes, Miss Nangong please come this way.”
    The two has been seated in the main hall.
    Meng Qing Wu used the 100-meter sprinting speed to look for Meng Ying Ying. She pushed open the door without knocking.
    This series of event was too abnormal. She must understand everything from start to finish.
    The Meng Ying Ying that had no knowledge of what was going on outside was sleeping soundly.
    Meng Ying Ying, stumbling, got up: “Did one day already pass?”
    Meng Qing Wu urgently asked: “What happened yesterday? Quickly tell me!”
    Meng Ying Ying honestly answered: “I was selling steak with Chu Tian. We then went to the alchemic market.”
    “Just that?”
    “Yep, what?”
    Meng Qing Wu described what has just happened: “Why does Elder Xiong want to become your disciple? Why does Nangong Yun want to invest? Why is Zhang Li Qing being so nice to us? What is happening?!”
    “Ah? You already know! I wanted to hide this for a bit and give you a surprise. Since you already know, then I will tell you.”
    Meng Ying Ying jumped down from bed with bare feet, danced with joy and said: “What happened last night was more fulfilling than the previous ten years!”
    Meng Ying Ying began to describe.
    First sold steak and encountered thugs; then went to alchemy market, encountered the Ye family and got dragged into duel. Then defeated Ye Feng with Chu Tian’s help and won 5000 gold.
    “You didn’t know!”
    “When Ye Feng fiercely charged towards me, I Meng Ying Ying daxiaojie was calm and patient. I sent the stinky Ye Feng flying with just one kick!”
    “JieJie, did you know? Everyone was shocked, they all see me in a new light now!”
    Meng Ying Ying was still dancing, gesturing as she waltzed.
    Meng Qing Wu held Meng Ying Ying’s wrist and carefully felt it. She showed a shocked expression. All other things could be made up but only this could not. Meng Ying Ying had already reached the peak of 4th rank Body Refinement, same as her!
    Meng Ying Ying brought out the crystal card, delightedly said: “This is my reward! Would the honourable JieJie please take a look!”
    This is the crystal storage card designed for merchants. The card is standardized throughout the entire country, in order to give merchant, the convenience of not having to bring a large amount of gold everywhere. They could visit a bank that is established in all cities and retrieve the gold from there.
    The minimum deposit amount for these crystal card is 1000 gold!
    This crystal card actually had a massive deposit of 5000 gold!
    Chu Tian, everything revolved around Chu Tian. That bastard is Chu Tian? He didn’t lie? He really brought Meng Ying Ying to earn money. He really did take Meng Ying Ying out to a hotel, but they were only there to use the alchemy room!
    From the beginning to the end, he was always helping Meng Ying Ying, yet she had misunderstood him without any cause or reason.
    Meng Qing Wu distractedly sat down on the stool: “Where did you find this person?”
    Meng Ying Ying smiled broadly, saying with a pleased expression: “I bought him!”
    “Formidable, right?”
    Meng Ying Ying proudly raised her head; this was mostly likely the most powerful contribution she had made to her life within all the years she had lived. “I saved my allowance for half and year, and bought him from the slave market. Hey, by the way, where did this guy go, he didn’t come look for me.”
    “This is bad, he...might have been so angered by me that he already ran out!”
    “Where does he live? Bring me there!”
    “He lives in the small room by the kitchen!”
    Meng Ying Ying hurriedly brought her sister to Chu Tian’s small room.
    The room was empty and deserted, Chu Tian had long before left without a trace!
    Meng Ying Ying immediately became frantic, searching inside and out a few times without finding anything, “Where did he go!”
    Meng Ying Ying felt extremely guilty: “Sorry, this was all my fault. I thought he was sinisterly plotting against you, so I said some heavy words. How would I know that he had such a big temper, I accidentally...accidentally stabbed and injured him...in anger he said he was going to leave, I don’t know where he went?”
    “What?” Meng Ying Ying’s eyes immediately became moist, unable to help the tears gushing out: “He helped me to the best of his ability, yet we have treated him like this. Your actions have definitely broken his heart! Sister, how could you be like this, you didn’t investigate clearly and treated a good person unjustly!”
    I was just doing this for you.
    Wasn’t it just a temporary fit of anger?
    Meng Qing Wu felt that her chest was stuffy. She was unable to say anything for a while. She looked at the leftover light bulbs, the inscribed pans and soup pots. She looked at air conditioning array in the wall and the automatic tea heating array.
    Even though she didn’t know what use these things had.
    But she had already realized she had done something stupid.
    The most stupid thing she had ever done in her life.
    She had chased away an extraordinary talent, a genius sent from the heavens!
    Meng Ying Ying felt very uncomfortable, but didn’t have the heart to blame her sister. Looking at it from jiejie’s perspective, she hadn’t gone too overboard, she was only too caring too for her. A combination of care and confusion, caused jiejie to have strained their relationship with Chu Tian.
    “Chu Tian helped me to the best of his ability. In the end, he didn’t get any thanks but instead was misunderstood. He must be very disappointed and heartbroken!”
    Meng Ying Ying felt a sense of deep guilt and self-blame.
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