Desolate Era Good to read or not?

I dropped DE 3x last year because I can't seem get into the story. Honestly, I find it boring like ST. Although the first chapters are good but as I read more, it feels like it's lacking impact. Maybe it's not like other xianxia where the MC is always cornered or doesn't have the thrill. I know CD started off slow but not sure if it's the same with DE. I love CD by the way. I almost read every novel out there so just checking out if it's good to pick up DE again. How do you guys compare it to other novels like MGA, ATG, OEM, IGE and others.


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    a lot of people not really like MGA and ATG but love all IET work
    and there is a lot of people think the opposite

    for me ATG is really good actually, but with MC chase every girl really not suit me.
    So I rather like IET work which is mc end up with only 1 girl. maybe , I dont read raw.
    and the mc work alone to the peak, nothing like have superpower being in his body that make him doing whatever he want.
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